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I 1
jThe Belding Banner.
Kditors and puty-e-
Mura Kahn evidently
Ish U con-
Bo far as whipping th
iing mo u - -ite
cerned It la qu
Everyone -would amount to more If
he would cut off more frills. A man
can't be a success If ho attempts too
high a polish.
The latest marvel In electrical Inven
tions Is that of telegraphing from Scot
land to the Island of Mull by Induc
tion, that Is, without any wire connect
ing the stations. The principle Is not
a new one, but hitherto its application
has been limited to short distances
through the earth or water. In the
case reported it was successfully used
at long distances through the air. If
this can bo inado feasible important
changes in telegraphic and telephonic
systems are Inevitable. Tho disappear
ance of the unsightly and dangerous
wires would be welcome on many ac
counts. It is probable that tho report pent
from Pueblo to Canada to tho effect
that pleuro-pneumonia exists among
cattle in the southwestern states Is, as
department oflicials believe, a mere
echo of the report that the disease ex
isted in Kansas. That report, how
ever, was shown to be without founda
tion in fact. Canadian oflicials may
watch very carefully all cattle Import
ed from the United States, but it is
not probable that they will discover
pleuro pneumonia, for investigations
by the department of agriculture, it is
claimed, have failed to show the ex
istence of a single case of that disease
in this country in the last two years.
A dime of 1829 is worth but its face
value, from the purchaser's stand
point; dealers charge for such from 25
cents to 60 cents. A dime of 1839 or
one of 1840 is worth to sell but for its
face value. The dime of 1839 having
on the obverse the letters O. P. is sold
by dealers at from 30 to 65 cents. A 3
cent piece of 1867 sell3 for 75 cents to
$1; dealers pay from 20 to 35 cents for
such. A half-franc of 1861 has no spe
cial value. Dealers do not purchase half
dollars of 1829, but sell them tor 75
cents to l. Where the figure 29 is
stamped over the 27 the charge is from
it.2r to $1.73. There is no demand for
flying eagle nickels of 1857, but those
of the issue of 1856 are worth from
$1.&0 to $2.50, according to state of
Some "things about the administration
of city affairs in Boston may not be
all that they should be, but the pro
posal to do away with the city council
will not better the matter. It will only
place the government further from the
people. The danger of corruption is
always increased when power is con
centrated in few hands. Such power
naturally tends to concentration, and
this tendency is one that ought to be
discouraged instead of being fostered
by legislation. If the people have not
enough public spirit to keep the ofli
cials honest when they have the right
of self government, there will be no
improvement by taking tne poer irom
them. The political bosses who will
rule by autocratic power will be then
subject to no restraint.
Boyhood owes a debt of gratitude to
"The British Medical Journal," which,
i u a fneont lasuoa ornlndos the
-a-lth roe-ard to ear V rising.
Courageously turning its ul. uu
the wisdom of the past, and in flagrant
nnrflPMiislv tumlne its back on all
contradiction with all tnose writers oi
moral essays concerning greatness
achieved by early rising, this leading
medical authority takes the part of the
dflv vmith ne-alnst his wakeful par-
nt We learn now that it is natural
Bmn.r for Pldorlv neonle to rise
at 5 or 6 a. m., because their vascular
system has become stiff; but that it is
llv natural and proper for the
healthy boy to keep his bed till 8.
Henceforth boys must deny them
selves such violent delights as rising
with the lark, and their elders mus't
cease encouraging them in so vicious
a practice.
An American education wnicn does
mnrisA nstrlotism as one of its
i,rnnrho is lacking In an essential fea-
ture. It is Incomplete. Especially is
this true in our republic, wherein "all
men are born freo and equal." In any
country where government rests on
the consent of the governed and this
alone it is important to its future
greatness that love of home and coun-
try, the flag and all it represents,
should be underlying principles per-
manently fixed. And a nation where
this love Is grafted, inculcated, and
a i- .v.- , i v,
rum, generation, there need be no
ot. f a rt nf Invnltv on th rtart of
-m ki. u i.t..
, vn- .1
emergency wn.cu tu r.e, uv.. w
its Institutions or tnreaiening ita V
billty. (
yuiTu uiwuo fiauus "
her different residences. The prob-
able reason for this is that she has
been taking
music lessons and prac
ticinfc so much
that the neighbors
have ootlfled the police.
