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?k JiiuUj gustorim
(Monday excepted.)
Publishers and Proprietors,
AsToniAy Builuim;, - - CassStueet.
Terms or.SuIiscriiition.
Served l; Carrier, per week 15 cts
Sent In- Mail, per inontli (j-j cts
' ' " one year. $7.00
tree of postage to subscribers.
The Astoiuajt guarantees to its adver
tisers the largest circulation of any newpa
per published on the Columbia river.
Rev. Eob't F. Nourse.
At the Congregational church.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Mecler go to
Aberdeen on the (Jen. Miles fo-day.
L- J. McGoon, an old settler on
the upper Nehalem, fell dead in his
chair at his dinner table last Suudav.
The infant daughter of Solomon
Kutter died yesterday morning. The
funeral will be at one o'clock this af
ternoon. Johnson, the ilorist, has returned
from an nscent of Mt. Ilood and re
ports considerable firo in the timber
up a? far as the snow line.
The appropriation of school moneys
to the districts in the county, aggre
gates a little over S2.300, making
about 81.18 to each pupil.
The Oen. 2iles now makes two
trips a week to Gray's Harber: Tues
days and Fridays; the Dolphin leaves
for Shoalwater bay every Thursday.
About sixty people boarded the
Oen. Miles upou the arrival of the
Undine yesterday afternoon aud had
a pleasant excursion outside the bar.
The King Co. Investment Co. has
been incorporated with S.r.0,000 capi
tal at Seattle. Alfred Ilolmau is
president and N..T. Levison viee-pres-ident.
L. E. Selig, who returned from
Portland yesterday, reports several
people temporarily cross-eyed from
looking nt the two performing rings at
one time at the circus.
. The Y. M. C. A. excursionists had a
grand day for their picuic yesterday
the Telejihone taking them up to
Knappa, where a pleasant day was
spent, returning at Si'JO p. m.
Services will be held in the Presby
terian church to-morrow morning
aud evening. Rev. Dr. Garner will
preach in tho morniug, aud Rev.
Thos. Boyd, of south Portland, in the
The match game of base ball nt
Knappa yesterday was won by the
Columbias; score, Columbias, 18;
Pacifies, 13. A. J. Meany was seri
ously hurt by n flying ball during the
progress of the game.
The registered mail through pouch
between Portland and New York was
robbed of a S10,000 package last
week. Indications all point to the
fact that the package left Portland
all right, aud was stolen en route.
The Miles makes a trip to Gray'a
Harbor this morning, after the arri
val of the night boat from Portland.
It is the intention to have the Miles
make two trips each week to Gray'a
Harbor, commencing Tuesday, Aug.
Captain AY. P. Gray and captain Al.
Gray, of Pasco, brothers of Capt. J.
H. 1). Gray of this city, are in com
mand of the upper Columbia steamers
City of Ellembnrg and T.L. Nixon.
They each receive a salary of 200
per month.
The Alliance sailed for Shoalwater
bay and Gray's harbor yesterday.
The Dolphin arrived in from Shoal
water bay, with 700 cs. salmon from
the Aberdeen Packing company.
The Oen. Miles sails for Gray's har
bor this morning.
The heaviest salmon caught in the
English fisheries this year was in the
Tay two weeks ago. It was 4 feet 5
inches long, 23 inches in girth, and
weighed fifty-two pounds, A fifty.
pound fish has been taken in the
Hants Avon at Christchurch.
Messrs. Moen and Morris are busy
at the Astoria Gaslight Co.'s new
works putting in the holder, which
is 53 feet in diameter, and 18 feet
hieh with a capacity of 40 M cubic
feet The calculation is to have tho
entire new plant in operation by the
first of October.
A through train, eastbound, on the
Northern Pacific, laden with tea, was
derailed last Thursday near Heron,
Montana, and the cars and contents
piled up in a promiscuous heap in the
Clark's fork of the Columbia.
The engine lies in the turbu
lent waters of that tumultuous
stream, and the cars are all nnder
water with their burden of tea.
In the act of crowing, often a nui
sance to sleepy humanity, a bird
stands np and then stretches his neck
to its fullest extent. A small lath
loosely suspended about eighteen
inches abovo the perch will obviate
this. It in no way interferes with the
birds roosting, but the moment chan
ticleer contemplates a nuisance the
swinging lam comes gtsunj w .-intact
with his comb and effectually
stops him.
