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for Infants and Children.
THIRTY years' QBserratlon of Castorla with the patronags of
millions of person., permit ns to speak of It without gnesslng.
It U nnqnestlonaply flip pest remedy for Infant, and Children
tho world has ever fcnown. It Is harmless. Children like It. It
gives them health. It will .a ttr. ,es. In It Mother, have
romething which Is ah.olntely .afe and prac tic ally perfect a. a
child', medicine.
Ca.torla destroys WormsT
Caatorla allay, Feverishnegs.
Ca.torla prevent, vomiting Sonr Card.
Caitoria cnre. Dlarrhcoa and Wind Collo.
Caatorla relieve. Teething Tronhleu.
Caatorla enres Constipation and Flatulency.
Caatorla centralize, the effect, of carhonlo add gas or pol.ononn nlr,
P-?lora not contain morphine, oplnm, or other narcotlo property.
Caator'a aasimtlatea the food, regnlate. the stomach luid towels,
giving healthy and natnral sleep.
Ca.torla 1. jut np In one-slzo hottle. only. It is not .old lu Jmllr.
Pgl?JjyUyj8. "M yon anything else on the plea or promise
that It la ".just a. good" and "will anawor every pnrpos.i."
See that yon p-et C - A - S - T - O -
The facsimile
olgnatnre of
Children Cry for
Ina (In.-; iral ,h location, 2 blook-Irinn 11 i'h School.
On the new Pipe Line Bjuluv.irJ- imt ilia place for a cheap homo.
STllKET OAR LINE will he estuml
walk of this property Will pell lit decide I
In 5 or 10 acre tracts i'nitlo the ; ly limit', uls'i adj inii;! I'hivel.
' GEORGE HILL. '471 HondSr., Occident lock,
T'.IK UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Eugene. Oregon, offers freo tuition to nl
fturfento. Yoiniu' men can obtain board, lodging, hent and ligbt in the dormitory
for $2.50 per week. Roomers fnrnibh their own liuen. Younj women are provided
with baurd in private families nt, $3.00 per week. Youna women desiring board
should aJdress Prof. John Slraup, Euiiene, Oregon ; or Secretary Young Women's
Christian Ats icialioii, Eugene. The Uuiveraity offers three bnccalanrcirte degrees
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Scieuce nud Bachelor of Letters, with corresponding
courses of study. The following shorter courses m e alsooffored: An English course
leading in two years to a busiiiCM diploma and in three years to the title graduate
in English; no advanced course for graduates of normal schools leadiug to the de
gree master of pedagogy ; o three years' course in civil engineering leading to the
degree civil engineer; a courne of two years for teachers of physical education
leading to a diploma nud the title director of physical education. The University
charges an incidental fae oHhh dollar.'', which is payable in ad vnnce by all students.
Students holding diplomas from '.ho public schools and those having teachers' cer,
tificates are admitted to the preparatory department without examination. Those
desiring information regnrdiu : ihe preparatory department should address the
dean, N. L. Nnrrei'n". V--
For c itiilngiiv i . i 'f". ..i i i ddreea C. H. Chapman, President, or J. J
Walton, Ssccrotaiy, , v ou.
Few Hen Would Ask
for a Finer Dinner
than those we serve. We're trying In
every way to make them the most en
joyable in town. All the "good things"
of the season cooked hy our excellent
cook in the most delicious style. Perfect
If you Invite a friend to the Palace
Restaurant the place Is a sufllci'nt guar
antee that he will receive a good meal.
The Palace Restaurant
Acts as trustee for corporation nl
individuals. Deposits solicited.
Interest will be allowed on raving
deposits at the rate of i per cent per
1. Q. A. BOWLBY ...President
BENJ. YOUNG Vice President
J. Q. A. Bowlby, C. H. Page, BenJ
Young, A. S. Reed, D. P. Thompson
W. E. Dement, Gust Holmes.
but a club belonged to Herculas. You
will never, be able to wield a club In
as lively a manner as that ultra-muscular
chappie, but you may recover physical
energy through the use of Hostetter s
Stomach Bitters,- if you will take that
thorough tonic with regularity and per
sistence, not spasmodicaily-by fits and
starts. Begin at once if vigor Is failing
you for debility is the certain parent
of disease, so that delay is dangerous.
Digestion, the function through the per
fect discharge of which the vigor is re
newed, is insured by '.ho Bitters. So are
appetite, sleep and nerve quietude. For
constipation, malaria, rheumatism, kid
ney and b'.adder trouble and biliousness
the bitters are unqualify the best
remedy extant. The restorative effects
of a wlne:assful three times every aay
will soon make themselves manifest.
