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WHOLE NO. 357.
Tin: Belding Banner
V'ubHubt'd Kvcry Thursday Afternoon
Cowdin Sc IjvFKLA.i-r.
a r
HKIIH, (lOV.l CYI.,) Mlt'll.
Office in tho IVojilo'st SuvIuks Hank block
Malu Mtrt'ct.
AdvertNin Itutcs ujion application.
Advertising tills collected monthly. Tran
iont udvertisintr n advunro.
Obltuury poetry will not bo inserted unions
jiaid for. Curds or Tuunks must do pam ror,
Marriaire unit iioutu nolico rroe.
Notices fi.r reliKious und benevolent Mocieties
of reasonable lenyth free.
Copy for rliuiiie of advertisement must be re
eeivednot later than Tuesday noon in order to
insure insertion.
Kntered at the rostollU'u Heldlujf, Mich., for
transmission through the mails as necond class
YPIRF.D. If this paragraph n marked you
will know that your Mubscription expires
1 wltn tbls issue, ana as our terms are strict
ly cash in advance it will be discontinued
unless renewed.
COINTV offici:kh.
Circuit JudKP Frank D. M. Davis
Probate JudVe. A. Milan Wlllett
Sheriff Alex.T. Montgomery
Clerk L. Dolos Hurch
Treasurer Cleo. W. Snyder
Prosecuting Attorney Koyal A. llawley
licgister of Deeds Loren C. Pales
County Surveyor D.C.Crawford
County Drain Commissioner V. A. Palmer
Circuit Court Conunis- j ....Henry Horrliran
(doners ....J. H. Chaddock
Commissioner of Schools Kliner B. Hale
citv orricKits.
Mayor W. F. HricUer
Clerk C. K. Cowdin
Treasurer W.D.Day
Marshal W. V Mitchell
City Attorney O. S. Kosevelt
Justices of the Peace F.. H. Lupham, W. J.
Aldermen... First ward. J. A. Spencer Chas.
Harroun : Second ward. M. K. Peek. K. W. Jer
sey; Third Ward. T. I" Ireland. K. Hunt.
Supervisors. . . First ard, Chas. Kddy ; Second
ward, J. T. Augf li; Third ward, W. A. Wilder.
llt'lU'I! l.
vices at H::a. in. a ml 7:30 p. m. Satibath School
at elotu of morning service. Prayer meeting on
Thursday evening. Kkv. O. J. Ooi.dkn, Pastor.
ICi.'ftta. m. and :'M p. m. Sabbath School ai
11:45 a.m. Prayer meeting on Thursday eve
ning. Kkv. h. V. Chii.ds, Pastor.
HAITI ST CHITItCH -Services at 10:3d a.m.
and7:.'Wp m. Sabbath school at close of mor
ning services. Prayer meeting on Thursday
evening. Rkv. W. I. Mungkr, Pastor.
A TTORNEY AT LAW.-Omc-e in lleldirig
JV Savinvs Hunk Hlock. Melding. Mich.
Kefkkknck.s hy Pr.HMisiiiN:- Hon. Allen H.
Morse. Hon. A. A. Ellis, Thos. F. McUarry, Hon.
F. D.M. Davis.
VTTi"rjVr.VS Ai' I.. mi n Knertil law
business Practice in ull Courts. Collec
Hons promptly attended to. Oil'.ce: Spencer
lllock. Holding. New or OratT Hlock, Ionia.
;. '. itm uwirn, m. i.,
OCULIST AND A LM.'I '!'.- -Special attention
pi veil t the rittitiL' spectacles. Tele
phone 7. V:.'! E. .Mam St.. lnniu, Mich.
: .. ,h:st,
TTORNEY AT LAW. Ionia. Michigan.
lieiKial 1. .its llusines.s transacted.
i. i:vis it. ii a hi.,
Ofllee-Over the H'-Ulti-r Savings Hank.
I. S. MOliHIS,
CER Office rear of W. 1. Henedict & Co'
drug tore. Hour:- H to 1 1 a m., to I and 7 to
S p. m. Residence opposite M. E. church.
.r. i:. ir.itci:stx.
