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Summer travel Is beginning.
Good wither for the farmers.
Trade Is Improving somewhat.
Their was nothing on the. docket In
the police court yesterday.
Postmaster Hare has ordered some
of the Columbian envelopes.
It is perhaps needless to remark that
Cass Street badly neods repair. '
Men are reparing the Bay railway,
which will soon be open for traffic.
Chinese no longer crowd the side
walks. The canneries keep thvm-busy.
The county clerk and Deputy Dick
inson had a light day's business yesterday.
There was a very slight Improvement
noted In the tone of the real estate mar-yesterday.
Sheriff Smith has decided that those
who desire to save costs by paying their
county taxes can do so anytime befotu
The brick-making machinery and
plant, formerly the property of L. A.
May, is to be removed to the Walluskl
Bicycles are all the rage. Messrs
Rogers, Bartholomew, Thing, and
Thomson are among Ufa latent patrons
of the iron horse.
A preoccupied gentleman walking
along Third street last evening attract'
ed considerable attention by muttering:
Cheyenne! Cheyenne! Cheyenne!
The program will be as follows: Re
sponse to roll call; questions on art;
paper, "A Comparison pf the Works of
Herodotus and ; Homer As to Their
Practical, Value to Mankind," Mrs. M,
J. Kinney and Mr. S. T. McKean; paper,
Summary of the Works of Phidias,"
Mrs. W. B. Ross; questions and answers
on 'Classic Greek Course in English
Greek' Architecture and Sculptui'.'; also,
The World of. Today; Egypt as con
tained In the April Chautauquan.
Karl Olsen
Held to Answer.
It is but just to Chairman Welch, of
the cohimittee on anniversary, to say
that to his indefatigable efforts much of
the success of thte affair was due.
Many inquiries are madti by residents
of the Flavel peninsula regarding lbs
prospects of a railroad and the reopen
ing for travel of the South Coast.
It was stated yesterday that Mr. J.
F. Halloran would shortly be In this
city, and that he had made arrange
ments to occupy his former residence.
Great prayer day, Friday, April 28th,
there will be servlctes for the Norwe
gian Evangelical Lutheran Church, at
the IXL cannery, Hemlock street, 10,45
a, m. and 7,45 p. m.
Alert Hook and Ladder Company will
have a practice drill on Third street
tonight. The boys have prepared them
selves for the affair, and are expected
to display proficiency.
A gentleman prominent In railroad
circles stated to an Astorian reporter
that In Seattle the belief was general
that the Union Pacific was to build
down the river to this city.
Early yesterday morning a boy
named Nylund met with an acUdent
In the can factory, which caused the
loss of one of his fingers. Dr. Betes re
moved the Injured member.
A gentleman from the Nehalem who
came In last week to attend the Teach
er's Institute, was sent by some prac
tical Joker to the Institute for the cuie
of the whisky and other habits.
Charels Stone, a patient at SI. Mary's
Hospital, died Tuesday evening. He
' was engaged in playing cards, when he
suddenly dropped off his chair, and
died In a few minutes. Internal hem-
orrhage was the cause of death.
The new fire alarm boxes have been
put in, and are now located as follows:
No. 5, Trullinger's Mill; No. 6, Music
Hall; No. 7. Fourth and Main; No. 8,
Foster's Exchange; No. 9, Clatsop Mills;
No. 12, City Car Stables; No. 14, Mc
Gregor's Mill.
If you want some extra fine photos,
Mooers is me piace to get mem.
The entertainment given Tuesday
night at the Methodist church for the
benefit of the piano fund was very suc
cessful. A good program was given
and refreshments served. The proceeds
amounted to 120 and the young people
feel very much encouraged.
Remember the Austin House at the Sea
side is open the year around.
A man visited Jeff's restaurant and
ordered a dinner with wine, which
came to $1.80. When Jack gave him a
check, he observed that he would pay
It some other time. A police officer
took charge of the epicure, who Is poss
ibly what the Scotch call "daft."
