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SIXTH YE Alt. NO. 40.
WHOLE NO. 309.
r A.
r 1
1 1
Published Every Thursday Afternoon
Cowdin Sc Lapham,
Office in the People's Savings (tank block,
Main street.
Advertising Hates upon application.
Advertising bills collected monthly. Tran
sient advertising in advance.
, Obituary poetry will not be Inserted unless
fuld for. Cards of Thanks must bo paid for.
Marriage and death notices free.
Notices for religious and benevolent societies
of reasonable length free.
Copy for change of advertisement must be re
ceived not later than Tuesday noon In order to
insure insert'on.
Kntered a, the Potoitlee Melding, Mich., for
transmission through the mails as second class
MKKD. If this paragraph is marked
will know that your subscription
with this issue, and as our terms are strict
ly cash in advance it will b discontinued
unless renewed.
Circuit Judge
Probate Judge...
Oi l M'KltS.
Frank I). M. Davis
A. Milan Willett
. . . .Alex. T. Montgomery
L. DHos Murch
Geo. V. Snyder
Twelve Hundred people Taken From Vari
ous Southern State Surrounded by
Armed f turds-1 leaped 1'ernou ltelate
Tale of Awful Itrutality.
Sonio inontha npo a scheme was formu
lated whereby n few men honed tocretrlch
This was to sottlo u section of land which
had bwn obtained from the Mexican rov-
eminent with negroes from the southern
states. The project was heralded far and
wuie, and when the missionary efforts of
tno schemers bepan tliey readily found
many persons willing to go to the strange
country under the promises made them of
an easy life and eventual Independence as
a reward of Industry.
The advertisements offered clowinc In
ducements to the negroes. Railroad fare
was to be advanced, to be paid back out of
crops made In four years. Clothing, pro
visions, medic! 110. etc.. were tUn tn !m nA.
vanced. In fact, a picture was drawn of a
regular El Dorado.
Tho advertisement, seconded by tho
smooth tongues of negroes in whom they
irusitti, secured about 1,300 men. women
Tit Ex-Senator From Vermont Gives 111a
View on Currency.
Ex-Senator Kdmunds of Vermont, who
has been in Washington for some days, Is
deeply concerned over tho probable results
of the present agitation In favorof the un
limited free coinage of silver at the ratio
of 10 to 1.
"Do you agree with Senator Allison
that the adoption of the gold standard was
ft mistake"" was asked lilin.
"I do not," answered the. ex -senator,
with considerable emphasis. "The mistake
lies in the fact that wo have not stuck to
it. The whole trouble lies in tho fart,
which always has existed and always will
exist, that peoplo are In debt. If there
were no debts to pay, thero would never bo
a word said alout the character of the cur
rency of tho country. Until human nature
shall have been reconstructed there will al
ways bo tho struggle todischano financial
obligations at the least cost. If a man bor
rows fluu this year, and. being a farmer,
must produce 100 bushels of potatoes to
meet the obligation, and. when the debt
becomes due, he can discharge it In a cur-
rency that requires but 60 bushels, he will
bo very apt to use that form of money.
"There is no witchery, no magical power,
Inherent In gold and silver, or either nf
them, that takes them out of the category
At Hotel Bricker From 9 a. m. to 9 p.
('oiiMiiintloii xo Longer An Incurable JtU
eHe by my new method or Treatment.
No Experiment. One Month Free.
The Great Clarlvoyant Physician
and children for the enterprise. More thahVH " . n ,nclU(k' " "ther metals. They are
1,200 of these jmm)t ieople are still kept PUOJecl lo 1,10 mw or demand nnd supply,
Prosecuting Attorney Koyal A. Hawley
Itegister of Deeds Lore n C. Kales
County Surveyor I). C. Crawford
County Drain Commissioner F. A. Palmer
Circuit Court Comiuis- J ....Hi'nry Horrigan
sionersj ...,J. H. Chaddock
Commissioner of Schools K. A. Murphy
city oi i it i:i:s.
Mayor E. It. Spencer
Clerk C. H. Cowdin
Treasurer C. K. Hills
Marshal W. W. Mitchell
City Attorney ;. s. Hosevelt
Justices of the Peace K. H. Lapham, W. J.
Aldermen... First ward. J. M. Arwlne. J. A.
Spencer: Second ward. K. XV. Jersey. M. K.
Peck; Third Ward. W. F. Mnckcr, T. F." Ireland.
