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>!e Cause Not Found in the Forgery Case
Against Mrs. Ghrtrude Loomis
Charles A. Coffln Makes Gift to
Union College
Schenectady, N. Y„ Dec. 19.—
nouncement has been made of a gttt
of $7500 to the general fund of Union
College by Charles Coffin, formerly
chairman of the board of the General
Electric Company.
Mr. Coffin was a native of Bloom
field and has been most generous to
Skowhegan by very liberal contribu
tions to a local fund for charitable
purposes and to the Coburn Park
Both Boys and (Gris Are Getting
Underway Midi Much
Excellent Material
Before the dosing of the high
school last week basketball practice
had commenced in earnest, both the
boys and girls teams having hold reg
ular praetioe in Hcselton Hall, The
girls and boys of the school are handi
capped because of the expenses and
therefore are limited to two periods
of practice weekly. The girls prac
tice Mondays and Wednesdays and
the hoys Tuesdays and Thursdays.
About twenty girls and the same
number of hoys are reporting for prac
tice. The quality of material is
good enough to warrant good teams.
Three letter girls are left from last
year: Louise Stlncbfield, captain
and catcher; A. Chuhot, forward; H.
Groder, guard. The girls making
strongest bids for positions are: Ag
nes Cockburn. Helen Ames, Helen M.
lies, Marguerite Savage and Abide
Sttnchfleld, guards, Blanch Cowette,
Thais .Cates, P. Whitney, F. Lancas
ter, center, B. Cowette. Helen Mc
Qtiade, R. Tobey, forwards. The
girls' schedule Is the best in years.
Beside the unusual teams played
Gardiner appears on the schedule.
Miss Agnes Cockburn is manager.
The first call for basketball candi
dates was answered last week by a
squad of about twenty hoys. Prac
tice was held in Heselton Hall and
the outlook for a snappy and fast
team of men is bright. The veterans
Decker, Cole and Dysart arc to he
seen in action again this year, while
for new men Coach Dostie* has much
promising material in Appleby, Car
penter, McAllister, White and G.
Dionne. These hoys have had little
experience on the basketball court,
hut are fast rounding into shape,
and With three veterans In the line-up,
Skowhegan high school will soon put
a team on (lie floor that will do jus
tice to the school.
Due to the inability to secure a
suitable hall, Skowhegan high is
greatly handicapped, but it is hoped
that this will soon be overcome hv
the much talked of community house.
6000 00»D 10 THE
Citizens Organize for
Better Higlrivay
Gathering of Men Irani Bingham, Mad
ison, Solan and Skowhegan
an Saturday Last
There was a good sized gathering of
Somerset County citizens at the Muni
cipal court room Saturday afternoon
to consider the road proposition be
tween Skowhegan and Solon, leading
by lxtkewood. Those present were
largely from Bingham, Solon, Madi
son, Skowhegan and residents of the
section through which the road pass
es, K. T. Patten acted as temporary
chairman and was later elected gen
eral chairman. John L. Fish was
elected secretary and treasurer. Clyde
H. Smith spoke upon the best way to
interest the State Highway Commis
sion, saying there were two ways of
obtaining favorable action for build
ing a highway, one by interesting the
Commission by petitions and letters
and the other by obtaining an appro
priation from the State Legislature.
The proposition is to get a good road1
from here to Lakewood and thence
through to Solon to meet the state
road front Bingham. K. L. Hight of
Madison, representative-elect to the
State Legislature, pledged his support
and an executive committee to take
the matter in hand and confer with
the Slate Highway Commission was
made up of Forrest H. Colby of Bing
ham. Mark P. Pollard of Solon, Clyde
H Smith of Skowhegan, E. D. Clark
and George Clough of Madison. Ac
cording to Clyde H. Smith, a third
class road is Lite only road available
for this section sitffe the state high
way lias already been built through
Not t'idgewoek to Madison and thence
up river, while a state aid road has
been designated from Madison to
Last Madison by the way of the White
Sehoolhouse. Mr. Smith believed
that it would lie possible to have a
fund of $8000 or $10,000 available f.
next year. K L. Ford, an experienc
ed road builder of this place, thought
the only road to build between Skow
liegan and Lakewood was a hard stir
late roitd, and Fail K. Taylor of
Bingham, who has built much of the
Canadian highway during Hie past
season, agreed with Mr. Ford. H. L.
