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1'xpoiuw llrtwi
x itnd worry
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House Moving Tools for Rent
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Ranges are SIMPLE TO
This I Probably the I'lrst (Jun I'ircil
I'or Improvement of Astoria.
mana;f.k i.ocke. of mom ana
Will Lnok After the Comfort asd tntcrt din
eicat ut VUiti.'i Mmucri Is (lie
tltv n the He..
Tlf new h.t ut KluvH will le
iij'.'iinl to ih. public Jim Int. u ml t the
t)iH!ijcrii!rt of nn. of tli m.t sue--,
ful liot iiK-ii In th Wrtit. Th ownnt
of tli property have Utile to wiy In
rt-itnrl to th mutt'-r, l.ut tlio.e who
claim l.i kii 'U Miy Hint title In Hi.- first
kum fired of iii n. Hvr cainpulitn of im
provmnl In Mini aruii) Astoria.
YratiTiluy a tin. i-oolraot wan olitn.-d
by th hotel company with Mr II. K.
I" k' of Itutt. Montana, nun
.ict f t!i- tin h"t-l "Mrlfc-nnott." of
!ht i lty. a-i.1 !i. . th Inolliift hitla
of Mntitu.id. Mr. I'k l otx- of the
wl-let anl iiHwt fitvonilily kmiun hotel
iii in tli Vi-t. Kr Hv yr lie
waji trAnuK.T of th I'rrtim liuilr Wet-i-rn
i"'iiiiilry I iiu-tmnt. unit nut
t r tn pwn maimif.T f tin Imtel at
(iniTi-l.l lut. h, lah. Two year no
tv tH.k h"li ..f Hi "Mi lhTimitt." at
llutl. nlili h at that tlm ft wMtej
l1hattt i th liati't of Ste atkhold
m. a t v iylnic iMna. Taayj
111 h"i t" il'iiik' a Kxt l,ii"tne ami j
payliot illvlln. Mr l ki' la a young,
iimui, owr nit ft In h"-liflit. Imxiil
hultrJ ami vry' l''"'' trtnnii;e'. '
II ;.i.l' i. :uliilt r.niuu liUly. lex ialty ,
oni.-tl with th !' j-m.i.-. iu'.d
h.m k.vii Imi.-iii- Ju.lh'iii.Mit. He will
li (in ai'Ulattli to th roriiinunlty. Tne
I'lavel iil luiv crrtaltily timile no
tiilnlnk In t!i lr i h.f fiivtillve "U'.o . I
Mr. l k m:iini to Pull lu nlxht !
to tltK" ui tniittna th.T nivl arr.i'ic
f ir lii I'.'iiK'Wil itt i.l family to Ai -rl .
u.i a-unt of whoe In vi. Hi jt ivm
Init Wi-iK. II will ivturn hrv aleuit
tli '.u'.li of tlw month.
Tln-iv It hut ( ji liitr.r'ta,tli i t . 1
I'lvct iii'Hi tli ....-tilHB of th.' Il'.lfl
Kluv.'l. T!T In to 1 u liu.'idieiiii H"
Mry for tli iil.!li'. of tlw inml mml
rn d'-eitcn. with ul th lat.-at emve
iiJ.'iii'.'it for th (!''(. ru'i upon niielnca
ltiiirll, ami with a tatil ei-O'iid to
Hon. lAillottlmr tli iimiiIiik of the
Hon will nnlmally conte many liant;
tn dtirtntt eh aiiinmer to vMt A.torU
and lrl aUmt It divat rwnunf .
