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i V A. J5t StVrf' V- ' J J t;
3 The ASTOUIAN t-a; t',o l. rr '-! LO-'U V
circulation! tliehr-i'st (1 K !! . t( A L cl c :M-
.' Hon, and t'ws I'-.rj! ,'. 1 'i i .U. c tv.U "''
all pajert pjjIi-ii.-J in
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5P 8 v H V ' j Wf '"' "V
VOL. XLIV, NO. 156.
UP !r r HyJ hi J ' 3
Bjr arK-Ja - yJ' -
I872 1895
A Specialty.
Sell Astoria,
Ship Chandelery,
Iron & Steel,
Groceries & Provisions,
Flour & Mill Feed,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Loggers Supplies,
Fairbank's Scales,
Doors & Windows,
Agricultural Implements
Wagons & Vehicles.'
365 Commercial Street.
New lines for 185.
Japanese Rugs and Matting
Bamboo Furniture, etc.
(Direct from Japan.)
House Lining, Building Paper
and Glass.
vVall Paper of 1895 now In with a stock
Japanese Leathers, Wholesale in Chicago
from $9 to $ 18 per roll of 12 yards.
365 Commercial Street
Sngp A rodak
at any man coming out ot
our store and you'll get a
portrait ot a man brimming
tner with pleasant thoughts.
Such quality in tbe liquors
we have to offer are enough to
Conqe and Try Them.
Is there a man with heart so cold.
That from his family would withhold
The comforts which they all could find
' In articles of FURNITURE of th
right kind.
And we would suggest at this season,
nice Sideboard, Extension Table, or se
of Dining1 Chairs. We have the larges
and finest line ever shown In the city
and at prices that cannot fall to pleas
the closest buyers.
CotKomly St, foot of Jackson, Astoria.
General Machinists and Boiler Makers
Land and Marine Engines, Boiler work, Steam
boat and Cannery Work a Specialty.
Castings of All Descriptions Made to Order on
Short Notice.
John Fox. President and Superintendent
A. I Fox....: Vice President
O. B. Prael Secretary
They Lack Life.
There are twines sold to fishermen
on the Columbia river that stand In
the same relationship to Marshall's
Twine as a wooden imago does to the
human being they lack strength life
evenness and lasting qualities. Don't
fool yourself Into the belief that other
twines besides Marshall's will do "just
at well." They won't. They cannot.
Wells, Fargo & Co. and
Pacific Express Co;
Custom House Broker
and Commission Merchant
503 Bond Street.
Kopp's Beer Hall.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Only handed over the bar, Thelargest glass
of N. P. Beer. Half-and-half. c
Free Lunch.
Chas. Wirkkala, Proprietor.
Cor. Conromly and Lafayette Sts.
Th9 Blacksmith whose shop la oppos
ite Cutting's cannery, is now prepared
to do such odd Jobs as making njw
cannery coolers, repairing; old oneo,
making new flshln boat irons, and re
pairing old ones, and all other black
smithing that requires first-class work-imuisbip.
Carpenter Shop. ,
Tour mind is on repairing your bona
this spring; possibly on bull fling a new
one. If so, remember we are carpen
ters and builders with a, shop full of
tools always willing; to do aurJU Jobs
and want your work.
Bh oa nwaco Daak.
The One Price Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher.
1 Fishing Tackle, Baskets, Flies, Rods, etc? Baseballs, Bats,
Masks, Gloves, Mits, etc. Croquet sets, Hammockp, Lawn
Tennis Balls, Bird Cages, Garden Sets, Children's Carriages
and Iron Wagons.
Come and See
flt Brgar?t & Matthews' Old Stand, 630
' Commercial Street.
Oommfinninff fiahinlav nftflrnnnn
day (with the exception ot Wednesday)
1- .. A
Dry Goods and Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Hosiery, Under-'
wear, Trunks and Valises, Embroideries, Laces, Ribbons, Shawls, Etc.,
Etc. Show Cases and Fixtures,
Sale Positive. 630 Commercial Street. '
S. FRIEDMAN, Auctioneer.
In a desirable location, 2 blocks from Ilfgh School.
Onthe new Pipe Line Boulevard Just the place (or a cheap home.
STREET CAR LINE will bo ei tended this summer to within 5 minu'es
walk of this property "Will sell at decided bargain.
In 5 or 10 aore traots inside the city limits, also adjoining Flat J.
! GEORGE HILL,. 471 Bond St., Occident Block,
Crockery, Glass and Plated Ware,
White Sewing Machines,
Boat and Fishermen's Supplies,
Paints and Oils,
Ship Chandlery,
Teas, Coffees and Groceries,
California Wines,
Medically Pure Liquors,
Sole Agents for the Celebrated
Almighty Dollar Cigar. :
MUSIC Hfllib.
