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Mr. : : . I
NO. 77
1 ,hf-Y ...... , . '
a z r
"I v "tl
- i ! ; wit Attic X'okntm von
I t !
Warr wear ' jloth.a or
wt offer you clothing, equal tn
workmanship and quality th.
Oat ana thoroughly d.lrablaWIII out wr any other olothlng
tht market and rialq snap, and color a long aa worn, t
' , . , rrucKs-iT.w to tu pin urr.
W bar alto a full Una of tw.II herring bon. bos ooata,
, Hardware Co.
Pacific Sheet
Lithographing oii
San Francisco. Cal. , , Astoria. Ore. ,
Writ Vm tor Prlt.e
Here Is a List
01 some High Grade Goods at moderate prices
good things.
Jlem Zealand Fire Insupaoee Go
(i "Jew Zealand.
W. P. Tlioir. . , Mgr., San Francisco.
Subscribed Capital ... 15,000,000
Pnid-Up Capital . . . - 1,000,000
AbsoU - 2,645,114
Assots in United States 300,000
Surplus to Folicy Holders 1,718,792
Has boon Underwriting on the Tacific Coast over Twenty-two yearp.
Resident Agents, Astoria, Oregon
Tho Heint oil Eorlli
pay your tailor normoui prices, wh.n
.v.ry rtpot to I allor-mad. goods;
vary finest; patt.rna and Balih up-to-
V 1
12th Streets.
All tl rengtu jKtauMe 'oa iinfortunatfly
bought cheap one. Buy a . . . . . .
They aro warranted in every particular, by a
firm C'2 years in the tusincw
II . t v .
Blank and
NeW CrafJC and I
Waterman Fountain Pens i
Mox DOoritel Paper ,
and Knvalopew-'roo.
Metal Works
Tin a Specialty;
Falrnartn, Wash.
I lv.
..' R ALST0X HEALTH POODS In great vartct
frcsfrom fie mills. .. - ,
AROMATIC sVfCCA gusrantccd the finest.
' rivalled. Tonether with a host of other
Strenuous Efforts to Keep
Clira Prom Lafcorl.
Reputable Physicians Art Refused to
Attend Bin' -Friud and Dlsnoa
eitjf of Ceaeral Staff.
Hf:NNK8, Aug. M.-"UeadmD tell
no talra," Thli la the barricade ba
hind which Mrrclrr and the general
tiff have liiiifrm lird tlivmaclvee. Hut,
l her la a wrak point lu thvlr dnfenca.
Coloni'l 1'aty du Clam, and the mill-
tary rllua are etrlvlng tu kerp blm out
j of Lalxrl' clutcbra. If they can pre
vent Du Clam, now called "the alck
I man of the Preyfu affair" from ap-
pearing at the wltnen bar, they can
effectively put the alienee of the tomb
between the truth and Justice.
Labor! U fighting tooth and nail to
! drag him Into court, but Jouanale per
! Klate In n'fmlng him the necemiary aa
latance. He decline! tu aend n'putable
doctura to officially rrMirt on the state
of Du Clam' health, which every Prey-
fuaard firmly bvllevea la only diplo
matically s(tectl and be will recover
! quickly enough after the trial.
I Tbe confrontation toijuy of Colonel
i UaureL Cantaln rrey.mettor and Oen
"il Uercler mi inatructlve et-
poeure or rraun ana amnoneny 01 me
general atafT, w hich the absence of Du-
Clam alone prevented from being com
charged VTIth Introducing False Doc-
' ' oroent to Convict Dreyfus.
PARIS, Aug. H.-In the Figaro, M.
Comely says:
I "It Is bard to be forced to rank M
I DoFreyclnet, or Oenerol Mercler, In j
' one of these categories: Inventive cal-
' umnlators. folk who believe their !
j neighbor's venal because they are venal
! themselves and slmpletona. j
j "There la ground for hope therefore. I
- i
A tplendid lot of the celebrated
Southern Oregon peachee Jutt
Other Fruit...
In abundance and of all varl-
The most complete selection In
the city and all fresh and crisp.
Prompt delivery to
all parts of the city
and outside points.
Foard & Stokes Co.
Your Wife
' WU1 lia. hi to will th cook.
Star Estate Range
Satlify all who us. them.
If your better half does the cooking,
that Is an additional reason why there
should be a Star K.tate Range In your
kitchen. The uie of them prevents worry
and disappointment.
W. J. SCULLY. Agent, .
iSl Bond Street
aH '
that one or the other of these gentle
men will end by stating on what pre
else fact, he bases his conviction of the
existence of a syndicate armed with
51,000.000 franca and bow he transforms
into gain the real nacrlflce of a revision
have made for their faith,
"I have the honor of knowing M. De
Freycinet an-1 have been charmed
with his precise and luminous mind. I
must lie In wait for him when he comet
lo Tarls and beg him to prove the e
Istence and Indicate tbe headquarters
of the syndicate of treason."