To iUH-omjn.liit th.-m and th.' travelltiR
lullki tln-rv will ! put on by th ruil
naul a llrat-claiw atiliurban acrvliv l'
lnwit th main city and Flavl and
Varrnton. Not aJon for plnanun ar
all tin linivriiHuta to ln mado. The
cai'llallata f th Kant art? to 1 enter
Ulnd and )nlilly U'fmv th .inn
nwr la over nimny of thm will have
dtnniil to tnvit In a.nn entcrinti"-'
In A at or In tfiat will mak a lli H br
K-ali. Ttn ull lrlpdn are no-ld,
Unmuw they tnn traillo for the now
raUrtmd and fn-lKht for th tn.-rchant
ahlim tuid atwuiictn of th wrld. T
routo of tranacuntlmntnl tnittlo must
I phanR1 Into the ww channel from
tlw M. and ww uiwIn.'Mji muat N cro
ated for Hhlmnt N'th Inland and to
tili. OrU-iw. To do ail Ihls will r''tuire
a Imrd. xtcady tmll all together ly ev
ery liuilw man In Aatorla and the em
iloymiit of CMeak-o ami Soirttle pill
and iuih. Work must le done with
the nuivluuit and Kliipix rs of the Kiu:
and the ineiX'hants and KhliHr of fill
tia, Juixiii, Australia, Hawaii, and the
eteamxhlp Hin. an well n new .xteani
bi built. It will reunite luek. coui
ttK"'. and plenty of hard work, more
than eaplital. Kvery otJier Interent, ev
ery other bintlniWM, every other care,
every other trouble nnijH be relesaiod
to the tnckKind, or laid upon a high
hhelf, until all those rea.t ihannel.s of
ttMUle ar opened, fnetorles builded.
wilMirves, lUK'ks. Kiiinarlea, wuiiiouaes,
mills and elevators coiinlruetetl. Money
In larre unui will be needed, but cap
ital la ever ruly to Invent where tt
In gci a fair ohanoe to make a profit.
Skill, diplomacy, fnx mill Hit- and
poneeilea riRhta will In ft few years
make an entirely new city of Astoria.
Then K will be easy 'to aell town lots
and buHlnww blH'ks, lufiuise there will
be buyer for all classes of property.
Uit the h"Ll ojen and fnm the
character and energy of tta owners It
will be done with all proper eelat let
the Ktranem oome, 1,-t the baby (trow;
but with all the MtliiK. let Astoilmis
take ?ool care of their own Intercuts
by Mrst takltiR tfixxl rare of the inter
wta of those who would cast In their
lot with the city by the i-a and aid
In i; p,,wth and development.
Japanese lnrk Tenklo-.Maru Vrrives
From Yokohama for Lumber.
The handsome Japanese bark Tnklo"
Maru, Captain Kaneka, with a crew Of
twenty Jaiw, arrived yesterilay from
Yokohama for a cargo of lumber. The
bark has a hurtory, though not much
of It could be learne-1 last nlfnt, as
ii itii-r the catrtiiln, Ma oHloem, nor any
of th crew, save itw- purwT, con iiicak
HiikIIhIi, iiikI tluit official only iaJt any
a fw wonlf. f'apluln Kanka. a-id li'
oltli era all weur K"ld-trhmiMl unlf r,n
with iFraaa but"ui, and are a ,ro.
km1iii( lookl.-itf M of men.
Tim Tnkl-.Manl wua foni,Tly the
Miir'iula rt lsrne, owni-d :mdr 111"
UiiKllah MaaT. anllbiK frotn Nova Stollo.
Kh waa aftrard ,uniaa'd by Chi
ne, wnd durlnf the lat war bwtwtx-n
China and Japan wan uwl a a trans
port for CMihik troopa In fne of th
nKiineimtrta ht wiu( (W.,turd by a
JuitfLiMUM K-unloot, ati4 after the
war axu4u put tnu th m.-nihan; arlc
uiub-r (he Japan ltn.
Captain Kaneka will con ashore to
day, and after arraiiKntt timt'iiw nia -tent
through Wa acrt, Vloe O- fsul
cirry, will alnrtly ii"ed up river to
l"or11itnd, w1vr H)ie will oal Itimlier
for Jhii.
Is th Next Thlnar N'1'1 by At rla
Flf.herm'-n In Their HuMn.
