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Belding banner. (Belding, Mich.) 1889-1918, May 26, 1898, Image 6

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Nov. 21, 1H87.
Lv. Howard city
Lv. NorthUrceuvllle.
Lv. (Jreenvllle
Ar. Ileldlns
Ar. Ionia
Ar. LutihlDK
Ar. Detroit
p in a in p at p in
.... no s aw
rt 31 l OS 4 '-'(J
a :ui I 10 4 2H
AM 1 27 4 45
.... 7 V.S 2 01 5 20
.... H 54 J l 7 3d
II 40 5 4f) 10 20
"alui a in p m v ui
H ( 1 10 10
10 fxl 3 34 8 48
7 30 12 Otl 4 fw 10 10
8 37 fi 30 ....
8 IU 12 M 5 47 ... ,
H 21; 2 V.' -W
h .ST I 3 M rt 2S
Lv. Detroit
Lv. Lansing
Lv. Ionia
Lv. Melding
Lv. tlreenvllle
Lv. North Greenville..
Ar. Howard i:ity
Additional trains lt-avo (Sreem illt fir Melding
at H:50, ami IO:.V) a. ni. und rt:mi p. in. Leave
Melding for t Jrccnvlllo at 10:1.) u. in., 7: 'JO p. iu.
a mi i nil
a ml p in
12 20 Ar....(3rand ItutiUN. ..Lv.
7 101
8 OS
4 20
5 18
5 M
II !!
10 4
10 10
8 32
7 :v
Ceilar Springs
Nortti Umnville
Stanton ....
Lv Saginaw Ar.
8 42
7 21
0 20 0
y :w rt M
11 :d vt 3o
10 30 7 0.-i
7 So 4 4."
Q F. YVkhstkk, Uko. DkHavkn.
Agent, General 1'ass'r Ag't.
Melding. Grand Rapid.
Grand Rapids & Indiana It. It.
lime card in effect Dec, 5, )s!7.
(il)INO SlU'TH.
p m
f 25
8 15
fl 3H
7 21
7 50
V 05
No 7jNo I;
p in a m
a in p in a ni
o :m 5 15 II 15
5 4ii 4 33 10 17
27 4 IH'10 23
2 15
7 45' t J rand itapuls ai
8 21 ! .... Kockford....
8 :w ..Cedar Springs.
8 5l . Howard City. .
2 51
3 05
3 28
4 12
'i0 3 52 1 W 55
ST, 3 00, 13
.Hig Uapids...
..Keed City...
. .Cadillac
3 57
3 25
2 05
a in
4 42.10 13
8 40
7 40
5 45' 11 13
1 30
p in
p in
7 50
9 20
Traverse City..
. . . 1'etosUev
Ill 15
10 iiul y 15
y oo! 8 25
2 4:
10 40 4 20
The G. It. & I. "Michigan in Suniiner" eon
taining maps, views and descriptions of Michi
nan Summer lienor!, sent tin application to
U. L. Loi'KWdoii, 1. 1. vt T. A.,
Grand Kapids, Mich.
We, tho iinilersined,do hereby ajree
to refund the money on two 23-eent
bottles of Baxter's Mandrake Hitters If
it fails to cure constipation, biliousness,
sick headache, or any of the diseases
for whieh it is recommended. Also will
refund the money on a 50-eent bottle of
Downs' Elixir, if it does not euro any
cough, eold, eroup, whooping cough or
throat or lung diniculty. We also
guarantee one 2"-eent liottle of either
of tho above to prove satisfactory or
money refunded.
W. I. 1u:nhdict,
Fisiv Hangs,
1 double stirfacer and matcher, counter
thaft and belts.
1 single surfacer and matcher, counter
shaft and bolts.
1 pony plainer, counter shaft and belts.
1 morticer, 1 tenouter and fixtures
belts, etc.
1 resawing machine arid belts.
Kip saw tables and cutoff tables with
saws and belts.
Lots of pulleys, shafting and shaving
2 stoves, tire proof safe, desk, chairs,
table, etc., porch fixtures, spindles,
colums, railings, mouldings, cas
ings, head and base blocks, hard
wood flooring", base boards, cheery
lumber, surfaced cherry waiiiM ot
ing, oak and sycamore lumber, 1
pair of bobs, 1 spring wagon, tent
and many other things.
