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Bankrupt** petition for i>i*
* In tlie matter of George K. Perr
Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy.
To the Honorable John A. Peter!
Judge of the District Court of th
United States for the District of Maim
George 10. Perry of Madison, i
l the County of Somerset and State o
Maine, i rx said District, respectfull
represents, that on the 14th day o
w December, last past, he was duly ad
judged bankrupt under the Acts o
Congress relating to bankruptcy; tha
he has duly surrendered all bis prop
erty and rights of property, and ha
fully complied with all the require
merits of said Acts and of the order
of Court touching his bankruptcy.
WHEREFORE he prays that lie ma
be decreed by the Court to have a ful
discharge from all debts provabh
against his estate under said Bank
[* ruptrv A< ts, except such debts as ar<
1 excepted by law from such discharge
Dated this I -ItIt day of November. A
)''"4 orcolKJK K PERRY.
District iif Halnr, Northern Division
MS 1
fin t Ilia mil da> Ilf December. A J>
1924 on reading the foregoing petition
hearing be had upon the same on th*
23rd (lav of January, A D. 1925, be
5 fore aald Court at Bangor, in sail
j District. Northern Division, at ter
1 o'clock In the forenoon; and that notic*
J thereof he published In the Independ
i ent-Reporter, a newspaper printed Ir
i eald District, Northern Division, ant
that all known creditors, and olhet
J persona in interest, may appear at thf
eald time and place and show cause
* If any they have, why the prayer o!
said petitioner should not he granted
liy the Court, that the Clerk shall send
' by mall to all known creditors oopiet
of said pe.tltlon and this order, ad
1 dressed to them at their places ol
residence as stated
WITNESS the Honorable John A
Peters, Judge of the said Court, and
; the seal thereof, at Bangor. In the
■ Northern Division of said District, on
‘ the Util day of December A. D. 1921.
Deputy Clerk.
A true copy of petition and order
1 thereon
I Attest. jsaBEI. SHEEHAN,
Deputy Clerk.
| __
In the mailer of Elroy S. Keyes
Bankrupt In Bankruptcy.
To the Hon. John A. Peters. Judge of
I the District Court of the United State*
' for the District of Maine.
Hlrnv S. Keyes of Fall-field In
i the County of Somerset and State of
Maine. In said District, respectfully
J rMpreaeutn, tlmt on the 14th day of
September. 1U23, lu* whh duly adjudg
r ed bankrupt under th»* Arts of f «»•
flrress relating to bankruptcy; that he
! htn duly surrendered all his property
, and rights of property, and has fully
complied w ith all the requirements of
aald Acta and of the orders of Court
touching his bankruptcy.
WHEREFORE he prays that he may
be decreed by the Court to have a full
. discharge from all debts provable
against his estate under said bank
I ruptcy Acts, except such debts as are
excepted by law from such discharge,
t Hilled this 19th day of November.
A' ’’ 1"“' BEROV S. KEYES
- > f
District of Maine, Northern Dlvlalos,
On" his 13th clay of December, A. 1>
31924 on reading the foregoing petition
henflng be hud upon the (tame on the
23rd day of January, A D. 1925, be
fore aald Court at Bangor, In aald
District, Northern Division, at ten
! o’clock In the forenoon; and that notice
thereof he published In The Independ
ent-Reporter, a newspaper printed In
Said District, Northern Division, and
that all known creditors, and other
toersonH In Interest, may appear at the
•aid tlmo and place, and Hhow cause.
anv they have, why the prayer of
•aid petitioner should not be granted.
BY THE COURT, that the Clerk shall
•end by mall to all known creditors
copies of said petition and this order
’ addressed to them at their places of
residence us slated.
WITNESS the Honorable John A.
Peters, judge of the said Court, and
the seal thereof at Bangor. In the
Northern Division of said District, on
the 13th day - of December A. I >. 1921
Deputy OJerk.
(L. R) ,
A true copy of petition and ordei
Attest: .....
Deputy Clerk.
In the mutter of Willard II. Illgainx
Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy.