Fortify the system and grow strong.
Blood purifier, given fresnne na
clearness to the completion and eaie
Constipation. ?5 cta SO ctt, Jl.M).
For Sale by J. W. Conn.
Children, especirEy Infants, are soon
tun down with Cholera Infantum or
'Summer Complaint." Don't wait to de-termi-Hr.
but give DeWitfs Co'.ic & Chol
era Cure promptly. yu can rely on it.
Use so ofaer.
R - I - A .
Is on every
Pitcher's Castorla.
s 1 tlim mimmor to within 5 minutes
150. row A CASE IT WILL NaT cune. fej
Anairreeable Laxative and NERVE TON IO,
Sold by Druggists or sent by mall. 25o60o
and $1.00 per package. Samples free.
TFA llf The Favorite lOOTHfoma
Ii.il HforUieTeett)AUdIinLb,a,
For Sale by J. W. Omn.
North Paeifie Breoiery
Bohemian Lager Beer
Leave order with J. L. Carlson at the
Sunnyside Saloon or Louis Boentge at
the Cosmopolitan Saloon. All orders will
be promptly attended to.
"Do unto others as you would have
others do unto you," la sympathetically
shown In the following llne), the pre
sumption being that sympathy Is born,
or akin to pain or sorrow:
"Gentlemen: Please send Krause's
Headache Capsules as follows: Two
boxes to Flora Seay, Havanna, N. Dak.
Two boxes to Lillie Wilcox, Brookland,
N. Dak. I nave always been a great
sufferer from headache and your Cap
sules are the only Wing that relieves
me." Youra very truly,
Havana, N. Dak.
For tele by Chas. ttogers, Astoria,
Or. Sole Agent
Gentlemen: I had occasion to use
several boxes or Krause's Headache
Capsules while traveling to Chicago to
attend the National Democratic Con
vention. They acted like a charm In
preventing headaches and dizziness.
Have had very little headache since
my return, which Is remarkable.
Yours, resoectful'v
Ed. Renovo (Pa.) Record.
For sale by Chas. Rogers, Astoria,
Or., sole agent.
IS8BI2S paiS
Tlde Table for August,. 1895.
h in I fl I h.m fl
Ii.m I ft.llh.m I ft
Thursday.. I
11 :if.-,, 0 127 II
12 12 II si! 10 42 Sol
4 2.'):
5 Hi!
-0 6.
4 IM8 9
5 12 3 7
rniuiy. .
-1 1
-1 7i
-1 3
-1 1
U It- tl:
1 1 ;m
MUV,8 5
0 41
0 49 3 2
7 2712 9
8 0112 6
8 :(2 2
9 060
Moniliiv. .
0 l.vMui
0 fd 17 I),
1 4Ml(i'
1 ft "i7 8
2 (, II
4 iwi; o.
1 47
2 8(1
3 21!
7 44
Tutwduy .. d
!-0 8;
8 OM
Friday.... !
Sutimttiv- H
8 81
8 t
-0 4
9 35
10 15
8 ,V2i8 0
4 808 0i
612l8 0
6 57i8 0
0 54 7 9
7 ft8l0
9 50
1 4
1 1
0 8
0 5
11 02
Mouiluy. ..id
10 21
Tiii'Kiitty .. .
Wwlii'sil'v 1 1
0 01
0 02
110012 5
11 MIS 2
1 1.V8 7
souls J
8 M
1 1
Friday It;
2 80
10 l:
11 Hi,
la 02
!) (MR 1
3 40l
4 40
-0 2
-0 81
10 108 3
4 21
11 12 80
1 1III7
1 f!8 8
2 82 8 5
SSJl-t 8
6 10-1 0
6 G
6 25
6 20
7 60
Moimnv 1!
0 108 8
1 00:8 8
Nedn'mi'v -I
-1 8
Thursday .t.
1 60!
2 8!l!
8 811
4 2S
8 II)1
8 Sli
b 3;
8 44
3 08 8 6
0 0
0 8
9 80
10 25
Kit unlay. .24
8 sola 6
4 88 8 &L 10 15
.Miuiduy .. Si'
Tiifsdav .. '27
5 20,
5 1818 2
fl 12 7 9
714!7 0
10 55
2 5!