Farming lands, houses and lots in and
near Belding. Call on V. l Spen
cer for particulars.
Spvnvor V- Hills.
Should be la Every Heme and Library.
Tfis People's Ble lllslonj
I writtPi) by Rk'ht Hon. Wiliiiini Kwurt (il iil-toiio,
J- -Hreinier of Oreiik Diitinn urn! Irelnml, li-i t-r.
Kim.; Uv. A. M. hiiyrn. LUieen'H ( olle':. Otfoiat, hn..
Iiv. Smimel Ives I'lirtiis, 1. )., Chiivirn 'I lieo!iii'iei(
Seminary. Cliit'ieto. 111.; liev. k re.li ic VN . I iirrnr. I l ,
K.K.S., llfiin of CiinM'rlMiry, iiiiterlmry, J ritf : l!iv.
):!rniT ll.Ciil'eti, Il.l.,'l ultH Collect', iTVii!.. M.h.
Hv. l-riuik VV (iuiihutilui, l. Ii , Ainmur In-'nui".
t'li iiirit. III.; K-. (iwirw F. l et.HM it. I.l . M;ir l
Imiiih iTMHliyH-riiin 4 'ln.rrh, Lonilini. f tin.; liev. K. H.
Mac Arthur. O.O., Calvury PitptiM t'lnin-h, Nw V.rk
City. N. V.; Kv. Martyn SiiiuiiihiI.i-II, lll., Mmu
Mri-nt Kren Hii.1i-t Chuirli, i-tim. Mm ; l!v. 1
M. Hri-tMl. l.H.Kirt Mft h-xli-t J imoiiI l.urrl
J vaiiHioii, III ; KfV. W. 'I . Moorf, 1 I, 1 ., " 'I li lir'v
li.in i 'oiiiiiiiiiiAPiillh," LoihI'MI, 1 tik ; lii'V. tilnnl
J,vcri-tt H.i If, Smith Ciiiivicunt imnil htircli,
ldMton, M.: lv, .foifph fu'iir lti-ft . 1 1 I . pxlfviiti
Collet', li u linion I, 1 ;n rr. ; H-v. i'i'nir Jifit (r-iry,
a'i'Y.i I'nivfrsity, I-ieiK. (riniiriy; lifV. Wni.
'lfiivtr Wilkinnii, D.l, Cniver-ity l ( lihwn, i'ln
euoii. IP.; K'v. S.inim-1 Hurt, l.l.. 1 ri n it y i Ihi
)lnrif.inl.('nri ; Kv .l. Monro (iilion. 1 .l . St . .IoIhi'h
V fMl I rnlij tcrntn Church. IxhmIom. Imiii.: liv. OforK
C l-orinitr, I.I. it., Tl. li-in.l, P-itin. Mhhh.
Ilil'l I.Alt HtlllOV- I'M'it. f7 full-i'iiv tHut ra
tion, trvlt ..lk.Mt, rluth, Jl hull Irvunt, f.'.ni, full
jpvrtnf. i.tvi.
t Alt To I UlTin. 1 ,?in iipp, 20 f ull-t'iico llhiBtra.
tlorm. Stjl A Kilt txltriw, full Invuiit. oiih voliiiiiti,
f.'ii; Stylo H-twi volimi. full l.'vant. tiifll. tJMt;
In I! 1'A 14 I S, ipiarto it. iviw iitot ion to tiirti, t ifl
lHtr fovi-rs, wwi.il. ti iiiniu'd ttliifhl ly. tl.lfl eurh mrt.
For in nil lii.iktiir- nixl hv lxiokx'l li-r . V"T
furthfr inforniiitioi,, writ IIKNKV . Sll I' I'A HI .