To the lion. John A. Peters. Judge of
the District Court of the United States
lor the District of Maine.
Willard II. Higgins of Fairfield, In
the County of Somerset, and State of
Maine In said District, respectfully
represents, that oh the 23th day of
April. Inst past, In was duly ad
judged bankrupt under the nets of i uii
STCMS rolu 11 UK to haukrupley; that he
us dulv surrendered all Ids property
and rlgiils of property, and has fully
complied with all the requirements of
said ads and of the orders oT court
touching Ids hnnkriiplcy. ,
WHEREFORE he prays that lie
may ho decreed by the Court to have a
full discharge from all debts provable
against Ids extutc under snlil bank
ruptcy Acts, except sueli debts as are
excepted by law from sueli discharge.
Dated ibis 29th day of November.
A' " l:'"' WILLARD H. HllhlINS.
District of Maine. Northern Division,
(Mi this I :il li day uf December, A. D.
1921 on reading the foregoing petition
huuriiit* be IihiI upon 11»»• wuiiie oil llio
23rd day of January. A. D. 1925, he
fore said Court at Bangor, 111 salil
District. Northern Division, at ten
o’clock in the forenoon; and that notice
thereof he published in The Indepen
dent-Reporter, a newspaper printed In
Bald District, Northern Division, and
that all known creditors, and other
persons in interest, may appear at the
said time and plane, and show cause
If anv they have, why the prayer of
suitl pelIIloner should not be granted.
BY THE COURT, that the Clerk shall
send hv mall to all known creditors
oopies of said petition and this order,
addressed to them at their places of
residence as slated.
WITNESS tho Honorable John A.
Peters, Judge of the said Coin*t, and
the seal thereof at Rahgor.fin tho
Northern Division of said District, on
■ he 13th dav of Dceemhei \. D 1921,
Deputy Clerk.
(U S.)
A true copy of petition uud order
At teat: '
Deputy Clerk.
This is to warn and notify all per
son- for trusting or harboring my
wife. Mrs. Elizabeth HI ward, as 1
■will pav no hills contracted by her
after this date. ^ KLWAllo
Hock wood, Me. -w5U
The annual Freshmen Exhlbitior
. occurred in Academy Hall, Wednes
: i day evening, Dec. 10. There was c
j j large and enthusiastic audience. Thf
. following program was carried out:
' Chorus; Prayer; The Man Whc
, Couldn't Save (Guest). Paul Gibson
r Dickey; Thanksgiving (buest) Phvl
- lis Emellne Perkins; Musical Heading
[ (Guest) Mira Pamelia Barnaby; A
. J Yankee In Love (Burnett) Olive
i Priscilla Tupper; The Neighborly
.Man (Guest) Clifford Warcl; Ma and
’ the Auto (Guesti Hernice Irene Wells;
■ vocal number, Warren Walter Scott;
i Tlie Obliging Lady Boarder (Low)
1 1 Verna Dunbar; A Tribute to Abra
I ham Lincoln (Coolidge) Lawrence
Joseph Shaw, musical reading. Pris
cilla Noddin; Aunt Cherful's Views
(Anon i Frances Aheline French;
When You Know a Fellow, the Class;
chorus—Parody, the Cla^s.
The first basketball games of the
season were played last night with
the boys' and girls' teams of Madison
high school.
On Friday evening of this week the
Senior Class at the Academy will
present two one-act plays. The
first one being "The iaiziest Man In
the World" presented by the boys of
the class; the second one being
"Sparks Divine" by ten of the young
; ladies ol' the class. These plays are
comedies and will assure a pleasing
evening s entertainment. There will
be specialties between the acts by
other members of the class. After
the plays there will tic a social with
games, dancing and refreshments.
Owing- to the fact that some of the
i Seniors are unavoidably absent at
this time, they and the other raom
• hers of the elass who are not in the
casts this Friday night will present,
later on in the year a one-act play
! “Just Women."
The Home Arts Club at the Acad
emy held a regular meeting last
Thursday evening, the problem for
I the meeting was Christmas cheer
for some needy family.
