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The daily morning Astorian. [volume] (Astoria, Oregon) 1883-1899, September 24, 1896, Image 3

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AYrUcuuMc Prcpiiration for As
lite SumuiUis iiikI lkwtrw of
ncM mul ItrM.Coritnins ndlhrr
OimiiiT.Morphiiu? itorMUtcrul.
Not Naiicotic.
yUyJ SmJ'
r4w i
AjKffifl Rifiwdy forConnll(wi
lion, hour Slonwuh.IiinirtMH-fl
Woniun .Ccmvulsums . rom i sh
un wkI Loss or Slew.
Tc Sural 5iiwitur of
KKAcrcopyor wRAPPtn,
Itooma I and I, I'ythUn Building,
ovarr C. II. Cooper' store.
VH. o, It. KHTKA,
llpwUI attention to dlnana of women
and eur ry.
onto, ovar Daml-ar. atop. Astoria.
Talauhone No. U.
j'lrraiciAN. m noicoN and
Tmc, room I and a, Pythian Building,
lloora. 10 to U and I to 1 RaaldeDoe,
tm Cedar alra-l.
fifties, upstairs, Aetorlan Building.
Comuarcial at at
Office on Bond a treat, Aetorla. Or.
4. N. lK)lj.h Richard Ntioa.
Clinalar V. Dolph.
Portland. Oregon, H. 8. M and IT,
Hamilton llullilliiar. All legal and col
lection bualn aa promptly attended to.
flaunt against tha govarnm.nt a spe
TKMPLK I.ODOK NO. 7, A. F. and
A. M. -Regular communlcailone hald on
tha Hrat and third Tueaday availing ol
each month.
O. W. LOlTNMtKltRT. W. M.
K. C. HnLDKN, Harretary.
Notary Public,
611 Ilond Street.
a cnrpiITY'"M"?'
f Urtulnkl (iarrurTr
fluty III.IH1 ro!t.V lMirnitmnll
iici'itln llliiliiilttt. Y'lurnnbolrcnicut
lima firtia irl.uiiilrcuiiiKUrU"
ly. If Tt'iitirWrr tncvtnoliora wo lllctn
irnrllt' I'.ty l nHroni! fiiremiil bolal hllli.and
norhra.lt wa lull Mniru " jruantTrn iurn
cur.T.Mll.l. .ilnl, an.l allll hn'a arhra aikl
rni,,. M ucniaVmi liralii niiiulh.Hiirf I lirnH
Vim . iil'l'" t nlnrril HpiiM, I lr n nil
L 1(111 nrvtMiuM - -
...... a .llat.UlMt OltKltAl tHlhlrtl Mlf UIKMtl(lt
.....-I viiaiB'ialil V.
Hinmin J'jiaali
t.Mt-lV I!IL
:rwuto l.uu.lo.CIUtJAUO, 114-
Phont No. AH
Attorla. Orafon
Slilp Chandlery,
Bpoclal Attantlon Paid to Supplying Shlpa.
A paaaenger train on the Chicago, Mil
waukee and St. Paul Railway. No. Ita
tarlna ara veatlhuled, heater by ateam,
and lighted by electricity. Each aleep
car berth haa an eleotrlo reading lamp.
Ita dining carl ara tha beat In tha irorld,
and III ooaohaa ara palaooa on whaela,
Thla great railway, oonneatlng aa It
doea with all tranacontlnental llnea at BL
Paul and Omaha, aaturea to tha tarvellng
publlo the boat eervloe known. Tloketa
via tha unicago, jnuwauKev ana oi. -aui
Hallway ara on tale at all railroad ticket
offlcea to any point In the United Blatea
or Canada. For mapa, foldera and other
I !3
Information, andreaa,
C. J. EUDT, General Agent,
J. W. CA8KT, Portland, Or.
Trav. Faaa and Tkt. Agant,
Portland, Or.
" OF
Caitorlt li Bit U taa-ilie Wla oalr, It
il iut wtil l b!k. Doa't tils lojone to mII
jto aajtliliig tlia m Iba pla er pruslM that It
It Jttt good" at. w 111 tutu attry Mr.
pot.." " fee Uut jroa gat u-.-s-T-U-a-l-A.
