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The daily morning Astorian. [volume] (Astoria, Oregon) 1883-1899, January 08, 1897, Image 2

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itsus r ii mrii".
fWai by mail. tc ytau"
M fey mail, pee n-nib
gWt by frr'rr, per week
W M Kl.T.
rVnt by mail, r r I: In adiaiu
r.attag frv a ubt Nl-r
At! cwmmunkavikkns Intended for publl
xtlo ahould ! dlrvtlrd l.i th edli.ar
flualnt-M fmmunlt'lka of all kind
and rwnltlan.i-s mut be ad-Ire-! In
The Ab-lsn
Th Ali1il guarantee lit It iuU
ser-Ua-r the largest circulation nf any
Bjeipa-r published in Ihe Columbia
Adverting rt nan be had on aii'tl
at Ion In the buelnea manager.
Th XVeaAly Asloiian, th svootid old
cat e-kly In tli slat uf Oregon, hss
swit In Ih INartlsnd Mreg.wlan. th
kwitnl weekly rln slatlon In th etate
J4tn T llandlry A Co. ar our Port
land agents, and rople nf th Astnrtan
an a had every morning t thrlr
Stand. IN Third street.
Yk "Aalorlaa) kBy ara la 4aal
Ml MiHKtl IMIIXAHat a I. Mar) 'a
Haltal, Byartl an gseaaad I Path
tMaiia, wAe lesjal ! la ra
S)a 4 !. thai eoy Bfleraa a
pawr aiaklUhvrf la A.'ria haa airlalwl
wlikla Ik laM alaaly f iiflriai
far tkl r a ! "aaaalal" ar
kr kl4 t analrgraa4ra raa rapar,'
taaliad atar Ika a trmm aatria flikat
W kka Ulrfrapk aMrw In Aat-aria, fraaa
tmf axrlal aalalila af tiragwa.
Aatarl. Or., ttatakar Ik, !.
I. J
Th Saw Taav't ailltlon of th rV,ailI
P.-at-lnltlllg-om-w, hl h covara lant
(round an J thornughly rtvlr-wa Ih hi
biry of lh rViund country and iturth
t !, la on uf Ih mt rrolttaiil
vpir I'nMluiHIona vr laui la
U Waal. It ta brtkhl. naaay, a all II
luatratn and siily i-l.tvd. Tho who
kav nsit yrt r4 It should nut fall
W riajnln thla nn riantde of Jour
allalla ait, lllnmtuna and m I.-nor.
Annihar Indualry whl h la to hrlp fr
nt th growth mu th rlty of Aaiorla
ho now a, fairly atart. Th t.x-k-boMi-r
and dlrvctor of Ih naw IWh
rmm'a cannrry arr In araalon all ynf
tanlay and H la undvrwtood that thvy
lll tMwt again In a day or two to da
eld on a looatlon fur thlr plant. Too
many manufacturing; ptanU In Aatorla
ontvl l mrtabllahNl an 9 thla lalaat
tovamont among th rank and fll of
our flatilng population cannot b ton
nlirhly amimvitdad.
o Cwirgla haa ahown th country
fcow to alot an anlMruat law that I
Btl-traal ur enough! Thla may h
thought a grvat frathvr la (Hairgla'i
-!, but It will duibttaa appear on a
kr amlntlim tn4 th kind of
antt-tniat law which gnu In Georgia
la not on ahk-tl a llberai aiwl prngraa
1v oomnmnlty would oar to a1ot.
They hav rommunHle down there
ht h hav llled th rac qumtlnn
that la proving urh a ban In all anr
Iktaa of Ih Houlh, but w dim l bellev
th mWhod by whlrh It was aorom
ptlahr.1 would reflri-t much credit In
ay Mamiai huaelta. and th aame can
aroliatily b aald nt the anll-lrual law
f whlrh nenrgla la no a making au h
a loud but.
. . i. J
In order to get to ntarket th fanner
mat hav g"d ruada. Much of tli
fault for th prevailing bad roada In
tirrgon I due directly to th farmer
thameelvea, and Clalaop farmer ar no
aiception lu th nil. Th prreent
movement on their pan for better
thing should have the hearty euort
of every clllten, Iwcaua all must de
pend ufxin th IWriner for th flrl
fruit of natur. With r"d rnnda will
naturally follow a ceniral market wher
they oan olilaln Ih beet prlrra for
their pralur. The preacnt plana fur
rcurlng new brldgi-a ar on Ih right
P-nr. and allh iiilk niminunli'atlun
letwen llw city and county for velil
la will com Imreaaed oiulalliin.
I'opulatliin la what Clalaop county
want and Hiiiilmnn all mu! have
at any coal.
Kngland lino Imwii rulwl by ninny
king, but hUlory rm-onla ilml the
grunt H-rloi In KiikIInIi tilalory h
be.-n undr the n-inna of Kltal.-tli and
Vli-lotla. "Tho KllnnlM-tliMii ne" and
"th Vkiorlan" fur atirpaaM all oiIiit
III ut'luntlU a hli-vKineiit I'lilrngo
liiler-un-an. That inny v true; bul
how tliKie "ai lili'Vi'iiicnta" are In any
ay I ll.- lo tlir- "ri-lgna" nf tin- aoV
arelgna im nil-nn ! U 4 1 - t i lo.ir. ?,
long na klima and iiii'ini are mm.
n llixl to ri-.Mvt iIih rlirlita of nam In
Ihe ctli'iil nf louvlng him In iitirmiu III
ii'iirm iiniiKilrati-il, hla nrlili-vi'tin-nl
till Im ulilautliil I'lioimh It la III.
Iilinlillng IiIhi k Hint klnii and iiii-i-n
have iUhi-. In the nf huinait
piiigtioa fiiiin llinn liniiienii-i lul thai
have leluiili-d Dm ilnvi-lopnii lit nf tin
rate. II Is to be hoi.n (he ri-.uit thai Men
slor Mllchcll hna fniui.-il tin allium r
Willi J.inalhiiii lliiiiriin, nn. I Dial In con-
Idi'tallon nf such hiIm vote, nn
lloiirne can dollver In thn enulnr In
Ihe luglalnliire, Die lall.tr Will throw
Ills Inlliiciii e In favor nf llntirnn'i i-l.-c.