- V V ' KEATING ft CO will open their
- Musie Hall at J' Astor street,
v -'Saturday the" teth. They will
keep numberlesa good lienors
ani rsn bejlisi Jirrtrt rd ule nil the
All the manipulators of
slaughter, cut price, discount,
bankrupt and other sort of sales
to produce cheaper than our
new lines direct from the manu
facturer in Men's and Boy's
Clothing, Furnishing
Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes, Trunks, Valises,
child buys as cheap
the most experienced buyer,
& Reed.
.Tnlv ft pt 0. n m nnA imnlinninn .nn
until the entire stock is disposed of. The
Hortb Pacific Bretaery
Bohemian Lager Beer
Leave orders with J, L. Carlson at the
Surmyside Saloon or Louis Boentge at
the Cosmopolitan Saloon. All orders will
be promptly, attended to.
: Ffrst Class Fanerals :
POHL'S Undertaking Parlors,
Rates ReasonaBM. '. Embalming a Specialty .
"What the Gambrlnus Beer Hall tried
to to in selecting their liquors waa to
pick out what intelligent people would
w&ot If they knew K as experienced
people should know It Hake a note
of this if yoa trr-t Stm. Gr
Hartley, Proprietor. .
Men Who Held Up Southern
Pacific in Custody.
mil. n-il. - A Ti.. t .1
iiiitio ivuiu auuuuus, ui ruitiauut
Meets Untimely Death New
York Jail Delltery.
Rosaburg;, Or., July 6. ohn Case, held
at Riddle under suspicion of train rob
bery, waB today Identified' by Engineer
Walt, Fireman Gray, and .; Brakeman
Norman sb the man who went through
the train and compelled the passengers to
shell cut
Roseburg, Or., July 5, Albert Poole,
under indictment for cattle stealing, was
held under $500 bond on each count by
Circuit Judge Pullerton tciay.
James Poole, one of the train robber
suspects, and under indictment by the
laat grand Jury, for cattte stealing, was
brought to Roseburg In the custody of
a deputy Sheriff on today's freight and
taken bafore the circuit court in relation
to the amount of ball and discharged on
a demurrer for the reason that the In
dictment did not state the ownership of
the cattle. He' was Immediately re-arrested
for complicity in the train robbery.
Sheriff Ca tti cart takes Poole to Riddles
on the 3:30 freight this afternoon. The
preliminary examination; Will probably
be held at Riddles Monday. Diligent
search is being prosecuted for the other
Washington, July 5.-fienor Du Puy de
Leom, the Spanish, minister, says Spain
will take part in the next international
monetary convention, as she is interested
in the solution of the bimetallic question,
Spain uses both gold and silver, the lat
ter being coined at k fixed ratio with
gold, and there is also an issue of paper
currency. Two' Pt the anantsh. colonies,
Porto RUco and the PhiHlplne Islands,
use silver almost exclusively. For these
reasons Spain's policy Is definitely fa
vorable towards the use of both metals
and her interests, particularly In the col
onies, are' towards the enlarged use of
The belief is expressed by some of the
beet posted representatives for' foreign
countries that the International agree
ment should embody certain essential
features. To assure its power It must
secure the adherence of the United
States and of at least one of the three
great money centeis of Europe, Great
Brituiln, France or Germany, and the ad
herence of as many lesser countries as
possible. ' . ; ,
Spokane, July 5. The report given out
last night that Paul Wtbb, who tried to
go down a chute into the lake In a barret
was dead, was incorrect. Although the
doctors say his back Is broken in two
places, he clings to life with wonderful
tenacity, and the physislans now say he
has a chance for life, Webb is quite
rational, and speaks of recovering as
though death were not to be considered.
To a reporter he said:
"From the time I struck the rocks as
they say I did, I was only semi-conscious
until midnight last night. Since then I
have been able to talk and understand
everything going on. I had a presenti
ment thalt this trip would be disastrous.
One thing Is sure, I must get over this
very quickly, for I have agreed to go
over Post Falls the 14th, and oven Spo
kane Falls the 21st. Then we go to Se
attle; In fact, we have dates right ahead
all Bummer until I shall finally go Over
Spokane, July 6. Ruth Emmons, aged
four years, was Instantly killed by fall
ing out of a car window of the Great
Northern passenger train near Glasgow.