Jte?Ull8 oi vit'iiimu inquii jirove
hnt overhead wires tend to reduce the
violence of thunderstorms and lessen
the danger from lightning. Cases of
damages from lightning were about
five times as numerous in places with
out telephone systems as In those hav
ing them.
Lake vlgators Ueconilnjj Alarmed Over
At Low KtmrA of Water la the UkM
Stiml I.wke Villa. Nearly Destroyed
l.y lire.
Low Water In th Lake.
Lake levels are plavinff some pecu
liar freaks this spring. From various
reports of low water made since the
oneninir of navigation it would seem
as If tho mean lake levels are a foot
below tho ordinary stage. Thus far
this season continued northerly winds
have kent un tho stairo of water in
Chicago harbor to its usual height, but
at tho foot of Lake Micnigan me urop
is reported from two to three feet,
more especially in Urecn Kay, where
it is said to be four feet. At both tho
Wclland canal and the St. Mary's
eanal the limit of draft is materially
reduced. Continual strandings on
Crosse Pointe, in Detroit river, have
triviMi wnrnintr that eariroes must be
materially lessened. The capacity of
.Ip.mi dmft vessels, which do nearly all
tho lake commerce, has been reduced
hv the low water from 5 to 8 per cent.
Ceu. (). M. Poe says: "I don't blame
M,ri fin lu.inrr uneasv. 1 here is a
n-ood reason foAhe low'stasro of water,
and it will get still lower unless there
nre abundant creneral rains soon. Mnao
February 1 the rainfall has been four
inches short of the normal quantity in
the entire lake region, l our incne
all over tho lakes ami the country that
is drained into the lakes means a con-
w!-l.r!il1o .1iir.rnco in denth. Jiesides
il.k them is the evaporation and out-
How troiwr on all the time, all of which
is lowering the lakes all the time."
Sand Lake Suffers a Heavy l ire.
F.vorv business place and many resi
lenoes wero wiped olf the earth by
fire at Sand Lake. Tho lire started,
probably from a spark from J. K.
Goul s lumber mill, m the livery barn
of Alfred (iiddings. It was but a
moment when the hotel and adjacent
stores were in flames, with no possible
moans of checking the fire. Many
rwnnl wor homeless and without
Kholter for the nicrht. Tho loss will
run up to about $70,010.
Bancroft is dry; saloonkeepers could
not get satisfactory bondsmen
"Uncle" Harve llobson, aged 7.r, and
Miss Lucy Ellison, aged GO, were mar
ried at Clarksville
Came Warden Hampton has presented
the Soldiers' Home at Grand Ilapids
with two deer for the "zoo."
Vhillin Patterson, aired 53 years, fell
tinder a moving train on the F. fe I. M.t
at Flint and was crushed to death
Zachariah Taylor, a farmer near
Vassar, was anested on a charge of
assault upon Emma Miner, aged iu,
John Morriaritv and Frank Conley,
norod 14 vears. were drowned in the
Kiver Ilouge at Detroit while bathing.
r. Two linemen working on the M. C.
railroad near Athens, were poisoned
tr oatinir canned beef, but will re-
-j o
ilenrv Fisher, aged 8, was drowned
at Bay City. He was paddling about
on a larce plank and fell into the
Esty & Calkin's sawmill was burned
at Pinconning. Loss 817,000; partially
insured. A lamp in the engine room
Students of the Michigan mining
Rchool are jetting a little experience
Dy working in the Champion mines
Uide by side with the grimy ore-diggers.
George H. Baugh and his wife of
only nine weeks were drowned off the
foot of Twenty-fourth street, Detroit,
Their boat upset while they were
1 TOWing.
I "eM. iwy nv .iuuuku uB,
I 1 r a 4 li n VnUntinn A -rr v riff Vi striot
fcc ,i: fn.
-&n arbitrary ordinance. The sol
d(cra kept riffht on and judge Max
ven has declared tho ordinance un
Ajex Robertson, of Silver Lake, has
been missing since last September.
He was 73 years old and demented
Boys tishing in the lake a few days
ago fished up his body,
Bertha Schwab, aged 20, attempted
suicide at Traverse City. She took
half an ounce of laudanum and left a
letter savinir. "tired of life." She was
pumped out and may live.
