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for Infants and Children.
MOTHERS, Do You Know that Paregoric,
Batemaa's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soothing 8yrups, aud
most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine?
ftp Tom Know that opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poisons?
Ho Yon Know that In most countries druggists are not permitted toscQ narcotics
without labeling them poisons ?
Po Yon Know that you should not permit any medicine to be given your child
unless you or youtphysician know of what It is composed ?
Po Yon Know that Castoria Is a purely vegetable preparation, and that list of
It Ingredients is published with every bottle ?
no Yon Know that Castoria Is the prescription of the famous Dr. Samuel Pitcher.
That It has been In use for nearly thirty years, and that more Castoria is now sold than
of all other remedies for children combined?
Po Yon Know that the Patent Office Department of the United States, and of
other countries, have issued exclusive right to, Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to use the word
" Castoria " and Its formula, and that to Imitate them is a state prison offense?
Po Yon Know that one of the reasons for granting this government protection
was because Castoria had been proven to be absolutely harmless ?
Po Yon Know that 35 average doses of Castoria are furnished for 35
cents, or one cent a dose?
Po Yon Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your children may
be kept well, and that yoa may have unbroken rest?
Well, these things are worth knowing. They are facts.
The facsimile
signature of
on every
Children Cy for Pitcher's Castoria.
Tide Table for November, 1895.
DATE. A.M. I P.M. A.M. P.M.
h tn- ft, Ih.m ft h.ni ft. h.m I ft
Friday.... 1 0liti70i 11.W82 6 00 2 2i 680 04
Siiturday.. 2 041 7 li 1 So 8 6 628:26 7W 00
SUNDAY . 8 1 -24 7 0 12 65 8 7 6 6.18 7 7 48-0 3
Monday. .. 4 2 00 7 01 1 30 8 8 7S829 8 20 -06
Tuesday., fi 2 40 9; 2 088 8 8 02:8 1 9 01 -0 6
Wedn'sd'y 0 83597 2 61 8 8 8 4.18 8 9 60 -0 8
Thursday.. 7 4 2, 0 0 84 '88 9 30 8 6 10 40 Oo
Friday S 8 2U 66 4 38 78 10 8i8 7 11 41 06
Saturday.. j 6 19 6 5 6 48 7 4 U53i87
SUNDAY. 10 7 17 6 8 7 10 7 I 0 4609 1 15 83
Monday. ...11 81372 8 24 7 0 1 48 1 8 228 25
Tuesday. ..fc 9 017 5 8 88 7 8 2 4011 5 8 84 1 6
Wedn'sd'y 13 9 62 8 1 10 41 7 6 8 48 1 7 4 81! 0 7
Thursday ,H 1(1 8s 8 11 40 7 7 4 41 1 9 6 25 -0
Friday ....1.1 11 2) 91 . 627 29 61.1 -09
Saturday.. J 0 33 7 8i 12 0Y9 3 12'25 701 -1 8
SUNDAY. 17 123 7 7112 46 9 1 665,28 7 48 -1 4
Monday ..is 211751 131i98 7 8881 838-11
Tuesday.. 19 3 01 7 4 2 168 9 '8 25 3 4 9 18 0 8
Wedn'sd'y 351170! 8OO184 9 16 8 8 1COI 0 2
Thursday .21 4 40 7 0' 8 607 7 1012 3 8 10 51 -0 4
Friday.... 22 680 68 44271 111839 1140 1 1
Saturday. 23 tt 19 6 8 6 42164 .. . . 12 83 8 7
M1.SD..Y 24 7 05 6 9 6 60 8 0 0 80 1 6 1 88 8 3
Mo"day.& 7 60 7 1 8 00 6 8 1 21 2 1 2 40 2 9
Tuesday ..Stl 8 34 72 9 OK 9 01 2 13 2 4 832 24
Wedn'a(l')27 9 18.7 6 1008 6 1 80827 4 IK 1 7
Thursday .28 9 5H79 110363 85629 600 11
KrMay 29 10358 1 11 52 66 48982 637 04
!aturday..30 1ll08 5 618 88 615 01
JVIarlne Hatters, Here, There and
The Curt la goes to sea on Thursday.
The schooner Leitia went out in, tow
of the Escort yesterday.
The ship Howena left up'ifor Portland
on the tide yesterday.