Trie child was with her mother from Port--..J,
on a Journey east to visit friends,
aid was standing upon a seat looking
out of the window. The train, was stopp
ed as soon as possible and returned to
the spot. There, lying in the ditch, along
ciie the track, was found the child, dead,
her neck having been broken. The moth
er's grref was pitiful. She ytonild not be
cjnsoled, all the time blaming herself for
ne.ectlng to more closely watch her
child. Mr. Emmons, the father, was tel
egrapHjd, and arrived from Portland last
evening. The sorrowing parents took the
boy with thtra back to Portland this
New York, July S. The escape of KJ1
cran, Russell and Allen, from tha Ludlow
street Jail yesterday' morning promises
to develop lively sc&cdal. They were
detained there standing extradition la Il
linois for tbe rsUaary of the Eprlngfteid
PostoOlce. The offlaexs at the jail have
pretended to be greatly puzzled over but
tbe prisoners secured revolvers. It devel
ops, birererar, that tbe three prtaoatrs bad
been aHotwed the greatest freedom. Wom
en were allowed to corns into tbsr J"ili
and associate wfth them, and only recent
ly they spent the whole evening in the
reception room playing bagatelle and
dominoes with women visitors..
"Washington, July 5.-Postmaster Gener
al Wilson and other officials of his de
partment are greatly disgusted; over the
escape of the accused postofflce robbers
front the Ludlow street Jail. Mr, Wilson
today offered a reward of $1,000 each for
tbelr capture and he also wrote a letter
to United States Attorney McFarland in
which he asserts that, ha cannot avoid
the conclusion that some one 1 crim
inally responsible (or the escape. He de
clares his belief that those whose care
lessness or criminality made the escape
possible, .should be held to strict account
ability. i
Omaha, July 5.-The trunk murder mys
tery, which has disturbed all- Omaha
since Tuesdby, was cleared up tonight
when the frightfully mutilated body of
the victim, John Seljan, was found in the
river and the four prisoners first arrested
were formally charged with the murder.
Iterestlng Notes from Clatsop County's
The past week at the beacjus adjacent
to Astorlai bus been one of sunshine, and
many people have taken up their summer
residence at the various resets. Gear
hart, Grimes' and McG Hire's at the Clat
sop beach are now open for the su Timer
visitor and quite a number of people
have patronized them since their opening,
The Seaside hotel ait the Halladay place
has not opened as yet, though it is under
stood thab it will be in readiness for
summer traffic In a few days:
The cottages at Seaside and Gearhart
will alt be occupied this season, and
many people from the Interior who fig
ured on renting a house at either of these
resorts have been disappointed. The sud
den demand for cottages has had a good
effect, however, for now many .new
houses are contemplated, and this fall
will see quite a building boom' Ut those
delightful resorts.
Campers will this year be more num
erous than last, which was considered
a big season. They will come from all
parts of Oregon, and In another week
or two little white tents can be seen
dotted throughout the groves from Gear.
hurt to TUamook Head, Many prominent
families prefer camp life. t6 -the more
confining life in a cottage, and really,
there Is a great deal In their argument
in favor of the free and easy life of
roughing it under the green canopy of
tbe pretty groves along the sea' shore.
Fire was discovered alt 1 o'clock this
morning In one of the boiler houses of
the Clatsop Mill Company, An alarm
of Are wais immediately turned in but be
fore the department arrived on the scene
the building was a mass of flames. For
awhile it looked as if the surrounding
buildings were in danger, but the good
work of No. 3's and the chemical soon
got the flames under control. The build
ing was used to get up heat for the dry
house and aside from the boilers had a
great deal of machinery In it. The Are
is thought to have originated on top of
the boilers. Mr. Kinney states the loss
to be in the neighborhood of $1000, which
is fully covered by insurance.
At 2 o'clock this morning Manager Kln
ney stated that the proprietors of the
Clatsop Mills would immediately rebuild
the boiler house. The dry house and box
factory wtlll be in operation by Monday,
and all orders will be filled promptly.
Yesterday was a light day In the Circuit
Court, very little business transpiring.
In the suit of E. A. Berts vs. C. R.
Thomson, executor of the estate of John
Williams, suit was dismissed on motion
of the plaintiff.
In the case of J. T. Kindred et. al. vs,
E. L. Dwyer et al., decree was rendered
for plaintiff.
Rosenfeld, Smith, A Co., vs, Oslmaa,
application allowed to Ale amended mo
tion for nelw trial.
Sanderson vs. Bulger 4 McCann, mo
tion for new trial allowed.
Dr. Jay Tuttle is Requested to Run for
the Office of School Director.
Believing that the Second Ward should
have fair representation on the board of
school-directors, we would respectfully
request Dr. Jay Tuttle to be a candidate
for the position made vacant by the
death of J. P. Dickinson. W pledge our
support and! ask those interested In the
public schools to vote for him.