6 4J,5:
8 2.ri 5 0
0 85
1 62
0 4 !U48
Wcdu'wl'v a
0 8 109
Oil 2 49
-o al 4io
Thursday .'-"J
10 00 51
8 '227 4
80!7 4
8 04
rruiay. . . . hij
1 Oil S 6
4 0.ii
Nitumny. .11
II hsfll
10 28 7 51
4 56
-0 41! 607
The following most Interesting state
ment Is taken from a report of the
superintendent of the Franor river yalmon
hatchery. It will toe reid wlthi interest
by many Astorians: "On the 21st of
September 'I sent men with the neces
sary mt&terials to Morris creek, Harrison
river, to build a trap and make the neces
sary preparations for capturing parent
s.ilmon and collecting ova. On the 2nd
of October the first lot of ov.i, 1,341.000
was received at the hatchery; on the 6th,
U8.00O; on the 11th, 1,02-1,000; on the 16th,
2.1H,000; on the 20th, 848,000 and on the
2Hh the last lot of 944,000; making a
total of G.7S2,000 ova, all of the sockeye
variety. The parent fish were all cap
tured In a trap constructed of pickets
4 feet long, IM..XI14 Inches, with spaces
of l'i inches between the pickets; the
trap was 12 ifeet square, having a V
shaped entrance. Adjoining the upper
end of this trap a pound or trap of a
similar size ancF construction was built.
The salmon entered the trip several days
liefcre their ova was fully ripened, and
in order to give them more room, and
also to facilitate handling them for strip
ping, the males were lifted In dip-nts
r.nd transferred to the pound. Gill-nets
were used formerly for catching the par
ent fish, but I have dispensed -with them
altogether, and in my opinion the ova
is in a better condition and hatches with
a, smaller percentage of loss when ob
tained from fish whle"i have entered the
trap of their own accord and there is no
loss of parent fish, whi:h is unavoidable
when they are netted In gill or drift-nets.
Die numlber of female salmon was 2,220;
they gave an average of 3,500 ova each;
for fertilizing these ova it took from
1,200 to 1,400 males. The parent fish male
and females when liberated appeared to
but little affectel by the operation
'amd confinement in the pounds. The
csgs in the hatchery are in prime con
dition; the number of dead eggs are less
than in any previous season In my ex
perience at this date."
Colonel Z. S. Spaulding, one of the
assenjrers by the Australia, says Fri
day's Call, Is on his way to "Washington
to lay the matter of a cable between
Honolulu and San Francisco before the
next congress. On the 12th Inst. President
Dole laid before both houses of the Ha
waiian legislature a contract made with
Colonel Spalding to grant a subsidy and
exclusive franchise in return for the
laying of the cable. The matter went
over till the chamber of commerce couid
ho hoard. Several members of the cham
ber objected to an exclusive franchise,
and spoke strongly against, but a small
majority were In favor of the cable, hold
ing that the government . must agree to
those conditions If the line was laid.
The next day the legislature ratified the
contract after a spirited opposition on
the part of those who thought the con
cessions too strong. The annual subsidy
was fixed at $40,000. The franchise Is for
a period of twenty years, but tho grant
shall not prevent any foreign government
having existing treaty rights with the
Hawaiian republic from landin? a cable
upon the islands from any point on the
North American continent. The twenty
years' subsidy of $10,000 is to begin from
the date of telegraphic communication
between Honolulu and a point at or near
San Francisco and the IslanJs of Ha
waii, Moiokal, Maui and KauaJ, and the
money to bo paid In nu-irterly Install
ments of $10,000 each. Colonel Spalding
will make a proposition to the next con
gress asking fur an annual subsidy from
tho United States government of $0,000.
Th,e work on the cable mu?t begin by
May 1, 1897, and be completed by Novem
ber 1, 1898, or the contract will be void
If Spalding fails to get assistance from
the United States the Hawaiian govern
ment may cancel the contract. The cable
company will be exempt from port
charges, taxes and duty jpon material
In addition to other Important privileges.
The telegraphic rates on other than gov
ernment mesaiges will not exceed $1 per
word. -
The run of soekeye salmon In the
Fraser river this year has to some ex
tent upset the calculations of many in
terested in this staple product of the
waters of the provlnca. It was antici
pated by some of those engaged in the
canning Industry that 1895 would prove
an off year, and apparently this expecta
tion found practical expression In a some
what limited preparation for the year's
pack. It has bten freely stated that
some of the canneries have already run
short of cans, so if this be so, it seems
to be a fact thit a comparatively small
run of fish was looked for. The run
commenced eariy and has not yet ceasjd.
