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She gaUg giStotiatt.
.AVKIl. 3, 1SOO
(Monday excepted.)
J. F.
PuMidurs :uil Proprietors.
tssua 1U:uim:.
Trria of SalcrijiJlun
served by Carrier, iht w.m-K
Sat liy Mali. icr iikhsUi ... ...
vi ly MaH. one i:r .......
Fr of jwotape i ulrnber.
Tun Avroiti vn guarantee Jo its aihei-
tivrs Uc lnnrcvt 04r'iilatUtii of any newspa
t-r j'tibhliLiI hi t!te CoSuiulua river.
OaJy tiiree dav., imr of LcmiL
,. ,. i -it n i i L .
The lomifr building on Jnird street i
i- w nearly earuwd.
m, ,'. r -t. . , .
l,Birttl,?ll?nof rf-!"' '
BniC :unjH.ff.ote u; $UW..JU.
terday by
Ktlwards was arretted yes ,
the police, and lxoked for i
Each of i3oknne Fall four wards
is to have a new school building to
coxt $-20,000 ofloli.
. ir r i ii- i.
The K. of P., of tin city expect to
55SSS. nSt Ihe-lSt'h hSr" !
The bnght, Minny weather ot the
at fow days has started the grass
nd ilower growing rapidly.
A few Chinook salmon were caught
yotcniay and quiekh snapped up by
nMaurants and private families.
lieu Ward yesterday sold his half
interest in the express and livery busi-1
noss to his partner, llonrv Sherman, i
for 2.100. j
Wm. 11. Clark is suing his wife,
Ulhe Clark for divorce, in Saul ran
ci5Co. tor wiltul desertion, hhe is
now in Oregon.
Washington .state has 1)07 miles of!
stcamboat mail routes and the number
of miles traveled annually bv the mail !
Iwitsi 300.000. I
Work on the mo'ior line around
Smith's point progresses. A wharf is
building and the rails and motor are !
expected next week.
Ycstcnlav (he real estate transfers '
.! mfW in..m ,.,rr,..-c Miimi ,.r i
late, there bciur fourteen in number,
amounting to 87.512.
Clinton A: Sou's pile driver will
at Smith's point for a dock to be used
by the new motor line.
There are seven abstractors on Bel
ltngham bay. with a population of
Ci,OJJ. In Seattle there are only five,
with a population of about 20,000.
A company h;is been organized at
Port Townsend to cultivate an oyster
farm ot 310 acres. It will be stocked
with the best varieties from the east.
Since the fare lwtwecn this city and
Hwaco has been reduced to two bits.
the steamer (fen. Can by now aver
ages about sixty passengers each trip.
Dealers in this city are selling goods
at so low a margin of profit as to
render it unnecessary to go or send to
Portland for the usual requirements
of lire
Billy Arlington, the old-time negro
minstrel, is in the city for the purpose
ot making arrangements with some
society for one of his unique per
formances. Hn was selling in Grant's Pass
last week for $30 per ton." says the
Courier, "and if there is any in the
city now, we de not presume the price
lias declined any."
A praise service will be held at the
Goncregational church on Sunday
evening next, and tome of the best
local musical talent will participate.
Everybody invited.
A iowor of attorney was filed for
record yesterday, in which Y. Boelling
authorise too. Noland to sell any or
all lancL owned by him in township
ght north, range ten west.
Louis C. Saucr, who is suffering
from temporary mental aberration, and
was brought here last Saturday from
Tillamook Bock lighthouse, is at the
hospital and doing very well.
It is almost impossible to procure
accommodations for the many people
now at Bay Center, attracted by the
Fredrickson murder cjise, as the hotels
are crowded to their utmost capacity.
Salmon from the Clacamas are now
being packed here. Few salmon have
sis yet been packed, and there is a gen
eral halt all along the line before the
annual attack on the salmoquinnnt
One hundred and seven years ago
to-day was lorn Washington Irving,
who wrote the book called ''Astoria,"
familiar to xuanv of our readers. Jno.
