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; WHCJAE NO. 310.
TheBelding Banner newhands-at the wheel.
Published Every Thursday Afternoon
People's Savings Hank block,
Office In the
Main street.
fiHl CouimiI Complete Its Work Mayor
Itrlclter'N Inaugural Increase In
After a brief session, Monday even
ing, of tha council which has run tho Palmer was unanimously elected city
city government for tho past year, tho surveyor and lire warden.
uuomuas ius uiusuu uji mm it auiourn- ueo. stout had a trrievance and pre-
eu sino die
whom Ed. Hiker was
salary was raised $50, maki
$o00. Tho city clerk also camo in for
a ratso of $25. Dr. I. S. Morris was
elected to the position of health ofllccr
and his pay will bo $100 a year. F. A.
selected. Tho "H,, VI
In" it now "1 -"""cl S JUclSL YVCUK 1JI
A Calient Who Is Willing to Acknowledge
The Heiieflt.
1 no following statements aro taken
Ex-Mayor .Spencer made sentcd a petition declaring tho barn of from many of tho wonderful ones ro
Advertising Kates upon application.
Advertising bills collected monthly.
sient advertising tn advance
Obituary poetry will not be Inserted unless
paia ror. uarus or Thanks must be paid for,
Marriage and death notices free.
Notices for religious and benevolent societies
of reasonable length free.
Copy for change of advertisement must be re
a iew remarks in retiring, reviewing Arthur Conner a nuisance and detri
uio woric in pari accomplished in the mental to health. Mr. Stout addressed
two years ho had held tho oflico, and the council in his own behalf and a
cioscu by introducing VV. I . liricker as wordy contest ensued between himself
mayor, who took his seat and proceed- and Mr. Conner, who was also present
ed at once to read
dress as follows:
ceived by tho justly celebrated curer
of diseases, Dr. A. Elmer:
Owosso, Shiawassee Co., Mich.
March 27, 1KW3.
UK. A. Elmer, Dear Sir: When
you began treating me J had been for
his inaugural ad- The matter was referred to tho health years a great sufTerer from spinal af-
Tho session was a long one lasting
not later than Tuesday noon that in until after midnight but a good lot of
Insertion. I ?? niy w&t us Mayor I should express my I . ,tnn ... .., i u i.
My friends havin? shown their confidence in
me by their votes In electing me as Mayor of
Entered ut the Postofflce Ueldintr. Mich., for
irunsmission mrougu me mans as second class
RED. If this paragraph is marked you
ill know that your subscription expires
ith this issue, and IIS our ti'rtna nr itti-1.t.
Iv cash in advance it will he .li the management of the citv Government
unless renewed. I First, I wish to Impress on the minds
council mat we nave been elected
thanks to the voters of this city, and especially
am I proud of the votes I received from tho
ractory boys. 1 shall try to merit their confl
uence dv wowing ror tno Interest of the whnl
people, and hope my administration will prove
w ounBittcniry un my yreuecessor. xviavor snen-
cr. I now deem It mv dutv to this council, and
the citizens of this city, to express my views for
uusiness was done ana tho new
government is well under way
fection, general debility and a broken
down constitution.
I had taken all kinds of medicines
without obtaining relief. Tho doctors
told mo there was no relief for mo and
I believed them, when I camo to vou
for treatment I had littlo hopo of being
benefitted. Through uslnc vour elec
trical appliances and takimr vour
uioou runner, also nerve tonic, I am
Circuit Judge Frank D. M. Davis
Probate Judge A. Milan Willett
"lenu Alex. T.Montgomery
V,cr Jj. ueios iiurcn
Treasurer Geo. V. Snyder
i-rusi-cuujig iiorney ltoyai A. Iiawley
Register of Deeds Loren C. Fales
county surveyor D. C. Crawford
County Drain Commissioner F. A. Palmer
t;ircuu court commls- 1.... Henry Horrigan
sioners . ...J. H. Chaddock
commissioner or Schools E. A. Murphy
From Sunflcld Sun.