At the time of writing the fish are not
numerous, the immense run of a week
earlier being over, but as there are a
few days to piss ere the fifhlng season,
closes, this is but in accordance iwith
the experience which led to the r.pproxl
mation of the time when the run may be
rxpected to fall off. Much has been said
shout the smallno?s of the season's aver
age catch per boat, but in miking com
parisons -with that of earlier years, the
very material increase of the number
of nets cast has frequently, if not gener
ally, been lost sight of. No ac lount is
usually taken of the fact th;it an pggre
gate catch which would give 1,500 boats
100 fish per day, would only give 65 each
to a fleet of 2,300 boats. So it seems
the daily reports of the average catch
per boat are unreliable for purposes of
comparison of agrsgate catch with that
of other year. The more trustworthy
comparative views would be that obtain
able from the yearly returns showing
the numlber of cases packed. For the cur
rent year the actual number Is not yet
ascertained, but a careful estimate places
the total of the Fnser river pack for
the season, to date, at between 280 000
and 300.000 cases, and allows a margin of
from 25,000 to GO.OOO cases as the addi
tional pack to the close of the season
That is to fay, the 1S95 pack of the
Fraser river canneries will be between
."25,(1(10 and 350,000 cases, but the figures
cannot be verified until the returns,
showing the actual number, are received
by the fisheries department. The flsh
(rtnen have benefited this year in reBpect
of prices paid for the fUfx. It Is to be
hoped that the canners, too, will find
an active market at remunerative rates.
In addition to the fish canned there has
been an Increased quantity of frozen
salmoi. sent away, some by rail to east
ern markets in Canila and the United
Slates, and some by the Canadian-Aun-trallan
steamers consigned to France,
England and Australia. From 2OT.0O0 to
OO.OiO pounds appears to be a moderate
esilmate of the quantity thus disposed of
t;l cason. An increase In this trade
may be looked for.
Crowds Still Continue and All
Are Merry.
One of Turner's Landscapes ViviHed
-Fishing; and Pigeon Shooting'
Engage the Men.
The season at Clatsop beaches, now on
the wane, has been a most successful one.
The weather has been exceptionally fine,
the bathing good, the crowds have been
large, and the special excursions and
dances have been most orderly and well
conducted. Last week was one of the
heaviest In years, but from now on
tho attendance will begin to thin out,
as It Is albout time for the children to
return to school, As a matter of fact,
however, September Is the pleasantest
month at the seaside. The weather Is
usually finer, the fishing In the Necannl
cum better, and outdoor life then reaches
Its highest enjoyment. The wornout man
can without let or hindrance, get near
to nature and breathe In fresh strength
for the long winter's battle.
The dance Saturday evening at Gil
bert's pavilion, Seaeide, attracted a large
crowd iwho tripped the light fantastic
until 12:30. The music was good and all
had a jolly time. The grove at Seuslde Is
full of campers, and the cottages are
still occupied. Many hundreds were in
the surf during the week and those who
have been at the coast for somo little
time unite in saying tnnt the dally bath
in the surf Is most Invigorating.
Sunday afteriuon Meat. E. C and
H. M. Hughes returned from a fishing
trip eight miles up the Necannicum and
displayed the dm.st gasket of trout seen
this season. T.iere were many of the
speckled be.vilk'-.! weighing from half a
pound to two and ono-half pounds. Mr.
H. M. Hughes had the distinction of
catching the largest llsh of the lot.
The ladles of "Elllne" cottage, at Gear
hart, the Misses Rumline and Helntz, on
Thursday made up a luncheon party for
a drive to the wreck of the .Cairns
more. The gentlemetn of the party were
Messrs. McLean, Hansen and Crosby.
A very pleasant time was had and the
gentlemen enjoyed the good things pre
pared by tho ladles. Other drives are
planned for the near future, to points of
beauty and interest In and about this
favored location.
The champion tennis game of the sea
son was played on Wednesday by Prof.
Brecce and Miss Theresa Clark against
the Rev. John Morrison and Miss Minnie
Bell, The first set looked rather du
bious for the latter teim, but they re
trieved their losses In the second. Time
being called before the rubber was fin
is'hcd, the umpire declared the game a
draw. Mr. Wilfred Trevors and Mr.
Sanford Kramer had a walking match on
Wednesday from eGarhirt to Grimes'
over the railroad track, Although Tre
vors arrived, first at the goal time, 20
minutes Kramer claimed that the match
should be a draw, as It was impossible
for either of them to arrive first, as
every step was a tie.
Little Dollie Watt, aged six or seven,
very nearly lost her life on Thursday
whho hunting crabs. The tide was low
and Dollie, with others, was hunting over
the sands for a catch when she espied
a fine large crab In one of the numerous
holes In the sand which the ebb tide
leaves filled with water, and where Mr.
