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H. LAl'ti AM,
UunlncHS Manager
HURSDAY, SKIT. 23, 1897.
There are now 43 Republicans In the
jenate, 32 silver Democrats, 5 silver
Republicans, so-called, 5 Populists,
nd 3 sound-money Democrats. The
Jeath of Senator George and tho ab-
nce of a senator from Oregon leaves
le total number bi.t 8. With a lie-
ubllcan seated from Oregon, and ono
ected in Ohio, that party would, with
po co-optration of one Populist, con-
ol the senate. Even if a Democrat
Jure appointed to succeed Senator
orge, it is considered probable that
least one of tho Populists would co
Verate with tho Kepubllcans, thus
nving that party in control of tho
nate with tho aid of the vice-presi-
nt's vote. Thirty-one seats in tho
hate are to bo tilled between now and
irch 4, 18U9. Eleven of these are
w filled by Republicans, fifteen by
ver Democrats, two by Populists,
k by silver Republicans, and ono by
Vound-money Democrat. It is con
ued that tho Republicans will elect
lators from Maine, Vermont, Massa-
isetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut,
nnsvlvania, Iowa, Michigan, and
Vinesota; the Democrats in Virginia,
rlda, South Carolina, Texas, and
bably Missouri and Tennessee; and
silveriles in Nevada, Montana and
Vh. With the Ohio Republicans
bessful this fall, the Republican
ty is practically sure of 41 votes in
senate in the last half of McKin-
s term, and the silver Democrats
he establishments of postal savings
k is no new idea and it has been ad
ited in the past by many able men.
the scheme has a new friend in
Jtraaster General Gary. That gen-
pan is quoted as saying: "1 am in
r of the postal savings bank plan
Luse I believe it will confer great
fits on people who live in out-of-
jway places where they are deprived
1 banking facilities. If put in oper
1 it will bring out many thousands,
aps millions of money now hoard-
way in chimneys, stockings or
"8, and will give thousands of peo
in interest in the government,
said that a national debt is a
nal blessing; but a national bank
is kind would be even more of
' Mr. Gary's support will doubt
jlve the movement a great im
., nor has he been idle in prepar-
"ihe munitons of war. For six
hs, Mr. Gary says, he has been
:ting information about the work
)f the ostal saving bank of other
Vries, and the results of bis inves-
ton are to be embodied in his an-
l-'eport to the President and may
ippear in the draft of a bill lor
fctablishtnent of a system of sav-
nstltutions which he will present
gress in December.
r the southern two-thirds and
settled sections of Minnesota, all
lebts are being paid more gener
k&n ever before, farmers aro pil
p money in the banks and it
Klike a grand mortgage-lifting
ign this winter. Tho fall in tho
!5t rate on well seen red farm
as remarkable in Minnesota as
l:e phenomenon is in Kansas.
uch of the money on goodsecur-
now easy at 5 to 8 per cent.,
s for several years up to this
r the pievaillng rates were G to
ent. Orange Judd Farmer.
theory of a close relation be-
Hrices of silver and farm pro-
jiaa received another back-set
lie recent statements of tho
uf the cotton crops. The in-
oi value in the United States
r compared with two years ago
30,000,000, although the quan
Juced is much less. When it
lered that silver has fallen 110
,. in value meantime, it is hard
ne how the silver theorists ex
is advance. They haven't the
a famine abroad" as an excuse
x-candidate Bryan kindly tell
'era how it Is that Ohio XX
icti sold in New York at 17
pound one year ago, is uow
g 20 in that market? Here U
.pso of more than 60 per cent.
phen silver as falling 20 per
el no "famine" to charge it up
Diimous poetical pettifoggery,
body believes. "Being paid
tje mortgage holders taking
a wnil 'ranplinL'M the debt.
