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- :T " "T. r-Knrr-- Mxma
Dry Goods For, Iiess Than Wholesale
Sale Will Beg'19 01? Monday at 425 Bond Street,
The goods consist of Ladies Cloaks, Suits. Capes, J ackets
and Dress Patterns, all of Standard Makes and must be seen
in order to apprJftate their rccog tized value.
This announcement interests every lady and family in
Af torin. , . ' - :
"Tnko advantago of this great 'offor and renumber the
place, 423 Bond Street, between 9th & 10th near Noe
Si-uUy's Hardware Store.
p. h. McDonnell,
Olney, Or., August 10, 1891
Editor Astoria?: '
Thinking that some of your readers
dMlre a continuation of the corres
pondence from Olney, I now write you
another communication for publication
this week. It has been said, and truly.
I do not doubt, that we see in every
thing what we carry to It; that It is
our reflected selves we behold, and
nothing more. Possibly, therefore, what
I shall portray will be myself more
than Olney. Neither what I see In
my own thoughts projected upon the
object and reflected from It as from
a mirror, or whether there Is a reality
corresponding to my conception, each
leader must Judge for himself.
Olney 13 certainly one of the most
noted places In Clatsop county. Its
most attractive feature is the Kumm
farm, which occupies Its choicest por
tion, and contains 480 acres. The own
er of this most desirable place Is Mr.
Kamm, who, as. many of your readers
doubtless know, Is a very wealthy resi
dent of Portland, and the owner of
several steamboats, also. This locality
has become a celebrated pleasure
ground, being the rendezvous of base
bnll players and often vJslted by pic
nicking and excursion parties; its most
delightful spot for the festivities of the
latter Is Kamra'i grove . The steame
Mayflower, laden to Its greatest ca-
paclty frequently arrives) here from
Astoria, with excursionists. Olney af
fords a pleasant retreat from the cares
of business for the pleasure-loving As
torlans. After the wearying toil or
anxiety of the week, they may here ob
tain refreshment of strength and spir
its. No tonic will so invigorate as a
few full, deep breaths of cold, pure air.
Every organ will glow with the energy
of the fiery oxygen, which is the stim
ulating, life-giving principle of the at
mosphere. Pure air Is the cheapest
necessity and luxury of life. Let It
not be the rarest! Astorians can have
it In abundance after a pleasant drive
of only ten miles. Olney has an ample
supply of it; so here the ogygen-starded
and lung-poisoned sufferer may find
an escape from the vitiated atmosphere
of Clatsop county's great city. I might
add here that there is a possibility, and
even a probability, of Olney's becom
ing a popular summer resort, for It Is
rumored that Mr. -Elmore, of Astoria,
will probably purchase Hllleary's place
at the landing; and as he is a man
of enterprise, there should be noth
ing to prevent him from erecting a
grand hotel here with all the modern
convenSenoes and necessary grounds
and appurtenances. Many persons
seeking health or desiring recreation
would undoubtedly be drawn here by
such a building.
Thero was a dance at Granger's Hall
last Saturday night, which was large
ly attended by the disciples of Terpsl
chore. Many of Olney's best citizens
were there; and a merry party of
young ladies came from Astoria in. a
gasoline launch, and did much to en
liven the occasion. While they were
not the only animating force which
manifested itself, their presence con
tributed greasy to the development of
the Joyous feeling pervading all. The
hall was crowded to Its utmost ca
pacity. Young's River had congregated
there her youth and her beauty, and
brightly shone the lamps on the faces
of delighted men and women. Evtry
heart beat happily, and when
"Music rose with its voluptuous swell.
Soft eyes looked love to eyes which
spake again,
And all went merry as a marriage
At midnight, there was no abat
ment of the mirth and laughter, the
sentiment of all seeming to be:
"On with the dance! Let joy be un
conflned; Nor sleep till morn, when youth and
pleasure meet
To chase the glowing houra with flying
On and on they danced, until Auroro.
daughter of morn, began to tint the
east, when they departed, weary and
drooping, for their respective abodes.
Baseball has become the popular Sun-!
day diversion here, crowds attending
the games played on the Kamm farm
n that day. Considerable interest In
this sport has been developed, the peo
ple from the surrounding country gath
ering there to see the names. The con
test at this place last Sunday between
the Olneys and a club from Astoria
was a very exciting one. The result
was In doubt, the Olneys claiming a
victory bjr a score of 21 to 23, and the
visiting team a draw, game. The Hon.
- r?2rZitMXr - m&maf - txlMm.iMtl
C. W. Fulton acted as umpire, serving
in that capacity ably and satisfactorily.