The Academy wil have a Christmas
recess from 3.00 Friday, December 19.
i to 8.30 Tuesday, December 30.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Storer were in
Skowhegan one evening recently, Mr.
1 Storer was in attendance at a meet
ing of Hie Skowhegan Jersey Cattle
! Club.
Federal and State agents gave a
'demonstration in buy grading before
the Agricultural boys and a few fur
1 mers on December S.
Ivan Spencer has returned to
school after an illness with diphthe
| Misses Erva Berry. Thelma Knox.
I Alta Ellis, Doris Clark and Esma
j Mackett are home from Farmington
Any one wishing to register for
night school at the Academy should
do so this week. >
Plans are being made for a Christ
mas program of songs recitations
and exercises at the Congregational
Church on Christmas Eve at 7.30 fal
lowed by the Christmas tree and
Santa Claus. The Sunday School
voted $10 lAt Sunday for the Near
East Relief Fund.
• .Mr. arid Mrs. F. H. Williams were
called to The Forks .Monday to at
tend the funeral of Mr. Williams’
grandmother Mrs. Charles Hackett.
F. C. Googins spent the week end
| with his family in Bangor.
Principal It. D. Marrlner has re
turned from Belfast where lie spent
jthe Thanksgiving recess with his pa
rents. He went down by auto but
j was obliged to return via rail owing
I to the heavy snow fall throughout
'the southern part of the state. Wa
| have had very little snow in this sec
tion. cars going to Canada and Bing
ham daily.
Henry Crowell of Skowhegan was a
recent business caller In town.
Douglas Wilson spent the week end
I in Guilford.
L. R. Moore drove to Skowhegan
j Sunday to meet Mrs. Moore who was j
j coming from Portland to attend the [
! funeral of Mrs. Hackett of The Forks.
I He had intended to go to Waterville
! but found the roads In condition from
(Skowhegan down that he was obliged
| to give it up.
F. Li. Perry of Boston was in town
! the pust week on business.
The high school and primary grades
! were not In session Monday owing to
tile absence of the princlpaT and Mrtf.
F. H. Williams.
The Misses Ecla Nichols and Ann
Veazie spent the week end recently at
Skinner the guests of Thomas Nich
ols who Is employed at that place.
Mrs. Russell McArthur and little
son Rodney went .to St. Johns, Wed
nesday night where they will sail on ;
the Canadian Pacific Steamship "Mute-’
gams" for Glasgow, Scotland, where j
they will visit several months with
Mrs. McArthur's parents. Jt Is a cp-!
incidence that just five years ago the
11th of December (which is the day;
the Mategama sails) Mrs. McArthur
landed in St. Johns. She is a native
of Scotland and came here the bride
of Russell McArthur who was located
near^her home during the World War.
llev. Wilbur Hand who has been the
pastor of the Congregational Church
the past,year Iiuh returned to his home
In Vermont. Miss Mabel Manning of
Now is the Time
to Put
your Aladdin
COMB in and gat a folder en
titled, “How to Put Your
Aladdin in Order.” It will
tell you how to make your Aladdin
give better service than ever. It’s
youra FREE. Wa also carry a full
line of
Mantis*. Chimneys and Wicks
Get ready now for the long winter
eveninge when you will need the
pure white light of the Aladdin for
your indoor work or pleaaures.
E. H. Caswell
. ....'"■■""•"“i
Massachusetts has been called for
three months to till the pulpit.
The I-adies’ Aid held their annual
fair Wednesday afternoon December
loth. A chicken supper was served
j from 5.30 until 7.30 which was well
attended and enjoyed.
Mrs. Hugh McDonald, Mrs. Melvin
Holden and Mrs. George Hughey en
tertained at the Library Saturday
, night. A pleasant evening was re
I ported.
Mr. and Mrs. A. McDaniels and
'daughter were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Gilbert at supper Sunday
i night.
Mr. Blair of Montreal was a busi
ness caller in town one day last week.