(Signed by) MANY CITIZENS.
Astoria, Ore., July 6, 1805.
A considerable force of men and teams
went to Lyle the early part of the week,
says the Klickitat Republican, to com
mence the work of grading the projected
Lyle and Kllckltut railroad. A num
ber of men and teams were held back
because of the difficulty of procuring hay
for teams. This difficulty has since been
met, and we expect in due time to hear
that a good beginning has been made
on th grading.
Members of Astoria Lodge No. M are
requested to meet at thMr hall on Sun
day, the 7th kvst, at 12: p. m., to attend
tbe funeral of ettr late brtrttwr Wm. HU1,
, iiy oruer of the lodge.
The West Side Subsidy Almost
' Completed.
'!;'' '
Astoria the Head and Center of ihe
Columbia Valley Commerce
Seaside Sailroad Deal.
Mr. Hammond Is here and has come to
prosecute matters to a finish. He was
unable yeisterdby to say enough in praise
of the work done by Astoria In securing
the subsidy and right , of way for the
ra'Uioad. The unanimity ot action, and
persistent determination to accomplish
the object in view is worthy of the high-
"est commendation.
Ta complete and round out the entire
scheme It is necessary yet to secure the
subsidy as originally agreed upon and
promised upon the west side ot the bay.
There are three or four laggards, but it
is expected these will come to time at
once. The road to Astoria alone would
not in any sense fully develop the traffic
of the Columbia valley and the business
ot the city of Astoria. Astoria's limits
pnactUcaDy include Warreoton and Fla
vel, Within the present limits ot the
city there is not room enough for the
erection of all the warehouses and ele
vators which, will be needed to carry,
on the business of the future. The prop
erty on the west side ot the bay is almost
entirely owned by Astortans, and cannot
by any means be left out of the enter
prise or be considered a separate un
dertakhig. The acquisition and full de
velopment of the Seaside railroad the
bridging of Young's Bay, the opening
up and development of the Immense coal
fields and, timber resources on the west
side are absolutely necessary to place As
toria in, its rightful position and round
out and complete the scheme as originally
planned and outlined. It is quite certain
that itoday the deal will be consummated
for the purchase of the Seaside road,
but its development and connection with
AstorlW-wUi depend upon tha completion
of the subsldydeeds-to the- West Bide
property which have been promised,
There can be no reasonable doubt but
that the same spirit which has so cred
ttably been displayed in closing matters
on the east side will be shown In the
west side part of the deal, and that the
few who are still In arrears will come to
the front and make It possible for the
carrying out of the entire proposition and
the early starting of the work ot con
Astoria is not like Portland, for she
realizes the fact that her Interests In
clude both sides of the bay equally and
that Astorta, will always be Astoria and
the center of business on ithe lower Col
umbia; . the great port of the Pacific
Northwest and that nothing can take the
business away from her. Portland is, and
Will always be, the metropolis of the
state; her bankers and financiers will
always lead In the business of the state,
and her benefits from the building of the
railroad to Astoria will be commensurate
With her importance and population. But
it is a well known fact that some of her
leading citizens, and even the press," have
been opposed to the road because of lndi
vldual posslbl losses, losing sight of the
general gain to the city and state at large.
It is also well known that persistent and
influential pressure was brought to bear
rn that cfty upon Mr. Hammond to aban
don the Astoria raiti-obd project, but to
no avail. It is a noticeable and pleasing
fact, however, that this sentiment only
prevailed among the few, and that all
will no doubt see the folly of it in a
short time.
Now is the time for -the prevalence of
the Astorta , Idea the length and
broa'Jth , ot . the entire state Ore
gon for Oregonians; the building
up of every enterprise that will
place the state In the front ranks of
commerce and make her the successful
leader to whtch her geographical location
and cllmatltc conditions entitle her. To the
winds With sectional jealousies and fac
tional disputes! Unity of spirit and con
centration of effort will secure grand re
sults and All the state with that class
of immigrants who make desirable clti
ezns and a prosperous and happy society.
Bluebacks Beirlnlng to Tall off-There will
Little Fishing after August 1.