Crablet likes to hide. She made a dash
Into tho pool, which sesmed to be shallow
Iiko many others, but she went down over
her head in the water, where sho re
mained some two minutes before being
rescued. She was carried to the hotel,
where every effort w,as made for her res
toration by her friends and relatives, and
finally consciousness was restored. It
was a narrow escape and the nearest ap
proach to a tragedy at Gearhart this
A tug race on the creek was announced
and It was reported about that Manager
Barmore would be one of the contestants,
which had the effect of bringing out the
entire population, but they were doomed
to disappointment, as Mr. B. was not
looking through that pair of spectacles.
bunday at Gearhart was one of those
beautiful days Which are more thoroush
ly enjoyed because they do not come so
frequently as to be an old story. The
air yas delightful, quite clear for August,
"with Just enough breeze to make It
pleasant. A particularly pretty sight was
the view of the natural parks which line
the Necannicum for miles. The stream
Winds about through meadow and grove
which in the bright sunlight and blue air,
with the bunches of cattle grazing here
and there, or standing In some shady
pool quietly chewing the cud, made one
feel that a landscape of Turner's had
been brought to life and the dreams of
the artist fully realized.
In the evening the new moon sent its
rays across the Pacific and illuminated
the beach until the scene became one
from fairyland and the silver-tipped
waves seemed to be lapping agalnBt the
shores of other climes where all Is beau
ty, symctry and perfection; where the
discordant notes of every day life are
transformed Into harmony; where all Is
love and peace and the sweetness of the
new life has dawned on eairtii.
The ship James Drummond, which last
week drifted cjose Inshore andi was res
cued by the tug Relief, was plainly seen
from- Gearhart, and caused no little
amount of speculation as to the causo
of her visit. i
There is good pigeon shooting at the
Park, and many are taking advantage of
the opportunity for a hunt.
W. J. Clemens and family closed their
cottaijre and returned to Portland Mon
day. Fern Camp was broken up Monday
and Mrs. J. T. Ross andi family returned
to the city. Other campers are booked to
arrive lu beautiful September, and while
the rush Is nearly over the hotels will do
a comfortable touolness during September,
as this is the month most enjoyed by
all true lovers of nature.
Manager Barmore and his corps of ef
ficient assistants at Gearhart have made
an enviable reputation and one and all
have expressed the hope that they may
have the popular resort In charge next
season. Always smiling, always kind to
the little ones, always trying to do some
thing to make things . pleasant for his
quests, Mr. Barmore will be remembered
hy hosts who enjoyed his hospitality.
Gearhart will probably remain open dur
ing September, the closing time not hav
ing been decided upon, and It will not
be clcsed soon If the present run keeps
up. Among the arrivals last week at
Gearhart are the following nimes:
F. W. Leadbetter, L. Ackerman, Dr.
W. H. Boyd. Vf. . Christians. Mrs.
Christian, Mrs. Mcintosh, Leslie Scott,
Walter Rosenthal, Miss Agnes Kelly,
Miss Leslie Dahl, Miss Eugenia Kern,
Sanford J. Kraemer, Miss Theresa Hard
ing, Miss Theresa Clark, " Robert Cahlll.
I. Kaufman, wife and nurse, Mrs. G.
W. Hahn and two children. Miss Rose
Bloch, S. K. Bergman, Mrs. C. C. Dono
van, Cilene Gladys Block, W. M. Flem
ing, Wm. Honeyman, Ml9 L. Ruther
ford, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilson. I..
Adams, W. J. Clemens. E. Ehrman, Plow
den Blott, Jas. Laldlaw, E. Hall, Mrs. E.
H. Hall, Mrs. Wright, Mn. I'eabody,
Mrs. M. 3. Kplnncy, Lena spinney, Mrs.
H. Emken, Miss Pearl Em ken. Miss Edna
Is flie strongest and best managed life
Insurance company on the fuce of the
earth. Our rates are no higher than oth
rs, for the same kind of a policy, and
our contract Is so much more liberal to
the Insurer that you cannot fford to
take anything else but an Equitablev pol
icy. Irresponsible travelling agents w.ll
misrepresent facts to you by trying to
make you believe that what they bave
Is Just as good as the Equitable. By
consuXng the insurance commissioner's
reports you will d.scover the falsehood.
There Is no company, "Just as good."
The Equitable Is now and has been for
fifteen years past THE best. L. Samuel,
Eugene Samuel, special agents.
Oliver, B. B. Tuttle and wife, Fred W.
