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The Dally Astoria n
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una worry J-ILi
An "AdM
Much mom than tmms timm a
In Tmi Aitoiun'i
"Want (.uluaa.
NO. 5)8
v j- . 4 ( ( M"."
lie fliiiliteiiiwiiw
City Book Store
Stationers & Booksellers
All the Leading Newspapers
and Periodicals Kept on Hand J
Whale Oil Soap
Phoenix Sprays
Spray Pumps
Il-Mlartlh M llurw l'wi't Marine F.iuclun.
HcrcuIcH Guh Btisiric Workt?
Shield Brand Hams, Bacon, Strictly Pure Lard
UuaranlMd Iht Hot In tha Mark!
The Columbia Iron Works
.... FOUNDRYMEN ....
Blacksmiths, JVIaehinists, and Boiler-makers
t'orn.r KlghU.utb SI. and rraliklln At.
Ross, Higgins 5c Company
Astoria Roofing &
Clarkson & Mcjrvin
Promptly Furnished
K. L. Boyle & Co.
Real Estate, Loans and Investments
B23 Commercial Street, Atttorln
General Contractor
House. Bridge and Wharf Builder
Tor Sale at the store of E. R.HAWES. J. N. LAWS, ilanager.
n ml
Using gasoline or cheap dlatlllat oil.
lCncinv ounnscttd dlrnot with tro
petter chart, and no nnlay, easily broken
bevel gram used In reverse motion.
Nw spark device; no Internal aprlng
electrodes to burn out
Bond fur testimonials.
We are building these new yle, self
atnr.lng marine engines In all nIic
U t ?00 turns power.
Every engine fully guaranteed.
Cornice Co.
Gravel. Tin and Slate Roofing
Asphalt Pavlnr for Basements. Sidewalks and Streets
Asphalt Coatlnr on Tin and Shlnile Roofs
Repairing of all kinds of Roofs
Boom Company
216 and 217 Chamber of Commerce
Portland. Oregon
- House Moving Tools for Rent
"SUPERIOR" Stoves and
Ranges are MADE TO LAST
and TO WORK.
llrctiy Letter I'rum Chkajo-Her I)o
ln(s and tisfloln)H In Politics.
Street Utiaisa By the Cbildrc and Their
rrcU - Miih t riilucmai Lutt Hit Job
Adaiiriai Himrll
Hp'lal irrTiiMlinr.
flili Mt.i, April 2V--TIiIi-uko' much
iKNUttn) civil tw-rvhm reform i limping
along In a very n I kk 1 fa-dilon Jurl
nw. Th; trouble Iti all on a'-coiint of
rhe different manner 4i which (! pres
snt and the prei-dtng udmtulatraMon
m itatn.-l tlx lw. I txler the liuit
alinlnlntratton tin- eon'ratl'ii i-ouiwl
(H id thu Ik iuta of deiMtrtm. i.: alone I
wwre elHtript friin t'le oieratknin of the
i. ......... . ui . t... i .i.i- i 1 1. .
at the le iuiiit.ni of ilw mayor.
Kvery employee of every department
In th elty atveriMimit rankliiv under
the a, tuttl IikikI wna put uniler the civil
th. eity r.veriMimit rankliiv under
ervlce Inw. Tlila alliil the mayor to
el.-et hi own alvliiii but th.-rank and j
Me of Hi? dty etnpl were .lectcd i
ayv,rdiiii to tht nx-rit ayatetn.
Now, however, It ropoi-d t'i alter
this plan. Muir llarrlmm's Oirpora
tln ioMinNi-1 luw put a different con-
triiotl n ni tlw- luw. Ajul hl honor
apM-m la-i--l 4'i ubld- by th- de.
rtoii of his legit ndvlwir. Th- law ex
empts "nil )-flii of departments"
fnnn tta oj-ni;lm. The irs-.,-l:ng
U1ln'l Ik ld thiM to tll'Tltl Mie olli llldl-vMnnl-eiitirnieitili-f
t a department
pr-wnt o'Unm.M tir.ilii'uliis, however,
that th v rd l "heads" mid not "h- a 1" ,
.f .l-j'A:ineV.lj and that therefore
j theiv arv ma iv appolntim-nts thnut:li-i
out the city K"vermntitt that th" may r
m tl.- r'.ght under the nw to till l.y I
appoint men:, in,. ariHtnnt "nicer in
each department is held to lc outside
tin- pale of the law as well as the heads
of the various departments. Carrying
this rule through the dty gitvernnunt
a very wide bretu-h is made In the civil
Iterv Ice system.
