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IJU. LA Pit AM, Editor
R. COWDIN. Uuslnem Manager
'HURSDAY, FEB. n, 1897.
Detkoit. Mich.. Jan. 15, 18t)7.
o the Republican Klectors of ttie State of
The Kepublicitu elector of the utate of Mich
van, ami all others who may desire to unite
rlth tht-m In upholding the principle! of the
:epuhllcan party, as declared In It platrurm,
re hereby requested to neiul delegates to the
tate convention of Huid party, to be held at the
udltorium, in the city of Detroit, on
Neglnning at 11 o'clock u. ui., for the purpose of
oinlnatlng cunnldateH tor justice or the xu
retne court, and two regents of the university,
I na the transaction oi Huctt omer itusuipsit as
iuy properly come before the convention.
, Everv county will be entitled to one delegate
r each foo of the total vote cast for governor
i tne iasi iaie election tovemoer, irso, unu
ae additional delegate to every fruction
mounting to 'MM), but each organized county
Mil be entitled to at least two dclcgatex.
Under the resolution of 1HS, no delegate will
e entitled to a seat in the convention who does
ot reside in the county he proposes to repre-
The delegates from each congressional dls-
lct are requested to meet in cnucus at it)
clock a. m.. on February 1H7, to select
indidates, as follows, to be presented to the
ate convention for coiillrmiiUoti : one vice-
resident, one assistant secretary, and one
Vember for each of the committees on 'Cre
n tals ' and "permanent organization ana
der of busine s." and "resolutions," and for
le transaction of any other business properly
ming before them.
In Hccordance with a resolution adopted June
i. Itwo, the otticers of each county convention
e requested to torward to the secretary ot the
ate central committee ILansingl. by the
trliest mail after the delexatus to the state
invention have been chosen, a certified list of
-ich delegates, and their respective postoltlee
.Jdresses, from their respective counties, as
.e entitled to seats in the convention.
Chairman Republican State Central Com.
ENNIS E. AMVakd, Secretary.
The Republican electors of the (1) first ward
the city of Heldlng win hold a caucus in tne
d Casket Factory office at 7:3 o'clock p. ni..
ebruarylS, 1SU7, for the purpose of olecting(3
ree delegates to a Kepuoncan convention to
j held in the city of Ionia, February 17, 1W7.
C. C. Eddy. C. M. Wisk.
ward ( om. ctuurman i;ny com.
Dated Feb. 10. ixy?.
ird of the city of Melding will hold a caucus
fn M IMu.i'lr'w hiiv fillli-i. In pnnunl
ck at 7:3 ) o'clock p. in., February 15. IW7, for
Je purpose of electing (3) delegates to a He-
imican convention to oe neia in tue city or
Jnia, February 17. 1HV7.
Ward i.'oni. '.'huirmun Citv Coin.
fDated Feb. 10, liftC.
il'he Republican electois of the :" third ward
the city or Heldlng win nolu w incus at tne
ose House at 7:30 o'clock. Fe -uary 15, 18U7,
tr the purpose of electing (3) th e delegates
a Ketiuolican convention, to D; held in the
-.y of Ionia, February 17, 18'.7.
, O. D. Weter, C. M. Wifh,
Ward Com. Chaiimau City Com.
Dated Feb. 10. 1U7.
caucus of the Republicans of this township
Otlsco, will be held at Ureen s Hotel, in
jnyrna, Saturday afternoon, February 13th, at
cu hulk ivr uie ui u( i uric-
les to the county convention to be held In
,Qia February 17th. My Order of Com.