A man apparently about 33 years old
was found dead on the lake snore
tracks at Sturgis. He was frightfully
mangled. In a diary the address,
"H. H. Thomas, Ogden, la,," appeared.
An unknown tramp who was refused
food at E. F. Armstrong s, at isiies,
tried to assault Miss Myrtle Arm-
strong, but she seized a revolver and
fired at the fellow.
Ho was slightly
wounded and fled.
Three young men left Chelsea in a
waeon for a trio overland to Calfornia.
Thev are Hansom Armstrong. West
Armstrong and a young man named
Beck with. They go by way of Chicago
and will sleep in their wagon
John Sweedjke and Abram De
iMeester. each in vears of aire, were
drowned while bathlnp; in Grand river
near the 1)., (. H. & M. bridge at
I Grand Banids. Thev could not swim
and ventured beyona their depth
Marv Lieholt. better known as Jessie
I Lewis, awaitincr trial in the circuit
court. Ionia, on a charire of keeping a
houSe of ilbrenute. committed suicide
- tV,- Lyons bv takinir arsenic. She
preferred death to standing a trial.
... w ... x 1.. nl,U
M u ft arp T iipnnis. nil cnumnwio
I Tount? lauv of 18 vears, wno nan ocen
residing with her grandparents at
I Monroe, left her home, and a note was
- found on t ie bureau, stating sne couiu
no 1 endure the false stories ma
were teing circulated aoouv ner mm
had decWWil tn drown herself, fche
bore a snlendid reputation.
i , ,. , , ,i
.ou,,a vu' . Vr-": I
of a prominent farmer near Traverse
City, left home to cathcr trailing ar
butus in the woods and did not return.
Men searched for her all night, and
found her bodv in a swamp A basket
by her side contained a two-ounc bot
tle Of laudanum.
James Colter, aged 16, was drowned
while bathing in Muskegon river, near
Woodruff Parmalee was held for
trial for the murder of Julia Curtlss at
Traverse City.
Alconac's village council refused
licenses to the four saloons, but granted
one to a druggist. '
E. C. Warriner. principal of the Bat
tle Creek high school, has accepted a
similar position at Saginaw.
John B. Corliss, of Detroit, has ob
tained a franchise for an electric road
from Jackson to Vandercook lake.
John McClellan, aged 21, stole his
father's chickens at Battle Creek and
now takes his meals at tho Detroit
house of correction.
Peter Iederdam, aged 72, was found
dead in his dirty little room at Muske
gon. He was a miser worth $L'0,000,
and lived alone. Over 54,000 was
found in his room.
Adam C. Arnold, who lias been on
examination for murdering his son
George at Battle Creek was held for
trial to the circuit court on the cnarge
of murder in the iirst degree without
Tho Michigan Trust comnant', of
Grand Ilapids, has been appointed re
ceiver of the Buchanan Power and
Light company on the ground that the
assignee is not properly managing the
property. The. liabilities are 507, 000;
the assets, Slt.O.ouo.
Wyandotte citi.ens were justly in
dignant when it was reported that the
bodies of two victims ol small pox Had
been brought from llockwood and
taken to the Old Western hotel on the
ortlers of an undertaker, lho hotel
has been quarantined.
A. 1'. Crell, of Ionia, claims to have
perfected an electric mail car which
will revolutionize tho present system
of transporting tho mails, lie says
the car will travel '-'DO miles an hour,
making tho trip from New York City
to Chicago in live hours.
The poultry department is something
new at the Agricultural college and is
attracting much attention. lieloro
the season closes there will be 500
lively incubator-hatched chicks, and in
another year 1,0U0 will be raised. It
is the design to show the larmers mat
there is money in the business.
In Monitor township, five miles from
West Bay City, five wells have been
sunk to determine the extent of the
body of coal that was discovered there
last" fall. In each hole evidences of
gas wero discovered and in the last
hole a pocket of gas was entered mat.
made a blaze as large as a barrel.
The law giving villages the option of
suppressing lwuor business wunin
their limits will be tested in the su
preme court by Chas. E. Shafer, pro
prietor of a hotel at Northville, whose
liquor bonds were reiused oy me vil
lage council. Mr. Shafer contends
that a hotel with a barroom attached
is not a saloon.
