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r I L - J L-- V ft" . . , "1
WHOLE NO. a 14.
Published Kvery Thursday Afternoon
Office in the lcople"n Savings Hank block
Mala street.
Advertising Kales uuon apiilieatlon.
Advertifiinn bills collected monthly. ..Trim
Blent advertislntr n tulvanci
Obituary poetry will not be Inserted unless
paid for. Cards of Thanks must be paid for,
Marrlatre and death notices free
Notices for religious and benevolent societies
of reasonable IciiL'tn frer
Copy for chunirc of advertisement must be ro
reived not later than Tuesday noon in order to
insure insertion.
Entered at the l'ostofllce Helding. Mich., for
transmission through the mails as second class
IKED. If this paragraph is marked you
will know that your subscription expire?
with this issue, and as our terms are strict
ly cash in advance it will be discontinued
unless renewed.
Circuit J udf-'e
Probate Jud'e
Prosecuting Attorney
Kegistor of Deeds...
County Surveyor
Frank I). M. Davis
A. Milan Willett
lex. T. Montgomery
L. Drlos Hurch
;eo. W. Snyder
....Koyal A. Hawley
Loren O. Kales
D. C. Crawford
County Drain Comnii
loner F. A. Palmer
Circuit Court Commis- ....Henry HorrU'un
sinners i ....J. H. Chaddock
Commissioner of Schools H. A. Murphy
Mayor YV. F. HrtcloT
Clerk C. K. Cowdin
Treasurer W. D. Day
Marshal YV. W. Mitchell
Cltv Attorney !. S. Kosevelt
Justices of the Peace....!'.. H. Laphani, W.J.
Aldermen... First ward. J. A. Spencer Chas.
Harronn; Second ward. M. F. Peck. K. W. Jer
sey ; Third Ward. T. F. Ireland. F. Hunt.
Supervisors. . . Fir-t ward, Chas. Kddv: Second
ward, J. T. Aneli; Third ward, YV. A. Wilder.
Ml K( lll.
vices at 10:."Ma. in. ami 7 :.' p. m. Sabbath School
at cln-ip of morning service. Prayer meeting on
Thursday evening. Kkv. O. J. Ooi.nKN, Pastor.
H ::) a. in. an I 7:'to p. m. Sabbath School at
11:45 a.m. Prayer meeting on Thursday eve
ulna. Kkv. M. V. cim.i'S. Pastor.
HAITI ST CHI' HO I -Services at 10:.Ta. m.
an17:.H)p m. Sabbath school at close of mor
ning services. Prayer meeting on Thursday
evening. Kkv. YV. 1... Mr.M.iui. Pastor.
u. i'.i.v iti:.scinri:.x,
ATTORNEY AT E.VW.-Othce in Spencer
Hlock, Heldirit'. Mich.
Kkkkhknc ks hv I'kk.m ission : Hon. Allen H.
Morse. Hon. A. A. Ellis, Tims. F. McOarry, iloir.
F. D.M.Davis.
w. ,f. .;i:st,
A TTOUXKY AT LAW, Ionia. Michigan.
il Central I. iv Husmess transacted
f. S. MOIililS.
W t'EK -Olllce rear of W. 1. Hen. -diet & o s
drug store. Hours: to II a in., V to t and 7 to
M p. m. Kesldeiice opposite M. E. church.
,. li. ri:uii:sox,
-I. er Earle & Kmiiinler's store Ottlce hours
8 to 10 a. m.. 2 to 4 ami rt:.'lo to s p. m.
. om.ixamt.
X idence on Hridge street. Office nouis 1 to
2 and 7 to H p. ni.
.. I'lXUIIAM, m. n. c. .v.
1 to
age's hardware. Hours: 7 to H a. m.
3 and 7 to W p m.
Night calls at office,
JL ond floor. O'Hrvoti block. Office hours S:M
to 10 a. rn., -Mo 4 and 7 tosp. m. Night call at
DENTIST. Office In the Holmes & Koblnson
Itlock, over Kobuison Si Hudson grocery
store, Helding. Mich.
nit. c. h smith,
DENTIST. Office hours 8 to 5 :.'!.
