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Newsy Items Gathered In by the Banner's Staff
of Special Correspondents.
Kinory Storey cut his rltfht foot 60
budly that he has to use crutches.
Mrs. Will Howard, who has been
poorly some thuo, was worbolast week.
Miss Mabel Wind, visiting Miss Ola
Pond, has returned to her homo In
Dinner parties at private houses are
the mode. The latest at Mr. and Mrs.
Will Hall's last Thursday.
The Union school closed last Friday
for oro week's vacation. Prof. Bear
will spend the time at his Grand Rap
ids home.
Geo. Ackert and family attended the
wedding of Ed. liird and Miss Morris
both of Courtland, last week, they be
ing relatives of the grootu.
I'eter Madison has removed his wifo
to Greenville. Also the rest of his
family. Mrs. Madison has been very
bad from lung trouble but stood the
ride better than was expected.
Mrs. II. D. Poud has her household
goods packed for moving to Howard
City. The bad roads prevented her
going last. We shall all miss this
long known friend, for Mrs. Pond is a
model woman in all life's various du
ties. The many friends hero and at Ver
gennes will be pained to learn that
Geo. Godfrey, on the Nararaor farm
near Ashley church, was suddenly
stricken with apoplexy last week and
has since lain unconscious with little
hopes of recovery. Mr. Godfrey came
here from Verjiennes two years ago,
having made many new friends who
deeply sympathize with the atllicted
family. Dr. Spencer is in attendance,
but can give no encouragement for
Nominees forGrattan township Re
publican ticket: Supervisor, Morris
Trumbull; clerk, H. L. Brooks; treas
urer, Will Hall; commisssoner of high
ways, Geo. D. Smith; justice of the
peace, full term, O. I. Watkins to fill
vacancy, K. P. Nash. Democratic
Peoples Union -Silver: Supervisor,
Manly Whltten; clerk, L. A. Klkins;
treasurer, E. E. Lessiter; commissioner
of highwiys, Nathaniel Stanton; jus
tice of the peace, full term, James Sul
livan to iill vacancy, A. A. Norton;
member board of review, J. P. Norton;
constables, Will Ward, W. J. Lessiter,
J. P. Byrne; Amos Vallance.
A company of fifty relatives and
friends met at the homo of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Lawrence Purdy, Friday,
March 1S97, in honor of their 40th
wedding anniversary. After the com
pany did justice to the elegant repast
they were Introduced to the celebrated
Fly family in which Miss Letta Fly
takes the leading part. Some very
appropriate remarks were made by
Geo. Ackert, after which all were at
liberty to enjoy the remainder of the
afternoon in a social way. At a late
hour they began leaving for their
homes wishing Mr. and Mrs. Purdy
and family many more such happy oc
casions and declaring that they had
been royally entertained.
L. J. Laux visited at Newel Ray
mond's, Sunday.
Henry Rltterstorf will work for
Campbell this summer.
Miss Williams who has been very
Bick is now improving.
John Gardner was in Grand Rapids
Thursday and Friday.
Joe Honson and mother visited at
Joe Rushe's, Tuesday.
Anthony Laux has finished cutting
wood for I'eter Blaster.
Will Foster went to Elmdalo Sunday
and returned, Tuesday.
L. J. Laux commenced work for K.
A. McKendry, March 29.
Chas. Billinger ha9 quit grinding
feed and is sawing pickets.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Titus visited at
Newel Raymond's, Sunday.
Carl English of Lowell, was In this
vicinity on business. Wednesday.
Wm. P. Laux spent Saturday night
with Fred Raymond of Fallasburg.
Fred Raymond and Anthony Laux
are cutting wood for Newel Raymond.
Fred Raymond and Anthony Laux
spent Wednesday evening with Wm.
P. Laux.
The Union-Silver caucus was held at
the Grange hall, and the Republicans
held their caucus at Podunk, Friday
C. G. Ashby has had Highway Com
missioner, Berry, arrested for trespass
in tearing down a fence and tho case
will bo tried Saturday in Belding.
Miss Julia Hall closed her school In
the Chlttle district Friday, with an ex
hibition Saturday night. Thcro was a
largo attendance and the program was
first class in every respect. The pro
gram commenced with music by A.