Jackson is in the midst of a Francis
Murphv temperance revival. lhe
police and tho Liquor Dealers' associa
tion united in ordering all saloons
closed on Sunday, and Jackson was
dry. The few saloonkeepers who sold
liquor will be prosecuted, mis is uie
first time in years that Jackson has
had a "dry" Sunday.
The latest grand jury at Bay City
has returned 54 indictments. The
jury roasts the superintendents of the
poor who, it is alleged, have conducted
their business loosely and sold many
goods to themselves contrary to law.
Judge Maxwell instructed the county
treasurer to collect from each superin
tendent the S50 line which the law
The residence of Mrs. Oscar Allen,
an aged Coopersville widow, was bur
glarized during her absence. lhe
theives got 81,300 in gold and bank
bills, 8150 in negotiable notes, a lot of
silverware, a pair of gold-rimmed
glasses, two pairs of ladies' shoes and
a dress waist. Mrs. Allen did not be
lieve in banks and kept her money in
the house.
A post mortem examination and an
investigation into the death of Julia
Curtiss, who was found dead in the
woods near Traverse City reveal the
fact that the girl was about to become
a mother and that she had been choked
to death, instead of having suicided a
at first supposed. Wood Parmalee, an
old resident, was arrested on a charge
of murder. ,
Ileinwant's tailor shop, the Commer
cial house and Keystone hotel were de
stroyed by fire at Manistique while
Thompson's meat market had to be
torn down In order to prevent tne
spread of the flames. The total
loss is about 525,000. The wind was
blowing a gale, and for a time the
entire business portion of the town
was threatened.
John F. Adrian, of Bedford Station,
was arrested on the charge of assault
with intent to do great bodily harm.
The complainant is Miss Io M. Weeks,
who recently caused the arrest oi
Adrian's brother and had him fined on
the chartre of leaving a dead horse un-
buried. He drew out a pocket-knife
and stabbed her in the si. But for
her corset the might have received
fatal injuries.
Over 3.500 factory workers are out
on a strike at Sheboygan, Wis.
The 400 coatmakers of Baltimore,
members of the United Garment
Makers of America, opposed to the
sweating system, are out on strike.
A lire destroyed the large tobacco
factory of W. C. McDonald at Montreal,
in which 1,000 people, mostly girls,
were employed. About 200 girls
leaned from the fourth story and 30
wore, inlured. at least 10 of them
fatally. The loss was f.'.OO.OOO.
Governor Ilrown, of Maryland, has
written a letter to the governor of
every state in the union asking them
to use their best endeavors toward
obtaining subscriptions for the erec
tion of a monument to Francis Scott
Key, the author of the "Star Spangled
A creneral strike among the blast
furnace employes in the Sharon, Pa.,
eetion ih imminent. They are not
satisfied with the advance of 10 cents a
day all around offered by the operators.
because the rate is lower than is paid
in Newcastle. About 1.5tM men in
Sharon. Middlesex and Sharpsvilie will
probably go out.
plsjt 74th day Bills passed: Amending
fho fish sbute law; amending the drain law:
the Mt. Pleasant Normal school bill: providing
for a commission of three to locate a normal
school In the normern pun or me lower pemu
sula: appropriating I.VMOO for each of th next
two yearn for current expenses of the Michi
gan Normal school at Ypsilantl, and tiVOixi for
building a training nchool; appropriating
ti:u ooj for the industrial home for boys: pro
viding for the tllliug up of abundoued fait
wells; appropriating ; IMtiS for cottages at the
upper pt-nmsula prUon at Marquette. Hochm
lull panned: Mt. Pleasant normal school
bill: relative io rn-orui in juuil-iui iiiiatouuiku
In foreign countries; l7tl.'n0 appropriation lor
the Soldiers' Home; providing that decrees In
divorce cases shall not be Issued until IW days
after Judgment In sweh fuses is rendered; rela
tive to the examination of witnesses and their
competency: appropriating fSJ.noo for repairs
and ior compensation of student labor at the
Agricultural college: authorizing corporations
to change their names; amending the act rela
tive to couuty school examiners and county
commissioners of schools; repealing the rem
nants of the act of 1K1 establishing a central
board for the control of penal and reformatory
institutions; appropriating ;i.H) for tho Michi
gan I'ioneer aud Historical society.
Senate. 73th day. The township unit
school board bill was killed. In committee of
the whole the bill repealing, the Detroit &
Saline plank road charter a blow at plank road
companies throughout the state-was passed.
