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Voodoo Incantations Invoked by
Cuban Insurgents.
laperttltlua Nsld to Htliuulste Flatting
Coumtr-The Itemots Origin of Toodoo
lm IU Practice In Africa Very Little
of It Remain la LouUlsna.
A recent communication to n New York
paper from its correspondent in Cuba con.
eyed the curious intelligence that some
of the insurgent hand, composed mostly
of liberated slaves, are accompanied by
voodoo women, ancient hags, of withered
features and bent frames, but who, iuhplte
of their years, follow as best they can tint
fortunes of the Insurgents and aro main
tained by them to Insure Kod luck In war.
Of courwo theso old womeu are unable to
keep up with the rebel bund in their mors
rapid movements, so during a hasty raid
or a quick advance they are left behind,
to rejoiu tho party at an understood ren
dezvous Whenever an lmportunt enter
prlso Is under consideration the voodoo
and her snake nro consulted, aud while
her advice may not always bo followed it
cuts a considerable figure- In determining
the movements of tho bund. It is also
hinted that the commanders of the raiders
encourage the superstition, as from time
to tlmo they uso the voodoo oraclea as a
means of stimulating their men when
courage fails or enterprise flags, and thus
accomplish better results than would
otherwise bo attained.
Tho report Is not surprising, as the world
has long known thut voodoo incantation
prevails In several of the West India
Islands to an alarming extent among the
blacks, und thut it has more than once
been used by ambitious or designing per
sons to promote their own purposes. In
Haiti and Santo Domingo it is said to be
exceedingly common, and more than one
aspirant to tho rulership of otto or the
other of those so called republics has taken
his first step in the direction of supreme
power by enlisting on his side a number
of leading voodoos, who thereupon pro
nounced him invincible and warned all
their hearers of the peril of opposing him.
From Haiti, its original homo in the
western world, it long ago 6pread to Porto
Rico, Cuba, Jamaica and Louisiana, in all,
these places llnding abundant material'
among the colored people, who, naturally
superstitious, are especially prone to re
gard the voodoo with awe, since a tradi
tional fear of the voodoo queen and her
supposed power has become almost a hered
itary trait in the African character.
For voodoo! si n is no new thing. How
long it has existed in Africa it is impos
sible to say, but certain it is thut the ear
liest European explorers of both the east
and the west coasts of the dark continent
found It llourishlin', both on the coast and
in the interior, while from numerous al
lusions in ancient authors there Is reason
to believe that it, or something like it,
was known before the Christian era
Stripped of the meaningless forms and
ceremonies that are now suid to constitute
the greater portion of the voodoo Incanta
tion, It Is nothing more nor less than a
survival of the serpent worship that once
prevailed over part of the old world.
Save in Africa and India, the worship
of tho serpent as u special cult is now
almost unknown, tho voodoo practices of
the West Indies and among the colored
people of Louisiana being not so much In
tho nature of worship as of incantations
to securo some desired object.
Voodoo worship Is seen at its best, or,
more properly, at Its worst, In Whydah, a
town of Dahomey, situated on -the Gold
Coast. The whole town virtually lives by
voodooism, for there are largo temples and
numbers of orucles so famous that men
come from near and far to consult them
with regard to enterprises about to be un
dertaken and regard their decisions as of
no little weight. The principal temple is
devoted to the pythons or great boas, which
are the objects of adoration. There are
always from 50 to 100 of these repulsive
creatures belonging to the temple.
The translation of python worship to
the West Indies stripped the cult of many of
Its characteristic features, but one, the
veneration of the serpent, has survived the
chunge, and In every voodoo incantation
the presence of the serpent form a very
Important, indeed an essential, element,
liut pythons are not to be found In the
West Indies, and In default of their pres
ence au easy transition was made to the
most poisonous reptile that oould be ob
tained In the vicinity. Hattlesnakes are
most commonly used, though copperheads,
udders, vipers and other poisonous reptiles
may bo employed, and when none of these
is to bo obtained, u common blacksnake
will answer tho purpose. Hut there must
be a snake, for the serpent is the emblem
or embodiment of wisdom, and without its
presence thero can bo no incuntatlon.
Strange stories have been told of the voo
doo incantations of New Orleans In former
days, but most of them aro probably exag
gerated, for during tho French occupation
voodoo practices were rigorously suppress
ed. In Jamaica, l'orto lUco and Cuba there
are laws against the voodoos und their wor
ship. In Louisiana it is believed that very lit
tle of tho cult remains. An occasional old
colored woman, living alone In a tumble
down cabin, and having an uncanny repu-
' tut ion union? both whites and blacks, oo
' cuiltiu!ly ('(insulted by some foolish worn
' an or superstitious man, shufiling n puck
; of greasy cards or practicing riles of which
she knows neither the history nor the slg
nlllcance, dreaded as a witch, und on the
strength of her bud reputation selling
charm bag", hoodoo packages or rabbits'
feet, is tho sole survivor In this country of
a form of worship that once prevailed oyer
half tho surface of the eurth.