I'ulilmlnT.U ami ll Munrtw St I hi t. Chioiiuo, lllinoi
The Horror-Stricken
EmDire. a new book
FOR ACENTS, describing
the Rtrat rilapuc. famine, ami earthquake. Ac
( urate and authentic. Contains over 1 oo illustra
tions from actual photographs. No other book
like it. Agent wanted everywhere. Liberal
Ttrma. Unte at onre for terms and enclose
$1.00 (or prospectus. Address
Sole Publishers. Elkhart, Indiana
Tradc Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anron npndlng a nkr.lrh and flfucrlptlon may
Quickly aoprtiri fntr opinion free whether an
'riTPnlloti Is prohnMr rmtcntaMn. rommnnlrn
t lotin t rtctly rinrii1ptitlnl. lIin1bKili on I'atenta
nt free. OMt nirenrjr fur fmrtinnn pateTitn.
l'HfMitn tnkon throuifh Munn h Co. reeelTO
HrcUU notice, without clmrtre, In tb
Scientific Jlinericait.
I A hund-iomplf inntrteil weekly.
T.anreat rlr-
dilution of mi? prlentiflo lournnl
Terms. . m
Tfnr: fourmiioths.il. r"oll hy nil Tiewgilfn)frs.
HUNfl & Co.56'8-" New York
Uranch tifflee, 635 F Ft., Washington, D. C.
'nr. KUea and
.uracil atreet
Rate, Sl-'iO U
S?.oo wer Day.
Only ens Mnek fro an WooHworal ta4
JfTeron ,At. Kle.rate Servleo, Strata
If eat, Kleetrln I.l(hta, Tllo Floora, Kte.
H. H. JAMES A SON, Prop'rs.
Maklug- m Kefrigerator IMant That Coola
llutter Without Ire.
In answer to an inquiry iu The Coun
try Gentleman on how to make a cool
ing room for butter and how to keep it
eoul after made a writer gives direc
tions fur the construction of n refriger
ating plant. In thid plant the ammonia
machine is used, which reduces tho
temperature without the use of ice.
The butter must bo kept all to itself
iu the conliug room. Tho cooling room
must bo perfectly insulated, or heat
will get iu, no matter how thick its
walls. The room and the machine which
makes it cool are described as follows:
Tho usual practice for iusulatiug
atone walls would bo applicable here
to wit, to coat the interior of tho walls
thoroughly with cement, pitch or ouo
of the heavy refrigerating paints made
for insulating purposes, to fill up all
crevices in the wall and make a smooth
surface, then eet up 2 by 12 iuch joists
vertically at, say, 12 inch centers and
uail rough boards horizontally to the
joists, filling the space between tho
joists with dry sawdust, this sawdust
space beiug protected top uud bottom
against all pusible leaks of moisture.
Over tho boards lay two courses of iu
sulatiug (not merely building) paper,
breaking joiuts by lapping the paper,
theu uail 2 by 4 inch or 2 by (J inch
joists again, breaking joints with the
first course, set vertically, nailing ou
more rough boards and two more courses
of insulating paper as beforo, thus
forming a dead air spuco from 4 to ii
inches wide, ceiling tho whole inside
with dresseil and matched flooring (if
Dot too expensive, spruce would be tho
ideal lumber) fur inside finish. A still
better insulation would bo to make two
air spacen, putting one of them next the
wall, but 1 think the above would au
swer in this case and would be moder
ate in cost as well as saving of space.
The door should also bo carefully made
and hung, being insulated with paper,
dead air space, etc. Cold storage doors
may now be bought ready to hang and
are better and much cheaper in tho long
run than any tho local carpenter or
builder is likely to supply.
As to tho machine, ono of the "small"
type would answer, such ns are built
by a number of makers in tho east and
west. Taking as a basis a G by G inch
ammouia a compressor, which would be
ample for present needs (and also for a
space double the size named, iu case of
desired eulargeintut of cooling room
space, at no exp use for machinery ex
cept piping iu the cooling room), such a
machine, including ammonia charge,
ammonia condenser, piping for cooling
surface in the room and everything
complete and first class, arranged for
direct expansion of ammonia in the
room pipes, would cost in the neighbor
hood of, say, 700 f. o. b. at tho factory
and would weigh about 3,500 pounds.
The cost for setting up would bo
about 1 5 a day and expenses of one man
from the shop till his return thereto,
tho work of erecting requiring about a
week's time. It is also customary to
keep the erecting engineer about the
plant for a week longer that ho may
instruct the engineer who is to operate
tho plant after his departure.