I7l lH
A Specialty.
Ship Chandelery,
Iron & Suel,
Clroct'rit'! A ProvisioriB,
Flour A Mill Fetxl,
Faintfl, Oils, VarniHhes,
I)ggtT8 Supplit'S,
Fnirliank'g cmIcb.
Potirtt & W'indowB,
Aurifultural Imploment
Wagons & Yohicltw.
GrixerlM, Flour, Vtti, Provisions, Fruit
Vegetables, Crockery, Glass and
Piatf J Ware. Loggers' Supplies.
Cor. Tenth and Commercial atraeta.
Emil Schacht
GEO. NICOLL, Assistant.
lopp's New Brewery
Tlvana mibii
copvajioura. mttkj
iriniiirmaiinatnqnwllamllXAK whin to
Ml NN CO, il llKiuKWAT. NIW Yon.
Ol.lm Imrrau fi an-urliut pau nu In Aniirlra.
I'vrrT patriit taken mil l.y u. . tmiuulit lirfnra
Un putiUu tiy a undo tlvvn tnMof oliaiveiu Uia
Ijanro.t clrmiltilnn of anr linufl rapcr In the
World, hnloiuliijlr llliiktrausl, Nd liiti-lllint
man atmiM Im hIiIioui It, Warkiv, t:l (Hit
ri tl.Mltlxmnnlha, A.ttn. MUVN It COu
Vvtutiuuit. aui Uruulnw, t,uw Vutk City,
at any man coming out ot
nur aiora and you'll K''t a
Mrtralt ut a null brimming
of er with plcftiutiit tlioiiKlita,
Huch quality lu th lliiunra
wa have to offer are enoiur.li to i
plt'Mt any man.
Orocers, : and : Butchers
Attorla and tipper Attorla
Flea Tata and Coffw,. TaHt Dtllciciti, Doatitlc
an4 Tropical Fruit,. Vtgaublat, Sugar
Cured Hamt, Bacon, Etc.
Choice Fresh and Salt Meats.
Beaver Hill
Gilman Coal
...Try It
For Family or
Steam Purposes.
1 Solentlfio Amtrlcin
u a 3
Reasonable In Price
Agenta, Attorla.
I li hi II Wa i fee, j lm tn,
HATK. A, M, ., I'. H. 'j A. M. ., I', to
ll. Ill (t ii iii ft h iii n
Kulur.lii) ri il v. 71 ; H : 0 H Jil
NiiiHluy ,. ai n : 7 7 HOiilU
Mniiiliiv,. in u in 1.n ii m n.n , a .r, ii
rni'ln)., in. I 7.1 I I'. I
7 .
1 to I a
a li.il.u
filn.i yr. i I ;m ;. ( I f i ;
i iiiii.iiii) ji
Kriilii hi
II hi t.v.i 1 1" a I
K li ,i. i k I
III III. p. Ill .'i.., 'iH, lit. I'll", iM'ltlW tftu
rliiiiiili'a nf Mmiii-H, I j-I m. 7, t
MiNiii, l.i, Urm if r. il, I'ull Mihmi,
Movamanlaot Vaaatla ml llonia :
nnil l:pHihara. i
Tim biti ki'iilliii- nreola arrlvtrd In ya-
t.idiiy, mul moit to Knnpplon for luiu -
A iiuiiiI.it of ahlpa In th Cnliimlila
are without i-hartpra. th ciiurn r raun
iiuving a.ivmiir.1 in Kioping wuii uijlh, englnrr wrnild have a terrible
ailvamw In thi. prk. of wln at. me f Tne 0U,,T ,, wH . ma4w
Thi lug Kaiort waa thoroughly flllid
nut ymti'i-day for Ixt w lnii-r'a work, !
mul li ft uut ovit Hi" liar. Tin Hi'llrf
la In port blowing down bolli ra and fi
lming. Two aiiuarK-rlggi-ia arc n-orti-d off
i ho mouth of tin' rlvr, Inn coiilit not 1
Ik brought In by tin- tug yi-tTilay af-ti-riiooii
Thi'y aif fgpwtfd In i-arly
thla moniliig.