Brown on viollnf and Ed. Ashley and
Wm. Pretsel on banjos. Mrs. Shaw
placed the organ. Miss McLaughlin
of Belding rendered a fine recitation
that touched up tho old fashion school
board. Miss Hall has taught in this
district for two years and 1 a first
class instructor.
Dr. Bell was in Lansing last week.
Dwight Sheldon of Ann Arbcr, is In
Laura Northway Is visiting friends at
John Fisher's saw mill is still
Carl Cowles Is spending a week with
friends at Trufant.
Mrs. Albert Norton spent last week
with friends at Muir.
Tom Skellenger has gone to Dakota
to spend the summer.
Will Cowles made a business trip to
Grand Rapids last week.
Ceo. Hoppough made a business trip
to Grand Rapids, Tuesday
Rastan Skellenger Sundayed with
Arthur Brown of Belding.
Our college boys and girls are all
home this week for vacation.
Henry Witt is moving onto Mr.
Foote's farm east of Belding.
Frecmy Sparks Is moving onto Henry
Skellenger's farm near Coral.
Miss Mary Howe of Orleans, was a
guest cf Nettie Bignell. Sunday.
Mr. C. J. .Ring and family Sundayed
in Belding at Waldo Francisco's.
Milo Richmond and Carl Hoppough
are again at home during vacation.
The will be an election of officers for
for tho Sunday school next Sunday.
Everybody come.
Will Francis has rented R.B Cowles'
farm and will stay on Smoky Row an
other three years.
Leroy Witt of Belding, is doing an
extensive job of paper hanging for
Mrs. R. B. Cowles.
Misses Lizzie Hamilton and Audrey
Russell are visiting their aunt, Mrs.
Will Walker of Orleans.
The Union Silver caucus last Friday
nominated a good ticket. Every friend
of silver should support it.
The Republican caucus last Satur
day was very harmonious, the old offi
cers all being renominated except one
lone sinner who had gone over to tho
Union Silver party. He was ousted.
Geo. Hoppough don't seem to under
stand why a kind providence is deal
ing so harshly with him. Two years
ago his only cow died and last week
his pet jersey was called to spirit life.
George should know that whosoever
the all wise loveth he chasteneth.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. James
Insley planned a surprise on them last
Friday evening, their 25th wedding
anniversary and a genuine surprise it
was. The company was also surprised
for when they arrived the house was
locked; Mr. and Mrs. Insloy were
found at tho nearest neighbors. It
was a happy evening for the company.
Mr. and Mrs. Insley were recipients of
a nice present.
The sick are improving.
Mrs.O. Howard Sr. is dangerouly ill.
Gcrritt Doyle's sale was well at
tended. Miss Mary Covert of Lowell, is visit
ing friends in Alton.
Mrs. Micho and children called on
Mis. Kropf, Sunday.
Chas. Keech and wifo called on P.
W. Byrne and wife, Monday.
Little Lillian McGeo, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGee, is on
the sick list.
The roads in this vicinity aro in the
worst condition they have been for
many years.
Blanche Jakeway spent last week
with her grand-mother, Mrs. Charles
Francisco, of Lowell.
Mrs. Lizzie Kropf and baoy spent a
few days of last week with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Reusser.
Miss Agnes Walsh of Grand Rapids,
spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs.
David Walsh, who is ill.
P. Houlihan is very low. His daugh
ter, Frances, was called home from
Lowell on account of his sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Jakeway went to
Grand Rapids last week, being callod
there by tho sickness of his brother's
wife, Mrs. Sherln Jakeway, who Is
dangerously ill.
Geo. Rill and family Sundayed at
his father's.
Walter Meach of Bedding, was in
town, Sunday.
Alfred Palmer has a carload of car
riages for sale.
School closed Wednesday for n
week's vacation.
Henry Leach of Shlloh, was in town
on business, Monday.
Alfred Sabln of Belding, is helping
repair John Currio's house.
P. Jenks and S. Ward of Belding,
are buying potatoes hero this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson and
daughter of Belding, Sundayed at John
Miss Julia Hall entertained Miss
Rosa McLaughlin, of Belding. over
Mrs. Wilbur Locke of Belding, has
been spending a few days with Mm. A.
J. Hale.
Miss Matio Root of Ionia, has been
the guest of relatives here during the
past week.
Mm. DeLlne of Ionia, has been visit
ing at her son's Mr. Geo. DeLlne, the
pa9t weik.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gepheart of
Ionia, Sundayed with her mother,Mrs.