Till t not the only nmlter that is
dlnturbltig the a.lva:.-s of the merit
system, for the commission itnelf le
thoroughly dtsonntiilB-l. It. A. Waller,
the only democratic member of the
iMSinl. has been apinted city cmp
troller by Matr llarrlsjin and he his
ivstgned his isisitlon as a member of the
commission. This leaves tii repubi:
iwi memls-rs ami n republican s"t of
under olHcWUs. of course Mayor Har
rison Is mot ex--tel to mitlntai-n the
board with its inilitliwl c.nnplexlvn
against liltnsolt Is pivutnel that either
CVimnilss loner Clark r ComtnlashMier
Hot! 1ll In- r'iueteil to step anlde. If
they oliow no dlkMHlon to do this it is
also expected that some reason for
their ri'tnoval will 1h found and Mi.
llarrln will upixritM n ixiird to suit
hlinelf aiul the whole ivnunlsslon will
Ik- re'tivanlxtHl.
In addition to these tixmbles the city
council troisj- to take a hand In the
mnilter. Monday evening they are go
ing; to try to (as an order to the effect
that hereafter the cmuiicII c iiinUtee on
civil sen-Uv will construe the law and
lleirlliiK to the iHns(nn''.iii placed
iiMn It by the city fathers is the clvi
M-vlce xmmlsslon to ! governed.
That Is the nnnmlsion Is to le subsei v-
lent to the cotnuil.
Tlh whole nuitter will prolwvMy got
Into the courts Is'forc the clouds now
hovering iver the enactment can le
clefuvd away. Matters ure expeettHl tii
reach a oltmax on Monday when the
iiommlsshmers will have to approve the
city payrolls. It Is mt expected they
will approve the salaries of any utlklals
who have not boon apisdnted under th?
law aim! the city treivsuivr cannot pay
saliii'l until they are approved by the
commission and from that point It Is ex
ploited tluut the matter will Ik taken
Into Mtirt to decide the rights or t!ic
whole case.
The public has lnn after the wheat
ntarket agiiln. but the market Is still
here and with a great deal added to the
wise of Its body by reason of the on
slaught. KxiU'ctatloiM of trouble bttween Tur
key and llreece causied a steady ad
vanoe In nuo'tatloiis IhnniglKiul the
tilled wii-k of Aiull. The upward ten
dency after such a Ions' iwrtod of stag
nation naturully attracted the attit!lon
of the multitude tlui.t Is always ready
to take a little flyer In wheat. Ity Fri
day they wero watdhlng the prox-ecdlngs
w ith inteneflt o"d durtiig the hort ses
sion Saturday they crowded the visitors
gallery of the Hoard of Trai'e and rush
ed about brok-rs olTlces with feverish
anxlaty. The sigiis were unmistakable,
the public was go!ng itvlo the market.
They wore given lime to carefully make
rh-lr lri of oJi-mpatgn over Huri.lay,
ii'il t In I r apw.l wa further
wlio:t"d by Ih (fX'-it IriiC aiiii'iiwrn'"it
In Bunday papers of the virtual do-Ian
lion of war. )
liiK l'foTe the bard "I"''"-'! M'n .
'lay ill- jlm wim vT-cpwoVf! i-iidj
t . ty n-thiriK ..f H-d. ru . f th wn . the I owers, At I resent. Iktwten
lmi.rt that had lx--n rH d frm the Greece and TurttCV.
country lMi.hor. TIm? riiark-t oi-n d !
1th a r- u.r tluit would have put either
a Turklnh ir (Irw-k roglnwut Ui lluftit
and Atiirt-il upward. Th.; mJarant GREEKS WIN A CiKEAT BATTLE
mill- of "I tMd yu m" aiwiiran; In'
flw KlUTy w'uld have U-n wo-th pre-1
"-rvliia; l hiive p iiirod with the aaxn- j
om.t.-nnii- wh'-n the immhIoh a Turk Keptilvd With Heavy lov At Vl
owr lluylns ird-trm r- hjutlly! eitiiioVoluiteer for Greet Trl
d'ull-l and tlw profil ml iri'W
onwblcnUi'ly it"i'i"l anide and all iv ed
dm puhllo to Uki? Ib IjH In It tw'.h an I
run riot.
