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Slw SaS fstaftm.
-MAltCH 13.18S9.
(Monday excepted.)
Publishers and Proprietors,
Astoria Building, - - CassStiiket.
Terms of Subscription.
Served lv Carrier, per week
Sent by Mail, per month ....
" " ' one year.
Free of postago to subscribers.
.. 15 cts
The Astorian- guarantees to its adver
tisers the largest circulation ol any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
One of the most enjoyable concerts
ever given in Astoria comc3 off nt
Ross' opera bouse to-morrow evening.
At Sacramento, Cal., the river is
only eight feet deep. Last year, this
time, it was 2G feet deep: dry weather
does it.
If the sky is clear at snnset this af
ternoon, shortly after twilight bepins,
the planet Mercury may be seen close
to the sun, a very unu9nal sight.
Between the O. B. & N. boats, the
Lurlinc the City of Sellwood and
the Electric it looks as though the
Westport folks would be well sup
plied with steamer transportation to
and from Astoria.
A course of lectures at Grace
church for the Wednesday evenings
during Lent has been arranged. The
first lecture will be at seven this
evening by Bev. Mr. Loveridge, of
New York, who is in temporary charge
of Trinity church, Portland.
There was a tremendous racket last
night, with horns, tin pans and cow
bells, the occasion being the chari
vari of a newly married couple. It
was an improvement on the Salvation
army music, but yet a little of such
outlandish noise goes a great way.
Sheriff Smith has the county tax
roll to cellect: but seventeen days
more remain, when the tax will be
come delinquent. Two things are
sure death and taxes and as they
are inevitable the latter might as
well be paid before being made com
pulsory. In tho United States circuit court
last Monday, tho motion made by the
Olatsop Mill company for a new trial
in the suit brought against them by
Tatum & Bowen was denied. Plain
tiffs in this suit were awarded a ver
dict by a jury about n month ago for
the valne of machinery and boilerB
sold to defendants.
Before Judge May yesterday justice
was dished out at tho usual rates.
MinnieThompson, a lady whose beau
ty was in proportion to her style, was
charged with stealing bed clothes
from Bosie Taylor, a sister of Billee
Tayler'e: a jury said Minnie was not
guilty. Biddy Doyle will be up be
fore his honor at 10 this morning. M.
Devol's case will subsequently have a
hearing. Jas. Petit, who banged Ah
Chung in the eye, cheerfully put up
S5, and Constable Welch started to
look up a picked nine for to-day's
An amusing incident is reported
from Oregon City. Some time ago
a young man aged twenty went to
Mr. Burney, the register of the Ore
gon City land office to file on a piece
of timber land. That gentleman ex
plained to him that not being of age,
be could not fill the legal require
ments. "But I must get that land,"
said tho young man. Is there no
possible way to secure it?" At last
Mr. Burney jokingly told him that
ifhe were married he would have no
difficulty in filing on a timber claim.
The young man disappeared, but
two weeks afterward showed up at
the land office with a blushing bride
on bis arm. Bio had acted on the
register's advice, wooed and won a
wife, and was enabled to file on the
coveted piece of timber land. Where
there's a will there's a way.
The Body of One Uerovered Yesterday,
A fatal accident occurred on John
Day's river last Monday evening, by
which two men lost their lives. Their
names were Clansinand Cuskic; they
were working on John Kinney's
ranch, c itting wood, and came to
town last Monday. About five o'clock
they left for home, both being drunk.
They got up to tho mouth of John
Day's in their boat, pnlled it over
one fiat, got in again, went as far as
another, pnlled it over that, and were
heading for the channel, when two
bystanders on the shore saw the boat
capsize and a splashing in the water.
Presently a dog which the men had
with them swam to hhore. being the
only sober one of the three. The
other two were drowned and the boat,
bottom up, drifted to shore, with a
piece broken off the gunwale.
The body of Jacob Cuskie was re
covered yesterday afternoon, about
ten feet from where ho went down.
The body of Clausin has not yet
been recovered. Clausin was a
single man. Cuskie was married,
and leaves a wife and an eight months
old child in a destitute condition.
"A Night Off."
"A Night Off" was greatly enjoyed
at the Academy of Music last even
ing by a large audience. This de
lightful comedy, adapted from the
German by Augustin Daly, is one of
the brightest and most ingenious
pieces of its kind in the modern dra
matio repertoire. Clever in plot, sim
ple in structure, exhilarating in hu
mor it is "a thing of beauty and a joy
forever." One can relish its divert
ing episodes over and over again with
unabated zest The audience last
night, time and time again, fairly ex
ploded with laughter, and the same
sight will doubtless be witnessed
every evening during the week.
