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gaily Statoviau.
JOHN T 1.H1HTKR Editor.
Telepoon No.
Sent by mall, per your
Bent by mail per month
Served by carrier, per week..
. .M
. .10
8nt by mall per yar, ti In advance
Postage free to subscribers.
All communications li.tcnded for publt
catUo should be directed to the editor
Business communications of all kinds
and remittance must be addressed to
TM Astorlan. j
Th Astorlan guarantees to Its sub-j
crlbera the largest circulation of any!
ewspaper published on the Columbia'
tfyfr j
Advertlnlng rate, can be had on appll-,
caUon to tha builness manairfr.
Th Weekly Astorlan, the seomd oldest;
wekly In th atate of Oregon, has, next, famous tniartite agreement, and allo
to the Portland Oreronlan, th lantest c,ther the Indications are that thcrv will
weekly circulation In the state.
Jno, F. Jlandley Co, are our Tort
land ajrents, and copies of the Astorlan
can be had every mornlnc at thetr stand.
K Third atreet.
Th arguments prevented In the rTort '
of the acxuW committee on vUon In
tavor of th adoption of a constitutional :
amendment making aenatora eiectlvf by j
a, popular vote are not easily to b- con-
troverted. It la not Intend! by thie
amendment to Ttolate the consUtutlonal
nainnmlM bv which the smajlest state
la given equal voting power la th sen
at with the largest. The number of
senators to which each state Is entitled
will not be affected by th proposed
amendment, but only th method by
which they art to be chosen.
The report condenses the affirmative
arguments In favor of the change Into
four principal ones: that the people will
express their preferences by a dirct In
stead of an Indirect method: that It will
destroy the power of wealth to purchase
senatorial s?ats: that it will prevent
deadlocks Ilk those which have within
a year occurred in Delaware and Ken
tucky, and that It will leave th people
to elect legislators upon legislative In
stead of partisan issues, as at pres nt.
In brief, the change is advocated b-xause
senators elected In this way will repre
sent popular sentiment and be less liable
to secure their Sfats by direct purchase
and because elections will elect and legis
latures will be allowed to attend to their
legislative business of law-making solely.
The public will be disposed to admit
the force of all that Is said In favor of
the popular plan of eleotng senators, and
If given a chance to vote upon It there
would be very little question of Its adop
tion. The public have been out of sym
pathy wtth the senate for a long time,
and chiefly because the voters have re
garded It as a legislative body that did
not recognise any responsibility to the
people. They are out of sympathy with
the senate because, rightly or wrong
fully. th?y believe senafors to be out
of sympathy with them, and they attrl-
ku la.lr .f f .,1 1 .- H vlth th m a ao . i
, j . ... .
to the method by which senators are j
chosen. j
Eloquent and unaswerable as the com-
.... . . , ,, , . i
mittee-s report In favor of the direct elec- I
tlon of senators may be, we doubt its
adoption at present. The trouble wilt
not be with the people, but with the
senate itself. A propos-d constitutional
amendement must b? adopted by a two
thirds vote of the members of both
houses before It can be submitted to th?
legislatures of the several states for
ratification. Ther? will be too many sen
ators who will regard the adoption of
this amendment as equivalent to legis
lating themselves out of office to render
its adoption at all probable by the pres
ent congress, at least.
Th agitation In favor of the chang- is
commendable, however, for when public
s- rinn-. . aroused to the right pitch
there Is a wa' of securing a constitu
tional amendment of this kind In spite
of the Indifferent or even hostility of
either branch of congress.
The so-called sllvr senators are doing
ail th.y ena to terrorize the ofilct-se?k-UUT
politicians c' :ie Republican party
wltu 'prpoi: TO'is exaggerations of the
srutgle of th 're-? silver sentiment of
ibe" West nd d'.rrfi.I threats of what
we" propoM to do at St. Louis. The
Washington coir r indent of the Chi
cago Tim-Jm"r.iI, writing to his paper,
' Vnima Ih- senators from the five
mountain states of Colorado, Mortana,
IiUlio, Kt-vads and T tan are talking a
great dtnl for effect, -he Republicans of
thonc common wealth are preparing to
bolt t'.;e St. Louis convention, s-t up i
titrate contention ! 'heir own and
bomlnt.Dfn Cam-rn lor president on
a slivtr platform. Cameron Is said to
" o,uUw!!lln. liut the silverltrs will
pru'iiUy' h: 'disappointed If tl.-y are
.oun'tTiK on a l-eral subscription from
ri'Hr 'c-jii'liiUto to tht-ir campaign fund,
fw or the K"pi.l'licin manages say
Uie filter. l-etorl '. '-tes o those live
litew hi? cerlkirily lost to the party
thirteen of thm, at l'-ast, for there Is as
yet some doubt as to wheth r or not
Utah will Join the bolt and that with
these mountain states gone It Is absolute
ly necessary for the R publican ticket
to carry New York In order to win."