Hlock, over Page's hardware
ding, Mich.
do re, Del
H. p. Mcelroy,
All work in my Hue artistically done
lors under People's Savings Hank.
Chas. A. "Wagner,
viAsnnntTKitud hkku ;. i.v tvseh
nn-1 UEfilltEH.
(New England Conservatory Sysb-in.)
Teacher of Piano. Organ and Hand Instru
ments, Helding. Mich.
Jennie E. Wagner,
Kesldence: -One block I'.ast of High School
Ilulldinir, Helding. Mich.
sritsciiim: nut the
It contain tho
ii. at' ut
' a wecK lot
patches Arrive, in
ed by Nona Hia-U at
Vi'fC. i week for seVe
:) iiver
X papers.
til v
7M F. SANDEEE. Loan Hrolo-r. short
if time loiins on any form of good security.
I.onjc time loans n iik-li cla-s real estate se
curity. Office lit the Model Market.
cure, i iii
('lire, the gle.it
ge ll deni 111 I.
oiiu'li and
I'oek. l s T.t
er- up
" O'l-
l!ri n
W. I.
tains tWCtltV (he do-e
J.iVe It. S..i 1 by dru.
Iteno-ilrt .V ".'
Karl's Clover K't,
flef I'iV.S re-!iti-
rotnph-xio-i s ii. cur'
M ., $l.(H). S Id
d 1V
tin- ureal blood puri
nt'd clearness l, 1 1
e ! tipation, rf.,
by W. I. II nedief ,V
The Iaruet solisi ript ion lioue In the country
wants tirsl, class representative for t ds coni
muntty for stri' tly . cial work. Short hour.
IJoml pay. Minister, teacher, or wnl" awake
man or woman jriven preference. Address,
ptatini? aire and former employment. Olohe
Uible lublishint(-'o.,7:: Chestnut St., l'hila ,1'a.
Grand nanitls Daily Democrat
How the Lamb Am Smoothly Shorn
tli Shurp Tradtrn.
I heard of u kiik m it li hunko patno that
waaworked on a temlerfuot from tho east
who tamo to Kentucky to huyahtock farm
and hto tho breeding of trotters upon
an extensive scale. Ho hud nioru money
than brains, but could not bo Instructed In
the horse) business. Ho taught ft bluo
grass farm and t lun looked around for
stallion to put at the head of his stud. Ho
sought tho advice uf an expert. Tho ex
pert told him ho knew of ft very finely bred
son of tho great Hambletonlau that could
Ihj bought for ". It was a raro bar
gain, and tho tenderfoot thought o too,
Tho expert thought so much of tho animal
that ho would go halves with tho young
breeder. Tho expert left the tenderfoot to
study over tho matter, seeing that tho
game was landed. Then lie proceeded to buy
tlio liorso in question, set-ret ly, for fS.OOO
Tho t ratio was made between tho tender
foot and tho ostensible owner of tho stal
Hon on a basis of :.1.000, tho tenderfoot
putting up fi:,fii0 and tho expert also
putting up $12,500 (so tho tenderfoot be
lieved). Tho result was that tho expert
mado $4,500 clear and still owned one-half
of tho stallion, which he finally disposed of
to bis partner for flo.OOO, leaving him a
clean $19,500 tin the deal. This Is as truo
as gospel, and were I to mention tho name
of tho horse it would bo recognized by ev
ery man who knows tho trotter.