Geo. Antcliff.
Mrs. Geo. Wooldridge and Carrie
aro spending the week at her father's,
O. II. York, of Adrian.
A largo Attendance is desired at the
Sunday school convention, Saturday
afternoon and evening, April 3.
O. Purdy and family attended the
40th wedding anniversary at Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Purdy's, of Grattan, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood of near
Wood's Corners, have been visiting
relatl ves of Otisco, Greenville and
Sheridan the past week.
Tho ofllcers of the Orleans union
Sunday school for the coming year are
as follows:
Superintendent Mrs. Grace McDonald.
Secretary Maude LaDow.
Treasuer Minnie LaDow.
Ltbrarlun-OUve Iloyt
Mrs. Mary Bevlns Is keeping house
again. .
Mrs.Geo. Crane of Greenville, Is vis
Itlng relatives hero this week.
Our school resumes work again after
a three weeks' measle vacation.
Mrs. Frank Luscombo has just com
pleted a biscuit quilt containing exact
ly 2,200 blocks. Her sister-in-law Mrs.
Bovius, assisted her. Next!
An important business meeting of
tho People's Literary club will be
held at their hall, Saturday evening,
April 3, beginning at 7 o'clock. All
members aro earnestly requested to bo
(Last Week's Letter.)
Remember the caucus Saturday,
March 27th.
E. W. Lltle mafle a trip to Can-
nonsburg, Monday.
Our school was postponed for another
week on account of several new cases
of measles.
The Y.P.S.C.E. meets Sunday even
ing at 7 o'clock. Miss Mabel Brown
leads the meeting.
Mr. Platte and daughter, Anna, of
Greenville, formerly residents of this
place were in town, Friday.
A box social will be held at Mr. and
Mrs. Johnston's, April 2, lor the bene
fit of the Y.P.S.C.E. Bring your giri
and hare a good time,
The prayer meeting at Alonzo
Brown's Tuesday evening was conduct
ed by Mrs. Hanks. Tho meeting will
bo held at Walter Reeves' next Tues
day evening.
Miss Mae Pyrne closed a successful
term of school last Friday In the Cooley
district, and after one week of vacation
she will again commence her work in
the Mason district. Grattan.
(Last Week's Letter.)
James Brown is quite sick.
Bolster is to have a now. blacksmith
Robert McKendry is shearing his
A tie mill has moved on the Free
man place.
Mrs. J. Wilbur is working for Mrs.
H. Higglns.
loeph Hunt marketed some fine
pork last week.
Fred Hoxie is working P. M. Slay-
ten's sugar bush.
John McKendry bought some young
cattle in west Keene, last week.
Lawrence Laux will work for Robert
McKendry the coming summer.
Miss Myrtle Ellis of Smyrna will
teach tho spring term in district No. 5,
Albert Wise of Wolverton Plains, Is
spending a few days with his uncle, II.
D. Osgood.
Quarterly meeting at tho M.E.church
March 27th and 28. Rev. J. I. Buell,
presiding elder, will conduct the ser
Lillian McGee has the scarlet fever.
Stephen Rennells Is on the sick list.
Charles Keech drives a new span of
Nelson ('all returned to his home,
Su n day.
Abo Litos now occupies Mrs. Savcn-
dar's farm.
WedJing bells will soon ring for F.
S. and S. II.
Segel Norman of Parnell was on our
streets Tuesday.
Mrs. Mike McAndrows has been
among the slek.
The cheese factory will begin work
the first of April.
Mr. and Mrs. Dorus Church visited
at Belding, Monday.
Mrs. Hannah Culver returned to
Belding last Monday.
Mrs. Delaney, Sr., has been very
sick but is much better now.
Clare Ford and wife visited Wm.
Bliss in Grattan last Sunday.
Fritz Gegger occupies tho farm
James McGee recently lived on.
Frank Keech will use John Vandcr-
brock's pacers on tho road this year.
Otis White Mtid Nelson Lewis visited
Geo. II. Godfrey last Saturday even
Mrs. Os Purdy of Grattan visltod her
mother, Mrs. II. Vhlte, last week Fri
Miss Mary Covert of Lowell is visit
ing friends and relatives here this
James Helmerof Grand Rapids was
a guest at Warren Ford's, Friday
Our grocery store has had a fresh
coat of paper and paint and looks much
Mr. and Mrs. John Hapeman visited
their eon, Judd, at East Lowell last
Orrin Ford visited his brother, Jake,
at Lincolu lake last week and found
him much better.