' He is interested in the Veneer Prod
ucts Company of Greenville.
Two basket, ball games are sched
uled lor Friday evening. December
12th. One between the Jackman High
Schools Boys’ team and the Jackman
Lumber Company team. Tin other
is between the girls high school team
and the girls town team. The games
•will take place at the Strand Theatre
followed by a dance. Music by the
high school orchestra.
Twenty-six dollars given by the
Congregational Church for 'lie Near
East Relief Fund.
The members of Twilight’ Rebekah '
Sewing Club gave Mrs. Nellie Bur-l
ton a surprise party at her home on
Commercial street. Friday evening. |
Dec. 12. Airs. Burton was president
of this rlub when first organized
about eight years ago. It was in
memory of tier year as president and
of the good work which she has done
for them this year by making the
spread which helped to make the dub
fair such a success financially. About
twenty members were present and
sltho Mr. Burton had been told of
the surprise he had kept it entirely
to himself. Mrs. Burton was enter
taining callers when the door bell
rang and upon answering it was sur
prised to see several lamiiar faces.
After they hail removed their wraps,
the door bell was rung again which
announced the arrival of more callers.
The surprise was then complete after
talking over old times and the usual
jokes etc. Mrs. Burton was pre
sented with .u beautiful-official Re
bekah pin and a bath set, which we
know she more than appreciated.
About 10 o’clock refreshments of
fruit salad, sandwiches, coffee and tea
were served by the cliib. after which,
the good nights were said. We feel
Mrs. Burton will always remember
this night and we know that, till
those who were present, will look
back upon it with pleasant memories.
M AI \ ST It K A M
Miss Hildred Conroy who has been
visiting friends hero for a week, went
to Pittsfield last Thursday to visit her
sister Mrs. Roy Burdick
H. B. Peabody Sr. and Mr and Mrs ,
H. B. Peabody Jr. were in Newport!
for thi^day Thursday
Miss Mabel Bane is in Pittsfield for
a few duys stay in the home of Mrs.
Frank Fuller.
The McKinley school closed Satur
day noon for a two weeks vacation,
the teacher Miss I’uzzell returned to
her home in Pittsfield. Saturday af
Bonnie Peabody cut bis hand unite
badly Monday afternoon while shav
ing hoops.
Henry Steward was in Harmony,
HIM Ki,i:V
Are you giving Health for Christ*
tnas? Buy Christinas Health Seals
A sample of broom straw grown by
Will Mart1 on his farm in Clinton
has been attracting attention at the
store of the Hinckley Farmers' I nion.
The sale of the Christmas Health!
seals Is being carried on here at
Hinckley with much enthusiasm. It
is u worthy cause and all are inter
ested in it.
There will be a Christmas tree and
exercises at the Hinckley school house
Friday afternoon Parents and
friends are invited.
Word has been received that Nor
man Decker, son of Mr. anil Mr
Llewellyn Decker is improving from
his recent serious accident at Flori
da. Young Decker is Deputy Sheriff
and truffle officer of Pinella Co..
Florida, and while chasing a car con
taining three negros he was pushed
into the ditch. He was ofi a motor
cycle and striking a bale of wire he
was hurled about dll feet. He lias
since been suffering from concussion
of. the brain. Both Mr. anil Mrs.
Pecker arc with him at Clearwater
having gone as soon as possible al
ter getting news oil the accident. The.
Clearwater Evening Sun reported
Friday that he was improving altho
out of Ills head much of the time.
Good Will schools closed Tuesday
for the Christmas vacation
The Kennebeeside Club held a reg
ular meeting at the home of Mrs G
W. Hinckley, Miss Gould assisting as
hostess. The speaker of the after
noon was .Miss Faith .1 Hinckley, who
spifke on “Christmas Abroad" and
told many things of interest which
she saw during her stag of nearly
two years abroad. Delicious re
freshments were served.
Mrs. N. E. ltessey recently receiv
ed a letter by airplane from her
brother Harold E Dorr of Seattle.