The at earner Harrison came In from
the Sluslaw at tmidnlfjhit on Sunday.
The bark AndhencaJrn land the barken-
tine Ohtihulia went to sea on Sunday.
The etiealmwr BXmore left out on Sun
day morning ifor TKCaimook and the Ne-
Tine sdhboner Neptune arrived in from
San Frncleoo In balOast yesterday morn
R. p. eiimore;
Open por
Special Charter.
Bailing, dates to and from Tillamook and Nelialem depend
on the weather. For freight and passenger
rates apply to
0. K & N. CO., Ajcena, Portland.
Rfter (Deals!
Or at any oilier time
when you with n good
;:;nr ack for the wi;ll
known. borne-made,
liiiml inh 'e, white lolor
"La Belle Astoria."
Conceded by all smokers
to be the best ciar
71 H'mi) Street,
A.torla. Oregon.
: First Class Funerals :
POHIi'S Undertaking Parlors,
Rat W.i.n.iM Emtal-lna a Specialty
The only railroad lighting Ita traina by
Tne only railroad using the ceU bra'.ed
eotris berth reading kunp.
The coactiea now runnlnc on 'The Slll
maukee" are Palace, on Wheels.
On ail lta thiMutth llnt. the Chicago,
ir iw.Yuk.e and St. I'juI lUllumy run the
x.ist perfectly equipped trln of SleejK
n. larMr, and 1IW 'r and a-.
K.r lo e; -. la any r-a n In the
I'-i-ed tS-itea and Canada. arm ta tick
Vii. or addrvss C. J. KIMT.
OenvTAl Ant
Portland, tvcvav
Gentlemen: I had occasion to um
Beveral boxes oT Krause'B Headache
Capsules while traveling to Chicago to
attend the National Democratic Con
vention. They acted like a charm in
preventing headaches and dizziness.
Have had very little headache since
my return, which Is remarkable.
Tours, resoectfuliv
Ed. Renovo (Pa.) Record.
For sale by Chas. Rogers, Astoria..
Or., sole agent
Picnic Canned Goods,
Camp Stoves,
Camp Cooking Utensils,
And the latest
All-Wool Sleeping Bags
At all prices. Just the thing for damp
ers, prospectors, etc. Sure to keep warm
at nights. Better than blankets.
Tine pilot sclioonera Loyal and San Jose
came in yesterday. They go out again
Vhta morning.
The George Curtis -was fully laden ye
'Cerday and puOTed out Into the stream
'from the O. R. and N. dock during the
It Is understood that Heiarttih Officer Ful
ton has complained to Collector Page
about 'the boarding of vessels on their ar
rival here, and 'before they have been In
spected, 'by butdhers, runners and oMh
unauthorized persons. Hereafter no boats
other than the custom Jiouse and health
officer's 'boats will be permitted to make
fast to vessels or tow alongside untiil they
Wave ibeen regularly Inspected and dis
charged by Dr. Fulton.
of his vessel. 'These abstract forms have
been received at the custom house, and
the following tare -the headings of the
columns What rhe captoun has to nil' out
Dajte, tnmrbr of male taken, number
of tfemaOea ttoken, number sex not deter
mined, total for ttaia day, number tlhot,
number speared, nvran position of vessel
hew fair from noon positions were seals
taSoen, direction and force of wind and
state of weatih'er at midnight, 8 u. m.
noon and 8 p. n."
The Ibrlgantlno Pltcalrn, which left here
wltlh In. nnrtv n.f RpvAnth.Dn.v AHvoRlata
albout a year ao, has been reported from ?m the wlhlteflsh, and Oeorwe T.
The Commercial Revlaw say: "During
the past week a rather tetter tone was
developed, owing to Improved advices
from the East and Europe. At the pres.
writing It would be safe to quote 82c per
cental for Walla Walla and Valley 86c.
There Is apparently a steady export In.
qulry on tlhe basis above quoted; but any
extra firmness 0 sellers or attempt to
force prices higher than they are Just!
fled causes buyers to (void a!oof until
hoCders are willing to meet the situation.