jit is a gratifying indication of public
ntiinent as rt'nnis railroad ticket
alpers that the membera of the Inter
,ite Cotumeri'i! Committee in the
puse at Washington are Hooded with
titions from all over the country
lglog the passage of the hill, which
f now in committee, breaking up the
actice of Hcalpiny;. The Interstate
ramerce Commission iias already, in
I last annual report, ami in those of
X) and 189"), urged con gross to pass
'h a bill, and its recommendation is
w endorsed by business men. boards
Mtrade, and other commercial bodies,
'well as associations of all kinds all
r the country. Among the latter
j Baptist Young i'eople's Union,
resenting a constituency of over a
llion members, is conspicuous. Its
lretary writes: "We are utterly op-
bed to all improper manipulation of
vkets, which our experience in hold-
k our large annual conventions
nonstrates is always the case so long
ticket scalpers exist. We fully be
ve it for the best interests of the
pile that such legislation as is now
jore congress should be enacted."
convention of delegates represent-
the Republican Clubs of Michigan
Fl be held in the parlors of the Hotel
lillac at Detroit, Monday, February
'd, at 2p m. Each Republican Club
f he state is entitled to one delegate,
J one additional delegate for each
V members and moiety thereof.
03 purpose of the Republican Club
Wentlon Is to elect officers of the
P.-higan League of Republican Clubs
j the ensuing year, to elect delegates
jho national convention to bo held
petroit in July next, and to transact
nix other business as may properly
le before the convention. The
Ihlgan Club banquet is to bo given
he evening following the Republi
' Club convention, and the Republl-
state convention is to be held at
rroit the next day, February 2-1.
. is very evident that it will not be
pssary to pass laws requiring the
'.oval of hats at theatres by the
f;es as they are rapidly falling Jnto
in ine removal business, as a
i the fair sex are very solicitous for
jcomfort and enjoyment of the gen-
aen, and as the latter encourage
approve the style It Is being verj
Orally adopted. At the minstrel
rtainment In this city hatles
Is of the ladles were a marked fea
. In Ionia at the Rhea entertain-
tt the mode was very noticeable.
gthe good work go on.
irt rnust commence at the tirst round
Jie ladder before thev reach the top.
cthe sooner you coit tnence hI the
the sooner you will Income
own landlord or employer. We
l-i vet to see the young man or
kan who neglected the pennies that
essed the dollars. Remember.
y little makes a mlckle. Make
wife your treasure If need be and
ie will have fear of the result.
Tbi Social 1'otltlon of Actor.
The time wna in France when the ao
tor had no social position, and certainly
no spiritual one. Special diipensatioa
was necessary when theCatholio church
Uowed a mas4 to be aid for the repose
of au actor a soul. In TbeChautauquan
Professor- Warren, describing the Mo
Here periwl, writes:
The social position o nctnn in Mo
Here's time wa a low one Not from
any prejudice against the stage evi
dently, since dramatists like Corneille
and Scarrou were ou the same footing
t the Hotel de Rambouillet and the
other salous of Pari as poets and essay
ists and were elected to the French
Academy as readily ludeed. it would
seem as though the composition of plays
was the shortest road to distinction in
the Paris of Moliere, as it is today. Cut
with tlit- actors it was another question.
Their wandering, unsettled modes of
life had evidently told against them.
They were not admitted to society
whether their conduct was good or bad.
They were not even considered in the
light of literary persons. Moliere met
his friends, lioileau. La Fontaine, Fu
retiere, at public cafes As a writer of
comedy he was cither not taken serious
ly or had incurred too much hostility on
the part of influential sets, the clergy
through "Tartuffe," tho salons through
"Les Femmes Savautes. As an actor
be was conside red an outcast with his
class, and when, on his deathbed, he
a6ked for spiritual consolation his ap
peal fell on deaf ears till it was too late.
So that it was with the greatest difficul
ty that his widow procured a bit of con
secrated ground in which to lay the re
mains of the unshrived comedian.
Newspaper rrofita In London.
There was a trial befon Mr. Justice
Cave recently which, if i .-rrectly re
ported, shows what is the profit of the
shareholders of The Times. Mr. Adams
bought one-fourteenth of two-thirds of
one-ninth of two-sixteenths (or 1-1,512)
of The Times from Mr. Brodie for 353
on the assurance that this minute share
was worth about 25 per annum. Ac
cording to him, after he had purchased
the share, he found it only to be worth
17 a year. On this ho asked for dam
ages. The jury assessed the damages at
05. Assuming this share to be worth
18 per annum (which seems about the
average value), it is clear that the net
dividend ou all shares is 27,216. Mr.