Hull aa sHwker, I Ulilrua. The ntory
aiiiia so far, In real mainly on clr
eunuilaiiltal a Idotice, and II may be
doing Mr, Mitchell eiiraiuo Injustice
In vii u'ict such a iromliliih tu
b I rue. It w ould he an easy mailer
for th senakir lo pacify the mlatikliig
sf time kho would bn hi friends by
giving out an tiiiiliatii denial of the
rumor. Till 4 Ii baa ahmuly had aliim
iliint oiiorlunlly and ample Urn lo do,
although liter may be, of iinuae, good
mason why Ii pivfnia to pnstHiiis hla
tionlraillctliui of t lit Blunder until lie
cun do so illiiler such nlrcunialaiiuas a
a III pill tn abaoluls slid In II. Wn
It'uai tliii soiiainr reallsns uw serious
mistake II would lis for him tu nc
viipy any such mltlon as lhal In which
this rcpnrl puts lilin, mnl ws hav
! mu-a r.H.f J.-fw la hi g.d n
and I J l r l" lb lli-t uhlttaa artr
l blim II tu b kii;lking rl
but lalumny nf lh las! .rdei
a-aiu-Ualy t rktdriiHy ba.kliig li-uts.
in hia ititi-roui and tittloualr Inaln
. r an..n f.ar iker. and the
a-ner kriai.'r Wa.l.i dttiw ti
l.ai( thai It U hi Bt-xirr dial liuuru
la aandmg and hH to n (Hit
lit . h.m that lkuin think ha la
orking, Ih t-tt.-r a 111 un-tuail -I1)
Im. f.ar not only th -!, t or !"
Illl.al rnutatv.m. bul ala hi ihiart
f.-r u'rltii hlmaalf in ih 1'iiiiel
Ml at. -a ad nata
a niKK TitAtiK. it'Vin:
Tb Nw Vurk livtakl. ihe r.,na
'Kk'tn of the run Uii(m(i .if ii
ill), ha alwa be-n a i-alou alvu-
ale i a fits- ira.li- Ita tt r la a-1
agaiiit I'K'ln inn In any f t in ll. n.-.
It lilltril) u 'W ail rttta !. hi I
i-ongrvv iit-ti .rli.g to -m a K-1 ii '
ltan protM'tlv tanl m.lui.' It .
"An itr i-t.i of iirfiarr
be iloa to a ttl)e artli.tiun Ara
"111 nirnhania. who ar Im'king f -r-"aard
to a -ll.v.l of inai-eltv. what
"lh-y think of It It may d-i ny ri
"for the illu. utna, a ho hav ihr.r
"own little an- to guild, and a ho don't
"care who lumi the grltiUtone. but ao
"far a the r-el of Ihe -o.le are mn-
"rrnrd It would Im illaaatnHia It would
"aandliag huin.-e aikt an date our
" n:--n hanu that nea rnterirt and
"venturr would come lo a tnn l9tli"
The Ili-raJ-l la dialngcnuoun What
-aunl the alagnallon In coinm. n a and
tndualry after Ike election of Cleve
land In whenrliy It Iwrame ci-rtaln
thai iMiuaratk- larttT llnki-rlng would
ooma lo pwaa?
Kvry ItuiNirter t.iH-d Imiiorllng,
and devoti-f hla enrrgtea to dlHalng
of th at.u k uf foreign go-l he had
on hand. Ha wlaheil to wall until Ih
new tariff w ent Into otwratkw, ao thai
he could tmiort at a lowrr rale of duly
Kvery manufacturer whoa product
would b affected by the Importation of
Imllar foreign gooda at toaer dull,
toiiei nuui u fact u ring gil for a
market rl mouth ahead To avntil
loa he hml to wait until the new tariff
laef wa eir!"1. thjt h could as
certain how far hla Int'-reais war af-fe-tt.
Wholesale and retail merchant
bought iMtly thie g. hI for w hi. h there
was an Immediate demand, an I r"lui-d
Ihrlr ati k aa low a poaallile, to av id
lose from th new and lor a.alr of
nrlrv which Ihe biwer tariff would
make Inevitable.
Horn th bualnea tagnatlon was In
duced by the reduction of the tariff on
competing giMala. Th threat hanging
over all waa a reduction i-f i)u;tc-a re
duction which was so great thai, even
with Increased lmNirts, th revenue de
rived from dutlro haa never muallrd
th eipendlturea of th government.
Th eilra session of congress will b
railnl to enact a tariff law on opioe!te
line It la to give adequate protection
to Ih domestic manufai-tur of good
with which tmortd goods compel.
There will b nothing In this pnxed
ur to caus any lmxirter to stop Im
porting, or manufacturer to ceaa man
ufacturing, or merchant to let his
stocks run down. Th enactment of a
protective law will Improv Ihe condi
tion of domestic Industry and com-mcn-e,
not crtppl them.
Thla Is not a mer theory; It Is prov
ed by faita. I'k iMMk to lM, when
the McKlnley bill was being delisted In
c .--rr. ' iulnca waa brisk, the mills
and farlorli-e were all w. a king. The re
via Ion of th tar Iff on protective line
did not Injur any bualneaa Interest. It
la the threat of a removal of adeiuat
protection which Is Injurious.
The Herald's argument Is fallacious
ami Inalncer. The itra session will
bring none of th vll which. It pre
dict It will promota pnierlty, not
hinder It.
Absolutsiy pur, perfectly harmless,
and llivarlably reliable ar th quali
ties of (in Mlnuts Cough Cur. It nev
er falls In colds, croup and lung trou
bles. Chlldien Ilk It becauae It Is
pleasant to laks and II helps them.