Astoria, Or., 10 p. m., 6th July, 1890.
last' week's work has been dull and un
eventful with very little to report outside
of tbe continued slackening up In the run
of Ash. Compared with the corresponding
week of last year, which, was one of the
slackest of the season, the present week
Highest ofall in Leavening Power.
v f
r i
,,4-.. -,
6 . , ,'VS : - ---
is one-third shorter in, its pack, and It Is
now a certainty that the lower river will
have a shortage at the end of the season
corudderably below Its 1891 record. Every
thing at the cannertas is drifting alone la
the same Indifferent way, with goods
going but to fill orders as fast aa thcS
are packed. Today, there have been.
of a slight increase In the run of fish,
caused no doubt by the heavy somthwly
weather now prevailing and it is tits
general impression among carmerymeit
that a fair run may, be looked for curly
next week. Some ot .the canners are
confident that many Eastern buyers barf
not yet placed their orders for the sea
son's pack, while others have only made
partial demands, Intending to pursue
waiting policy and see how matters turn
ed out at this end of the river. This class
are beginning to And out the true con
dition ot affairs, and soon Jobbers will
undoubtedly (eel the push and start to
cover the local output for usual quanti
ties. It is not expected that there will
be any Ashing pa the Columbia after
the loth of August. The blueback run
will be over by the middle ot the present
month. Seiners continue to make better
Averages than any other class of gear,
by reason of excellent Ashing conditions
for those appliances clear water and
low river. We quota today as follows;
Spring catch straight Chinook, 11.30 to
for talis, and Jl.W to $1.67 for
flats. Two-pound regular tails with key,
$2.10; Bluebacks, Mb tails, $1.3 Mb
flats $1.60; Chinook ovals, for export mar
ket closed; for home consumption, $1,871$
to $1.95 for small lots already sold. Fra
ser river and northern Ashing are getting
along fairly well. By the arrival of the
steamship Danube on the 20th of June
ait Victoria, Information was received
from the northern canneries. The cock
eye run commenced on the Nlaas and
fikeana rivors about June 0. The run
had not commenced at Rivers' Inlet,
when tho Danube passed there. The fol
lowing packs are reported: 1 Balmoral,
1,700 cases; Inverness, 400; British Amer
ica, and North Pacific, 4,000. The ethos
canneries averaged about 600 cases. The
A. C. C. pack of 4,000 cases was brought
down to the Britannia cannery on the
Fraser river for repacking. This li the
first time that spring salmon, packed the
Same year, has arrived down before the
end of June. A carload ot 676 cases of
sprl'ng salmon, packed In flats and ovals,
has been shipped from the Fraser to
London, England, by the Great Northern.
The sockeye season In the North opened
with this month, It Is understood that
strong efforts will be made to put up the
largest possible pack? All the canneries
will be at work, amd; as Ash are not ex
pected to be very plentiful, the Ashermefl
are likely to get a good price for their
catoh. The opening figure will be B
"This is one of the penalties of prom!n
emce," hummed the mosquito, slnkin
its stiletto into the sleeping victim's long
The Rosoburg Plalndealer's poet breaks
into blank verse, as follows: "Our re
porter made a trip Into the country yes
terday to sniff the fresh air and sweet
aroma from the hay fields. Farms along
the road up Deer creek presented a sight
lovely to behold. Lying spread out On
ellTier side wore Aelds of grain, hay and
fine orchards. The grain generally ap
pears in good condition and well ad
vanced. The hay crop Is mostly cut and
cured, and an odor sweeter than that
from Tome's vale was watted on the
ambient air. The work of nature by
nature's God furnishes a theme for the
lovers of grandeur and beauty to con
template, rarely witnessed, save among
observed also that within the last few
observed also that within the last three
years the transforming hand of man has
reared almost like magic, beautiful and
cosy looking cottages, with shrubbery
and flowers adorning them."
The bankrupt shoe store, corner of
Ninth and Commercial streets, opened
last Tuesday morning, and ever since
the opening the store has been crowded
with people most ot the time, and, Judg
ing from the armsful of shoes carried
away, they must be reasonable in price
and good in quality. If you are in need
of" footwear It will pay you to take a
look at this stock.
t 1
The R. R. Thompson leaves Astoria
at 6:46 a. m. dally; leaves Portland at t
p. m. daily.
The T. J. Potter leaves Astoria at T p.
m. dally; leaves Portland at 1 a. m. dully.
On Saturday nights the Thompson will
leave Portland at 10 o'clock.
Regular Monthly Meeting of the Colum
bia River Fishermen's Protective Union
will be held at their reading room, Sat
urday, July 6, 1895, at 7:30 p. m. sharp.
Nomination of officers for the ensuing
'Members In good standing are request
ed to be present and have their book
or receipt along.
A well-furnished suite of roo ns, i with
use of parlor, bath room, etc., ani gaaAi,
table board, at reasonable raws. it Du
arte street, corner of Ninth. '
Latest U. S. Gov't Report "
I ,
" W - v... -

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