Willie and Florence Herrington vis
ited their sister, Mrs. D. Church, Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. Burt of Lowell, has rented Mr.
Ring's blacksmith shop and will be
ready for work soon.
Weekly prayer meeting at Warren
Fold's this week, Thursday evening.
David Clawson leader.
We are sorry to hear of tho illness
of our Grattan-Vergennes correspon
dent and hope to see them about soon.
L. II. Davis, our miller, was in Grand
Rapids several daja last week. He
has sold 45 hundred weight of Hour
since the 4th of March.
A few friends, relatives and neigh
bors gathered together and gave Mrs.
II. D. Weeks a surprise, Monday, that
being her birthday. The roads were
in such a bad condition a great many
were hindered from attending.
The funeral of Geo. H. Godfrey of
Oakfield, a former resident of this
place, will bo held at the Alton church,
Wednesday, March 31, at 1 p. m. Ho
had a stroke of paraly&is last week
Wednesday and died Sunday night.
Farther particulars next week.
Joe Wacha is building a new house
on his farm.
The bottom seems to have fallen out
of the roads In this place.
Mrs. Mattie Bidwell has just finished
a bed quilt that contains nearly 5, 00 J
Mrs. S. Nichols, who has been ser
iously ill with typhoid fever, is im
proving. J. T. Raby, who has been confined
to tne house nearly all winter with a
complication of diseases appears to
gain very slowly.
Mrs. Stella Newman, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Richardson,
for several weeks, expects to return to
her home in Danby this week.
The birthday surprise for Miss Ella
and Mr. Enos Antcliff was a great suc
cess. There were about seventy people
present and all voted it a grand good
Lew Slocum and son have been cut
ting wood for L. J. Jenks the past
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ward,
March 26, a boy. Their daughter from
Long Lake is staying with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lorlng are rejoic
ing over another granddaughter born
to Mr. and Mrs. Addison Comstock of
Dave Clark broke his right leg while
helping E. J. Kendall, Thursday. Drs.
Johnson of Sheridan and Smith of
Fen wick attended him.
Married, at the home of tho bride's
parents, Thursday, March 25th, Mr.
Frank Willott and Miss Clara Lee,
both of Falrplains. The happy couple
will spend some time visiting friends
at Ionia and Clarksville.
A Last Resort For Dinner.
For sheer originality in matters
of food I commend the following direc
tions, which one of the Parisian papers
gave to its subscribers. The supplies
were getting lower and lower in the
Prussian girt city. Seine gudgeons
would not bite, so the anglers took to
the sewers. "Take a long, strong line
and a large hook. Bait with tallow and
gently agitate the rod. In a few min
ntes a rat will come and smell the sa
vory morsel. It will be some time before
he decides to swallow it, for his nature
is cunning. When he does, leave him
five minutes to meditate on it, then pull
strongly and steadily. He will make
convulsive jumps, but be calm and do
not let his excitement gain on you.
Draw him np, et voila votre diner.1'
London News.
A New Danger to Firemen.
At a recent fire in the basement of a
Chicago electric power house the fire
men had great trouble in getting at the
blaze. They had to chop holes in the
floor of the dynamo room before they
eould get a stream on the blazing pile
of waste. Not waiting for the dynamos
to be shut down, they crept through the
black smoko and turned a stream on the
flames. In an instant they were flung
to the ground with great violence, and
the hose was cent flying into the air. A
heavy enrrent had passed along the
stream and had shocked them. Though
unconscious when rescued, they quickly
recovered. Electrical Review.
The Scientific Mind.
At the Vagabond' dinner Sir John
Robinson said he remembered in 1870,
when the air was full of war and the
news intelligence thrilling, he met a
man of scirnce who asked, "My dear
fellow, when are you going to give us
something of interest in the papers
something about huh spots?'" Thi was
not a scientific joke, Sir John assured
his audience, but an actual symptom of
that man's mental condition. West
minster Gazette.
Mud wasp manifest great ingenuity
not only iu building their nests, but in
placiug them in localities where they
will not be injured by rain or predacious
For over 400 years every Parthian
king bore tho name of Arsaces iu addi
tion to his own.
Do not talk of your private, personal
or family matters.