Cliaa. lingers
Prinl.l.-M Cleveland will go thunder
ing down the age ss th only demo
cratic pn-alib-iil that evt-r congratulated
tint country on a republican victory.
Iloatun Tranacrlpl.
ROYAL Baking Powder
hat been awarded hlgheut
honors at avtry worltfa tali'
whan axhlblted.
Who would have wild nfThiinil t hit t
'lurliiM the paat yiwr the Coiiiiin'IIi ill
irnlli y roaila kllle.1 Iwlc aa many pan
m'UKi'cH nn Ihe atimm nmila of the mat!
Ilai'tronl ( iiiiiunt.
The old lady waa right when h
aald the child might ill If Ihey walled
fur Ihe doctor. Hha saved the little
line's life with a few doses of tine Min
ute Cough Curs. Hhe had nmd It fur
criitip before Chaa. linger.
The "dratWI from leleitraiilc ibt-
rlilhin" atagn uf the. I'uhan war I
in II m u I In II 1 1 ii ai na Arleiuua Want's
iv hi "Hhuitn " -WunluiiKliin I'oal.
It Is a nnl and liuiuutablu law lhal
In bavs giMid aound health, mm iitusl
have pure, rich and abundant blood
There la no shorter nur surer muts
than by a course nf lieWIII Haraapa
rllla Chaa. lingers.
If IO-guen 1.11 eea what she wauls
w hile lu Ihl country, aim will do well
not to aak for II. New York I'reas
Take lanallva llruinu gulnln Tablets.
All druggists refund lb mutiny If
falls In curs. 15o. Kur sale by Chaa.
Itugers, Druggist.
Tim Thtos Kiioiula sueius lu hav
Imeii acconiianl.l by several lurs
kl IiiiiouiiI is Tribune,
THK Mr.TII'Hi r A liKt.AT
I'K Mb'X
hli Curd I' m ...'.r l'trtthlc-g
f:w KalMl
1'alnf.il li.." an- I hi J eo,.uh bul
li.-n a iiMir. I :.'!) wealing away
alth ii-i..ua ki the tin nlal
.U.lllla al liii Hi wotae ihaa
th llt a-lrlr lll There la no M
up lo thr no-ml ufT. nng day i-r n lit
!!. i. aloi.wl lMiiil le, an ! und-r '
j.u, h a eira-n no n are atarr-rly lioi
jaii.lr I" what tlo-y do r'.w yars Ihe j
nice r.ll-l and t--v.l on the ti.ui'i 4 ;
'-a '( ..i I w.-akn-ae until It wa ai
' - m -i-tl'Mt whrih-r h- had ool btii- j
' take a it we i f iaon and thin end all i
: lu trout'li- I'm piuvl Initial lii.ia
M n laiiM- lo lua aid in the hal-e of a
I .-oml.iiiaiioii ..f n r-li. ln.-a that ind or !
. - .ii . j ;-l I rrt'..l th C'lu-ial lual'h.
'nt i-lilaril hi weaA, t flia. Ulrd ai t
to natural and v i. r. and h now
It,-:!, lhal ant man who will take
tin- troulili to ii 1 hi name and ad
,lr--a may have th itx-th.! l this w,.n
I di-rful tuatmi-r.t fte. Now whu I
'aa frr I noan al-a, I itdy without net.
'tinaup I want n) weaken. d man to
s-l the benr-M of my .-(rlenc
I am not a ihllanthrplat. n -r do I
hm- a all rntluulaal. bul tlu-re ai
ihi'Uiraiid of iii.ii uf1-rlng tl mental
t.irlur.- of w.akine.l maiihoo.1 who
Mould be I'uml at one could they hut
g-t u. h a renieily aa the una that
curetl me. Iki not try to atudy out how
I can afford to I -ay the few (aiataate
iaui nix-.-a.ary lo nuUI th Inf rnia
Hun. but ihiJ for It. and learn that
there are a f thlnga on tau-th that al
though they c. t nothing lo get Ihey
ar worth a fortune lo aoin men and
mean a lifetime of happlnrea to ni.t
V ua Writ to Thomas Water, Hog jt,
Kalamaao.1, kllch , and Ihe Information
a III Ii mailed In a plain, .ale.) rn-
;.-rgta Is delighted Inmim at 11
II Ita an anil trust law on th atatul
U.. i.-.iigia should tamper H Joy
with the reflection that other tti
have anll-trut law and that no a. If
mpet tlng ttut paa any attention to
Iheiu.- ChirVigu Tribune.
A woman' h.-a liu h. may tome
from aevnrwl .au-. Hhe liwy hate
s htt.la.li ai1-lng from lul votun.a
of fnun dlgeatlve .lUturhan. .-. Nine
caeca lu ten. her hca.la- In-a come from
luairdrr peculiar to her sri. It may
ahw It.M-lf In Ihs symptoms which are
haractertatlc of a doieo dl"rl.-rs
Thousands of times, women hav bern
trt-ated fiar th wrong dlaortl.-rs I'r
I'lene Favoitl I'reacrlptlon was c-un-(Miunde
I for lha sole punoe of reliev
ing womankind of the III and palna.
Thouaanda of women hav leatKted that
after taking treatment from several
physlclana without benefit, In "favor
It Irvrttlon" cured iheiu complete
ly and quickly. It ha been uaed fur
over thirty years, and haa an unbroken
record of success,
Th woman who hesitates I Invited
lo send 21 one-cent stamps lo cover
only the coal of mailing a copy of I r
IMercv's t'omnion rVnus Me.ll. al Ad
viser, which contain plain, clear In
formation about all the organs of lha
human body and their funntkins.