A great many of tho fancy saddlers and
coach horses seen in tho parks in rsew York
and Philadelphia are boutrht tin at the
Kentucky wiles bv shrewd dealers, who
dock their tails, train them a few months
and then ship them east to sell to million
aires. Tho Kentucky horse, however, does
not thrive In tho cities and is soon worn
out. Hobbed of his native bluo grass, ho
gets thin In llesh and unpleasant to look
upon. 1 hen perhaps the same dealer who
took him rast will buy him again at an
enormous reduction, oritur him back to
Kentucky, fatten him up and sell him
again at a profit. A certain Kentucky
dealer sold a fancy gelding in New York a
year ago last fall lor $1.5oo. Tho animal
was ridden to death and broken down by
bad c-aro and a few months later was sold
to tho same dealer for $.'500. The dealer
brought tho horse to Kentucky, turned it
out in a blue grass pasture for several
months, and soon it was fat and sleek
again. Then the hor.-o was shipped back
to New York and sold for $1.200. Cincin
nati Tribune.
Even If They Are Impostor Their Life It
Anything hut l'.asy.
A man who makes a practice of irlving
aliiH to almost every beggar that accosts
him on the street has a unique explanation
for his action.
"Street In-gging is tho hardest work In
tho world." ii' - 'Supix'sing 7i jH-r
cent or all tl.e (M g-jirn In tho business to
bo Impostors, what do you observe?
"A woman crouching all day over a
huril.v gurdy, waiting for thoennles that
are dropped into her tin receptacle; men
standing in the byways and on dark street
corners In the cold without an overcoat
asking you as you pass to give them u
dime to buy a cup of coffee.
"Suppose they make $1 a day that way
If you think that 's aeomfortable business
just try It for an experiment. Don't take
any n-ckoning of tho Itard things that are
said to them.
i .100 soi .in Heroines calloused under
such a f lrahi. but ji:. t look at it from tho
standpoint l tht amount of hard work In
volved and the discomforts from cold and
esp isure.
"You'lls(Kn come tothoconclusion that
almost any kind of manual labor is lighter
than street begging, and for that reason I
never inquire whether a beggar is descry
lug or not. If ho takes to tho business as
a matter of choice, ho deserves all ho can
"liut sujihiso every man should take
your view of it! lleggary would boeonio
tho most profitable business that one could
engage In."
"Ah!" said tho philosopher, "but how
many men take tho trouble to think of it P
Tho discovery is mine." Washington
A Tea Sorting: Machine.
Some Interest has been created by the
announcement that a tea sorting machine
has iH-en invented in India. From tho de
scription given this machine consists of
two angular steel frames measuring 8 feet
long at tho top and l3a fi-et at tho base,
fetanding 2l2 feet, high, placed opposite
each other and staid together two foot
apart. Pot ween tlieso operate with aro
clprocatlng motion two long licht steel
frames, which aro tho sifters, placed ono
alMivo the other, those working on four
oscillating levers, securely fastened to tho
angle steel frame inside at four points by
strong ease hardened pins, upon which
they net from the center. The upper sifter
M firmly secured by trunnion brackets on
tho side to the levers at tho top. and the
lower one in the same way underneath.
Doth sifters have an independent action
and work in oppito directions at 100 to
HO revolutions per minute. The upper
sifter inclines toward tho crank and the
lower one from the crank, ami these aro
fitted with four sizes of meshes, two in
each, the trays being interchangeable slid
ing trays and underneath.
Why She JVIovel.
A woman who U a skillful wlelderof
tho pen, a favorite of the niiioi and tho pit
of the reading public ronti-d an apartment
down In the vi Init v of Washington arch
the first of l ist month, and, like all new
flat dwellers, she was charmed with her
surroundings in every particular. She
dilated on tho cheapness, tho elevator and
the general modern appearance of every
thing Today she U moving again, and
when I akcd why she had left her erst
while elvsiiuu she b.-tdo mo "(Juess!" I
guessed everything in the catalogue of ex
perience she shook her head gravely.
"You see, when I took tho ap-irt inei.t, "
she explained. "I understood tho janitor
to say It was t ''m month. Instead of 1 hut.
it was 7.. Sinq lo reason for moving, In
It Hot!1" None but a child of Iheimiso
could blunder llkothat. New York World.
Where the Ihinhn IleU.