Tne committee on taxation unanimously re
commended the passage of the bill providing
that municipal franchises shall bo assessed
und tajed as other personal property. Com
panies paving less than o per cent dividends
are exempt. An adverse report was mado by
tho judiciary committee on tue bill authorizing
the release of convicts on parole. Tho Senate
passed the general game protection bill w ith
amendments, including one prohibiting tho
shooting of migratory ducks in the spring.
llufsK. The elTort to commit the members to
an early adjournment was successful, a resolu
tion tlxing May ;il us the day being adopted
.7 to 1-. Hilis passed: Appropriating 10)i0
for a statue to ex-tiov. Blair; regulating veter
inary practice and creating a commission to
supervise such pructlce: appropriating 100,310
tor iinnrovements und corn nt expense at tho
industrial homo for girls; prohibiting the ex
posure vt poisons in such a way as to endanger
the lives of animals: reforming the system
under whicu state publications are issued.
Sexatk. Ttith day. Providing that Detroit
public school teachers, after i years' service.
may retire on a pension or ivfJ per year ana
creating a retirement fund from which to pay
sucii pensions: for tho licensing of hawkers
and peddlers: relative to imams unucrguuru
Unship; amending act relative to fraternal
beneiuiary soiieties; regulating tishing in
Saginaw river and bay; relative to fees iu tho
.fii. p of the secretary of state: relative to the
admission of pauper children to the school
nearest the poorhouse; placing uunuing anu
loan associations under the supervision of the
commissioner of Insurance. The bill was also
passed to change the costiy system or county
canvassers by providing that the can
vasses shall i made by a commission of
tiv the nrcsidinir circuit iudjre. the pro
hutn mdcre. two county auditors with the
longest term to erve and one member of tho
board of Bupervisors. The bill was amended to
unniv onlv to Wavne county for the present.
The judiciary commltlee favorably reported
the bill prescribing that in cities of 10.(Kx) or
more inhabitants there shall be police matrons
to look after female onenders in cusioay.
hoitsk Amonir the bills nassed were these:
For the protection of tish and encouraging the
ation thereof: reirulatinir leiral procedure
in the case of assignments for the benent of
creditors and making such assignments void
unless the same shall be without preferences
ht wfn r red 1 tor. The most of the day was
spent In committee of the whole.
Senate. 77th day The vote by which the
bill was passed providing a new system of
conducting county canvasses was reconsidered
and referred again to the judiciary committee.
In committee of the whole a bill was agreed to
prohibiting the killing of polecats between
April and November. Hoitsk The House
passed two bills, authorising the establish
ment of a municipal reform school In Detroit,
and compelling certain classes of juvenile
offenders to receive instruction in an ungraded
curriculum. In committee of the whole there
were several hot contests. The bill designed
to prohibit fences composed wholly of barb
wire on lines between farms, encountered a
Lstuborn opposition, and the committee only
ordered It printed. The Dill providing inai
patrol wagons shall bo covered vehicles was
agreed to. The bill was taken up regulating
the employment of women and children in
manufacturing establishments, and to provide
for the Inspection of factories. The provisions
or this bill are not nearly as stringent as the
requirements of the existing law In many par
ticulars, as it places within the discretion or
he factory inspectors many requirements
w hich were made mandatory. The action rela
tive to providing exhaust fans for the purpose
of carrying otl dust from emery wheels wher-
ver deemed necessary oy tne inspector was
tricken out, although existing law requires
uch fans in all cases. The section re-enacting
a clause of the present law, so as to make It
mandatory on prosecuting attorneys to prose-
uto to a nnisa compiamts preierreu
by the factory intpector or any other
person, was also modified so s to
make it optional with prosecutors. Can
ning factories, which operate, during a very
hort season of tho year, were exempted from
tne provisions of the bill. The section prohib
iting the employment of children under 14
ears of age ln'factories was stricken out. oui
further sections re juire the consent of parent
or guardian. The exiting law requires such
persons to attend school for a certain number
of months each y ear. The original appropria-
ion for factory inspectors In the bill autnonzea
the expenditure of ftf.ooo. This was cut to
ih.ouo bv the Senate and was still further re
duced by the ways and means committee of the
House to I i.ooo. The section re luinng tne use
of automatic openings at elevator shafts was
stricken out, but the bill as it stands imposes
tne duty of seeing that such shafts are ade
quately secured. Bills agreed to: Prohibiting
the killing or Denver until xxovemDer, iwi ; w
prohibit killing mink, otter and muskrats ex
cept during the months of September and
October: for the appointment by the governor
of a commission or tnree to revise an ine laws
relative to private corporations, their report
to be submitted to the next legislature.
