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Ism was is1
^Mliegnn Seniors IHslingiiisI
Them so lies in I’rod notion of
Kriilii) Evening Last
fh,i liigli school seniors distin
^jhed themselves last Friday even
in their production of “Seventeen’
"the Opera House. The entertain
lent was very finished and a ^ptcti
lil interpretation of Tarkington's
l(ok was the result. The young peo
ple collectively were all well nigh
perfect in the various roles, and it is
unusual indeed, to find a t lass in high
sthool having so many talented play
ers. Esther Jenkins, in the juvenile
rile and the only player outside of
tie class, delighted the nudittn • with
lift- frequent appearances, adapting
herself in a perfect manner to the
rule in which she appeared. Fea
tures were sours hy novel. 1 ol the
cast, banjo serenades hy Smith W.
Ames and Joseph A. Cayonette, while
T()odloH. Hie handsome dog of Mr and
Mrs. K. L. Savage, played no mail
pari in the evening's performance.
Members of the elans in the ca i
v.ere Walter Wilson. Hordtliv M Nvi
Smith W. Ames, Joseph A. Cuyotictte,
I'liyllis Whiting, Agnes ( oc lilnirn.
.! ines Fellows Whip. Lli...ood Sav
age. Itnlpliar.l W. Hartline, Morris
Pates, Louise A Stinehfieid, Mary
Merrill and Alfred Dionne Special
si-enery and pleasing stage arrange
ments added to tile charm of the pro
iluctlon. while tin* High School Dr
ehestra played between acts tinier
the direction of Miss .Marguerite,
Craig. Walter Wilson announced
that the prize winners in the ticket
selling contest were: Myron Towle,
who won tlie shoes given by Bisson
& Couant: Miss Dorothea Clough, the
hates given by the Bowman Hard
ware Co. and Gordon Briggs the $T>
gold piece given by the Senior class. I
Miss Pauline Eaton Oak, who direc
ted the play, is deserving of much
credit for the success of the occasion
and Skowhegun people were delighted
with het results of her efforts. At
tention to small details was especial
ly noticeable in the appearance of al
the artists. \
--- -1
The ushers were girls from the
Senior ^ass and boxes of confections
were sold by them during the even
Probably $1100 was cleared from the
i« ..
The Senior play lias become an an
r.ual custom in Skowhegan high
< liool, allho not of as long standing
as tlie Junior. Exhibition. The plan
ui's inaugurated by the class of 1!)23
la • year Tile proceeds help oht
wonderfully in (lie commencement ex
orci.ws and besides the people of
Skowlogan are assured good enter
laliunenl. The Seniors this year have
. t a high standard for the class of
i ""I
11. K. Church Fair at llai’mimy
The annual Christmas sale of the!
| Ladies Aid Society of the Harmony
,\1. K. Church opened auspiciously
Tuesday. December 0. in (Irauge Hall.
Cloudy skies of the early morning
gave way to bright sunshine and mild
weather. The hall was most attrac
tive with its many booths and the
articles found ready sales. The fancy
work was presided over by Mrs. E. C.
Traftou and Mrs. Karl Taylor. Many
beautiful things were displayed and
found ready sale. Mrs. lames Irvin
and Mrs. Ralph Denning were in
i charge of the mystery box. Here
; many people got more than their
money's worth. Miss Ktlnd Reed and
Methyl Flagg wipe in charge of the
dolls booth which wa most attrac
tive with it*. many dolls arranged In.
all the Je.tcst styles, also ready to
wear clothing from hats to shoes.
Pi cat ically everything was sold out.
A bountiful supper was served from
r5 to "..'ill and following this the fa
mous six-reel leal lire of Mary Pick
ford as “Pollyanna" was given to a
packed house. The fair was a great
success socially and financially and
the ladies of the < liurcli are to ho con
gratulated on Hie success which the
fair proved to he. Over $15(1 was
Del Y •mi r likj.'i \tilo Plates
All autolsts wishing to operate their ■
ears nn and niter January 1st, 11*25,
must he registered for the coming
year, and have their 11*25 plates at
tached on tIv Ir mi's. All state offi
cers have been ordered by their de
partment. also by ti e secretary of
state, to take no excuse from any
. party caught with ears not properly
registered on and after January 1st,
but to Immediately take them before
■ a judge. By sending in your appli- |
cation the Iasi week of the year does
i not entitle you to operate your car.
! You must have your 11*25 plates on
1 your ear.
I wisli lo thunk the people of this
town for their co-operation with me
last year, as (here were only a very
tew ears with 11*23 plates on that
showed up uftpr December Mist and
most of those were front out of town.