At leant there I a little coinfoit fori
the silver caiiMi. The tsar baa r. fur.d
to sanction Ihe Introduction of the gold
cur In hut domain .- Waehlnglon
When ih rheumatlaan hrat pra-empts
certain tracts of your anatomy II may
lie ousted naally, but when It becomes
sn old settler It Is pretty hard to budge
Kemrmhrr Ihl when you rlperlrnce
the II rat twinges of this obstinate and
agonising dlaraae, and attack It with
lliwlelter'a 8tiis.ih Hitler ll will
then "make tracks" and pnaalbly li-av
you unmoleateil slid 111 peaccablv his-
a.aialon uf your oii comfort In the fu
ture. I'erlls always attsnd t heunmtiaiii,
If It become chronic, on account of Its
tendency lo attack the heart, I'auully
It la complicated with kidney trouble.
Certuln It la thai Ihe kidney, when
aroumd by Ihe Hill era, will eliminate
Impurities which give rli In rhetiiua
tlain and droy In Incleineiii or wet
cohdlllona of lha weather, Die Ultima,
taken In advance, will often avert rheu
matic 1 1 mi l.l.v I'm till genial faintly
tin-, 1 1. 1 tin fur dyapepala, hllliunincw,
hcinliu Im ami coitallputlon
We can gain neither glory nur rich
iy lliilitlng Hi. ii In W liu t. we mn guln
ia the I . .u I it.1 1. hi ui a li iictili'iil bully
iituuiig nuiliiio), und tbiil la a reputation
that la neither eufe nor honurablu. -
'hli-ngu Tlin.k ll.'iulil
Bend your adilrass lo II, kl. Ilucklan
Co., Chicago, and gat a fraa lainpla bos
uf Ur. King's Nsw Ufa Tills A trlsl
will convlnns you of thalr merit. The
pill srs Busy In aotlun and ar particu
larly iffocilv In His ours of Conatlpsllon
and Hick llesdachs. Vur Malaria and
l.lvar Troublaa Ihay havs basil proved
Invaluable. Thiy ars guarantssd la b
porfontly fres from svsry delslsilous sub
lamia and to bs purely vegetable. They
du nol weaken by their aotlun, but by
giving ton la stomsoh and bowals gr.
Iy Invlgoraat Ih system. Hagular slss,
Ko ptr bus. Bulit by ('has. Hogsrs,
It inuy as well be Ihiiiih In inliut lhal
ithiiuhl wiar leally come, the Jlngin-a
wuiild mil pi'oliulily du aiiy large share
uf Dm llghilng - llh liniund lilapatcli.
Ths best sulvs In lb wurld fur I'Ulk,
brulHes, sores, ulcers.salt rheum, fevsr
sures, tuner, nhappsd hands, uhllblalns,
cur in, and all skin srupilniig, and pus
lllvs vur fur piles, ur nu pay required
It la guaranteed lu glvs pel feel sails
fuctluii, ur inuney relundud. I'rlcs, ii
cents per bus for sals by Charles
itugers, Odd Vslluw' building.
I MMiiNg I V ft I I ! All s
In the I it. uii i wtt ' Ita eta. (
'k fir Dl I umy . f U'i i-
i n 4u.a Mu Iflin aaj l as-
. .all.. I laliK ff ras. A Ko,
si liulala. W C Uta Aug c
Mitis. a ltd C t: tiu..).B Ii.f-a-1
T Aug C II ins one 4 th. I-
e ,1, fw.tania
la Ih baio 4 lb flat of Hit,, a
Vog ai bwby ruiir. .. ai t-r and
auw.r the mu iaint fll j aaaioei )ou
III lie aUtir .1,111, run I) It Dialj
la of t;, i,, it r-nil.r turn . ( tl,u
.. uit to wit tli tli, id M oida) iii CI. i
ruai ) lt;. and If ) . u fall lo ai.. r I
f..r i-aut th.-c. ..f. plaimirl al'.l Ukr d.- j
n anaiunt ).u l r tha i.ilif ia.,
f..r In lb.- cmi !n,t '
r-f ii,hi or tiniui.in l u.a-le iici-ii t..u
I )' ol ll. all. .i lu Hi. . . k A.t.ulant
if Aal.Mla. tirrgmi f.u in.- ai a.e . f u
.ka. uounlil I., an old. r . f th;
lii'U- "f Hit ...uit II, .ii TI, ,ii .
kl. lift le. inadn on th. Ilili .1.) I i. !
..-iiU-i lal I
I g a I'. 'Wi.nv i
A't. in.) f ! I laiiillit '
Ml MMiiNri HV I'l Ml.li'A I'l'iV j
I i tli 111. uil Curt of the Mat. .f i ir
"k'"U. f.. tli. i mcil) i f i l.i.'t
Auaii r ul h. i l.ui.l i I 1 1 . 1 1 it i.iuuaa
l'tui. rMlali A !. l liota a. i
Hannah lou. .lunu.i i' llu. ai.it
C I' liuli) ,u, ,- fn. luiile
V " Aug i " Hint . uiir . f th.- alo.te hMll-I
--I d.-fi n, Willi
III tlin Moil... of ill, Male of li.i ll
I nn ai- ll. n Ii) i. ,iin. I o ai "'r an I :
kii.r tin- ii.iiii lui it til.. I .i..u,i )u
in the almte a iiiiiI. -1 toil I) the lux
day of lh i .it i.',l.u i.iiu of Ihl
...uit, lo-H the I In i .1 M Hula y III K. b
ruary, ItJT. and If u full to an.w. i,
for want lh.4-.-if. .Uiulfr will lake de.