Vinter .1. Rails of I’ittslield
The funeral service for the late Ai
mer .!. Davis was conducted from his 1
late home on tlm Newport road Satur
day afternoon. Many friends of the
deceused were present. Rev. ('has
Johonnott of Palmyra ofl'u.dated. The
(IoihI tributes wcde Ivifry beautiful
among them being a beautiful floral
piece from friends in Rhode Island,
where he served as warden at the
state's prison for a <|uarter of o cen
tury. Interment was in the Pitts
field village cemetery.
Funeral of Ifleliartl Chase
The funeral service for the late
Richard Chase, who died at the Com
munity Hospital in Pittsfield on Sat
urday alter a brief illness with pneu
monia were held from Fairbanks un
dertaking rooms at in o'clock at It)
o’clock Tuesday and Rev C. R
Wheaton, pastor of the Pittsfield
Methodist church, officiated. The
remklns were placed in the receiv
ing tomb in the village cemetery.
Miss Deaf rice Sawyer of Bingham
fs flic guest of Miss Virginia No dine
at tiS Middle street.
Wishes to Hear from Somerset Conntj
- t
People of Bingham and vicinity who
remember Lizzie Wicker (nee) Rowe,
will be interested to read a brief
sketch of her life. She was the
daughter of George and Martha Rowe,
well known residents of Pleasant
Kidge, and Bingham.
She was born August 3, 1857. in
Pleasant Ridge Plantation on what is
known as Grover Hill, one mile from
Rowe Pond. \
She was one of eleven children,
e.ight of whom are now living. When
eleven years of age. her parents mov
Stock Placards
Low Prices
If a placard of any kind Is wanted
even one copy, a print shop is obliged
to charge 85c therefor and at that
the work is done without profit. Of
course if five or more copiaa are re
quired, the printer can charg^per
•hapk $1.50 and at that figure ^rea
sonable profit results. This has led
to carrying in stock in some print
ing offices of the placards most usually
wanted, and the Independent-Reporter
is gradually accumulating quite n
variety in this line. These placards
are chiefly 7x24 inches in size, altho
some of them kre what are known as
quarter sheets, 11x14 ipches. Of
course we print them in considerable
quantities and put them aside to sell
at retail as wanted, in any quantity,
from 1 to 100. Ordinarily however,
a customer for this sort of thing
wants one placard; sometimes two or
three. By following the above plan
we can sell them for 25c each, two
for 40c or three for 50c. They can
be sent by mail but they have to
be wrapped with more care and if
so ordered, 25c should be added for
packing and postage. This addi
tional charge does not increase with
the number of placards, except for
ten or more. That is, it costs 25c
to wrap and mail one placard, three
or seven, as the case may be.
We are constantly adding to the
list. Those in stock at the present
time are:
To Let
For Sale
For Rent
Keep Out
lee Cream
Keep Down
Boy Wanted
Public Anlo
Ttarber Shop
Itoonuto Let
Quick Lunch
Strictly Cash
Fresh Oysters
Ladies’ Toilet
Pigs For Sale
Rooms To Let
Farm For Sale
Smoking Room
No Trespassing
No Admittance
Autos Keep Off
House For Sale
Boarders Wanted
ltieycle Repairing
Board With Room
Washings Wauled
Tenement to Rent
Shoes Shined Here
Dump No Rubbish
Meals Served Here
Autos Washed Here
Nio Loafing Allowed
Terms Strlekly Cash
Turn Out The Light
Custom Itepair Shop
Dnyliglit Saving Time
Doa't Ask For Credit
To The Fair Grounds
Dangerous No Passing
Positively No Smoking
Reliable Tenant Wanted
Famished Doom to Rent
Positively No Admittance
(Except on business)
No Lonting Allowed Here
Positively No Admittance
Regular Dinners and Suppers Served
(If you are bnslucss "only at
Board With or Without Room
20 p. c. Discount Next Iff Days
Please Turn Off Electric Current
No Hunting Or Trapping Allowed
Cnpaid taxes on lands situated In the Town of Smlthileid, In the Cn»«i
Somerset, for the y*ar 1924. . ,Bt '-oonty of
The following list of taxes on real estate of non»re!eldent owners t. .