This statement Is not borne out by the
facts. The electoral coll-ge la composed
of 447 votes, and 224 will be necessary to
a choice. The Republicans will carry the
thirty-nine votes of New England with
out the slightest dimculty. Admitting
that they can carry Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minne
sota, Iowa, Nebraska, the I'akotas and
Wyoming, of whlrii there ca:i be no rea
sonable doubt, they will add 143 lo their
list, orjt total, .fif 14- Only forty-nine
volos are noeded. Thft J'aclfls .coast
n'ntv.n furnish .-vent"n. YVIill N- w
Jersny and Jn'iiana might ordinarily be
cotMl'Iem 'Ic-ubtjiil, the chances this
yrar.al! ro t I'M rarryliig of both states
' by thfc Tiiiiuoitc'.'.ru, and their votes
wmlij make iip il. tf-nulrr-d number. In
other, words, .Vein ln!and, the North
hui WSt. ..w.tlxiut- New Tot It and the
tlv- mot.nt(t Ftutei whii.h these mlne
nlug "BaiOn -Uj- -iien ft carry off In
u. bolt n ailvtr. ponuiu majority of
the. electoral oolbtre. Put there In no
ilnirT whatever that Now York will go
otherwise than KfMibltcan. No other
mate In the I'nlon Is more Intervstod In
j the preservation of sound money, and
j whether the IVmocmts straddle the Ml
wr quewtton or not, the oandLl.ito noml-
nated nt St. Units will gel New York'
I vote, on the theory. If f.r no other
i reason, that a sound money candidate
i .-an he mors surely rbvlsM on the K-puh-I
lean than the IVmocratio tnk'i. I'e
sides all this, the Kcpuhltcan have a
fair show to catty West Virginia. IVU
war. Xliiixland, Kentucky. Miesourl,
Tonnes e and even North I'.uo'.iii.v l-Vr
these reasons the rebellion which th"
mountain state senator atv talking so
glibly about nfe.1 no! frighten ywi
who docs not wish to be frightened.
These the slates do not mak
a vay
S(XVi hand on which to Huff the St.
i.hii convention Into a silver sti addle.
The Samoans are protesting vigorously
asulnst th. arrangements whtrchy they
are k.vt In Lading strips to the three
treaty powers, and airalust the expanse
of th? cumlvrsome nrraiititm ni intered
(n(o by w Vmlf i 9(au,s i;rftlt ,)rl(.
n anJ ,rnNUly Xhev , S,H
rid of the monarch etaMishrtl by the
be a lively time In Samoa very soon.
Here la an excellent chance for the
rnltnl State to intervene and help form
an Indpendent Rovemmnt frm thwe
j natives, who. to a certain extent. (r
i under our protection as one of the sa
natory powers.
The revenu s of the government are
notoriously insutflclent for Its expns,.
"d It l vel from bankraptcy only by
the diversion from their legitimate object
'unda obtaimxj by the salo of bond
o' redemption of the leiral tender
n,p Practically, the result Is the same
" " the bonds were sold directly to
supply the deficiency In th revenues;
tut the spectacle of a great nation like
ours, with the ample resource of taxa
tion at its comamnd. following th ex
ample of Spain and Italy and borrowing
money from hand to mouth to provide
for Its current necessities, Is calculated to
Injure enormously the credit of Its In
dividual cltlxens.
The people are In no mood to have th
financial question straddled by the na
tional conv entions. The sound dollar Is
of more Importance than the political
ambitions of any man or any set of men.
Mr. J. J. Kell. Sharpshurg. Pa.:
Dear Sir: I am glad to say a good
word for Krause's Heailache Capsules.
