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f I f T
Atf Adopted by Uib Commlmlon fof the
l"ar 1894, or Until Further Order.
John Cribble Shot While Resist
ing Arrest
Three Bad Men Who Found Officer
Seafeldt Too Macji For
Them Bound Over,.';
About 3 o'clock yesterday morning a
disturbance occurred on iFlrsf. street,
ntar the Music "Hull. a; , result of
which one John Orlbble now lie In the
rnuntv jail with hi avoirdupois In
i reased by an ounce of lead, and with
him are two companion named Miller
and Ellison. The three were before
Judiro Osburn yesterday on a charge
of disturbing the peace and resisting an
ofllcer, and were bound over In the im
of $500 each to await the action of the
grand Jury. Officer Seafeldt, who was
Instrumental In landing the men In Jail,
gives the following: account of of the
affair: .. i.i .'
About 3 o'ciock, or a. few minutes be
fore that hour, he .walked Pt the
Music Hall on his. rounds, nd saw six
men near the door, four on one side and
two on the other. . Remarks were made
by some of the party, about fighting,
(.nd the ofllcer stopped and.awalted Ce.
velopments. The man talking light was
Orlbble, and his Intended victim was an
Individual known as. ,t'Roker . Pete."
Orlbble asserted thatch? oould whip
uny In Astoria ana seemed es
peclally desirous of trying J)U prowess
on "Pete." The latter, declined, how.
ever, on the ground that ha preferred
fcleeplng to fighting, and wth the Inten
lion of going to bed, moved away. Orlb
ble then said he would make "Pete'
fight, and proceeded to take oft his coat,
but no encounter could be provoked In
that direction, A minute or two later
a man named Iversora came along, and
wu grossly insulted by Orlbble. Offi
cer Seafeldt at once stepped forward
nnd placing his hand on dribble's shoul
der, told him to consider himself under
- arrest. "The you say I" said Orlb
ble. ' .,.
"That'a what I say,", said the officer,
who then called on one, of the men
with Orlbble, named Miller, for assist
ance. The officer did not. want to hurt
the man, and so told Miller.- The lat
ter"s reply was. . "You. be ," and
turning to Orlbble,. ;contlnued: "Don"
you go with the T V he can't take
you." ' ; , ,... ,;; I
Ellison, another, of the, crowd, then
stepped forward, saying,.. "You bet he
can't take you." and began to, take his
coat oft. Ellison's brother Interfered at
this Juncture toi prevent trouble with
the police officer, and Orlbble. made an
effort to escape, , .i. i i .
A scuffle ensued, and the ofllcer was
grabbed from behind , .by one of the
' men. After soma, trouble, he succeeded
in getting out his whistle and blowing
for assistance. Alex. Orant and Fred
Kelley responded, and. the officer (timed
Orlbble oven to them and went after
Miller. The latter, ram behind hia enm
panlons, and getting clesa. to Kelley
and Orlbbls, threw hlmsulf ; between
t hem with the Idea of .accomplishing
GrlbbkVa reliiu'j. pfflocr Seafeldt then
drew his club and knocked Miller down
Orlbblo got loos. .it :hls Juncture and
xlarted up Benton stret pursued by
Hen fo kit. Turning sudk'iily, the fugl
live struck th officer In Uie forehead,
knocking him down, and falling him
self at the same Mine. Seafeldt grasped
(iiibble's leg and endeavored tot get
firm grip on him, but without avail,
Doth men then arose, and Orlbble at
tempted to swing his right hand across
the officer's chin. Seafeldt at once drew
his revolver, and railed upon . his man
to desist under penalty of,bclng shot.
Orlbble ceased fighting but began run
nlng, and the ofllcer fired, Uv ball, as
It was aftorward learjted when, the nun
was examined by Ity, Walkers. entering
Uie leg about throj Inch; above the
poplytel spac?, ronglnc .upward and
' lodging near the lill Jolnt,"li v.
One of the Ellison . brother waa held
In the meantime by. Kelly and, Alex.
Ouant, and the officer started to Jail
with him. ,i , ..... ,
Miller, upon hearing the shot, ran up
Main street to Third, up Third to Cass,
and down Cass to Second,, almost run
r.lng Into Seafeldt' arms as he came
up Second street with .Ellison. Seafeldt
Hticcceded in getting1 both, to the Jail,
and then, with Captain Hallock, who
had heard the diHturbance, went after
Orlbble, finding him near Joe Leathers'
boatbuilding concern. When It was
learned that Grlbble was shot, he was
taken to the office of Dr. M. M. Walker
and the wound probed. The. boll was
located, but the doctor, did not think
It advisable to cut It out, a it will
probably gravitate toward the surface
and be removed without much .rutting.