' M. CJemmceau, In tbe Aurore, says:
j "General W order It taken In the act
of Introducing Into tht dossier a false
document In orler to obtain the con
demnation of Dreyfus. The coup which
be made In 144 with Henry and Paty
du (lam, he Is repeating In liVD, with
General Chanione aa an accomplice.
The two culprits may arrange their
lories aa they like, the fact It undeni
able they were caught red handed.
'If General Chinolne Is the delegate
of General Mercler, at the facta show,
ho can the minister of war dare to
absolve blm of having attempted to
Introduce a forgery Into the dossier
Instead of sending blm with Mercler,
to the Cherche prison to meditate on
the dangers of a forger's trade."
Dills Incurred Ity Their Detention
Cautet Trouble at Washington
All Quiet at Samoa.
CHICAGO, Aug. SI A special to the
Record from Honolulu, August 19, via
Ban Francisco. August 21 says:
There Is trouble about the bills In
curred In connection with the numerous
I'hlneee who were refused landing
here by Chinese Agent Brown, last De
cember, atrfl were afterwards admitted
under the decision of the secretary of
the treasury on the ground that the re
turn permits Issued by the Hawllan
government prior to annexation were
The bills were for their maintenance
at the quarantine station pending the
decision of the question. The amount
to about 110,000. The board of bealtb,
which has Jurlsdlctlnntover quarantine,
refused to pay them and they were
sent to the treasury department at
Washington. The department refused
to pay them, because there was no ap
propriation out of which they can be
The agent of the steamship
Cory, rerusod to pay tnem oecause
Chinese were detMned without
warrant of law. They come back to
the board of health, which hat referred
them to the cabinet, which hat asked
an opinion of the attorney general on
the subject.
Commissioner C. M. E. Eliot, of the
Samoan commission arrived yesterday
evening from Auckland. He says that
the conditions are now those of peace
and q'lietness. A proclamation waa to
be Issued by the provisional govern'
ment the day after the Alameda sailed
from Samoa, calling on all Malletoans
not residents of Apia to leave that
place and go to their homes.
An Accident to the Launch of Bit
Flagship Producea Heart Trouble,
WASHINGTON. Ang. 24.-Th. Army
and Navy Register says:
Recent letters from Manila mention
the Illness of Admiral Watson as the
source of great anxiety to hit offloera.
The Illness Is an effect of an accideift
which occured to his' launch while he
was on board on the 11th ot July. The
Baltimore, his flagship, has been for
some time at Cavlte, leaving Manila so
ss to escaiHS the full force of the ty
phoons. Requiring to make a trip up
the river, the admiral started in his
launch. A strong wind was blowing
and as the launch, the Undine, went
under the bridge over the river, known
as the brlige of Spain, the strong cur
rent, aided by the wind, set against
the little boat and she was taken ou
of her course and thrown against a
hawser from a sailing vessel. This
rope carried away the awning and,
striking the smokestack took that also.
Admiral Watson, sitting In the for
ward part of the launch, and witness
ing the full danger of the accident
showed no sonscloua appearance of
having been startled excessively by
the occurence or In any way of having
suffered by It. Later, however, In fact
before his return to the flagship, ser
ious heart trouble developed and In
consequence he was regarded as ex
tremely 111 up to the dute of the let
ters of the 17th. No one but his phy
sician Is allowed access to him and all
business of the fleet Is forbidden.
KANSAS CITY, Aug. 26.-Hon. W.
J. Bryan stopped here today enroute to
Donver. "I shall continue to discuss
silver," said Bryan, In response to a
query, lidding: '.'There was a story
from DesMolnes recently that I was
putting silver In the back ground. I
am not. I will not. I was Incorrectly
reported. Silver will be placed along
side the other great Issues and It will
be given a due share of consideration."
England Making Prcparttlonsto
Fibttbe Eocrs.-w"
Week Oat of Tension la Great Brit
ali-Saato Domlnjo Fetela De
feat Coverameot Troop-
LONDON, Aug, M.-Though no ac
tual developments apparently baa tak
en place In tbe Transvaal situation,
public interest In the crisis bat wonder
fully quickened. This It due to a
dawning realization that Great Brit-
Ian It making the most methodical
preparations for war. The utter lack
of official news and the serious out
look bive made a week of tension. Con
tradictory reports from home and.
abroad have flourished.