Call at the Albatross Fish Market for
fresh salmon daily.
Karl Olsen, the sailor who caused
such a commotion on the bark Jennie
Harkness while off the Horn, was be
fore Commissioner Thomson yesterday,
charged with assault with a dangerous
weapon . The circumstances . In the
case, as given by the log-booX of the
ship, are as follows:
January 31st, 1893, In latitude 54 de
grees 28 miles south, longitude 63 de
grees 18 mlies west, the sailors In the
post watch came aft and demanded
that Karl Olsen be taken, out of the
forecastle and be locked up, as they
were afraid of the safety of the ship
and their lives, as he had made all
kinds of thieats against them. Two
days ago, In the hearing of Jose Ar
bone, he told the mate he would finish
him before he got to Portland. I called
him aft and told him that the test Of
the men demanded his being locked up,
when he took his knife and tried to
stab Harrison In the left breast, but
was finally overpowered by five meni
and a drawn revolver and put in irons
and locked up. I asked him If he told
the mate he would kill him, and he
said "yes," and I'll fix, the yet,
before I get done with him. The com
plaint Is signed by the master, F. W,
Amsbury, and six of the crew, with the
second mate as witness. The accused
broke the first set of irons put on hl;n
and finally the Captain was compelled
to place irons on his tegs as well as his
arms. Olsen Is a very muscular man
but it is said his heart is affected. He
was seriously 111 In the city jail on
Tuesday night, but is now understood
to be better. He was bound over by
Commissioner Thomson.
Olsen complains bitterly of his treat
ment on board the ship. He says that
his real name is Fred Stone, and that
he gave the name of Karl Olsen be
cau&e all of the crew with the exception
of himself and one other were Euro
peans. He weighed 196 pounds, he
says, when first confined, but that now
he Is run down- to less than 150. He left
for Portland last evening In company
with United States Marshal Lough?ry,
into whose caie he was place by Sher
iff Smith after being brought ashore.
The Odd Fellows'
eeier, ntplcl writer ami thorouvh In ac
counts, an. I eleik. Address Gordon, Astorian.
wife. Ii qtilre at tln offic-.i.
ttf fornifd climch has auihorizd ma, to
uirhase a lot In suitable local Ion in the cltv
of Astoria, (or thtt creel Ion of a building be
used for bcbixil and church pmno.-es. Owm rs f
una Kina or uioiM'.ny would do well to see rue
hi once, or wriie, staling location and prlo
The anniversary meeting of Beaver
Lodge, No. 35, yesterday afternoon, was
fairly well attended, and judging from
the audience the Odd Fellows have
numerous friends among the gtnllcr
sex in this city. The exercises com
menced with prayer by the chanlaln
ZZit the, rng 8unJ A S A ff a5S"KK5tFiiir.Q,,lIut
. , iuj , j. y i .
Thompson acting as organist. The pro- 900 $21"SL JlSP .IM "PJ. .0N
gram as previously published was sue- 17 hf.i of cattle and logging outfit . lu-
cessruuy carried out. iuire m aurcu. mse.
ine address was delivered bv Past OO ArKES 85.oo PER A(!lia lMPRnvEn
Urand E. C. Holden. He BDoke wllhrmt Vu "arnvng 'tn iruir. tree . 20 aoiea
. , f Bp0Ke Wilne-Ut oleared.2) acres pwture. Dwelling hon e, ware
notes or manuscript, and we trivaonlv nlhiuse and other bulldlniri. Hn tmiA f.m
synopsis of his remarks, as follows- Steamboat landing at Brookfield, by boat or
utnuu emu xjuuies ana tjen-1 oaiivlich.
iloman- Tn 1latnlH - 41 . . . . I
nrJA k -.J?" , 8U tOO ((Ci Xlhk U .I. ACRES OK
" jrciiiiaueui Dtcietarv i r wvuuu
Our Stock Represents Over 1000 Styles
Trouserings, Overcoatings, Suitings.
Prices $5 to $50.
Samples, Self-measurement
Rules, and Tape-line
Mailed Free.