tow n of Smlthfleld aforesaid, for the year 1924. commute#, f6 me for c«iu **>•
for said town on the 28th day of May, 1924, remalft unpaid; and noitn ,!l
hereby Riven that if said taxes with interest and charges era hot ftrev U
paid, so much of the real estate taxed as Is sufficient to nay the amount’!.*17
therefor. Including interest and charges, will be Sold without further , 4tt*
at public auction at Town House in said Town, on the first Monday in Feh?.?tlct
1926. at nine o’clock A. M.
Amount of Tax ti„
Including IntdresV.
Name of Owner Description of Property ok..**4
Dr. J. D. Arne; ar**«
Two cottages and lots on cast shore of North Pond ...
Sam Erwin ‘D JI
* Cottage and lot on cast shore of Nerth Pond ,
Millard Fitzgerald *’*•
Cottage lots on east shore of North Pond „
Dr. AV. L. Oousse *
Cottage and lot on east shore of North Tond . ...
•lohn Hersom
Cottage and lot on Mercer lload ,
J. M. Luce & Son 4"’»
' Wood lot formerly owned by R. E. (Jreen
E. E. Murray "'3‘
AA’nod lot on East Pond Road ,
I.lzzle Hoxie Nye •’■3*
Cottage and lot on east shore of North Pond
T.cwls Rosenthal 1*-*"
Cottage lot on east shore of North Pond ....
Dr. C. R. Simmhns
Land and buildings on west shore of East Pohd known as
C. S. Holmes farm
Arthur Condon ‘’Jill
Camp Xorridgewock, Land and buildings on Miller’* Island
so called
December 15, 1924 '1’7s
5w51 Collector of Taxes of the Town of Smlthfleld
- —. - .
The following list of taxes on real estate of non-rflpldent owners in tv,,
tow n of Bingham, for the year 1924, committed to me fo* collect Ion for sals
town, on the tenth (lay of May, remain unpaid; and notice! la hereby clvi-n
i hat if said taxes, interest and charges are not previously paid, ao much of th
real estate taxed as Is suflieient to pay the amount flue therefor. Including in
forest and charges, will be sold at public auction at Xeifnendc llall in*s»ij
town, on the first Monday of February, 1925 at nine o’clock a. in. ' ‘ m
Amount of
Ilea 1 Estate owned by New England Lumber Company du«
A certain lot or parcel of land with the building* thereon, situ
ated in Bingham Village and bounded northerly and easterly l
by land of the Cnlted Shank and Findings Company, southerly
by land of A. C. Dlnsmore, westerly by the XdnitAec River l”>Su
Also a certain lot or parcel of land with the blylHh*>f* thereon
situated in Bingham Village and bounded Oh the north by
lllght of Way leading from Main Street past the TMWhc* of
K. E. Folsom, on the east by land of Margaret O'ByHn, en tb'
south by land of D. O. Bean, on the west by Right Or Wav of
Maine Central Railroad Company w J
Sw#1 Tax Collector et Town of Bingham
► - -
The following list of taxes on real estate of resident ewhere In Ihc Town
of Cornville for the year 1924, committed to me for collection for gald town
on the first day of Stay, 1924 remains unpaid; and
NOTICE Is hereby given that If said taxes, interest and charges are not
previously paid, so much of the real estate taxed as la sufficient to nay th«
amount due therefor, ineluding Interest and chargee, will be sold at nubll
auction at the Town House In said town, (the same being the place where the
last preceding annua! town meeting of said town was held) Oh the first Mon.
day of February, 1926, at nine o’clock a. m.