Supervisors . . . First ward. Chas. F.ddv : Second
ward, L. L. Holmes; Third ward, tJeo.Moulton.
tlllKCIIKs. '
vices at 10::ia. m. and 7:.') p. m. Sabbath School
at close of morning service. Praver meeting on
Thursday evening. 1kv. O. J. (Joi.ukn, Pastor.
10::) a.m. and 7:.io p. in. Sabbath School at
mWf m- Prayer meeting on Thursday eve-
It A 1
und 7:M 1 1ST CIIFKCM-Servlces at !(:) a. tn
ning s'.I'P . m. -abhath school at close of mor
evemng.V iees. i-rayer meeting on TOursUuv
ukv. v. i,. Mt'NdKK, Pastor.
Hlock. i! AT LAW.-Omce
KK.FKKKM'li 1!1!1I-'. Mich.
HY Pkiimission:- lion. Allen II
A. Ellis, Tht.s. F. MctJarry, Hon
i. i!
Morse, Hon. Aw
F.r. M.Davis I
,7.4 TTOKK
1 9- X I
1 and 7
a a.
In Spencer
AT LAW. Ionia. Michigan.
General L iw Musiness transacted
, s. .muuis.
V tl . I. I leiieilH't A' "o , druggists. Hours: -
) 11 a. in,, L'lo 4 ami , to h ii. in.
'IAN AND StrU(5EON Okkick: Ov
rle & Humuder's store Olllco hours
to 4 ana n:.i to s p. m.
. om.i.xaiii.
- m
.pmisCIAN AND srmJEON-Offlce at res
L ldence on Hridire street. Otllce Lours i to
to 8 p. ra.
,. 1'. I'lXmiAM, M. ii. V. M,
Page's hardware. Hours: 7 to It a.m., I to
3 and 7 to U p in. NU'ht calls at oltlce.
ond floor. O'Drvon block. OltW e hours S:.".0
to 10 a m., J to 4 and
i to p. m. Night call at
1. If. Ml I. LA If It.
DENTISr.-onicein tl.
Idock. over Kobiuson
r-Heldiug, Mich.
Holmes & Kobinson
it Hudson grocery
lH. iS. I' SMITH.
TIST. Ofrlce hours X to5:.-H Leonard
ock, over Page's hardware store, Hel
p. Mcelroy,
work In my line artistically done,
undt r People's Savings Hank.
phas. A. Wagner,
t lSOEiHtTEaml ltl l.lt OIIOAS TVSEIl
and ItEI'AlllEll.
' (New England Conservatory System.)
Teacher of Piano, On;an and Hand Instru
ments. Ilelding. Mich.
Jennie E. Wagner,
Ke-ldenee:-One block East of IHirh School
Hulldini?, Melding. Mich.
mere vy armed guards, worked under
system of slavery worse than Russian ex
iles In Min na, without tho comforts and
............ ... ... ...
"'. me necessaries or llle, with no
schools or churches, without even the iirl
vacy of sleeping apartments, with no hope
oi succor, save through the federal govern
ment or the United States, which may not
take steps for their deliverance for months
to come.
r-rom their arrival in Mexico the colo
nists Iiegan to In) disillusioned. They were
loaded in wagons and taken 30 miles into
tho country. Tho advert isemcnt read that
the colony was on a railroad.
When they finally arrived, however, they
found that they had heen swindled. No
houses were there, and they were com-
poueii to sleep as hest they could. They
hud Leon told not to hrlng bedding, as it
would be provided; they had the cold earth
for a mattress and the sky for a cever.
The company began putting up quarters
for them, however, and as fast as one ten
was completed as many as could crowd in
slept there. Tho quarters are built of adobe
bricks sunburned clay in the form of a
square, with gates strongly guarded. Front
walls there are none, and anyone may see
anything transpiring in the front section.
Each of these pens is about eight ftvt
square. It will thus be seen that no nriv-
hcy whatever U possible.
To make this a more serkms matter the
water is strongy impregnated with alkali
and causes a very severe form of diarrhea,
which has caused several deaths.
The medical attendance is confined to a
jMev.eun wn "rv.r.U ull the while, and
who uses quinine as a prescription in ev
cry case.
Tho commissar. rrdabllshed by tho com
pany and control!, d by the only white man
in the colony, u German, dispenses foot
1 his consists of a small piece of meat,
handful of cracked corn and once a week
little lard and rkv.
Coffee is also given out onco a week on
Saturday nights.
All are compelled to work together. The
day begins with tho first signs of dawn
Mexicans hitch up the teams, so that tiiere
will be no chance of any escaping by
means of a stolen mule. All day long the
iaror goes on, Mexican guards armed with
heavy revolvers and well mounted keenin
close watch that none gets away. Nightfall
enus tne day. 1 he workmen are allowed
to return to the quarters at midday for
meal, but this was only gained after
quasi mutiny.