An endless supposition has been In
dulged In regarding President Krug-
er's counter propositions, but from a
broad point of view, such details are
not Important, at compared with tbe
fact that Kruger baa refuted, some
say evaded, the "irreduceable mini
mum" of Sir Alfred Ullner, British
high commissioner of South Africa. It
Is nearly a week since the British gov
ernment hat been in possession of
Kruger't reply. Whether, In the In
terests of peace, the powers higher
than the secretary of state for the col
onies are still temporising, or whether
a decisive ultimatum Is already on tbe
way to the president of the Transvaal,
is pure conjecture.
Santo Domingo Rebels Defeated En
emy With Heavy Loss.
CAPE HAYTIEN. Aug. 2.-News hat
been received here confirming the re
port of yesterday't fighting In Santo
Domlnga General Pacheco, at the
head of 400 revolutionary troops, fought
the government troops for three days,
Inflicting beavy losses.
It Is reported the government force
lost 150 men killed and wounded, and
the the revolutionists captured two
field pieces. General Antoneo Calderon,
one of the government commanders
was killed. ' ' "
The revolutionists lost IS killed be
sides several wounded. ;
Congressman Bhattuck, of Ohio . Re
fused to Take It From Mail and, ,(
' Explains the Reason. . -
CINCINNATI. Aug. tt-The follow
ing correspondence between Edward
Atkinson, .of Boston,- the antl
expansionist leader, and congressman,
W. B. Shattuck, of Cincinnati, ex
plains Itself: ' ' "
Boston, Aug. 15. ' ISM. Hon? 'w. B.
Shaftuck. M. C, Madlsonvllle. O. Dear
Sir: A copy of "Antl-tmpertallst" is
returned to me with this endorsement:
.'Respectfully returned. , Take my
name off your list. I am no traitor to
my country."
I am very glad to have the Informa
tion that you are not a traitor. Had
you been, I should have taken your
name off the'llat of members of con
gress, to all of whom my phamphleta
In support of Senator Hoar and others
are sent I may add that since we
may assume that you do not support
the opponents of criminal aggression,'
our effort to take your name oft the
list of tho members of congress at the
next election will be fully Justified. In
the Interval you may receive other cop- J
les of documents similar to that which
you have returned, becaqse I cannot at
present expurgate my mail list.
Yours very truly,
Cincinnati, Aug. 19, 1899. Edward
Atkinson, Esq., Boston. Dear Sir: I
have received your letter of the loth
Inst., and beg to tell you that I would
not, even for the nomination of con
gress support those guilty of crlm-,
Inal aggression against this govern
ment, (as you are guilty.) Your Inti
mation that you may be able to have
my name taken off the list of the
members of congress, because I decline
to receive your treasonable documents.
Is already evidence of your monumen.
tall gall and egotism. You will succeed
In your effort about as well as you
did In getting your criminal literature
in the hands of Agulnaldo and his fol
lowers. You knew what you were do
ing whin vou tried to get this trash
Into the rebels hands. Your purpose
was to give the rebels encouragement
to embarrass the government of the
United States and to Induce the rebels
to hold out, until, perhaps yon could
try your luck In having the name of
the loyal congru-nen taken off tb. list
kt '.he next election. "
Nt a precinct In the first Ohio eon.
gn-Mlonal dls'rtet would elect you
one ot yoir kind as a delegate to a
convention to nominate a director for
the cojnty por house. The citizens
of this district are loyal, patriotic peo
ple and I am sure they are not in
rmpithy with those who are doing
all they can to embarrass President
McKlnley and the government' In the
effort' to restore order and suppress
tbe rebellion In the Philippines. When
that It accomplished, it will be to de
termine what form of government shall
be established in tbose Islands.
Our people applaud tbe speech made
by our president recently, when be
said, tpeaklng of our flag, "it is tbe
flag of the free, ths bop. of the op
pressed, and whenever It It assailed,
at any sacrifice, it will be carried to
triumphant peace." That la the kind
of talk our people Ilk. to hear.
For fear that you will forget It, let
me suggest that you make a mem
morandum that tb. nomination for
consrest In the first Ohio district will
be made about September U00. It will
be necessary for you, to secure tb. re
sult you desire, to commence your
work a little before that ' time the
earlier, tbe better for I am assured
that your friend Agulnaldo, will cease
to exist at a military chieftain long
before that date. Very respectful r.
Expected to Take Place Sepetember S
New Improvements Will Make Her
Greatest Ship Afloat.
trial trip of tbe battleship Keartarge
will take place between September 5
and LV Tbe ship It now within about
four per cent of completion and is auf
fldently advanced to warrant the
statement that she will be sent away
frim the ship yard on ber first trial
trip, the early part of next month.
Reports have been tent out from
Washington to :he effect that owing
to the delay caused oy a shortage of
men during the yellow fever scare the
Kearsarge could not go out unUl the
latter part of October and the' Ken
tucky not until December, but these
bad no foundation.