Jacob Astor gave him $10,000 to write
A paclnige of Whatcom county
pcrip, good for the face value of S'2,000,
was picked up in Vancouver Sunday
by a little boy. The owner was soon
fo&nd and his property restored to
A corps of engineers began a pre
liminary survey for the lloseburg and
Coos Bay railroad last weelc Prop
erty is advancing in price around Coos
Buy by reason of the railroad pros
pects. ""
The funeral of the late "Mrs. Eliza
Kianeytook place from the Baptist
church at Salem at one o'clock yester
day afternoon. The remains were in
terred in tho Odd Fellows' Rural cem-
Tie Northern Pacific has granted
North Yakima permission to use
water from the railroad tank for fire
purposes, and the firemen have been
drilling themselves in getting water
frosa this quarter.
The Puget sound steamboat com
panies have combined on an advance
of about 30 per cent in freight and
passenger rates, beginning April u.
Tacooaa and Seattle are made corn-
points for all Sound ports.
The Lake county Examiner is pub
lkbiBR a list of delinquent subscribers
wfeo show no disposition to pay. It is
i-clalstsv? t Tnnlrn n fiHr nmmic flint
ctess of its patrons and may bring in
posae coin upon doubtful accounts.
lie interest in militia matters in
Uus city is increasing, and there is
good reason to believe that Co. H will
be filled np, and that another com
paay -will be organized. This will en
aUe the bovs to become familiar with
featialkK drflL
lie Kret recisaent, O. N. G., which
t BWJonoa at f orUaad, witft tne ex
ert om oowptay at Oregon
I tM aTAatooa, wai swpwrtea
last week, and is said to be in excellent
condition, well officered, equipped and
The Oregon Tresa association will
have its annual meeting in Portland
on the 14th and loth of next August,
and will be attended bv snch renra-
scutatives of the different newspapers
j as can easiest be spared from their
n3i-nt; UlilCUS.
The Columbia foundry proposes to
put in a smaller furnace, with which
1 they will bo prepared to do castings
ir c:, i of good iron, while (he larger f nr-:-c:s
nace will still continue to be used for
..(X) melting scrap tin and casting weights
for window wishes.
- - .
I i aioag inc vaier iront ot ino cuy
1 there i. great activity among the
I fishermen. Nets are being examined
and brought ont for use, and boats
are being painted, or taken from
their places of winter storage and
prepared for service.
. .
Oregon will soon te a great woolen
manufacturing stale. Ashlaud, Salem,
JJrownsville, Albanv, Oregon Citv,
cncll havc :i woolen factory now, and
tlie Corvalhs papers say an eastern
manufacturer will move his woolen
factory to that place soon.
Mutton sheep aro reported very
scarce at North Yakima, and are
quoted nlSLOCrJindSiSO. The Herald
savs: This price will drop about one
half after shearing time, which is near
at lmild pdls nr0 in demanil at
"" -.in.-lngha..in.
Every paper in Oregon and a few in
"Washington and a few in California
are advertising Astoria property. Ad
veitisemcnts of Astoria property now
appear in the ban raneisco papers.
Then, too, Tun Astoiuan goes every
where and aids in advertising the
, place extensively.
i A large sized Newfoundland dog
serves as a horse for a fisherman, for
he is harnessed to a little wagon, and
i yesterday was trotting along at a
1 steady pace, as demurely as a horse,
i and in the wagon were two large sized
""""" -", ,i" v "'" " ""' "
keeP nV with his team.
The advertisements in The As-
toman form a complete index or the
oxni- A bve newspaper is a mirror of
,be community m which it is pnb-
lishcd. The naines of its enterprising
merchants are found in its columns.
and. ,an eprtome o the business and
P0Cial llfc of llie I)lace-
,.T. .. . , . ,. XT .
While in Astoria Bui Nye wrote a
column letter about this city and his
trip from ban Francisco. He sent it
to aNew York newspaper for first
publication; and in course of time will
be read here with interest A good
many people would rather read his
productions than hear and Fee him
. A number of men became so inter-
j ested yesterday noon in guessing on
j the weight of a salmon that G. W.
Rucker had purchased for his rcstau-
j rant, that numerous bets were made
until so many participated that nearly
two hundred dollars changed hands
when the weight was announced as
forty-eight pounds and two ounces.
Engineer Thielsen completed j'es
terday his estimates of construction.)
and cost of the extra one and three
quarter miles from the Ocean house to
Grimes' and submitted tho same to
the directors of the Astoria & South
Coat road. These estimates, etc..
now go to Contractor Smith from
whom an answer is expected as speed
ily as possible.