Aro the words most applicablo to the not only able to do tho work about tho
itnus or this event which occurred at tho hospitable houso but to attend to tho business of
UV Lilt? Ilt'flllif 1 i. i a t . It
not as partisans but as servants to work for t h homo of Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Deathman, "iviissmg wiinoui ieeung any incori
interests of our citv. With this tact un niiniv li . r . , I venlence.
' "r" . "''m.1 "l ?" uT.u,.ul' , - - . - ' - - - l oc,ran rawing your ireatment on
offices. lu "iUU l,Lhl ,mta 10 u" u,e woia 01 warning, about one hundred March 12, ISiC, and can freely say I am
city marshal. anu inty menus ana relatives, iiom not only a surprise to myself but to all
7 he office of City Marshal and Street Com- Sobcwa. and this wnllro.1 Intn my friends
i nuuiu uuvisu uu tuy sux suiiermg
with tho samo complication of diseases
to buy your wonderful method of treat
merit, as I feel assured that if they
misslonrr liiiu een ft 1 1ml un snKuf.ii.tr.rli.. -. .. n
by Mr. W. V. Mitchell, that the members of their home, taking them completely by
ment, I heartily concur iq rheir judgme.it. surprise. The company took with them
night watch. ahandsomo secretary which they pre
i J p H E RjQ H T G 0 0 PS
LOWEST .....
...... PRICES
Must bo had to attract Business. This will hold
good a9 Itegards our Grand Assortment of
Capes !
They are Good Things arid aro Pushing Them
selves Along to tho Front.
W. F.Rricker
C. R. Cowdin
... W. D. Day
V. V. Mitchell
....(1. S. Rosevelt
H. Lapham, W. J
City Attorney
Justices of the Peace
Aldermen... First ward, J. A. Spencer Chas.
Harroun; Second ward, M. E. Peck, E. V. Jer
sey; Tnird ard, T. F. Ireland. E. Hunt
Supervisors. . . First ward, Chas. Eddy ; Second
ward, j. j . Angfll; Third ward, W. A. Wilder
vicesat io::)a. m. and7::)p. m. Sabbath School
at close or morning service. Prayer meeting on
mursuuy evening, kkv. (). J. Uoi.dkn, Pastor.
"':). m. arm 7:.) p. m. Sabbath School at
11:45 a.m. Prayer meeting on Thursday eve
ning. Rev. R V, Ciiii.ks, Pastor.
MAiTiST CHUKCH-Services at 10:30 a. m.
ana i:.jp m. !-.;Hi)iith school at close of mor
ning services. Prayer meeting on Thursday
ci;iiiiik. ivr.v. v . is. il L .M r. II, 1'asior.
f. i.. r.i.v iiiiMsciittrux,
A TTOKNEY AT LAW.-Office in Spencer
iiiwk, iteiuing, Alien.
RRrKKKNCKs nv Pkumission: Hon. Allen 11
Morse, Hon. A. A. Ellis, Thos. F. Mctiarry. Hon.
F. D.M.Davis.
A TTOKNEY AT LAW. Ionia. Michigan
---- uenerai is.iw uusiness transacted
1. S. MtHtKIS,
V CER. Office n-iirnf W. I. Henedict & Co's
drug store. Hours:-! to ll a. m.. B to 4 and? to
b p. m. Kesuienco opposite M. E. church.
.. li. i'JKfii;so.v,
er Earle & Kummler's store. Office hours
s to io a. m., m to 4 and ::) to 8 p. m.
. tHllAXtillU,
X ldence on Hridge street. Office hours 1 to
a ana 7 to s p. m.
.7. 1'. I'lSlillAM, At. J. C. M.
J- Pages hardware. Hours: 7 to t a. m., I to
o anu i w v ii in. i igm cans ai omce.
i. A. N'fA.VTOX,
J- ond Moor, O Uryon block. Office hours 8 :."
to 10 a. m., 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. Night call at
resilience. ,
C. MltA.AHl.
TVENTISr.-Officein the Holmes & Robinson
XJ MIock. over Robinson .t Hndsnn
More, Helding, Mich.
lilt. C i SMITH,
7 ENTIST. Office hours H to 5:30
J Mlock,
ding, Mich.
over Page s hardware store, Hel
h. p. Mcelroy,
All work in my line artistically done,
lors under People's Savings Hank.