When the tdjhllc K"' tbryuirh buyliiK
trie i-iae mwuraiiy ioihctj, iir im- ir k- ,
i . .i i i. i
er hiul leen ottir all V- pur: !uu.n;
tiny curw t.i Iihik before the puhlh-l-KHH
ti lake lntereit. At that toln'
tlie nf-fcHt rml tnuU-r wan tle to
IlKure a 10 event train on hta jiurctia.-eit
of a ek tuto and he wa not unrraiii
all enouKti to ak f-r m't? than that
, m, h mM he ,Bret aurt-d on I t
.downwurd career, tho eoiurteniavllon
"f irall'-ry.
The Mum tenrlenty haa
eoixlnued pretty atellly ever aince.
Th.. excllenent virtually died out Of
. .
markK before the oKe of the ae.
,ir. The final attie waa that of the
trtuitplu prjifeamonal troVr. The
",lnl uw uhpjwi
when mie of their mimler who had
mad a fortune during the day called !
ex.1tly at romt the pK to a cotifter !
"Wltat dH I tell you." The eople In
l,ta" BH'Ty WIV llrited In what
they had told twit other earlier In the
duy however.
OiUiago j-ivo I'tilldi-vn vti'i hapie-n
to be color bllml are going to le In I
.... i
danger of Inhaling health destroying i
giwi-s. And tl wi can d.a.lngulsh '
Hie hue. of th' rainbow may be ex-
ix ted to Se:id their time wati-htng for '
i-himges thiu may take place as a dan-land
gT slgniU In vnrl-ol,!vd i-arda that the ,
lird of eluralon k going to hang on
tie- nulls of the acho-.d rioina. K'flu-i
nw-ter cards are tl)e lateM wiitltary pre-)
hvtinl.m In Chtcagii, ami a l-tter fleid '
for the opvrutlons of u dete.nor
nohni givs- could Jh't ! f"U id
c:unIm constat of dllteriit eoor- i che'n
leally preimre pae-r. Their mode of
ojn-ritL n is unlnue. For Instance: the
preseiuv of i-onl gag In a ro un where the
enrd Is hung will cause the red stri- t
i-hann'.' to gn. n. Other chang, s take
place similarity covering the whole lleio?
of odors in which the device operate. J
Kaon stripe in lul.'Uxl to the eff.-ot that j Athens. April 30 It b announced
Its nutural color is so-and-so and if It j that the Turks have been completely re
clinnges to so-and-s the pr-s.nce of pulil at Velestlno. Smolenski has
such-an l-such a gas is donated. The ; asked Crown PriiK CiMtatantlne to con
ixtnis are said to be absolutely tu-curate ; gratulate the tnxiis.
Knough promisti were made In the' GHBEK VOLl'NTEERS.
late munlcital cuniaign u make Chi-
ciw the best kept city In the country, Alexandria, Egypt. April 30. Four
but Still cltlxens are Informally discus-1 hundrM Greek volunteers sailed today
swig the iiuestion of iK-iwnally arrang-! for Athens, and one thousand more
lug to kep tlu streets clean and to 'will leave for Athens tonvrrow by spe
provide for tmter olUv protection ln:r'aJ steamer.
In the way of private ollloers. A e'a-
mi or so agv Chicago enjoyed a luxur-.
Ions jx-rlod of this de dipt ion. when'
the Civic Federation undertook to ke-'p 1
tile stiivts of the business district
cle.ut a. an ol.Jeot Iitii to the city;
authorities. The federation did its pa-t Turkish troops. Is onfirmed.
so stn'sfully that people are hunen r-1
Ing for another such experience and a I Tl'KKISH HCLLETIN.
similar lnisrt is on fint. j
A popular stixvt cJeanlng day when Constantinople. " April 30. -The Turk
all house-holders are to lie urged to ih govenwiwnt isu,yl tho following bu'
thon.uehly de.in their nremlsei In front l''"": E'hem l'axha occuplrtl Trikkalon
a;xl Ix-hind Is lielng ngitateil with sign
of sticivss aiteintliig the unique pro-
pos:ii. School children a iv Ix-inir en-lis-tiM
In Nhalf of the wrk and with
their enlhur-l.isni, and the interest that
can lie aroused among the older on
the same proskloii, it is exi-ied
that early in May Chicago's dig'iit'ed
cltlnen will tind hinuself sumo tine day
broom and shovel In hand hard at work. ;
with the assistance of his children, i
cleaning the stivt. In front of his hous?. ;
the alloy in the roar and the premises ,
as a whole. The organization for the
work is lnlng carried out systematically'
through precincts and wards and when,
tlto signal is given for the commotio '-,
nuint of the Augean tn.sk It Is ox pooled
that cvr' Pl't of the town will
Included 111 the. lllxvr.