Mrs. Jackson read in yesterday's
issue of Tun Astoria. concerning the
finding ot the body of an unknown
man in the river, and is fearful it may
be that of her husband, Henry E.
Jackson, of whose whereabouts she
has no knowledge. Anv definite in
formation concerning the identity of
the corpse found, will be thankfully
received bv Mrs. Jackson.
Mayor Crosby has not yet signed
the ordinance prohibiting tho use of
steam engines in certain limits in this
city. It is not likely that ho will sign
it Is it good policy to drive away
manufacturing enterprises? Is As
toria so full of manufactures that it
can afford to banish such industries?
Have wo all made money onongh to
retire in elegant seclusion? Go to.
Tho most absent minded man on
earth has been found; ho resides at
upper Astoria, and started from home
for his place of business tho other
night and when abouthalf way stopped
to light a cigar. The wind blowing
in his face, he turned around to get
his light, and then jogged along con
tentedly without noticing tho change
uutil he brought up at his own door.
Then he was mad.
From the voluminous blanks and
requests for information received at
this office from the office of the super
intendent of the census, it looks as
though that gentleman was disposed
to rely on newspaper men throughout
the country for considerable of his in
formation. Every week two or three
blanks are received, asking for statis
tics on all sorts of subjects. Tho one
received last evening asks for the ratio
between the actual and assessed value
of real estate in this citv.
An elderly gentleman who had in
tended to go up on the steamer last
night, was about two minutes too late,
but the worst of it was that thongh
his ticket was good for tho next trip,
he was out a big American dollar and
a half, which he had paid for his room,
and his only consolation was to gaze
at the rapidly receding boat and
realize that his room had gone too.
His countenance bore a doleful ex
pression as he walked away from the
Herman Wise takes up considerable
space this morning in directing the at
tention of Astorians and those living
on the banlcs of the lower Columbia to
the stock of clothing ho has and tho
inducements he offers purchasers. He
now has a special department of chil
dren's clothing in the gallery, and has
a large stock from which to choose.
He invites every one in Clatsop, Col
umbia, Pacific, Tillamook and Wahki
akum counties to note the induce
ments to buy clothes from him.
m i i
A Jliddlc Coarse.
Though the Oreyonian believes it
would bo a judicious thing to repeal
both tho usury law and the mortgage
tax law of this state, to discontinue
taxation of credits in toto and to allow
no deductions whatever for indebted
ness, it regards it as very doubtful
whether the people could be brought
to accent all these things at once.
Consequently the better suggestion
probably would no tnar. no aeaucuons
tor aeDt SUOUia oe auoweu. ei.uepi
upon mortgages, and that, with the
exception of mortgages, no credits
should be taxed. Orcgonia n, 2.
At the Bazaar, a full line of the latest
dress goods. Sateens a specialty.
Mrs. A. Kapplevea & Co.
A jjood strong girl to run a sewing
inacli ine. Apply at th is office.
Cofee aad cake, ten cents, the
Ccatral Restaurant
Important Media of CeMpaay H, First
Regiment, O. N. G.
Last evening, nt their armory, Com
pany H, First regiment, O. N. G., had
an important meeting. It was called :
for the purpose of electing officers.
First Lieutenant Leonard C. Jones,
inspector of rifle practice of
the regimental staff, came down
to preside at the election, and also
to inspect the company. Though
an inspection had been ordered, the
order was not received here until yes
terday, consequently tho boys had no
time to prepare, and wero not aware
of the fact until they reached
the armory.
Second Lieut Wherity was in com
mand, and there was a company drill
while tho inspecting officer was
examining the books and ac
counts. Lieutenant Jones then
inspected the company, after which he
drilled them in tho manual of arms and
company movements, and expressed
himself as well pleased with their ap
pearance and drill. Twenty enlisted
men were present, and one commis
sioned officer, making twenty-one in
Lieutenant Jones was accompanied
by Sergeant J. G. B. Philips, of the
regimental non-commissioned staff,
who came with him from Portland, by
order of the Colonel.
An election of officers was then held,
resulting as follews: Second Lieu
tenant H. J. Wherity was promoted
to captain; first sergeant L. E Gillet
was elected first lieutenant; and
second sergeant Ed. Hallock was
elected second lieutenant The elec
tion of non-commissioned officers to
fill vacancies will be held at a subse
quent meeting.