This week a prominent Portland
job printer in Tnn Astoriah office
laughed at the ridiculously low
prices charged for job printing in
Astoria, and said that in Portland all
the offices charged alike and no re-
ductiou. It looks that wav. certainly.
A few days ago there was 2,500 copies
of a school superintendent's report to
be printed in Portland, and here nre
some of the bids: A. Anderson & Co.,
S36S; Paffenberger&Co., S500; Frank
Baltes, S310; Ellis & Sons, S260;
Goo. Himes, S315. That looks like
all the offices cr&rging alike. On one
little job hero is a difference in bids
of nearly 100 per cent.
Capt. Pease, of the Potter, received
a telegram yesterday calling him to
Portland for a special trip. That
boat will arrive this morning with
Chas. Francis Adams, president of
the Union Pacific railroad, W. H.
Holcomb, manager O. B. & N. Co.,
and a party of railroad gentlemen
from the east. It is three years since
Mr. Adams was here in company with
Senator John Sherman.
The incoming State of California
has the following passengers: F. R.
Smith. Rev. Robt. Nourse, F. C. Was
serman, G. W. Crail, Irene Peak, Me
dora Whitfield. Mrs. J. M. Strow
bridge, daughter and son, W. H. Tis
dale, J.M. Strowbridge, J.Emmerson,
G. W. Hoyt, Mrs. Wescott and
child, S. C. Parry, G. H. Consadaa,
II. S. Bartlett, J. Lathwaite, D. Lip
man, C. Fiutch and wife. J. Storan
and wife, Miss K. Casey, Miss M. A.
Hubbard, Mrs. Roberts.MabelMoore,
C. R. Hopley, G. R. Moore, Mrs. Sal
ley, Mrs. H. A. Callender, G. W. Nay
lor, Miss Wallace. Miss Galder, F. C.
Whiting, J. T. Thompson and wife,
H. W.Scott, Dr. J.M. Fox, Mrs. Al
bert, W. Crofton, P. W. Gillette and
wife. Miss Galder.
A farmer had thirty geese which he
concluded to take to market and sell
at the rate of two geese for SI. His
neighbor also bad thirty geese which
he asked the farmer to sell for him
at the rate of three geeso for 81.
When he arrived in town with the
sixty geeso ho was met by a man
who asked how he would sell the
geese. "If you take all together yon
can have the lot at the rate of five
geese for S-," the farmer replied.
The bargain was mada and the far
mer received his pay, S2L When he
paid 310 to his neighbor for his thirty
geese at three for 81 and counted his
balance it struck him that he onght
to have SIS for his own thirty geese
(two for SI), while he only has S14,
ana lie wondered what iieenma or the
other dollar. Why did he not have
$10 for Ins geese.'
The outlook for loggers on the
Sound is not so bright as it might be.
The large mill operators, seeing that
the surplus of logs is to be great this
fall, notwithstanding the curtailment
of tho outfit by Puget Sound Log
gers' association, have decided to cut
down the price of logs, and now the
price is reported at SQ.50 a thousand.
The starting of the rebuilt Blakely
mill was expected to help the market,
but such was not the case, as that
company's loggers have been cutting
timber ever since the mill burned
nnd now they have in the water more
logs than the mill can use for several
mouths. In other quarters the log
gers seem to have been disappointed
in their estimates and they are now
placed where they will have to rednce
wages or shut down their camps. A
change in these conditions is not
looked for inside of five months.
Of Rev. Rob't Nourse, who lectures
on "John and Jonathan" at the Con
gregational church to-night, the
Sauk, Wis., Democrat says: "The
lecture on Tuesday evening last by
Rev. Robert Nourse was the best ever
delivered in Baraboo. Mr. Nourse is
a man of remarkable, almost phe
nomenal power. We cannot attempt
to tell or even begin to tell all the
delightful things he said. The lec
ture could not have been more fresh
if the subject had been one of which
we had never heard before. It could
not have been more instructive if the
field had been one which had never
been investigated before. It had
passages of thrilling eloquence.
Flashes of the keenest wit illumin
ated almost every paragraph. The
humor that convulsed his hearers
came just often enough to rest them,
so that the two hours consumed in
the delivery seemed too short, and
all were sorry to have him stop. At
the close of the lecture it was sug
gested that he be recalled at some
early date to repeat it, and the sug
gestion was received with hearty ap
Hoard of Delegates.
There will be a meeting of the
board of delegates, A. F. D at 7:30
p. m., Monday, August 27th. A full
attendance requested.