Buffalo Courier.
A Complete List For the Season of
Following is a correct list of the
salmon canneries of the Pacific coast
and their locatien:
Aberdeen Packing Co.: Antnrin
Packing Co.; Badollet&Co.; Booth's
oons a.; voiumoia uannmg Jo.. Co
lumbia liiver Packing Co.; Devlin,
John A.; Eureka Packing Co.; El
more fcam'i: JSverding & Farrell
Ueorge & Barker; Hapgood & Co.:
Hanthorn J. O. & Co.; Hume Geo.
W.; Hume Wm.; Megler J. G. & Co.;
McGowan P. J. & Sons' (2); Occident
Packing Co.; Ocean Canning Co.; Or-
kkuu rug yo.; iriiiar itocK .racking
vo.; acantunavian .racking Uo.; War
ren. R M. & Co., (2); total, 25.
Messrs. Morgan. Hanthorn fc Sp.
borg own the Columbia Canning Co.'s
cannery; it is not positive that it will
run, but the probabilities are that it
Northern Packing Co., Kenai; Thin
Point Pkg Co., Thin Point; Koyal
Packing Co., Afognak; Alaska Coast
Fishing Co., Kodiak; Shumagin Pkg
Co., Chignik; Western Alaska Pkg
Co., Ozernoy; Alaska Pkg Co., Nu
shagak; Bussian American Pkg Co.,
Afognak; Chilcat Pkg Co., Chilcat;
Cbilcat Canning Co., Pyramid Har
bor; Alaska Salmon Packing & Fur
Co., Loring; Pyramid Harbor Pack
ing Co., Pyramid Harbor; Chignik,
Packing Co., Chignik; Chiquik Pack
Packing Co., Chiquik Bay; Bristol
Bay Canning Co., Bristol Bay; Prince
of Wales Pkg Co., Prince of Wales
Island; Alaska Improvement Co.,
Kanatak; Northwest Pkg & Trading
Co., Klawack; Pacific Pkg Co., Prince
William's Sound; Nushagak Canning
Co., Nushagak; Aleutian Islands
Fishing & Mining Co., Kodiak; Pa
cific Whaling Co., Copper River; Cen
tral Alaska Co., Tongai Narrows;
Arctic Fishing Co., Cook's Inlet; Pe
ninsular Trading & Fur Co., Cook's
Inlet; Karluk Pkg Co.. Kodiak Isl
and; Cape JFox Pkg Co., Cape Fox;
Arctic Pkg Co., Karluk; Kodiak Pkg
oo., Jioaiak; iinstol Bay (Janning
Co., Bristol Bay; Moira Pkg Co.,
uape ox; uaranoH i'feg Uo., Clar
ence Straits; Bartlett Bay Pkg Co.
Bartlett Bay; Boston Fiskinc & Trad
ing Co., Yes Bay; Cape Lees Pkg Co.,
Capo Lees: Hume Pkc Co.. Kediak:
Glacier Pkg Co., Stickeon; Behring's
Sea Packing Co., Behring's Sea: to
tal, 38.
Some of the above are Astoria com
panies, but the most of them have
been organized the lost few months,
in San Francisco.
Beaver Canning Co., Lulu Island;
Bon-Accord Fishing Co., New West
minster: British American Pkg Co.,
Canoe Pass; British Col Pkg Co., New
Westminster; British Col Fishery,
Deas Island; English & Co., Lulu Isl
and; Ewau & Co., N Westminster;
Harlock Pkg Co., Ladner's Landing;
Delta Canning Co., Ladner's Landing;
Laidlaw & Co., Sapperton; Richmond
Canning Co., Richmond; Wadhams
E. A.. Ladner's Landing; Wellington
Pkg Co., Canoe Pass; Findlay, Dur
ham & Brodie, Deas Island; Owee
kaynoo Canning Co., Oweekaynoe:
total 15.
Rob't Cunningham, Skeena; Brit
ish American Packing Co., Port Es
sington; Windsor Canning Co., Aber
deen: North Pacifio Pkg Co., Land
ing; Balmoral Canning Co., Balmoral;
Inverness Canning Co., Inverness;
Metlacatlah Canning Co., Metlacat
lah: total, 7.
