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The Dally Astorlan
mid worry
...Family Circulation, ,.
Much mo than thum Tmn At
"Wanl Column,"
asthma, oheoox, ttksday mokm.no, octobkr is, wm.
NO. 215
J 1 IK
or wi-. l
Our Handy Wagon...
ComlitnM all the (MlurM of ths child's
plain mui and a vitoolpaa, and, all
thins ronltlard, com (ha consumer l.sa
than .llh.r. Ho daalrabta, oonv.nl.nl and
aatl.rscorr haa II provan, thai, aa a
ready "soller," It haa no aqual. Wa taka
special prida, loo. In d.llv.rlng lha
aama promptly and In faulllaaa eond
Uoo lo tha trad,
Base Ball
U Fishing
Croquet Tackle,
Sets Garden Tools
Something New
and Fresh...
51 1'PLIES, L000ER5'
Leniency Eihlliitcd liy the Imiije In
the Kcnney I'use Yes
ri.o(.)i i:xr 1'M.a uv coevsn.
Affecting He one In lliu Court Itooin
Law Mum lie 1'pheld, and Warning
Cilvrn l others Leniency to
le.-forrii a Criminal.
Call and Be
Trustee for the late
Oregon State Normal School
A Training School for Teacher. Senior Year Wholly Professional.
Twrnty weeks of Psychology and General and Special Methods; twenty
wmhi of Teaching and Training Department.
Training school of nlna grades with two hundred children.
Regular Normal Course of Three Yean-.
The Normal Diploma la recog nlied by law aa a State Ufa Certificate to
I.lltht Kxpensea; Hoard at Normal Dining Hall 11.60 per week. Furnish,
ed rooms with light and fire, 7to to II. 00 per week. Board and Lodging In
private famlllea U.60 to 13 .60 per week.
TUITION: Bub-Normal. $5.00 per term of ten weeka; Normal, 18.25 per
term of ten weeka
Grades from reputable schools accepted.
Catalogues cheerfully furnished on application.
Address P. L. CAMPBELL, Pres., or W. A. WANN, Sec. of Faculty.
I , , The Stock Consists of
The Successor of the ,, 1 I IOTIAWi T,,u s,Vk r"s
OreKon ln,d.n Co. " A IJL I .UN.! DRY GOODS
win inuuuiiriiiu nn - ------- l nTHikir
r a r tv mriu
Cant - nt 1 n in
mill continue until $(l,R(Hl Is nilscJ from MACKINTOSHES
the stock. Sale positively without reserve. and Thousands of
600 COMMERCIAL, ST. other foods.
H. FRIEDMAN, Auctioneer
Astoria & Columbia River
Beginning on Monday, Sept. Hth.tralna on tha A. and C. R. R. R. will
run as follows:
Leave Seaside at 7:30 a. m. dally.
Leave Seaside at 8 p. m. daily except Sunday.
Leave Seaside at 4 p. m. Sunday.
Leave Astoria at t a. m. dally.
Leave Astoria at 4:46 p. m. dally except Sunday.
Leave Astoria at 6:30 p. m. Sunday. C. F. LESTER, Supt.
Oregon Industrial Exposition
SEPT. 19 TO OCT. 17
The (trout resource!) of the Pacific Northwest, Agriculture, Horticul
ture, Fisheries, Alines, Manufactures, Machinery, Transpor.
tatlon, Trade and Commerce will he represented
more completely than ever before.
, Grand Band Concert Every Afternoon and Evening
Lowest Rates Ever Hade on All Transportation Lines
Tor Exhibit space, apply to Geo. L. Baker, Superintendent, at the building
E. C. MAHTEN, Secretary.
When Judge Mcllrlilo yttitcrday after
noon pronounced sentence upon J. J.