General order No. 3, issued by. CoL
Beebe, Headquarters First Begiment,
O. N. G., Portland, Oregon, dated
"March 27, 1890, contains the following
"The commandant takes this oc
casion to express ms commenaauon
of the painstaking and very capable
manner First Lieut W. A. Sherman
discharged his official duties, during
tho protracted interval when in com
mand of 'Co. H and his sincere re
gret that the regiment is to suffer the
loss of the further services of this ef
ficient officer."
The following resolution was
adopted by the company, on motion
of Lieut Wherity: "Resolved that
tho thanks of Co. H, First Reg't,
O. N. G. be and the same are hereby
tendered to W. A. Sherman, tho re
tiring first lieutenant, for the able
manner in which ho has conducted
the affairs of the company while in
command, and also for the uniform
courtesy extended by him to tho
members of the company.
We also invito the daily papers of
this city to publish tho above reso
lution, and direct the secretary to
furnish Lieutenant Sherman with a
copy of the same."
Now that tho company is fully of
ficered it is believed that the boys will
attend regularly to drill and make
rapid progress. The membership is of
fine material and they have a grand
opportunity to soon become
one of the best companies
hi the-state. They will give a ball
the latter part of this month, and
every effort they make in regard to ad
vancement and improvement should
be heartily endorsed by all good
The Boy Couldn't Understand It.
A Union town boy was seen by an
Astoria reporter yesterday looking
fixedly nt a pig. The reporter had
been looking at the section of plank
road that the Clatsop Road and Con-,
struction company had started to
build and was a little puzzled to
know where it began or ended. He
saw a puzzled look on the urchin's
face as he gazed upon piggy and
asked him what he was thinking of.
"WelL" said the boy, "j'ou see that
pig?" "Yes," said tho reporter. "I
gave him a bucket of swill just now,"
said the boy," and tho little cuss et it
all up. Then I picked him up and
put him in tho same bucket that he
had just emptied, and ho didn't be
gin to fill it Can you tell mo how that
The reporter couldn't, and sug
gested that the matter could be left to
the debating society, after they have
decided on what is the tangiblo effect
of a chimera revolving iu a vacuum.
(SInil to Get Some Xcwx.
The issolatod residents of Port Or
ford hailed the arrival of the Ma7i-
zanita last Tuesday as gladly as thoy
would a sight of an angel of the .Lord.
They had had no mail since January
7th nearly three months, and when
the officers of the Manzanita bronght
them a bundle of late Astoriaxs with
the news of the world, they seized
them as eagerly as the Israelites of
old seized upon the manna
in tho wilderness. They expect
some mail down there be
fore long, but eagerly inquired when
tha Manzanita would come again,
and wouldn't the officers please bring
some papers, when she did come.
Tho effects of the recent terrific
rains there aro still visible. Great
hills have slid into the water, banks
of earth are washed away, and tho
whole face of tho country changed.
They Want Their Pay.
Yesterday papers were filed with
the county clerk for a civil suit in the
circuit court brought by W. H.B.
Bain against tho Pacific Construction
company, in which the sum of 3,681.
82 is claimed as the amount due the
plaintiffior work performed by him
self and fourteen others in surveying
and grading for the line of the rail
road that company contracted to build.
The names of the others, all of whom
had assigned their claims to Bain are
as follews: John P. Morse, E. E.
Spidol Arthur Boberts, N. McPhea,
W. E. Morres, R. McGinnis, D. Mc
Ginnis, D. McPherson, J. W. Walker,
A. H. Bichmond, S. 0. Looser, P. E.
Hickman, J. E. Alcaray, Willis Eber
man and G. F. Eberman.
A Painful Experience.
Nathaniel McCarty, of Mishawaka,
had a painful experience this week.
While felling a tree near his place,
last Monday, a limb struck him on the
arm, oreaong ic in two places, ne
mounted a mule and rode all last
Monday night, Tuesday and Tuesday
night, getting hero yesterday morn
ing where he received, prompt surgi
cal aid.
Sir Kaights Attention!!
You will meet at your armory on
Thursday evening April 3rd, 1890, at
7-30 o'clock; initiation.
By Order,
Sib 1L Captain.
Attest: A. A. Cleveland,
Sir K, Becorder.
The latest style of Gents' Boots and
Shoes at P. J. Goodman's.
Remember the Austin house at the
Seaside is open tho year 'round.