After suffering for over three years with
acute neuralgia and its consequent In
somnia twhich setmed to ba:n the ef
forts of some of our best physicians)
you suggested this remedy which gave
me almost Instant relief. Words la !
to express the praise I should like to be
stow on Krause's Headache Capsules.
Gratefully yours.
Montrose, Pa.
For sale by Chas. Rogers, Astoria. Or.,
sole agent
The festive clam Is now In his prime
and all good housewives ar making
chowder and other toothsome dishes
suitable for the Lenten season. It may
not be generally known that clams are
oft-times made tough by cleaning them
In hot water. Nothing but cold water
chould be used for this purpose.
Old people who require medicine to rec
ua ?bowtlt kldney, flnd
the true remedy In E.ectric Bitters. This
medicine does not stimulate and contains
no whisky nor other Intoxicant, but acts
M 4 ,tirtm
ly on the stomach and bnrels, adding
strength and giving ton to the organs.
mre.y aiding nature in the performance
of the functions. Electric Bitters Is an
excellent appetiser and adds digestion.
Old people find It just exactly what they
need. Prior GO cents per bottle at Chas.
Rogers' Drug Store
In North Carolina there are a.IxVOu
acres of land, about H.ii.f of which
are under cultivation. Of this numb r,
l.GnO.fM) are in cotton. Oregon can boast
of about as many acres In big pine trees.
The Anchor Saloon, Johnson Carl
son, proprietors, has been thoroughly
rwvated and enlarg-d. On Saturday
night the grand opening will take place,
at which the finest free lunch ever serv
ed In the city will be In evid nc. The
public Is invited to call at this resort.
The management Is prepared to cater to
the wishes of the public In a safacto
ry manner, and only the finest wines, li
quors and cigars will be handed over
the bar.
The Western I'nlon Telegraph Messen
ger service, under recent arrangement,
will be continued up to the hour of 1
p. m.
Just received a large consignment of
wall paper and room mouldings, by far
the largest and best stock of goods In
the city, now on hand. No house on
the coast can undersell us. Hear this
in mind. Call and get the proof of this
assertion. B. F. Allen & Son, successors
to B. F. Allen.
All questions concerning a depot for
the railroad yesterday were burl d out
of sight by politics.
1. I.. flVu nryA 1 m , , , t n ,! A law that tft
have good, sound health one miif-t have
pure, run ami aouii'iani iijwj. i nere is
no short.r nor surer route than by a
euurse of DeWltt's Sarsaparllla. Chas,
Rogers, Druggist.
In the British Museum there are at
present thlrty-nin: miles of books.
of Cod-liver Oil and Hy
pophosphites supplies the
blood with the material the
bones and tissues need in
an exhausted and wasted
body that no other food
will supply. It is, first of
all, a tissue builder.
jac. and ti.oo at all druggists.
FOll 8.VI.K.
Shop lVlphln. Length, Sf feet; bi'iadlh
1) fret. Apply at one to
l.OVAl. K 1'I.AliK,
I iy iVnter, Wash.
i The hc?i IMnglas wiim from KusU,
I whiMe It Is obtained trom the giant sttir
I goon which Inhabits the iaplaii ca and
i rtv.-i which run Into it. This iih ottcii
Ktvws tv the length of -' f el. and from
Its air bladder the Mnnlafs I prepared.
It Is subjected to many procts-es betore
belli ready tor sale; but the Kuvlmn,
knouiiiit It has the repuiailon ttf belnic
the bt. take uruii pains In Its pi pata
Hon. and In the wot Id s market It has
practically no rlxul.
Of all the ways that w Iswt men could
To ineiwl the ace and mortify mankind.
Satire wvll writ has most successful
And cures becau1 the remedy Is Kcl.
- Lord Miilgrae.
IVtce's Crvam llaking Towdcr stands
for pure food and is a foe to all shams.
"1 wtll make an end of my dinner:
There's pippins and ch ms to ccme."
Mery Wives of Vlrdor.
Kronen imtrUt.
lteefstcsik Itrolled. French Fried Potato-s
Klce ancakes.
Parker House Rolls.
ljimb Chops, with Pews.
Hashed Urow-n Potatoes.
Cider Jelly.
Consomme a la Roy ale.