F. I. Dunbar,
E. Z. Ferguson, Pres't.
(iris 'Wanted
To peel pears; light work and good
pay. Apply to George & Barker,
upper Astoria.
Between C. II. Cooper's store and the
Hospital, a lady's gold watch chain with
black seal. Finder, leave at this office
and get reward.
Room Wanted.
Furnished, centrally located. Address
uox iw, caty.
The finest and juiciest steak at the
leiepnone uesmiraiu.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
Eeruuuery, anu louet articles, etc can
e bought at the lowest prices, at.). Y.
Conn's drag store, opposite Occident
uctei, Astoria.
Tho best Oysters in any style, at
the Telephone Restaurant.
A fine cup of coffee, at the Telephone
The latest style of Gents' Roots and
Shoes at I". J. Goodman's.
Private Booms.
At the Telephone Restaurant for sup
pers, parties, etc. The best cooked to
Coffee and cake, ten cents, at the
Central Restaurant
That Gloucester Fishermen Will Turn to
'lis now about a year since Capt.
Sol. Jacobs, of Gloucester, Mass.,
came out hero looking for some place
to make headquarters for the pro
posed emigration of Gloucester deep
sea fishermen, who heard of tho ocean
wealth of food fishes on this north
Pacific coast.
Not meeting with a very favorable
reception he went to the Sound, the
result being that the operations of
the two schooners fitted out there,
and the thousands of dollars net
profits from the halibut banks has
attracted the a'ttention of a large
number of hardy men who are con
templating coming this way. One
schooner, the Oscar and Ilattie, with
headquarters at Seattle, has made
810,000 this season, the men in her
all working on shares.
There is no reason why such en
terprise should not win here.- Ex
perienced men say this is even bet
ter headquarters for such fishing
than any point on the Sound. Con
tiguity to the ocean, immnnity from
the teredo, convenience of wharfage
and other facilities give Astoria, in
this regard, tho advantage.
A movement has been on foot here
this week in this direction, which
TnE Astorian believes should be en
couraged. Briefly it is this: Capt.
A. A. Henderson, an old experienced
fisherman himself, Capt. Geo. Mor
tensen, of Skamokawa, and others
have conceived tho idea of building a
schooner especially adapted for the
business, to be manned by Gloucester
fishermen, .working on shares, hailing
from Astoria, with headquarters here,
the nucleus of what is destined to be
a great and profitable industry.
The proposition is to build a 125
ton schooner, costing 816,000, fitting
her out with necessary lines and rig
ging, costing, say, 81,500 more, and
catching halibut, shipping it from
here to Chicago and other eastern
cities where the demand for snch fish
always exceeds the supply.
Capt Mortensen is an experienced
builder, his last vessel being the
schooner Michigan, built for Colwell
& Co., Skamokawa. Ho aud Capt.
Henderson have enlisted the atten
tion of sevoral of our business men.
A working capital of about 320,000
would be required, tho idea being to
form a joint stock company and go
This is simply a proposition of em
bracing our opportunities. It is
in such enterprises as these that As
toria's commercial prosperity lies,
and if this community ignores its ad
vantages in this respect, other com
munities will reach out and secure
what might be ours for the taking.
One Black Drop.
Byron was wise when he wrote, "A
drop of ink may make a million think."
This is indeed true when the blaek
fluid is used to enlighten tho world on
the merits of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi
cal Discovery. Let consumptives every
where hear the glad tidings. Try it all,
who breathe witli pain and toss with
fever through the long night hours.
You will find your cough gone and
sleep balmy as a child's will visit your
pillow. You will thank the drop of ink
that brought the message of mercy to
C SjOO Reward.
So confident are the manufacturers of
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy in their
ability to cure chronic nasal catarrh, no
matter now bau or or iiow long stand
ing, that they offer, in good faith, the
above reward for a case which they can
not cure. Remedy sold by druggists
at 3o cents.
Bnrninx of The "Herminia."
The little steamer Herminia has
ended a checkered and unsatisfactory
career by burning np. When Capt.
Scott, of the Telephone, passed down
about 1 o clock yesterday morning,
he saw at Willow bar, about seven
miles below themouth of the Willam
ette, a bright blaze and hailing found
that it was the Herminia and that
the hull and housing Mas on fire.
"Can I do anything?" asked Scott.
"No," was the answer. "Anybody
hnrt?" "No;" and the Telejihone
proceeded on her way. When tho
Undine arrived down she reported
tho stenmer burned to the water's
edge. That is the end of the Her
minia. Arthur Brock, who was
aboard, reports that tho boat, which
had been towing a barge, was at an
chor, and all hands were nsleep.