!elf-same sort of prosperity Is
11 n Nebraska and tho Dakotas.
uut the Orange Judd Farmer's
lions and reports. More ,4po-Htlfoggery?"
chlgan Farmer, of Detroit,
ehat Michigan wool will be
je Boston market next year
tr?nts; Michigan delaine, 20
lev, Michigan line unwaMicu
'-blood unwashed, 20 to 21
ls trust this prediction may
lI. Lemon internal reveuno
f ,,as apK)luted B. J. Lowrey
0je Howard City Record as
Could n t have pu ked out
New From Here anil There Coudented
Fur Our Headers
C. B. Johnson is tho new postmaster
at Palo.
Sunday school rally day at Ionia
Saturday, held at the fair ground.
Clara Miles is homo from Holding
for a three weeks' visit. Coral News.
Greenville exject8 to have a big day
there tomorrow (Friday) with its Good
Roads League meeting.
The facilities for getting rich in the
Klondike are only surpassed by the fa
cilities for starving or freezing to death.
The St. Johns village council asked
tho marshal to resign and avoid being
removed for neglect of duty.
Mrs. K. S. Stebbins has been visiting
friends in Langston and Beldlng this
week. Stanton Herald.
Miss Hattie Wortman of Beldlng,
has been spending the past week hero
and in this vicinity visiting friends.
Palo Post.
After a thorough investigation of
the Ludwig Herman supposed murder,
tho sheriff and ollicers have decided
that it was a case of suicide.
Mrs. Ann Hall, of Ionia, died Tues
day. She was 75 years of ago and was
the widow of Hon. Frederick Hall.
She was probably tho wealthiest per
son in the county.
The Merchants and Manufacturers
exchange of Detroit at their last meet
ing jumped onto the interchangeable
mileage book adopted by tho railroads,
and done it hard too.
Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Lewis of Ionia
and their three children were taken
violently ill with symptoms of poison
ing Monday morning. Tho family ate
peaches for lunch Sunday night and
some physicians ascribe their illness
to the fact that probably the fruit was
atTected by yellows. All five will re
cover. G. S. Llnderman, an aged widower
who lived alone, was found dead in h!s
bed Saturday morning at Muir. Ap
pearances indicate that he had been
dead at least two days. He had been
on the decline for several weeks, Dr.
D. C. Smith being ills attending physi
cian. Tho doctor and others tried to
persuade him to have a house-keeper
and nurse. Although he was a man of
considerable means he declined to
Incur the expense.
State Oil Inspector S. W. LaDue, of
Coral, was in town Thursday. If he
had remained here until after dark
and undertook to made his escape by
artlticlal light made from oil peddled
around by the Standard Oil Co., he
would have paid for a night's lodging
before he left town. The "cheap
John" oil is enough to make a saint
swear, who allowing us to judge is
in outer darkness in consequence of
miserable ioor oil. Edmoro Journal.
Getting pretty late in the season for
finh stories but the Muir Tribuue
springs this: C. B. Halsted caught a
pickerel a few days ago that had evi
dently been having fun with the boys.
It was a big fellow that in health
would have weighed fifteen or sixteen
pounds but which in reality only
weighed about four pounds. Four
fish-hooks in Its stomach and gills rep
resented the failure of four fishermen
to land him, and prevented him from
eating, so that he was slowly starving
to death.
Oscar Lane and Andrew Cauavan
living near Long Lake were arrested
Monday on complaint of John Sayler, a
neighbor. SherllT Jordan served the
warrants and this morning they were
arraigned before Justice Curry charg
ed with being drunk ond disorderly.
In the case of Canavan, who is an old
man and a pensioner, a plea ofguilty"
was entered and ho was allowed to go
on suspended sentence. Lane pleaded
"not guilty" and his examination will
be held on Oct. 5. Sheriff Jordan, in
his search for testimony in the Her
man case, ran onto this gang at the
home of Barry Clark, near Long Lake,
and he says it was a pretty drunk
crowd. Neighbors complain of the
goings on at Clark's, and the arrest of
Canavan and Lane is only a prelimi
nary steps toward stopping the nuis
ance. The old man had just drawn
his pension and had a gallon of whiskey
in tho house besides a pretty good skin
full when picked up Jy the sheriff.