L N. Biennis, of Hwaco, returned
yesterday from a trip to California.
G. W. Lounsberry, who ha3 been
seriously ill, is convalescent
Dr. H. A. Smith has gone to Cali
fornia for a month's sojourn.
John A. "Montgomery has gone to
Byron Springs, California, for his
A. T. Bowen, proprietor Daily
Pioneer, goes on a brief visit to Pa
cific count, to-day.
Mac "Mbnteith has accepted a clerk
ship with Shanahan Bros, in their
new dry goods store.
Collector of customs, E. A. Taylor,
has appointed Jolin Nelson and Al
Johnson, U. S. boat pullers.
S. W. Grabel, of Portland, cam
down yesterday morning, and will
remain here a few days on business.
Mrs. J. O. Hauthora and family re
turned yesterday from Portland.
They have resumed their residence in
this "city.
Billy Arlington, the veteran min
strel, arrived last evening from Port
land, and proposes to give an enter
tainment here soon, for the benefit of
some lodge or association.
Lieut Leonard C. Jones, inspector
of rifle practice on the staff of the
colonel of tho first regiment, O. N. G.
came down last evening to inspect
Co, H, and returns to Portland on
steamer this morning. He was ac
companied by Sergt J. G. B.
Philips, of the regimental non-commissioned
The Dolphin sails for Shoal water
bay this morning.
The Kitty left up inland yesterday
in low of the Wallowa.
The Lakmc arrived from Nanaimo,
B. C, yesterday with G03 tons coal for
this port
The Michigan sailed for Seattle
yesterday morning and returns with a
load of coal.
The steam schooner Auyusta came
down from Portland yesterday and
sails for Tillamook this morning.
The ship Louis Walsh, of Belfsist,
Me., has been purchased by'the Port
Discovery Mill cempany: price. $22,
000. The schooner Helen Merriam
loaded with 2,000 bundles shooks for
R. D. Hume, sails for Rogue river
Saturday morning.
The steamer Lakme, Captain S. F.
Graves, arrived yesterday from Nan
aimo with 604 tons of coal for the O.
I. Co. After discharging that she pro
ceeded to Portland with tho balance of
her cargo, consisting mostly of sand
stone and cut stone.
The schooner Venture, formerly of
Astoria, has been seized at Port Town
send. The schooner is of less than
thirty tons register and recently
cleared for Nanaimo with a cargo
of coal, which is prohibited by law.
The government libelled tho Venture,
and tho trial will be held at Olympia
March 17.
A trial trip was made by the steamer
Francis Cuttiny in San Francisco
bay last Friday. This vessel has been
fitted with a patent German propeller,
which has proved an immenso success.
The Cuttiny steamed around the bay
and over the measured mile, showing
an increase of speed of one minute
The Cuttiny sailed yesterday for tho
Alaska canneries.
Passenger to Portland.
The following is the list of pas
sengers who went up the river last
night on the steamer ILILThommon :
M. Baddler. W. 1?. Whitton, J. 13.
Lane, "NV. E. Paris, W. Thompson, N.
McFee, F. L. Keenau, E. M. Tabor, P.
J. McGowan, C. It Colter, O. Smiley,
A. J. Johnson, S. itf. Henry, J. Jensen,
G. S. Slaughter, C. G. McFoy, B.Wee
ster, S. Graham, J. Acton, S. Scott, M.
Ellis, C. Gordon, E. Peaton, II. Horu,
G. L. Blackwell and wife, H. L. Smith,
J. A. Aydelott, T. Grant, V. lioelling.
Dr. Smith, F. E. Habersham, G. W.
Sandor. H. "Wise and wife, M. Stubbs,
H. B. Thielson, l. A. Loomis, J. l.
Monroe, Mrs. M. F. Beers, Miss Peter
son, Miss Spurgeon, Miss Fales, Mrs.
Bruce. B. Morse, Mrs. Mnrravaud son,
F. H. Poindexter, F. H. Terfill, John
Fox, T. E. Poindexter, J. C. Lindsev,
E. P. Thomson, W. Miller, D. '.).
Steiner, II. K. Leonard, M. Mendel
sohn, J. Baddler and wife, M. Young,
J. Gratke, W. B. Adair, W. E. Warren.
A Distinction "With :i Diflierenco.