Tiiis is the direct cooling system, the
movement of ammonia gas through the
piping carrying oil the heat from the
room, which in turn is removed from
tho ammonia gas by the cooling water
passing over the condenser piping. If
the eninu is run continuously day and
night, this would be tho preferable sys
tem, but where tho engine is stopped
at night it is usual to use the indirect
or brine circulating system. Tho brine
by this method is first cooled by ex
panding or vaporizing the ammonia iu
coils of pipu placed iu a brine tank,
and then the brine is circulated through
tho cooling pipes iu tho room. The con
struction of a plant on this system
would cost somewhat more, because the
tank and its piping and tho brine circu
lating pump would iiave to be provided
iu addition, but it has this advantage
that a body of cold may bo stored up in
the brine for circulation through the
cooling pipes iu tho room during the
night, thus permitting the engiue and
compressor (ice machine) to be shut
down overnight.
A ten horsepower engine would be
more than ample, since tho compressor
would not need power exceeding four
horsepower. Tor the condenser there
would be required four gallons of water
per minute at a temperature of 70 de
grees, und more if the temperature is
higher tlmn that. Assuming that an en
gineer is already employed who could
give the refrigerating machine such at
tention as it may need, tho cost of oper
ating may be estimated as follows:
Cost of four horsepower at $3 per horo-
power per mouth 10 00
17-',M) gallon of water at 10 cents per
I.uijO gallon.- 17 28
Expenses fur oil mid Hundrienper month 10 00
Total $47 "8
Or an average of $1.G7 per day, or,
with an engineer at (50 per month,
i?:j..r7 per day, not including interest on
tho investment.
The machine has obvious advantages
over tho ue of ico.
The milk producers in the vicinity of
New York city are forming an ironclad
utinn to protect themselves from tho
middlemen. They will attend not only
to tho shipping of tho milk, but also to
its distribution in New York city,
wh-re depots will be established. If
they hang together and uho heir brains,
thcio dairy farmers will be able to
coi3 not only with the railroads and
transportation companies, but to keep
the middlemen's profit for their own
pockets. It is a matter of determination
and tisintf their brains.
Old papers for sale at this office
25c per hundred.
Imported Cow Equal to Ueat of liar
II reed. In America.
Here is the picture of a remarkably
fine Guernsey cow, imported from her
native Chauuel island. Tho illustration
is copied from Tho Country Ueutleman.
The Guernsey is making a tight race
with tho honored Jersey for popularity
in America. Tho Jersey suffered groatly
from the story that tho breed was deli
cate and was given to tuberculosis. That,
however, was not the fault of tho Jer
sey herself but of her avaricious and
reckless owners. Bent on having her
make a great record, they fastened her
up in a close stable and stuffed her
night uud day and forced her like a hot-
house cauliflower. At tho same time
they bred these cattle in and iu to the
last degree. The result that followed
was oxactly to bo expected. The origi
nal rugged breed from Jersey became
weak aud diseased.
The liko policy has not yet been pur
sued to the same ruinous extent with
the Guerusey, and it is to be hoped
breeders aud dairymen have now learn
ed better sense. We consider the cow iu
the illustration as fino a spocimeu of
the pure dairy shape as is often seen,
without uuy of tho weakness or under
size that sometimes characterizes milk
cows. She is robust and strong in build.
We commend especially tho form and
position of tho udder. It runs far enough
forward to prevent its being greatly iu
the way of the animal. Her fine, soft
coat and the loug, thick, silky hair of
her tail are also to bo noted. This fine
cow has a record of 55 pounds of milk
in one day.
How He Got Cuntoiuera.
A western farmer who had been sell
ing his milk for 2 cents a quart thought
he would try for a part of tho trade of
a small town near him where the retail
price was G cents. Ho invited the peo
ple to come out to his farm upon a cer
tain day, and he showed them over the
farm, exhibited his stock aud explained
his system of feeding and general man
agement. Then came the milking. The
milkmen came out with clean shirts and
snow white aprous, bringing pails of
hot and cold water. They thoroughly
washed their hands, and tiieu the ud
ders and teats of the cows with warm
water and castile soap, rinsiug them
carefully and wiping dry. The vessels
for holding the milk were bright and
clean, the stables and stalls were clean.
The milk was strained, aerated, quickly
cooled and placed in a cool, clean cellar.