The I'nlliil Hlad-a llah rnlntiilaaloiicr
lina bifii iiuli-tly Inapi-i ting the prin
cipal aln-iiiiie of the country In the vl- I
clnlly of HiiohoinlKh, U'hhIi , with a1
vli-w to aliH kliig Ihi'in with n keye '
nlinon. which are now erWom round
aoulll of 111 II lull I'l.luinlila.
The clotw' aefirM.n on the Columbia ;
Itlve-r ceMel HepiemlHT 10, and the'
cannifa have coinmencnl work mi the 1
full lUhlng The iikuhI newapuper war;
will coiiirnencw amm alut the iiuallty
of apllng and full pm knl flah. mlalead- I
Ing Inliela, rlc. Why do not the lawa
of WuahlnKton and Oregon prevent a
.oiitrovemy rv.-ry year of thla kind? It :
i-ertitluly cannot help the trade In '
cuiinei) aulmon." E'lahlng tlnxette.
The Hrltlah ahlp t'lnnvir arrived'
lown f...... IMrtlund y.H.trrday with a
cargo of i'.Bii aauka or wheal, or
l.-S,.M buahela. valueil at t7.0M. To
tMa cxrgo will be added 10f tone light- I
ured down the rtver by the tow boat
which handled the ahlp. The I'lnmore
will lie ready for aea, today, but will
protiably not leave out for eeveral
daya. The alownnaa In coming down
the river la attributed to heavy winds
Luring the voyage of the Charles II.
Ketiney to San Franrl.cn from Ala-ka.
ine of her Chinese paaaengers became
violently Inaane and ran amuck. He
a r nuil himself with a knife and chasrd
the grraler part of the rrew up Into , mend U(.,f Qh
the rigging. Then he charged upon the j
other Chinese aboard, who. like him- REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS,
aelf, were returning from the northern ,
canneries, and scattered them In all dl- j The following deeds have been filed
rertlona. Chin Lung, the foreman of,'nr record In the office of Recorder
the gang, had the narrowest escape, j Williams:
aa the crasy man made a vicious thrust Wm. E. Petti and wife to A. H.
at his throat, mlaalng by barely an ' St.me. Lot 4, Itlock C. subdlvla
Inch. j I"" Rlock 5. Olney's addition
to Astoria t l
The handaomeat and largest steamer i W. F. McGregor and wife and
In ;rt Is the I'aclrlc Mall Company'. , Simon Normlle and wife to
City of Peking. She rame here from! Anna Johnson. Lot 4, Rlock 31.
Cheater. Pa., nearly twenty-five years I Adair's t'pper Astoria 450
ago. and has been continuously in the John Anderson to J. C. Adums.
Oriental trade ever since. Not a steam-; trustee, certain lands In Sec
er that trades In and out of San Fran-1 tlon 2. township 7 north.
cisco has met with fewer mishaps than I
the Peking during her long and busy
career. She Is W7S.M tons gross bur-
den, 4S feet long, 47 feet broad, and 19
feet S Inches d.vp. Her passenger ac-
rommodatlon Is of the finest, and her 1
carrying capacity Is greater than that I
f any passenger steamer that has vis- i
Ited the const. Among the officers of
the Peking. Chief Engineer William
McClure Is the oldest In point of ser-
vise. He has been sixteen years on
the stenmer rontlnaoualy. an.l Is one of:
the most trusted employes of the IV
clllc Mall. When the Peking broke
' "CTr!Wist and wife, F. D
I nun i nina, airnure ami nis men
lid yeomen's work In the nimlrlng of
the broken shaft. Their efforts were all
In vnln. but machinists asert that it
was one of the cleveri'st attempts ut
repairs In the circumstances ever made
on the Piuillc Call.
H ft HE A 'll.l IN ON K 1AV,
Take laxative Itromo Quinine Tablets. I
Ml ilniKitlsts refund the money If It
fails to cure. Sue. For sale by Chas.
ItogerH, DruKRlBt.
It was only n few weeks nro. says a
writer In the New Yolk Herald, that
Ii-sitIIhsI the extraordinary roller
steamboat that was born In the bruin
f M llazlu. That boat has been
launched, and successfully, too, at St.