. r.-e aaainat ou for llu- relief i !
for III I be c.iiilalnl
Hi-r.l.-e of auiuuuiii la lua.lr upon ou
by put'll. all'i In the W.kl) Aatortaii
of Aatorta. iir.'g.Hi. for It. !. of all
work, piirauant lo an or.br of ih
Judge of thla .i.ui1 lion I'li Miioa II
M. Hi1., made oil Ihe litli day of l-.nunU-r.
J LV A ItiiWl.llV
Atl. in. ) f I'laluilfl
I'll' 'I'LHTV
Notice I hereby given thai h mime
of an order uf the I'mmiy i .iuil of
of I lataop Ciuinly r a. i . dui) uui.le
on Ihe Mil day of S.- . iiit..-r In
the mailer of the eaiate . f ii ' I H. o
tell, ll.1ella.il, the unib'l alglie.l, kt't III III-
latratrli of Ihe wild eaiate. vk III tall al
public aalcllnll, tn the hll heal I I l.ler,
for caah In hand, on Kutur lay, Hi :J.I
day of January, It'i?, at J n'lluk uf
aald day, at the mutt houat. door In
aald county, all the rtghl. title, lut.riait
Slid eaiate of the said Lira U H.uirell
a the time of hla .b-ath In arid lu Ihs
following described mil estate, lo wit
Una number thlitcn tl.1i, fuurieen
till 4nl nftern do, of well. an twenty
flv Ull, and the aniKlu-aiit iuartr of
Ihe Bnulheaal illArtrr nf aectloli I wan
ly II i.'ai, in lowiiahlp four ill north,
range ten dm w.-at of Ih Wllamrll
merlillan, and alluate. In Clalaop Coun
If. Oregon
I laird Ihrcrmlu-r It. I!t
nl.lVK II HCiiVKI.I.,
Admlnlatrulrii of the ratiiia nf I lia
1 1 He. H ell, deceaai
Xutlir of apinilni iiieiii of adiiilnlat i a
In the mailer of Ihe eaiate of Kara
1 1 Mc.ii.rll, ilec.-tiaeil
Ni it I. ti I hereby given lhal Ihe tin-
Ism-.!, by unler of the County Court
f the Male of I ire gnu, fur Clalaop
County, duly mad ami unlete.1 of rec
ord on the Huh day of June, li'J,'., haa
bet-n appolnled ailmlnlalnktil nf Ilia
-state of Ksia 0. Hcovcll, deoaaid
All pxraotia having claims agalual lha
aatal of aaj l hiira ll Ha-ovell, ieiit-vat,
are helvby reiUHe. In prrat-ul ths
ulilie, with proper Voucher, In Ihe tin-
Inralgm-d al the rt-eldence of lillve II
Hcovell, on Ihe Nchaleiu river, Clalaop
county ( iiegon, wllhln ! iiuuiihs fnun
Ihe date hereof
Ailiulnlairatiia uf Ihe eaiate of Lata
tl. HcoM-ll, deceueri)
Aalurlu, r , lie.a.inlier d, lMI
The Astorlan
invites attention
to Its Job
Printing Department
(live Uh n Trlnl
S twit -n, (! "( I i-fiiun Ai Mohitvi
H I -AMI tl. ml l'f Slut klwtl I A
lllsiksiiillhs, Alsililnlals
gild lluller Msksrs
"'''"'C'iuiVo. fl" K'n1- of IVIauhlnary
Iron anil Hniaa duillug
Uniiuial lllae koinilli VVmk
Spff IAITII S Wll.h Pttrlll Wlittl. Mil,
S to I Hi i rt j ma Slit.iitiuit Wuim. I many ml
Mill Ml. IlllltlV Mtlllll tut bun,. uti, II, ill
Ik Hulll lu III ill
k,r,lillv e.ul.id Im Ii.tptu' eiuk
1 ulltt..iU4tllll lull. Ilia
iHlh and I rsnklln. CIiiiii 7N
jjREMNr.R & Holmes
Tahiti bona
Nu. Od
rlpwilal AHeiilliin I'ulil tu Uleamliimt Ha
L.llll lug,
Klral ulaas lloi aualiiiainaj, Kui,
IU1 III kg V II., b.l. ad ami Ilk.
.... i
j it, V"."..V '
j ,
- ii.- i J.t-ii.
, .- i. ;
.. ..i. u ;
-1 .4
tul-, .. .,
i ' ..l III.
- I
i ,i m -..r.
. 1.. I. .
, '
i ei i
kl rt-
i- k
ti i .
. fci ,.. k
r ! .1, m
e tu .
a im
v Hi l.. V
l ' lo t
, I o.
a, i ..i.i . i
. r. .rk-laia
II..,.,. I.
I i, a 1. 1 true
.,l.H.a l'i I.
. r , a t tli i t
t "....ir
H ..,a- M
k al. iau.
II a. I la
l.l.,l Jl
I l.aiuttl.'ftj
II l.
M,l ,..
I', le -t.
I. .11,. .11. a
I ti- M. k
I 1..-I a
I'. ..111 all
lr..t.lte . .
kv 'lu
1 .nil
. r S .
I i . ,.ii.
I .-i .. ir. an, v
Ii .. .1 ... r a
U., I ,. I..
. ol .t lll.kt,,ll
tn,i..4i. Ii lo.'raa
.i la
I a , , II, I
. 1. 1. i.
i i.r ti, u
i.. r .in).
r in i .
i r ! i
.i in i . V
l.r l-fti
In ! I.
, lO I. ok
1. Il .I,:.-
Ill til l
lu ti, ,,
t III tl. I
I.I .1.1 ,
i iii ,ik
li lo tll'i,
I. IU L.ik
I : Ii. i ..
I u .i.i ,
I lu .li i .
It m .l.u,
j. IU tliu
' Ol
.1 lit 1..I
,i lo l, I.
in C I
.. i..
Jk III l.lk
. Ill I. ik
In I
i.i i. i k
I to .lot, ..
I III -l...
I .. I I tl k
. m i i. .
it in ,i, .
i i i..i.