He I come around here sooften lnratiso
most of tho other girls I know-aro such
She I am sorry you think so. -Drook-lyn
1 fathered Product of Certain Place High,
ly Prixed by I'pieuren.
Among specialties ruga rdlng birds may
ho mentioned the capon of .Surrey and Sus
sex and the turkey and geeso of Norfolk
and Suffolk. Passing through Kssex, ono
may see whole "herds" of geeso and ducks
in the liUds there fattening without
thought of the future. .Most of these birds,
writes Dr. Doran, are ' foreigners." They
aro Irish by biith, but they aro brought
over by 6teani, in order to bo perfectod by
an English education, and when tho duo
Btato of perfection lias been attained they
are transferred to London.
Dunstable larks aro a dainty much cov
eted liy epicures, and London is annually
supplied from tho country about Dunsta
bio alono with not fewer than 4. 000 dozen
Hut tho enthusiasm with which tho gour
mets speak of these birds Is far exceeded
by tho Germans, who travel many hun
dred miles to Lelpslo niiroly to eat a din
ner of larks. Such is tho slaughter of larks
at tho Leipslc fair that as many as half a
million aro annually eaten, principally by
tho booksellers frequenting that city.
Whittlesey mere, in Huntingdonshire,
now drained, once produced tho finest ruffs
and reeves, a delicacy of which Princu
Talleyrand was extremely fond, his regu
lar allowance during tho season being fvvo
a day. An amusing anecdote is told of a
young curate who had coiuo lip to bo ex
amined for priest's orders and was asked
to dinner at Hishopthorpe by Archbishop
Alarkham. Out of modesty ho eon lined
himself exclusively to tho dish beforo him
till ono of the resident dignitariesobserved
liim. Hut it was too late. The ruffs nml
reeves had vanished to a bird.
A similar talo has been told of another
Jelicato morsel, tho wheat car, popularly
Joslgnatod "tho English ortolan." A
rscotch ofliecr was dinlni! with a certain
I-iord (.icorgo Lennox, then commandant
at Portsmouth, and was placed near a dish
of wheatcars, which was rapidly disappear
ing under his repeated attentions to it.
Lady Louisa Lennox tried to divert his
notico to another dish, but "Na, iia, mil-
leddy, ' was tho reply. 'These weo birdio
will do verra week " Exchange.
The Iteuutiful I Incsse With Which
Kehuked Their Impertinence.
Mrs. .1. .1. Mill, wife of tho now million
airo railroad magnate, Is a person of a
great deal of keenness, and nobody knows
it better than a Washington woman who
fpent a summer out in St. Paul once up
cn a time. This YVashlnaton woman had
met Mrs. Hill and choso to consider her
one of tho newly rich and not to be naniet
In tho same afternoon with tho people of
her set.
Hie Washington woman had a friend
with her for a few days, and In showing
her the Mghts gl the town too?" her to
Hill house. Mrs. Hill was very gracious,
though the Washington woman scarcely
concealed the tact that curiosity alono
prompted lwr visit. She and her friend
were shown all over tho houso and asked
questions that would have been really In
excusable in any ono butn woman of so
! inally she asked to bo shown Mrs. Hill's
jewels. Mrs. Hill's jewels, by tho way,
aro among the finest in tho country, and
Mrs lllll is fond of them with a connois
seur's prido and not with tho vanity of n
woman fond of adornment. Mrs. Hill left
tho room, and in a few moments the jew
els wero shown, hut it was a maid who
shovvid them. Tho hostess did not appear
again, and as the two women went away
the maid asked them politely if they wished
to see anything else.
I'crsonally I think congress ought to
vote Mrs. Hill a medal. Washington Post.
i:nglifth Weavers 1820.