All the details were) explayied to the
visitors as the work progressed, and they
went home satisfied that there they
could obtain clean and wholesome milk.
The next day he sought customers
aud found u market for all he could sup
ply at G cents u quart, or a cent above
the market rate iu the town, and it was
but little more trouble to deliver it than
to have carried it to the railroad station
aud seud it to Chicago for 2 cents a
quart. American Cultivator.
Illufe ting- the Milk Cellar.
A correspondent of Tho New Kng
land Homestead writes: When I put
the milk down in the cellar this spring,
I was greatly troubled by tho mold that
formed wherever I spilled a drop of
milk on the cement floor as well as ou
the shelves aud cupboard doors. I wash
ed und I wiped and I scrubbed, and the
more I fussed aud worked the worse it
became. Finally in desperation I took
some of the lime out of the box iu the
cellar, where it had become air slacked,
and put it ou the cupboard shelves, and,
slipping my hand into a paper sack, I
rubbed it in all over the shelves and
door. Then I scattered some ou the
floor, aud with an old broom scrubbed
it as you would water ou a wood floor.
Then I swept it out, and after that,
whenever I spilled anything I would
immediately cover it with lime. Once
a week I gave everything a good lime
scrubbing and sweeping, and my cellar
was far cleaner und sweeter than it had
been before.
Dairy and Creamery.
Heifers may be bred at from 18
months to b years old. As a rule dairy
cows get their growth before those of
beef breeds. If a heifer is large and
well growu. she may be bred earlier
thau the one of slow growth.
Whitewash your creameries, milk
premises and stables from top to bottom.
Creamery men should not forget that
whitewash and lime are the best aud
cheapest disinfectants and absorbers of
foul odors known.
Itemembt r and forget it not that May
is tho month iu which to breed cows to
come iu fresh in February, aud that no
starter or anything else has been dis
covered that will make the butter come
equal to afresh cow or two in February.
llemember that it takes fodder corn
from 100 to 125 days to mature. If you
waut it ready to feed iu August and
September, when the pastures become
short, couut up the time and plant ac
cordingly. Before you plaut fodder corn bo suro
to test the seed. Much work and many
dollars have been lost because tho dairy
farmer did not examine bis fodder com
seed before planting.
In constructing an ice chamber put
it above the articles that you wish to
havo kept cold. Always put the ico
above, because cold air is heavy and
falls to tho lx)ttotn.
Life is too short for aught but high
Kevatla hied'a Views ou C'actua tlulch and
Coyote City.
Yes," said Nevada Ned, "I'm as
patriotic a citizen as there is in Cactus
Gulch. I'm fer Cactus Gulch against
the world and. especially against that
little settlement of bums and ex con
victs called Coyote City. But this here
municipal patriotism can be carried too
far. Aud I'm of the opinion that our
town council, while, of course, actuated
by tho most praiseworthy motives, have
Ut their zeal get a little reckless."
"Why, what did the town council
do?" I inquired.
"Well, you see, there was a quite a
little rivalry between our town and Co
yote City. We're each tryin to do up
tho other in hustle, enterprise aud ev
erything that goes to make up a pro
gressive modern city. Now, as I said,
I'm for Cactus Gulch first, last and al
ways. I nover go over to Coyote City
!jut what I have a fight beforo I havo
jeen there fivo minutes. When they
lynch one man over there, as soon as
we hear of it wo go at it and lynch
two. If they make big preparations for
a howlin old Fourth of July celebra
tion, wo just do a little hustlin und
beat them by having our Fourth of
July blow out as early as Juno 25. All
this is perfectly legitimate, but the last
wrinklo is just a little too big."
"Yes, but what was it?"
"Why, you see, one of our boys got
shot at Coyote City last week. We
didn't make any fuss over it. Such
things is expected to happen once in
awhile. But it set them fellers over
there to blowin like a steam eugino.
Their little local paper has a whole
page of jokes on tho marksmanship of
our boys, and they've been challengin
us to all sorts of shootin scrapes. Tho
thing was fairly gettiu unbearable, and
last night our town council took ac
tion. Tho council resolved to send word
to Coyote City offcriu to stand ten of
our citizens up in a row iu front of the
postoflice and havo them perfectly un
armed. Coyote City could send over
ten of their be.kt shots, und they could
stand just across the street and shoot at
our men until they had emptied every
chamber in their guns. If anybody was
hit, our town was to bear all tho ex
penses. Now, for one, I don't mind
staudin up there, but I don't just relish
tho idea of havin i'ny guns somewhere
else durin tho performance."