Uenls. And now comes Julius llluemel,
an American, who has Invented a
crack-a-Jack of craft that It, In ap
pearance and all Its other arrange
ments. To stand It on Its stern ptwt.
or w here one ought to be, It resembles
in some degree a lyre, or with the hull
uppermost It Is not unlike a butcher's
saw. When looked at from the bow
one might Imagine It to be a clear.
Havana wrapper and Connecticut filled
with the lighted .end badly blown
asunder through the Introduction of an
explosive by some practical Joker.
Its very dissimilarity to anything
that now Hoots on the surface of wa
ters that touch any Inhabited or known
lands makes Mr. Bluemel's craft a
thing of untiring novelty. It Is a diffi
cult matter to describe a Hluemel ahlp
when the Inventor Is not sitting at the
writer's side, but after going over the
ahlp on pnper I have come to the
conclusion that my description Is the
proper one. It would like to be present
when It Is launched. I believe the wu-
11 you want a .me reiiel lo pa. in in the back, Mdc, cnei. i
l.mbs, use an
BKAR IN Mini -Not one of
Hons is aa good as tin: tcei.uini.
l-r will In aurprlaxl, nutwlihaliiiidlng
It fiM liorim many iiihit Ihlnga.
T iM-glii with, ynu will ln-ar ma
ll III II ' . ,,.' i'm.i in riii HIIU
ft, 'rt l u Kruli'a'iue III Bi'praraiii e. The cUar
I ! i.l tiu.il hull forma a part at the pro
7,m.ii' l'"IHi'K p"Wt-r, aa around It twlala a
j"l'lr"' r''lK"' "u" ri-volvoa and la
IiihiK loiiKlluillliuliy on a hollow tube
eultlrli-litly lurgn In iIIiwiiHit lo pi-rrnll
a man t'i walk throiiKh It. A propeller
ut Um ali-rn la aUINimry, and altached
to the tulMi, wlili h rurvt-a at elthiT
lid. Thwi fii'la furrilah vifiillatlori,
mid mity he uwl aa lialrhwaya at the
aame tlinv. An IntTlor hull, which la I
nurd to thi- undVr aide of tin- tube, la
'only ri-ai hed through lth-r one or the
jothi - r of the ao-ralli'd hat hwayi.
j ll la wi-ll that thla Inti-rlor hull la
iarrangfil to be alatlonary, for It la d-
' Kn( , m), ,h(, ,.nufn,.n ttn4 tne en.
( gn, too. If that hull r-volv-i
to r-olve by Intrliatu g'-arlng. Mr.
Illui-mel haa arrang'd a hurricane drck,
aupK)rt-d by the rrooki'd up enda of
I h" liimif iiimi lulrt. whi r paaat-ngera
will be di'llghted to upend pleaeant
It dovan't matter much whether alck
heaaluche. blllouaneaa, Indigeallon, and
I conatlpallon are cauavd by neglect or
by unavoidable clrcumatancva; Ie
Wilt's Little Early Hltera will speed
ily cure them all. C'haa. Itogera, ; In time of peace, forced an adveraa bol
DruKglat. . ance of trade, to a perpetual menace
C'iHCriT Ciil'KT.
In the circuit court yeaterdny before
i Juilgi- McHrble. the following taaea
came up for hearing:
A. A. Ettterbpik vs J. Eaaterbrook,
default of defendant won entered and
defree of divorce granted.
II. V. Packard va. Silos It. Horner,
default of defendant entered and Judg
ment for plali.tlff as piayed for.
Commercial National Hunk vs. D.
Morgan, mime action.
M. Nowlen v. Oliver Htewart, de
murrer overruled by d-naent and until
Huturday allow ed In which to anawer;
default entered aa to all other di-fend-anta.
In the three arttona of the Ktato nf
n y J((m M the defendant
was arraigned and charged with the
I crime of larceny, and given until Fri
day In which to plead. John E. Toung
was appointed by the court aa counsel
for the defendant.