Chas. A. Wagner,
l'IAOtXHTKnd ItEF.lt Off.I.V TVSElt
and HEI'A HtElt.
(New England Conservatory System.)
Teacher of Piano, Organ and Hand Instru
ments, Helding. Mich.
Jennie E. Wagner,
Reslde"rn:-One block East of High School
Iluildinff, Welding, Mich.
Grand Itapids Daily Democrat
It contains the ful. Associated Press dis
patcher. Arrives in J.ehunR at Vi:'J2 Deliver
ed byNonaHuck at Hc a wcck foi f'.x papers,
1!'e a week for seven days.
TM. F. HANDELL. Loan Hroker. Short
f T time loans on any form of good security
I.on time loans on hiirh class real estate se
curity. Office at the Model Market
Shllnh' Cure, the great cough nrnl rr"p
core, Is In greut deniati l. I'im ket itize con
tains twenty five doses only i.. Children
love It. Hold by druggists. Hold ly W. I.
Uenclict & Co. (4)
Farmers! Seo Jenks & Co. before
buying clover and timothy seed.
E. K. Jenks & Co.
The most important office to be llllpd th-it
oi ruigni uaun. a man for this position
should bo a man that can be trusted with ih
safety of our lives and our property. A man
that will preserve good order on our streets and
can ai an bourn bo found on duty. I would
recommend that a time clock be Tnm-lmsi-d i-
nij iiu ii vv carneu oy iNigni watcn.
i would recommend that no !ibirv h n.,i
ior mis office. V ork be bald for bv the dav
i nis omce tias been filled the mist vf:ir v iw
uy warsnai unu very satisfactorily. Some
times too much work for one man does not give
mm me ume ti look up all applications for
neip as mey scouid be and In a good manv
cases money is paid out for charity where want
does not exist. The man that von muv Hert. to
nil iuin uosuion suouitl be one that, u lnnU
auer ii oropcriv. see that none are nwml tn
ner ior me want or broner care, or the ti.-..
sanesor lire, Kthey are deserving of charity.
uuut-r no Circumsiances Should Umlirrrtiin
k-i, ui, lue euy s expense.
iasi year the oniees or ntv ihr r- -in nn.i
iieaun in cerwere combined un let nut tn tb.i
iow esi oiuuer. I am not in favor of that plan.
i oeueve mat a fair salary should be ilxed and
a man be elected by the council on his merits.
Elect a man for Health Officer that, u-m w.i.
aiver me back allies, privy vaults, cess pools
and all other nuisances that may jeopardize th
mes or our people. A man that will use ou
i siump oui au oread scourges
uoui ourmnisi anu guard airainst the r L-ain nL'
uu vuiruucr 10 our cny.
, - - - Cli V ATTOUNEY.
'Vhoever is elected to 1111 the office of City At
lorney, snoniu contract to do all the city work
coming under tne head or City Attorney's bust
ness ior the stipulated price named in salary.
.-oui-uuiisci snouid oe employed at city expens
without instructions from tho city council
r.iect a man whose advise on all matters Is
is sound, and avoid plunging the city into ex
pensive litigation.
in dividing the funds of the citv into th n..v.
eral different funds, a liberal amount should be
oiaceu 10 me credit or the Kir fund it h i-
been demonstrated many times over, that our
euieieni nre department earn their wages, and
should be fairly paid for their services while on
active duty. A liberal amount should be placed
in this fund to maintain the department, and
purchase all necessary equipments, and I would
recommend that the department be furnished
with at least;threechemical hand fire extinguish-
vm. many limes smau nres could be extin-
guisneu oerore water could be used. Our tire
alarm system will soon be extended over the
KreuuT pan or tne city, and for the small out
my i ueem n money well expended.
Where tax payers make application for work
on our streets, prererenco should be shown
them, especially where they are not able to pay
their taxes any other way. Fair wages should
be paid. Where labor Is well paid good results
uiu ui tumpnsneu.
nenieu to lur. anu ivirs. ueatsraan an a
token of their friendship and esteem.