Offerings are sonxwQiat larger and ex.
porters have all the wheat they require
for present w&nlts. There has fceen no
urging on their part to purchase, as the
tonnage on hand and due are amply
provided for and will receive quick d1s
palMh, not having to detain It for want
of wheialt, Whougb some holders' Meas
are eotnewttat elevated owing to rather
firmer foreign advices, but the movement
on the whole has been quite earttefac
tory. Exports1 of wheat and flour so far
tiMs season have been quite liberal:, with
every project of free tMpmenits through
out tlhe season. On Purer sound the
market te In an unfavonalUe condition
tfttarp oompotftion among 'buyers Is one
tlhe causes, amd receipts are not up to
the average. Spokame, Wash., la paying
more for wheat than those points, and
tlhe deaCers on the Sound are finding fault
iwirth the railroad cumpanfeis, which are
discriminating agaHnet Sowndl ports. Con.
BUderaiKe off-raJdiei wheatl is being
shipped from Tacoma to San Francisco.
Throughonit tlhe Patouse valley reports
reach va that three -fourtha of the crop
is In the warehouses, with a small per
centage of the crop marketed, though a
greater setilng pressure to noticeable."
WWlteflslh ane biting In Lake Washing.
ton. This is a doubCe-ended piece of
news, for not many people are aware
that the Jake was ever stocked with
wlhlttefiah, and flsThermen who think they
know it acl believe that the whltensh
will not take halt except when In ' the
smalt streams. But George Dofner.
foreman at Miles' stove works, caught
'ttinee nne specimens on Btvnaay on a
email hook halted with worms. He
gave two of Hhem, each a foot long, to
his employer, Z. C. Wiles, who was over
joyed to find the whlteflsh were living
and irriiiJtlpCylng In the Cakes. "We
stocked the lakes with whrtefteh In 1S08,'
he eialld yesterday, "and we thought they
had all disappeared, had been eaten up
by the other fishes. The fish I got on
Sunday were the first I had heard of
flhtem. Tea, 1 enjoyed them very much.
The whltefUh is one of the best food
fttlhes there 1s, an dedicate as the trout,
but urvudh flatter fat enough to fry it
self. George T. Myers and myself put
In the whlteflsh fry nine yeans ago. The
ulnillted States fish commission steamer,
tlhe Athaitross, was In the Sound at the
time, ainki we got nearly 800.000 young
wihltefltdh from tlhem, and we placed them
In the lake about 200 yards fromi the
shore. I am surprised that they can
be taken wirth a hook, as the whlteflsh
has a very smiaCl mouth and lives light
on the ttotora But when in the gmatl
streams they will take bait. They must
be getting pretty thick In the lake now,
I OToutd suppose. George, Dofner eUso
caught one 18 Inches long two Sundays
ago." 8. T ooomba has aino caught
Nukualofa, Aonga. The Adventlsts fiad
oa'.led at TalhiM, Rarotonga, Runutu, Nue
in tlhe Savage Islands, and Pltcalrn. At
the latter pOace they landed a number of
the tellajndera who had been on a visit to
San FYandlsco, and at the other peaces
'owey oistrtbuted paimphlets and did the:r
beat rowaru making converts. Call..
, Bis fill 1 aoa-poitrmoos
rm4y for Gonorrhoeft,
l'l'HU Jlt. 8rnftlorrba,
mm u rh&rirM, or stir tnflammft.
is w w iumi, irruatiun vr mcra-
wats twM. Urn t,I udcobi n..in
'wttlllHS"ir "" ho-irinrDt.
k r 1 , j i'ot mnt in plain rrtr
rS'fhl SI 0U. i 1 Lotllos WM.
' B i ircular tent im mnt
"This 3d Bind 4th of Docwmljer," says
BfittoW Oolumbila Commercial Journal,
'iwHl settle tho faite of seal skin priecs
for the preeent year, as Uampson's great
sole Is now a fixture for the flrat-imen-tloned
date, and the Hudson Bay Com
pany wl!t hoFd their saks on the illh.
AH ilniterested In the Industry await the
verdict with expectancy, as In the face
of tlhe llglht catch amd the superior qual
ity cf this year's skins, Wgher quota
tions aire to be relaisonaMy expected."
Pdtcr Murphy, an empCoye of the O. R.
& N. at Riparia, was drowned lost Satur
day in Snake river, says the Statesman.
Murphy was working on a wharf boat,
antt as the pftedmlver sent down the
plica and the men cut off the tops, he
would go about In a eklff and pick up the
enas Tor ruel. As he was reaching for
one of She pieces of timber the boat went
from under hlrm oral he fell Into the
water. Not belhig a ewlmmar. he
drowined before the men could get to him.