Martin Mattson, a native of Sweden;
Wm. Osen, a native of Great Britain,
and Victor Veateniund, a native of
Russia, were admitted to cltlxenahlp.
j j,,,., Barw,,, pnfmni tor
,.,., t, bood rrom m,,
and dlaeaaa. It doea thla and mora. It
bullda up and strengthens constitu
tions Impaired bv dlaeaaa. It rwom-
range 10 west
ine wnoie system ts drained and un-
dermlned by Indolent ulcers and open
aorea. DeWltfa Witch Haael Salve
apeedlly heals them. It ta the beat
P" cure known. Chaa. Rogers, drug-
Occident I- 9. Dotile. C. C. McDon
ald. Josenh O'Connor Pnrtlunit H S
MrUmvaI, CMatK)k. A. F. Kniot. G.
Huckintrhum, San Francisco.
I Parker ftonne Thou
F. Mullln, J.
Schwensteln, W.
Harrows, Pan Francisco; J. Quinn,
Qulnn's landing
; Thiw, rtoyle. West-1
L. Wichanl. Stella. I
A gentleman's resort, at corner Bond ! which now obstruct the sale of Amer
and Uth .treats. Th. ftne.t brands ot ; lean products In the ports of other
liquor, and cigar, always on hand. Call countries and Becure the enlarged mar
and try ua. ets of our arms, forests and factories.
ANDERSON A rETKRSON. Protcctlon an( reciproclty ftre twln
"Boys will be lioys,'
but you can't
. I offord to lose any of them. Be ready
1 i i. , , ,
i 1 1 1 uw kix-vii appiu scusou vy Having,
DeWltfs Chollc and Cholera Cure In
the house. Chas. Rogers. Druggist
ROYAL BaKing Powder.
Highest of all la leavening
Strength V. S. Ooverament Report
Use Welifoot Corn Cure. No
cure no pay. For sale at Es-tes-Conu
Drug: Store.
Tai fu
Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises,
scalds, burns, are quickly cured by De
Wltt's Witch Hasel Salve, the great
pile cure. Chas. Rogers, druggist.
Tha best chemical compound for "wash
ing powder Is "Soap Foam," aa It will
not "yellow the clothes," nor burn tha
hande. It's th. finest thing In tha world
for tha bath,
One trial will convince)
. Meany is the leading tailor, and pays
the hlghe.it cash price for fur skins.
the hosi ( coun:r:'e:'.s and un vv
Declaration of Principles
Tha Itepubllcana of tha United Btafee,
aaaombled by their reprea;ntatlvea In
National Convention, appealing for the
popular and hletorlca! juatlflcatlon of
their claima to the matchleee achleva
inenta of thirty yeara of Republican
rule, earnestly and conrtilently addrcaa
themaelvea to the awakened Intelli
gence, experience and cnneclence of
their countrymen In the following dec
laration of facta and prlnclplea:
For tha flrat time ilnce the Civil
War the American people have wlt
neaacd the calamltout conaequencea of
full ar.d unreetralned Imocratlc con
trol of the Oovernment. It haa been
a record of unparalled Incapacity, dla
honor and dlaaater. In administrative
management It haa ruthkaaly aacrlfle
ed Indlapenalble revenue, entailed an
unceaalng deficit, eked out ordinary
current expense with Ijorrowed money,
piled up the public debt by
hanging over the redemption fund,
pawned American credit to alien syn
dicates and reversed all the measures
and results of successful Republican
rule. In the broad effect of Ita policy
It haa precipitated panic, blighted In
dustry and trade with prolonged de
pression, closed factories, reduced work
and wages, halted enterprise and crlp-
i pled American production while stlmu
I latlng foreign production for the Amer
! lean market. Every consideration ot
' public safety and Individual Interest
! demands that the government ahall be
rescued from the hand of those who
have shown themselves Incapable of
conducting It without disaster at home
and dishonor abroad, and shall he re
stored to the party which for thirty
years administered It with unequaled
success and prosperity.
A Protective Tariff.
We renew and emphasize our alleirl
anca to tha policy of protection aa tha
bulwark of American Industrial Inde
pendence) and the foundation of Amer
ican development and prosperity. This
true American policy tain foreign pro
duct, and encourage, home Industry;
It put. the burden of revenue on for
eign goods, it secures the American
market for the American producer; It
upholda the American standard ot
wagea for the American worklngman;
It puta the factory by the aide ot the
farm, and make the American farmer
less dependent on foreign demand and
price; It diffuses general thrift and
founds the strength of all on the
strength of each. In Its reasonable ap
plication It la just, fair, and Impartial.
equally opposed to foreign control and
j domestic monopoly, to sectional dia-
crimination and Individual favoritism.