Swett, M. P. Pollard County Com
missioner S. J. Whitney and E. F. Mer
rill discussed the proposition. The
result of the meeting was most en
couraging Htid while the indications
are that a macadam highway cannot
be built, Hie opinion seemed to tie
that a good third class road could he
built with foundation so planned that
eventually a hard surface might be
Among the mil of town men pres
ent beside those already mentioned
were Tracy Forsythe, E. E. Hurd, Or
rlson Clough, Louis Kusscll, Ned
Iteed, Forrest Luce, George Clougli,
Lee Ketchum. Carl liunnewell, Leo
Dean, Herbert Spear, Kendall Cross,
E. L. Hlght, () F. Luce. F. H. Steele.
Edgar Clark, F. M. Hubbard, George
Confortb. L. 11. Rich, Dana Robbins,
,J. It. O'llearn, Madison; M. P. Pol
lard. E. C. lieaid, Solon; F. H. Colby?
.1. 11. Atwood, S. ,J. Whitney, Earl
Taylor. Bingham: E. L. Paul Solon.
.1. H. Gray of Solon, who is greatly
irftercsted in the building of this piece
of highway, was unable to be pres
ent, owing to illness but sent, word
that he would support the proposition
in any way possible.
Notice to Subscriber'. 01 Somerset
Farmers Co-op. Telephone Co.
Relieving that my services have
been satisfactory during tin- past year
and feeling that 1 am well qualified
for the office of manager, 1 wish to
announce that I will be a candidal'
for re-election at the next annual'
meeting at Norridgewoek, Jan. 5th. * .
I wish to thank you for your help
in the past and ask for your support
at tiiis meeting.
Skowhegan, Me.. Dec. 25, 1P24
Business of the December Term of
the Somerset ( omit) Pro
bate Court
At the December term of Probate
Court the following business was
Accounts allowed in the estates of:
Maud W. Holbrook, late of Madison;
Edith II. Salley, lull* of Madison; Lew
is E. Caron, late of Anson; Sophia E.
Marble, late of Skowhegan; Delia M
Cooley, late of St. Albans. Aliee S
Emery, latf of Pittsfield; David C.
Jewett, late of Skowhegan; Frank
Donley, late of Anson; Annette Rus
sell, late of Madison; Marshall L.
Administration granted in the es
tates of; John Barron Lovejov. late
of Madison to , William Lovejey of
Madison; Emma J. Brawn, late o!
Fairfield to Aliee S. .Harden of Fair
field; Alonzo Smith, late of Skowhe
gan to Mabel C. Smith of Skowhegan;
Warren J. Lawrence of Cambridge to
Joseph E. Lawrence of Solon: Claud
R. Nicholson, late of Pittsfield to
Inez Nicholson of Pittsfield; Clara M.
Cetchell, late of Anson to Clement
Cetchell of West Farmington; Cynthia
A. Jones, late- of Norridgewoek to
Nelson ('. Jones of Norridgewoek; i
Corydon T. Sawyer, lute of Madison ;
to John S. Sawyer of Madison; Harry
E. Clay, late of Pittsfield to Minnie A
Clay of Pittsfield; Mary L French,
late of Solon to Roger M. French of,
.Solon; Arthur C. Dunton. late of
Pittsfield to Louise ITeh a Dunton of
Wills allowed in the estates of:
Corn L. Powell, late of OaratUlik,
Tracy F. Powell of C'nratunk, execu
tor; Daniel M. Foster, late of Canaan, '
Rose E. Cetchell of Cumuli execu
trix; Charles W. Cetchell. late of
Palmyra, Almira M. Oetehell of Pal
myra,. executrix.
Judge Charles (). Small of Madison
was the presiding justice.