I have made arrangements for another
game here next Sunday.
Mr. Samuel Elmore, of Astoria, and
his. family, are spending a short period
here In recreation.
Mrs. Deafly, of Astoria, and "her two
daughters, have been visiting at Mr.
Deveneaux.' Miss Josephine Dealy, an
accomplished and Intelligent young
lady, who recently graduated from the
:,fonmouth tSSate Normal School, paid
the upper Olney school a pleasant visit
while here.
Mr. Peterson and Mr. Chltwood will
engage In logging, having formed a
partnership for that purpose. . As these
centlemen are (men 'of considerable
means, they will do an extensive bus
iness. An engine to replace oxen In
drawing logs, has been purchased.
Mr. Corbett'a denial In last week's
Astorlan Is entirely satisfactory, and I
will say that the circumstances and the
Information given me have been mis
leading. C. J. STUPP.
Editor Astorlan:
I wish to call attention to what seems
to me like criminal negligence on the
part of the managers of the Astoria
Can Factory In employing children to
run machines which, are not provided
with guards to prevent the fingers of
tho operators from being mashed or
cut off, as is being done very often In
the factory. CHILDREN'S FRIEND.
Dear Astorlan: .
In your yesterday's Issue I find an
epen letter In which a certain inhar
monious musician or single handed
piano thumper, and one who Is evi
dently degrading an elevating profes
sion, or art, finds fault, bestows spite
upon, and questions my right to con
duct my business as I .think proper.
The Scandinavian Benevolent Society
does not require the generosity of any
one. I donated my band for their
pleasure, and because they are my
friends. The musicians In my company
are gentlemen, and better raid than
any musicians In the city. And further
more, my band and company Is In As
toria for the benefit and advancement
of the interests of Astoria, and at the
disposal of my patrons. Since my ad
vent in Astoria I have distributed four
thousand dollars more than I have
taken In, which my bank account will
Ehow. That, sum is now in Astoria,
which amounts to forty-eight thousand
dollars in business the past six months.
Now tell me, what has this self con
stituted apostle of harmony done. Has
he tried to elevate, has he given em
ployment to twenty-two ladles and gen
tlemen? No; but on the other hand, he has
perverted the divine art, and disposed
of his few tallents, "if there be any,"
for a glass of beer. "Oh Shame! Where
Is thy blush?" Or has the mask of
depravity so hidden his soul that pur
ity and morality Is but a corpse for
daws to peck? In my band today I
have six local gentlemen, who
are called the best musicians of Astoria,
I consider It a pleasure for my band
to play at the Scandinavian picnic, and
sincerely thank the committee for the
honor bestowed upon me. We are all
going, and all intend to have a good
time. Trusting that I will never find
the simple people In Astoria,, as this
youth Is pleased to call its citizens, I
am yours truly, J. O. STUTTZ.
How dear to our heart is
Cash on subscription.
When the generous subscriber
Presents it to view;
But the man who don't pay
We refrain from description.
For perhaps, gentle reader.
That man might be you.
Those in arrears will please settle as
eoon as possible, as I need the "cash"
very much. Patience sometimes ceases
to be a virtue. J. A. RANNELS,
Route Agent
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
may concern that the undersigned hss
been duly appointed assignee of L W.
Care, and that he has q-iallfied as such
rssignee by filing with the clerk of the
circuit court of the state of Oregon for
Clataop county, his bond as required
by law. All persons having claims
against the said I. W. Case are notified
to present the same to the undersigned,
duly verified, at the office of the Asto
ria National Bank, in the city of Asto
ria, in said county, within three months
from this date.
Dated at Astoria. Oregon, this 2nd
day of AugUBt, JSSC
jgMMaMMiataAs- -j-w...., mm iriviiStiiSaJ'.5i
t!NTHll2d CUMINO iNi
A Large Number of Boats Entered for
the Regatta,
Tssterday was a busy day with the
regatta committee who have charge of
the entering of boats for the various
events. Several of the upper river can
neries entered their Bloops and schoon
ers, and a number of fish boats were
placed on the fast increasing list.
Another foot race has been added
for Monday, the 2tlth Inst., and the prize
will be a beautiful smoking Jacket, sub
scribed by Mr. Friedman. Both races
will occur on lower Commercial street,
tho Saturday race being for 100 yards,
the start being made at Foster's ex
change running west. The second race
on Monday is a 100 yards dash, free for
all amateurs, In which the winner of
Saturday's race cannot participate. The
start will be made at the Central Hotel
corner, thence west.