I We denounce tha present Democratic
, tariff aa sectional. Injurious to the pub
I lie credit and destructive to business
enterprise. We demand such equitable
I tariff on foreign Imports which come
; Into competition with American pro
I ducts as will not only furnish adequate
j revenue iw cue iicrj expenses oi
! tne government, but will protect Amer-
r -or from degTedatlon to the
', W level ' er "mas. we are not
', pledged to any particular schedules.
i The question or rates is a practical
question, to oe governed Dy the condl-
t tlons of the time and production; the
ruling and uncompromising principle
Is the protection and development of
American labor and Industry. The
country demands a right settlement
and then It wants rest.
Reciprocity With Other Nations.
We believe the repeal of the reci
procity arrangements negotiated by the
hiit Republican administration waa a
! national calamity, and we demand
' their renewal and extension on such
! terms as will equalize our trade with
1 other nations, remove the restrictions
measures of Republican policy, and go
' hand In hand. Democratic rule has
reekJeAnlv striielr (town hnrh ntiit hrh
J '
must be. re-established. Protection for
what we produce, free admission for
the necessaries ot life which we don't
produce, reciprocal agreements of mu
tual Interest which gain open markets
for us in return for our open market to
others. Protection builds up domestic
industry and trade and secures our
own market for ourselves. Reciprocity
builds up foreign trade and finds an
outlet for our surplus.
Protection to Sugar Producers.
We condemn the present adminlstra
t tlon for not keeping faith with the
sugar producers ot this country. The
Republican party favors such protec
tion as will lead to the production on
American soil of all the sugar tha
American people use, and for which
they pay other countries more than
J10O.0O0.0O0 annually.
Wool and Woolens.
To all our products to those of the
mine and the field, as well as to those
of the shop and the factory to hemp
to wool, the product ot the great Indus
try of sheep husbandry, as well as to
the finished woolens of the mill we
promise the most ample protection.
Merchant Marine.
Wa favor, restoring the early Ameri
can policy of discriminating duties for
tht up-bulldlng of our merchant marine
and the protection of our shipping In
the foreign carrying trade, so that
American ships the product of Amer
ican labor, employed In American ship
yard., .ailing under the Star, and
Strip., and manned, officered and
owned by Americana may regain the
carrying of our foreign commerce.
The Financial Issue.
"The Republican party Is unreserv
edly for sound money. It caused the
enactment of the law providing for the
resumption of specie payments In 1879;
since then every dollar has been aa
good aa gold. We are unalterably op
posed to every measure calculated to de
bate our currency or Impair the credit
of our country. We are, therefore, op
posed to the free coinage of silver, ex
cept by International agreement with
the leading commercial natlona of the
world, which we pledge ourselves to
promote, and until such agreement can
be obtained we believe the existing
gold standard must be preserved. All
our silver and paper currency now In
circulation must be maintained at a
parity with gold, and we favor all
measures designed to maintain Inviola
ble the obligations of the United
States, and all our money, whether coin
or paper, at the present standard, the
standard of the most enlightened na
tions of the earth."
Pensions for Veterans.
The veterans of the Union armies de
serve and should receive fair treatment
and generous recognition. Whenever
practicable they should be given the
preference in the matter of employ
ment, and they are entitled to the en
actment of such laws aa best calculat
ed to secure the fulfillment of the
pledges made to them In the dark days
of the country's peril We denounce
the practice of the pension bureau so
recklessly and unjustly carried on by
tht present administration, of reducing
pensions and arbitrarily dropping
names from the rolls, aa deserving the
severest condemnation ot the American
- - .
Foreign Relations.
Our foreign policy should be at all
times firm, vigorous- and dignified, and
all our Interests in the western hemis
phere carefully watched and guarded.
The Hawaiian Islands should be con
trolled by the United States and no for
eign power should be permltetd to In
terfere with them. The Nicaragua
Canal should be built, owned and op
erated by the United States, and by
the purchase of the Danish Islands we
should secure a proper and much-needed
naval station In the West Indies.
Armenian Massacres.