The same spirit that is prompting this rates or protection ami - mat a 13
.use-cleairtiiK tUso actuates Chicago , oauslns general comment In official clr
stnvt car conductors on occasion, lle-ioles. as the port has not yot recog-.H-ntly
a cold snap came after the com- "1 Fnu' a protector of the
panh-s had Issu.hI orders not to heat the "ireok Catholios in Turkey.
oars anv longer. In a numln'r of i"-
staiuvs rather than bear the brunt of ' A WOUD FOR GREECE.
the complaints among
the passengors
tlu- conductors purchased coal
their own money and warmed the cars
to the digrve of ootufort. None of the
comiwvnles have been seen to blush yet.
Thotv are other cirohs in
besides socletv penile who do not
preolate art. The splendid statue of
Chicago iMllv otllcer commanding
I'-nce." on the hist rl it site of the
Haymarket anarchist riot, is being si
desecrated that. has b.snme
snry to remove it to a public park
a ti
around ITaymarkit Suuare is a publl
market, and the sacrilegious hucksters
have ma,le the statue a target for tu.,
refuse1 of the place. Attention
has re-
(Continued on Third Page.)
Tit More Met in the Field.
lri.lon. April M. It la seml-officlally
tlutt th-re li reawm to believe
tha'. Kuioixau lnt.rventVjn biein
Turkey and Grvwe, In tb present ft
tlon of affairs. l regarded aa wholly
liiipnu tlcable. both Oreeoe and Turkey
having rewjlved to continue the wir.
The power are thus obllKd to stand
ulde until one of th combataata U
flnalfy defeated.
I'arla. April 30 Tlje Temp urgea the
new Greek cabinet to lose no time In
recalling Colonel Vanao from Crete and
w give turope wnat ine haa been d-
mantling In vain for to long. Thto, the,
Trmiw aId. Is the beat way to prepare
,r the Intervention of Europe, and not
j give Turkey time to form dangerous
'Ideas as to the rearrangemejit of the
frontfc-ni. The TV-miw d-mands an Im
mediate armbitloe.
Athens, April SO. Midnight. A te!e-
gram Just reivlved h'tv sa-s that
great baAtle ha l-n fought at Veles-
thvi b-tween the Turkish force of 8.0C0
General SmolonHkl's brigade.
dlitch staten that the Turks
P'pulxe-l with enormous kKes.
There la.no news t"daj- fnm Aa
lut It Is und'-rjitood that the Greek
f"n who have lvn opwaing in E,-v
lfus ag-.iin-t the
Turk are re'.roa'lng.
At the caliin'.-t council held t day
It was
d-.viibil that the minister of war, Od
onel Tsomados, and the minis. er of the
Interior, Thcotokis, sh'uld pnoeeti to
l'hiu-sal In order to ascertain the con
dltlon of the Greek force s there.
Constantlmple. April 30. The report
thait Osnmn Pasha is on h's way to
Jitnlna, Kplrus, wtth 30.000 additional
1 Wednesday.
Two hundred convicts were released
and arm.il on the previous day. and
"O.Oitu rilles were distributed among the
inhalltants by the Greeks, who alsi
' lormltted the pillage of arms and am
' munition. Tlu Turkish commander or
1 dere.1 the arms to be restored under
severe jHmUtles.
Cotustantinople. April 30. In reons
to notis of the French, Kussl.in and
HrltLsh ambasadors. the Turkish gov
eminent has announced that the ex
pulsion of the Greek subjects from Tur
kish territory is Hsti!ied to the period
oe'of eight days from May 3. Meanwhile
I the French consulate is issuing certifi-
'ler 'l'stry in tne tuxi aim nu
Made Her Groat.
No matter what may be the outcome
of the war betwwn Greece and Turkey,
th symiathy of a large iiortlon of the
lit iieople
of Europe ana America
. Is strongly with the former natum.