Graves, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Duniway,
Mrs. Dr. J. A. White, Geo. W. Marshall,
M. Winters, A. Gavin, ticket auditor O.
R. & N., W. S. Coburn, passenger agent
O. R. & X., Vldae Marshall, Mark Levy,
wife and chr.i. Dr. and Mrs. D. H.
Rand, Sam B. Archer, Minnie Bell, Jen
nie Bell, Arthur Mackey, Robert J. Cou
perthwaite, J. M. Wright, G. F. Russell,
H. W. Evans and wife, Wm. Whigham,
E. J. Hall, B. B. Wilson, F. A. Snow,
J. C. Oliphant and1 wife, Portland; Miss
Mary Utzlnger, Miss Nell Gertrude Carn
ahan, Miss Rosanna Newlen, Miss Eliza
beth Reed, Isaac Bergman, Ida Bergman,
Mrs. W. iM. Kinney, Mrs. Kindred, R. B,
Wilson, Magnus C. Crosby, Mrs. M. C.
Crosby, Bellml K. Crosby, D. McLean, C.
F. Crosby, E. fW. Crosby, W. E. Tallant,
Miss 8. B. Roberts, Nell Carnahan, Mag
gie Hlggins, Mabel Ohler,, Lizzie Buscy,
W. G. Gosslin and wife, Mrs. W. C.
Cowglll, H. Ekstrom and wife, Astoria;
J. Lang, wlfa and daughter, Seaside; L.
Thanhuuser, Seaside; Mrs. Jno. L. Sharp
stein, Helen Shivrpsteln, Mrs. R. R. Reld
ford, Walla Walla; J. J. Shaw, Salem;
Wilfred Henry George Travors, London;
Emily Ryder Ehrman, Baltimore, Md.;
S. Mason Ehrman, London; Wilfredo En
rique Jorge Trevorios, Argentina; Miss
N. M. Parmenter, Salem; Miss S. M.
Davis, Webster, Mass. ; Mrs. W. D. Hare,
Miss Ruth Hare, Hillsboro; Mrs. H. H.
Tinker, Long Beach; Mvs. L. Kayler,
Ilwaco, Wash.; Francis Martin, Emily
Holbrooke Seaside; Frances E. Jeffrey,
Edna J. Jeffrey, 'Bert Irwin, Mlllardi Hol
brook, Seaside; George F. Ormiby, Bos
ton; Mrs. J. Burgess, Chicago; Dr. Belle
J. McDonald,' Miss Daisy Schmeer, V.
Evelyn, San Francisco; E. P. Wilson,
Fort Stevens; Miss Greene, Sacramento;
Miss Knox, Miss Grounds, Adelaide, Aus.;
Miss Barger, Melbourne, Aus.; F. M. De
Witt, Coolgarder, Aus.
Notice is hereby given' that the under
signed, Assignee of I. W. Case, Willi sell
at public auction to the highest btdder
for cash In United States gold coin, on
Saturday, August 24th, 1895, at the hour
of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, the follow
ing described bulldlng, which are sit
uated on leased ground subject to re
moval, to-wlt:
1st That certain building occupied by
Camalhan & Co., as a store, on the cor
ner of 10th and Bond streets.
2nd That certain two-atory frame build
ing situated on the southwest corner of
the trtterBMttoa of 12th end Commercial
streets, and otcupled on the first floor
as a fruit store and barber Shop,
3rd The building fromming on Commer
cial street between 10Uh and lli:h streets,
known as the Bee Hive. All of said
buildings in the City of Astoria, Clatsop
County, Oregon.
The Assignee reserves the right to re
ject any and ell tads.
For piano tuning, please leave orders
at Griffin & Reed's book store, Commer
cial street, or address Th. Frederikson,
Piano Tuner, 2071 'Bond street. Telephone
No. 24.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
Show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all olherr
"With the several noteworty repairs
fresh In mind that have of late been
made and described In the case of broken
down machinery at sea, it is interesting
to recall an experience of older standing
which occurred on a steamer in eastern
waters a number of years ago and which
is quite as illustrative of ready engineer
ing expedients as any of later date. On
the Ship In question while going at full
speed, the engine suddenly gave a loud
crack, as If something had burst, ana
tlen came to a stop. The chief engineer
hurried Into the engine room and exam'
ined everything, without finding any
cause for the accident. The valve oas.