Tbe trial trip of the Kearsarge. to
being looked forward to with great deal
of Interest She w 111 be the first war
ship ever built embodying the super
oolsed turret Idea, that Is with the
eight Inch turrets over the thirteen
Inch turrets, enabling the ship, as well
as the Kentucky, to concentrate on
one oolnt a far heavier Are In less
time then any other ship afloat. Cap
tain William Folgjr, who will com
mand the Kearsarge, has been here
for some time superintending the work
on th. vessel and he will go out on
her when the trial trip between the
ship yard and the Atlantic ocean takes
place. ' " ' ' ' -
Captain Folgjr 'is one of the high
authorities In the navy on ordnance
and his opinion of the success of the
superpotsed turret idea after the trial,
will be worth something.
The Kearsarge has Just received a
coat of white paint which th. will
x-ear on her trial trip.
The speep of the Kersarge will also
be watched with Interest by naal
men. "he contract speed Is only 16
knots.', but the Newport News Ship
building Dry Dock Company has
thus far managed to exceed contract
speed in all of Its merchant and gov
ernment contracts, and It Is believed
the Kersarge and the Kentucky will
not 'be exceptions.
The thfje little gunboats, the Nash
ville., tho Helena and the Wilmington,
the best and speediest boats of their
class In the world, all far exceeded the
contract speed. If the Kearearg makes
tn the neighborhood of 17 knots an
hour on her official trial, many naval
men will not be surprised.
Generl Merrlan Makes an Official Re
port at Washington.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 26. The report
of Brigadier General Merrlam on the
miners riots In Idaho was received here
today. General Merrlam gives a de
tailed history of the events so far as
the troops under his command
took part. The report shows that gov
ernor of Idaho, and not General Mer
rlam, declared martial law and that a
proclamation forbidding the employ
ment of union miners of Wardner em
anated entirely from the state author
ft A V . V
Makes the food more delicious and wuo'eson.0
snvw wn mm o CO., wit.
rvfnn i An
German Diet Defeats tbe Govern
v ment on Cflfial Bin :i
itczarsi n is personal insult ana win
ItM Poslskmeit to Offenders .
. Cabinet Called to Berlin.
BERLIN, Aug. 21 The political sit-
uauon una week nas been highly In
teresting, fhe unexampled defeat at
the government in the diet which was
a personal defeat for Emperor William,
haa engrossed attention. Tbe absence
of hit majesty complicated th. situa
tion for the cabinet and the emperor
not having expected a rejection of
the canal bill, no provision was made
aa to what steps the government would
take In such an event
For several days political chaos
reigned. Detailed reports were wired
to the emperor, and every member of
the cabinet participating in the debates
and his majesty wrote and wired re
plies la which It was apparent he felt
a keen sense of the personal outrage
and neant to deal punishment to the
worst blunderers aud offenders.
It was only on Wednesday that the
nation and the cabinet began to know
precisely how the emperor stood and
what were his Intentions regarding the
unprecedented situation. It appeared
that Emperor William bad concluded
not to dissolve the diet and not to
accept the resignation of tbe cabinet
Being resolved on this, the present
outcome oi ine crisis amounts 10 next
to nothing.
The emperor and the cabinet will con
tinue to govern with the same party
w hich brought on the crisis. The crisis
It so serious, however, that every
member of the cabinet has been re
called to Berlin.
Receives a Box of Dynamite and Giant
Powder From a Criminal Whom
He Had Sentenced.
SALT LAKE, Aug. 2S.-Judge O. W.
Powers, a prominent attorney, this
afternoon received by express from'
Eureka, Utah, a box containing giant
powder'' and dynamite. By some In
tuition the Judge did not open the box'
but handed It over to the police,, who
opened It and found the explosives,
with matches, sandpaper and percus
sion caps so arranged that, bad the
box been 'opened In the ordinary "way.
It could not have failed to explode.
In the express office was found a
similar box addressed to Warden Dow,
of the state prison. The tender of the
packages Is supposed to be a man
named John Smith, whom, ten years
ago, ' Judge Powers sentenced to nine
years In prison for train robbery.
. '
8treets Lined With Thousands of Peo
., pie and All Civic and Military
Organizations Represented.
popular welcome of the California vol--unteers
reached a climax tonight In
a parade which scarcely ever has been
exceeded In the city for size or pictur
esque features. The crowds In the
street exceeded those ever before
called out by a similar demonstration..
Almost every civic and military organ
ization In this part of the state were
represented in a long line which com
prised an escort to the home coming
troops, and hundreds and thousands
of spectators along the line of march
were wildy tnthuslastlc.
MINNEAPOLIS, Augl 26.-Jas. J.
Hill, vice-president of the Eastern
Minnesota Railroad Company Is to be
come general manager of the Great
Northern, a position newly created.
Louis M. Hill, who has been assistant
to his father, will succeed his brother ,
with headquarters at Duluth.

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