Murphy s ibody was recovered the follow
ing day. He leaves a wife and thi
The West Coast Trade eivsl "The
Washington pilots who ore going to do
business at the mouth of the Columbia
river this season are buiidlng a fine new
pilot schooner, the Tubal Cain, and have
oroairterea tne schooner Loyal and rtilp
Dovemby Hall. They promise to make
compoUtlon terterestlng for the Oremn
pCots. The Washington plCbts have done
considerable mbrk '.ately and no one nam
deny that they promise to make com-
peuwon interesting for the Oregon pHots,
If, In addition to the schooner LovaJ.
they have, as our cowteimflorary staVs,
chartered the British ship Dovenby Hal!
aa a puoi coat, isn't there a mistake
In the San Framd'sco Bulletin of recent
rJalte a commuMoatJion signed "Neptune,"
appeared In wheh It was chanted that the
schooner Moonlight, which sailed from
SeaitlUle for Honolulu about a year em
carried as captailn an Illiterate hodcarrler
named "Ted" Simpson, whose nC
knowledge of navigation was filmed c
dlslhwBBher on a coasting steamer, and
the writer, who It appears was cne of
the crew, states that Slmnson dalm.-d to
hlave some wonderful method of naviga
tion, wrnerem lie used two stidks to deter
mine tine vessel's position. It Is aTso
Stated that the terms used were ony-
nniiK mil nautical, ana that Simpson
once Clailmed to Wive seen an Iceberg In
the renton of the Guff of California. Th
punpeoe of M10 a itc'e is to protest against
one t imp wyment c un.lcenjed sailing offl
cers and to fivor a law providing a rem
edy, such as Id required for steamers:
"The cotedtor of the
Commercial News, "Is now in possession
of a number of large. eCeeantfv hnnnA
offivital sealing log books issued by the
B-jvurroneni; me captain of any vessel
clearing at the custom house on a seal
ing voyage can obtain one free of charge.
The foMowuig directions to masters ap
pear in tihe beginning of the book: The
log shall be kept up from the time of
leaving port until reaching port again at
the end of the cruise. Und?r the head
ing of 'Remarks' for each day you -will
reord the foKowing facts: The direction
and force nf any currents encountered;
the number of seafa seen during the day;
ttrelr habfls at the time, whether sleep
ing, finning or traveling; whether the
sea's taken on this day were captured
whL'e keeping, tinning or traveling; In
cuiite tlhe day was imsuttahCe for sealing,
note the fact and explain the reasons
thfrefor; explain, so far as possible, the
orroumstances connnecHed with any un
successful efforts to spear or shoot seats;
record any additional facts which you
consider Interest In or Important, whether
they relate to seaCs or not After enter
ing port at the end of enjise, and before
landing cargo, you will Snike oarh 10
the correctness of the statements en
tered In this log. and ds:ivejr the vg t
to the coCector of customs; ypu will also
artrra-er uij.Ikt oath Vte inif jSaflon re
qulml In the form annexed & the end
of this tog book. When returning from
a cruVse a captain, entering atSthe cus
tom house, has to write out aJ swear
to an abstract from the seal, log book
Myers hears that they are quite plentl
tuu in t'he streams about Renton, and
mmt they bite freely. Sealt He Post'
Oa.pe Flaittcry Fog Signal.
Notice Is hereby given that on and after
October 30lh, 1895, on account of scarcity
of water, Cape Fttaittery Fog-Slgiin'.C will
bOow but once in live minutes until the
rainy season sets In, excepting when
hearing a veeel whistle or horn, then the
rog-signiaa will bjaw regularly until vessel
Is passed.
This notice affects the List of Light and
Fog-Signals, Pacific Coast, 1895, Page 22,
No. 989, and the List of Beacons and
Buoys, Pacific Coast, 1891, Page 48.
By order of Uie Iilght-Housa Board.
Commander N. S. N.,
Inspector 13th L. H. District.
You ought to keep your flesh, up. Dis
ease Will follow, if you let it go below a
heaitlhy standard. No twitter how this
comes, what you need is Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. That Is the
greatest flesh-builder known to medical
science, far surpassing filthy cod liver
oil and all its 'nasty compounds. It's
suited to the most drlleots stomach.