: ii i-..k
. i.i i
! i
.i ii . . 1 1,
j in in
Ml ,U. .,
H 1. ol
' n
lit.. H Uf -i.i., I'
lls.i ' ml '..i nn f in
. t a lor t a .t
t i-i.-j M.,. H.Hif. .Ain.
loan ulna li.-aai tia.ti i ut IiImi,. until m i b.ai ui iiraii, lain. Ik. i. ami i. I liiilim 4 hail. ), iil.u-1 li.tn
I I l Mail. II, aaaltie of I W
1 a.o, an liiaoloeul delil.H. plain I UT, la
1 hail, 01.. J Hull. ,.f. iclanl
To the alaive nam.. I ...f.u.aiil. 1 hai -lolte
J Hall
You ate hereby e,,lla. u Spp'Sr
411 1 auewi-r Ihe 1 oui laliit uf Ihe staiva
liauo'd I'laJnllT. ni.al Iii lbs alalia en
tilled .11111, III the alait.i i.illl."l sull.
..ii or la fore Urn Hi. I day uf lb nail
I. tin of the ula.vr ilitltl.tl i.itlll, w Id, h
: will I i VI Ia Ilia. Uili day of
! I'el.coMi y. Iti,' If ) u fall to ao ap
iar and aiiaw.r mid cuiiplallit. the
' loilnl Iff will ill 0 to Ihe c.ult for Ihe
1 1. ii. f iM.-.l f .1 ilieieiii, will, h In into
at.111. . la a .I. .i. e f im .aliig lhal cer
1 l.ilu tu.. 1 laa. , muled by ymi In aald
I I W Can... on the 3.1 day of H.tpleiuli..r
: !.'. to a. 1 ute a promlaaury not., nf
Hint dui.' el", ut.. I by you Ik) Bald Case
f ir Ih.i moid of IJoo In I'lilled Hialai
S"ll ...In, with Inteirat fiom aald date
until paid at Hie rain uf ten per cent
p. r minimi, la-lng pitiable una tear af
1. r aal.l dale, and 1111 trt Iheieof, prill
1 llatl or Intel!, hating been paid, Said
ueirtgaga being 11 1 -hi Hie following de-
Tl'a-I real eetala ituale. In Clalaop
. olllll y, t llrgitll, lo- Wr II
laila iiuiiila-retl Iwrtily itui and lm
lymie ill) iaf IH. a k tioiiilM-rel ,,u. bun
driat and seven doll In Hie town of
Tailor" a Aalmia, aa laid uul and s
c.ir.lral by Hi IVnlitaulai Land A Trust
Collliitliy , slao I ail liunili.-l o. four it)
of Hha k "C" in llu. town uf McKwsn's
. Mltl. ui lo mi-en HiMVa, ata.i lo num.
lM.fr, I arv.'ll 7 of lll.a'k ll II lllbef ill
twelve tl.'i In Dim town of Waireniun
addllloii lo AMIorta. alaai ialle. the
Town of aiitiiliiii." a laid mil and
re. onteil by i K ail ell
And for a deiie.. illi.Htin the aale
of aald leal lelalu a ilm .1.1 till ill,
and Hoi ai'l'llcnlloll of Hie l,iaa.U
Ihena.f upon Hi amount due upon aald
note, prim Ia4 and llilmaat, and Ih
fun h.T aoin of foity dollaia attorney's
f.Mi In ana I, I aull, and alao the coal uf
in h aull slid an). 1
Thla aiiiuuioiis la puhllahiHl piiiauanl
lo an oid.-r made by lha Hon T A
M, llrlil.i, Judge of Hie alaitu iitllle.
i.'iirl, on ihe nlh day of I ino.uulr,
AltoiiHi) fur I'laliillff
nitni:ii ur I'hiu.icatidn.
Ill lb Clirull Coin I uf Ih Hlsls of
1 u eg, n, lor ih County nf Clatsop.
M, Nnwleu, MalnllfT. vs III vr Hlaw.
art, kl C, iirurgi., . iiamg, his
wife, J f. lo klur, Ki kler, his
wife, Ii. M Hlusrt, Kats ll Httiarl,
his wife, I M K tin lt r and Ha 1 at)
Klmliir, his wife, w, W ..,
lino I'eLano, luiluii ImLami, hla
wife, K Klewait, and l.lly
Hi. .wail, hla wife, Msry Llinor, K,
I. Iiwyer, and thn A aim la Havings
llnnk, I it fx ii. I it 11 1 rt
Tu W. Iv HI. .wait ,y Hl.maH, K,
It Iiwyer, Hen ImLami, and hMIHi I'
Lanu, of Ihe uh. n.. il , fti 11 .lo ti 1 , In ths
tiauiii nf Ilia Mini uf ntegoii Ymi and
each nf y 1 ill are litochy 1 ciiill nt lo i
pent mid iinawur Hie coiiiiilsllil llled
imalusl v ill In llni uhuvi eiillHed Slid
by tin. Iltal tin y of lha licit I mill uf
Hie 11 Im v n mi 1 1 1 1 tot i'iiiiiI, lo wll; Hi
Hat .1,1 y of rtepleiuher, IM11I, ami If
y ' ! fall at 1 u n nt fur want Ihain.f,
llm plaintiff will taliu duciue aanlual
yuil fm Ihe salu uf curtain laud In
I'lalaiip iiiunly, tiiugnu, fur Ihe for,
rlnauia nf a In 111 1 kl ti m eisuiiled by de,
fnndunl 1 1 1 v o r Hlnnait sshl lands ars
.ii 1 1 It 1 1 1 at I Iy iliiill,d III Ihe Oiilil
plain! nil III11 III Ihl still. Held lands
ate all not a In acciluiis nil, lu, and Ihs
liulialliiii I .ami Claim uf Addison .lw
nil, T IN, II. v W , and fur such mh.
ur relief iis I'liived fur, and shall b
ilueiued by llm 11011I piopor.
Heivlcii nf Hits aiimniuli Is inkfls
Upull you by pllhlb atlun in ths Weskl
Aaliillaii putvuHlit In urdr of th
Judge of Ihl ciiiiil mads th llsl day
uf July, I son J g a. IHlWI.nr.
Attorney fur I'lalnllfT,
N11TICK til' (i'INAI, A )H NT.