I am SI years of ago and can remember
hand loom wcavirs and weaving ns far
hack ;u liC'O in East Lancashire. I have
n painful recollection of the poverty and
dLstn ss ainoTig hand loom weavers. Our
family consisted of father and mother and
eight children, all dependent upon hand
looms. Urcakfast in our homo was oaten
meal porridgo sweetened with treacle,
eaten with small beer; dinner, meat only
on Sunday, and that chiefly bones boiled
into soup; tho rest of tho week's dinners,
potatoes and oaten cakes, seldom butter
and never cheese; supper, similar to
breakfast. The quantity of theso was stint
ed, so that wo often hail not enough to eat.
As to wages, an ordinary man could not
earn inoro than 10 shillings jht week, and
often he could not procuro enough warp
and weft even to earn that The Idea of
' putting 1 r.otes U-tween slices of bread
and butter" is simply monstrous. In re
spect to tho statement of kindness and
sympathy between employers and em
ployed, 1 cm only recollect grinding pov
erty and cringing dependence, which had
tho effect cf taking away a man's self ro-
spect. When I think of my early days
poor fond, pi;,r clothing, poor homes, no
tlay school I do not wish to sco the
"golden ago" back again. Spectator.
ltr:we Amerh-Hns, All.
No P. -ilon Mildier has a I Itter word for his
ancient foes. I'or t heir inlsrortut.es ho has
only sympathy and for their bravery only
admiration. Webster, speaking of Sum
ter and Marion In yonder s.-nate. gloried
In them as " Americans all, whoso fame
is no more to be hemmed in hy state lines
than their courago and patriotism were
capable of being circumscribed within tho
same narrow limits." And having regard
only to their valor and their manliness
we, too, glory In these later southrons in
''Americans nil," and, so far as In us
lies, forgiving them their trespasses as wo
trust that ours may bo forgiven, we stand
With them side by side In theso tender
ministration over the dead. V. K. Si
iinind. The Kier.
ThefJernnn cmperur hntes being stared
tit. espcclallv when le- ittcinlln ,i ,l:vii.
crvkv cn.-'o t-ued i e;it,iru.t ,m, r m
vwmU t.i this , iff! t ' From thi numenc
when I cntc" church until I h-iw hnn
re.h of eyea .ue to my urea arinoy.ircv,
x:'d 'in me I dcsiM at hvist t.iboal le
b .l t!i' myself fur a few mnm.-tiH at,
: ine servk on Sund ivs All th.w. wh..
1r - to l-i.-k rr no- can d J mi d'
I'.irin my
i a:i I (invcs "
Poor IIHtj (irren!
1'oor Hetty (ireeii dares not even h:
a home. This Income tax U u terriloe
thing Chicago Post.
W. V. T. U. li:iAUT.MKNT.
Tho noxt regular mooting of tho V.
C T. U. will bo held ut tho homo of
Mrs. F. A. Palmer, Friday next, Juno
s, ut '2 p. m. Carry llowers and go pre
pared to arrange boqueta und scripture
text cards for Flower Mission Day at
the S. II. of U., Saturday. The Ionia
Sentinel slates that tho men uro look
nig loi ward to this day with great
anticipation. In conversation with
Major Watldns, who was warden there
for eight years, ho said he had watched
the effect of this work on tho inmates
and had talked with other olllcors In
regard to it and they had found only
good results from tho exereises on
Flower Mission day. Many of the
prisoners kept their cards with the
knot of white ribbon and pinned them
up in their cells after the sweet Mowers
had withered and gone. Flowers do
nated for tliis purpose will bo grate
fully received by the V. C. T. U.
In the words of the sainted Jennie
Cussed y, who originated this work and
wh iso birthday is commemorated In
this way, "Hring something white,
something bright, and something
Mks. Z. V. (JooniNt;, President.
Mrs a. 1). Jknks,
Flower; Mission Supt.
Sometime ago I
ii attack of rhc
was troubled with
umntism. I used
'hhrnberiuln's Pain Halm and was
ompletely cured. I have since udvis
d many of mv friends and customers
to try the remedy and all speak highly
1 U. nl.MON UOI.DHAUM, San Luis
ey,Cal. For sale by Holmes A: Con -
It's u iranl Siicooss.