The historic associotloiiB of Greece a-e
such, when compared and contr.iBted
with the Turkbh retrd. that it c-mld
ivot be otherwise. The oniy wouuer
Ls tmit tno Tuik is ai.oweu u fiuwiuc
to encumbur the irth, and tsiu'oia.Hy
.1 . ... I t n-KUh .-hill1Tv Kss.
i " Zl 1 71L
to Greece. The tebandof Crete,
where tne prweui uw
been associated w ith Greek history anl
tradition from time Immemorial. Ac
rorfllng to Gre-k mytlsl'gy, Zeus, on
'f Krmos, was privately ,nveyi1 br
h's rrvtlu-r to Cn-U-, In order to pre
vent his dv-Ntnj4itl.n. by his jealous fa
thT, where he wan nrnirt'hed and
tatrw-1 f'r ami afterwards became the
chief of the Olympian gols.
Creb; waa also tlte home of King Hi-1
mm, mm of 5u ami Kumi, an-l of
the mooMLer Mbtotnir, asts-ual with
tfu; wlehrate.1 Utbyrtrrth. which once
In. no one umld fmd his way out. The-
seu, the hero king, of Athens, a!w the
nvuntT and put a atop to the aacrtfie
of youths anvl maidens frr.m At f ir.
This tribute had bexn imprmed upon
Athmw on axmimt of something which
the fath-r of Tlwseus had doi. and
cooMbtfed of -ven youths and seven
niald.tns, which were dlnpatchel in a
six-rial vH every eight years.
Crete waa al the home of the beau
tiful Daphne, of whom tnonyslus be
came enamored after site had b-n d-
erted by ThHseua,
In short, this beavutirul and fertile
Island was so Intimately asa tcla&ed with
the dotnga of ntany of the dieties and
henx-a of andent I lei las that it would
be Impossible to write a hunory of those
things without mentbKilnir Crete.
It may be Mid that all thja cuts but
little figure in this practical age; that
the Olympian gods have kxig aince
ceased to nave any influence on the
character and conduct of men. That Is
admitted, but w hether the people made
the retlgton or the religion made the
peojde, or whether H worked both ways.
It was certainly a vital force with a
race who ptsweased as keen a wit, as
profound sense and aa bright an tm- J
agination as any people of whom his
tory tells.
The glomus achievements of Greece
and hr legacy of literature and art
should entitle her to fair play,
m leas:
In this conflict.
It was a shame and a crime on tb-
part of the great powers to allow the went in to get to the top. and succeeded.
.Armenians to be slaughtered by thou- j so far as the North Pacific c.asJt Is cort
semis, and it will stamp the sordid char- cerned. When some capitalijts wers
SATier of the nmeteeth century clvlllta-J looking around a short time ago for a
tkwi more indelibly on the page of his j mill site, Taooma people ottered thera
tory if the brave little nation is suffered 1 one at once at a reasonable price, while
to be overrun and crushed by the bm'.t Seattle donated a site fr three mills
f.rve of Turkey. i and secured the plant. In the bad times
S. T. McKEAN". ! Seattle banks all stood together like
- one man and not a bank failed. Today
Appitlllng Deially of the Great
In O'-vIahotra.
Kan-?a Citv, Alr3 30. A ep-clal to
the Times from Guthrie, O. T.. pays: j
Five motv bodies were recovered f.-om
th j debris left by Wednesday" st rm
l:i West Guthrie. The bodies of C.e..
oweii and Mrs. Charles Rutf.ns were;
f.ui!d on the west bank .;f the river.
The bodies of Henry Simmivns ami Mr..
Watson and child were found under a
pile of hay near Cimarron. Mrs. Wat
sun had her child clutched to her breas;
In w liiuh poiLKii both met duath. Score?!
of organlaed searching parties are at
work, but progress is slow, since tons of
debris must be dug over in the search.
It is bWieved that the rushing waters
of the Cimarron conceal ntany corpses.
The Cimarron bottom contains quicic
sand, and it is one of the mo-n treach
erous ativams hi the country. The bod
ies of the dead will be buried forever.
The Cimarron river is Jammed with
w reckage and the tHlles of dead ani
mals. Farmers are tlshlng out and car
rying off the wreckage by carl'-Hids. The
rear irtlon of the Helm brewing plant
contained J10.000 worth of machinery.
which caved Into the Cottonwood river
this nutrniiag. Over 1,500 bonvel jieo
ple are being cared for by the city.