Kcnney, convicted by the Jury In 111"
ro of assault with a deadly weapon
upon A. Y. Row, an affecting scene took
pla -f In the court room, which waa
crowded with attorneys and Interested
spectatora. The circumstances of the
rase were well known to all. n the
morning or August 1st. Kenney follow
ed Itona and his wife from the restuu
rant where lhy hud taken breakfast to
Mr. Rosa' plat of business, using In
d.c.nl lanitunire. following them Into
the room, and there continuing hla
allure. Mr. Itosa threw him out of the
room, raised a brick and threw It at
him, striking him. and a few moments
later Kenney pulled a revolver and flrd
at Ross through toe open dixir of his
office. The grand Jury rendered an In
dictment, and after a lengthy trial of
the case, the Jury returned a verdict of
guilty aa charged, and recommending
the lcf.Ti.lnnt to the mercy ot the court.
The court appointed the hour of 1:30
ytnterduy afternoon for pronouncing
sentence. When the defendant was
asked If he hnd anything to say why
sentence should not lx pronounced, his
attorney, Mr. Wlnton. arose and made
one of the must eloquent Plens for mer
cy ever heard lu a Clatsop county court
room. He rcclti-d kcvciuI ivtiinces of
a similar nature nsvntly decided In this
court, slid urged Unit In his belief It
w as the Intent Inn and purpose of the
low not only to protect the cltlsens of
a cuhiimimty. and puiilHh offend, m, but
to reform a crlmlnu! whenever It was
possible. History, poetry, and ull th
gruces of the arts were called upon to
deniointiute that as time progressed
It bud Im-cii found more expedient and
efficacious to dcil leniently with men
who, hiivlng irunsgressisl the law In a
moment of passion, were sorry for their
deed und willing to made amends. In
this particular Instance the counsel
urged that the defendant was under the
Influence of lluiior and only partially
responsible for his acts, nnd yet the
law tixik no coKiilxnnee (,f auch a condi
tion. Hut he stilted to the court that
he believed that Mr. Kenney regretted
deeply what he hud done, and that ir
the shame and stigma of the brand of
state's prison were kept from hla name
and that If bis wife and children were
not disgraced to that degree, that he
and they In the future would live apart
from the enxlionments which had
brought about their present great trou
ble. He did not ask for the lowest sen
tenre thnt could be pronounced under
the law, but stated that If a fine Was
Imposed, that he, himself, would make
every effort to ulil the defendant In
raising It, und he bclievcM that from
henceforth, as others had done towards
whom clemency had been shown, the
defendant would lend a different and
better life.
A aen.tutlon swept over the courtroom
as Judge Wlnton, during bis remarks,
turned towards IMstftct Attorney T. J.
Cleeton, and In a manly and effective
manner apologized to that gentleman
for the abuse he had heaped upon him
during the nrguments In the trial,
which he attributed to the excitement
of the moment, and the heat of trial.
He said that never before. In all his
practice, had he felt so keenly the
thrusts given him, and sharp replies
made by the district attorney, who, he
auld, had throughout the case proved
himself to be not only a gentleman, but
a thorough lawyer and logician of the
highest ability.
Closing his address to the court,
Judge Wlnton made a final appeal
which visibly affected the court and all
thoae present. When asked If he had
anything to say In rebuttal, District
Attorney Cleeton replied that he left
the matter entirely with the court.
Before leaving his argument, Judge
Wlnton read a letter from the prose
cuting witness, A. Y. Ross, drawn up
before Judge A. A. Cleveland nnd duly
signed, and addressed to the court, and
which begged for mercy for the defend
ant, Mr. Wlnton suld that If he lived,
he hoped to be able to write upon the
gravestone of Mr. Ross, the epitaph,
"Here lies a good witness and an hon
est man."
In delivering sentence Judge McBrlde
"I have very carefully considered this
case. It Is a cose that appeals very
much to the feelings of thu court, and
those feelings are not diminished by the
very eloquent plea of the counsel In his
behalf, or by the letter read from the
prosecuting witness. The object of pun
ishment Is two fold. The first Is to re
form the offender and to prevent If
possible his committing similar acta in
the future, and the second Is to deter
others from committing like offenses.