Residence on West Main Street. Ottlce
hours H to 10 a. m.. M to 4 and K-.'V) to H p. m.
I. 0M.Vf.7:,
13HYSICIAN AND Sl'RO EON-Office at res
. idence on Hrid;.'o street. Office Imurs 1 to
2 and 7 to 8 p. m.
f fBtV-r.ffllff Yff I f if
iJM Ml.lAA MlJ Itur.t Ollice ill
Residence cor. Coiigtess and Pleafint Sts.
.-. s. STA.V70N,
. ond tloor. Melocne block. Office nours H :,o
to 10 a. in., to 4 and 7 to p. m. Night call at
Office Held inn Pharmacy. Hours 8 to 10
a. m.. 1 to 2 and 7 to V p. m
r.Y ii. mii.i.ari.
DENTIST. Office in the Holmes A. Robinson
Hlock. over Robinson A Hudson grocery
More, Heldintr, Mich.
int. a. i. smith,
T ENTIST. Office hours 8 to 5-.KI. Leonard
U Hloclt, over Page's hardware store, Hel
ding. Mich.
h. p. Mcelroy,
All work in lny line artistically done. Par
lors under People's Savings Hank.
Jennie E. Wagner,
fi. . no .sn iiAUXiasY.
Residence: One block Eat of High School
Itulldinir. HeW'ng. Mich.
It contain the fui. A-"oc;nte't Press dis
patches. Arrives in seining at Vi'.'Ol Deliver
ed by Nona Muck at 1-n- a ween toi p!x papers,
I'Jic week for s.-veti Oayt.
"tyM F. SAN HELL. Loan Hroker. Short
I time lo ins on anv form of good security.
Long time loans on hu'h class real estate se
curity. Office at the Modi 1 Market,
Cmisunii't ion e,ut t e etitcd by tlx ue of
Shiloh's eore. TltK irre.it eoilith rure is lh.
o ly known remedy (or tn it terrible disease.
,r sale by W. . liea.-.liel ,t Co. 10
Ask yur jdiysieian, your drti.::sf arnl
your frietivls about Shiioh1 Cure for Con
dumptioo. Tley will reeotnuieinl It. For
mm naubd
MaJ. i:. ('. Watklns Ileitis the Hepulilicun
Tirkrt for Mayor.
The City ami Ward Cuuoui ttrw Cliame
terlred by llarmoiiy and loul Feellnjf-
There U iu lc-aio Why F.very Man
.Should Nut l llfeted If KriulilleiiiiH
Iu Thrlr Duty,
Mayor F.rwin C. Waikins.
Clerk-Chas. U. Cowdin.
Treasurer Will D. Day.
School Inspector Robt. McLaughlin.
HE Hepublican city
convention Mon
day nlynt was
very largely at
tended and mark
ed with a degree
of harmony and
good nature el
li i V i ' A ,lom 8een at 11 IM)
fPfl ' A) litlfl gathering
of nominatiu candidates for important
ofllcen. Ufually there is friction in the
contest, leaving a soreness hard for
defeated candidates to overcome: but
there was nothing of this sort engen
dered and the best of feeling-prevailed.
Chairman of the city eommitU
Chas. M. Wise, called the convention
to order, stated its object and called
for the election of a secretary. Chas.
U. Cowdin wa on motion elected, and
Llmer h. Pales was niade chairman,
who appointed Fred Kinp; and W. A.
Wilder tellers.
An informal ballot was taken for
mayor, resulting: E. C. Watklns, 59,
K. H. Lapham,G, K. L. Wright, 5, C.
M. Wise, 4, W. Ii. Reed, 4, Wood
Jackson, 3, C. E. Hills, 2, scattering,
10. A formal ballot Wits ordered but
before it could be taken, the sentiment
manifested seemed to be fo unanimous
for Mr. Watkins that tlto ballot was
ieelared formal and his nomination by
ivcclaraation made. IIo was called to
the platform and made a short speech
of acceptance, vLtich he suid was cer
tainly a great s-urpriao to him and an
honor which any man should appre
ciate; it had eonie to him entirely un
sought and if elected, would endeavor
to give to the ollice his best efforts in
serving the public. Economy was the
watchword. Money was high priced
and hard to get and commodities) and
labor was cheap. He favored an
economical uo of the public monies.