Sunday is a day of rest only becauso tho
colonists absolutely refuse to work on that
day. No rations are issued, the guards
saying, ".No work, no eat
Mexican peons work on Sunday, and tho
negroes are told that their "share" of the
crops will Im taken to pay for this labor,
wnicn is a form of robbery which can be
Upheld by the courts.
Negroes cannot buy land, for they receive
no wages. The company promised that no
commissary would be established, and
that the laborer would bo paid in cash
Not n cent has been given out.
Escapes have been few, though many at
tempts have been made. When a negro
wtio nas got away Is recaptured," he is tied
ami put in jail until ho agrees to return to
There ore now nbout L0 men and women
who nave made I heir way to Texas. Most
or these are in San Antonio, more of them
In Kagle Pass,
The latest escapes, so farns heard from,
were three women, two of them with ba
bies in their arms. They had made their
way to within INK) miles of Eagle Pass,
ond then, overcome by exhaustion and
lark of food and water, they lay down by
tho railroad. A train crew of white men
found them nnd brought them to Cludad
i ornrio uwiz. whence they crossed to
Eagle Pass. St. Louis Republic
anu tno uica that, bv the eTiip..bn r,r
somebody's will, this condition can bo
Changed is what makes trouble."
"Do you apprehend any serious results
from the present agitation?" was asked.
"Unless it be met by a campaign of In
formation and Intelligence, many persons
who do not tako note of circumstances
ivithln their own observation, and who do
not know tho history of all similar move
ments, will be led astray. Finding noth
ing to refute tho assertions made In
speeches ond publications of the silver
propaganda, thoso to whom they ore ad
dressed will conclude that they aro true.
The duty of the patriot, esjecially the
joung patriot, is to engage In this cam
puign." New York Herald
Ortavin Cloiiston Hears of Relations In
Orkney, N. I).
Octavia (Houston, tho authoress who
wrote"A Title Rejected." is dailv remind.
cd that her hook is widely read by tho re
ceipt or letters from persons many of
whom aro too ardent odiuirers to suit her
fewd heTt T!1 Ca,mfi,J WOMcians needenot ,
rew d.i .H ago in the shape of a letter dated m . , '
West Nether Rigging, S t en nes. Orkney, m ' m P"ov;o is to treat
N- U. who can not find relief otherwise.
n i an ifii lour IHnennes hihI Their
i'aiiM'N Without AHking Any nueHlioiiM.
t . ... . .
ur. a. lumcr has attained the most
wonderful succet.8 in tho treatment of
tho eases to which he gives his special
Alter years of exierieneo ho has
discovered the most infalible method
of curinir ortranie weak-no noriw.o
debility, premature decline of manly
powers, involuntary vital losses, im
paired memory, mental anxiety, ab
sence of the will power, melancholy,
weak back and kindred uiTeetions
thoe terrible disorders arising- from
the solitary vice of youth and secret
practices, blighting their most radiant
hopes or anticipations rendering mar
riage impossible.
Take one candid thought beforo it is '
too late. A week or a itwmth muv nhn...
------ - J r...vv.
your case beyond the reach of hoje.
My method of treatment will speed
u.y aim permanently cure the most
obstinate eases and absolutely restore
erfect manhood. Young men, who
have become victims of solitary vict
mat dreadful and destructive habit
which annually sweeps to an untimely
grave thousands of young men of an
exalted talwut ami brilliant intellect.
may call with confidence.
Epilepsy or Fits jMisitively cured by
a new and never failing method.
Curing of Piles guaranteed. Will
give live hundred dollars for any case
a failure.
lie particularly invites all whose
cases have been neglected, badly treat
ed or pronounced incurable. Patients,
wi;o are doing well under the care of
ill on
Must bo had to attraet Business. This will hold
good as Regards our Grand Assortment of
svnsi;niiii: roi: the
1 liapicls Daily Democrat
-tain the ft:'.. Ai-oc;ufe: Pr-ss ills
Arnv-s in I.'1!.; riB at Vs:?4 !)ellver
.onu llnck at Vie a wcck Ioi '.:( J)ujmts,
i eeK ior seven o;iys.
kt ln.-y
by W
K. SANDKI.U Loan Mroker. short
tie lo;iiis on unv form of pood security.
loans on iiU'li class rrsi estate sc
once at the Model Market.