The offense In this case was of a grave
character, and only by an accident was
a li ii ma n life not taken, and the more
serious offense, was the violation of the
HkIiIs of mun In Ills own house. If
there Is anything sacred to an Ameri
can i lilzi'ii It Is tlm right to be unmo
lested In his ow n house or plocn of busi
ness. In this case It uppcais that the
ili feiidunt entered Into the bouse and
there ul very Improper and profane
lunKUiige UKUltuit tha prosecuting wit
ness and In the hearing of Ills wife.
Such language was used aa would pro
voke almost any man under similar cir
cumstances (l take exactly tlwj course
that Mr. I toss look In this case. He did
nothing more than nine out of ten men
would have done If the same language
had been used towards them under the
same conditions, and the tenth mun
would probably have taken more ex
treme measures."
"On the other hand, the crime is
somewhat tnltlgutei) by the fact that
the defendant was In liquor at the time,
und probably not wholly responsible
for the language he used, and that be
used such language us he would not
lutve employed bad he ben perfectly
soli.-r. I am well wjualnte,! with the
defendant, and knew blm for a lofig
time while I was district attorney here
uud he waa deputy sheriff. He per
formed his duties faithfully and so far
us I am able to say, was a good and
ptlb lent officer, and has that much
placed to his credit. I am disposed to
think that liquor was much to blame
for the act he committed. This should
bear Ita lesson to all others. Those who
are now, perhaps even In this court
room, treading the uin:i pathway In
which this defendant made his mistake.
should stop and turn about pause be
fore they full from a habit of this
kind. The legitimate end of all such
ways results In almost certain disgrace.
Atlantic Coast Visited by Kind and
avcs, Destroying Much
.Nothing Like It Known In Tears
Ilulldlngs and Hoard Walks Piled
High or Carried Out to Sea
Coney Island Buffers.
New York. October 12. A veritable
hurricane has swept iver this section
today, the wind blowing with terrific
forco, reaching at Sandy Hook a ve
locity of Vi miles, an hour laat night.
The tides rose to a height many feet
greater than has been seen for years
and the waves all along the Atlantic
coast sw ept In with a force that carried
everything before them and did dam
age to the amount of many hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
Sandy Hook and points along the
Jersey coast felt the fury of the storm
moit of all. But Coney Island expe
rienced, so far aa haa been learned, the
most direful results. The beaches were
swept clean, pavilions were overturned
and carried seaward, bath houses and
board walks, every thing not far Inland
on the famous Island, waa turned up
and piled high beyondthe coast line, or
carried out to sea. At Brighton Beach
the stone walks In front of the big bo
te! were under water and toward the
There Is only one out of a very large jend of the afternoon the famous Seldl
proportion of the crimes of the day , concert hall was Inundated and partial
wblch cannot be tracts! to and for ; ty carried awav. The well keDt lawns
which th- liquor habit Is not responsi
ble." .
''A 1 said before. I have considered
this cii.se Very rnrssfully. Personally 1
noiil.l like to put ii "01 the defendant
the lightest sentence that the law will
penult, believing that he probably
would not be guilty of repeating Ibis
offense. Hut the object of the luw Is
not wholly for the purpose of prevent
lug the defendant (rum again comnijt-
tliiK the same offense. It has another
object that Is, a warning to other peo
ple lo abstain from offenses of a like
character, nnd the further object of
an assurance to law abiding people that
their Uvea und their property will be
protected. So In this cose, If 1 Inflicted
upon this defendnnt the least penalty
there would be very little In that to
deter others from similar offenses, and
very little assurance to others that
when they were nssaulted In their own
houses and exercised the right Inaliena
ble to all, to put an Intruder out of
their house, the offender would be pun
ished. If at all, only slightly. I do not
feet like Inflicting the lowest punish
ment the law provides In this case. Af
ter very carefully considering all the
facts In this matter, I have concluded to
Intllct such a punishment as In my best
Judgment will deter others from com
mitting like offenses, and will give an
assurance to law abiding people that
their homes will be protected from In
sult nt the hands of all Intruders. In
rendering decision, I take the letter of
the prosecuting witness Into considera
tion: also the recommendation of the
Jury in this case, in which the mercy
f the couit is Invoked, and the plea
made In his behalf by counsel.