lngs, too, were Inspected, without any
clue to the trouble, but on taking oft
the low pressure cylinder cover, a hole
was discovered In tho side of the cylinder,
measuring about three feet square, and
the pieces of metal from the wail were
found lying on the top of the piston. The
weather being squally no time was to
bo lost, and the happy idea occurred to
the chief engineer to mike a wooden
patch, which he proceeded to do first by
getting a piece of wood two inches thick
and six Inches wide, which he j.ut be
tween the jackets and the cylinder face,
bedding It close at both ends and holding
It by means of countersunk screws
through the cylinder face. Six such
pieces were put In and secured In this
way, and then some hardwood was used
to make the recess still ren.ilnlng flush
with the working face of the cylinder,
the hardwood being screwed to the six
Inch pieces first mentioned. Only seven
hours was taken up In making the In
genious repair and the cylinder cover be
ing put back In iplaco the engines were
tried with albout 4C pounds of steam,
and were afiowed to work at half speed
until the steamer was brought B.afely Into
'It is not generally known," said a
Tacoma shipper to a News reporter,
"that the Seminole Is one of the oldest
vessels in the carrying trade of the Pa
cific coast, but such Is a fact. I re
member her very well when she ran be
tween New York and Sin Francisco In
tho early 60's, and, If I remember correct
ly, Harbormaster Cllft, of this city, made
bis last trip .before the mast on her. He
shipped from New York to 'Frisco and
return, I believe, In the year 1W1. No,
she don't look much like she did then.
In those days she was considered one of
the fastest ships In the business, and
she was full-rigged, with an enormous
canvas carrying capacity. Since then
she has been bark-rigged and her en
tire rig Is much lighter than when she
was a ship. Old Joneph Warren Holmes
was ber master, and I recollect, took a
great pride In his. ship, which at that
time was really a very fine vessel."
The steamer Bailey Gatzert which left
up for Portland at 7 o'clock yesterday
morning, went asJiore in the smoke and
fog about 300 yards above Bay View, on
a sandy rise on the right side of the
channel. She was in no danger and aii
lier passengers remained aboard her. It
was expected that she would nave float
ed off st high water last night. As toon
as word was brought down to tnls city
on the afternoon boats,' Mr. ritoni tele
graphed to tho Portland office of the
company, notifying them of the oocur
ence." The steamer 'Elmore arrived in yestr
ik afternoon from Tli'.amovk with six
tonr of fine dairy butter.
E. flcNEIL, Receiver.
Gives Choice
of " ,
Tmo Transcontinental
St. Paul.
Ogden, Denver
Omaha or,
St. Paul
Pullman and Tourist Sleeper
Free ffesllnlng Chilrs Car.
Astoria to San Francisco.
State, Wednesday, July 3.
Oregon, Monday, July 8.
State, Saturday, July 13.
Oregon, Thursday, July 18.
State, Tuesday, July 23.
Oregon, Sunday, July 28.
State, Friday, August 2.
Astoria and Portlnd Steamers.
T. J. Potter leaves Astoria Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day at 7 p. in., and Sunday upon her
arrival from Ilwaco In the evening.
Leaves Portland Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7
a. m., and Saturday at 1 p.. m.
R. R. Thompson leaves Astoria daily,
except Sunday, at 6:45 a. m., Sunday at
7 p. m.; leaves Portland dally, except
Sunday, at 8 p. m. On Saturday will
leave at 10 p. m.
Harvest Queen leaves Astoria Monday
at 6:45 a. m.; leaves Portland Saturday
at 7 a. m.
For rates and general Information call
on or address
Commercial Agent, Astoria, Or.
Gen. Pas. Agt, Portland, Or.
Telephone & Bailey Gatzett
Columbia River and Puget Sound Nav
igation Co.
Two Daily Floats to Portland
"Telephone" lenves Astoria at 7 p. no,
daily (except Sunday).
my (except ntimia
Leaves Portland
daily at 7
n. m., ex-
oept MnndBV,
"Bniley Gstzert" leaves Astoria Tueg-
dny, Wednesday, Thnrsdny, Friday and
Saturday morning at 6 :45 a. m. ; Sunday
evHnintr at 7 p. m.
Leaves Portland daily at 8 p. m., ex
cept hunilny. Un (Saturday uigbt. at Jl
p. m.
Stenim r Ocean Wave leaves Portland
Tuesdsy and Thursday at 8 a, m., Satur
day at 1 p. in., running straight through
to Ilwaco, connecting wi 111 trains for all
points on North Beach. Leaves Ilwaco
Wednesday and Friday morning at 7:30
o'clock, Sunday night at 0 o'olock, for
Portland. U. W. STONE,
Agent, Astoria.
Telephone No. 1L
U. B. Scott, President
B. A. Seeley, Gen'l Agt., Portland.
Astorli, Oregon.
Ship Chandlery,
. Groceries,
Special Attention Psld to Supplying Ships'
Japanese Bazaar
Ladies' and Children's hats
and duck suits.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
underwear made to order.