Orlbble, who is said to .be a deserter
from the rtrltlsh navy. is, very power
ful fellow, and gave the- ofllcer a great
deal of trouble. Miller and Ellison have
caused several disturbances before, and
recently Miller started 'out td 'demolish
a number of Chinese- wiurtihotlses. At
that time Captain Hallork got' hold of
htm and gave hln a leeaorj tha he did
noli forget for at least a couple of
f , water rates will be due and pay
able In advance at the office of the City
Water Works, on trie mm uny ui emu
month (except for elevators or by meter,
which are payable on the first day of
the succeedlne month), and if not paid
within the first ten days the water will
be shut oft from the premises as pro
vided in Sections 29 and 30.
It Is understood that none of the fol
lowing rates Include charges for Baths,
Watcr-CIosets, Urinals and Hose.
Bakeries . ,
For each barrel oi nour uwu
Barber Shops
First chulr
Ene.n additional chair
First tub, private
Each additional tub -to
First tub in hotels, boarding and
lodging houses, public build-
trigs and blocks LOO
Each additional tub 00
Barber shops and bathing houf-es
each tub 1
Blacksmith Shops
One forge LJ
Each additional forge -
Bookblnderles and printing offices
, , . ,, 1.00
Each, in addition to engine, from
115 to or by metet
Building purposes
For each 1,00 brick laid, Includ
ing water for lime 25
Wetting each barrel of lline for
plastering or any other pur
pose than brick... 20
Wetting" each barrel of cement.. .20
Stone work per perch 13
Butcher Shops and rum juarnet
t. A noon THING
is always imitated. This is a well-known
fact, and, therefore, it is not strange that
the country has been flooded with con
densed milk, said to be just as gooU as the
Gail Borden
Eagle Brand.
. Experi.:ice has proven (hat it has no
equal. It stands to reason that the superior
A furilit' . of the New York Condensed Milk
Com iy, with persistent, conscientious,
scient .c study of the production of milk,
give i: i decided advantage. Consider this."
On Top,
Chinese Buildings ti Houses
First six persons.
Washington, April . L. Ft. Wood
ward, of California, has been nomin
ated as commlfiliitier fur Alaska, to ro
M'le at OunataKlta.
Ssracuhii. N. Y.. April . About 2"0
d:-1 ;r".'fs of th. NNtitxix) t'ullcse f U-
uKui'i. tcpixa n:ns j i-f t
i-'i,mi9c rt.nvi i. ... . .v.U... I;"""
Each additional person 15
Chinese WaBh Houses
Each, 115 to $25, or by meter....
County Buildings
Special rate or by meter.
City Buildings, etc.
Special rate or by meter.
Dye Works .
3.00 to J5.0O
Family rate
Six persons or less l.oo
Each additional person .10
Filling Cisterns (Private)
For each 1,000 gallons, special rate.
Each, In addition to engine and
forge, $1.00 to J5.00.
Oas Companies
Each, J5 to J25, or by meter.
Government Buildings
Special rate or by meter.
Hotels, Boarding and Lodging Houses
In addition to family rate, each
room 1
Hydraulic Elevators
Special rate.
Ice Cream and Oyster Saloons
Jil.60 to J5.00
Laboratories, Sola Manufactories, Bot
tling Establishments, Telegraph and
Telephono Offices, Vinegar Factories
and, Packing Houses
Each,'1.50 to $10.00, or by meter.
Ordinary, special rate or by meter.
Steam, special rate or by meter
in addition to engine.
Lawn Fountains
With one-sixteenth Inch nozzle,
special rate.
With one-eighth Inch nozzle,
Bpcclal rate.
Machine Shops, Sash and Door Fac
tories Same as manufactories.
Manufactories and Shops not Otherwise
(Or by meter.)
Meter Rates
Per 1,000 gallons !0
Meters will be used without notice for
the detection and prevention of waste,
and the excess of the meter above the
schedule for any month will be charg
ed in addition to the schedule rate for
the succeeding month.
Municipal rates
Special rates.
Offices, Doctors, Dentists, Banks, etc.
Each 10
Photograph Galleries
R.,'h K.00 to $0.00
Dublin Buildings and Blocks
Each room without faucet .10
Each room with faucet.. ji
Public Halls and Theatres
$1.00 to $5.00
Restaurants, Coffee Houses and Lunch
$3.00 to $15.00
$2.00 to $3.00
Schools (Public and Private)
Special rate.
Sewer Work
Settling Earth, special rate.