'The defendant will stand up.
'It Is the Judgment of this court, con- I
sUlcring all the circumstances of this
case, that you be confined in the state
penitentiary for one year."
In front of the Oriental Hotel and Man
hattan Ik'uch Hotel were laid waste
and the lower portions of the hotels
were flooded. Innumerable small build
ings were simply picked up bodily and
carried away by the wind or waves.
At Far Kockaway the fury of the
gule was indescribable. These houses
which were built on piles on the sand
were washed away and those higher
up which for years have ten out of
the reach of the highest tides, were to
day Hooded. Along the Jersey coast
most of the damage done was to piers
and to breakwaters. Preparations had
been made, aa forewarnlngs of the
storm had been given some days before.
As yet very little damage to shipping
has been reported, for on account of
the w arnlngs, many crafts delayed gall
lng, and others that had cleared there
returned for safe anchorage.
speeches In Indiana. A special train
will be used and on October 20 and
ii and 31, the ex-president will make
tours of the state, delivering short
speeches en route from the platform of
the car. He will not apeak outside of
1 idlana.
Government Crop Indications Rather
Indcr the .Mark. Which Stiai-
Muspeth, L. I., October 12. -Joe Wol- j uMz& the Ikars.
cott. of Boston, beat "Hcaldy" Bill :
Cjulnn, of Pennsylvania, tonight at the !
Kmplre Athletic Club In seventeen ! RALLIED OX FOREIGN REPORTS
rounds. Both are colored. '
(England, Australia and India All Com-
petltors for Wheat In the San Fran-
October closed at W; December j
Halifax, October 12. The British'
cruiser Talbot, reported to have foun-;
dered at sea, arrived here this after-!
noon. j
Cisco Market Cable Orders Firm
Paris and Berlin Strong.
Chicago, October 12. Wheat opened .
at a slight decline from Saturday's
SALMON HATCHING ON THE eil'-cl',fe- ln vernmeni crop report in-
ELAW RIVER. idlcatcd the total spring and winter
i crop to be about 4.11,000,000 bushela; that
Special to the Astorlan. favored the bulls, but the receipts bere
Florence. October 10. At the request 'and the northwest were too heavy to
of Congressman Hermann the l.'nlted come from such a small crop, and this
States commissioner of fish and fisher-i stimulated the bears. Liverpool was
les lately directed Prof. S. E. Meek and i unchanged according to first cables, but
A. B. Alexander to visit the salmon ', Berlin started at from 1V to 2V4 marka
hatching station near the head of tide i advance: The foreign news was. how -
on the Sluslaw river, and to determine i ever, of a strongly bullish flavor, ex
as far as possible the advisability ofjeept as regarded the shipments from
operating It. These gentlemen made ! Danublan and Russian porta, thoae be
thelr visit abou the middle of 8eptem-lng heavy. The East Indian need of
ber. They founa the Jtwlldlng which w heat waa apparently confirmed by prl
waa built by the state some four years I vate letters and by something more
ago In good condition, and fairly well tangible, more engagements of wheat
supplied with apparatus needed for the In Ban Francisco for shipment to India,
hatching of salmon eggs. The only dif-j San Francisco wired that England
Acuity which presented Itself was the and Australia and India were all corn-
securing of eKgs. It was quite evident Peltiora for wheat there. All cabled
that they could not be secured In suffl- offers of flour by local and Minneapolis-
cient numbers from fishes taken at millera were accepted. Later cables
spawning time near the head of the came surprisingly firm. Paris and Ber
tlde. jhn closed with almost a boom and LIv-
The United States commission had 'erpool also closed strong. About aa
tried this method some two years ago hour from the close the Inevitable sell
and demonstrated that It was not prac-; lnS to realize profits caused a partial
tlcable. The only plan which seemed reaction.
worth considering was to get the Chin- j
ooks from a seine operated about fif-!
The National Committee Claims a1
Least 270 Votes for McKlnley.
New York. October 12. At the nation
al Republican headquarters today after
a conference of the entire executive
committee the following was given out:
"The election of McKlnley and Hohart
Is an accomplished and assured fact.