Ierious death of Cyrus B.
ost charred body was
it> remains of his burned
Ictober, was again revived
Municipal Court, when
de Alice Loomis was be
ll 1’. Merrill of the Muni
on a forgery charge. Shb
guilty and after a some
y hearing probable cause
id and Uie respondent was
Prior to the fire, Jewell
(1 with Gertrude Alice
I her husband, Klrner
oiiuty Attorney Thorne in
case, stated that it was
Jewell had money in the
on September 24th, the
vent to the First National
iresented a bunk book
ariliner (Mass.) Savings
g that she Wanted to draw
Mr. Jewell. Mrs. Loomis
sly licen to the Banie bank
well and had drawn out
nilar method, Jewell sign
ne by touching the pen
W. Page made the cross
Jewell's name. The last
as witnessed by Gertrude
her husband. A pension
B. Jewell, dated Septem
iore Jewell's t signature,
c testified to Mrs. Loomis
veil coming to the hank,
bank book, Mrs. Loomis
Mr. Jewell wanted to
>00. Later witness said
pomlent c^iue to the bank
r iiank book alone. He
had another order made
her to take It to Jewell,
■ how to have him make
This was done and the
guaranteed his signature
J. Mr. ■ Page said he
who finally obtained the
uler cross examination by
Shumway, who repre
Loomis, Mr. Page said
didn’t look the order over
illy didn’t take any Inter
ne testified that Jewell
ide the cross himself, at
e first order was drawn,
"rs testified that he had
(itographic copies of the
ers, introduced into the
rl he had talked with Mrs.
it Mr. Jewell’s financial
Jt one month after the
:>und. He testified that
ice to the second order
n the bunk, Mrs. Loomis
ut Jewell wanted her to
ink and get an order for
she did and that he had
o sign it, which she did
i cross and by signing
(as witness, also her husband's
as lie was busy at the time.
Sheriff Mooers’ testimony it
rs that Mrs. Loomis had taken
iter back to the bank and had
ibtained the money front the
and taken it to him. Sheriff
i testified to conversation later
pension checks, when he and
I Attorney Thorne and Deputy
! K. F. Tuscan went to the
s place and Mr. Mooers . said
Its. Jewell said she didn’t know
pr Jewell had any income or
Witness also claimed that Mrs.
k hail said that Jewell could not
his name. Deputy Tuscan re
tred. he said, that Mrs. Loomis
Med that Jewell could not sign
me He also testified that
oomls had stated that she never
Pen any pension checks, i Two
It Jewell’s signatures were
shown by Attorney Shumway to in
dicate that the writing was rather
infirm. At the conclusion of the
testimony on the state’s side, Attor
ney Shumway moved for the dismis
I sal of the warrant and said that there
was a fire sometime in October and
apparently someone was burned up,
suggesting that the present case grow
out of that investigation. He re
ferred to Jewell himself, coming to
the First National Bank and Mrs.
I Loomis in his presence, asking for
$500. County Attorney Thorne cited
■ testimony which indicated that though
Jewell did accompany Mrs. Loomis,
, he did not seem interested, pointing
out that Jewell could sign his name
at that time and tHat Mrs. Loomis had
told the sheriff that Jewell could not
sign his name. The .County Attor
| ney hinted that there was something
serious hack of all these things and
that it didn't look over and above
hoard. Attorney Shumway in re
buttal said that this was an action,
not for murder, not for arson ,but for
Judge Merrill did not feel, at that
point, in the case, that he could dis
miss the warrant and Mrs, Loomis
took the stand in her own defense.
She said that Mr. Jewell asked her
to come with him to ‘ obtain the
money he had on deposit; that she
came to Skowhegan at his request
and went to the hank, when he
wanted the $500. She said that Mr.
Page made the cross and signed for
Loomis and that she talked with Mr.
Page about It. She. stated that later
: she went to the hank and got the
$500 at Jewell’s request and gave it
to him: that she went the second
time again, at Mr. Jewell's request,
to obtain the $1100 and that at the
bank, she was given a typewritten
paper for Jewell to sign and an en
velope with it. Mrs. Loomis said
that she took the paper home and
gave tt to Jewell to fill out, he ask
ing her to make the cross, as lie said
he couldn't write with pen and ink.
his hand was so shaky. She said
she did so and he took it and went
away With it. Witness sakl that
she signed both her and her hus
band's name. Mrs. Loomis said the
officers had been there at her home,
five, or six times and that she told
the sheriff, Jewell could not write
with pen and ink. She said she told
Sheriff Mooers when he asked her
if he was a man that had been to
war, that she didn't know.