Sanlln,H. t'elerv.
RolLsl lladdivk. White Sail v.
CTonstadosi of Potats.
Pork and lims.
Stew,l Camts. VWvet Sauce.
Y'eal. tnHvt Rrn Oravy.
Apple Sauce.
Tomato and Cehry Mayonnaise.
SiHnjr pudding.
A Republican convention for Clatsop
county Is hereby called to meet at Mc
Klnley hall. In the city of Astoria, on
Thursday. April J. Isf.
At 10.30 a. m., for the purpose of elect
ing seven delegates to attend the Re
publican state and congressional conven
tion, to be held at th city of Portland
on April . 1SS, and for th purpose if
nominating th following county otTUvr
to be voted for at the election to he held
on Monday, June 1. Ki. towtt: Two rep
sentallve. one commissioner, clerk, re
corder, sheriff, treasurer, surveyor, as
sessor, superintendent of schools, coroner,
and one justice of the race and consta
ble for each precinct.
Th committee hereby recommend that
the primaries In the various precincts
be held on Saturday, March 2. I.. Tlie
following apportionment has been mad-',
being on delegate at large trom each
precinct and one delegate for every
IS votes or fraction thereof over S vot s
cast for Ellis for congress In ISM
Astoria 1st ward .15 Lewis and Clarke
Astoria 2d ward .1 Mishawaka 1
Astoria 3d ward. 11 North Fork 1
Hear Creek J S.wside 1
Clifton 4 "espcr 2
Elsie 2 West port 1
Clatsop Walluskl 2
Jewell J, Young's River I
Knar pa 4 John Day l
All voters in favor of the Republican
principles of protection to American In
dustries and labor, and the upbuilding
of the home market and fishing Indus
tries of the Columbia river, ar cordially
Invited to unite with us.
It Is furtber-recommended by ths com
mittee that no proxies be allowed except
those held by residents of the precinct
from which the proxies are Issued.
The recommendations of the committee
are that only the seven delegates be
elected at the convention to be held
April 2. 1S96, and that the delegates be
elected to repTMnt both congressional
and state onv.Mi'lons. That th con
vention thffi udjou-n null afier tl.i
state convent! in maaes i-omlnatlons, tie
date of adjournment to b" decided by
th convention. JOHN FOX.
W. F. McG'REGOR, Secretary.
A primary election Is hereby calbd for
Che city of Astoria to elect delegates from
the three wards of said city to attend
the county Republican convention of
Clatsop county, Oregon, which Is called
to be held at said city of Astoria on
Tuesday. April 2nd. 1S9. Said primary
election will be held In said city on Sat
urday, March 2Sth, ISM. and the polls
will be opened at 1 o'clock p. m. and
continue open until S o'clock p. m. The
tirst ward Is entitled to elect 25 del'gates,
the second ward 16 delegates, and the
third ward 11 delegates.
In the first want the polling plac will
be at No. One's Engine House and the
Judges are B. 8. Worsley, O. C. Fulton
and Fred Illinn.
Sfloond ward polling place will be at
Welch's office. Judges D. II. Welch, W.
L. Robb, and H. O. Smith.
Third ward polling place will be at
the old school house. Judges-John En
berg, O. F, Morton, and Harry Young.
The committee recomm ml that a mass
meeting of the Republican voters of the
city be held at Carruthers" Hall, at 7-30
o'clock p. m., on Friday, March I7th,
1SS. for the purpose of selcetlng delegates
to be voted for at said primary election.
Chairman Republican Committee
W. F. McOregor, Secy.
Important to Americana seeking Eng
M.si Capital for new en:erprlrs. A lWt
containing the nmes and adsrevta ot
3f suceeW'.n' promoters who have placed
over (IW.'fi.! Sterling In Foreign In
vestment -ithln the list s:x years, and
over flS,W).'srt for the seven months of
l"f. Ii-:c-, tv. or til, payable by postal
'iler to the Lcndon and Universal 11 u-
rau of Inve.turs, 'Ifi. Ch-:-:ip-i'lJ, London.
R. ;. Subsonbvra wll be entit,l, by ar
ranerner.t rtii.h Tie directors to r-celve
it'hr pt.-ronil or letters of iniriduriuln
to any of the? su c--rt.r:U pnimote'-a.