Uev. ri. h. (iibbs made tho presenta
tion speech In a highly creditable man
ner. Mr. Deatsman responded in glow-
in"; terms, expressing himself and wife
as truly appreciative of tho friendship
bestowed upon them. Refreshment.'
leing served, singing and prayer were
next in order, after which the company
uepancu; regarding tne event as ono
long to be remembered.
I II. Deatsman will leave for his
future home in Holding the last of this
week. It is with feelings of regret ""end to my business without any In
that his many friends in this vicinity
follow vour advice thov will bo restor
ed to health and happiness.
ours truly,
Miss anney Sutton.
Dr. hlmer may bo consulted at tho
Hotel Bricker.
Owosso. March 30. 1S15.
Dear ir: After sulTerincr for four
years wiin loss or eyesight and con
sulting with many of tho best oculists
in the country and receiving no relief
I was advised by my friends to placo
myself under your care and It gives me
pleasure to state that through, and bv
Vnill U-ntlflorf 111 trnntmont T nm ..
J w . . vi . vi.. .w.jijv M. ft 114 I U - I . .
erinff mv cveslirht. In fact I am ahln in III Tile I irPHTPt Mrntimrm All of ih fa, I ninoi l I
4 "i - . l iii '""w"i -! ui uit ttiv i-aici. i iiiive
New Styles
Arriving Daily.
bid him farewell; fully realizing that
Helding is to receive ono of our most
enterprising business men. Mr. Death
man nus ieen in uusiness here for a
number of years and through his hvs-
vuiivumeiiue. i can truiniuiiy say
your treatment has not only been most
wonderful but remarkablo in Its bene
fits from the past, that after being in
Ann Arbor for treatment I was told bv
tho faculty there was no remedy for
I make tho above statement with
mess transactions has made friends lor pleasure and wish you success where
miles around. Tho best wishes of tljol?ver J'ou ,nay P-
Sun will attend
their new homo.
himself and wif. hi
J he boot and shoe industry, accord
ing to an important manufacturer at
Lynn, Mass., is destined to be removed
permanently from New Kngland, where
it has long had its seat, to the west,
where it has already found somo foot- -an
nig. Iho Lynn man has it correct in
I am yours most respectfully,
II. M. lilDLEY.
Yl'SILANTL April 3. 1895.
Lsteemed Friend: It is with feel
ings of gratitude I embrace this oppor
tunity to say that when I commenced
treating with vou I was irreatlv ailliet-
d with what is called a- cancer corn.
Within a week alter your treatment
the corn was removed and my foot be-
to tret well and Is now entirely
cured, l would sav to those
Just Received a Full Line, and have it on Display
respectfully invite all the Ladies' to Give me a Call. It
is a Pleasure for us to Show our Handsome Stock of
the Very Latest Styles and Designs in
Trusting I will Merit a Liberal Share of Your Patronage, I am
Most Respectfully Yours,
wno are
w. .uwuus 1,1 iau, uut iuii- in of lne disease which was tho cause of
the reason ho assigns for tho change, the cancer corn, has been removed
lie attributes tho removal to cheaper from ray system and I regard tho cure
labor in tho west. It cannot tx Khnwn 8 nost remarkable, from the fact that
umer uuciurs uuu repeaieuiv tried to
cure, tried and failed. Wishing you
that wages are lower in Chicago or anv
other western city than in the manu
factunng towns of New Kngland. The
contrary is truo. Tho shoo Industry is
joining west for much tho samo reason
wiul mo cotton industry is moving
south to get nearer the sources of raw
material. In addit on. Chicago, besides
success wherever you go, I remain,
i ours truly,
George Yeauer.