It makes the monbldT.y thin plump and
rosy, wth (health and strength.
Send' for a free pamphlet, or remit 10
cents (stamps) and get a book of 168
pages with tcstlmonlaJs, address? and
portraits. Address World's Dlnpe.isary
'Medical 'Association, 8fil Main street. Buf
falo, N. Y.
Rupture or breach permanently cured
without the knife. Address, for pam
phlet and references. World's DUpensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
(Miss Virginia Penny, whlo worked and
wrote to aid many women, Is now, In
her old age, dependent on her friends
for t'he necessities of life.
claimed for It. Why not try a remedy
so long tried and tested. Trial bottie
free at Chas. Rogers' drug store. Regular
size tOc. and II.
"Help! Hetp!" cried the man wfto was
being robbed. "Oajm yourself," said the
highwayman. I don't need any esjfst
once." S
All tiitr paten: medlat'ip advertised
m this paper, together with the oholo-
st perfumery, and toilet articles, etc.
r. k iiitht at tne lowest prices at
I. W. Conn's drug Btoe, opposite Oo-
'iiicnt Hi.ti'i. A.torla.
Mr. Ferry I see that at a wedding t
Qulncy, 111., the man promised to obey,
instead of tlhe woman. I wond'or how
tftue match wf.l turn out? Mrs. Ferry
ut, about like any other marriage.
don't suppose he meant It, any more
tlhan the iwoman uoes when the eays it
KARL'S CbOVER HOOT will purify;
your 0100a, clear your complexion, reg
ulate your Bowels, and make your head
clear as a ben. 25 cts 50 cm., and J1.00.
aoia ry j. w. conn.
Cincinnati people were surprised yester
day to see a eoupte of women piling up
bricks In a brick yard. That's all eight;
Just wait till the women go on s strike
and begin to throw Dhe ohtongs of burnt
day land Chen iwKS be the time for alarm.
The hearing properties of DeWltt's
Witch Hazel Salve are well known. It
cures eczema, skin affections, and Is sim-
p.y a perfect remedy for piles. Chas.
"These poets are a Cozy set," Said the
practical man. "Oh, I don't know."
said the other. "But I know they are.
Why, time and again I hove asked Ry-
mon to explain some of his stuff to me
when I see It In the paper, and. do you
know, he never iwdl take tlhe trouble,
long as I have knowed hm?"
There are many good reasons why you
should use One Minute Cough Cure.
There are no reasons why you should not,
If In need of help, The only harmless
remedy that produces Immediate results.
Chas. Rogers.
Old-fashioned Mother Goodness. rra-
clous mel How dare you? The Ideal
That I should have lived to see you
smoking a cigarette! Daughter But.
mamma, don't you know that smoke Is
sure death to all microbes on the Hps?
u. r. twit Ana now nave you been
accumulating any of them?
ROYAL Baking Powder.
Highest of all la leavening
Strength. V. S. Government Report
They bent over him tenderly. "Whv
did you slhioot youseOf, Bl'Jl?" they asked.
"Couldn't find no one etee In this one-
hoss town fitten to spend good powder
and lead on," answered 'the terror, ere
he passed to the beyond.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria
"That is Willie playing hatt-back." said
the fond mother. "We look on him as
the flower of 'the family," She added,
with excusable pride. "Oh," eald the
friend. "I see. Thechirysanthemum."
'M?f:).i;l. ; W
A Specialty.
I872 - 1895
Ship Chandelery,
Iron & Steel,
Groceries & Provisions,
Flour &JX1II Feed,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Loggers Supplies,
Fairbank's Scales,
Doors & Windows,
Agricultural Implements
Wagons & Vehicles.
E. JlcNEIL, Receiver.
The cream of
purest Norwegian
cod-liver oil, with
adapted to the
weakest digestion.
Almost as
palatable as milk.
Two Sizes 50 cent and 11.00
SCOTT & BOWNE, - New York
H For shortening never use more
ti ""m kiTv-uiiius na mum vuuv
Hlene as you would of lard. When
m frying with Cottolcne always put
The best salve in the world for Cut
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum,
E'?! Br. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and All Skin Eh-up-r.lons,
and positively cures Plies, or no
nay required. It la guaranteed to give
pi-rfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
I'rlce, 25 cents per box. For sale by
'?has. Rovers. Odd Fellows' building.