About a quarter past eleven the fire
started, and there was n general
scramble to put it out, but it was too
far advanced to get it under control.
The barge was cut adrift and after a
little time thelferminia was scuttled
and she sank in ten feet of water.
A IVoinau'H Discovery.
"Another wonderful discovery has
been made and that too by a lady in
this county. Disease fastened its clutch
es upon her-and for seven years she
withstood its severest tests, but her vi
tal organs were undermined and death
seemed imminent. For three months
she coughed incessantly and could not
sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr,
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion and was so much relieved on tak
ing first dose that she slept all night
and with one bottle has been miracu
lously cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther
Lutz." Thus write W. C. Herrlck & Co,
of Shelbyville. N. C., Get a free trial
bottle at W. E. Dement & Co.'s Drug
Gainbriuus Deer
Aud Free Lunch at the Telephone Sa
loon, 5 cents.
Fish Skid Oil.
And machine oil for sale.
.1. H.DkFop.ck.
Astoria, Oregon.
Mrs. Winslow's Sootiiino Syrup
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
cholic, and is the best remedy fordiar-rho?a.Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
Chllflreii Cry forPitcier's Castoria
Sufferings Intense. ' Head nearly,
raw Uody covered iritli Sores.
Cured bv the Cuticura Bcmcdlcs
Messrs. SievexS & Beusek, Monroe, N, C.
Dear Sirs. About two months ago. on your
recommendation, I bought a bottle of CUTl
Salve and one cako of Cuticuha Soai for
my son , aged thirteen years, who .lias been
afflicted with eczema for a long timo, and I
am pleased to say that X boliovo tho remedies
havo cured him. His sufferings woro intense
his head being nearly raw, his cars being
gore except tho gristle, and his body was cov
ered with sores. His condition was frightful
to behold. Tho sores havo now all disap
peared, his skin is healthy, eyes bright, cheer
ful in disposition, and is working every day.
My neighbors aro witnesses to this remark
able euro, and tho doubting ones aro requested
to call or write me. or any of my neighbors.
Winchester P. 0- Union:Co., N. U.
Moseoe. K. C, 0ct.'29,lSS7.
The Potter Drug asd'Chemical Ce:
Gentlemen Mr. William 5. Stephenson of
this county brought his boy to town to-day to
let us see himand to'showuawhatlCBTicuitA
Kemedies had done for him. This is tho case
referred to in our letter to you some timo ago.
To look at tho boy now, one 'would supposa
that there had never been anything tho mat
ter with him seems to bo in perfoct health.
Wo havo written and herewith "inclose what
his father lias to say about tho matter,
wrote it just as ho dictated.
We aro selling quite a quantity of C trricuuA
Remedies and hear nothing but praises for
them. Wo regard the Cuti cura Remedies
thebestinthe market and shall do all we can
to promoto their sale,- Yours Truly,
Druggists and Pharmacists.
Cuticuha, the great skin cure', and Cuti
cuha Soai prepared from it.
externally, and Cuticura Resolvent, tho
newBlood Purifier, internally, are a positive
cure for every form of Skin and Blood Dis
ease from Pimples to Scrofula.
Sold everywhere. Price: Cuticura. CO
cents ; Soap. 25 cents ; Resolvent, S1.00,
Prepared by tho Potter Druo and Chem
ical Co., Boston, Mass.
Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," Ct
pages, 50 illustrations; and 100 testimonials.
PliES, black-heads, red, rough, chapped
ana oily -skin prevented by Cuticura
Sneezing Catarrh.
The distressing snoeio, sneeze, sneeze, tho
acrid, watery discharges from the eyes and
nose, the painful inflammation extending to
the throat, the swelling of the mucous lining,
causing choking sensations, cough, ringing
noises in the head and splitting headaches ,
how familar these symptoms are to thousands
who suffer periodically from head colds or in
fluenza, and who live in ignorance of tho fact
that a single application of SANFOnn's Rad
ical Cure For Catarrh will afford in
ttantanemtx relit.
Eutthis treatment in cases of simple Catarrh
gives but faint idea of what this remedy will
do in the chronic forms, where the breathing
is obstructed by choking, putrid mucous ac
cumulations, the hearing affected, smell and
taste gone, throat; ulcerated and backing
cough gradually fastening itself upon tho de
bilitated system. Then it is that the marvel
ous curative power of Sanford's Radical
Core manifests itself in instantaneous nnd
grateful relief. Cure begins frem the first
application. It is rapid, radical, permanent,
economical, safe.