Scotchler& Gibbs, Black Diamond;
Jos. Black, Martinez; Sacramento
River Pkg. Co., Chipp's Island; Capi
tal Pkg. Co., Sacramento; Carquinez
Pkg. Co., Benicia; Courtland Pkg, Co.
Courtland; Overland Pkg. Co., San
Francisco; A. Lusk & Co., San Fran
cisco; King & Morse, San Francisco.
Total, 9.
J. G. Megler & Co., Hoquiam; Aber
deen Pkg. Co., Aberdeen; Washiug
tonian Pkg. Co., Monlesauo; Total
Geo. T. Myers, Armsby; Seattle
Pkg. Co., Muckilteo; King Pkg. Co.,
Seattle. Total, 3.
river's inlet.
Victoria Pkg. Co., Rivers Inlet, B.
C; Rivers Inlet Pkg. Co., Rivers Iulet;
Wannnck Pkg. Co., Rivera Inlet.
Total, 3.
Willapo Pkg. Co., Willapa; P.J.
MoGowan's Sons, Bay Center; Wa
chusett Pkg. Co., Bay Center. Total
Acme Pkg. Co., Florence; C. Tim
mins, Pkg. Co., Rose Hill; Lone Star
Pkg. Co., Siuslaw. Total, 3.
Gardner Pkg. Co., TJmpqua; Bath
uannmg uo., uarainer. Total, L
English FlagPkg.Co., Parkersburg;
iut, jiooa jfKg. uo., .raricersDurg. To
Tillamook Pkg. Co., Hobsonville,
Elmore & Sanborn, Garibaldi. Total
Coos Bay Pkg. Co., Marshfield;
Southern Oregon Pkg. Co. Coos Bay.
Total a.
Alsea Pkg. Co., Alsea; W. H. Harri
son & Co., Alsea. Total, 2.
Doneloss Packing Co.. Naes: A. J,
McLennan, Naas; Naas River Fishing
uo.,Naas. Total, 3.
Sawlog Pkg. Co., Nehalem.
R. D. Hume, Rogue River.
Occidental & Oriental Pkg. Co.,
Smith River.
R. D. Hume, Klamath.
Pacific Coast Pkg. Co., Eel River.
Nestucca River Pkg. Co., Nestucca.
Alert Bay Canning Co., Alert Bay:
Nimpkish Canning Co., Alert Bay.
Total, 2.
Absolute accuracy is not claimed
for the above list: it-is very hard to
get exact information, but the list
here published is believed to be full
and complete. It gives a total of 130
salmon canning establishments on the
Pacific coast
Goins After The Seals.
Capt Paul Boyton came down the
river yesterday morning and went to
Elk creek where he expects to get a
few seals, and sealions. He brought
down some of his traps with him in
cluding his famous rubber suit,
which, when he puts it on, makes him
look a little like a seal himself.
With this suit on, he will float
around Tillamook Rock, and after the
seals have cot used to him he will
coax a few of the phocae to go with
him to Chicago, where they will be
ted on lake nsn.
He doesn't rjronose to tackle the
seals in the water, for a good sized
seal would have more fun with him
in the water than he would have with
the seal. He will sort of play it low
down on the seal and wait till the
seal goes to sleep on the rocks when
he will put a sort of rigging over him
and send him up here for shipment
The seal will be sulky for a day or so,
but will then begin to eat again, un
less now and then, when a seal begins
to think of his folks and the little
seals he left behind him: then he refa-
s to eat. and might as well be
thrown back in the water; if not he
will die.
The captain takes a photographer
witu nim and will have some interest
ing pictures of Boyton and the seals
snoozing on the rocks. He also has
a newspaper man with him to report
the whole business for the Chicago
If a big bull seal starts to bite Boy
ton or chase him in the water the
photographer if he is spry enough can
get some very interestine views.
The captain has two troupes of per
forming seals traveling in tho east.
They are easy to train and give an
interesting exhibition. He has one
man in his employ who doesn't do
anything but train seals. His broth
er works for a railroad company and
doesn't do anything but seal trains.
Capt Boyton, who is the best ad
vertised man in the United States,
will also look around for a few moun
tain lions, sea otter and if anybody
has two or three likely young bears,
sound in wind and limb, he would do
well to see the captain before he
Who Is Your Best Friend?