Ionia Sentinel.
Public-spirited citizens of Grand
Rapids are making arrangements for a
season of fun unprecedented in the his
tory of that or any other city. Four
days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday, October 20 to 29 inclusive
are to be given up to festivities.
Tho arrangements for the affair are in
tho hands of a lariro committee of well
known kuslness men, and Col. M. A.
Aldrieh is director general. Some
idea of the Immensity and interest of
the carnival may be gathered from
the following outlino of the program:
Tuesday, Oct. 20 Governor's day
governor nngree anu sian ana ex
Governors Alger, Luco and Rich aro
to be invited as tho special gucstsj of
day. Wednesday, Oct. 27 Fraternal
day. This day will be given up to fes
tivities by fraternal organizations.
Thursday, Octolxr 2S Industrial day.
This day will be devoted to displays of
organized lalor and tho products of
the manufactories of Grand Rapids.
Friday, () t. 2!-Carnival day. This
day will eloso the session of festivities
with everything and everylsxly in car-
nival attire. During tho entiro four
days, there will bo a Midway Plalsance
and all sorts of shows and all kinds of
fun In the streets. Low rates will bo
given on all tho railroads, and excur
sion trains will run to Grand Rapids
from all directions.
Tho following letter was recently re
ceived from W. II. Schrooder by his
family from tho Klondike country. Mr.
Schroeder was formerly postmaster at
Lake Ann In Grand Traverse county
and went to Alaska about a year ago:
"Dawson, N. T. W., Canada, July 14,
1807. I came hereto buy winter grub.
This is a better place than last camp
at tho Inlet. Dollars are about as
plentiful as pennies aro in some
places. I worked 12 days and 8 hours
and made $192, or $10 per day. But
lots of people aro coming in every day,
so labor will bo down to $10 soon. I
am not working now, but am prospect
ing; have a claim, if I can hold it, that
is worth some money, so it will take
from now till fall to cut wood, sink
shaft, build cabin for tho winter and so
get ready for work. Men hero spend
their money as fast as they make it.
Some havo spent $300 since they came
into town and now are broke, but they
have good ground left. Potatoes are
worth $1.00, bacon $1.00 per pound,
beans 2."c, rolled oats 2oc per pound,
and everything in tho same propor
tion. Would not ad vise any one to
come here, as they take their lives In
their hands in coming, as it is danger
ous. Would not take tho trip again
for $2,000. Just to como down tho
river at one place we go a mllo in less
than a minute and at other places if it
was not for good management we
should havo been drowned. But now
we are out of danger as the river here
is not swift, so you need not worry, as
1 can get here to write often, and after
my grub gets on the creek I will not
1x3 down until spring."
The republic of Honduras lias practi
cally sold out to a syndicate of Amer
ican capitalists. This combination of
capital is known as tho Valentino syn
dicate, with headquarters in New York.
The Honduras government has agreed
to surrender all Its governmental func
tions to tho syndicate, Tho latter will
begin operations by October 1, when
$1,000,000 is to bo paid to carry on the
expenses of tho Honduras government,
and the government is to turn over to
the syndicate all its revenues, and the
latter is to control all tho custom
houses, etc., to reimburse itself. Some
of the money has already been paid.
The syndicate also agrees to relieve
the Honduras government of all re
sponsibility for the foreign debt of
$3o,000,000, owed in England, and will
compromise or settle with the foreign
creditors. This arrangement seems to
satisfy the Honduras officials, who will
have fixed incomes with a solid treas
ury to draw from, and no trouble in
collecting revenue for government ex
penses. Tennessee's centennial exposition at
Nashville is surpassing ail records in
exposition finances If the attendance
continues as large as heretofore it will
pay back to the stockholders dollar
for dollar and possibly a small divi
dend in addition. It was an ambitious
project to launch in the depth of a bus
iness depression, and this success
shows that the times have not been
half as hard as the talk.