I Please help me again this year the j
i same way. Thank you
State Highway Police
( eniclcrics or Iturjing Drouiids 1
A subscriber writes:
"I notice in speaking of eeme
1 terics in your paper the one on
file southside and the Catholic
are called cemeteries, while one i
on the north side is u burying
ground. Why is not that a ceme
The editor replies by saying that
unquestionably if is a cemetery, also
that the Soutlishle and Catholic are
burying grounds, Because of the
antiquity, however, of the yard on
the northside, it seems very appliea-'
hie to speak of it as “the North bury
ing ground."
Do not forget to mail those Xmas j
cards not later than .Monday. 1
Christmas 365 Times A Year
X The electric Krill Is the handiest
T thiiiK In the world to prepare u
T meal for two or three at the
+ table. $15. *
■ ►
'” A THfOKMAX percolator makes
better coffee in less time with
«*- less trouble. New, nickel-plat
* % cil ones for $7.f»0:
** a
i ►
i ►
- ►

T All electric heatlna; pad at a
X touch brings soothing warmth
+ to little, aches aijd pains- and
T keeps that warmth art long as
X yi^u please. $8.50.
t 1*1011 >1 \M0!NT WAVKfi AT
T AVIpi an electric curling; iron^
I any girl can give her hair tin*
f professional touch of a perma
r n*nt wave in her own boudoir. .
£ 95 cents to $3.50. I
A gift that expresses the true spirit of Yiilethle .iny anil sen ire
must lie attraetlxe anil practical. Electrical gifts eomhine holi
day sentiment with e>ery day usefulness and say "Merry ( lirist
inas* the year round.
An Electrical Gitf
For Every One in the Family
Percolator Immersion liratcr
Heating Pad Flash Light
Range Klcetrie Heater
F'lrelcss Cooker Roudoir Set
Ironing Machine Waffle Iron
Hot Plate Sewing Lamp
drill Reading Lamp
Vacuum ( leaner Mesk Lamp
Curling Iron and Comh
Plan to light your Christmas tree
electrically this year
Complete Set $2.50
Till; KLKITIIM HOI Sibil 1‘l lt
Christmas is the time to gel that electric vacuum cleaner.
Front New Year's morning to New Year's live this untiring,
faithful electric servant is ready on instant notice to keep your
home clean and healthful. What other gift will do a - much to
lighten housework?
.lust a small, llrst payment will put an electro vacuum clean
er in your home this Christinas. Convenient terms may tie
arranged for the balance while von enjoy a whole year's service
from the cleaner.
I II XMJS TIIK ( llll.l, ♦

\ radiant heater ih jnM t i. • t-l.iwK ♦
to tak* tin* chill from any room T
in th« iiouKt* when the furnace i.s +
low . $5 50 to $*J 50. ▼
\ 1.11 11 * < Oil IlMKi r X
In ju.s! a fr\v siroud' an * ‘* IrJ«* +
irnjj is i rails tn iron a sincle ♦
liandk rt chirf or a whoir svurk's ^
laundry . $♦ 5u tn $r, 7r. ^

Tl %li»> MOM TWM
M M'l ll> 4.
Tlii- * ■ I * ■ < • 11* i • • waffle iron makes 4
ih t -»si cleliei T
f* . 1 1 \ «*i*i 1 keil ami M-atl.v In ,*n j*\ 1 T
)M(*ilI|r lint * 1 n.ito. 4
nor to\*t itK.h i \ r r \in i 4
Teast hmvvnrd crisp riuht .it tic- 4
tit 1 • I• * l*y ji 'j» **h trie toast*T T
ttiak- s this appliance a convent- 4.
*n« 1 that • % * r y household Mil! 4
long appreciate $k:*r» t4. Is.rc T
A' 4
r ♦
Central Maine Power Company I
Aimuslii Guilford J
Hath fjowlHloti *
Helfast Mr. Kails CL *L Cix
i!?SnJwiSk iftsb ^ur Skowhegan Store
('umdcn Kirhmond * +
Dexter liorklaml II7 ** +
Dovrr-Koxrrofl HkowhcKnu Water utrett ♦
Freeport Watorville +
Gardiner Wlnthrop +
Christ mils Exercises at Kocknood
Blaine School closed December 12.
\ Christmas entertainment was given
m the 19th. the following program
was given: Song, Away in a Man
ser, school; exercise, six children;
•eeitation, Douglas Parent; reeltu
lion, Melvina Wilier; recitation. Doris
lohnston; recitation, Evelyn King:
eeitation, Gertrude King; exercise
>y four hoys; recitation, Alfred Par
■nt; recitation, George Wilier; refl
ation, Millard Gaudet. recitation,
lease Johnston; song. Silent Night.
Lavernu Davis. Louise King and Ruth
lohnston; recitation. Laverna Davis;
•eeitation, Louise King; recitation.