And I turned away, anxious to finish
my business in Cactus Gulch and bo
away beforo this contest of skill took
place. W. G. Brooks iu Up to Date.
True irratii-M.
"I am iu favor of war," shouted tho
politician, addressing a crowd of voters
whom he wished to give him the bene
fit of their snirrages. "I believe in a
foreign policy that will bo felt from
China to Cuba from Moscow to Mud
sock. I believe in the virtue of Ameri
can arms. I worship the old stars aud
stripes. I believe in raising on high on
all occasions"
He glanced around and saw that his
audieucewas composed maiuly of farm
ers. " tho price of wheat."
His patriotic war spirit won him the
pledge of a vote from every man pres
ent. New York World.
Had to Ite Done.
"Must I tear myself away?" ho cried.
"Alas, I fear you must 1" she replied.
There was much of truth in what
they said, too, for they had just discov
ered that some ono had overturned a
pot of glue ou the seat on which he had
thoughtlessly been sitting for tho last
two hours. Unless they could find tho
saw it was evident that he would have
to tear himself away. Chicago Post.
He l'romiftcd.
"Oh, George," she cried after ho had
kissed her, "you'll never tell any one,
will you?'"
"Never have tho slightest fear on
that score," ho replied, aud it must
have been tho way he said it that made
her angry. New York World.
Ilia Motto.
"Of course," said tho householder in
a mild attempt to be gay, "of course
you are a violator of the law as made
by man, but after all"
" Yep, " tho burglar interrupted, "that
is jist what lam after." Cincinnati
No Chance at All.
Frizzell Why, 1 don't believe butter
would melt in her mouth.
Buzzell It wouldn't get a chance at
our house. We never have anything but
oleo. Bostou Transcript.
One Definition.
Tommy Pa, what is "horse sense?'.'
Mr. Callipers It consists in kuowing
when to say neigh, my sou. New York
Would Help Ilia Feeling
Sloppy Rhodes Say, Bo, did ycr
bpar about tie joke er lady plr.od on
Weary here yesterday?
Bo Bummell Nope. Wot wuz it?
Sloppy Rhodes W'y ho told her he
wuz wery sick, an she gavo him a piece
o' soap, told him ter wash his bauds
an ho would feel better. Up to Date.
The common pond frog's natural
lifetime is twelve or fifteen years.
l ' l '5
.r j vt
ilieh lighu.
The man who nonets tbat he bai no
tices frequently overlook lying.
Never put off till tomorrow what you
can get somebody tl to do for you to
day. If fresh ah could to fold iu bottles,
11 oilier tonics would be run out of the
Life is a procession in which the
brass band always quits playing just
before it gets to your house.
When a woman knows how to in
dorse a check, hhe thinks she is too
clever for a mere domestic career.
A woman's patriotism in a secret feel
ing that tho country needs all other
men to fight for it except the one she
loves best. Chicago Kecord.
Mrs. Young I dreamed last night
that mother was coming to stay with
mo for a month.
Mr. Y. Ah, dear one, dreams al
ways go by contraries.
Mrs. Y. And I als t ("named that
you said I couldn't hav.) r i. w dress.
Mr. Y. H'm, funr; , 1 i't it, how
true some dreams come? Pick Me Up.
Not So Stupid.
Hopeful Mother (to benignant gen
tleman) Oh, my poor son is not bright
as yet. Ho seems, indeed, to be very
dense. Yet 1 do not despair. 1 trust his
intellectual powers will increase with
Benignant Gentleman My dear road
am, do not doubt it. Often children
who are precociously bright lose their
cleverness as they grow older, and, iu
fact, become stupid as men or womeu,
whilo the dull youth grows moro acute
and becomes a man of much intellectual
Supposititiously Stupid Sun (to be
nignant gentleman) What a bright
boy you must have been I Judy.
How Mii Looked at It.
"If thero is a war," she said, "I
shall voluntetr, but not as a nurse."
"Theu how will you go?"