At Henderson, I1L, Fred Conkhite
was killed by lightning during a storm,
and at East Prairie, III., Herman
tipandikow and his son met the same
James Herbert, a clerk, killed his
wife by cutting her throat with a razor
it New Y ork City. J hen he lied irom
tlm house and his body was hauled
out of East river with the throat cut.
Jealousy was the cause of the double
News has been received from Kodiak
island, Alaska, on the steamer Alki,
that the steamer Georire 11. White, of
Seattle, was wrecked in a gale on
Anril 14. Seventeen of tne crew were
either drowned or frozen to death.
Eight reached shore.
A cloudburst at Herrington, Kas.,
converted Lime creek into a raging
torrent, and houses, horses, cattle and
hoirs were swept down stream, lhe
house of Samuel McManus was also
carried away and wrecked by striking
n hrido-e. and Mrs. McManus was
The steamer N. K. Fairbank, from
rhicaco to Oirdensburg, with 50,000
bushels of corn, ran ashore on Mor
fmn's Point, nine miles west of Port
Colborne, Ont The boat caught fl
Colborne, tint- i ne ooa caugni ure
nn, was burned un. The vessel was
valued at 930,000 and the cargo about
fh name, and both were insured. She
was owned by J. W. Moore, of Cleve
It is stated, upon what seems to bo
pretty good authority, that Secretary
(resham has been offered the presi
dency of the Pullman Palace Car com
pany, and has an inclination to accept
the position. The salary, of course,
would be much better than that he is
receiving at the present time, and it
need create no surprise if Mr. Pullman
retires and Gresham is elected to sue
eecd him.
The Hippie house, a hotel and saloon
at Broad Klppie, a suouro oi intimn
lis, was wreckctl by a natural gas
Four men were fatally
, burned.
SCHOOL TIME- I Night watchmen Astronomers.
The aldermen of Manchester, Eng
land, have voted Jl.000,000 for a great
technical school.
Portland claims to pay more per cap
ita for her schools than any other city.
Botany Is to be introduced In the pri
mary schools.
In two years Wisconsin has spent
$86,000 for a law library, $125,000 for a
gymnasium and $325,000 for a labora
tory, all for the State university.
The plan of sending pupil s reports
to their parents on postal cards doesn't
work. It has been tried in Auburn, Me.,
and the bright boys capture the cards
and tear rn up.
The new Philadelphia schoolhouse
named for Georire W. Childs is one of
the finest in the world, though not large.
The kindergarten Is carpeted and pret
tily pictured, and there is in the base
ment a heap of sand for the little chil
dren to dig In.
A Wisconsin farmer went to deliver
a load of wood at a Fond du Lac school.
lie rang the fire alarm instead of the
door bell, and was astonished a second
later to see hundreds of boys and girls
file past In perfect order, each with
books, cap and wrap.
Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Awa
NO To-Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco
habit cure that braces up nicotlnued neres,
eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak
m.r, n atrath vliror. And m&nhOOd. YOU
run no physical r nnanciai nss, as u-u-x
is sold by Druggists everywhere, umier a guar
antee to cure or money refunded Book free.
Ad. S terllng Kemedy Co. , New York or Chicago.
Sponges, slate and slate pencils are
no longer allowed In the public schools
of Cambridge, Mass. Pajer, pens, and
pencils have been substituted.
The most densely settled state is
Rhode Island, and the second Massa
chusetts. The former has 318,44 Inhabi
tants to the square mile, and the latter
A number of families from Chippewa
and Eau Claire counties, Wis., have
selected a site, and are to establish a
colony about 100 miles from New Or
leans. The Canadian customs department
has decided that electricity generated
on the American side of Niagara falls
and conducted by wires to the Canadian
side must pay a duty of 20 per cent, as
an unenumerated article.
w mifi'mr . rr rryAn ( Wrmr. of
Hall 8 Catarrh Cure, offer Htw reward for any
case of catarrh that can not be cured bv taking
Hall's (tarrh Cure. Send for testimonials,
free. Sold b- uruggisis. ?o.
