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?V ?ailn Syrian,
SAl t'KDAY -. MAltCII I7.18S3
(Monilay excepted.)
PublMiers anil Proprietors,
vtrnni n BntPiN'o. - - Cas Stuket.
Trrmii of Subscription.
Sen itt Iv Carrier, per week 13 cu
Sent l" Mall, Pr month........... CO ct
one year... S7.03
Free of postage to subscribers.
The A'stoui.vx guarantees to its adver
tiser? the largest circulation ol any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
St. Patrick's day:
Repairs began on the Manzanita
at San Francisco yesterday.
Tho school bell in school distriot
No. One sounds crak-ked.
Y. M. C. A. reception to Mr. and
Mrs. E. C. Frost this evening.
Men are wanted to work on the jet
ty at Fort Stevens at twenty cents an
The salvation army has lo3t itsoor
net player and what is its loss is
our cain.
E. C. Holden advertises special
auction sale to closo all consignments
on the 29th inst.
Tho post office nt Onion Peak.
Tillamook connty will bo discontin
ued next Wednesday.
Tho British bark Qartmore, 1035,
123 days from Maryport, loaded, ar
rived in yesterday afternoon.
Those in charge think that the
Gen. Miles will be in trim nnd ready
for business nbont the 5th of next
Tho prohibition party is first in tho
field in this county, and will hold its
nominating convention at two o'clock
this afternoon.
The machinery for the AlasTa
Packing Go's steamer. Polar Hear,
is expected to-day. The vessel i3
about ready to launoh.
A San Jose paper says it takes wa
ter and boom to raako a bnstling
town. All right. Bring on your
boom. AVe have tho water.
The houses on both sides of Con
comly street, between LaFayette and
Polk, are being raised to tho grade,
and new sidewalk is being laid.
Sacramento salmon men report that
they expect a fair catch this season.
"Blessed i3 ho that expecteth noth
ing; for, verily, ho shall not be dis
appointed." At ten o'clock this morning nt the
West Coast Packing company's prem
ises, will'be sold nt public nnction a
large lot of cannery material. See
notice on fourth page.
There was considerable ot a break
down in the Sunshine, W. T. mill this
week. The machinery was brought
over here nnd is being repaired at the
Astoria Iron works.
Sun nse3 eight minutes past G: sun
sets, eight minutes past C: day's
twelve hours long; Day and Dark
equal partners: Day rapidly assum
ing controlling interest.
Tho subject of "Prayer" will be
taken np by tho pastor of the Con
gregational church Sunday morning.
Union servico under auspices of Y.
M. C. A. in the evening.
Cnpt. Grounds is building a now
steam schooner on thabeach in front
of the Astoria Iron works. She ie
upside down now, but will bo righted
after she gots in tho water.
Therp will be lively times in Co
lumbia river logging carap3 this
spring. There nro eighteen camps
on tho Oregon side of tho river bo
twecn hero and Marshland.
A dispatch from Hartford, Conn.,
giving the particulars of a fatal
shooting in a hotel there, says the
man was "shot in the rotnndn." No
wonder the poor fellow died!
Andrew Sodd, a native of Russia,
aged 35 years, died at his residence in
Union town yesterday nnd will be
buried nt Clatsop to-morrow undor
the auspices of tho C. R. F. P. U.
Rescue No. 2's team ot prancing
cravs are learmocr their little lesson
very well, and now at the first tap of
tlio electric bell in tne engino nouso
they are eager to get the hnnness on.
Regular service at the Baptist
church to-morrow at 11 a. m. Sub
jeot, "The Seat of Vitality," by the
pastor. Evening services dispensed
with on account of Y. M. C. A. anui
versaies. The gentle tinkle ot tho cow ball is
heard on the street, greatly to the
surprise nnd mirth of Btrangers and
pilgrims, who marvel much to see
such rural sights in the second city
in the state. '
The case wherein John Hobsou, of
Centralia, was charged with perjury
regarding his claim on tho Nehalem,
was tried before Judge Doady last
Thursday, and the defendant was
honorably acquitted.
There are 001 children of school
age in district No. one, nnd 452 in
district No. 18; this shows a consider
able rate of increase in the latter dis
trict. There ars 155 in district No. 9,
which also shows an increase
The eighth anniversary gathering
of the Y. M. O. A. will be held In the
Congregational church to-morrow
evening at 7 o'clock, when E. C. Frost,
general secretary ot the Portland ns
siation, will deliver nn' address.