After adjournment for recess Coun
ty Attorney Thorne questioned Mrs.
Ixiomis and she said that she first
knew that Jewell was receiving pen
sion checks after he came there to
live because she endorsed them for
1 him. She said that she ilid not re
turn to the First National Bank with
the second order hut gave it to Mr.
Jewell and never saw it again. This
was after the signatures were affixed.
Witness said she last saw Jewell
about five o'clock tho night of the
firq. Mrs. Ixiotnis testified that Mr.
Jewell told her he wanted the $200
because he was going away, hut
didn’t say what he wanted of the
$501). She clung to the statement
that she had told the officers with re
gard to the pension matter that she
didn't know whether he was a war
veteran and got checks or not. Sher
iff Mooers was recalled and said
that Mrs. Loomis stated to him that
she didn’t know of JewjeJl having
checks of any kind or any income
and this was corroborated by Deputy
i Sheriff Tuscan.
Among the most elaborate obser
ances of Christmas Day will he that
it the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
I'hp church has been elaborately doc- ,
Hated for the occasion, three liitn
Irod yards of laurel rope alone being *
iscd in th« auditorum, with palms M
iiid carnation pinks. Red anil green 1)
igil lights will be burning and the p
iltar will he fully lighted. The r
lym'bolical crib in the manger will v
ie used. h’liere will be three musses I<
■vith the first, at 7 o'clock. Second s
pass is at k o'clock with music by t
he Children's Choir and stringed v
nstruments March, with orclies- g
ra; ‘.‘tlloria," music by Henry Har
ter, with orchestra; "O Roi tie la k
Mature." with orchestra; "Sandus." n
iiusic by Paul Liwson, with orches- n
ra. "Ca Bergers,’’ music bv Ducau
•oy.'with ore liestra; festival Inarch, t
with orchestra. !■
High mass will lie celebrated at lb
)'( lock with music by St. Mary's v
"hoir and St.< Cecilia Orchestra? The tl
irchcstra will play an overture and t
rurners O. S. B. Mass will he sung, j
The offertory will he "Adeste Fidelia" 'I
and tile orchestra will play a volun- a
tary recessional. Rev. Phillip Dube v
will be celoiirant anti during the last A
•WO masses. Rev. .1. Louis A. Renaud F
will deliver Christmas sermons i
At 7 o’clock Christmas night will f
occur the Rosary and Benediction of c
the Blessed Sacrament. r
On Monday evening occurred tin1 t
Christmas tree in Convent Hail, the t
details of which were in the hands of o
representatives from various Catholic i
organizations. There were two large f
Christmas trees with beautiful deco- I
rations. St. Cecilia Orchestra fur- i
nislied music and the children march- I
ed in making a hollow square. After a
the song. “Bells Thrill the Air." dif
ferent games were enjoyed. This (
included throwing balls to Santa by a
the primary grade, throwing kisses by s
the first grade, peanut race by the t
second grade and groups of games by C
the third, fourth, fifth, sixtli and sev- r
enth grades. Prizes were given in a
each of these for the hoys and girls, f
A charming feature of the evening t
was the giving to Father Renaud of (
a handsome lace surplice and alb i
These gifts were beautifully done in r
ribbon and real roses. Kvery child i
present received a bag of candy, pop t
corn, nuts and an orange The gift
was presented by the children of the r
Parochial school in honor of tne an- a
niversary of Father Renaud's ordina
lion. Recently in honor of Father \
Renaud's birthday, there were special i
decorations al the school building <
and the children received candy and f
ii half holiday. In the eighth grade i
room a fireplace had been arranged >
lo give the scene the real Christmas i
touch. , ,1
The Losing Side Furnishes a Turkey
Dinner and Vulelhle Program
Tuesday was a real Christinas Hay
for the Rotariuna during their usual
meeting hour at mid-day in Grand
Army Hall. This was the occasion of
the dinner furnished by the losing
side in the attendance contest, F.