. S. llau kltH, CfialtaniHitfa, Ti tin.
ii. oil's YitnliZ' r svcl my life. I
t the liest r. in. h for a d. hllitatcd
.V tver used." K-r dvH tln. Hver or
M- It excels. Price ." ct. Sold
'eiiediet Al Co. ()
s Sec Jenks A, Co. beforo
Vver and timothy seed.
K. K. Jknkh & Co.
Clieap Mrthod of Sen Signals.
A cheap and practical method of signal
lug between vessels at sen Is suggested by
Miperintendent Houghton In his annual
reort. He advances the scheme of em
ploying ft long strip of canvas, upon
which is printed in large black letters the
name of the vessel displaying it.
With a spreader and lanyards at tho end
it could lie shown between the rigging to
advantage The reverse side of this can
vas could easily be blackened and used a
a blackboard. Hv means of chalk ciphers
a long distance conversation could be car
reid on readily between vessels. New
York World.
Alinnut El Dorado.
The tide of South American revolution
has now swept to Kcuador That is the
only country In South America where
thero has not been a revolution or an
nrmed Insurrection against the govern
ment within the lud three years lluf
falj Kx press.
Henry Clay knew personally nnd re
mentU nd the names of thousand of Id
foiistltncntft. It was his strong point
during a canvas.
In 1201 qd ox was noId nt Cambridge for
13 shilling. The price of oxen there now
is 14.
Without ceremony the writer addresses
the authoress as "Dear Cousin." Ho says
ho is, tho eldest son by second marriage of
me nuo l. tJouston and "name son" of
the late "W Clouston ofCaDwrtj.Var-f!-i'l
cour.tr." TI.r Into W. :.n.i.n ..
Cameron, the writer presumes, Is the fa
ther of the authoress, and the strange part
of it is that Mrs. Clouston thinks he may
be right. She became nn orphan when a
mere child and has no recollection of her
parents. The writer adds that the heir
of F.dward Clouston "are wanted," as he
left considerable property when he emi
grated to America.
An estate which Is purported to Im long
to tho Clouston familv. of which ttu mi.
thorcs Is convinced she is a member, U
now await lug claimants in Wheeling. Mrs
Clouston's identity was discovered through
her book. , The authoress' name attracted
the attention of the Orkney island rela
tives, who claim exclusive right to the
name of Clouston New York World.
Cntliarlne Scott Wan 103 Yearn Old. Vet
Had Not a Ciray Hair.
In tho death of Catharine Scott, which
occurred recently, Hrooklyn lost Its oldest
Inhabitant. Her descendants, which In
clude 1. grandchildren and 4o great -grand-children,
are confident that she was at
least Ki'J years old. Sho was born In
Vounty t avan, Ireland. Soon after her
marriage, which diil not take place until
she was 2 years old, she came to thh
country and settled in Hrooklyn. .
She had three daughters anil one son, nil
of whom she survived. She retained all
her faculties until a few hours be fore her
death. She was of dark complexion, me
dium height and of slight build, weighing
only U0 iKiunds. She had not a single gray
hair In her bead, and her memory wn so
perfect that she could clearlv recall inci
dents which occurred over half ft century
Her death resulted from a shock follow
ing ft fall. She was an earlv riser nil her
llfo and occasionally indulged in a whlskv
punch or a glass of ale. Dr. Ford, the at
tendant physician, said that the old worn
an s luntr
York Sun
No money required of responsible
pi.rties to commence treatment.
ee Hxami nation of Urine. Haeh
PJL 'a'.liing for treatment should
for chemical and microscopical exam
Kemarkable cures perfected in old
ases which have been neglected
unsiuiiiuiiy treated. No experiment
or failures. Parties treated by mail
or express, but where possible, person
al consultation preferred.
Private parlors, Ilolel Urieker.
bpecial terms to all callers before
My 14.
I'ersons who sympathize with th
mulcted will rejoice with I). I). Carr o
1L.5 Harrison street, Kansas City. II
is an old sufferer from inflammator
rheumatism, but has not heretofor
I Il l ! . . I ! I .
iH.-1-ii uuuoieu in mis enmaie. las
winter he went up intoJ;Visetnsin, am
in consequence has had another attacK
It came upon me again verv aeut
ami severe, tie said. My joint
sweiieu and ix eame lnllamed; sore t
touch or almost to look at. Uixui th
urgent request of my mother-in-law J
mod Chamberlain s I'ain Halm to re
tluee the swellings and ease the pain
and to my agreeable surprise, it did
both. I have used three liftv-eent hot
tjes and believe it to be tho linest thing
for rheumatism, pains and swellings
'xuini. for sale by Holmes & Council
(i ruggists.