Sleeping Rooms
Each room without faucet 10
Each room with faucet 50
Soda Fountains
Earn fountain.'. 1.00
Each Jet " 1.00
First stnll, with one horse with
carrlrice "5
Each additional stnll 2f,
Steam Engines or Hollers-
Each horse power (ten hours
each day) to ten horse power. .50
Each, from ten to twenty horse
power 40
Each above twenty horse power. .30
For boilers for heating purposes,
according to size of building,
$0.50 to $2.00
Oas engines... 1.00
Steamboats, tugs, etc.
Special rate,
Drug stores $1.30 to $3.00
Grocery stores l.Oti
Hrad ware stores 1.00 1
Dry goods and other stores 1.00 1
Lhiuor stores (wholesale), $2.00 to $3,001
For families living In Bame build- j
Inrr 100
Swill and Slop Hoppers
For each slop hopper with outlet
or waste pipe two or moia
Inches in diameter, and sup
plied with water direct from
faucet or In any manner either
tha'J bucket G OO
Urinals (Private) !
self-closing i
Other than self-closing 100,
Constant flow s 5.0j
Public, self-closing M
Other than self-closing J-00.
Constant flow
Water Closets (Other than TanK Clos
First closet, private .T&i
Is conceded by all to bo the best.
It fishes better and wears better
than any other twine used on
the Columbia river.
Press Report
.If You Want Cannery and
. Fishermen's Supplies,
Call on --
ElijHORE SilflBOW & GO.
Cotton Hope,
Cotton Twipe,
Marshall's Twine,
Trap and Seine Web,
Tahbark, Acid and Salt,
Strip Lead, Pig Lead,
Copper, Tin Plate,
Tin and Zinc,
In Stock.
How Are You Fixed for Insurance?
Fire and Marine.
Wo are agents for the largest and best companies
represented in Astoria.
Iioyal Insurance- Co., assets,
London Assurance Corp'n
.Etna Insurance Co.
Western U. S. Branch,
New Zealand Insurance Co.,
Combined Assets,
2 21,502,370,00
'HE ASTORIAN is in possession
of all thetelegraphic news service
franchises, and is the only paper on the
Columbia river that publishes genuine dis
patches. The circulation is much greater
than that of all other Astoria papers com
bined. The Weekly edition cor tains a
carefully selected resume "bi the most im
portan telegraphic and local news.
Q UBSCRIBERS to either the Daily or
Weekly may secure a valuable book,
the Life and Works of James G. Blaine, by
adding one dollar to the regular subscrip
tion price of the paper. The book is well
worth three dollars, and may be inspected
at the business office of the Astorian. A
full description of this attractive premium'
is given elsewhere in this paper.
. Notice Is hereby Riven that pursuant
to a resolution of the Common Council
of the City of Astoria, adopted Slan-u
Kach additional closet I 6th 1S94 bld will be received by th-
First cloeet in Btores i? I Auditor "and Police Jmlse of the City
Kach additional closet... ..5 (rf Astorla f,r jjo.eoo of municipal bund
The rlKht is reserved by tho j Jear Interest at Uie r.ite of 6 per
nnu ivutui nr annum. SiiUl uomin ih-hi i.
public tmlldinps and blocks.
I.iwh siitiittottat ciikiei
One closft ofr two
l'4uh additional fumlly M: ih..i ,h issuance of Paid bunds
Wiuer Cl.wti (Tnk Closets! I v. ...K.:,..t ti.irnc of anv Dr-
iic'n ad'liiJ.ituil cl-it
itiiti:isvi. im t.t uiitMit.t r.r n.'.t tf tt
of the City of Astoria, to run ten yea:TS
v i .v... n..rww, ..r i,.f iindmir cer-
I 1W1. lulu lndebteilnc or trie v i.y i
f""llle 1 f1r Bt,wt tmprovcinenta. Ordinances
o- ton or corj""011 ,or lm'!r . ' " .
Itv crdvr of the ctin'-'"-"'
Attest: K. osnru.v.
Park Obesity Pills will reduce your
weiRht PEitMANKNTLY from 12 to li
pounds a month. NO-STARVIN'O, sick
ness or injury. XO PUUMCITY. Tlic
build up the health and beautify the
complexion, leaving no wrinklea or
Hchulness. STOUT AT.DOMENS and
difi'cult brc.ithinB surely relieved. NO
EXPKKIMENT. but a nclentlHe and
Hsitive relief. ad.-pijd only aft?r years
of experience. All orders supplied di
rect from our office. Price jiOO pet
packng-e. or three packaR-s for Ji.00
by mail, postpaid. Testimonials and
pjurficulars, (sealed S cents.
AH correspendence strictly confiden
tial. . -J-.TTTT fO. t(M
Thoroughly Equipped
Plant in Connection
A Complete Line of Legal Blapks
Always in Stock,
' PR!.NT)Na-.-HCl,SE
,! :
Hat.r vU- us oxrcricim niy nvn

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