W. Hticknuni having been I lie cap
tain. The table decorations were
sprays of holly in vases and at the
plates, and the menu was grapefruit,
roast turkey wtih dressing, mashed
potatoes, giblet sauce, squash, cran
berries, onions, foils, celery, mince
pin and coffee. The meeting was
turned over to Col. R. L. Murston at
the conclusion of the repast Re
ports from K. F. .Merrill, chairman of
the committee for the treatment of
crippled children were supplemented
by remarks by Dr. George K. Young
and President W. it Woodbury,
which indicated that three children
had already received surgical relief
through the efforts of Rotary. Col.
Marston read an editorial on "Christ
inas Spirit" from tlm Boston Herald
and then introduced Col. Keith Ryan
of the National Soldiers' Home at
Togtis, who sung three selections with
great ability
Mrs. H5, 10, Towtm of tlm Madison
road leaves this week for St. Peter,
burg, Florida.
Harold Pooler is at home from
Burlington. Vi., where lie is a student
at the University of Vermont.
Mr. and Mrs. Klmcr U MeNeolto
are spending Christmas with Mr. and
Mis. Blaine Owen in Augusta.
Miss Adelaide II l„iim. I * • arrived
home Saturday from Simmon-- College
in Boston for tlm liolidav ret i s.
Mrs. Orin I’nrkmtin and children
are visiting with her paren1 . Mr, and
Mrs. C. C. Hanson in St Alban
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green have
gone to Wlnthrop. Mass., to visit Mrs.
Green's daughter, Mrs. Ci-orge Davis.
Rieltard Libby, who is doing out
sitie work in connect ion with his
course in Keonomios at Harvard is
expected this week to visit with his'
mother. Mrs .Mary W Libby, super
intendent tit the State Reformatory
for Women. *
Among those w ho have entered Ken
nebec Valley Hospital (J)is week are
David Parent of Ruck wood, Mrs i
Bert Knight of Danuiriseotta. Mrs.
Ray Mellows of Madison. James Cros
by and Henry Kurtenko of Roekvvood
and Waiter Copp of North Anson.
Patients lately discharged are Clar
ence Wentworth of North Anson, Dr.
It. L. Stratton of Dexter, Roseoe 1
Berry of Concord. John Harrison of '
Skowhegan. Fred Fournier of Water- t
villc. Mrs l/ooti Smiley and son. Kd- *
ward have returned to their home in :
town. j i
Denies Ituiiior That Hus Been in Cir
culation. Will Return to Madi
son Avenue Home
The Reporter interviewed Sheriff
Mooors Tuesday evening relative tiyn
rumor that lias been going the rounds
thut ho was shortly to become a Fed
eral officer. This was promptly de
nied by Hr. Mooors, who said that he
had never considered such a thing.
He is undecided as to the future other
than that he and Mrs Moo'ers are re
turning to their old home on Madison
avenue, which has lately been under
going repairs. Mr. Mooors in his
• usual frank manner said: "1 don't
seek any honors, banquets or notorie
ty, as 1 have been paid according to
law, lthuve no opologies to offer and
have made no trades or deals. I
have simply dope my duty as I have
seen it and have worked with the
statutes of the law und not with any
particular church or society. I leave
the office with only friendly let lings
for the incoming officer and the peo
ple of I fie county. 1 only regret that
I have not been belter able to serve
them. Tlie pety- officers have my best
wishes as well us my assistance."
Kindergarten Party
A very enjoyuble Christmas party
was given Tuesday afternoon front ?>
lo 5 by Mrs. K. F. Merrill at her home
on Madison Ave., for the members of
tlie kindergarten Sunday School class
at the Federated Church. There was
a Christmas tree with favors for the
children und Christmas stories and
Christmas jecords were enjoyed
There were fourteen little folks pres
enl and each received a Christmas fa
vor. During the afternoon Mrs. Mer
rill served ice cream and cookies
Meeting yi Historical Society
There will be a meeting ol tlie
Skowliegan Historical Society at the
residence of Miss Louise li. Coburn
tomorrow (Fri(Jpy) evening at 7.:!U.