The following dispatch was receiv
ed at this office yesterday merning:
"Illness prevents Mrs. Dr. "Potta ap
pearing at .Liberty hall on the 19th
inst. Hope to be with you about
April 8th. Gno. E. Kakeison, Man
ager." A California exchange says that Ion
Gennadius, the Greek nmbassador at
vvashington, is a D. L. C, and wants
to know what that is. Don't know.
Up here "D. L. C." means Donation
Land Claim. He isn't a donation
land claim, is he?
TT 1 , ...
onaer me law a aeea to auv piece
of real estate must be filed" for re
cord five days after the execution of
the deed. A subsequent deed record
ed prior to the first one, if the first
has not been so filed, will carry the
title to the property.
At the West Coast Packing Co's
premises to-day will be sold at
auction a large lot of cannery mat
erial and supplies, tin, lead, cans,
boats, etc. The pale begins at ten
o'clock a. St., and there will doubtless
be a largo attendance of cannerymen.
Rev. M. D. Rugg, Into of this city,
has been called to the Baptist church
in Victoria, B. C, where Rev. Walter
Barss recentiy resigned after a three
years pastorate. Tne new pastor has
commenced his labors, and a revival
of much power is reported to bo in
Tuesday's Times says a crew of
sailora wn3 shipped from Seattle to
Portland, that day, to man an En
glish ship which is ready to sail for
Great Britain. Sailors could not be
had in Portland. The men were paid
S40 advance and given S33 per month
for the voyage.
Nothing has yet been learned as to
tho whereabonts of Cnpt. F. M. White,
late commander ot tho steamer Pre
mier, who is believed to have ab
sconded with 10,000 belonging to
tho Canadian Pacific Navigation com
pany. Ho left tho steamer in Seattle
on the !)th inst.
The popo has written to archbishop
Gross, ordaining that a collection
shall be taken np every year," nt such
time as the r.rclibislion mnvdesitrnnte.
in all tho parishes of the archdiocese.
to ue applied to tue preservation or
the shrines erected along the way to
Cnlvnry, in Palestine.
It has been decided in Clackamas
connty to bridge the Willamette river
at Oregon City. Tho bridge, when
completed, will cost 880,000. Clacka
mas county will furn.sh SS.OOi) and
Oregon City tho balance. Work will
bo commenced immediately, and the
citizens expect to have it completed
this summer.
. The steamer O. K. and crew havo
been nt work during tho week in nn
effort to pick up tho cable nnd find
where the break is. Yesterday they
were grappling for it in nine fathoms
of water backward and forward be
tween Scarborough head nnd the
middle saud.s. The cable is imbedded
deep, and progress so far has been
anything but satisfactory.
A Port Townsend ppecial iyp. Capt
Ros3, of the bark Lizzie Williams,
just arrived, sighted a wreck in lon
gitude 127 off Columbia river. Only
a portion of tho vessel was visible nnd
her name could not bo made out.
The wreck lies in n dangerous posi
tion, being directly in tho track of
coastwise vessels." She is probably
eomo unfortunate vessel from that
terrible north const.
Of the English salmon market tho
London Orocers Gazette, of Febrnary
18th says: "We havo had a coutinu
anco of the activity in salmon, and
sales have been both" large nnd num
erous, and there is now no new Col
umbia river to bo bought under 20s
3 case, and very little oven at this
limit, Tho non-arrival of the Qlen
avon has certainly stiffened values,
and a further advance i3 oxpected."
Governor Semplo has nwarded the
contract for printing twelve thousand
copies ot the governor's report to tho
interior department for 1837 to T. H.
Cavanangh, ho being the lowest bid
der. Tho price was presswork, 25
cents per token; composition, 40
cents per thousand ems; binding, S100
for tho edition and tho paper is to be
50-lbbook. Great Scott! what pri
ces!! The Stute is due from San Francis
co to-day with tho following passen
gers: Mrs. F. Smith, C. Knehnc, J.
Fletcher. G. E. Cory, II. M. De
bow. J. S. Grcensfelder, A. S. Canney,
J. W. Stake and wife, W. B. Edwards,
Miss L. Sickles. Mrs. S. S. Frost. R.
P. Taylor. J. A. Holland, Miss Carrie
Pillmnn. Mrs. F. F. Henly nnd 2 chil
dren, Miss A. Higgins, T. Henley, J.
P.Davenport, J. B. Sinnott, J. L.
A MayGeld man says to tho San
Jose, Cal., Herald: Dnring tho reoent
rise in tho creeks and slonghs the
salmon ran up in largo numbers, and
many of them found their way over
tho flooded lands. Tho water is now
subsiding, and hundreds ot salmon
havo been left in the field, whore tho
water is still a few inches deep just
enough to keep them nlivo. Ah a
conseqnenco the boys are having lots
of fun.