The Santa Fe increase J its force of
trackmen to 500 today, and now haa
thin, numlwr of men at work uth
of Guthrie. The superintendent states
that the Hives will be oien to the 8 iuth
tonurrow. Over four miles of the Santi
Fe iMiidbed was washed out. The San
ta Fe will lose $23,000. The loss to t us
city and county, by careful estimate.
reaches $200,000. Several cosily bridges
were desttxvol. Twelve persons are
Washington. Airil 30.-There has te"n
no commit ideation irom me i rw;i
government to the authorities hre con
oeimlng Hawaii, and the report emanat
ing from Japan that Great Britain has
expressed disapproval of Hawaiian an -
nexatiun to the I'nited States N denied
l . V. . ,11..1 al,,,t1nt- H.kTvfnl t '
I LUC - ' " -
made by the ofik-als of the Japanese
legation as to the report that negotia
tions had been opened bftween Toklo
and Washington relating to Hawaii.
HhK-kfoot. Idaho, April 30. Sid Lar
kins was hanged at 11 o'clock this morn
ing. His neck was broken and death
was alm.iet Instantaneous. Larklni re
ceived his friends and chatted pleas
antly all the morning.
Larklna murdered Josie IliU at Idaho
New York. April 30. H vard C.
Hackett. sporting editor of the World,
died suddenly today. He was thirty-
n:w years old and was one of the besi
known 'newspaper men in the United
The front porch will soon be the rend
ezvous for youthful lovers.
Is All That Is Needed To Boom As
toria With a Kailroad.
t hat Mas Beet Dose la Seattle. Ticoma tad
Spohaae Basiness Booming Doiagi
li the Miaisg District.
The Chicago and Seattle spirit is
what you perpie need now, to carry
out the good work you have already
begun and ant in a fair way to finish.
I ajn surprised eat the aunount of work
already done on the railroad, and If yew
keep push tig you will make a great
port here."
These were the words of Mr. J. W.
Caey. one of the offictals of Che Chica
go, Milwaukee aV St Paul Railway
Company, who rMted Ajstorla y eater
day. Mr. Casey haa just made a trip
ehrougrh Rowland, B. C., Spokane,, Se
attle and Tacoma, and haa always bees
a friend of Astoria, and believes ht
her future. Talking of results, he said:
"What waa it that gave Taooma bar
preawlge in the shipping bueimm, and
inu jKtfi ciwuaeu nwuvrv VJ uuunn Iirr
neighbor on the Sound? There is but
one answer both had the Chicago spirit
I of push, only the latter a little more
so. Taooma bueanees men went in te
win. They made some mistakes, but
they succeeded ti the long run. Seattle
they' are on the "'top and tber city Is
J f'rginR ahead. It is unity of purpose
by all for a common object that wins
l:t the race. Tal'.c w-. rk an 1 act to
gether, regardless of anything else, and
! success follows
"Ik at Sintkane today. She U an
ln,ternr town, with freight rates against
her, but like Denver slie is n wr on top.
!a beautiful city, -with broad Ftreela and
magnificent buildings, and not an Mip.
ty store or house in the town, wnat
made her? The Chicago spirit. She
stuck to her proposition and the rich
mines In her vicinity, and ta today a
prosperous and growing city. The west
bound trains roil in there every day
with three sleepers filled wtth passen
gers, and the freight trains come loaded
with more goods than can be taken cart
"I was in Rossland. B. C. the other
day. That is a great mining town, and
a very peculiar one. The main street
looks like Clark street in Chicago, and
you And everybody there tluut you ever
knew. It is ruled by an officer of the
Canadian government called the "gold
commissioner." whose word ls law from
w hich there Is no appeal. No claims
are Jumped here and no crooks stay
long in town. The commisloner Is Six
feet three in his stockings, and when he
Invites you to an interview you natu
rally go. The other day there was a
dispute between two men, partners in
a mine, over a settlement. On the hear
ing one man did all the talking, the oth
er remaining quiet. The commissioner,
like Solomon, said to the first man, 'You
divide lih. proiwsrty. and the second
man shall have his choice of the parts.'
The Silver King mine U a great prop
erty, and has one peculiar feature. The
mine Is 44 miles from the smelter at
Nelson. The ore is transported In small
buckets, by gravitation, this entire dis
tance, on an endless w ti-e, day and night,
tlie buckets passing every few minutes,
aoid at the snuetter ls melted Into a
matte which Is shipped to Wales for
"Yes. you have a great proposition
here in Astoria, and you cannot watch
It too close, or do too much to get tin
biiKadtS s.arted and the Dig snips
loading here."
Absolutely Purr
Celebrated for its great leavening
strength and healthfulneas. Assures tha
food against alum and all forms of
adulteration common to the cheap

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