Sargent ecenftly painted a portiult of
t-tt'i'ti. The inimitable AdIna was
Brnipty stored In the antic.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
New Settler Look hers, you told me
wmen I hought tih.' ptace of you that It
Was free from materia. Now, my whole
family Is down with the chill I sent
some of the water on the pdace to a
dheuiist, and he says It Is full of mala
rial", genms. Olonct Kane Tucker Btood
Oh, the water! You must have been
drtnlririg ft.
SHILOH'S CURB la sold on guar-
niee. it cures incipient consumption.
t la the best Cough Cure. Only on
ent a aose. z& cents, to cts., and 11.00.
For 8al8 by J. W. Conn.
This morning; about 10 o'clock Chartea
Oarr, while digging a grave In Oakland
cemetery, was overcome toy the heat, and
died before he' had htadf finished the
grave. His death was not discovered
until after the arrival of the funeral pro
cession at the cemetery, when his body
wus found tying In the ha'f-made grave,
-lattte Rtoclc Specter New Orleans
D. W. Fuller, of Canaicftarie, N. T.,
says that he always keeps Dr. King's
Nw Discovery m the bouse and his fam
ily has always found the vtry best re
sult follow Its ue; that he would nui
b without it, Ut procurable. Q. A. Dyke
man. DruiTKlst, Catskill, N. T., says that
Dr. King's New Discovery Is undoubtedly
ths best couch remedy: that h has used
It la bis family for eight years and that
It has never failed to do all that Is
it In a cold pan, beating it with
SI th nnn lnttnlana rvwvl Aa 41a
'A best results when very hot, but ai
a it reacnes tne cooking point mucn
sooner than lard, care should be
taken not to let it burn when Hot
enough, it will delicately brown
a bit of bread in half a minute.
for using
Follow these directions In using
Cottolene and lard wjll never
again be permitted in your kitch
en or in your food.
Gives Choice
Jmo Transcontinental
Japanese Bazaar
8INQ LUNG. Prop.
SSlotep Goods Just fleeeiY.d
An excellent Btoon of underwear, hos
iery, capo, etc., at extremely low prices.
417 Bond Street, next door to Mouler'a
Fruit Store.
The Oasis of thf
Colorado desert
A Hew
Dry and Pure Tropical
Pronounced by Physicians the'
most Favorable in America
for Sufferers from . . .
Lung Diseases and
St. Paul.
Omaha or
St. Paul.
Pullman and Tourist Sleepra
Free Reollhlng Chaira Car,
Astoria to San Francisco.
Ootumbla. Tuesday, Nov. 6.. .
State of Oallfonnta, Sunday, Nov, 10.
Columbia, Friday, Nov. 16.
8taite, Wednesday, Nov. 20.
Columbia, Monday, Nov. 15.
State, Bbltiuirday, Nov. 80.
Columbia, Thursday, Dec. S.
Astoria and Portlnd Steamers.
The T. J. Potter will leave Astoria at
T p. m. dally, except fiundiy; leave Fort-
laud at 7 a. m. dally, except Sunday.
The Steamer IurlTlne will leave Astoria
at 9:45 a. m. dally, except Sunday; leave
Portland at 8 p. m. dally, except Satur
For ratea and general Information call
on or address
Qen. Pas. Art. 'Portland, Or
Are You Going East?
Be cure and see tbat your ticket
reada via
Genuine Cottolcne in sold every
where in tins with trade-marks t
Cottolene" and steer's head tit
cotton-plant wreath on every tin.
made only by
. MUSIC Hfllili-
Mick KEATING fi CO will open their
Muilo Hill at Ator itieet,
Saturday ths 16th. Tbey will
kick keep numberleu gool lliunn
and cigars betldcg baring food muile sll the
Mr. J. J. KelL Shartsburs, Pa.
Dear Blr'-I am rlad to say a rood
word for Krause's Headache Capsules.
After suffering for ever three years
with acUte neuralgia and Its consequent
Insomnia (which seemed to baffle tho
efforts of some of our best physicians)
ou sutrsested this remeuy wniuh gave
is almost instant relief, words fall
t- express the praise I should like to
ttinw on Krause's Headacfce Capsules.
Gratefully lours.
Montroee, Pa.