Do not confound the terms ''moss
back" and "old settler." To be an
"old settler" it is not necessary to be
a "mossback." Conservatism is as
often inbred as acquired. Some of
the most enterprising citizens of
Olympia for vears have boasted of
their rights to the title of "old Settler"
and have proudly worn the pioneer's
badge. Olympia Parlizan.
Correct, Sir Partisan. The Nehnlem
valley has long since learned the dif
ference between the two. Some of the
best men and mightiest hustlers he e
are the old settlers; and some of the
very worst specimens of "moss
backs" are younger men by many
years, but who aro too dratted cultus
to do anything but laze around and
kick at any proposed improvement
But "bress de Lawd," there's about as
much use of their trying to stop the
progress of this valley and county as
there would be for another jackass to
try and derail a fast freight And
their loss would not be felt much
more. Nehalem Journal.
A fair trial of Hood's Sarsaparilla for
scrofula, salt rheum, or any affection
caused by Impure blood or low state of
the sj-stcm. will be sufficient to convince
any of the superior and peculiar cura
tive powers of this medicine. Buy it of
3our druggist 100 Doses One Dollar.
Why Ingersoll Likes the Press.
"I like all men who can create some
thing. In fact, I like men wbo are
not tied down to the dull earth by
ordinary facts. Stupidity can tell a
thing exactly as it is, but it requires
brain to tell it as it ought to have
been. That is why I like the press."
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens that
for j-ears we have been selling Dr.
Kinc's New Discovery for Consumption,
Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buklens Ar
nica Salve and Electric Bitters, and
have never handled remedies that sell
as well, or that have given such univer
sal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to
guarantee them every time, and we
stand ready to refund the purchase
J trice, if satisfactory results do not fol
ow their use. These remedies have
won their great popularity purely on
their merits. J. w. Conn, Druggist.
Te tlic adics.
Mrs. Bowman has secured the ser
vices of a comnetent dress maker from
Uho east, and has reopened her dress-
I niafeinr -nnrlnrs. Shf invitpj; her old
friends aud-the public generally to call
at her establishment on Third street,
near Main. All work done with neat
ness and dispatch and at prices within
the reach of all.
Fie Table Wise
Delivered at GO cents a gallon, to any
partr of the city. A. fine line of pure
California wines at low prices, at A.
W. Utzlnger's Cosmopolitan saloon.
As Filed iu The County RcronlerV Office
J. C. Roberts and wife to G.
L. and M. A. Blackman,
blk 25, Columbia second ad
dition S
"W.L. Robb and wife toEdw.
Stone, lot 10, blk 25, Shiv
eley's Astoria
M. J. Kenney et al. to W. J.
tiarnsh, lots 13 of blk 27.
and 18 and 10 of blk 23;
New Astoria
0. J. Hall and wife to H. W.
Strickler, lots 7, S, 9, 10.
11, and 12. in blk 15, Col
umbia additiou to As
toria State of Oregon to Basil M.
Scordo, lot 1, of section 5,
E. A. Noyes and wife to Wm.
Pfunder, lots 23 and 24,
blk 3, North addition ....
M. Young and wife to Jas.
McCarty, lots 30 and 31 in
blk 1G, Young's addition
W.L. Robb and wife to C.
R. Thomson, 3 acres of the
D. L. C. of John and
Louisa McClurc
L TV. Case, trustee to J. W.
Walker, lots 31 and 32 in
tract 2, Cases subdivision
of blk 23, H. and A. ad
dition Geo. Noland and wife to C.
R. Thomson undivided
of blk 16, H. &. A. addn.'.".
N. Johanscn and wife to
Mary P. Thomson lot 3, blk
162, McClure's Astoria...
B. Gibson and wife to Mary
Thomson lot 7, blk 151,
.McClnre's Astoria
E. W. Wright to Thomas
Doig lots 9 and 10, blk 5,
A. A. Schenck and wife to E.
A. Noyes NW.( of SWjtf
Previously reported this
Total to dale
A Safo Investment.
Is on which is guaranteed to bring
yon .satisfactory results, or in case of
failure a return of purchase pi ice. On
tins sur-plan vou can uuv from our
atvirtiteit druggist a bottle f Dr.
Kinu's New Discovery for consumption.
It is guaranteed to bring relief in every
case, when used for any affection of
Throat, Lungs or Cheat, such as Con
sumption, Inflammation of Lungs,
Bronchitis, Asthmn. Whooping Comih.