"As a vivaudiere. "
"But, my dear girl"
"Oh, you needn't try to discourage
me. I think the vivaudiere costume
would bo much more becoming to me."
J Then he recalled that twice within
the last few months h had taken her
to see a comic opera. Chicago Post.
Not to lie Thought Of.
"Havo you selected your topio for a
graduation e ssay?" said tho dear girl's
"Yes. It is 'The Injurious Restraints
of Superstition, Ancient aud Modern.' "
"That's very interesting. You must
get right to work on it."
"Oh, dear, nu! You wouldn't have me
begin it on Friday, would you?"
Washiugtou Star.
No Chance For Illni.
Two Atlanta darkies wero discussing
the war situation yesterday. "Well,
sub," said one, "wo u sho' gone dis
timol Dey aiu't no 'scape ter us. We is
toetotally gone 1"
"How come?"
"W'y, dey got guns now dat kin
shoot 20 mile guns tiat'll keepa nigger
runnin all day long n ketch him in de
nighttime!" Atlanta Constitution.
KomethlDg We Can All Cnderatand.
Little Willie Pa, what docs the
word "armistice" mean?
Pa Well, if you and somebody else
wero to get hold of two ends of a poker
aud you discovered that you had the
hot end and so let go, you would be
granting an armistice to the other fel
low. Cleveland Leader.
Not the Coon Kind.
Clip Why ou earth are you wearing
that couTt plaster facebeen taking in
a coon cake walk?
Slip No, safety razor. Aiuslie'a
The Way of a Maid.
Bho wum n nialil of notions strange
Cone ruinn man.
Ik-r fancier took a goodly range.
Ah woman's run.
She ruid sho loved an eye of gray.
Aly own are Llue.
I would I could In any way
Have changed their hue.
Tho ort of hair thut pleased her teat
Was brown, he wiiJ.
Which cauHi-d me oft tiuiireme unrest.
My own in red.
Her taste In "none" waa aquiline.
Oh, cruel rub!
In vulvar )nirlanro one lika mine
Is termed a snub.
ho liked a stately miin and tall.
Alan, my fate
Han bl HHcd mo with a stature small.
Not five feet tight!
Bhe doted on a figure Klitn
Without a doubt
I rould not satisfy that whim,
For I aui at out.
And, knowing thl. how could I dare
(A boor liko mc)
To nik that maid her life to ahare
My wife to Ikj 1
And yet 1 did, egregious aaa,
I munt confess.
I ro!jed the uucHtion, and, alaa,
Hhe amtwerod, "Yen."
-Hydney Bulletin.
Live with wolves and you will learn
to howl.
maziKuvi 'Hi 1 ii' '. lie
Throw Away
the BootJack 1
and shoe horn and get n pair of
Lewis' "Wcar-Rcsistcrs." Jvisy to
put on, easy to take oil. Always fit
7vell, but never fit tihl. No pinch
ing anywhere fect or pocket
book. The easiest, most durable
ready-to-wcar shoes made arc the
11 Vear-Resistors"
Latent models, all
sizes, for men, women,
"Lewis" stumped on
every shoe.
J. II. I.KW 14 (!.,
9 lioalun, Maui.
li. It. SI'llSCIilt. Kohl I ii is, MWh
U tho most patient
creature on earth.
Even though sho
has aches und pains
.sho must do her du
ty to )ior family and
society. Her timo
to her is precious.
her ImhaIjIIkmedy
bee ;iu ho she can
cure herself of till
fom;t lo complaints
in the privacy of
her o w n home ;
hence sho saves
time .ind money.
M out women are
economical; OAK
HALM economizes
t imo and money.
Sold ;iiid ri'coinniein'.i il by
Hrs. liinma M. (.'oldring,
Sole aeiit for Ionia '., I. like 0Icki, .Mich.
The Leading Specialists cl America T
250,000 CURED.
Xnthinir : n h" it . ro 1 in.i.iliziiiK to
yoiiiitf -r mi I'lh' nv. I men limn tliu ;rcx
eni'O f tlir-o "jiiirltt ly !'!'-'." They
lroluci wf:ikni', iiitviii-iic!. a fceliim
of (li.-Kit ixii'l a li'.lo t i :i'm of ymi'toin-.