This la the
And all Points East and
Tholr Magnificent Track. Peerless Ves-
tibuled Dlninf ana gieeping uir
Trains and Motto:
Have given this road a national reputa
tion. All classes of passengers carried
on the vestlbuled trains without extra
charge. Bhlp your freight and travel
over this famous line. All agents have
Oen. Agent. Trav. F. and P. Agt
Ml Washington St. Portland. Or.
Many Remarkable Cures
The ohlenMnna
w .Bvv n I U fc AUU1V
in the past by the large numbers who
otherwise would hv h...
advantage of lta beneficial climate, baa
been a lack of suitable accommoda
tion. The Southern PaclHo Company,
takes pleasure in sUinniinnlnev that s.
era! " "
Commodious and
Comfortable Cottages
have Just been ereoted at Indie sta
tion, that will be rented to applicants
at reasonable rates fh-a ... ...
niihed with modern conveniences, sup
plied with pure artesian water, and so
situated as to govs occupants all the
advantages to ba derived
or less protraoted residence In this de-
ug-uuui ciimaie.
(From the San Francisco Argonaut)
in me nean or tne great desert ol
ths Colorado whtnh tha RnntWn To.
clfio road traverses there Is an oasis
called Indlo, which, in our opinion, li
vua sanuarium 01 tne eartn. we be
lieve, from personal investigation, that
for certain invalids, the-e Is no spot or
this planet so favorable."
-'Q. T. Stewart M. T.. wrlt.. Th.
purity of the air, and the eternal sun
shine, fill one with wntulov ariA Auui
Nature baa accomplished so
much that there remains but little for
man to do. As to lta possibilities as
health resort 'here la thm
feet sunshine, with a temperature al
ways pieasam, a perieouy dry sou
for rain is an unknown factor: Dura
oxygen, dense atmosphere and Dure
water. What mora can be desired
It Is the place, above all others, for
lung troubles: and a naradlaa for rheu.
matlca. Considering tha mimh.F nf
sufferers who have been cured, I have
no nesitanoy m reoommendlns; this
genial oasis as the haven of the afflicted."
Is 612 miles from
and 130 miles from
Fare from Los Angeles
For further information Inquire of
any Southern Paclflo Company agent,
or address
Aast Oen. Pass. Agt 8. P. Co.
Dlst Pass. Agt
Cor. First md Alder Sta Portland, Or.
Add,,, boi 1S0. Poitoffic. ASTORIA. OR
Mrs. T. 8. RawKlns. Chattanoom.
Tenn., says, "Shilor's Vltallxer 'BAVrlD
UT LIFE.' I consider It tne best rent-
My for a debilitated system I ever
Bed.H For Dyspepsia, Liver or Kid
nty trouble. It excella. Pi Its ft cts.
For Bale by J. W. Conn.
A aomnlata atnrk af liimtu. mi v. .4
In tha rnnrh np Hmiurl piMin
tie, celling, and all kinds of finish;
uiuuiuiiiKa uu auiiiB-ies; B4SO DrUCKet
work done to order. Terms reasonable
and prices at bedrock. All orders
promptly attended to. Office and yard
at mllL H. r U LOGAN, Prop'r.
asids. Oregon.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween C. J. Qreenlund and Anton Brtx
florists, la hereby dissolved by mutual
consent, and all debts of the said Una
will be paid by C. J. Qreenlund and C. O.
Palmberg, and all outstanding accounts
are due and payable to them.
- . io great
Blood purtner, gives tresnness and
clearness to ths complexion and eviies
Constipation. cU Bo cts. Si.oo.
iTnw U.I. L T nr
Gentlemen Thia la tn .i...
have used Krause's Headaune t'apsules
with satisfactory results. I bought a
box which cost ins and one capsrl
cured me of a dreadful sick h?adoche.
My wife and mveelf nave, both ved
the medicines manufactured by the
Norman IJnhtr Vr nn
commend them to the public as being
u-v ub iuc utm roirwaenied.
Ed. Cazatta. P)ia..
TxrntvCva mhul iiw mi- k v . -
' " UJ
Rogers, Astoria, Or., sole agents.
Captain Sweeney. U. 8. A.. sw r-
Cal.. eaya: "Hmioa's Catarrh Kerne,,
la tha flrat mfdlclna 1 k... .
.... ., - ' cfrr iiim s
that would 10 me any pood. VtU m U

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