They will receive 270 electoral votes.
Bryan will receive 110, and there are
six states having 6i electoral votes
which are doubtful, but the probablli
ties at present point to the fact that
these 67 will go Into the Republican
column and be udded to the 270 now as
sured for McKlnley and Hobart. This
is the status today. We have the
election and will hold It. The opposition
has abandoned the east." tSlgned) M
S. Quay.
At the regular meeting of the Cham
ber of Commerce held last evening there
were present: Q. Wlngate, president;
Jas. W. Welch, vice: president; E. C.
Holden, secretary; M. J. Kinney, E. J.
Smith, J. S. Delllnger, Geo. Hartley,
C. R. Hlgglns, J. E. Gratke, Dan Camp
bell, James Finlayson and others.
After disposing of the regular routine
business, and hearing reports of com
mittees, under the head of new business
several matters of general public inter
est were discussed, resulting In the ap
pointment of a special committee' to In
terview Astoria property owners and
procure offers for a suitable site for a
140,000 or JfiO.OOO hotel, the committee to
report at the next meeting. Another
committee was appointed to formulate
some plan of publicly celebrating the
twentieth anniversary of the organisa
tion of the Astoria Chamber of Com
merce, which will be. the 17th of next
Springfield. III., October 12. The state
board of review today heard objections
tiled by Theodore Nelson, secretary of
the Democratic state central commit
tee, to placing the ticket of the gold
standard Democrats on the official bal
lot under the name "Independent Dem
ocracy. The board of review aecluwl
to place the ticket on the official bal
lot under the title "Independent Gold
Standard Democracy."
It requires a government flat now to
keep silver dollars at a par with gold.
It will require more than Bryan's flat
to keep the two sllveiites, Bewail and
Watson, on a par with each other.
New York Advertiser.
Lincoln, Neb., October 12. A. R. Tal
bot, the law partner of W. J. Bryan, to
night gave the following signed state
ment to the Associated Press:
"I see It stated in the press reports
that I have bolted Mr. Bryan, my law-
partner, now candidate for president
of the United States on the Democratic
ticket. I have always been and now am
a Republican, but no man has a greater
admiration or higher regard for Mr.
Bryan than I have. His honesty, integ
rity and patriotism cannot be ques
tioned. I have not 'bolted' Mr. Bryan,
and any statement to that effect Is un
true. (Signed) A. R. Talbot."
Chicago, October 12. The speakers'
bureau of the Republican headquarters
completed today the Pacific coast tour
for Congressman Bcutetle, of Maine.
He leaves Chicago tomorrow, and
speaks first In Los Angeles, October 17.
He speaks In San Francisco on the
evening of October 19, and at Sacra
mento on October 20. He then goes to
Oregon and speaks at Salem and Port
land October 22 and 23. After October
26 he will be In Washington till the
end of the campaign, and will speak In
Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle and Spokane.
Liverpool, October 12. Wheat spot,
firm; demand, poor; No. 2 red spring.
6s; No. 1 hard Manitoba, 6s I'id: No. 1
California. 6s 3d.
Hops, at London, Pacific coast, 3.
Portland, October 12. Wheat Walla
Walla, 61ifi62; Valley, 64??65.
Chicago, October 12. The Republican
national committee has secured ex-
Presldent Harrison for a number of
teen miles below the hatchery, put them ,Wat80I1 May Not Speak Again Durln
mrB,; "r u"r- ""Ul "'" lu lne i the Campaign,
tlon on flood tide, and retain them In
the boxes until ripe. Th Chlnooks are Atlanta. October 12.-A special to the ;
a timid fish, and apparently abhor cap- Journal from Thompson says:
tlvliy, and there was much doubt as to j Thoraoa F. Watson Is still confined to
whether they could be retained In the , his room, acting under the advice of
live boxes until ripe. Mr. Lewis E. ! his physician. Dr. Harrison Informed
Bean, whose parents donated the the Journal correspondent that under
ground for the hatchery, tried this ex-! no circumstances could he speak is
periment on a small scale last year, and less than ten ot twelve days, and that
met with success. The firms of Meyer ' it was doubtful If he could take the
& Kyle, and Elmore & Sanborn, now stump again during the present cam
operating canneries on the river, took palgn. From information received from
much interest in this experiment and ' prominent Populists In close touch with
gave It a great deal of personal atten- , him It Is reported that Watson Intended
tlon; so confident w ere these men that to make a complete tour of Kansas and
fishes could be gotten and retained the Colorado with the Intention of smash-
required length of time In the live boxes lng the present fusion arrangements In
that they offered to donate the fish If , those states.