The swimming contest will undoubt
edly be a drawing card also, and the
start will be made from a barge an
chored In the stream opposite Uie O.
R. and N. wharf.. It will be a free-for-all
event, but Just what distance
the course will cover has not as yet
been decided upon.
Tonight a number of cups will be on
exhibition in the window of Chas. Mc
Donald's tailoring establishment. . The
rest of them will be placed on exhi
bition as soon as they can be engraved,
Correspondence from outside points
regarding the yachting eventa contln
ues to pour In, and the committee is
kept pretty busy answering them. It
Is again requested that those who in
tend to enter their boats, do so by the
UVi, so that all arrangements can be
Thursday night Manager Crawford
arrannged and managed, another of
those parlor entertainments for which
Hotel Gearhart Is becoming noted. He
named It a "Mum Candy Pull." After
some fancy exhibition dancing and
music In the parlor, Mr. Crawford an
nounced that some Gearhart taffy was
In the dining room, ready for pullers,
and that every person who pulled taffy
must keep mum, and that he would
present a valuable souvenir to the per
son who desisted from talking for one
hour while pulling taffy. At' the end
of the allotted time it was found that
about twenty-five had not spoken, and
strange to say, most of them were
women, among them Mrs. Dr. Alfred
Kinney, J. P. Dickinson, Miss Helen
Dickinson, Mies Mason, Mrs. Newell,
and several others of Astoria. The
names of those who kept mum were
put In a hat, and one drawn from
among them. The prize was awarded
to Florence Blagen, the daughter of N.
J. Blagen, of Portland.
Miss Claire. Senders, of Portland,
should have had a prize for keeping
perfectly mum. She never smiled.
J. P. Dickinson and Miss Helen Dick
inson are in Edgewood cottag
Dr. Alf. Kinney spent Wednesday In
Jack Williams, the hotel man, went
to Astoria Thursday.
C. H. Doodd's family, of Portland, are
in their cottage in First Addition.
Alfred Downing is building a cottage
of unique and beautiful design.
Paul Badollet, of Astoria, arrived
Thursday morning. Paul likes the
rumbling sea for a lark.
Photographer Gardiner Is doing a
wholesale business on the beach.
A large party went to Elk Creek yes
terday, returning last night"
Lewis and Clarke river provides the
Park anglers with speckled trout. One
party returned with 115. Another par
ty goes out today.
Dr. Kinney Is good for seven trout
any day.
Mlas Lottie Bennett gave a coaching
party to her lady friends Wednesday.
W. 8. Kinney was down over Sunday.
C. P.. Hlggins, Dan. Campbell ami
Alex Elmore visited Camp Livingston
Sunday. Charlie says he has "been at
Gearhart before."
The guests at the hotel are organiz
ing a social club., and it Is understood
they will have the great event of the
be anon soon.
Bob Smith, of Portland, has his horse
and buggy at the beach.
Manager Crawford says they will
have a big time Saturday nlghu They
are preparing for it in great shape.
Poor old "Spot" is dead.
Spot, Frank Damant's favorite horse.
an animal that was known to almost
every man, woman and child in the
city, and was without doubt the best
piece of horse flesh that ever walked
the board-paved streets of Astoria. He
died yesterday afternoon after a short
illness of one hour, from a severe chill.
Every effort was made to save the
animal's life, but without avail.
Spot was born 14 years ago and was
a resident of Astoria for over 11 years.
Everybody knows this Is a good place
to be, but everybody does not take
measures to be there. An efficient pre
ventative places us on the safe side of
Incipient disease, and there is no one
more reliable than Hostellers stomach
Bitters in cases where the kidneys are
Inactive, which is bue the preliminary
to various destructive maladies, which
disregarded have a fatal termination.
Bright s disease, diabetes, dropsy, oedes
ma, are but the outgrowths of neglected
Inaction of the kidneys and bladder.
They should be checked at the outset
with bitters, which will prevent their
progress by arousing the renal organs
to activity, and thus place those who
resort to this saving medicine on the
safe side. This preservative of safety
also conquers constipation, liver com
plaint, malarial fever, nervousness and
Japanese novelties snd fancy dry
rood, can be had at half price, at the
tore of Wing Lee, next to Olsen's cigar
What Paine's Celery Compound Did
for Sheriff Sinnott.
When the sun shines the farmer
mnkej hay.
Men and women whose store of
strength and nervous energy has fallen
so low that It barely keeps them
through the day, should fill their veins
now with fresh blood full of red cor
puscles, and storo the million tiny nerve
cell9 with energy by means of l'alne's
celery compound, while It is summer
and the sun shines.