It affords us pleasure to call especial
attention to tho advertisement of the
Mother's Friend," appearing In this
Tho Brad field Regulator Co., of At
lanta, Ga.,havo at great expense Issued
a most attractlvo and meritorious book,
which they mall free, containing infor
mation of tho greatest value and Im
portance to all ladies expecting to
become mothers.'
That tho "Mother's Friend'' is a
remedy wonderful in Its effects, and
relieves tho expectant mother of in
credible suffering and robs tho final
hour o' confinement of Its dread, pain
and terror, is fully attested by tho ex
perience of happy mothers all over
this continent.
A perusal of tho book will convince
any lady, and the use of "Mother's
Friend" causa her to become its en
thusiastic friend, blessing the hour
when first she heard of it and was in
duced to use it.
Send your name and address to The
Bradlield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ca.,
and receive in return, fiee, this excel
lent book, ''To Expectant Mothers,"
containing Information of value to all
Every wise man has a parachute of
prudence attached to his balloon of enthusiasm.
Cultivate a short memory as to all
We, the undersigned, tender ou
cere thanks to the friends and t
bors for sympathy and cour
kindly tendered during the tlc
and burial of our beloved husband
father, also to the choir for their
ing which was highly appreciated:
Mrs. Wm. sciiheini
Houiethlug to Depend on.
Mr. James Jones, of the drug fin
Jones & Son, Cowden, 111., In speaj
of Dr. King's New Discovery, says!
last winter bis wife was attacked
La (irippe, and her case grew so
ious that physicians at Cowden
1'anna could do nothing for her
seemed to develop Into Hasty
sumption. Having Dr. King's
Discovery in store, and selling lo
it, he took a bottle home, and to
surprise of all she began to get b
from first dose, and half dozen d
bottles cured her sound and well.
King's New Discovery for Cons
tiou, Coughs aud Colds is guarar
to do this good work. J ry it.
trial bottles at Flsk Bangs' Drug S
Man v cases of "Grinne" have 1;
been cured by Ono Minute Cough U
This preparation seems espec!
adapted to tne euro oi inis disease
acts ouicklv thus preventing se
complications and bad effects in w
this disease often leaves tho patx
w. 1. uenedici & jo.
Of any Suit in Stock
Briber's Clearing Sal
The time to buy Clothing Cheap has arrived. Tho people of Belding
surrounding country will never see the time when they can buy Clothin
('heap as wo are going to sell durinjj this great Clearing Sale. During
months of February and March we shall oiler the choice out of our;,e
stock of
This includes our whole stock no reserve.
Now is the time to buy $15 to $22 Suits and O
coats for the small sum of $9.75.
Men's Overcoats from $4 to $9,75. Men's S
from $4 to $9.75. Boys Suits and Overcoats very Che
Think and wonder, if you will, but don't wait until tho choice Suita
Coats are gone. If you do, you lose bargains that don t come every day.
offer all Furnishing Goods at the same sweeping reduction.
ODD RANTS as low as 75c. Good heavy Rants from $l,$1.25to
i our choice out of about four hundred pairs Fine Dress Rants for $J.G7.
Our object In making this big sacrifice sale is to raise money. We i
debt, and must raise money to pay our creditors. Nothing but Cash wil
our goods at the prices quoted.
DRY GOODS We are now commencing to receive the new spring H
in Prints, Outings, Dress Goods, Laces anc' other lines. A few more Lti
Cloaks, Jackets und Capea 3 close at cost.
Bridgo St., Belding.
Bricker's Stord
Say, Mister.'
Where is the Best Place to buy
Why, Reynolds beats them all
He is down on Pleasant St.
Give him your order and you
will not be sorry.
The New York Weekly TriW
Farmers and Villag
Fathers and Hothed
Sons and Daughter
All the Family.
With the close of the Presidential campaign THK TRIH
recognizes the fact that the American people are now anxioJ
give their attention to home and business interests. To meet!
condition, politics will have far less space and prominence,
another State or National occasion demands a renewal of the
for the principles for which THK TRIHUNE has labored froi
inception to the present day, and won its greatest victories.
livery possible effort will be put forth, and money freely
to make THK WEEKLY TRIBUNE preeminently a NATIO
FAMILY NEWSPAPER, interesting, instructive, cnterta
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We furnish The Banner" and The New-York Weekly Tribune,'
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tnalltM to you.

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