the commission would give the method i
a fair trial. The entire proposition i
seemed so encouraging to the com mis-',
sion that Prof. Meek was asked to re-.
Minneapolis, October 12. William
turn to the Siuslaw, carry on the exper-
i Jennings Bryan came from St Paul
careful study of It 1
to her sister city this afternoon and
Minneapolis received him with enthusi
asm. He spoke to four big meetings
tonight in these places: Exposition
Hall; Bridge Square, on the banks of
the Mississippi river Just outside of the
hall; Lyceum Theatre to an audience of
women, and Yale Place, the public
square In the city. At Exposition Hall
E. C. Marchard, on behalf of "a large
part of the laboring class of Minneapo
lis," presented to Mr. Bryan an. Ink
stand made, so the speaker said, of gold
and silver at the ratio of 16 to L
iment, and make
In all its phases. At the present time
about two hundred Chinook salmon
have been safely floated In four live
boxes to the head of the tide and are
doing very well. Other boxes are being
built, and other Chlnooks and silver-
sides will be secured In the same way. '
Messrs Christensen & Peterson, who
operate the seine have offered material
assistance In securing more fishes, and
there is now an excellent prospect that I
upw ards of a million Chinook eggs will !
be secured for the hatchery this year be-
sides a large number of silver salmon !
eggs. ,
The fishermen along the river are London, October 12. "Peddler" Palm-
very much pleased at the prospect of , er, of England, who holds the title of
having the hatchery operated and show j champion bantam weight of the world,
their Interest by offering such assist- j tonight defeated Johnny Murphy In
ance as they are able to render. To ; a 20-round go before the National
the liberality of Meyer & Kyle, and El- j Sporting Club.
more & Sanborn the success of this
year's work will be largely due. WILL NOT STRIKE.
The Chinook run this year has been i
fairly good, but It Is about over. The'
big run of silverslde salmon" has not I
yet entered the river, although It has ;
been dally expected for the past ten !
days. The fishermen are somewhat i
New Tork, October 12. The sailors of
j the United States have decided to take
;no part In the proposed international
i effort to secure an advance in wages or
i to engage In an International strike.
grieved over the fact that this run,
though apparently later each season, Is
very much later this season than usual.
The present indications are that a large
Upon the opening of the circuit court
yesterday morning Judge McBrlde de-
portion of the sllversides salmon run Uvered a short lecture to the attorneys
will not enter the river until after No- I practicing before the bar. The subject
ember 1st. This will be a great hard- of the Judge's remarks was the loose
ship on the fishermen, as the fishing : manner In which pleadings were filed
season is their only harvest. It Is es
pecially hard on the Siuslaw fishermen
from the fact that this river Is not fa-
before the court and Issues joined In the
various suits pending. Amendments to
pleadings were often asked by different
vored with a spring run of Chlnooks i attorneys, when if thev had been mnr.
as are other coast rivers, which have careful in their preparation of tha
their sources In the snow capped peaks pleadings, much time would have been
f the Cascades. saved both to the court, the attortiov
The run of sllversides In the Siuslaw 'and the litigants. In the future the
river is larger and of more Importance Judge said he would be more strict in
han that of the Chlnooks, and Judg- following the precise provisions of the
lng from the run In the past years and statutes In such cases provided.
from the present situation the larger j 1
part of the "big" run will be In the. Good times and bad money cannot ex-
river during November and after the 1st at the same time. Greenburg (Ind.)
shlng season has closed.
! Standard.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.-
-Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
absolutely pure

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