Portland, Oregon.
tlmb r tarmln and grazing
TiiYitho nnnihv n,kAt it ... I land. A hiilendld location foratnpk muni, n .
1V waa Bluoa (, ,g Klyr Wallk(Mkll1 c,1Ilty, Wft,ij
that since the Introduction of Odd Fel- U? on both sides of rivr, 3 miles fromsteain-
lowshlp in the United States (less than ?hi TtXL- k
a quarter of a century aeo more thnn I ! . :
57 000,000 have been disbursed by the C
uu vuiciy ueiivvuien purposes, kuruuy bv law no vans Direct.
comprising benefits to sick brethren,
aid extended to widows and orphans,
ana Duriai or deceased members. WTAUE NEXT DOOR TO K. C. HOLD-
My thoughts revert to the day of J0 ."RS' ,u,, baseu,4ut tor
vYun.il lam ts uib n anniversary, anu
the old couplet comes forcibly to mv OWMS im a uood LOCATION FOK
. , I jlv ""'""i vjj uft aii in am Ui.t ccb.
Wing Lee has just received a full line
of Japanese curiosities and fancy goods,
Will sell at cost. 529 Third street.
The following is a report of the
Westport public school, as submitted
by Miss Marguerite Whitney, teacher,
for the month beginning March 27,
1893, and ending April 21, 1893: Number
of boys enrolled, 6; number of girls en
rolled, 11; total number enrolled, 17,
Average dally attendance, 1(1. Roll of
Honor Charles and Lorean Hunter,
Ralph and Nellie Ross, Eva, Nettie and
George Beaton, Orvel and May King,
Henry, May and Edna Greene, Ruby
Biemner, Jettle McKay, Blenda Llnd-
ahl, Roy West and George McMath.
Herman Wise' entire stock' at cost.
No reserve; It must all be sold. By
order or Morris Wise, mortgagee.
This evening the great "Mystery En
tertainment" will come off at the Y.
M. C. A. All the blinds hava baen
down during the last few days and ti e
"mystery" Is what the entertainment
is going to be. The "proverbial littlo
bird" has told us that Miss Maud War
ren, of Warrenton, will give a piano
solo, and that the alchemist Is In town,
and that the newly Invented "Vocallo
phone" was on the dock yesterday and
that It was secretly moved Into the
building last night.
J. W. Thompson, organist at the M.
E. church, wishes to take a few more
pupils In music, piano or organ. Ad
dress, 689, Astor street.
Do not forget that the entertainment
for the benefit of the Astoria Public
Library will be given Friday evening
and that a very attractive exhibition
of views from local and other points
of Interest, are among the attraction
offered. Bring your pocket book with
you, for though the admission fee Is so
small only ten cents there will be
other snares to wile the spare change
from your purse; and since It Is to be
used for such a worthy object, all will
be willing to contribute liberally. Tou
may be sure you will receive the worth
of your money.
One of the finest racing mares on
Clatsop plains, together with a two
months old colt, belonging to Richard
Eberman, of Seaside, was drowned last
week In the Necanicum. The mare was
Valued at $600, and Mr. Eberman con
sidered the colt worth one-third that
Falrbank's Standard Scales carried in
stock and delivered on short notice by
Fisher Brothers. -
The Manzanita came In yesterday af
ternoon from Yaqulna, where she has
been for several days reparing buoys.
Every buoy in the harbor was shifted,.
and soundings made In various parts of
the bay. Captain Gregory says that ac- j
tive preparations are being made at
Newport for a heavy season at that
delightful summer resort.
Parties vtsitinir In Portland can sret The
Daily Astorian at Handler & Haas' news
Una, 150 First street.
Elk Creek is to have a saw mill soon.
Hon. H. F. L. Logan went through the
city last evening en route to Portland, I
where he will purchase machinery for
plant. The toll road from Seaside
to Elk Creek will be planked as soon
as the lumber can be cut This will
make that beautiful resort one of the
most popular on the coast
Do not be deceived with cheap pictures.
but get your work done at Crow's gallery I and -expenses.
and you will not regret It . WILLIAM ANDERSON,
April 24th, 1893.