Your stomach of course. Why? Be
cause if it is out of order you are one
of the most miserable creatures liv
ing. Give it a fair, honorable chance
and see if it is not the best friend you
have in the end. Don't smoke in the
morning. Don't drink iu the morn
ing. It you must smoke and drink
wait until your stomach is through
with breakfast You can drink more
and smoke more in the evening and
it will tell on you less. If your food
ferments and does not digest right,
if you are troubled with Heartburn,
Dizziness of the head, coming np of
the food after eating, Biliousness. In
digestion, or any other trouble of the
stomach, yon had best use Green's
August Flower, as no person can use
it without immediate relief.
Mayer Page has returned from Ta
coma. Vice Consul Cherry is confined to
his honse by illness.
Wm. Driscoll returned from Port
land yesterday. While there he had
his injured right eye removed.
The Jse of Modern MnV
People are fond of saying that "man
kind is growing wiser and weaker.'
Hut is it really so? Let us glance at
the facts. According to the latest sta
tistics tnere are more centenarians now
living than at any nrevious time m the
history of the world. Why? Because
of the great discoveries in medical
science which afford him immunity
from diseases that formerly devastated
mankind. Greatest of them all is Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, the
best blood-purifier and renovator of the
age. Scrofula, fever-sores, tumors, un
sightly ulcers and eruDtions vanish mvp
magic beneath its beneficent influence.
Try some of those fine salt pickles in
kegs at Thompson & Ross'.
Something excellent for pies, those
DewDrop blueberries at Thompson &
Early Kose potatoes for seed also seed
oats can be found at Thompson & Ross'.
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!.
Garden, vegetable, grass, and flowers
at Thompson & Ross'.
1. O. O. F.
Members of Beaver Lodge are re
quested to meet at their Lodge room on
the evening of March 14th, 1889, to de
cldeupon the proper manner of cele
brating the G7th anniversary of our or
der, on April 2Gth.
By order . G.
A Gold Glove Buttoner with quartz
fan attached, on the street between
Presbyterian church and corner Main
and Court streets. Finder please leave
at this office.
Steals Cooked to Order.
Private rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
"All Clear Sir." The Strike is Over.
The bii? strike iq nvor Tim n 1?
&N. company and the employes came
iu uu agreement yesterday morning.
The emnlnvps nn hnot nn lha lmnin
the wages are just the same as before
ami aiier iro or tnree days every
thincwill ba inst ns it ra linfr.ro tlm
boats were tied nn. Tf ia nnrlorotnn
that there will be-no reduction in
wages for a definite term.
So ends thp first Klritn of tlm t-in.l
on the Columbia river.
Tho OcJilaJiama came down yester
day morning, bringing some mail and
started back with thn 'RriHali oViln
Qartmore in tow. The Meed left at
eight o'clock last night and will run
a3 before in conjunction with theTel-
The Bonita is expected to arrive
this nftpmonn. nnrl ttrr mnita n An.
will again be distributed.
The only new factor in the transpor
tation nrolllpm is tlm nroaonno rvf tlm
Llirline. "X vnnil mnnv thinlr tl,f
she is on to stay, and, if so, there may
da iiveiy times in prices, etc., before
He Cut Government Timber.
Deputy United States Marshal
Waite arrived from Tillamook this
morning, having in charge Captain
H. B. Johnson, who is alleged to have
cut a large quantity of government
timber near the bay.
Johnson is master of the little
steamer General Oarjield, and is ono
of the many persons whom the Gar
diner Mill company have engaged to
supply them with timber. Johnson
is a man of large means, and will
make a bard fight no doubt, to es
cape conviction, because upon his fate
hinges the future of about fifty other
men. "This government timber cut
ting business is getting to be too
old," says United States district at
torney Lewis L. McArtbur, "and I
shall see if I can't put a stop to it."
A Safe Investment.
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
von satisfnetnrv rpsnlri np in nwn nt
failure a return of purchase price. On
wis sine pian you can uuy irom our ad
vertised Druggist a bottle of Dr. KingV
New Discovery for Consumption. It is
enarantppd trt hrincr rnlipf in pvom- .n
when used for any affection of Throat,
j juuks ur Sliest sucu as uonsumpuon, in
flammation of Lungs, Bronchitis, Abth-
ina. Whnnninrr Hnnrrh Prnim t to
It is pleasant and agreeable 'to tastcj
nerfectlv safe, and p.in nlw.iva lm iio.
pended upon.
Trial bottles free at .1. W. Conn's Drug
Mbs. Winslow's SOOTHINo Svriip
should always be used for children
teeming, n soothes the child, softens
the eums.allavs all rain, cnrps wind
cliahc, and is the best remedy for diar-
rnoea.i wenty-nve cents a Dottle.