We extend to our many friends and
neighbors who gave us their spmpathy
and assistance in our recent afllietion.
the sickness and death of Lucinda
Slawson Day, our heartfelt thanks.
We thoroughly appreciate the many
favors and kindness shown us.
oscak A. Day and Family,
Mrs. Anna slawson,
Mks. L. H. Wkkks.
Something to Impend on. 6
Mr. James Jones, of tho drug firm of
Jones & Son, Cowden, 111., In speaking
of Dr. King's New Discovery, says that
last winter his wife was attacked with
La Grippe, and her caso grew so ser
ious that physicians at Cowden and
Panna could do nothing for her. It
seemed to develop into Hasty Con
sumption. Having Dr. King's New
Discovery in store, and selling lots of
it, ho took a bottle home, and to tho
surpriso of all she began to get better
from first dose, and half dozen dollar
lottles cured her sound and well. Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds is guaranteed
to do this good work. Try it. Free
trial bottles at Fisk Bangs' i)rug Store.
Chas. Jakeway Is on tho sick list.
Len Gray is nursing a sore thumb.
Little child of J. Kropf Is very sick.
Tho applo dryers aro commencing to
Mr. Gray killed a largo owl Friday
Arthur Weeks is tho proud owner of
a wheel.
Little Grace Gray is visiting at S.
John Rennells is canvassing for Dr.
Chase's book.
P. W. Byrno had a sick horse Sun
day morning.
Len Gray did not umpire the ball
gamo at Grattan Centre.
A surpriso party was given at Dick
McCeo's Wednesday evening.
The frost Monday night nipped a
young man's moustache, not far away.
Ham Blaser is putting in sixteen
acres of wheat on the Flanagan farm.
Miss Agnes Walch returned to Grand
Rapids, Saturday, where she is work
ing. The frost of Monday night changed
the color of otato vines and also pota
to bugs.
A lady in this vicinity put a quilt on
the frames a 4 o'clock and completed it
at 0 o'clock. Who can beat that.
Old People. (5)
Old people who require medicine to
regulate tho IkjwcIs and kidneys will
find the true remedy in Electric Bit
ters. This medicine does not stimulate
and contains no whiskey nor other in
toxicant, but acts as a tonic and
alterative. It acts mildly on tho
stomach and bowels, adding strength
and giving tone to tho organs, therebv
aiding nature in tho jerformanco of
the functions. Electric Bitters is an
excellent appetizer and aids digestion.
Old peoplo find it just exactly what
they need. Fifty cents and $1.00 per
bottle at Fisk Bangs' Drug Store.
In choosing bulbs, especially hya
cinths, purchasers should remember
that the heaviest, plumpest ones, with
the smoothest, glossiest skin, are the
best. Some kinds aro naturally larger
and smoother thau others, but even
among the smallest and roughest there
is choice, and the bulbs that are least
rough and shrunken will be thoso in
best condition.
The great flagstaff in the arboretum
at Kew is one of the most conspicuous
landmarks of the neighborhood. It is
the second of two spars which were pre
sented to the Royal gardens by Mr. Ed
ward Stamp of the him of Messrs. An
derson, Anderson & Co. The first was
from British Columbia and was 118
feet in length. It was broken in the
course of erection in 1859. The existing
ppar came from Vancouver's island and
is 159 feet in length.
A farmer of Ozella, Fla., recently
found a hairpin made of something
like guttapercha four feet below the
surface in an Indian shell mound.
J-fOUSKS and Lots can b
fo bought of the Helding Huild
ing and Loan association cheap
and on easy terms. Knquire at
their otTice in the new Helding
block Cor. Main and Hridge st.,
also houses to rent and money to
We, tho undersigned, do hereby
agree to refund tho money on two lu
cent bottles of Baxter's Mandrake Bit
ters, if it falls to euro constipation, bil
iousness, sick headache, or any of the
diseases for which it is recommended.