Lowest prices in Astoria.
417 Bond Street next door to Mouler's
Fruit Store.
im HI J U non-Dolmnom
S mmedv for llnnnrrluH
CUHKi, I (Hwit, 8rmtc,rrhif
. t . . 1 WhllM MnH , I : .
GaftrtalMd W Charsw. or ativ lliflamniii.
04 u MrUvor. tiun. irrltkti,,n ... ni, ,,..
I'wnu mihin, tlon-o! Duteous mam
fHtEvwi Chuiimi Co. lrnn. Non-utriageut.
eiCITI,0.J J 7 imrauu,
, 0,1.1, or sent In plain wrnpiw,
. J t'T eiprrM, rnpul.:, Ul
jrrl l.1w "r DOIIIUH, f2.73.
Kv H Circular toot uu nniuast.
fnl ? s
lJolAla Mlo
y a
Rooms I and 2. Fythi.,u
over C. H Cooper's Viore
German Physician. Eel
Office over Albert Dunbar s istor-. . ..r.
9th and Co imerclal. Prices: Cu. s. tl;
confinement), $10.00. Operations at Hi.-
free; medicines furnished.
W. C. LOGAN, D. V. 8.,
Maiiuell block. D73 Thlld mrw
Office over Olsen's drug store. Hour, lu
to 12 a. m.; 2 to 6 and 1 to 8 p. in. Sun
days, 10 to 11.
Office and rooms In .Kinney blocK
Office Hours, 10 to 12:30 and 4 to K.JO
Surgery and Dlseasc'j of Women a .-'pa-clalty.
Office, 6S4 Third St., Astoria, Ore.
Special attention given to all chronl
Special attention to diseases of wom
en and surgery.
Office over Daniiger'i store, Astoria.
Telephone JTo. 62.
Office, Rooms and 6, Pythlun
Building, Hours, 10 to 13 and 1 to
5. Residence, 639, Cedar street.
May be found In his office unti it
o'clock mornlngrs, from 12 noon until
P. m., and from 6 until 7:30 evening. .
W. IT. LaForce. a. B. Smith.
385 Commercial street.
Office on Second Street, Astoria. Or.
J. N. Dolph. Richard Nlxou
Chester V. Dolph.
Portland, Oregon, 24, 25, 26, and 27,
Hamilton Buildlngr. All leyal and col
lection business promptly attended to.
Claims against the government a spe
A. M. Regular communications held
on the first and third Tuesday evening
of each month.
E. C. HOLDEN, So-mitary.
461 Commercial Street.
WHW tm pnpTi.AHn ruii
Handley & Haas. 1M First street itnd
set the n&llv Amtnrinn Vlaltnm nuH
not miss their morning paper while
fandel wine instead of coffee or ten.
Fifty cents per gallon. Don't forget
peach and apricot brandy. Also French
Oopnao and wine at Alex Gilbert's
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions, Fruits
Vegetables, Crockery, Glass and
Plated Ware. Loggers' Supplies.
Cor. Cass ami Squemoque Streets. Astoria, Ore
Oas and Steam Fitting,
Hot Air, Steam and
Water Heatlng.--''
179 Twelfth street Astoria. Or.
Special attention paid to steamboat re
pairing, first-class horseshoeing, etc.
197 Olney street, between Third and
and Fourth, Astoria, Or.
Seals Steel Dies, Wood & JVletol.
Society Calling Cards and An
nouncemeuts Engraved aud
!itt5 Morrison St., l'ortland, Or.
MAKE Attractive. Startby beinR (lie
HfiMEJ most beautilul creature in i;
nUi It If you have beauty pren'rve
it. If not. von can improve von looks
immensely. Wbere there's a nil! there's
a wnv. A enod way is the use of mv
articles, especially
Lola Jlontez Greme
75c per pot.
Brings beaii'y to
the face by feed-
rif tiirouuh the
skin pores, kuvm
life to faded (i.tvn.
Sold by Mrs 1J
4o7 JDuane St. As
loria.Orenon. flfOM 7 Mrs mettle linr-
U rVSotCw risoo, America'
WiUktUcuwnt rWJ
Tuttu, Huv fteauly doctor.
40 and 42 Geary fit, Sim Fr. n Iwo. Cnl.
What the Oambrlnus Beer Hall tried
to do In selecting their liquors was to
pick out what intelligent people ivould
want if they knew It as experienwd
pn)A phouM k !t. M'ihc a T. ' '
of this If you want pure liquors. (Jeorgs
Bartley, Proprietor.

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