The case of James N. Green, accus
ed of timber cutting on public lands,
has been dismissed in tho United
States circuit court on n motion ot
the district nttorney. Tho motion to
dismiss was no donbt tho result of a
former decision of judge Deady's in n
similar case. Green claims 'that he
took the land on n homestead claim.
Ho cut and sold the timber to some
mill men, bnt afterwards filed on tho
land and bought it.
The secretary of the interior has
requested the attorney-general to in
stitute a joint civil suit against the
Northern Pacifio Railway company
and J. C. Jones & Co., of Portland,
Or., and Williamsport, Pa. The North
western Lumber company, of Knapp
fon, and Samuel France and tho
Northern Pacific Lumber company
are also defendants. The suits are
for the valuo of pine timber estimated
at S219.000, alleged to havo been cnt
unlawfully from public lands in
Washington territory.
Oregon's claim for 8390,820.10. mon
ey paid on account of militnry forces
in Oregon during the rebellion has
been disallowed. GovernorPcnnoyer
expresses great disappointment that
the claim, which first secretary Ear
hart, then secretary McBride, and
himself, on his recent trip east, had
urged before the government, has
been disallowed. Tho governor does
not know of any remedy for the Btate
to resort to, since it appeared that the
claim's disposal had been definitely
determined upon by the department.
Senator Dolph has presented in the
U. S. senate, a letter from James G.
Swan' of tho fisherv commission lo
cated at Port Townsend. W. T. Mr.
Swan says in his letter that fishermen
of New England, who are now with
their fleets in Pugot sound, demand
as a right that they bo permitted to
pursue their honorable bnsiness, iu
the American waters ot tho northern
Pacific, Behring sea and tho Arctic,
without being treated as criminals
and hunted down and imprisoned by
special revenue cutters of the United
Give books, bnt do not lend. To
lend a book is to bid it farewell for
ever. It is the law and tho prophets.
It is not in tho least that the borrow
er does not intend to retnrn it. He
does intend to. There is not nn act
or thought of his life which is not en
tirely honorable, nnd he would never
dream of defrauding or nunoying any
one. Hut there is a special fato that
prevails over the borrowed book. It
is under a spall. It is no more amen
able to ordinary human laws. Tho
moment it is lent it is onchantcd, and
forever it must so remain.
United States fish commissioner
Stone will return from the vicinity of
Spokano Falls next week and take
charge of the hatchery on the Olaok
amas river. Tho eggs nnd fish from
the Clacknmns hatchery will only bo
used for tho Colnmbin river. Tho
agreement under which tho Clacka
mas hatchery was turned over to tho
United States was that its product
should bo used solely for the benefit
of tho Columbia river. There is noth
ing, however, to prevent commission
er McDonald from furnishing eggs or
fish to California from the hatchery
on the McClond river.
At the Misbawaka school election
on the 15th inst., A. Furtado received
nt the postoffice n letter from French
Prairie with 860 in it, in greenbacks.
He used 825 of the money and with
out reading it laid it down on n desk
to sign n school clerk's bond as direc
tor, and then, forgetting all about his
letter, went home. After nwhile ho
thought ho wonld read his letter nnd
remembered leaving it at the school
house. He went back to the school
house bright nnd early tho next morn
ing, but couldn't find the envelope
nor the letter, nor the 835 that he
had hnd in his inside pocket, and has
not found them up to last account.
Ho doesn't miud tho mouey. but is
mighty sorry that he didn't got ,i
chance to read the letter.
A well known hor.se-trniner and
jockey named Harry Smiley left Port
land last Tuesday for Victoria, to
which place he bought a first-class
ticket, no left the train at Taconia,
went to a drug store whero he pur
chased three ounces of laudanum,
registered at the Empire honso and
retired at onco to hi.s room. At 10
o'clock his frightfully heavy brcnth
ingwas heard in the hnlls and caused
an investigation. Ho was found in
sensible from the effects of the opiate
he had taken, and nn honr later he
died. In his memorandum book tho
following was scrawled: "I cannot
keep straight. Good-by; my name is
Harry Smiley. Please send what
money yon find hero to Mr. O. Smiley,
Portland, Oregon." In his pocket
was a letter from John Fngan, Castle
Rock, W. T., nddro3scd to Ilarry
Smiley, Portland, Oregon.