Tho grateful ho.irt has music Jn Jt
that onols mnnot slnff,
George Aofustot tithrmder Charged With
lit-1 of au Adventurer nd Swludler.
George Augustus JSchrader, who hat
been posing in IVlnols and adjoining states
as a divine healfi, has run against a snag.
He was enjoying a great popularity in Al
ton, III., and wus making money in large
Ized wads by the bimple method of bless
ing handkerchiefs and pretending to cure
credulous pe-jple of all sorts of ills, in Im
itation of the Denver healer Schlatter.
Healer Schrader was doing a rushing
business In Alton, Helling about 1,000 of
bis photographs a day at a good price and
Incidentally blessing handkerchiefs at so
much a blessing when Hev H J. Kellogg
arrived from Kast St. IjouIs. Mr. Kel-
'V I til IM
iff :- It YTrT. ' i r " VAV.
' itlklLH SCNAA J.9 V
" "" - - 1
logg at once denounced Schrader as a fraud
and a scoundrel, identifying him as the
same man who had visited Flora and
Louisville a year previously soliciting
funds with which to rebuild a Methodist
church which ho said had burned at Phil
Hps, Wis., and of which he claimed to be
When the healer was confronted with
these fucts ho lost his temper in a most
natural and undlvlue manner and abused
Hev.. Mr. Kellogg In language that was far
from lJlbllcul. lie even tried to assault
his accuser, but was prevented by spec
tators. Still many people In Alton refused
to believe that ho was a fraud.
Then a message came from Memphis,
Mo., warning the people that Schrader
was au impostor and had been exposed
Finally tho following message was re
ceived from the place which Schrader
claimed as his home:
DonoK Centke, Minu. Th home of August
Schrader, the "Divine Healer," who is visit
ing Illinois towns, is in this city. His mother,
two brother j and two married sisters live
here. During tho past ten years he has pomnl
as a doctor, publisher, lecturer, preacher and
Catholic priest. "Rev. A. Schrader" is his
favorite title, however. His first professional
adventure occurred about ten years ago, when
he got hold of a stone supposed to possess Boma
mnglc henling iover and a sure cure for epi
lepsy. Ho covered tho country here wth flam
ing dodgers announcing that "Dr. A. J.
Schrader eures fits." His father, who was then
alive, compel!! him to gather thein all up.
After his father's death he branched out in
luany directions. He solicited towns in Wis
consin for relief fur Kansas drought sufferer
and sent his provisions here. He obtained hall
fare permits from the railroads running
through this town, and they were afterward
taken away from him. He was compelled tc
walk home at one time after a ermit had bec
taken up. Hu never has a new idea, but whec
fc m-s or hears of any one making a succear
at anything w is ready to ape it and add to it
His visits ut home are very short, and he nev
t r ulluws himself to Le seen if he can help it
He is very illiterate, and it never occurred U
any one here .t lie was possessed of r
"CUristlike" a 1 ranee.
ScL ruder wus still drawing crowds, how
ever, at lust accounts, In spite of tho expo
He J tolled Out of Jail.
Ted Dillon, a prisoner charged wit!
forgery, escaped from jail at Jlarstow,
Cal., under difficulties. The two officer
who hud him in charge left him In Jal
while they went to supper, but they took
the precaution to lock a pair of haudcufff
around Dillon's ankles. They were sc
tight that Dillon complained of the pain.
The officers were gone but a few minutes,
but when they returned they found tht
door open and footprints in the dust, in
dicating that Dillou was taking long
Jumps toward Doggett. The officers fol
lowed the trail )i miles and then lost it.
In the morning they discovered that Dillon
had doubled buck toward liarstow. He
had found a hut frequented by tramps,
and by means of a pair of fishplates had
cut the links holding tho handcuffs to
gether. From the but Dillon had gone
directly to Hurstow, aud from there the
officers have no trace of him, Dillon'f
trip from tho jail dowu the track and back
to tho hut must have been at uo small per
sonal discomfort. The trull showed that
he had at times rolled for a distance of 6C
yards, this probably when the irons be
came too painful to permit him to jump.
The IJleycle as a Cause of Divorce.
A New Zealnnder recently had the au
dacity to bring a suit for divorce against
his wife on tho ground that she was
'nearly always away from home on her
wheel and thereby neglecting her domes
tic duties." This, ho contended, was
"huhltual desertion" within the meaning
of the act. The suit was decided against
him, and tho married women of New Zea
land with a fondness for the wheel breathe
more freely.
8avd by a Pillow.