"Large streams from little fountains Two DEMRABLB UNFURNISHED KOOM8
iiuw: . I " -
Tall oaks from little acorns grow."
"Who would have Imagined such re- XT1061 FURNISHED RJOM3 BY DAY.
onllo from h..hlo. o k.,,. A:2 r""1? reMuuauio all
....... u. uceliuuii,, nuu i lueunei, no I aim Btreei.
that within almost an ordinary lifts.
timer for. Vnhlo ftranil an hnthTi MIHCRLLAMSOVS.
it was only five years before the bli th rkU. ON P. BAKEK. 478 THIRD STREET
or your speaker that good old Thomas auauaveyour ciotnes uyea ana Cleaned.
Wildey, John Welch, John Duncan,
John Cheatham, and Richard
Kush- lur ""'"i o" general Dusinesslu black-
As the Flax Grows,
So the Twine Lasts
You can't go wrong if you buy
MAfiSHALL'S Twine.
The 1893 make is now being delivered
to customers. It ia mado of the flax
crop of 1890. ,
siultuiug and repairing.
E. W; Kuykendall. the leading under-
taKer, naving completed arrangements
to purcnase gooas airect from the fac
tories, regardless of middle men, has
made a great reduction in the cost of
funerals: '
6.00 Coffins reduced to $ 3.00
8.00 Coffins reduced to 6.00
25.00 Coffins reduced to .... 18.00
36.00 Coffins or caskets re'd to 25.00
40.00 Coffins or caskets re'd to 30.00
60.00 Coffins or caskets re'd to 40.00
.75.00 Caskets reduced to 60.00
125.00 Caskets reduced to .... 75.00
Welch Block. 718 Water St.. Astoria.
Notice Is hereby given, that the un
designed has taken possession of the
stock Of goods formerly belonging to
reier Lamar, ror d reach or the condi
tions of a certain mortgage riven bv
said Peter Lamar to the undersigned,
and that I will sell the said goods at
cost to satisfy said mortgage and costs
The Chatauqua Circle meets at the
residence of Mrs. M. J. Kinney at 7:30 TPPP'Q ITU flnlw Dpnt'JTJr'JTlt
tbte evening. Full attendance tadtsircd J hi I 0, lllU Uiilj liCuluuicliU
worth succeeded In organizing the first
lodge of the Independent Oder of Odd
Fellows, Washington, No. 1, In Balti
more, Maryland. These now honored
brethren were then men In humble life,
all mechanics dependent on their daily
labor for their dally bread, and, fur
thermore, labored under the dlsadvan
tage of being foreign born. These wor
thy men had. been members of the
Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows, and
were consequently well acquainted with
the beneficent principles of the order.
On the 2Gth of April, 1819, after having
proved to each other that they had
duly received the degrees, they organ
ized Washington Lodge No. 1, they be
ing the only members, and elected
themselves to the offices, Thomas Wil
dey being honored by being elected the
first Noble Grand. They met vith
many hindrances and obstacles. Strong
prejudice against the order was man
ifested and continued for several years.
but through the fidelity of the found- gpgj j
find on record In a circular issued by
Wildey on April, 1824, the following:
As I presume the information will
be gratifying, I acquaint you that our
order from a small and weak beginning
has been Increased by the unremitting
attendance of the faithful, and has
overcome every difficulty which ignor
ance, prejudice and unworthy member
ship have thrown In our path; the hy
dra-head of discord has been bruised,
and according to present appearance,
deprived of animation."
"Since that time the progress o'f the
order has been onward and upward,
and if not now, It will Boon become as
universal as the ancient order of Free
Masonry." The speaker then stated that
the last report of the Sovereign Grand
Lodge, I. O. O. F., of the United States,
detailed a total disbursement of f 3,000,-
000 for benevolent purposes above
the year 1891. .