They iit.lit a man i ir Ini-im'". married
lifo'nmi .mial I. a pj.ini . No mutter
whetliiT c:n;-' l I y evil haliu in youth,
niitunil vrakin"--' or nwiinl exiTccH. our
.New Me'li'i'l "i ii'aiim n:, will jMiHtivcly
A euro Vcu.
3 Mn ri lorr- wn pay
l!e:i'ler. 'ii'hif I h l. Parly nlmsnor
Irj Inter ere?- 4 may have weakened ymi.
Kxiiosure limy lia v n ilir-eased tut. You
It V" II''V-r II'" I III IIIM'I. mh .Mil ..niii.n
will cure j'-u. You run m iik.
250,000 CURED
Viu it' Alan Y"ii ti'' I -a lo. feeble
f Tl and liar'ai'l; iiervoiix, in ilal.lo uihI cx
81 tituMo. Y" i liei'.uiM! foriretlul, inoroe
Iril on,l dix-Mim i Tit : "tc icm mi. I Mltll'l
LJ Hilllkeu ejf-, wrinkled f.tee, t-tnoiiiijr
T'iriil IHi'l ievvfii-i coiiiih'iiiiih'; icii-iii
tho I'lit-lit. ( f yt ur i leiiee.
2 K matter li.e.v mt'ioih your cap may
ilm .r linn- I. ni.r vnii im i v have had if. our
rtpjxNKW .Mi.iiion 'i i; i: r.M i:nt will
euro it. Ill" "vviiimy veil,-" rclum ti
Ki their normal i Iiimn nn l heneo the
11 FPXiial ot'tii reeiivo pricier nourii-li-
j'j merit. 'J ho oicai,.-) 1 i !C italized, nil
?M unnatural drain or 1 een-o und
tl maiily hwm return, - temporary
J hein lit. hat U pi i in' l ent e:no insured. V
A No I UK. NO l'.Y. No oi'KUA-I'J
! tUilLS bUAKAfi 1 EtP h
lTi.i VY.. treat atel cure r i I 1 1 1 LI , LJI
J n a i . j.o.-h;. i;i.aiii;ic ani ku;R
'3 - : ii ii i: 1 1 i it i i.i : . .ia
Q'M iNI. di-'iiM!. I ' ,MililAlli,
F'J KKi.i:. i;'uks I ki:i:. ciiakuks p
l-VJ MUli; A I li. If unalil.- tucull. write I 'i
Ta i' ,,i i irov in.wiv f..f Hi iM I' 1 11
I.I lr n i i .......... - -
1.9 !?""
Kennedys Kerganu
ntTDftir rmru W
ion Li-irtWIly IIIIVIll rj
jf -V StOld the trstol years,
j'X find have cured thousands of
iy Y C.i"' f f Nervous 1 'iseasr, such
K f as 1 Icbihty, Di rines. Meeplesn"
f5 T- v" I n? and VaMcoi.elc, Atrophy. &c
1 hy hav
f They clear the brain, strengthen
tin circulation, rnake (Jievlmn
- perfect, and import a healthy
f-iiv'K'r,r ,otn,! whole bring. All
drains Slid losses pre cherVe.l
Cfrnn R fyi!n fcrtn.nitntly. Unless tiatienis
OUJiIq fjuiili are properly cured, their condi
tion ctteii worries thrm into Insnniiy, (!orisump
ti r or I)enth. Mail-'l yea V1. I'rii e ft jier bo;
6 hoxes, with Iron-clad legal cnaranfe to cure or
refund the money, f 5 no. Send fur free Iwxilc,
Address. PEAL M EClCINE CO.. Cleveland, 0.
Sold liy IIoIim s .V Connell, Drugihts,
Holvlinir Mich.
tiiivle cuy Manurneturlnif
liuMn r Miimjw. rvnd for
Piioo l.it ,f Outfits to
.1. I'. W. lioimnn To., l'il
J; ,Fi'.v' ' to !,,', M'lltimorp,
.Md.. l .s. A. t'atuhitfiio frt.
Lvery Woman
rnmetirrm needs a reli
nb!e monthly regulating
WW. AoJMeUu:u.Cu , UeUad.u. .
Soldby Holme & Connell UrugRM, lidding

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