Croup, etc., etc. It is pleasant and
agreeable to taate, perfectly safe, and
can always he depended upon. Trial
bottles free at J. "NY. Conn's drugstore.
Thompson & Ross
Carry :i full l.'iie of
Choice Staple and
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
J. B. Wyatt,
Hardware and Ship Chandlery,
Pure Oil, IiriKlit Varnish, ltinacle Oil,
Cotton Canvas, Ilcmn Sail Twine,
I-ardOII. Wrought Iron Spike,
(jalvnuizetl Cut Kails.
Agricultural Implements, Sewing
Machines, Paints, Oils,
Grooories. 2tc.
Morgan & Sherman
dtnl l'Mf rs Hi
- -;ecial Attention Given to Filling
Of Orctors.
oi. . Llr:E CARS JED
M' ."jui'p :vs fumlslied t SatLs
f.ictory Trms.
l'iir.-liiNt'lfilvfntI In any jarrof the city
Office aud "Warehouse
li: i!ij:i:c's New BuiMin:; on Water Kutet.
1'. O. I5ox lai Telephone No 5.7.
Has brought much that is
new. The designs are all
brighter, and the cut and
finish of every garment is
superior to previous efforts
in the clothing line.
Herman Wise.
Herman Wise,
Occident Hotel Bld'g.
Received During the Past Two Weeteraf?
the Leading House of Astoria.
Novelties in Dress Goods in the Latest Fabrics
ssMC. H. 00PER
MORGAN & 00., The Leading Shoe House
Mansell's New Buildinor,
X0e3Ct Door to Fot2?cl. dto
Large Stock of Mens and Boy's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots
That will suit you in size and price. We cannot be
In consequence of the demand for those
beautiful leTel lots, Mr. P. C. Warren lias
been induced to platnlnety-sbclots
Adjoining Warrenton on the Easi.
Which will be known and sold as
East Warrenton !
THE KAILItOAD runs through the plat,
which Is only 200 yards from the Warrenton
depot. For further Information call at
once on the
Orders Delivered Free of Charge.. Country
Orders Solicited. Third street,
next to Titmeer office.
The Oregon Bakery
A. A. CLEVELAND, Prop'r.
Good Breafl, Cake and. Pastry
None but thy Best MatertJils Lsed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed Customers
KrHinl delivered lii uiy p.in ot ttit- city
pring Stock
It is Material
That you should dress well.
Are you not entitled to get
the best for your money?
Is it not preferable to make
a creditable appearance, es
pecially when you can do
so without extra charge at
the Reliable Clothier's.
Herman Wise.
Reliable Clothier and Hatter
Immense Importations
i n nn:mju.wrTy-yiinraag
.230 House anil Lot on First Street, Business Property. Cheap. "
273 to $323 Hots in Block 20, Hustler & Aiken's Astoria. Very desirable.
SOO Corner Lot in .McClnre's Astoria. Beautiful residence Lot '"?'
375 to50O Lots in AUlerbrook, on waterfront.
2,000 Eighty Acres on Klaskanine. Nice home.
120 Per Acre Ninety Acres, near town, suitable for platting.
If You Don't See Your Particular Snap, Call and See Us.
Oild Fellows' Building,
L. A. Oj:anoi:i:
Civil : Engineers : and : Surveyors
Accuracy Guaranteed at Standard Rate.
Office with .Ueflowau Bros. & Tuttle,
Mans ll ow p,u I 'ing.
Of the immense and choice
variety of Novelties now
displayed in my store, you
"will certainly admit that I
now have one of the most
complete Clothing, Hat,
Shoe and Furnishing Goods
establishments in Oregon,
and that no clothing house
in Portland can make a bet
ter showing than yours
Herman Wise.
upon Inspection
- Fashionable Shades
Third Strest.
Water Street, Astoria, Or
and Shots, Underwear, Etc.,
Water Street, Astoria, Or
P.O. Box 721.
Frankly, Now,
Don't you think it will be
to your benefit to dress
yourself and boys stylishly
when you have the oppor
tunity of doing so at Her
man Wise's Complete
Clothing Store. If you are
one of those who encourage
enterprise and welcoms im
improvement in your town
you will not forget to pat
ronize the most energetic
Clothier of your town.
Herman Wise.
Astoria, Oregon,
5&2-!ii --S

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