AtiimiaT the prartleol and puylnic en
trpra'S nw nli In Astoria. Is a
old Mtoraa-e plant of uttlclent capacity
to tttki- cure of a larx anl (rrowlng
Today Meoara. KchtnJ.lt limUiera. of
IWilarul and New York, and Mr. Tres
ixt, ,f Poitlmvl, are buylna; salmon
at th lt prtee axl slrtpplnK th'm to
th the l-uft.Tn mnrketa fre-rti. Ioes
any (Kie douN lluu tlila buhhieaa would
iv-ai-h enormous .projrtlon If there
wr lvr r,pr foi-ilttlm for fre.ilnit
the flHh as mm aa th-y uume out of the
water? Now the fish have to le han
dled in an old raiiwry. packed tn boxes
Hi lie Ice, and whlii-d by Ix-at to a
fi-liitf houw ui tle river. It Is a
cumbrous and vzix-noive way of d vlng
biMtnava. awl unlr such na-lhixls can
not ttrow 1o any extent. Tlv rai;roaJ
wilt xn lx' (liilrtlied and a short and
Itilek line tXil up to the Kas. The
llshltut Indurttrk-s of thkf, a flshints town,
could In dweloped -to a muanltud little
lrnx tit by the mosl ardent dtben
ty th establlt(!MiiTt of eld atiwuite
llib-li naK '. tJei ore tile oiur-
Kfon, eixl. haJlhot. sanliiHK. mackerel,
ir.uixnw, and many ih-r salt water
llsh that are excellent fo,l llsh and
:hw are not htidi,xl t ause thTe are
no prxT racllltlcB for Ter1nit and
shlppInK hem. In siMklK of tl.e
siibjx't y-terday. II4i. ItenJ. Youiik.
an eVpeiVnced handler of flsh, said;
We nave xt yvl K"t our eyes o, en
In Astria as to what cui be il w with
all kinds of linn, with whlet our water,
are teeming, after the railroad l In
operation and now la the time to begin
lnpa rat Ions r tokbig up the bu-Hness
on a large scale. First there must be a
large cold Btoragv tabllshtnent r
taking care of tlv fish when they come
In and ftwxdng tl,ni for tstern slilp
mit. TlTe Is no tivluceinent now for
a sol xMior to bring In a cargo of flsh.
for they would ihII before they could
be dlsjxid of ami taken core of. I-e!
ixvon tlshennen know that we have a
modern oold utoroge house of large ra
ixwity. ami a railroad, and we will get
tlMh enough; besides, we can send out
our own wclKxmcrs. Ixik at what Peat
tie is doing, and she Is not nearly so
well situated as far a the best tlshing
banks ure concerned as Astoria I. W
o,t right on tht octui and but short
oyugiw from the tlnest Ixuiks for both
cod and halibut.
"Take the ood, the best metvhiuitabl.'
llsh there In. We are within easy reach
of tlie wxtvlerful hanks off Kodlnk,
Aliuska, in the vlolirity of the Aleu'.lan
Islands. Here are solid bunks of cod of
the linest quality, and schxiners can
tx- IllUil by hik and line In four or
live days' tlshing. There Is big money
In shipping thorn fresh, and then they
con ho cured In Astoria better than
In iui other phu-e I know of. The e!l
nwUe lt just right, there are plenty of
net racks to spread them upon after the
salmon siu.n is over, and the north
west wind and sun will do the ivt.
With the cod Is the halibut, which are
found In large iuan'UUos off Flattery,
and of line quality. Then there are th
sordine, groupers and other tine food
fish which we have ' ! slip by us be
cause of lack of old storage ami trans
xiUitlon facilities. There k money In
all of them if handled properly. Hy en-g-aglng
In suoh lisheri'e wowill tx fishing
tiu year round mud will not only txm
ixite with the. Sound, but will rival (llou
cester, Mass. plx or eltfht sji'honers
will do the business, sailing tn pairs,
and will havo two liere discharging ev
ery week. All the captain would have
to do would be to unload In the cold
storage house njid put to s.'a for another
"l-t us got our oold storage house on
the railroad line, somew here In the har
bor, and brains and hard work will
s.xm accomplish oil that could bo de
sired In the fishing Industry, and will
add millions to our weafth."