N0II1.1 la hcieby glvnlt lhal nil Ihs
Huh day nf Nnvciuber, I "I'l, I filed my
11 mi I mi oiint it administrator of Ihs
ealiiln nf Mlchiii'l Tllnmpsoil, dansasril,
lit llm iiiunly 111111 1 nf Ih stale of lit.
sun. for Clulsiip i iiiuit y, sud Ihe ssbl
coin I bus tt.ii 1 11 1 fll klniiilay, I iminiii
hui uui, i null, si Hi u'uliaik a, in., a Ih
time fur tunning uii Jm l lima la said final
iiicouhl and fur thn sell lenient lhruf,
nick rwTiitir'r,
Aduillilallalur uf Hald h:ll,
Siir4 a4 I -il rr Pit4t
f I ft
aa I I . .aia k
1,11 I ta i:
I -a I a. a ,w
i ear a -al k
Wa. w -
laae - ..
Ita Hail a. .,
,. kii,aUk.
I I ....
lie - .
i r
I -
I I ii
I " (Vol .
lit ' .... .
nt "
I '1
Ita. " . ...
ta " .......
IIWI I .M ...M
till .llk-. ,
l " I .' .. ..
la.T I .ok
I r. 1 ..la
IH Cull
..B I ,.,k
lata fi I kkutllk
I eM i I
.l r I co lata
I J I u 1 1 .. .
Ika "
I.i. I 1
II '
la.: ytiia.Hiili
I lie I iituuia .
Ila-, i'.,ik . .
i . ii l ..th
i shi '..ik
IM I .11
lata ,i .. a .
Iiaj I ,,lk
l i r- a .to.... Ill . .
r in.u.,11, ,
Ikn 1,1.
aaltaii .miiu
tin at
. I
. Si
' a-p
I' H.ltl
il a I
I .1
I t
S. .
I,1 1
au ii
a. ... i r
a tan
a tit
i ill
I . it
Hi 'l
II .
H, Hi
U i
I '.
n ai, .'
I f
I. '.Hi
Itl I "I
f, : o
II. aal)
I till
It" r'thlliriMlt
i ail
I t-'t'ttts.iitlt . nl Mil
ar I nf ,'na
Uj ,,iB d.Hlf, I all! .llJ Jat, lii.l , ,,m,t
P V !' .I las lih la 111 i. tak'iia li.i Ail w
ii itl I A hi 1 1 Milt il.Ktf .ai.iglM iy.
'Mriiatd nut rmit
mm iii a 11 ra..a nu tai
Mkw 11llk ' '
ai,i, 11. ,,,r Vlll.id
I IV kill mi,
I kl liny kellsaes
kl ilily lllaii 1 ,
kiwi am k.k.k W
Hi link I ati.ll.lkj
Mi ilue 1 111 1,1 kl.iliMi .
Ml tli Oi lllai.altiii
Hi Imk a..iiaii.i,ta , ,,.
Mi Ink la
it laark I lea
in iiii. i.iiu friiu'.i
P11III It M I St
lit ihly l ull ii, Ikiia
Srlirk IVit.w) Ci.tla , ,.
. Hftl. st kat.ru. Ith oHls.. .
Mi una kitikvia
uai lint hiirtiaiitit M ..,
Url It'll NIK
Mr Lul I km In tan I'lilkllkla.
ll.iMithiiktu .
Mr Sir I hiltsimi .
kr hr 1 11 aabrlaul , ,.,.,
IN. I'ggll
Ml ilup fiMul Klllieikiikli .
II taj
VI. Hiiriry
llellaeg ,
William ..
I - km uh, I S, IIW,
Tmal inn iik ua Hi r - ti.lkt.
aaats llm
Hustler's Astoria
Twentieth St. niul McKce Ave.
J I)
Good Reason
Why Lots
...Arc Selling..
-) la.
. j -
)8a llond Street.
aW llllll III a. laMIIIMI 1 IMIII'II lllilkblsn ss. 1 1 1 .. ..... k. i
1 M liV am
(VuaiUiMl.iik 1 1
Stal al ill liela.
irOatsT IBB ArTf ) " Mia li'irl.ltl 14 l'i.l.lii r, I l'l'lllkal..lHUWUllMUar.Ua
aruna ss sirian ki,i,i.r,,,,,iii1.i,,ii1,,1,I,,Jil,Ul(H)1("w,,""ii"
1 in rraM.i) kiiifrt.irt at nol ttirr.l Lr lkat.it li kacauti atnilv par r4.nl srs trnntita.1 with
rntalallllk. COl-l Iihii ktlallianniv knoetii rama. it.r.trttwl 11U H t,ikM1 ki.i" bu'iiC
Ik a Wlllla.1 llkililli.a gleen suit lliiiaar ralliriia.1 IS Hi SB lam .l,a-a tiu (ul. a laiiuiaua. I .ink
l,m lail.iH Mjt.li.l.r mill, M I i.il sasBelnmlar aii.i lakiliiiiiulali, iiiaiai lui
A.kliM HA VII It M UiriH 1Ih U Hm tilt, Ban rraiiolatv.lwl, JV mo. kg
OIIAH IIDilKHH, 41.11 Ciuninerelal HI reel
Save time
and temper
, by inking ih Hiiriiiiginn
' lUilis In Hiiuihs, Kunaaa
City, HI. I. nils sud nil
ullr anlillicrn and oiii
iiaali'l ll lUllea,
I! i f.
Thr reaaons giaid
-via Hillings, Molilalia,
Two routes to Chlnsgo
vtd Via Ht. I'atll, The
servlcs over loilli llnua Is
as good as It can bs.
Tickets via thn Htir
llliglnii llntlle ai uu gala
al all mJlrmul tlckul uf
due, . Kur Informal tun
bout fMliw ajnl train ser
Vine, Addinaa
1 I'nrllsnd, Or. gun.
rttHkl NOW I'NTIL "fHINtl
nvsreutii sn4 wliusr wisps will lis la
fsshbai, Tky saa bs ilsnardsd, lraHir
aril r whlls Irsvallng In lha slssm-hisl
Irslni af Ihs Chlnigo, Mllwsuks and HI.