TMs lltst Is llrst c.a.s.4 In every ri-apect,
ani evrry man or llrm -Ahose name ap.
I-;i.rH therein may b-i dpen-Ied upon.
For piaing the following it will be
found Invaluable Honda or hriarm of In
dunria'., Conmierjial and Financial con
cerns, MortiCige loans, Sale of Ijonda,
Ptttit8 or MlncH.
The playful St. Bernard dog Is not the
sort of pet one wants Indoors.
Or. Price's Cream Caking Powder
Contains no Ammonia or Alum.
A tablecloth costing X-'tfl Is handsome
enough for a bridal robe.
Soothing, healing, cleansing, Da Wilt s
Witch Hazel Halve Is the enemy to son s,
wounds and piles, which It never falls to
cure. Stops itching and burning. Cures
chapped lips and cold sores In two or
three hours. Chas. Rogers.
New atble ornaments combine cand -labra
arid llowr stands.
KIIII.OH'S Ct.'I'.E. the gieat Cough
and Croup Cure, is In great d'-mand.
Pocket tize contains twenty-five doses
only 2." cents. Children love It. Hold
by J. W. Conn.
The Empire belt Is seen on some of the
imported gowns.
You are dischanSedThave
no u&e for any one that has
not &ense enough to chew
j fcwaJ V-Maau-V aMafSST
Ifie largest piece of Good tobacco
ever sold for 10 cents.
Pope I.v XIII. rvently gave the fal
lowing adtlce ti a noted Italian prrtteh
ir, Father Z.xvhl: ' Write articles for
the nvwsiNipers. l'-oie rMd them who
tirver so to hear a sermon preach d "
"Clve me a Mvrr regulator and I ran
regulate the world." entd a genius. The
ilriiirglst handed him a hittle of le Witt's
Little Early H'.s. ts. the famous little
pills. Chas. Rogers.
The Frince of Wales" favorite hymn Is
"Nenr-T. My tSod, to Thee." He makes
this confession In a letter lo Mr. Stead,
who tirotHiss to nibllh "a penny hym
nal for the pewple."
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baklnz Powder
superior to all others.
Captain William Davis, who has Just j
.11.-1 at MlllvHIc. 1'a . at the age of TI.
circumnavigated the glolw- three times, i
anil for three years anil nine months J
was one of the crew of the old frigate ,
Quli k In effect, heats and leaves no
rgr lliirnlng. scaly skin eruptions
i i'.. kly cur.il by De Witt s Witch Ha.-I
.ilve. Applied to burns, -.aids and old
sor.s. It Is magical In eff.i. Always
cur's piles. Chas. Rogers.
Senator Frye of Main., mil pad Wash- 1
lligton's furew il address to the sinate
on Saturday. ear Senator Aiartlu.
of Kansas, read this famous utterance
to his colbagu.s, tint his rendition did
not receive an encors.
One Minuet Cough Cure touches the
right spot. It alsu touches It at the
right time If you take It whn you have
a cough or cold See the point ? Then
don't cough. Chas. Rog.rs.
Father-Why did you permit young
MuAfiman to kiss you in the parlor last
night? Daughter ll. i ausc I was afraid
he'd catch cold In the hall -Harlem Life.
When Baby was lick, ws gTS her Castorla.
When she was a Child, aha criiM for Cast oris.
When she became Miss, aha clung to CattorU,
When the L '.'hUdrea.ihe (a tbua Castorla.
Yvetto Oullb-rt announciw that she
has given un cvilng betaus. It i nui
her to lose her memory.
SHILOH'S CI'RE Is sold on a guaran
tee. It cures Incipient consumption. It
Is the best Cough Cure. Only one cent a
dose. 2T, cents, DO cents, and 11. uO. For sale
by J. W. Conn.
The shabbiest men ar those with their
noses glued to Jewel, rs' windows. The
wealthy select th-lr diamonds on the In
The best salve In the world foi Cuta.
Rrulses, Sores. Ulcers, Salt itheuin.
Fever foreH, Tetter, '."happed Han'ls,
ChllblHlnn. Con.s, nnd Ail Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures IMb, or no
pay required It Is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price. 2". cents imt bot. For sale by
Chas. Rogers. Odd Fellows" building.