All members, and others interested in
historical mutters, pertaining to
Skowliegan und Somerset County, are
requested to attend.
The sudden death of Dr. Frank N.
Whittier, physical director at Bow
doin College, and one of the most
noted pathelogists and criminalogists
In the country, while on the train be
tween Brunswick and Portland, came
as a distinct shock to many Skowhe
gan people. Many local men. who
have been stufkuts at Bnwdoin Col
lege bad the utmost respect for Dr.
Whittier, while his appearances as a
witness in Somerset County eases
[have acquainted him with many poo
I pie iu tills section.
Sheriff-elect John \V. Heuly has
made one more' appointment on liis
list of deputies since lust week in
iiamin/t1 Uussell MueArthur of .I.iek
innn. as a deputy in that plantation.
Mr. MucAithitr has been employed by
Uepr«hentati\e Kllsworth A. Piper at
Jackman Among tile officials not
ret named are those to serve in tile
towns of IMUslieid, New Portland.
Smith held and Canaan.
Captain Healy, elected iiepuh
lican slieriff last September, assumes
Iti-, duties one week from today and
vv | tli his family will r.taiilish his
home in llie jail residence on High
street Por his two Hkowhegun dep
uties lie lias appointed men. with
whom lie Is well acquainted, both inn
ing served under hint during his cap
taincy in Co K dicing the World War.
These two men are IClton Lyle Mark
hum and Tru Kills
Mr. Markham was born at The
Pi . April I ’. I • ft.", tIn- son ot
tlenrge II and the lit Henrietta
Adams Markham Hi first attended
i rural school between Car.ititnk and
rite Porks, of which Josephine Healy
was the teacher. In l'.ci.V lie moved
o Skowhcgun and attended the Park
■••ehool. liis teacher thei> being Mrs
LiliZie W. lii ilv It was rather a
strange coincidence that hi- early in
structors were tin sisiir and mother
if Sheriff elect Healy la 1B0X, Mr
Markham. with liis peopi, moved to
Lewiston and while there he was a
Undent at high school After the
•ouipletion of los school work he took
ip tile textile business, learning the
■ arious brunches connected with that
•lllerprisP In 1 Ml 4 Ills Imuio be
nine established in Lawrence. Mass
md there la* remained until the op« ti
ng of the World War. when he came
lack to Skowhi-guli. Here In i n -
isted April 14, If* 17 in Co K Jo i
dninc Infantry. Just prior to in
euving to begin his wuf linn ... i• ■
les on June Ifi. I'*17. in- mat ied
■utilise Verkinc Mr. Markham sor
t'd under Captain llealy mid ob
aiuutl rank of mess sergeant. It•
las discharged at Camp Hi von- April
V 1919. Since tlo'ii Skow began lias
iceu liis haute. Politically In. is n,
Tin- Mjie-Milinn Lecture December .'10
Life in Ihe Arctic regions and
thrilling stories of personal experi
ences in Hie Far North, illustrated
with magnificent views will he fea
tures of ihe lecture to he given in
Skowheguii at the Opera House on De
cember .'10th by Donald H. MacMillan,
the famous Polar explorer and com
mander of the Howdoin expedition.
He went into the Polar country last
summer and has a wonderful tale of
his lalcsl ad void u re in the hand of the'
Midnight Sun t'nder the auspices
of the Woman's Club, the people of
Skowlicgan and vicinity are privileg
ed lo hear a most unusual lecture on
this occasion. Tickets are already on
sule by the club women for 50 cents.
75 cents and $1. Tickets will he
reserved for the students of the high
and grade schools for 50 cents, A
special ear will ho run to Madison
after Ihe lecture and a local car will
afford transportation in lime for the
event The people of the community
should realize that this is an unusual
opportunity to lu nr l.lio strange ex
periences encountered by Mr. Mac
Millan on his notable journey.
Approaching Nuptials
Of interest lo many in this section
of Somerset. County will be the ap
proaching nuptials as announced by
Mr. and Mrs. George O. Nottagc of
Solon. Their daughter, Ola Mary
wNI on Wednesday. Decmober 51 he
married lo Harry Maker Miller. The
groom-to-be is a step-brother of Mrs.