There are now few drafts upon the
strength of the body; no winter coldB
to resist, nor spring languor to drag
one back. It Is amazing how rapidly
it is now possible to lay up nerve force
and vigor, over and above the dally
expenditure. Those who suffer from
kidney troubles, liver or stomach weak
nesses, and rheumatism, find no time
so suited as the present tt overcoming
these diseases by giving these over
worked, poorly fed organs blood that Is
rich and pure In quality, and sure to
This is what Palne's celery compound
is doing all over the country while ll
GIVE this office the order. Wo have engaged a first
class job pi inter who will gi,vo any work entrusted
to us his thoughtful, mindful, careful, and intelligent con
sideration. It takes downright hard work to do this, but
we do it. THE ASTOPJAN. .
On Top,
Is conceded by all to bo the best.
It fishes better and wears better
than any other twine used on
the Columbia river.
Is summer and while every one
that now is the time to got well
That most remarkable blood
nerve remedy of this country ruins',
celery compound mukes new, vigorous
red blood; removes disease from vital
organs by richly feeding worn out nerve
tissues all over the body and building
up the strength of the body that Is
why It makes people so quickly well.
Prof. Edward 'E. Phelps, M. D., LL.
D., of Dartmouth College, flr3t prepared
Palne's celery compound. It has met
the hearty approval of physicians and
scientific men all over tho world.
It makes people well.
Sny3 Deputy Sheriff John Sinnott,
of Whitehall, N. Y., whose portrait Is
given above:
"In my opinion Palne's celery com
pound Is the best remedy in the world.
I hnve been troubled with Inflammatory
rheumatism some 12 years, somotlmes
crippled for threo months at a time.
A friend told me to try l'alne's celery
compound, and I am now on iriy 12th
bottle, and it has made a new man of
me. I heartily recommend It to every
one trouble! with rheumatism.
It makes people well.
Do You Need
Any ...
fiill Heads,
lietter fieads,
Circulars, -
Or Any Other
Kind of Printing?
9 flanfm i .
: first Class fanefals :
POH'S Undertaking Parlors,
Rates Reasonable. Embalming a Specialty.
Dalgitu's Iron Works,
General Machinist
and Boiler Works.
All kinds of Cannery, Ship, Steamboat
anj Engine Work of any Description.
Castings of all kinds made to order.
Foot of Lafayette St., Astoi ia, Or.
Kopp's Beer Hall.
Choke Wines, Liquors and Clgai.
Only handeJ over the ear, The largest glass
of N. P. Beer. Half-ani-halt. 51.
Free Lunch.
Erickson & Wirkkala, Proprietors,
: Cor. Concomly and Lafayette Sts.
Wagonaa Velalclies In Stock
Farm Machinery, Paints, Oils, VantUhet, Loggers'
Supplies, Falrbank'i Scales, Doors
and Windows.
Provisions, Klour, nnd Mill Katexl
Astoria, Oregon.
lorth Paeifie Brewery
Bohemian Lager Beer
All orders promptly attended to
Manufacturer anj Importer of
Saddles, Harness,
Collars, Whips, Blankets, Robes,
Leather, Etc.
P. O. Box aro. Olqey St., Astoria, Or. ,
Is something you want, If
not today, you will want is
sometime. We keep carpen
ter's tools too, and If tills
weather wil only pull Itself
together you will want plenty
of Hardware of which we
have a plenty only waiting your call.
J. 13. WYATTi
Thcso tiny Ctpsiileg aro superior
to liulsiiuj ol Hopal ua,
CulKJIa and Lijocllon fjfjjjy
Thoy cure lu AA hours the V
uamo diseases -without anyliicoa-l
Concomly St., foot of Jackson, Astoria.
General Machinists and Boiler Makers
Land and Marine Engines, Boiler work, Steam
boat and Cannery Work 1 Specialty.
Castings of All Descriptions Made to Order 04
anon nouce.
John Fox. President and BuperintenoVnt
A. L. Fox Vice I'reHldent
O. 13. Prael Secretary
Via the Ml. Shasta Route of the
The Only Route Through Califor
nia to Points East end South.
Attached to exproisj trains, affording
Miperior accomniodttUoiu for accomi
clans ii!ftt-ngers.
For rat?, tiokPta. aloplnr car rewr.
vatlnno, etc., cull on or sddrea E. V,
liOOKKS, An-slstant General Fu-n-(ror
and Freight Agent. Portland, Or.
Dr. Pr!ce' Cream Uakln- rowi
Contain ao Amamil or Alum.

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