"Where are you going, my pr-tty
maid?" "I'm going a-shopplng, sir." she
lOild. Is the seasonable version of the old
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Th womrn at the auction who IMh
airalriHt hfrncAt in hrr anxl'ty to huy a
moth-'.-atfn cnrpt Ih one of the numf-rotm
-xnuti-n of ff.'fnlnlne foollHhuess at
whlfh mn like to IhukK
An agreeable laxative and N Kit V E TON 10.
Sold by I.Tiigglstsor sent by mall 2."c.&ou,
and l.OU per package. Sainpl:s free.
MTfft The Favorite TOOTH Pmil
XI U 'or the TctusAdiiroatht2ta.
For Bale by J. W. Conn.
mijQ.FCH A C ft cj Fl ITVyil.L flQT LUML. M
ma m
Co. only Ni.Mituf J4kua. Anuria
General Machinists and Boiler Makers
Ln4 and Mtflnt Fn(ts,. blle vuffc. Stssai
bosl tni 1 annvtv Woih SpvUltv.
L atflnft ot All IfeMrlpHon, MaJs to Utssff oa
Shoit h.)U,.
John Foi . . I'realdent and Huprlntendsnt
A. I. Ko Vice "resident
l. II. I'rai'l Kwrstary
Astoria, Ortfoa.
I Ictrtl wore,
Ship Chandlery ,
Sposlal AltmlUn Paid to Supplying Ships.
UKUitliN tiK
Special attention paid to steamboat rw-
tuilrltig. firat-clttsa horseshoeing. lc.
l7 Olney street, between Third and
aud Fourth Astoria, tr.
Canadian Pacific
Grsitest -- Trans
Railway System.
PaUKe Dining Hcxim and Sleeping Car5.
l.uxurlfiiis Dining Car.
Eleg.int Day Coache.
-A1.HO -
Observation Cars, allowing Unbroken
Views of the WonJerful Mount
ain Country.
$5.00 and $10.00
Saved on all tickets Ksit Tourlit ran the
best n wheels, h.pllpaieiils ul lb' very llnest
China and Japan.
China steamers leave Vancouver, B. C
!:mprft of India
hnipmsY of Japan
I.mprrt of China
f:mprks of InJIa
hmpref of .lapsn
kmprrfcft ol Clilna
Aug fMh.
Sr,l. ,l,ih.
CM. Kill,
Nov. nth.
Dec, gill.
Australian steamer leave Vancouver, B, C ,
lAth of every month.
For ticket rates and Information call
on or address
Astoria, Or.
W. F. Carson, Traveling Pass. Agt.,
I acoina, Wash.
Geo. McL. Brown, Dist Pass. Agt.,
Vancouver, B. C.
Dtff 11 ! A nnn-ivifMnnrtna
f-niHy fur itHHrrli(i!,
i iinri' H. r khv iiitliitiiitin.
tlon. .rrftKlii.M i.r iil-.ru.-
HEHBChiw",h Co, l"in"i. Nc.ri 4-itliiif. nt.
moid ny ipriiggia.,
or fU lit tli (iliiili Wfiir.fHT,
fllTf-t. .-IllM, Jut
ii tit, r ;i It'tt tit-M. Vt.
i r irl.ir ''fit "ii ri 'iiicHt.
JAPANKHW GOOJJH-Junt out-jusiTrel
culveci Jnt what you want, at Wing
Lee'a, hil CommrcUl itreet.
f In I tMi; I
aT.-4,M ltiararit.nl V
M mm m nm
VV'l"!"","i.o k7?m
A. H.B. .
rill- Oasis ov tiu1
A New
Ot Till! SI A
Dry and Pure Tropical
IVououiutiI ly IMiVHicitins tlu
nukst Favt)ral)lt' in A morion
for Sufloroi'8 from . . .
Lung Diseases and
Many Remarkable Cures
Th ohjsollona urg4 aaalnel Itidln In
the aat br ths lame ntinilxr who
othetKlM would hava Won (lad lo Inks
adtantaa of lla Ix-nctlcUl el una I o. lis.
tx-en a luck of eultabl ncoonniuidutlcn
The Houthnrn 1'ncirlc CuiniMi.r lake
lea.tur In sniuiuiiclna- that several
Commodious and
Comfortable Cottages
hav Ju.l boon aroettHl at lallo slatlan.
that lll bs rsnted lo appllraiite at r
onabls rates. They am fuuJ.hed with
modern cunvwilwt , supplhMt with port
artesian water tnd so alluarett as to lt
occupants all the ajvantmrre to be 1
rlved from a mors or Ism roti acted
reeideno. In this dellahiful oliniat.
tr'rom the Han Kranrleoo Arronaut.)