Ruth Johnston; exercise by three
girls; exercise by four boys; recitu
ion, Wilfred Wilier; recitation, Paul
<ing; recitation, Roger Maynard;
•eeitation, Virgil Gaudet; song, It
'ante Upon a Midnight Clear, school;
•eeitation. Howard Johnston; dance
ty Paul King and Louise King. Af
er the program came Santa Claus
tnd the games and a general good
ime was enjoyed.
Because of illness (he attendance at
he last league meeting was small.
Mrs. Rufus White, the president of
jur league has had illness In her
amily for several weeks.
Miss Laverna Davis, one of the pu
pils got up a Larkin order for the
school, clearing $12.15.
Pupils not absent one half day:
tuth Johnston. Melvina Wilier, Lu
rerna Davis and Roger M&yuufd. Pu-;
pi 1 s absent only one day Jesse John
ston and George Wilier.
Miss Laverna Davis won a book
"Alice in Wonderland" for drawing
the best map of Maine.
Card of Thanks
We wish to extend thanks to our
kind friends and neighbors for their
kindness during The sickness and
death of our mother and sister, os
pectklly Mrs. Vie Green. .Mrs. Mur
guarette Kincuide. Mrs. Amos Adams
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Adams
Mr. Chester Higelow
.Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wyman
.Mr. and Mrs. John Merrow
.Mr. and Mrs. TrefTle Cloutier
.Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mitchell
.Mr. and Mrs. lteubeu Went
Mrs. John Wentworth
iSkowhcgan, Me.. December IS, 1924.*
Aotleo to Correspondents
Because of Christmas Day falling
on Thursday, the Independent-Repor
ter will of necessity go to press so to
be delivered Wednesday evening.
Correspondents or persons having
news Items, must bear this In mind
and have the same reach us as early
as possible. Correspondents should
have their news letters reach this ol
Uce oue day earlier than usual.
Park Nclrml
Then' are one hundred three pupils
attending Park school this year
With the money left from last year
and eighty-live dollars earned by the
pupils this year we have placed Vis
ual Education in the school and pur
chased a cabinet for our'views.
Mrs. Holbrook's class have had a
line now sand table and Mrs McCril
lis' gradi are having a new hook ease
in the sixth grade arithmetic test
given December .*>. Hie following pu
pils had perfect papers: (Voile Gal
lant. Edward Thompson. Vida Watson.
Italph Nutting Thomas Gtiilfovie, and
Ernest lluteau Those having a
rank of SO were Theresa Gilhlair.
Mary Patrick. Bertha Toxin Horn
thea Bagley. Vance Oliver and Am
lirose Boyd.
In the geography te>i pupils n i
ing good rank were Mary Patrick, Vida
Watson. Francis White Italph Nut
ting and Thomas Guilfoylc
Pupils in the \ division ot reading
doing good work are Ernest Ba
teau. Bertha Tomer. Arline Eemieux.
Carlton Oak. Thelma Elliott. Cecile
Gallant, Francis White. Almogia isi
tuiippe and Vida Watson.
We are sorry to have Carlton Oak 1
and Cecile Gallant absent on account
of illness the past week
Visitors are always welcome at
Park school.
The following. pupils of the sixth i
grade have not been absent tins term:
Ambrose Boyd, Arthur (.’barrier, i
Fred Dttt^y, Theresa liilbhiir, EilyC,
Li "i- Until .Mitchell. William Sin
cyr, Edward Thompson. Her!ha To
Bier. Edna Vigtie. Francis While
Vance Oliver. Ralph Nutting ami
Ralph .McLean
Pupils having a pi rt, -t attcndanei
tire: Norman Chase. Roland fljl
lilair. Catherin- (Iniltoy le Lionel
Halle. Deloris Mil’- Edna Oddy. .1 it
lian Provencal. Carroll Savage. Fred
erick Simyr
The children of grade lour hav,
proven themselves lie champion lta\
log sold three hundred of fiofi fL 1.• is
it the time of the picture hem lit fur
Park school.
Sickness has broken the attendum
■omevv hut hut the lolly" ing i Iillilr- t
tate not been ah-.-tit -o far this term
Boris Oak. Carolyn M.-Alliste-. Evciy.
'ftireiiii. Norma Leavitt » l**l
lurley. Frank McLean Harold i' ll,
iVilliam Christensen
The highest rank in spelling »a>
illumed by Mayola 1: ; -. ■ 11
Dorothy Pierce has h.-.-n ill for ten
veeks and as yet i- enable to h
Iressed. The children havi sent her
The following children in grad,
hree. Park school had 1"" in spell
ng for the past week Carmen
iardiner. Bernard Horne. Robert tiil
tlair. Sally Marstm. Olive Te-ii r.
• lady's Schmitz
Those not absent for the term ar.
.eigh Phillips. Bernard Horne. Rob*
irt Diihlair. Edmund Lunev. Irving
aiehutice. Sally Maistou, t i 1 a d ys
k-luuUz, Cyril McQuutle.

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