The fact has been demonstrated bv
tho thousands of testimonials the May
ers Drug Company, of Oakland, MdM
nas reet'iveu since it has sent; Us fam
ous .Mavers - Magnetic Catarrh ('iii-o
out to tho sufferers of catarrh. No
medicine has received such an endorse
ment from the peoplo in so short n
time us It did. Tho makers sell the
medicine on business principles, und a
patient is not required to buy the med
icine by tho dozen to get a cure. The
Mayors' Magnetlt Catarrh Cure sells
for $1 per bottle, ono bottle to lust for
a three months' treatment. 3 bottles
is J ho highest record ever required to
co . T. cure. Genera! e.nUiri-h one
'''I'e is guil'. ah teed'."" cure, no pay.
This is an unequalled offer and if
you are a sufferer from catarrh get a
bottle from your druggist, if no benefit
costs you nothing. A prominent It K.
conductor spt-aks:
' ( 'r .m e kiii. a ni, Mi April S'th, jsnu.
I'd The Mayers nu; I'm ,
d'entleiiM ii : - Vours to hiiml. In reply will say
ilia! I nave the inchest reanl for your ('atari
! metiv. nry treuiile Is In a chronic- form ninl
i Njiet t t, use more than one bottle. I used on
tioiile which leinoveil the tnmhle from th
he.nl in pood shape and amen the. second botll
fni' throat troulile. if I should succeed with Ih
i. no -i .is i 4iu in me lornier. i snail write von
ii:-aiii in the near future. llopniL'it will do f,
the sut.eruitf humanity what it did for me, I
leinain l ours truly.
(i .1. SC IIMI T.
Sold and positively euarantoed hv U. I. Men
eiiu l iV cn., Urupglsts, Helding, Mich.
and do it too in a way that he w ill like,
livery man that wears collars and cuffs
should know about the " CKU.ri.oiD ."
Interlined. A linen collar or culT cov
ered with waterproof " Ckm.L'Loid."
They arc the only Intcrliucd Collars
and Cuffs made.
They arc the top notch of comfort,
neatness and economy. They w ill go
through the day with you in good
shape, no matter how hot or how busy
you get. You can clean one yourself
in a minute, without dependence on
busy wives, unskillful hired girls or un
certain and distant laundries. Simply
wipe them off.
Kvcry piece is marked as follows :
Yon must Insist upon goods so marked
and take nothing else if you expect
If your dealer should not have them,
wc will send you a sample postpaid on
receipt of price. Collars 25c. each. Cuffs
50c. pair. Give size, and specify stand
np or turned-down collar as wanted.
m-'0 Ilroadwar, NEW YOU K.
W. L. Douce, as
And other tpcUlt!et for
Gentlemen, Ldlei, Doji
nJ UImos are tba
Best in the World.
fw-e doncrlptlre alTertl
xnrnt which appears la thU
Tk no Sntxtltnts.
Inolit on haTtnc V. I.
with mm anil nrln.
Wo'ure having a Fine Trade
in Carpet, because our pat
terns are
. . i Bright and . . .
And Our Prices no Obstacle.
Wo have bought 100 pairs of
at a great bargain, and will
give our customers tho benefit
of the surne by selling them
$4.00 curtains for $2.00.
(Qoods in Season.
This is the time of iho y.-ar for Disinfecting.
We carry a full lino of
Blue Vitriol.
Carbolic Acid.
Chloride of Lime.
. Bromo-Chloralum.
Red SeMmffieiunaefr
Piatt's Chlorides, Etc., Etc., Etc.
. . BANGS . .
Successor to Colili & l)av.
Are to the front on
Green Qoods
in Season, and
Garden Seeds,
either in Bulk or
Come our way. Wo can still
in the (Jrocory Depart m-nt.
S Iilow or Spread, but come )
S and see us and we will save c
x you money on i
1 Dry ?
S Qoods, "
Spring Capes and Shoes. ?
C. G
Tho Druggist.
wait on a few more customers
Tlio (jioeners.

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