Sanford's Radical Cure consiits of one
bottle of tho Radical Cuiik, ono box Ca
tarrhal Solvent and an IMI-ROVBD 1n
nALEii;prico, SI.
Potter Druo. & Chemical Co., Boston.
Pains and Weaknesses
AfK Instantly Telievcd by the (luti
ik cura Antt-I'ain 1'iatier, a
IBVnetr, most ngreeablo, instantaneous
BPK and infallible psfin-kjllinE plaster,
mr especially adapted to relieve Ke
"' male Pains and Weaknesses. War-,
ranted vastly superior to all" other plasters,
and the most perfect Antidote to Pain, Inflain
mation and Weakness yet compounded. At
all druggists, 25 cents: five for SI 00; or post
age freo. of Potter Dkuo. and Chemical
Co., Boston, Mass.
The Y.M.C. A. Picnic.
About 150 people went on the Y.
M. O. A. picnic on tbo Telephone to
Knappa yesterday. Arriving nt the
grove, the baseball game between tho
Columbia and Pacifies was played;
Columbias 18, Pacifies 13; then to E.
C. Crow's grove where a fine lunch,
ice cream, etc., was disposed of.
Ij tbo afternoon there was a ladies'
race, won by Miss Minnie Sherman, a
men's foot race, won by Tom ltawl
ings, a sack race, won by Louie. Bai
ley, pitching quoits, won by Mr. Os
good, throwing a heavy hammer, won
by P. W. Weeks, all successful con
testants receiving prizes, tho party
treurning afterspending a vory pleas
ant day.
Neat, Quick And Cheap at The
Cut Faster
Than any oth
er axe made.
woodmen tes-
riorlty. It goes
"panii aeier
& CO.,
Agents Astoria.
Price, S1.K0.
For Sale 5 Fresh Cows.
Cathlamet, AV. T, Aug. 23, '88.
Jeweler. ys .
J.C.I rullinger
CI oak Department!
Wraps, Gapes, Dolmans,
Having been very fortunate in our selection of the above goods this season, we have
still a few left, and will sell them at manufacturers cost.
i didoUlo.
Will be cleared out at cost.
The Leading House of Astoria.
irtlie Next 30 Days
I will allow you
10 per Cent on
As this is evidently sufficient to interest all who believe in
saviuc something for n rainy day, I will merely add, remember
this offer when you ro shopping.
The Belial Hatler ani Clothier, OccileM Hotel Bnilfling.
English and Modern Languages will re
open Septembers, 1883
It is very important that students who de
sire an advanced course, should he present
at the commencement ot the term.
Tuition payable in two weeks afler pre
sentation of bill.
No deduction made for absence except In
case ofsickness.
Big Bargains in Men's Clothing !
Co to the Emporium.
(Next door to Foard &, Stokes.)
K very tiling a Man Wears
Sold nt Very Low Trices and warranted exactly as represented.
All the remainder of our Summer
About four dozen ladies fine
a discount of
All Cash Sales.
VirginiaCigar ani Tolacco Store
J. W. BOTTOIKI, Proprietor,
Water Street, Two Doors East of Olney.
Fine Cigars, Tobacco and Smokers Articles,
Sold at' Lowest Market Rates.
and Ulsters.
Parasols !
And Dealers In
Cannery Snrolies!
Special Attention Clvento Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part ot the city.
Office and Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. Telephone No. 37.
John G. Dement.
Successor to W. E. Dement & Co.
Carries Complete Stocks ot
Drugs and Druggists' Sundries.
Prescription Carefully Compounded.
Agent for
Mexican Salve and
Norwegian Pile Cure,
A Large and Well Selected Stock ol Fine
Diamonfls s Jewelry
At Extremely Low Prices.
All Ooodi Bought at This Eitabllihmtnt
'Warranted Genuine.
Watch aud Clock Repairing
Corner Cass and Sqnemoqua Streets.
Fishing Twine.
We beg to inform the Fisher'
men of the Pacific Coast, that
OUr Twines for .Qnlnao onl
Traps, can be relied on as
aquai m vusuiy to any made.
Our ludement la inooft nn
the testimony of Fishermen-
mm uao it, una not our Own.
Gloucester Net & Twine Co.,
Boston office, 9t Commercial St,UCeS 6K

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