W. I>. Snow of Middle street and lias
been a frequent visitor in the Snow
home here.
North Anson Mail Dies lit Lewiston
Clarence W. William who has been
to (ho ('. M G. Hospital very ill since
December 5, died Monday morning at
try Chiropractic K. J. Flynn, Chi
ropractor, Merrill Block.—Advt. 1
, /
wary Term to Convene the 27th with Chief
Justice Cornish Presiding
p Supreme Judicial Court doc
0r Hie January term, which con
1 January 27th, with Justice
Mi. presiding, has just been is
Tlie civil docket is somewhat
Pr than in some previous terms.
Kre are only two hundred and
'**'< eases and none aro assigned
pp fir-i day. At the September
'lie number of cases on the list
®"*'li in excess of this number.
|e the (ijvorce cases listed are
following;. James E. Dagg^t
Lizzie Duggett; Carrie H.
fv ■ i'Mn Albert E, .Mooney; Vlen
iliiams from Fred C. Williams;
“p I Stratton from Edward C.
“oni Josephine M. Tate from
'i' II Tate; Hosctta Grant from
•" M Grant. Alice M. McFar
h'nii Hugh McFarland; Georgia
“Hart from Hhertnuu Gilbert;
pl Leman from Earl Lceman;
* ‘-‘ an from Freeman Mc
!’L'i'li C. Sullivan from William
•llivan; Abbie Netto from Louis
' •'< id Mitchell from John F.
Ie|l: Albert T. Greenan from
"lull Keene went to Augusta to
"is sister Ariine. who will conn
lfl spend, the vacation with her
l!b Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Keeno
"HI return to Boston, Monday.
Cesarena Greenun; Free) E. Ellis
from Alible Ellis; Adelaide (i. Dud
ley from Owen F. Dudley; Sarah E.
Gray from Ernest L. Gray; Elva .J.
Kelly from Thomas Edgar Kelly; Vera
V. Getehell from Atwell Getehell;
Cesarena Greenan from Albert Thom
as Greenan gnd Trs ; Sylvia It. Wal
ker from, John Walker; Ernest J.
King from Rosanna I!. King; Jeanette
E. Dostie from Arthur Dostle. Car
rie E. Luce from Ralph S. Lure; La
belle Catherine Dewy from Thomas
Charles Dewey; Lena Southard from
Merton I’. Southard; Carrie Edna
Tuttle front Howard Tattle; Wilton
G. Reynolds from Ella M Reynolds;
Edith M. Rowe from Arthur T. Rowe;
Belle S. Bagiev from Ernest L. Bag
ley; Ralph L. Collins front Annie Col
lins; Ethel Harville Bosworth from
Alrien II. Bosworth; Sadie Mosher
from James W. Mosher; Ralph W.
Bailey front Edna M. Bailey; Ada
Mildred Cleveland • from George W.
Cleveland; Effle G. Entery from Ern
est V. Emery; Murlliu E. Taylor from
Frank E. Taylor.
Earl Patten and family have moved
to the village rttr the winter. They
will occupy the home of G. It. Fogg
with his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Abel
There are eleven
Bostons, many
Londons, but
run< issru—twelve paces
elaborate Ceremonies at Catholic Church-Spirit
of Philanthropy Very Evident-Festivities
Next Sunday at the Federated First
aptist and Congregational Church
te cantata. "The Incarnation," by
evins will be* given by the choir
nth morning and evening Th>*
arishionei are requested to be at the
lurch by l<i.30 tor the morning si-r
ce. Rev, George Loring Thur
iw will lake for the subject of his
•noon. "Behold 1 Show You a Mys
ry " In the evening the pastor
ill speak briefly on u them* sug
f.sted hr the Cantata
The Bethany Baptist and Centenary
unday schools are bolding Christ
ias trees and exercises this Christ
ian Eve.
At 11.30 Christmas' Day will occur
n* annual sacred observance by the
nights Templar at thoir Asylum.