His speech was loudly applauded.
The informal ballot for clerk result
ed: Chas. H. Cowdin, li"), Frank Van
l'elt, 25, scattering, T. It was declared
formal and Mr. .Cowdin made the
unanimous choice of the convention.
The nomination for the office of treas
urer was given to Will Day by acclama
tion, as was also that of school
Inspector to Robert McLaughlin.
After the election of C. M. Wise
chairman of the city committee, the
following resolution wa introduced by
Alderman M. E. Feck:
lbsohrd. That we recognize in Hon.
IIa7.cn S. Fingree, an enemy alike to
trusts, monopolies and political rings,
and an executive of more than ordinary
ability; and we urge our delegates to
the county convention to use all honor
able means to secure the election of
delegates to the state convention, who
will favor the nomination of Mayor
Fingree for governor of the state.
The moving of its adoption by Mr.
Feck brought out a littlo discussion
pro and con. Fred King, who stated
he was a strong Fingree man, objected
to the resolution as being untimely,
arguing that something might inter
vene before the state convention, to
change sentiment and considered it
unwise to place themselves on record.
D. V.. Wilson thought that Fingree
democrats, who were in the room,
should not bo allowed to vote on the
A. L. Spencer took the platform and
favored an expression, but that it be
done by a division of the house. After
a few remarks by I', li. Lapham. the
motion made by someone for a division
of the house was put and the sentiment
seemed to be so overwhelming' that
Chairman Pales, nuiid rounds of ap
plause, asked If the Fingree men
wanted the earth.
A motion to adjourn then carried
and the convention separated to go
into w ard caucus.
Chairman, John W. Moore; secre
tary, W. J. HilN; tellers, A. Morse and j
Chas. Hrown.
Supervisor Cha Eddy. j
Aiaennari John W. Moore.
Constable A ugu-t MHcher.
Inspector of Election K. L.
Wuldo Francisco.
On the ballot Mr. Eddv
SMitfcmiorph, .
recived .'12 i
votes and W. J. Hills, 18.
John W. Moore, 35, J. A. Sencer,
13, and A. Morse, 11.
Ward committeeman Con. Kddy.
Delegates W. J. Hills, Charles
Hrown, J. H. Arnwino.
Chairman, I). E. Wilson; clerk, M.
E. Feck; tellers, Ceo. P. Smith, Will
II. Feck.
Supervisor J. T. Ant'ell.
Alderman A. M. Ola.ss.
t'ouMtuble W. II. Peck.
Inspector of Election Eu''ne Moulton, Geo.
N. Foster.
On the ballot for supervisor, J. T.
Angell received 5C votes, C. II. Col
burn, 4.
For Alderman, A. M. Class, 38; Jas.
Avery, 21. -
Ward committee E. E. Whltford,
P. E. King, E. E. Chappie.
Delegates E. C. Watkins, Z. W.
Hooding; M. A. Pilkins.
Chairman, E. E. Pales;
Pred Smith; tellers, P. It.
D. Weter.
Supervisor W, A. Wilder.
AldermanHenry A. Smith.
Constable Walter Meach.
Inspectors of Election Silas
Unger, C
Cobb, Fred
On ballot for supervisor, W. A.
Wilder received 32 votes, H. H. Good-
ing 3, J. Lehman, 2.
For alderman, II. A. Smith, IS, Ceo
Crippeu, 13, H. C. Curtis, 0, . Hobln-
son, 3, scattering, 8, Mr. Crippeu
wiinurew ins name auu. the ballot was
declared formal for Smith.
Ward committeeman C D. Weter
Delegates C. M. Wise, P. A. Wash
burn, P. N. Holmes.
Having heard that a report had gain
ed curreucy that a misconstruction had
been put upon a few words in Maj. E.
C. Watkins' speech made in accepting
the nomination for inayor. relating to
wages and that it was being used
against him by people who are always
ready to misinterpret for a purpose, a
Hanner reporter called at his office in
the fielding Cigar factory and propoun
ded the following question: In your
remarks when nominated for mayor
you referred to money being expensive
aud commodities and labor leing cheap.