Persons who sympathize with the
afllicted will rejoice with D. K. Carr of
61Z-) Harrison street, Kansas City. He
is an old sulierer from Inflammatory
rh PI milt ism. flllt. lina nnt hnmlnfiPii
When the eitv eouneii st,n r.-nn ..i i l"u "I I 'j iar iecn troubled in this climate. Last
It should be the dutv of the law iitil.iiniT.niv.nu the most lmnnt-tsmt. ontr nf illtidlin. I winter hn went nn into U'knnnein nml
Hon. in consequence hits had another attack.
if the ordinance should bo obnoxious to iho ir, i.. .... i it came upon me again very acute
people, it is their privilege to petition the ettv ' , "u 18 uu 1J,1-1 "J and severe," he said. "My joints
Prill n11 tA .nia Ka iMi.Ht.... I...W..V. 1 m I Jir V. l t ,1 . . ..I. 1.1 t. If ll . .
own eitl. n-H not iiv n ,A " . ' " "'n ont-i.vu ,um ie.iiiie iiiuaiiieu; sore to
eannot expect others to. I refer in imrtU uiur 'ro, Chicago to Massachusetts to be touch or almost to look at. Ui)on the
r.?..!...61 drtvln. I'lcycies. and disturbing the mado into shoes and then carri,..! h-.u-V u'"t request of my mother-in-law 1
uiumiwices. j emzen suouiu not expect I . , , , tried Chamberlain's I iln Il ilm tn ro.
.. m ..v. - - -r ' " v-v . v. w L j i.'V nwiu i ii I . I ...... IK, i M . . 1 .... .1. t
. ,, . , . . "v- uiu BHi-iuiiLR unu easu me pain.
...vHUttlm HBn-iiuurv. aucii inings and 10 ny ngrceahie surprise. It did
noth. I havo used thrco hftv-cent bot
tles and believe it to be tho finest thing
lor rheumatism, pains and swellings
extant. For sale by Holmes & Connell.
Mrs. i.s. Hawkins, Cliuttanooga, Tenn.
says, "Miiloh'H Vitalizer s.vecl my lite. I
consider It the best remedy for a debilitated
system I ever used." For dysiK-nsia. liver or
neighbor to live llti tn nno nr.lirintioo
he breaks another.
Refore aprrooriatlni monev fnr strict f..nt i have been dono in tho Past, but that
wocld recommend that the citv tie iiivi.iiwi imn i.r fu: i. -.r
three seperate street districts.' Each ward com- v U"" Ul US tfrowili. 4ew
posing one or saia districts, a liberal amount England must bo satisfied hereafter to
... i . placed iu me erruii or m. street fund I i. . t ,.
and this fund should be divided into four equal lnak0 shoes for her own slim and grace
j"""- ni: luunu vu uu useu as a contingent
mini, iu usea aiier an omer street rumu .n.
exhausted, in any part of the city where needed
hi case or contingency. Tho balance, three
fourths, to he eoallv divided between m-h n-.
trictorward. This. I think, will divide the
work up better throutrht the citv. llllll will hui'n
a tendency to create no strife us to which ward
will have the best streets. I would further mn.
ommend that our streets reaching out into the
country be llrst placed in llrst class condition.
It is time for municipal as well as nersonal
economy. Money should only be expended for
those things that are needed. Any violation of
this rule is unwarranted extravagance, in
view of the fuct that the city now owns and has
paid for a tall, hose hoose. a.oui fet nf hrw.i
and nearly all equipments for tire department,
scrapers and all necessary tools for street work
our bridge tax all paid, with strict cconomv tn
every branch. I believe that the expenditures
of this city for the ensuing year, need not ex
ceed over of per cent, and 1 recommend to
mis council, that no more than that amount be
In conclusion I hope this council m.iv im ui,i
to work in harmony through the year, for the
best Interests of the city and citizens. Work
for the citv's imnrovement. No firilif irt 11 til t f
should be lost to induce new Industries to lo
cate In our city. New Industries means em
t loyment and employment means money and
money means iuumv prosperous homes f.ir,i.-
Messrs. Kdwin Hunt and Chas. Har
roun are tho new memlerH 1 1'.. W
Are to the front on
Green Goods
in Season, and
Garden Seeds,
either in Bulk or Packages.
Como our way. We can still wait on a few more customers
in tho (Jrocery Department.
ful feet. Chicago Times-Herald.