Wo also guarantee one bottle to prove
satisfactory or money refunded.
W. I. Bknkdict,
W. A. Burr,
Fisk Bangs,
holmks & connkll
Insuro In tho Old Reliablo
Oflloe In the new Helding block corner of Muln
and Mrklge street, Keliling.
J'ro Jfisiimnoo n &(attnlt y on City
nntl 'nrrii irtpcrty.
Who ran think
of lome Dimple
th lux to latent?
Wanted-An Idea
PKtct your Men; thy mar trlM you wealth
Write JOHN WKUDEKHURN CO., Patent Attor
neys. Washington, I). V., tor their fi.Hui prise offer
nil list of two hundred lurenilons wanted.
I $illinery Opening
You arc Cordially Invited to Attend
the Winter Opening of
? I will have on Exibition all the Latest Styles in Street
T and Dress Hats. Parlors over O'Bryon's Dry Goods Store
To the Ladies of Beldin and vicinity. It is worth
something to know where to get Millinery that is
direct from the Centre of Fashion. All we ask is
a call and you will know where to go in the future
for Millinery that is up-to-date. We show Lon
don, Paris and New York fashions exclusively. Ex
amine the goods, the style and ask the price. We
leave the rest to you judgement.
Over llelding SavlngH Hunk. J. HATTIE BURKHOLDER.
Is not complete without all the mod
ern accessories in toilet artices in
silver. We have manicure sets,
cologne water bottles in silver fili
gree work, combs, brushes, hand
mirrors, cut glass, smelling salts
bottles, with silver or gold tops,
hat brushes, and Silver Novelties in
new designs.
"We sometimes Sleep.'
Will Ricaby
Range or Heating Stove
If so don't fail to come and see me.
I am agent for
All of the above are fully guaranteed by makers and warranted by
myself. Also have complete stock HEAVY AND SHELF HARDWARE,
BUILDERS HARDWARE, ETO. Thanking you for past favors, I am
Yours to please,
Tio oo(io'h iiriviirc
People's Grocery !
VERY basket (hat comes
from our store; every ar
ticle is the best procurable tor
the price and carries with it
that feeling of satisfaction
which is experienced when
much pure wholesome food is
bought with little money.
Better pay us a visit this
JMi mil
The Variety Store
Is making preparations for good times, knowing that Good Goods for
little uiont) wins the race. We have a new line of
ilno Cntun,
ilcnutiTul Dituu r Sots,
Clinmbor Sets,
Mriss mitl Dwtu'iitotl L,nntps,
Gltisswnriy of A I mis.
JtirtIliiors unci ?orcr iatst
Gmnltownra Cheaper Thuti JSver.
Take a look at our !lork before Inlying elsewhere.
8 bars Laundry Soap for J.c.
Main Street.
19 said to be very abundant in tho Klondike country, but to obtain
it is u perilous adventure. Hut you run no risk in buying Grocer
lea of Reynolds for you can get tho best tho land affords with but
uery little Gold value. Aho a good variety of School supplies,
consisting of tablets, pens, pencils, ink, mucilage and nice Imx pa
per. Just around the corner on Pleasant street.
I'oiiMfirif Ntreef.
. Reynolds tho Grocer.
Speaking; of Drafts
Wo respectfully call your attention to tho fact that we issue Drafts that
can Ixi cashed at par in any city or town in the United States or Canada. We
issue Drafts that can be cashed at par in any European city. Wo issue them
all at LOW UATHS. When you desiro to send any money away it matters
not where, call buy one. They aro chniii. They aro CONVKNIKNT. Thev
are SAFE.
I?rFire Insurance written TINS COMMKItCIAL HANK,
at current rates. vM. p. SANDELL, Casiiikk.

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