The massacres In Armenia have
aroused the deep sympathy and just
Indignation of the American people,
and we believe that the United States
should exercise all the influence It can
properly exert to bring these atrocities
to an end. In Turkey, American resi
dents have been exposed to the gravest
dangers and American property de
stroyed. There and everywhere Amer
ican citizens and American property
must be absolutely protected at all
hazards and at any cost
Monroe Docirine.
We reassert the Monroe doctrine In
Its full extent and reaffirm the right of
the Unulted States to give the doctrine
effect by responding to the appeals of
any American state for friendly Inter
vention in case of European encroach
ment We have not Interfered, and
shall not interfere, with the existing
possessions of any European power in
this hemlsphete, but those possessions
must not, on any pretext, be extended.
We hopefully look forward to the
eventual withdrawal of the European
powers from this hemisphere, and the
ultimate union of all the English
speaking part of the continent by the
free consent of Its Inhabitants.
Independence of Cuba.
From the hour of achieving their own
Independence the people of the United
States have regarded with sympathy
the struggles of other American peoples
to free themselves from European dom
ination. We watch with deep and abid
ing Interest the heroic battle of the Cu
ban patriots against cruelty and op
pression, and our best hopes go out for
the full success of their determined con
test for liberty.
The government of Spain, having lost
control of Cuba and being unable to
protect the property or lives of resi
dent American citizens or to comply
with Its treaty obllgatlones, we believe
that the government of the United
States should actively use Its influence
and good offices to restore peace and
give Independence to the Island.
Enlargement of the Navy.
The peace and security of the repub
llo and the maintenance ot Its rightful
Influence among the nations of th
earth demand a naval power commen
surate with its position and responsi
bility. We therefore favor the contin
ued enlargement of the navy and a
complete system of harbor and aev-
coast defenses.
Immigration Laws.
For the protection of the equality of
our American citizenship and of the)
wages of our worklngmen against tha
fatal competition of low-priced labor,
we demand that the Immigration law
be thoroughly enforced, and so extend
ed aa to exclude from entrance to the)
United State, those who can neither
read nor write.
Civil Service.
The Civil Service law was placer on
the statute book by the Republican
party, which has always sustained It.
and we renew our repeated declara
tions that It shall be thoroughly and
honestly enforced and extended wher
ever practicable.
Free Ballot.
We demand that every citizen of tha
United States shall be allowed to cast
one free and unrestricted ballot, and
that such ballot shall be counted and
returned as cast
lynching Condemned.
We proclaim our unqualified condem
nation of the uncivilized and barbarous
practices, well known as lynching or
killing ot human beings, suspected or
charged with crime, without process of
National Arbitration.
We favor the creation of a national
board of arbitration to settle and ad
just differences which mar arise- be
tween employer and employed engaged
In Interstate commerce.
Free Homesteads.
Wt believe In an Immediate return
to the free homestead policy of tha
Republican party and urge tha passage
by congress ot the satisfactory fro
homestead measure which has already
passed the house and Is now pending
In the senate.
Admission of Territories.
We favor the admission of the re
maining territories at the earliest prac
ticable date, having due regard to the
Interests of the people of the territo
ries and of the United States. All the
federal officers appointed for the terri
tories shall be selected from bona Ada
residents thereof, and the right of self
government shall be acorded as far aa
Alaska Representation.
We believe the citizens of Alaska
should have representation In the con
gress of the United States.to the end
that needful legislation may be Intelli
gently enacted.
Sumptnary Legislation.
We sympathize with all wise and le
gitimate efforts to lessen and prevent
the evils ot Intemperance and promote
Rights of Women.
The Republican party Is mindful ot
the rights and Interests of women. Pro
tection of American industries includes
equal opportunities, equal pay for equal
work and protection to the home. Wa
favor the admission of women to wider
spheres of usefulness, and welcome
their co-operation in rescuing the coun
try from Democratic and Populist mis
management and misrule. Such are the
principles and policies of the Republi
can party. By these principles we will
abide and these principles we will put
into execution. We ask for them the
considerate Judgment of the American
Confident alike In the history of our
great party and In the justice of our
cause, we present our platform and our
considerations, in the full assurance
that the election will bring victory to
the Republican party and prosperity to
the people of the United States.
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