An English officer was shooting recent
ly in Somaliland. Ono night when he was
in bed Inside his tent a Hon sprang over
the rough thorn fence aud seized the
sportsman himself, fortunately only by
the hand. Then by some wonderful piece
of luck as the lion changed his grip for
the shoulder he grabbed the pillow Instead
and so vanished with his prize.
Where Morder Is Common.
In projortion to the population Italy
shows the largest number of murders 13
to every 100,000 Inhabitants. Tho relative
number in Spain is 9, in Germany 1, in
Great Hritain 1.
A Queer Hobby.
A lone freak a banker In Wales spends
much of his time and money in collecting
doors through which Illustrious persont
pafcd at one time or another.
Irotnlaeri to Love, Honor and Obty Her.
At a reont wedding In Portland, Or.,
tho groom promised to love, honor aud
ob.y his wife, who Is a woman suffragist
and made blm agree to this.
Htarvtoi) fa London.
Tlilrty-plpe verdicts of death by starva
tlon were brought In by London coroners
juries last year,
Tho slave i no less a slave whoe
chain I made of ffold.
4 Ik
Id rwv CURB
C "V
Mrs. A. J. Stearns, of West Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., under duto of July 31, 189T,
says: " Words fail me to exprees ray gratltudo to Dr. A. Owen for the benefit I have had from
uslni his Llectrio Appliances. Uetoro using tho appliance I was so weak I oould scurcelj
stand alone; had been conflnd to inj bed since last Oetoler. Alter the third day's use of the
aopliame I could walk several step; one week later 1 walked around the house, and In less
than one month I was able to ride out, and now I eon walk a mile or more without feeling
tired. May Ood bless and spare you to your many friends for years to conie."
Mr. Axel J. Ekblado. of Walsbursr, Kan . under date of July UOth. 1805, says: M Having
used the Dr. Owen Electric Appliances for .rvonnew for the oust few months, must
say they are ahead of any treatment. I am cured of tho worst form ot Nervous Disease."
Mr. A. Nibek, of Mlddlefleld. Iowa, writlnir us on June 27, 189T, says: "This Is to cortifj
that I have derived more benefit from using tbe Owen Electric Appliances for a severe case
of kidney complaint and nervous prostration than from hundreds of dollars spent for doctor's
bills and medicine."
Our Large Illustrated Catalogue contains many endorsements like above, besides
cost of appliances, and much valuable information for the afflicted. Send tt ceDts in stamp
for it at once.
When writing parties about their testimonials enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope
to insure a reply, we have ben bet ore the public many years, and our Electrical Appiianoec
have beoome a recognized standard of merit.
205 to 211 state street. Chicago.
There are no Special Bargains to be had and are only called for
when necessity requires when that necessity arrises the
very best are wanted
Is the very best that can be obtained, and dispenced by competent
men. Our only bargain is in
Which we are closing out at COST, at New York and Chicago
Prices, regardless of freight and trouble. Our patents
are all up to date. Call and look them over.
No trouble to show goods.
The Detroit Weekly Tribune
and The Banner
both one year for $1.25.
can now be devoted to other nse.
Its former delightful smelling and?
delicious tasting contents urc dunli-
ra , j,
Catcd in iu:ilitv und flavor in None 3
oucn Mince Meat, a Jurc, wnolc-
some, cleanly made preparation for A
mince pics, iruil cawc umi nuitq
flnves the housewife long hours
of wearisome work and gives the
E family all the mince pie they can
dcy. ire nt little cost. A package makes
two large pics. ioc. at all grocers.
Take n substitute.
ti it rrrwlpt ofnnr nmio1 Mt 4 kimo
f ihl iir, mm sill mill ? ii f" "Mr. fi,.kiii
iiiiiitmi, dooi lj lun.m" nut
. . .
Variety of
K. K. Spencer, t'res't. V. II. Chase, V -PreiTt.
M. A. Keeil, Cashier.
The People's Savings Bank
$:i:,MM Capital,
$70,000 Strn kliolderN Liability.
Special attention given the
.Nothing like it in tho City.
Cull nnd examine, our fcyxtem. No trouble to
show and explain in wirk!nu. Deposit of
tl.Ji uml upward received and Hook riven.
Hunk open for business Saturday evenings
from fl to M o'clock.
For the IVople, or tho IVoplo, and hj th
fi.-m.nv ..t.n... . Tb
kM IHb n.h.r. .!,.-. ,,,(,
' f. rn,iiT im
rn- n,i , ,mm
ubiiul -uliin it., t,mn. Vo
fitnt, ihr hu on. i hni. hi
Ih r.i I r' .h- r..il h.-,i ,l.i.
i.'l rho. rf.,1 .. N .c..,4
lief) Ha . ..I., i..
1 V "T

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