He attributed Its strength and suc
cess to the fact that the teachings of
the order are founded on the'caidiual
principles of friendship, love and faith,
and emphasized the fact that it will
maintain Its pre-eminence as a secret
benevolent order . as long as it main
tains Its Integrity. The motto encircl
ing the Grand Lodge seal explains In
few words the duties of Odd Fellow
ship: "We command you to visit ih
sick, " relieve the distressed, bury the
dead and educate the orphan."
Mr. Holden closed his address with
these fitting words: 'Friendship, Love
and Truth,"- Is the motto of our fra
ternity. Truth ought therefore to reign
on the lips, love In the affections, and
friendship in the heart of every Odd
The speaker was listened to throjsh-
out with undivided attention, and wa
warmly applauded at the conclusion.
At the close of the exercisfcs Mr.
Thompson rendered a selection on the
organ, which was much appieciated by
all. The Odd Fellows' organ Is a large
double-banked reed instrument, very
much resembling a pipe organ -.n tone
and volume and requiring the skill of
a pipe organist to manipulate, but the
player seemed quite at home with It,
although the selection given was an
improvised one.
The dance in the evening at Fisher's
Hall was successful tn every respect,
and all who participated spent a few
very pleasant hours.
mini eireei. uuvs and sens new ana see.
oud-liand furniture. Highest cash price paid,
Which has been closrd fnr a month, has
been enlarged and refitted, and will ba
Open to the Public on Saturday
Joe Tern extends a cordial Invl atlon to
the public to come and gut a squire meal,
Because the 1891 and 1892 crops have
boen inferior. Marshall never, uses in
ferior flax. That is why his twine .
Help Wanted. IS THE BEST !
Boys and Girls wanted for
CAN MAKING. Apply at our
office between the hours of 10 1
Sole Agents for Asloria,
Get A. Bicycle !
, t'ole agents for Clatsop couutj
Incandescent, all oitibt.... fl.fiO
u 12 o'clock... 1.1)0
" 10 " ... 75
For particulars inatiire of nnv member
of the (Inn or at the oflice, foot of Con
oomly at. West Bhobb Mills Co.,
T. O. Trullintfer, President.
lor the
North Pacific Bicycle Co.
IMPERIAL and all other HIh
class wheels.
Ryan & Co. 537, Third street, have
Just received a full line of 1803 patterns
in wall paper, and comprising all the
latest designs and shades, at the low
est prices. Call and see them. -
Nets and Sails
By the use of
Manufactured by the
Willapa Harbor
Tannine Extract Co.
Costs half the price of tan bark, re
quires no vats or steam, and is ready for
immediate use by simply adding hot
For farther information apply to
Agent, Astoria.
Wines, Liquors and Cigara.
Aitem fur the GUION Hteamstilp Line and tut
THliNUVALLA Steamship Hue. direct.
AlS'i, agent for "Bveuska TriuuuoD" sni
ivenska Ameiikanareu."
Corner of Water and West Ninth Btreet'
Astoria. Oregon.
Astoria, - Oregon.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar P'.w kr.Ko Ammonia; No Alum.
Vsed ia Millions of Home ao Years the Standard
astouia limy WORKS.
C.iucomly street, loot Jackson.
Astoria, OrKon. . '
General Machinists & HoiliT Makers
Land and Marine Enxlnes. Boiler work, Steam-
ooai anuuauuery worn anpeoialty.
Oaitiogi of All Desoriptiona Mads to Order at
Short Notios.
JOLN FOX Frexldent and Sup-
. u. rv .........vice n esiueb
Butchers - and - Grocers,
Astoria and Upper Astoria.
Fine Teas and Coff -es. Table Selicaclns,
Doiiifstio and Tropical Fruits, Veifela
ulw, sugar cured hams, baoon, eto.
(Sucemsnn tn Warren A Campberj),
DckIihi in
imr goodo,
Hats, Cups, Boots, fchoes
Hirdware, Iron end Steel, Crockery, Olasswar
Wootlenware, Notions, eto., Hay,
Omlu, Flour nnd Kwd.