Name of Owner Description of No. Value Valnd Total Tar
or person In 1’ropcrty Acres Land Bldg.
possession T
Fddle Boltfior I
Bounded on North by land of
Philip Thebartro; on Fast by
land of Herbert Hall and *
.Norris Whittier; South by ;
land of Frank Hucknam and l ?
heira of F. N. Weston; and 1
C. J Hilbert*1 bY ‘hC MoIunk'»h Roa(I **«0 |7UU >1300 *06.33
Bounded on the North by land i
of Albert Staniski; Fast by }
land of Amea & Osborne;
youth and .West by the road 90 |€O0 11200 *v» -**
December HI. 1921 T
uilfy j. iialu |
"'Vjl Collector of Taxes for the Town of CornVHJ* for the year in
J. **•, „T*": of the ,town was formerly, as Is now, Embden. S
... Ihi- rollow'nK list of taxes on real estate of non-resident owners In the
loan Of l',mtilled for the year 1924. committed to me for collection for said
town, on the twelfth day of April. 1924, remains unpaid; and
Nulli G is hereby given that If said taxes. Interest and charges arc not
previously paid, so much of the real estate taxed as Is sufficient to nav the
■ mount due therefor. Including Interest and charges, will be sold at nubile
■■Ml. , Ion at Town House i„ said town of Embden In said town (the same'beinr
he place where the last preceding annual town meetlnf of said town was
held) on the nrst Monday of February, 1926. at nine o'cloelt a m
Names of Description of No. of No. of No. of Tfoxfl|0“
El wood'Allen Uea' Kstat'' Lot «»nge Acres Value Estate
Standing timber on XOdward
Webber s land Sttoott ta-itu
II. II. Hilton *-UUJ
Bounded on the north by , ;!
land of W A. fletcholl; casl by 1
land of C. A. Mullen, and land _ s
of heirs of J. Frank Barron; *
west and south by highway HIT 6 100 400 18 01
Ell 1
Cottage and lot In lot lit f MO 7 31
(Seorgictta Heath !
South G Ml 10
£«rth 176 10 100 400 11 04
George Hebert
Bounded on the north by
land of Cl. G. I’almer; east
• by Kennebec Itiver; south by
land of G. G. Palmer; west i
. ,, by highway 3300 uo.5»
A. E. Hamilton
Cottage and lot In lot 116 6 1050 44 63
'Guy Hume
Bounded on north by land of S
Alton Kane; cast by Keane- ’
her Itiver; south by land of
.1. E. Lawrence; west by land
of Dora Hopper apd A. B.
Hodgdon 1 to 1000 42.64
Arthur Jeffery
Bounded on north by high- , J
way; cast by land of Guy
Stupleford; south by town J:
line; west by highway 137 t I 10 2.05
Herbert Kennfson 190 II io 450 2iui9
All south of road In 1$< M 10 30 2.87
Cottage and lot in lot 170 9 190 3 13
Heirs of iC. Marshall
Gore lots 96 0
97 5 189 1500 63.11
South west part of lot 85 2 25 200 9.84
33 I 90 1060 41.63
South cast part of lot 80 4 4(1 300 13.91
West part or lot 46 2 60 250 11 *3
I). M. Marshall
Part of lot i l 4 m
Part of lot 9* 5 lot) 800 20.21
Flank I,. Norton
A triangular piece In lot 176
Itange 10—10o rods on cast;
SI rods on the north; hound
ed on the cast by land of
Frank Martin; south by lot
177—Itange 10 178 li 25 158 7.72
l astorlus and Blsbce
Bounded on north by land of
G. G. Palmer; east and south
by land of Frank Guenettc;
west by first Itange line 60 4<j0 18.91
23 1
26 1
East purl of lot 40 3
South part of lot It 3 80l 1800 63.11
M. i1 Quint
I'lidlvided lullf of lot 133 11 23 125 •>■*(
J. K. Mies
North west corner of lot 178 19 17 76 4.• l
Fred Skillings
Bounded on the north by
land of W. A. Warren; oast
by highway; south by town
line; west by Carrabassett
itiver and land of L. L. Berry 137 8
136 7 87 32.1 ''
T. B. Tague
Bounded on north and east
by land of Fred Lchay and
Fred Cleveland; south by i
land of Chas. Hunncwcl);
west by Carrabassett Ulver M 250 H '5
Trafton and Smith
House and lot in northeast
corner of lot 10 3 15 200
Got In southeast corner of lot 66 3 8 60 •*
Edward Webber N .