The holiday will be observed at
arious institutions and this Wednc
ay evening at the* State Reformatory
tere will be a Christmas tree ain!
rogram furnVhed by tic girl
hen w m lie a good supply of gifts
“ a large percentage; of the inmate
ill receive packages from relatives, ,
group of Camp Fire* Girls in th*
armington Xorntal school, through
u* thoughtfulne ss of Miss Julia Cox.
irmerly of this town, have sent u
ift for eac h inmate Mrs. Don Bur
ill lias been giving ihe girls assix
iu«f* in singing c arols and this is
lorobghly appreciated'by* the officers
f the institution. The institution,
isteael of giving individual gifts are
trnishing a turkey dinner with t-run
erry sauce un<l all the other fix
tgs. This will be* served Christmas
lav and there will he a cessation of
11 labor.
At the City Farm there* will be a
hristmas tree for the six inmates
ltd a chicken dinner This «vill be
upplementcel bv the usual Christmas
uelding sent to the farm by Mis
ertruele S. Weston, in continuance
f the custom established long year
go by her mother, the late .Mrs.
lenientine Weston. With their usual
i. lU^atfulpess the ladies of tie
lementine Weston W C. T F pre -
ared a Christmas box Tuesday aftc-r
oon with gifts for the inmates. These*
iiehideT! handkerchils. cards, fruit,
uts, candy and other small gifts.
Selectman Clyde H Smith is plan
ing on being host to one hundred
nd twenty-five children in Grand
rnty Hall for a dinner. The menu
ill include turkey. mashed potatoes,
lashed turnip, cranberry sauce, b *
ream and wafers .Mrs Kate B.
impsou will cater After the din
er the little folks will la* outerfain
d at the moving picture theatre,
teir parents being invited to the
Ute r
Sheriff-elect Healy Names Russell MacArthur as
Deputy at Jackman-List Not Completed
Democrat and has been a candidate
for sheriff. His local affiliations ar>
with Simon Peters Post. American
Legion, tin I. O. O. F. and K. of P
He lias been a member of tin Show
began police force and of the Skow -
began Fire DepurtmetfL but is no
longer connected with these bodies
True Kills, the other deputy appoint
ed for Skowhegan. is the son ot Mr.
and Mrs Harry Lllis e Skowhegan
l!> was Imrn in Mary, die. ( allfomia.
Mai'i li ]Me; and « ,un< to Main
with bia parents when quit* young
He win edm ated in tin puhlii * lic«il
of Skowhegan and -inei then ha
been employed in local slop . .U
present pi j.- c l 'l, ; : tli I! i .vtnan
Hurd wan csmipati) At tb mtt
break of file World W.i • nlisttccl
}n t'o K. and went overseas with
Captain ib aly s outfit. lb did r o
see much active ■ e however, otf
account of nines,. He relurhed 1
the Cnitid States in Ma;. la’s and
served as sergeant of t| • r: • 111•»r>
police in Pelci -Imre Vii g i • I
In received his ib-1 c. , .1 .i,.
IMP' On May iiSth. ! I v. i
united in marriage to |i. iv, p i •; a
teacher in Ho grammar school ,i
Ath< ns. and v. i, , is now • , .
fourth gradi !,•>• i in Skowhegan
Mr Kllis is a m< m » 1 Care. ia.-.'c|t
Lodge No ;. i ! (i ti e iii Skow he
gan tiraiig' .V , id of Suuon
Peters I’csi, 1.11 n Legion In
politic In i, Ilejiiildk ini. liis home
in on Madison .n > am
Thomas H T1 •• an ot Solon i, not
a man now to the jot* for hr has a r
i *'d under Sheriff ..is dll ring his
ins! administration of tiirei terms lit
has always lived ill Solon nr r.iiintv
and was for several year- eng. god n
lilt' grocer) business. lb I' a lb
publican and a member of tin M - 'an
and (Add Fellows frutornitb 9 Mr
Tuscan married Mis- Km Am ws or
Solon. They have im t liiHii.
Tuscan has been an i via cling 1, ac
tive officer.
(leorge 15. W.iikc., a llcpuhlican of
Anson, is another n appointment
made by Sheriff-elect 11"iilv He Is
an ice dealer in Anson villugi
lias thu, been in.gaged for twenty
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