Oh sav! Have voi seen tho TTCasolinV
Stoves at John A. Montgomery's.
We have first class workmen at John
A. Montgomery's. Jobbing in tin ami
Try John A. Montgomery when vou
want a Stove or Kange. He is cheaper
than others as regards quality and
Tender, Juicy Steak at Jeff's.
till I 9 1 BR -s- 111
Clothing,Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Trunks, Valises, etc.
To the Trade.
I take, pleasure in inforiiiiiifr the
trade that I have received in tlic
last 20 days nearly
Of staple and choice goods, which
I offer at a very close margin to
It is my desire to attract to As
toria some of the Gray's Harbor
and Shoal water Bay and Columbia
River jobbing trade, which now
goes to San Francisco and Port
land; and knowing that I must
quote extremely low prices to es
tablish business relations with you,
I hereby extend a cordial invita
tion to you to examine my big
stock and prices.
8 Am Anxious to Please.
The Reliablo
Occident Hotel Building.
I have just received my new stock
of Spring Clothing, bought from first
hands (the manufacturers) not from the
middle-men (jobbers) this time, thereby
saving my customers one profit, which
means from $3 to $5 on each suit of
All the new designs of goods, cut in
the very latest style.
A Good Business Suit - - - $10
Boys School Knockabout Suits only $ 3
Good Pants from $1.50 and upwards.
ITosa infill
Sole Agent for Astoria, of the celebrated
To SVlv Patrons.
It is si source of pride to me to
be able to announce that I now
have beyond question, the most
complete and select stock of Men's
SHOES, and such other goods as
are usually kept in a FIRST
CLASS Men's Outfitting Estab
lisnment; not only do I claim pre
cedence in Astoria, but I may
justly claim to equal any of the
large clothing stores in Portland;
and you will award me the "cake"
please, when it comes to "low
prices"! You will find in my store,
Garments from the cheapest to
the finest, and finished in a man
ner taxing the ingenuity of the
leading American tailors. I will
say no more. Please call at yoar
leisure and let me astonish vou!
Dealer in
s&tre money fay
yous? goods
Slioalwater Bay and Gray's Harbor
The P. & C. S. S. Co.'s Steamer
Will sail from rOKTLAND as follews:
GKAY'S IIAltBOR-Thursilay, October 4.
11,18 and 25. November 1, 8, 13,22 and 20,
December C, 13, 20 and 27.
SHOALWATEK HAY-October 4 and 18.
November 1.15 and 29. December 13 and 27.
TILLAMOOK Monday October 1.15 and
20. November 12 and 20. December lo and
Steamer leaves Portland, from foot of C
street at 8 1 SI. on above dates. Astoria G
A M. the following morning. .
The Company reserves lhe right to change
time and place of sailing.
F. K. STKONG, President.
C. V. UPSHUR, Agent Astoria.
or.o. M'LKAX.
McLean & Freeman.
Special Attention paid to all Ship and Steam
boat Repairing.
Logging Camp Work a Specialty. All kinds
of ISIacksmithing done to order,
hhop, comer Jefferson and Olney streets,
Astoria, Oregon.
A Fine ami Well Sclcctd Stock
Watches, Jewelry, Clocks, etc.
Jewelry Establishment.
All goods warranted, as guaranteed.
Opposite Crow's gallery, Astoria, Oregon,
Of Best Quality, and at
J". O- 3R. O S JS
County Coroner.
I fV A A
First Class Undertaking
New Styles, Caskets and funeral material.
Next to Astokian office.
jwfcmgrii- I'iii " ''''' -
The Str. Telephone
Fast Time Between Portland
and Astoria.
Koot of Alder Street
Daily, except Tuesday. at .." :0o ,. jr.
Wilson & Fisher's Dock.
Daily, except Tuesday, at- 8 :00 p. ar.
Morgan & Sherman.
And Dealers in
Special Attention Given to Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms. ft.
Purchases delivered la any part of the city.
Office and "Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. Telephone No. 37.
For Sale Seaside Lots.
tlon to Ocean Grove for sale upon rea
sonable terms. Now is the time to buy be
fore the boom. Apply to
Or C. It. Thomson.
Theo. Bracker.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Wood and Olay Pipes, Playing Cards,
Tills being a branch of the "o-onfeld,
Smith Company, Importers and Whole
sale Dealers in Portland. I can 'ell to the
Trade and other customers at Poitlandand
San Francisco rates.
A Squaro Piano.
Enquire of
I. W". CASE,

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