... ft' . 1 T
i i.uiy hi. aooieys, i.,a., was very
sick wiin oiuous cone when M. C. l is
ler, a prominent tnerehant of the town
gave her a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrbu-a Remedy
lie says she was well in forty minutes
alter taking the first dose. For sale
ny Holmes & Connell, druggists.
Capes !
They aro Good Things and are Pushing Them
selves Along to tho Front.
For whooping cough Chamberlain's
t oogh Kemedy is excellent. Hv usliw
were almost perfect New V et y lhe U!wni,t ' Is deprived of all
'...ii' mius luonequenees. i nere is no
danger in givintr the remedv to babies.
I'roilh.'ivlnir ltA,ll II i. i. I ...4 ...I i i ... . ..-
, -j-:m ........ u iniinn DrrruillK, I lb wu Lill lis limiting lllJUriOUS.
The ndvance fever will next strlko the arul cent fKittles for sale bv Holmes
norso growers Consumption goes stead- lV vonnefcl, druggists.
Uy on, but for two successive years breed
ing operation have been restricted. Tho
country will soon wake up to the fact that
enough driving horses are not coming on
to fill the places of the crinded. wornoiit
nnd dying, and then there will be an eager
scramble to bur
The breeders who have sacrificed their
Studs Will fill the air with lamentations
while those who nursed hone through dark
hours and continued to breed hlirh will
reap the harvest. All tho slkfiis nolnt to
ft revival of the horse breeding Indnstrv
Turf. Field and Farm
I his is a Progressive Age
No? and Startling Discoveries are Made
Memorial Dny ln Florida.
The Florida house of representative hAii
passed a hill providing that the 'J',th of
April shall lie observed as ft leiral hrdldnr
for the purpose of d roratlng the graves of
Confederate soldier. Say the Florld.i
Times Union "The d.iv is an anniver-
sary, not of secession, but of the close of
the strife, and this fact makes It. while an
expression of loyalty to the memorv of tho
Confederate dead, not a sign of dilov,i!ty
to the nation, which embraces south as
well as north."
A l oolliardy Srvrnty-yrar-oM.
Kobort McCallum, a 70-vrar-nhl Nova
cot Ian expect to Mart from New York
In May on an attempt to cross the (Mean
alone in a small open boat., only ltf feet on
the keel H should Lnnw Cnf nr hi.
ears Boston Journal.
The Rroiitest discovery for sufferers of cuturrli
liny rever. iisinnni is Mayers' Magnetic Catarrh
i lire, us wonuerrui cures since its discovery
me known to thousands.
i nis grand medicine will positively cure al)
mini oi inese icrriuie diseases.
ii HccompiisiK's wnat no other remedy has
none. sn simple a child ran use it. No t Urt
rmpuy. i me l.oltle will do the work uud lasts
ir a inreemormis treatment. Kntlrelv new
no other remedy made like It. This Is what the
eminent lr. Henry Currington Alexander, 1.
I , I.. 1 4. I)., has to say of its marvelous cure.
TilK Maykiis Duro Co..
Oakland. Md.
( entlenien: liver since I have tried your
famous catarrh remedy I havp Intended to give
you a voluntary testimonial of Its enu iency. I
Lave txn sufferer lor years from nasal and
post natal catarrh, and the bone In my nose
hns Ix-i'ii visibly changed In its shape.
Alter a trial of all manner of good and Indif
ferent recipes, I have no hesitation in pronounc
Ing your Magnetic Catarrh Cure the best, the
speediest and most effectual remedy I have yet
,eiicountered. I wish and predict your success
j In the effort to demonstrate the value of your
neat device In the way of a truly scientific and
! meritorious Inhalant. You have made me your
everlasting debtor.
J I uni my dear sirs.
Yours faithfully,
Sept. ISth. lsii.1.
Sold and positively guaranteed by W. I
edict & Co., druggists, Melding, Mich.
New Styles
Arriving Daily.
In the Greatest Profusion. All of the Verv I ntt i
Just Received a Full Line, and have it on Display
respectfully invite all the Ladies to Give me a Call.
is a I leasure lor us to bhow our Handsome Stock of
the Very Latest Styles and Designs in
irusuntf I will Merit a Liberal Share of Your Patronage.
Most Respectfully Yours,
Are to the front on
Green Goods
in Season, and
Garden Seeds,
either in Bulk or Packages.
Come our way. Wo fan still wait on a few more customers
in tlio (Iroeory Department.
Tlio Greeners.
Blow or Spread, but come )
b and see us and we will save c
r you money on I
I Dry ?
S Goods,
I Spring Capes and Shoes. P

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