1'ortland. May 5. Wml was received
from Walla Walla tliat Judge L. 1. Mr.
Arthur was In a very critical condition
and that his death waa momentarily
Portland, May 6. It was announced
V might that the military board hud
decided to hold the brigade encampment
at Hood River the latter part of June.
Senators Not Generally in favor the
Measure Detailed Vote.
Westcra Metihcrs of the niie Will Hake
Strong Staid sad V til riau Demo
cratic Sapport.
K)- UJ to the Aatorlon.
WoalUiigton, May 5. The artiltrat.oi
treaty waa defeated In the senate t'Xiay
by a vote of 43 to 28.
The M towing la the detailed vote:
Yut Allis'm, Ilaixai, ilurrrws, CafTery,
Clay, Cullom, Davlai. IK-txa". Kolrtnuik,
Faulkner. Fo raker, Fry. fal!lng"r.
Uear. Gray, Hal, Hacina, Hawiey.
Har, Llwlaoy. Ilg.', McBrlde. McKn
ery. McMillan. MKchell. Morrill. Nel-
n, I'oaco, rerklna, Piatt of Cotinecil
oot, I'latt of New York, PrlUhard.
IrJctor. Hmtth, Spoomr. Thurston. Tur
ps, Vesrt, Walthall, Warren. Welling
ton Wet more, Wllsion 13.
Novo Iioker, Date, Uutler. Carter,
Cockreil. DankH, HanabnHigh, Harris of
Kansas, Harris of Tennessee. Heltfeld,
Jones of Arkansas, Joes of Nevada,
Kyle, Martm. Momm, Mills. Morgan,
IVnrose, Petttgrew, Pettus, Quay. Raw.
litis. Uoach. Stwmp. Stewart, White Jf.
It was evident before the ballot wis
completed that the motion to ratify
would be beaten. The alisence of some
of the fcenators unpaired who ware con
sidered favorable to arbitration was ac-
cevted aa an unfavorable indication.
Tiw covert opposition to the ratll;ca
tlon was made very man I test after the
vote was announaed. Some of the sen
ators w ho were recorded among the yeas
spake quite openly of ttie otijeotianab'e
fetuturea. ronfesslnc that they had cast
tftr-h- "wte fn the afflrmative rtr defer
eniv to public oplnkm. Among three
a ho nailed In the senate corriior.; to
receive the news was Michael Pavltt.
who upixMred much pleased at the re
S:ator Davis, chairman of the com
mittee on foreign retail ins, declined to
express on opinion for pub'leatl n, but
talked freely with his friends. To the n
he attributed the defeat to the feeling
of dissatisfaction at England's course
In the struggle of the Greeks to liberate
Crete from the Ottoman domination
and the Armenian massacres, and with
the "evident" designs of Great Britain
upon the TranevaaJ.
The republican senators In caucus tj
Jay adopted the report of the commit
tee an comlttees. Mcltride b ude
chairman of the committee on coast de
fenses. IN THE HOl'SE.
Members Will Make a Strong Stand for
Duty on Hides.
Washington. May 5. The Wes.ern
members of the house are preixiring to
make a strong stand for the re.isntioii
of the duty on hides rn the tariff bill
If that feature Is adopted by the senate.
There was a strong sentiment In favor
of protection for hides tn the house
when the bill was before that body, but
no opportunity was given the house to
vote on the question, a vote being per
mitted on the amendments only which
were proposed by the ways and means
In the committee Itself the propor
tion was made to put a duty on hide
when the Dlngley bill was in prepara
tion and the proHal failed by a ma
jority of only two votes. With such a
narrow margin against a duty on hides
In the committee, the Western men feel
confident that they can carry thtlr
point if the question comes to a vole
In the house, particularly as they are
assured of the ou-oeratliui of some of
tlie democrats.