All of lots 64 3 ,
65 3 209 770
North pHrt of lot 66 3 60 250 gag
Bounded on north and east
by land of Alice Whitney; '
south by laud of E. Webber;
west by land of W. Jones
and C. E. Statiwood 62 3 36 10" 8.4
North half of lot 41- '3
South half of lot 42 3 100 400 15o'
A it. i al l and W. Durgin
Hounded on north by land of
Fred Ward and Minnie Liv
ingstone; east by land of
Geo. W. Moulton; south by
town way and land of Mont * -
Spaulding; west by land of
Wallace Emery and F. W,
Lane 75 360 g-'
December 16. 1824 ■—
DANA C. W IT HAM, J .....
lOw&l Collector of Taxes for the Tonn of Etnbdoir for tbs year l-1
H ’ f .i
> l > ♦ *.
4 4 I
' d to Moscow, on the farm where
Dan Hilton lives now. When nine
teen, she went to California with a
relative. Aunt Rena Bean of that state.
She was married there, in 1878, to
Lewis Roger Wicker of Buffalo, N. V.
and has resided ever since in East
Oakland, Calif. There were born to
them six children, four of whom are
now living. She has been a widow
the past ten years, during which time
she has lived with her second daugh
ter. Mrs. Maude Sheldon. The past,
few years her health has been poor
but she is able to be around.
Site was a devoted wife and loving
mother. She lias a host of friends
in this section. She is unable to
write, her daughter writing for her,
but would be more than pleased to
hear from her friends in Maine. Her
address is: Mrs. L. R. Wicker. BB.'iU
Ocean View Drive, East Oakland, Cal.
Our Mystery Series
- »
Prompted no doubt by the publica
tion of the unidentified pictures
which have appeared in the columns
of the Reporter during the past year,
one of our most constant readers has
submitted six plotting of a single in
dividual. These show him at the age
of three, eleven, seventeen, twenty
..... ■■■■■■ Muioniwaf
live, thirty and forty-eight years. We
are printing the youngest of these
this week. Can you tell who it is?
It costs you nothing to make your
guess; no prizes are offered. We
are anxious, however, that as many
nf our readers as possible shall ex
press an opinion.
In an early edition we shall re
publish this picture, together with the
one next older.
liy virtue of the authority con
ferred upon mo by the provisions of
Section 45, Chapter 219, P. L. 1917, as
amended, and having received written
complaint from the owners of the land
that beaver are doing actual, sub
stantial damage to their property, 1
hereby declare an open season on
beaver fram the 20th day of Decem
ber, a’. D., 1924, to the 28th day of
February. A. D. 1925, both days in
clusive. on the following territory:
i hi land of Carroll Partin, on Oetchell
Brook. In the town .of Anson, in the
count> of Somerset;
Al.Sti on land of Jenkins and Bogcrt
Mfg. Co., in Lexington Plantation, In
I tic county of Somerset;
except that no part of said territory
within twenty-five feet of any beaver
house shall lje open for trapping
under tills proclamation.
During the open season herein pro
vided for on the lands above specified,
it shall he lawful for any person who
lias secured a *25.00 heaver trapping
license and necessary hunting li
cense to trap beaver»thereon, except
in organized or Incorporated places
permit of land owner must be se
cured, and except that no person
shall set a trap within twenty-live
feet of a heaver house as aforesaid,
under a penalty of $100 and costs
for each offense.
Witness my hand tilltsg 15th day of
December, A. D. 1924.
Commissioner of Iuland
lw51 Fisheries & Game
Notice is hereby given that the Skow
iiegati Trust Company has been notified
in writing that Rook of Deposit No.
2232 has been lost and that the owner
thereof wishes a duplicate of same.
By R. 13. Attwood, Treasurer
Skowhegan, Dec. 11. 1924. 3w50

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