Some have interpeted this to mean that
if elected you would favor cutting down
tin- pay of laborers employed by the
'Not at all! I said, what all know,
that money is high priced and hard to
get, wliiie commodities ami l.i'Kr are
heap, and favored an economical use
of the public moneys. 1 had in luiiot
the large number of men in our city
who are entirely dependent on their
own labor, who pay taxes, many upon
houses and lots, but partly paid for and
who are trying to make monthly or
early payments on them. The monei
for taxes, payments, and the support of
amily must all be earned by hard
alor. To sucn hiirh taxes are a grev-
ions burden and any useless waste of
monev thus procured, a crime.
I had no thought or reference, to the
omparatively few men who are em-
iloved by the city. Heaven knows
laborers ret little enough."
The Young Peoples' Societies and
the members of the Y. W. C. A will
hold jv union set vice at the Y. W. C. A.
rooms Easter morning at 7 o'clock.
Ml are cordially invited.
Gospel service at the rooms Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. Topic, "On
Guatd." Miss Clara Graham will lend.
Come and bring a friend.
Every member of the lioard is re
uested to be at the board meeting at
:30 sharp, Monday evening April (th.
Consider this an important duty and
attend. Reports that will U? of inter-
st to you will be given.
Did You Kvr
fry Electric Hitters as a remedy for
your troubles.'' If not, get a bottle
now and get relief, j his medicine has
been found to be peculiarly adapted to
the reiiei and cure oi all female com
plaints, exerting a wonderfully direct
Influence in giving strength and tone
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appetite, constipation, headache, faint
ing spells, or are nervous, sleepless,
excitable, melancholy or troubled with
dizzy spells, Electric Hitters is the
medicine you need. Health and
strength are guaranteed by its use.
Fifty cents and $1.X) bottles at Holmes
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It's all the same, a slight cold, con
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Minute Cough Cure banishes them.
Sold by W. I. Henedict it Co.
Hut ms are absolutely painless when
De Vitt,s Witch Hazel Salve is
promptly applied. This statement Is
true. A perfect remedy for skin dis
eases, chapped hands and lips, and
never falls to euro Files. Sold by
W. t. Henedict & Co.
To farmers of Ionia County: I will
let seed beans sutlicicnt to plant about
jO0 acres of the Pea Bean variety to
j responsible farmers, to wit. Seed fur
iiished, whole crop to be delivered at
urieans on or neiore ine loth ol Oct -
1 1 1 n i iicai, iimi iu paj .jcis. per ou-
S,U1 fl,r :e when delivered after seed
has been taken out. Crop to be In1
i good condition for seed purpose.
j W II. CiRKNKLl..
I A. .1. Half., Agent.
WillUm Trowbridge Olvrn The Full l.liull
of The Imvt,
When Win. Trowbridgo of lidding
w&s brought into court for sentence,
he having pleaded guilty to the horri
ble crime, ol incest with his daughter,
the court room was crowded. When
Judgy Davis ordered the man tteforo
the bar and asked him what he had to
say before sentence was passed, the
only reply he made was that he would
like to serve time at tho Ionia prison.
Hi s request, however, was not granted,
and he will spend tho next 15 years in
Juckfcon prison.
Ftfore passing-sentence Judge Davis
said the crime, was the most heniou
that man could commit. He gave
Trowbridgo a severe scoring and said
ho was not only a disgrace to the com
munity but to any family, and he was
onlyporry that the sentence could not
Ik3 longer, as tho law was to limited
for se loathsome a crime. He thereup
on tentenced the man to 15 years hard
labor in the state prison at Jackson,
the full limit of the law. Trowbridge
was then taken back to jail aDd he did
not have a word to say. Ionia Sentinel.
Horuce Luneombe,a pioneer of Otico,
died at his home at Prank Luscombes
his sun, west of the city, Tuesday, at
3.30 p.m., aged i3 years. He settled in
the township of Otiseo .4 years ago.
Uio funeral services will be held at
the deceased's old home, Friday, at 1(
o'clock a. m.
Another pioneer in the person of
Eydia C. Kimlierly died Tuesday,
March 31st, sit her home in this city.