Imofetv Is the greatest of Indiscretions.
Nothing Is certain but death and taxes-
You leave the setting to court the rising sun.
If you have
any other pain, you don't take
ri ago It began to kill pain,
.rf-j years ago lfc urm
Tbntnaa P. Slmron Wafthlnirton,
U.U So at ' f until PatKiitob.
taloed. Write fr Id ventor'kUukle.
snd 1l tml1r campLlnt shwhitely cured. WertS
trprmia Compound I riiTnlwi1. ( " a
C A. WUKTA .. lllnUipMa. Pa.
Patents, Trade-Marks.
Etsmlnatloa an4
Invention. tWort for
Adriet as t ratntwmv ec
Ely's Cream Balm
Cleanses the Nasal
Passages, Allays Tain
and Inflammation,
Restores the Senses of
Taste and Smell.
Heals the Sores.
Apply Balm Into each noatrll.
Eli Baos .MWarTon St., N. V.
100,000 ACRES
IlLtJ tllt'llK Hardwood
arminK lnU situated along the
tine of a nf railroad now blnf
coriittructrd in cfnlral Wiconln,
and nrar a li.rouRh trunh line al
rra.lv ronntrurt, for al chrap
in .inrio niin hnwri or roloulnt.
sprrUl Isdocrments irlven to
colon lr. '"' '' l,,w ,n
VII will WW .... . .. 1 LAI RE. VMSCOSBIS.
if. ' 'V
Cnm'm rnnrh llnlamm
fa th oMertind but. It will break up a Cold qatckar
thM anything eU. It It alway reliable. Try IU
Forged notes The anvil chorus.
"Hanson's Magio Corn 8alY."
Wimntikl ta or iiionrr refunded. AmU TOW
truKKlot fur It. Price IS cenU.
A man's house Is his castle. Coke.
Piso's Cure for Consumption relieves th
most obstinate coughs. lev. U. Bucumoki
Lt.it, Lexington, Mo., Feb. 24, '91.
In peace prepare for war. Washington.
It the Baby U Cutting Teeth,
fleeure and u that old and well-tried remedy, Mas
Wwilow's Soothi.vo 8tVF for Children Teething.
An after dinner speech 'Tie or pudding.
Mothers appreciate the good work
of Parker s Ginger Tonic, with its reviving
qualitles-a boon to the pain-stricken, sleep
less and nervous.
I will die In the last ditch. William t
AY hen you come to realize
that your corns are gone, and no more pain,
how grateful you leeL All the work T
lllndercorns, 15c.
Free trado is not a principle; it 19 an expedi
ent. Beaconstield.
CSravity Is only the bark of wisdom's tree.
but it preserves tt.-Confuclus.
Of all vices drinldng is the most incompatible
with greatness Walter Scott.
I can drive a coach and six through every act
of parliament Daniel O'ConnelL
On first Introducing this world-famed tneCl-.
cine to the afflicted, and for many years there-,
after, it was sold under a Positive Guarantee
of giving entire satisfaction in every case for
which it is recommended. So uniformly suc
cessful did It prove in curing the diseases, de
rangements and weaknesses of women thai
claims for the return of money paid for it were
exceedingly rare. Since its manufacturers can
now point to thousands of noted cures effected
by it in every part of the land, they believe lt
past record a sufficient guarantee of its great
value as a curative agent, therefore, thev not
rest its claims to the confidence of the afflicted
solely upon that record. By all medicine dealers.
When Answering Advertisements
Blentlon This Paper.
chances with St. Jacobs Oil, to? twenty
and it's been paln-killlnar ever since.
W.'L- Douglas
3 SHOEriTroa a"n.
I 3.4?P0L!CE.3SOLC4,
il ttaACVTOM-MUl.
Ov$r Oa MlUlea Pseple wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
AH our noe nr- cquauy aaiii-tv
Tbsy rl the best aloe ler the "oer.
Thsy equal custoa shees In style J tit.
The prices are anlferni, stamped ea set.
Prom Si to Sj sarea ever oiner maac.
IH;1 &
LlJMf M IM Ml K All USt IA1LS.
Best lXugh Byrup. Tantes lotd. Use
In tlm. Fold r? 1ririt.
W. N. U.. D. XIII 1 9,

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