Psul Bsllwsy, ror tnlld caunfarl, fur
peed and fur safety, na slhsr 1 1 us osa
aiimpars wtlk) Ihl rat railway af th
mil i nt
l' .iiiaa ii H ''l
. - I till .
l.k I k, an. it 41 i e
I i .... SI"
a.u.M. ikiia A i e
a a S k.n
I ..l,a l -.l "il't
k. t'-tu. -awll.1 .. A I w
li I alio I n S "
I' lll .l.l I a.ul kl lilt 4 .1
.OH'., t kt
Iktik.Mi. ...illola ai.4 l 'i
N.I.H S k atl
i II I ai.O'l.'il III
It. ...,t li.ltk I a I a
J H -a.' .' a A Ik.
a,....H Im
ha I" it .lloir A ' ii
ailw. a k'tt
lutoaa riaat Mull
.i. ...a ri.aii Muu . ..
j k i tatti-ai A In
It -tat
, a
1 , !:: a
I 11 l
I I 'ft
I ill 4
I Im rat
i ! '"
j I li 4
I I-
j hoi ;
!kl III M
. tl Hi M
,ai i it 4
' ! ,
. si tu
;' a'
III aa.
II "
a aa,
k eal
al itri
k. aai
Tii an
I i.at
r- 4
-it ital
II .ill
) .. lal
i an
aj ti
tfi tkl
at if
M kkl
I . in
Ii-.., ai
ii in
a ilk)
'nit, I
.a ,.at
IIC .11
il 'ttl
ii I an
li ."ii. il .hoi a iw
aiiaua A k. tl ... . .
Sal) .... .
..MI.id H- Mill
ktll'Kif. liiiilifir A I i
kil.al.ll A kair
t k t aatrrai A I ' . ..
t l.,11 a km .
II.II...O. iiuililli A I ii
I a i v. .a a i .
II., I, ,,,i. liiillifir a I .1
I N i a.iii.oi A I ii
Ilill.i il .it lit In A l u
i- .iciii I ri.in all Ii
a.'C'Mt, loiiioii a i u
li a. ill
-..i.t .H A kit
all nt loitlota A I 'a
a I. a. it A kail
l l
kl III
kl Iw
ISI lu.
Si Im ,.
ii M ti
SI !" ..
l in k4
. il II
i si
. al iw ..
i tu d
si ("
ii u ,
Il . ll
kl ii a,)
kl at rd
kl l'it
k I I k-l
kl n
a I nt
l" "
. lit ai
li M't
kl Iw ...
1 1 M r-l
kl I'l
Si IM ad
tl t
kl I'
M I .if mini 4 "
It- j a
,. , 'i
'.. M H svNiffil. A I 4 . .
till -.ti.s.iH h ftr
t i HI - alt nif ( lit 4 I
M- Me) I IMif .MliitU Jk "
il li .M k l it
7 lU ( "if, ii.Hlir'i h
I 14 i .llf lH k "
4lixi BM '.is). I -''' i" Mi
I.I4 bill rl.i.l . (wsi.iii 4.M I. l.l.l
aA )hl n-M., ,Im I n ll'l (VWItUli
- i'iatl rial) k rtday
ui 1
I l-l Will Null. ,11 A Neal.a
rk cut I
I Ml luul A
III hull
ml null
Mt.)al. W A I o
Itilftuit. ilmliri t'u
I I al.Hie A 1 u
Ullajmi A km
lie iiiiii
ll" im A I
II Iiuai
III in' I
....... !l tniAl
;iis Hat A I
. irw iiuai
liM 1141
Jim no a 1
W ktirs- A 0.i
law net A I
I lion
Miia llm In lH ii va
In leak .).
Sillllltfll till lllf Mtllltll hilllt
of Aelnrill'M liilln,
Twi iity ili'nit't'o wiiiiiinr
mnl Vfp'iiiiiini ;ti) tluvH in
mlviiiH'r hI' tin' Nuitli Hitlit,
Maiiitlrpiil kitcH fur i'tM
itipiict's, ovtn 'liHikin rivr
aii'l Inly, Himnv ami mIipI
UtI. Kiiny niul huturul uraili'n;
little or no K.iulinn iiimih.
1 litany,., .1.1, ia
al..W III loan hr 1I0 1
alik'll Ill.iO. liai brU la,la I,. ku..... ..'"rT.
" mm hi r-,i,..,i.
fi.-i. im U"i".n,k,
ui'" 1. "io.i ai.i.i, 1 ),.
luit., 11 11 ! ui i Ui
I'l' ma, I'l km Infinitum
It'll, llllllll.lll ,11 1,1,. Ik
I "li ul 111 on,, ,,. i. ui
fllCll loallia, k'.i-killllialil.
niun f! Muia ky Hrauiiu,
1. 11 , J jT;" will In r-ltiii iiih.i,
xitfi M-rvrri,.,!';;;!.-"'
a" a I in ular ,in iiimI
V ' "i.'i.
ia.aik.-r i....a.,a.-.-.fi"
,a,i.n,i., ll.aaila.a at kMa.
?";;", "' J .ll. Waal!!!.
Mni ""I.V"" 7ije
1 auaaakt iai
iHCAiuNfi itotiM mm TO ALU
Siwt I.M la III sx sv
Wubirlpisi ralaa p aM,ulm.
Tor t dinner, srvd ea th Miilng sarg
of Ihs Chicago, Ullaauks and Ml, I'tuJ
Hallway, will Its snl la any sddrass aa
rsiwlpl af a Iwa-ewit puatsg stamp.
Apply Ui ao, 11, liisfford, o,a.ral f.
ngr Agsnt, Old Oslmty llulldiiuj, ph.
nsgu, llllnuli.
iii.tt'O-i J
ft'! lttt.lt ataittlal
ITl. lllllMll'll
Pswaia.." "' '"''S "'

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