Her age was 71 years 1 month and 15
days. Her maiden name was Goodale,
and was born in Amherst, Mass. She
came to Michigan iu early llfo and
married Silas Kimberly Nov. lUth 1H40.
Two years later they moved to Otiseo,
and after her husbands death she
moved to this city. Her daughters
Hattie M. Denny of Chicago, Mrs. E.
H. Mudge of Ionia, and W. H. Chap
man of Otisco survive her, also Clayton
Kimlierly a son, and Gerald Kimberly
a nephew, who has made it his home
with her ?inee boyhood. The funeral
VjyfWs loretioou hi IT" Lr"ITr"
gaiionai church conducted by uovv
M unger the pastor.
There will )e but one ticket in the
lielil in Otiseo at the coming election,
the democrats having failed to make a
SupfivLxor-FruiiU L. Moon.
CUrk-V. L. Hcevt's.
Treasurer Chas. K. Hrlnk.
Justice of the Peace Chas. Dumun.
Highway Commissioner Geo. W. l'urdy
Mfmbers Hoard of Kcvlew (Full Ternu
M. S. Hos.
Members Hoard of Kevlew Vacancy U. G.
su-bool inspector -Hanson Abbey.
Constables A. L. Uussell, Win. SkelU-ntfer,
Dennis Skellenger and A. J. Moon.
Deli cate to County Convention J. I). Morse,
Frank R. Chase, W. L. Reeves, li. F. To we,
Win. Gardner and John Krupn.
Claude IVifer who operated a rip
saw at the Crescent factory, met with
a serious accident this morning. He
ran his left hand against the saw but
can hardly tell how it was done, the
first he realized what had happened he
saw the severed thumb lying on the
machine table end and jerked hi. hand
away. The first linger was found to be
nearly severed also, and it is doubtful
whether it can Ih saved. It is consider"
ed a wonder that he did not lose all
the lingers. Dr. Criswold attended
him at the Ilrackett House and made
him as easy as possible. Big Rapids
lbilleton. Claude arrived home Thurs
day night and is being attended by Dr.
Kerguson who says the linger will be
Condensed Testimony.
("has. H. Hood, broker and manufac
turer's ngent, Columbus, Ohio, certi
fies that Dr. King's New Discovery has
no equal as a cough remedy. J. I).
Hrown, Prop. St. James Hotel, Ft.
Wayne, I ml., testifies that he was
cured of a cough of two years standing,
caused by lagripio, by Dr. King's New
Discovery. H. F. Merrill, Baldwins
vllle, Mass., says that he has used and
recommended it and never knew it to
fail and would rather have it than any
doctor, 1ecauso it always cures. Mrs.
Hemming, -22 K. 2.3th St., Chicago,
always keeps it at hand and has no
fear of croup, leeause it instantly re
lieves. Free trial bottles at Holmes &
Connell's drug store. :j
line kl-n' .rnu SmIv-.
The best salve iu the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands,chilblalns,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and jos
itiyely cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
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' '
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Some Say
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sell a large line of . . .
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H. J. Leonard.
n in
in iTTTmiMt.nn nnn.mnnnx
I II H II' I 111 I N l I I 14 1111 I I I I 111
and also
Ferry's and C
Ferry's in Bi
We liandl
Patent Spr
the best (
t ear tli -
W holesale and
A Talk on Wall Paper !
The tflail Spring time is at hand, and with it come that de
lightful work of cleaning house; then comes papering and painting,
it is absolutely necessary and you must face the inevitable. Hefore
you do either call at our store for we wish to see you about Wall
Taper, Faint, etc. Ymi may not know it. but it is fact neverthe
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than any other concern in Ionia or Montcalm counties. This ii no
idle boast but facts. Wc have constantly on hand more than
twenty thousand rolls of Wall Paper. Just think of it, enough
Wall Paper when stretched out to reach more than twenty miles.
We have just completed our Sample Hooks and find we have a lot
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jBa rg;ain Co tin tor
oni wHeeLs.
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"'s in Fackages,and
e best seeds put
r j'WXajo ,
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Retail Grocers.
40 00
41 50
48 00

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