Adams, believing it to be worth 353,
paid for it 14.1 years' purchase. Tho
jury valued it at 288. which, taking
the annual return at 18, would be 10
years' purchase, making The Times
worth 435,450. This, however, does
not quite correctly, I believe, represent
the value, for Mr. Walter, as printer,
derives a large profit on an old contract.
This contract, in point of fact, represents
what may be called preference shares,
while those of the shareholders may be
termed ordinary shares, the value of The
Times being tho sum total of both.
London Truth.
Witupn and Files.
The wap j accepted as emblematical
of irritability and petty malignity, but:
even this much abused insect plays a
beneficial part in the work of nature.
A number of wasps were seen by R. M.
Barriugton of Bray, Ireland, buzzing
about his cows. Closer inspection re
vealed that they were all busy catching
flies. One white cow drew more wasps
than any of the others because the mo
ment a fly alighted it was seen at once
against the skin. When a wasp catches
a fly, it immediately bites off both
wings, sometimes a leg or two and 00
casionally the head. Mr. Barrington
saw some of the wasps, when laden with
one fly, catch another without letting
go the first and then fly away with both.
There was a constant stream of wasps
carrying away flies, probably to feed the
larva) in their nests, and returning again
to the cows to catch more. In about 20
minutes Mr. Barrington estimated that
between 800 and 400 flies were caught
on two cows lying close to him. San
Francisco Argonaut.
Font II Reptile Tracks.
The greatest region in the world for
fossil tracks of the reptiles which lived
in the early days of the world is that In
the vicinity of Portland, Conn. Some of
those old time monsters walked as bi
peds on feet that made tracks 16 to 20
inches long. These tracks are almost as
broad as they are long, and the stride
shows that the "reptile" must have been
fully 12 feet in height. Formerly these
wonderful "fosil tracks of the Connec
ticut valley" were said to be tracks of
ancient birds, but of lata the geologists
have taken a difTereut view, declaring
them to be marks left by reptiles. St
Louis Republic.
The True Itemed)'.
W. M. Repine, editor, Tiskilwa, III..
"Chief," says: "Wo wont keep house
without Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds. ' Ex
perimented with many others, but never
got the true remedy until we used Dr.
King's New Discovory. No other rem
edy can take Its place In our home, as
in it we have a certain and sure cure
for Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough,
etc." It is Idle to experiment with
other remedies, even if they are urged
on you as just as good as Dr. King's
New Discovery. Thev are not as good
because this remedy has a record of
cures and besides is guaranteed. It
never fails to satisfy. Trial Itottles
free at Ftsk Bangs' Drug Store. 4
"To thine own self be true:
And It must follow as the night the duy,
Thou rnntt not then be falae to any man."
"Think truly-and thy thoughts shall the
world's famine f e
Spuk truly-and each word of thine shall prove
a faithful seed;
Live truly-and thy life hall be a ureal and
noble creed."
Bannkk and Detroit Tribune
Itnrklen's Arnica alve.
The best salvo in the world for cuts,
bruises, sore, ulcers, salt rheum. fver
cores, tetter, rhanned hands.chilhlning.
corns, and all skin eruptions, and jks-
mveiv cures plies, or no pay required.
ii is iruaranieeu m give peneci satis
faction or money refunded. Price 115
cents per box. For sale by Holmes &
8UIX0, Feb. ,
Meeting called to order by Mayor Brlcker.