Gov. Semple, of Washington terri
tory, wants the sheriffs of Pacific
Wahkiaknm and Cowlitz counties to
use their utmost endeavors to enforce
the fishery laws. He says that by co
operation of officers on both sides ot
tho river, there ought to be no ser
ious difficulty in the way. All mon
interested in this great iudustry, who
suspend operations willingly duriug
the clo30 season, should be callod up
on to render assistance to the officers
ot the law in bringing violators of it
to justice. "I respectfully suggest
that it would bo well for tho sheriffs
to make it known in some pnblio way
that those who disregard tho statutes
will probably find it difficult to avoid
detection nnd punishment. The
great importance of this industry,
and tho danger it is in of being ex
tinguished by improvident methods,
is shown in my roport to tho interior
department for 1837."
The Portlnnd ranrkot nt nresont is
glutted with sturpcon nnd yesterday's
steamer for California took 20,000 ttis
to San Francisco. Tho reason for
tho large supply is due, says tho Neics,
to the fact that n fish dealer
from Chicago was horo for two
months during the winter nnd took
all the fish that was offered at 2
cents per pound. Tho fish was pr
served by a" secret process which
kept it fresh, and shipped to Chicago
by the carload, where it was smoked
nnd Eold readily at n profit. The re
sult of this, added to tho local demand
wa3 that sturgeon fishing became a
very profitable occupation and nntim
berjembarked in it. When the frozen
lakes and rivers ot the east thawed
out so that fishing could bs resumed,
the Chicago man left for home as he
could then obtain sturgeon nearer
nome. xno jrosuit was that tons of
sturgoon were thrown on the Portland
market. One day thirty tons arrived
in this city, where there is but little
demand. Aho large surplus is now
being shipped to San Franoiseo. but
tho venture rarely pays anything
more tnan tue express charges. Un
der the circumstances it is thought
that n number ot sturgeon fishermen
win retire trom tno business.
A Complimentary-Reception.
The Indies committee of the Y. M.
C. A. will hold a reoeptionforMr.nnd
Mrs. E. O. Frost of Portland, at the
rooms of the Y. M. O. A., this
evening. March 17th, from 8 to 10 P.
All friends of the association are
cordially invited to be present.
Mks. J. T. R033, Pres ,
Josie L. Pabbott, Sec.
To and From "Wcstport.
Beginning next Tuesday, the steamer
Monlcsano, Capt. Jno. W. Welch, will
make regular trips to and from West
port, leaving here from Wilson & Fish
ers wharf at 2 p. si., and leaving West
port at G A. M.
' "
E. M. Philebaum is in the city.
Mr. Frank Hisreins hns retnrned tn
F. M. WnrMn 13 rpnnalArnil nf ihn
C. J. Trenohard returned from
Portland yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs, E. C. Frost are ex-
peoted to arrived from Portland this
E. A. King is fast rcooverinir the
uso of his arm, and expeotstobesoon
entirely well.
Major nandbnrg. chief of the U. S.
engineer department at Chioago, has
been ordered to Portland to relieve
Capt. Powell, now in ohargo of im
provement of the mouth ot the Col
umbia river, and other public im
provements. Major Handburg was
stationed at Son Franoiseo from 1807
to 1872.
Kent Estate Transfers.
Geo. A. Dorris nnd wife nnd Geo.
Noland. quitclaim deed to J. O. Bo
sortb.lots 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 11, 15, 18,
iv, Dii:. l, tir.st ndmtion to Ocean
Grove, SI.
L. H. Hubbard nnd wife to W. L.
Robb,lot2, blk. 113, Shively's Astoria.
Ilowell Lewis and wife to John
Johnson, lot 9, blk. 23, Shively's As
toria, 51Bj.
Our tiKlo-t child, now Ms jeara of ngs,
when an infant six months old was attacked
with a virulent, mftllrafint akin disa&se. All
Ordinary remedies failing, wo called our fam
ily pnysieian. woo attempted to euro it: but
It )ro id n ith almost incrediblo rapidity, un
til tho lower portion of tho lit le fellow's per
son, from tho middle of his back down to his
Knoe. was one solid rash, ugly, painful,
blotched, and malicious. We had no rest at
nizht.no ienco by day. Finally, wo were
advised to try thu CcticueA Kemroifs. The
effect was simply marvellous. In ihrco or
four weeks i complote cure was wrought,
leaving the little fellow's person as whito and
healthy as 'hough ho had norer been at
tacked. In my opinion j'our valuahlo reme
dies saved his life, and to-day he is a strong,
healthy child, perfectly well, no repetition of
the dtsea'o having over occurred.
ur.u. u. Sill ill,
Att'y at Law nnd E-Pros. Att'y. Ashland. O.