"In the heart of ths great desert of Ih
Colurudu--which th Hoiithrrn I'seirlo
tror.-therj la an oaele ca4l,l Indlo,
which. In our opinion. U the anltarlum
of th earth. We Iwllrve. from personal
Invest Ice tloo. that for oertaln ItwIrvMuala,
there la no hh on tlila innt M fivor
U T Hlewart. M t , writ": "The
surltr of the air, and the eternal eon'
nfitne. nil on with wond'r and delight
. . . Nature has accompli. Xrd tc
much that there remalna but little for
man to da Ae to Its noaalMllltr as
hHlth reaorl-here Is tit miet prrf.
aim.viliw. with a trniprratiire always
pieaeant. a iwrfrrlly dry soil, for rain Ii
an unknown fa.tur: pure osviwn. dettee
atineaphrrei and pure water. What more
ran b deelre.1' It la the nlkee. above
all there, for luns iroublea, and para
die roc rheutnatlca. l'onldrln th
number of sufferer who hav been
eureit. I nv no heiliancy in n-com
iiionitlnir Ihla venial oaata a lb havn
of th ami. toil "
Is 6ia inilos fnmi
untl ijo niilcM from
i,o.H an;kij:s
Fare Irom l.os Anitelrs
Kor further Information lnuAr of
iiy nouwiern i'acino Company aaent.
or Mrra
R. T. HOUBIlfl.
Asst. Oen. fas. Aict. Is, H. c"o.
Dlst. !'. Act
Cor. rir nd Alder Hb. Portland. Or
I73 bV
A Specialty.
Ship Chantlolory,
I Hani ware,
! Iron it Stool,
J Coal,
j (imrorio & Prorisions,
Floiint Mill Fml,
i Faints, Oiln, VarnislioH,
Iopj'ors Suj)plk,
Fairliank'n -Sciilen,
Doom tt Wiixlows,
Ariotiltiiral Iinplcmoiitc
Wat'oiiH it VoliioliM.
- .
Is Micro a man with heart so eold,
'llmt from hlH family would withhold
Tho romforts whli'h they all could find
In urtlclos of KimNITItKK of tho rlKht
And wo would suvK'Ht nt this season a
nine Hldnlxmrd. ICxteniilnn Tablo, or set
of Dlnlnif Clinlra. We have the largest
and tlneKt line ever shown In tlm city
and at prices Ihnt cannot full to pbnsn
ths closest buyers.
ftr-Hnut Moving Tools for Kent,
A. V. ALU5N,
Groceries, Flour, Feed, Provisions, Fruits
Vegetables, Crockery, Glass and
Plated Ware. I. offers' Supplies.
Cor. Can aud Squemmjue Streets. Ait'irle. Ort
Wall Pal er. Aril, I,' Materials, Paints.
Oils, filass, etc. Japanese MattliiRS,
Ruks and Bamboo Goods
365 Commercial Htrect.
r-ltoriHHlONAI. OAHl'W
(Ullce, up. lull a, A'toilan Hiilldluif
lirric over oliwii'a drua alor. Hours, II
lo II a. in. i t M t and 1 lo I l. lit. Hun.
days, 10 to II.
1 1 II. t). It. KHTKO,
Hpeolal atleiitlon to dleraeea of wom
en and surgenr.
Iimos vr lamlr's alora Aatorta
Telephone ' M
jay Turrm u. n.
ortli. Itixima I and 1 I'thlan
Hulldlng Hour, 10 to II and I to
L ItMtiletic. It. Odar street.
m ("oiitiitcrolaj Mlreet
W. M. Irore. . II. mlllk,
UrolU'H A HkllTII.
M OoouiMrclaJ streeH.
J. U. A. HOWlJir.
Offlo no Beootid trw.l. Astoria, fir.