Roll call : Present, Mayor Brlcker, Aldermen
Harroua, Moore, Jersey, Glass, Locke. Absent
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Petition of John L. Lloyd, E. Foss and 188
others as follows read:
We, the undersigned petitioners, who are res
idents and Home of us parents of children In
the said city of Heldlng. humbly petition your
honorable body that you cause an ordinance to
be enacted requiring all children to be off from
the streets unlens uccompunled by some of their
parents or members of the fumliy of suitable
age to take proper care of them, under the age
of slitef n years, after eight o'clock p. in., be
tween the tlrst day of November In each year to
the tlrst day of April In the following year, and
after nine o'clock p. in. between the tlrst day of
April and the tlrat day of November in ouch
year; aud that for the first offense, unless they
present a satisfactory excuse to the night
watch, he to take them to their homes or confine
them in the lock-up, and for a second offense,
ho to complain or them for being disorderly
persons and that they shall be dealt with as
On motion same was referred to the commit
tee on ordinances. Yeus Harroun, Moore, Jer
sey, Ulass, Hunt, Locke-R. Nays none.
Health officer and city physicians report for
January, also poor commissioner's report read
and on motion placed on tile without objection.
The following accounts were ullowed, orders
to be druwn for the sume:
Hcldlng-Hall Manfg. Co., pumping I 'JO 00
11. L. Vuu!!i;n.schoten, salary I month ... l i 50
Spencer K. I & 1. Co., lights I month ... 10 00
Chus. Luce, cemetery work 8 Ot)
('has. F.ddy, supervisors work, etc 2 70
K.H.Hudson, groceries by supervisor. . . 40
('has. Brown, wood " " ... s.ri
The Hustler, groceries " ' ... Mi
K. E. Kales, livery rigs... 'iM
W. 1 Brlcker, clothing by poor com 1 (ft
E. H. Spencer, shoes by poor com 50
Ed. Simmons, street work M
On motion council adjourned.
C. R. COWDIN, City I'lerk.
A new plan has boon proposed in the
legislature, to increase the revenue
from the sale of beer in a way that
will tend to lessen taxation generally
in every city aud township in the state.
It is to place a stamp tax of fifty cents
on every barrel of beer brewed In Mich
igan or brought here from other
states. In 18 there was brewed In
Detroit 404,235 barrels on which the
federal government collects 92i cents
per barrel, or a total of $373,910.43.
A ls)ut 2:"0, 000 barrels were brewed In
the rest of the Detroit revenue district,
while tho amount reported for the
western district brought the total
government revenue from the 6tate up
to approximately 5800,000. A fifty
cent state tax would yield an annual
income of close to half a million dollars.
Ry turning money Into the primary
school fund, every school district
would come in for a share of It.
Ex-Queen Lll, of Hawaii, who is now
in Washington, is very discreet in her
utterances as to her object in visiting
the United States at this time, but one
of her hangers-on has let the cat out of
the bag, by stating that she thought
President Cleveland ought, before re
tiring from ollice, to replace her upon
the throne. She has been badly ad
vised if she thinks any such thing as
that can be accomplished. Although
Mr. Cleveland was at one time very
anxious to restore the deposed queen
to authority, there is reason to believe
that he has long since realized the
mistake he made in his policy toward
Hawaii, and that he would not now
carry it out if he could. And every
body, Including the ex-queen, ought to
know that he could not if he wanted to.
While our revival meetings are in
progress let us tell you a few of the
people who need religion: The man
who lets his horse stand out all day in
the storm without a blanket; the man
who growls like a wild beast when his
wife asks him for a little money; the
woman who whispers about that some
other woman is not what she ought to
be; the man who walks the streets
with his hands in his pockets while his
wife carries the baby, and the man
who keeps a dog and says he can't af
ford to take tho home paper.
Free I'll Is. 4
Send your address to H. E. Rucklen
& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample
box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A
trial will convince you of their merits.
These pills are easy in action and are
particularly effective in the cure of
constipation and sick headache. For
malaria and liver troubles they have
been proved invaluable. They are
guaranteed to be perfectly freo from
every deleterious substance and to be
purely vegetable. They do not weak
en by their action, but by giving tone
to stomach and bowels greatly invigor
ate the system. Regular slzo 2fc per
box. Sold by Fisk Rangs, Druggist.