Krrr ni nce. J. U. Weist, Drugsist, Ashland.O
Are horn into the world orery day with some
oczomatou3 afleeiion, such as milk crust, scat!
head, scurf, or dandruffsuro to dovelop into
an agonizing eczoina, the itching, burning
nnauuugurttion ot wuicn maKo me a pro
longed torturo unions properly treated.
A warm bath with CcticueA Sop. an ei-
quuito skin lieatifier. and a single applica
tion ot ixiici'KA, tne ureat tKin uuro, witn a
littlo CtmccRA Kr.soiAvr. the Mew Blood
1'uriBer. is often sufficient to arrest the prog
ress of tho disease, nnd point to a speedy and
permanent euro.
Hence, no mother who loves her children,
who takos pride in their beauty, purity, and
health, and in bestowing upon them a child's
zreatost inheritance, a skin without a blem
i'h and a body nourished by pure blood.
should fail to inako trial of the Ccticura
Sold everywhere. Trice: Ccticura. .'0
rt-tits; SOAr. 23 cents ;Kfsolvfnt. Sl.QO,
l'rcpared by tho Totter Dkco and Cheji
icl(,'o Boston, JIass.
Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," ftl
pago. fiO illustration, and 100 testimonials.
nDU'0 SVin nn'l Ecalp preserved and
beautified by Ccticcra Medi-
Constitutional Catarrh.
Xo singlo disease hns entailed more suffer
ing or hastened tho breaking up of tho con
stitution than Catarrh. The sense of smell,
ot taste, of sight, of hearing, the human voice,
the mind ono or moro, and sometimes all,
yield to its destructive, influence. Tho poison
it dbtiibutci throughout tho system attacks
every vital force, and breaks up the most ro
bust of constitutions. Ignored, because but
littlo understood, by most physicians, impo
tently availed by quacks and charlatans,
thoe suffering from it have little hope to be
rolioved of it this sido of tho graro. It is timo,
then, that tho ponulnr treatmentof thii tprrt.
bio disease by remedies within the reach of
all parsed into nanus at onco competent and
trustworthy. Tho new and hitherto untried
method adopted by Dr. Snnford in the prepa
ration cf bis IUdical Ccke has won the
hcirty approval of thousands. It is instan
taneous in affording relief in oil head raid?.
sneezing, snuffling and obstructed breathing,
itnd rapidly remove tho most oppressive
symptoms, clearing the head, sweetening the
breath, restoring tho censes of smell, taste
and hearing, and neutralizing tho constitu
tional tendency of tho disease towards the
tunes. liver and kidneys.
SaxfOHd's Kadical Curb consists of one
bottle of the Kadical Cure, one box of
Catarrhal solvent, ana iuhiotkd IsnAv
er; price, S1.00.
I'otter Drug & Chiuiicai,CoBoston.
Strains and Weaknesses,
Relieved in one minute by that mar
vellous Antidote to Pain. Inflamma
tion and Weakness, tho tmtenra
Anil-fnln PlHHter. Tho first
and only pain-killing strengthening
nlastcr. Kseeeiallv fldAntpri in in.
stantly relievo and epeedily cure Kidney and
Uterine Fains and Weakness. Warranted
vastly tuporiir to all other plasters. Atoll
druggists, 25 cents: five for 51.00; or postage
frtBctPoxrEB Druoaxd Chemical Co.,
Boston, Mast.
Kocliestor, STqto- "STorls.
For Misses and Children I am sole agent for the celebrated shoes
manufactured' bv
Equal if not superior
stances. No tacks, nails, or
readily as a hand sewed shoe.
The Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House of Astoria, Oregon.
A Lnrgo and Well Selected Stock of Fine
At Extremely Low Prices.
All Goods Itoaght at This Establishment
Warranted Genuine.
Wutrla nnd Clock Hcpalrlus
Corner CaM and Squemoqua Streets.
Carnahan & Co.
Comer Chenamus and Cass streets.
Of Best Quality, and nt
And Dealers In
Special Attention Given to Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part of the city.
Office and Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 15X Telephone No. 87.
A.t Capt. Rogers old stand, corner ot Cass
and Court 8treets.
Diwis i Jewelry
Cannery Supplies !
New arrivals of the latest styles
All widths, from
Hooiiestor, Xew aTo2?3s.
to hand sewed. Warranted
wax threads in contact with
All goods are silk fitted,
aywH mfcr
Is the Indian word for "bustle"
but that don't prevent
In order to close my large stock
before enlarging my premises I
invite a close inspection of my
Occident Hotel Building.
not to rip under any circum
the foot. Can be repaired as
made from good material and
nj hutmitiijiiw p wrTnwg ii wl. bwyiiyjyi my
At Low Figures.

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