Tallahassee. Fla.. May 5. -The Joint
ballot assembly took two ballots for
senator: Coll 2fi. Chlpley 30. Ralney 22.
scattering 5. Second ballot: Call S3.
Chlpley 30, Ralney 23. scattering B.
Washington. Mav C The oixn ses
sion of the senate today was devoted
to the sundry civil appropriation bill,
which was not completed up to the
time of adjournment. . Pettrlgrew of
fered an amendment authorizing the
president to suspend the order of Pres-
All 10c Giiirliais at 5c.
All 12'j antl 15c flinjrhams l)c.
All White Goods at half price.
25 per cent, off on all laces.
-491 Bond Street.
Mnt Cleveland withdrawing millions
of ers frin th public domain anil
constituting th:m lrrnt r-.wrves. Th
anM-iwlinent al) pnmed an appropria
tion of HM.Ooo fr surveys of these
In the course f the debate AlllS'in
stated that the main portion of the
amendment had txfn prepared by the
ax-eretary of the tnter,r, under the eye
of tli prtV?nt. PetUgrew adlsd that
assurances had bejn given he would
not say frrim whonv that 1f the amend
ment was odo,ted the president would
suspimd the order. In response to a
statement from Mn-gan that a point of
order would be made against the
amendment, Pnntlgrew declared that if
tit; ajneii'lmnt went out on a polni
of order he w.sjH see that the
pending bill did nut pass until nmt
relief was given as to the order creating
forest reserves. Final ontlon was deferred.
Of the Paris Horror, Which Loes None
of Its Awfulness.
Parts, May S. At 7 o'clock this even
ing officials announced that St corpses
had been positively identified as the
victims of the terrible disaster of yes
terday, and that there are still 19 bodies
Terrible scenes continued to be en
acted at Palais de L' Industrie this af
ternoon. The mother of a four-year-old
child, Alfred David, one of the victims,
arrived during the day for the purpose
of taking the body away with tier. It
was decided, however, that it was un
advisoble to show her the ghostly re
mains of her child. When this was
communicated to the unfortunate moth
er. in a paroxysm of grief she tried
to fore; her way Into the mortuary
hall, screaming, "I will see my child."
It was found necessary to forcibly re
move the poor woman, wliose cose is
one of the most distressing. It appears,
that Mme. David lost her husband a
month ago. and that her only other
C.illd died a fortnight ago.
Fornier Cnited States Consul Genera!
M'irse Sf-ld to a representative of the
Associated Press; "It was singulaily
IXiruukaUUu-re-waaocaj oneAtner-
Icon victim. This was inJoed remark
able, because just now there I? an un
u.Mial!y large large number of Amer icans
In Paris. They were gen?r .ua sup
porters of such fttes as the grand be-
jar des charltes. and moreover it gave
them a favorable opportunity of getting
into close quarters with the ari-tocriry
and many of the celebrities of Paris."
Mrs. l'orges was the only American
victim. She was Ml-w Welswiller. Hc
daughter accompanied her to the baxar
and escaped uninjured. The Purges
family reside in Vienna
California Capitalists Looking for Gua
no in the Pacific.
San Franchwo, May 5. The Oceania
Phosphate Company has chartered the
schooner Louisa D., which will tmor
row start on a search for an Island re
puted rich in guano, and located on
ome of the maps at the southwest
of the Hawaiian Islands, hi latitude
16 north, longitude 137 west. For years
sailors have tried tn vain to locate the
island, and last year the projectors of
the present search sent the sctioone
Moonlight to discover the treasure, nut
the captain lost his bearings. The lsl
and is named simply New Island. The
schooner is equipped with provisions
and gear to last eight moirfiis.
Serious Charge Against J. W. Fa.tet
son, of Albany.