J. N. Ihilph. KU'hArd HiMom,
Vhoeiler V. tXilph,
I'ortteuid. Orou. 14, U. It, mmt 17,
llanilltoii llulldlna. All lrl and vot
Irolion business proiwp'ly ailenod to,
t'lalina amlnl Ih 0ovrnniit a p-clolly.
TICMI'I.K I.11HUN NO. T, A. IT. and
A. M - Itrgnilar omi mimical Ions held
on Ih riret and third Tuesday evetilim
'if each month
II V MU NHUiimtY, W. M.
K. O. IIOI.UKN. MMniarr.
at IHCKt.l.A N K I'K
171 Tenth stneet.
Wll KM IN IVIITI.ANIV-Call on Jno.
r. Handle? A (V. IH Third etswel, and 4
Ilk Iu Astorlan. Visitor need not
ml their morning papr walla thar.
rvirv ilay (nun :l ii'rlork to 5;:W
and rt .HI lo K.IU p. m
Snlwription raliiei ;! ir aiitiiiin.
wsMewMt s l!leetilk m4 Deasa .Ms,
After (Dealsl
Or at any oilier Unit
when )oit wleh a uiaul
ritiar ak (nr Ilia well
known, li.iroo- matin,
liiiinl iua.li', wbili labor
rijfar -
"L liclle Aestorlea.'"
lanvomiwl by all llliuki r
lo hn lb lml oi.-nr
71 Nintr; Slr0t,
Asterta. Oregsei,
'T unto others as yuu would hav
other Uo unto you," la eympeiilirilcally
linen m the fnlliiwliia lltirs, the pre
sumption beln that nipAlhy Is Uirn.
or akin to pain or aunow;
"Oenilemrn: I'lrase emd Kratiee'a
lleailauka, I'apaiiiea aa follow: Two
to Mur Heay, llavanna. N. link.
Two fenea lo I. Mile Wllcnx, lio..klond,
N. I'ea. I hat alwaya icn a srrnat
sufferer from lii-adeche anil your t'ap
uUa ar the only tbliitt that relieve
m." Ivure lery truly,
llavaniM, N. Dak.
re l by Chas. lloore, Astoria, Dr.,
aol tpel.
They Lnck Life
Thsrrw Ara twine sold to fisherman
on Ciilumbla river that (land lo
th sam rlatlonlilp to Marahall'l
Twin as a wooden lma docs to tha
hnniaa brltux they lack trenth Uf
vennrs nd laatltif qualltlea. Don't
ftHit yourself Into th botlvf that other
twine besides Marahall'l will do "Just
wall." They won't. They oannot.
Telephone & Bailey Catzert.
"Telephone" leave Astoria at 7 . m.
dally (i-seept ftundayV.
Ievca I'orlland a 7 a. m. dally., ex
cept Hiinday.
"Ilallny Oatinrl" leavea Astoria Tues
day, Wednesday, Thuredny, Krlday and
Haturday morning at a. m.: Hunday
evenliiK at 7 p. m.
leaves I'nrtlBhd dally at II p. m ex
cept flunday. I in aalurdny at II p. m.
Popular Science
Nature, Invention.
NEWS Chemistry, rinlklne, HEALTH
linlarurd and Improved,
Contains a Inrirn number of Hhort, Raay,
rraclleal. Interesting and I'oular, Halontl
rio articles, that can b appreciated and
enjoyed by any Intelligent reader, even
though ha knew little or nothing of eol
enc. Profusely Illustrated and Free
trom Technicalities
Newsdealers, 10 cents. $1 per year
irMiintlon this paper for a sample copy.
Largest circulation of any
Scientific paper in tha woild
rubllehod Monthly by
HI-NJ. LII.LARD, New York.
flonllomen: I had ocraalnn In in.
nrnl boxm of Kriiime's lleniliinha Op.
siilos while trnvnlliur to rhli 'fl 1,(1 in n,.
tend tho National Demooratlc convention.
1 ney netod llko a ohiirm n nrcvcniin
licHiliichcH and dizziness. Ilnvo bail very
lltllo hendnoho slnco niv return, ul.lci,
Is remarkable.
Yours respectfully,
Kd. Itennvo (I'n.) Heeord.
Kor rnlo by Chas. Honor. Astoria. Or
iole agent-
-:- -'-.V ' ' "
t , r
. J
4 , i
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