Anill,.. J -it xl
":'"' vin-ituey 15 causeu in tne
oflices of the Ionia County Sunday
School Association by tho removal
from the county of our vico president
and acting president, Fred J. Cross of
Lyons. 374-7 6N
a social meting of tho executive
committee of tho countv nssix-iutum
will lo held in the oflico of C. O.
ihompson In Ionia, May .
kidney trouble It excels. Price .r ets. Sold
The Greeners.
by W. I. Ikneiliet A; Co.
oiuioii s t. uro is sold on a guarantee.
cures Incipient consumption. It is the Im
rougn cure, unly one cent a dose. y. ets.
Wets., and f 1.00. Sold by W. I. Rene.Hct
v Co. c
It's a lira lit I Success.
Iho fact has been demonstrated bv
S We
tho thousands of testimonials the Mav-
1K1C, atr,rs lfX company, of Oakland, Md.,
one o'clock. All nrnVora f tni,, n!W received since it has sent Its fam-
and all Sunday
Jersey leing re-elected) and after get
ting a little acquainted with tho work
will drop into the business like old
Tho work done during the past year
by Ceo. S. Hosevelt as city attorney,
and V. V. Mitchell as marshal, street
ommissioner, and iHior commissioner,
was so satisfactory that loth were
unanimously re-elected, the latter also
getting his salary raised to $(K, an
advance of $i.
There were a number of candidates
for tho potitlon of nightwatchrnan from
ous IVIn vera Mnrrnetu nitiirrh rSi..,.
...t 1 ....... xu 1 v
hciiuut out to tho KiilTerors at enlnrrh V
uerinicnuents are urgently requested medicine has received such an endorse-
iu 1x3 present at this meetintr, as tfie "UI" irum mo pcopio in so snort a
timo as it did. Tho makers sell the
medicine on business principles, and a
attent Is not required
meetintr, as the
aforesaid vacancy is to bo filled and
other important business to Ikj done.
Definite action will bo taken in regard
to the two rallies to bo held, one at
Portland and ono atSaranac. A large
representation from there is quite
Fellow workers, do not neglect this
Important meeting. Much can bo ac
complished by a united effort. Let
every member of the committee Ihj
present. A. H. Mkkrill,'
to buv the med-
etno by tho dozen to iret a cure. The
Mayers' Maynetit Catarrh Curo sells
for SI per bottle, ono Inittlo to last for
a three months' treatment. 3 bottles
is the highest record over required to
complete a curo. General catarrh ono
bottle is guaranteed. No cure, no pay.
I his is an unequalled olTer and if
you nre a sufferer from catarrh get a
iMittlo from your druggist, if no benefit
costs you nothing. A prominent U. K.
conductor peaks:
April ath, iwon.
Cr.Mnr.iu.ANi. Mi,
To The Min ers' Urug Co..
, , - .. , ' ientlemen: Yours to hand, in reply will sav
Uev. ttOlden Of Heldingseemstohavo ;nat 1 nllV, 'he highest regard for your Catarrh
:i clneli on tbn ','rr-Mf.,M . .! . ,v ""'".v. my iroume is in a chronic form and
lin II tn IHO l ffOIden" i)i)tM)rtiiniMel t'lnpi t to n.i. nw.r., n,.,n 1 1.. '
in tlifi i.mi .:.., A s 11... f... ii i iotlle which removed the trntihln fr,.rr, n.
.'-ti.V "7 ' ' ,"ai 11 "dlngoo.lshapeandamontheseeon.liioMir.
j'iLiJ t J j. """" koox snape ano am on the second bottle
lliarnCdftliK'O ( OUpIcs In one dav lasfl for throat trouble. If I should succeed with the
uoi.L-, ii,vAl I "mrr.ft 1 " ll former. I shall write rou
wttkr llodot not Ierfoni) Ceremonici ngain in the near future. Hoping it will do for
on a "golden" basis, however, being; rth;;rr,n hu',,:u,llVuirs trufvd for me' 1
) JQON'T make any Big 7
Blow or Spread, but come )
S and see us and we will save c
) you money on . C
I Dry ?
S Goods, S
( Spring Capes and Shoes. )
also a freo silver advocate along thi-t
line. Portland Olwervcr.
! Sold Alld tlOsltivi'lv LTil-lrantofwl W l ..
edict &t., druggists. Helding, Mich.

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