ADAM WAG N Kit, Insurance and Real Es
tote office. Humphrey Block, two doors
west of postoftlce.
You Dye in
30 Minutes
....wlthTonk's French Dyes. Different
from other dyes. Dye cotton permanently as
as wool. Carpets, Dresses, Ciies and Cloth
ing of all kinds made to look like new for a
few cents In your own homes. So simple to
use a child can do tho work. Over 4o colors,
10 cents per package, w hW h w ill color from
one to four pound of khk!s.
Feel Out of Sorts
Do You?
....your liver and digestive organs nenl
stirring up. Tonk's Vegetable Mils act on
the liver, cure constlimtlon and Mlllousness.
Only one pill at bed time will make you feel
better a few dose cure.
Tonk's Frem-li Dye's and Tmik' Vlver
111N are sold by
fisk: bangs
M.M.i.;;.rnrel b
FRLNCII DYIi CO., Vassar, Mich
7 Tliiirs.
IVb. 18,
and Company
Admission 35c and 50c.
Secure Seats in Advance at Hotel Heldlng.
Loren C. Fales,
Successor to L. H. Hall.
Real Estate,
Loan Office,
Notary Public,
E. R. Spencer, I'res't. F. R. Chase, V Pres'
M. A. Reed, Cashier.
The People's Savings Bank
$35,000 Capital,
$70,000 Stockholder' Liability.
Special utlention given tu
VnlMfiir I.ln If InflmHlv.
Call and examine our System. No trouble to
show and explain its workings. Deposits of
ti.ui ttiiu upwarua rt'cnveu uuii iiuuh givt'ii
Hank opens for business Saturday evening?
from fl to 8 o'clock.
Jor tho 1'eoiJe, of tie J'eope, hiicI
hy tho i'eoiilo.
Krcrrn:: "ixTiTrr rrrm nrrrn
Valentines !
A New
Stock of
all Kinds at
No other rup as desirable;
No other rug as cheap;
No other rug as useful;
No other rup like the carpet rujj;
We are closing out about f0 patterns
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We are also closing out our tock of
Couches and certain lines of our In
grain Carpets.
Wilson I Friedly.
Kff wanting to emphasize and ; J
fmake perfect the flavor of i
ical luxury. Sold everywhere m
l fair tin aiiHatitutn
E"Mrt. ropklat' ThtBkifltlni."
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quickly McerUIn, free, whether an Invention la
probably patentable. Communication strictly
confidential. Oldest agency for securing patent
In America. We hare a Washington office.
Tatents taken through Munn A Co. reoei?
special notice In the
beautifully Illustrated, lanrent circulation of
sot scientific, louraal, weekly, terms 13.UU a yeari
t'-w" .u.-"nu. r)miiniia gopiMUiaUMB i
boo on l'ATKTf. sent free. AdOres
361 Dreatfwt. Hew Yerku
111. 5 . J
enable our customers to do the same. Remember we will not be
undersold. All goods fresh and up to date.
Next Door to Holmes & Coiisel.
The Variety Store
Receiving New Goods Every Week.
A New Line ol Crockery and Glassware.
A Lartfe Assortment of those Elegant Nickel Plated Tea and
Coffee Pots and Tea Kettles, Direct from the Fac
tory. Notions of all Kinds.
Orders Tukcit for Wtnnl itnd Cow.
The K!erry Christinas
uo tell your friends how
'j-nuch.you enjoy the )
and it has saved more money to the fanners of America
than any other implement ever produced.
Oliver Chilled
'a he Nos. 98 and ?9 Wood and Steel Beam Plows fitted with Non-breakablo Steel
Standards and the Celebrated No. 40 miet all requirements and cannot be equalled.
look Out for Imitations ami llty Only of the Regular Oliver Amenta,
ometimes but "living on love"
C) is not very fattening. Bet
ter enough nutriment than too
much sentiment. The best Val
entine that we know of is a case
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Are the Best on Earth.
11 fniV'W

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