OTTO I "Hmall Prattta oa Cask Salts.
J. O. 3STIJ3 31II,
Has Just recelvod a One
hue of
Merchant Steamship . Cos
Line, Connecting with
Oaaadiaa Paolfle Railway and Oklna Steam
Ship LUe,
Taking freight and passengers for Port Ange
les. Victoria, I'ort TownsenU, .-.tatlle, Tanoma,
Whatcom. Kalrharen, Nunaimo, New Wentniui
iter an. I Vancouver ; Leaving Astoiia i
M. S. lluytlHn Hepuullu
K Wilmington
H. n, lUytlaii kei uhlic
Freight received Mt Hurler s wharf, foot of
Mull! street. Fnr fnrtliAp iAnlAiilum a,.,.!.,
the ofllce, earner Third au J Alain eiieet.
North Pacific Brewery
JOHN.KOPP, Proprietor.
Bohemian - Lager - Boer
And XX Porter.
All orders promptly attended to,
Consisting; of Pllver Bon Hon DUhe,
Fruit Dishes, Berry Dim.es. Nut Bowli.
MtiHtard Pots. Biscuit .lars, Celery
niaast'i, Hair Pin Trays, Pin Cushions,
Picture Frames, Mirrors, ete.,uU new
goods and latest designs.
Tide Table for Astoria.
M. 8
T.. 4
w. u
T.: 6;
V.. 7
H 8
H.. 9
T.. 18
H.. lfi
H.. I
T.. ix
V. 21
n at1
H.. 80:
h. m. fU
TfttH 6
1 8.1 8 6
2 8318 4
2 IM S 1
8 8717 H
4 1 7 6
b 017 0
6 00 6 Bi
7 IH 6 5
8 8H 8
40 7 1
10 M7
11 2 8 0
0 8!) B 6
1 1'8 '
1 B0i 0'
2 81 8 9:
8 in8 l
4 Ohib 2!
ft OM7 71
187 1
7 a7 0.
8 f-l!7 0'
6i.'7 2
10 M'7 8i
11 3Uj7 6
6 2) 8 8i
P. M.
1 18
1 &8
2 86
8 IS
4 02
. 61
t W
8 18
10 08
10 44
11 21
11 to
12 21
1 10
1 59
2 49
8 41
4 .18
6 49
7 00
8 09
0 11
10 89
11 14
11 V)
12 28
1 08
h. m. ft
r. m.
8 0
7 7
7 1
9 7
8 1
IS 2
h 4
8 2
7 8
8 3:
8 4:
8 1
7 7i
7 2!
7 21
7 59
8 84
9 09
9 40
10 28
U 10
0 01
1 41
8 CM
4 04
4 68
6 84
6 14
7 42
8 28
9 17
6 6; 10 11
6 8i 11 11
0 4
0 8
0 8
0 4
0 71
0 9
4 8
4 1
3 2
1 2
0 81
0 8
1 i
1 1
0 t
0 6
0 40
8 17
4 18
6 01
5 48
7 00
h. m. ft.
0 II I 1 2711 1
7 Ml 1 ft
8 20 2 0
8 W '2 8
9 1M'3 1
9 M8 7
10 4H:4 8
12 14! 1 0
1 2111 0
2 ifl'l 0
1 8(10 8
4 210 6
4 Olio 6
6 4 0 a
7 18,1 t
7 611 (
9 17,2 9
10 01) 3 8
11 15 8 7
12 IK 0
1 2l 0 2
2 8004
8 0 a
4 2i0 9
6 08 1 0
t 49 8
6 6tt.2 1
Do You Know
That the
4 0
3 7!
18 0,
2 2i
1 8
0 7
0 2i
0 2,
The hours between mldnlirht and nnnn
dealgnntKt by A (a. ra.), thoe between noon
and midnight by r (p. m.),0 b. OOin. A denote
nldnigUt, Oh. OUm. p denotes noou.
Goes Everywhere?
Do you see
Your chance?

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