Albany, Or.. May 5. -J. W. Patterson,
until recently nonstable of this precinct,
was arrested at Scio today on a charge
of rape alleged to have been committed
upon the person of a ten-year-old girl
living In his family. The preliminary
examination was held at Sclo this even
ing. Patterson declares he Is Innocent,
but the doctors who examined the child
say that she has been tlie victim of a
criminal a.-ault. Patterson was re
cently loured In jail in Albany for be
Ir.j drunk and disorderly.
Which Did Not Turn Out Quite a3 Was
Marysvllle, Cal.. May 5. During a
ciuarre! at Indian mine today, Supetin.
tendent John O. Daltey and Fi-nk
Paige, an employee, tired simultaneous
ly. Dailey was only siighEly wounded,
but Paige's injuries were fatal. With
out waiting for the results, Dailey came
uito Marysvllle, secured a warrant for
Paige's arrest, and with a enstaM-j re
turned to arrest his now dying antag
omist. As it seemed impossible for Paige
to recover, the constable ttxk Dailey
to jail In his stead.
Chicago, May 5. Tnree members of
the committee from Utah passed
through Chicago today on their way
to Washington, where, with t'.ie remain
ing members, they will invite President
McKlnley to attend the Utah Jubilee
on July 24th.
Hard Fighting at Velcstino a ad Phar
sala Message of Constantloe.
To the Grecian la Tsrkey in Vkick te
Cficiste react .lay Be Arranged fit
fore IM Cipiratios.
London, May 6. The Athens corre
spondent of the Dally Moll says:
Tea thousand Turks attacked the
Greek posltkm at Velestlno. The fire
ceased at 4 o'clock tola afternoon and
it is evident that the Greeks have met
with great success. There has been
great slaughter at Pharsalla, where the
battle is proceeding. Crown Prince
Constaatlne telegraphs aa to the en
gagement at Velesttno: "WKh Ood'a
help, ?ur side baa conquered."
Rome. May i. Rlcottt Garibaldi baa
telegraphed from Athens saying he ti
returning home, as there la nothing for
him to do In Greece.
Constantinople. May 5. The French,
Russian and British embassies have re
plied to the porte Insisting that the
Greeks In tie service of the embassies,
legations and consulates throughout the
Turkish Empire be permitted to remain.
The porte therefore wttl extend the per
lod of expulsion a fortnight, and tt la
thought possible tltat peace between
the Turks and, 'the Greeks will have
been arranged before the time expiree.
Athens. May 5. The Greek flee has
captured, at the entrance of the Gulf
of Saionica. the schoon-r in which Sir
E11U Ashinead-Bartlett. the Anglo
American member of parliament, re
cently visited the Turks. The vessel
will be taken to Piraeus for examina
Pittsburg. May 5. A. F. FontalnL
who came here from New York six
months ago and opened an Italian sav
ings bank on Pennsylvania avenue, has
disappeared. The banking room, which
had been fitted up in luxurious style,
has been dismantled and the name re
moved from the door. The bank did
a large business, the deposits. It Is
claimed, exceeding 310.000 per month.
Twelve warrants for embezalement have
been sworn out for his arrest.
Besides individual deposits, four so
cieties kept their funds in the bank.
Cnattanooga, May 5. The miners'
strike in east Tennessee and Kentucky
has grown since yesterday. The miners
who have gone out number 3,500. At
Coal creek serious trouble Is brewing.
The men at the Black Diamond mine
w ill strike tomorrow.
A meeting of miners and operators
will be held at Jelllco Monday next to
discuss the situation.
Special to the Astorian.
Portland. May 5. The height of tl.e
river today at Portland was 15.8; The
Dalles, 27.6; 1'ma.tllla. 17.1; Lewlston,
On May 5. 191. the river w as the same
height as today 13.8.
Lexington. Ky., May 5. Van Heeat
got th? decision over Stout In the 14th
Absolutely Pure
Celebrated for Us great leaven In,
strength and healhfulnees. Assure the
food against alum and all forma of
adulteration common to the cheap

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