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Belding banner. (Belding, Mich.) 1889-1918, June 02, 1898, Image 6

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Nov. 21, 1H87.
l tu
u in
0 (HI
(! :t
u :w
ti ,vt
h m
n -to
1 in
3 5'J
4 M
ft 'JO
7 :i
io co
k. Howurd City ,
k NortuU recti vllle.
1 OH
I 10
I J7
J 01
3 'Ji
5 45
frv Heldtnif
Ii', Ionia
r. LafiHin
v. Detroit
v. Lansing
v. Ionia
v. lidding
v. (Ireenville
v. North (ireenvillo.
r. Howard City
a in, a in
H (K
10 fx
7 .'M'l'J Wl
X ( I'i 37
h .v.
8 5: :i
p in
I 10
3 34
4 V
5 30
r 47
5 4U
p in
ft 10
H 48
10 10
Additional trains leave (ireenvillo for Melding
t H:ro, and 10:.V) a. tu. undft:Oop. in. Leave
elding for Ureenvllle at 10:15 a. m., 7:V"U p. m.
U :k)i Ar (irand KanhN. . . I.v
IV X 3-.' Cedar Spring
M North (ireeitvtlle
21 Stanton
0." Hdinoro ,
I 10
i :)
3o 4 45: Lv Saginaw Ar.
F. W FUST Kit, Ci KO. 1 ) K 1 1 A V K N ,
Agent, l.eneriil l'ass'r Ag't.
Hekllng. irand Kaplds.
CI rand Knpiils V Indiana K. K.
Wine curd in effect Per, r, 7V7.
(iOINti Ntll'TH.
a nil p in
7 10 4 "JO
X (is ft IH
H I ." ft ft I
SI 20 rt 30
V 3S .Vl
ii n v
No 2! No l No
i in p in a in
rt :ui
ft 4f.
5 27
I 50
3 57
3 25
ft 15:11 15
4 33 10 17
I I 10 23
3 52 V 55
3 (HI V 13
2 30,
1 30
p til
8 40
7 40
2 05
a in
Ill 15
III 2ii t 15.
W (H) 8 251
flo.ll If .fc T " M ii'li i y.i it in Sn riimer" Coll
ii m n l' nuiDs. view mid deserint ion of Micfil
tan Summer Hexnrt, sent on applie.it ion lo
U. U. IjIH'KWIHIII, Ii. 1'. iV 1. .,
t;rand Kapid, MUu.
We, the undeisk'ned.do hereby nree
o refund the money on two liWent
lottles of Baxter's Mandrake, Hitters if
t fail to cure, constipation, biliousness,
ick headache, or any or the diseases
or which it is reeomtnended. Also will
cfund tho money on a 50 -cent bottle of
)owns' Elixir, if it does not cure any
ouh, cold, croup, whooping cou,rh or
hroat or limy dilliculty. We also
uarantee one 2"-cent boti lo of either
f the above to prove satisfactory or
noney refunded.
W. I. liKNKDK'T.
W. A. I)UTT,
1 double surfacer iind matcher, counter
thaft and belts.
shaft and belts.
1 pony plainer, counter shaft and belts.
1 morticer, 1 tenonter and fixtures
belts, etc.
1 rcsawing machine and belts.
Hip saw tables and cutolT tables with
saws and belts.
Lots of pulleys, shafting and shaving
2 stoves, lire proof safe, desk, chairs,
table, etc., porch hxUres, spindles,
colums, railings, mouldings, cas
ings, head and bao blocks, hard
wood flooring, base boards, che ry
lumber, surfaced cherry wainscot
ing, oak and sycamore lumber, 1
pair of bobs, 1 spriiiir wagon, tent
and many other things.
Farming lands, houses and lots in and
near Uelding. C all on I . Ii. SjH'ii-
cer for particulars.
Sjtotivor tV- Hills.
Should be la Every Home and Library.
He People's Hie History
I written hy l;U'lit lbn. Willium Fwnrt (ilinMona,
Ki-I'remier of Ori'iit I'.ritian mid Innuinl, Clu-stwr,
hux.s Kkv. A. II. Sn-, ,uef n" ('nllfuK. Oxford, Knit.:
Kev. SiiiuiihI Ivki "ii rt i I). II.. t'liicntio TIihoIoimchI
Seminary. Chiiwo. 111.; Kev. h reilerir V. I'urrnr. 1 l.,
I'.K.S., Oi'iin of (liinfrliiiry, Ciiiitcrlmry, - n : Kev.
1-.1iiit II. ('neon. D l.,Tiifts t'ollim, SoinfrvillH, Mnn;
Ifcv. Fnink VV (i iiiihiiuIiw, Ji. Ii., Ariiionr lntitnl,
lii. iiu'!. 111.; iwr F. IVnl. io'-l. I D . Marj Ih-
ln CrHhylcrinn Clir.rrh, linlim. h nu ; Itev. K. H.
Miic-ArOinr. O I ., Culvury J!ii.lit Cliiircli. Niw Vorh
'iiy, N. V.; Ki-v. Martn SuiiiimhiIii'II. Ji.D., Mam
Sirwt Fn-H Hn.ti-it ('Inircli. !. ilon, M ; Itcv. Frank
M. Hn-tol. Il l) . Firt Mi l lio.lit I pi-coi'iil ( linn li,
rvamtnn, ill.; ll"v. W. T. M.xr', I.L.Il . '"I Iih ( Iii ih
ti.ai C)iiiiiunw'nllli," l.uutn. Kim.: Itev. Filwaid
Fverrtt H.il. O.O.. Koulli Cnlii'r-i'iil ionnl Clmn h,
I'lC-ton, Ma-w.; Kur. .Iiwpli Amir lii-i-l. l.. Wfsln.Min
Colh'ifM, KicliMion.l, F.iiu.; lii-v. Ci:inr K'ii (irfi-'iry,
l-ipin rnivt'rtily, lirzii.', (iHrninnv, liwv. Win.
'l'iivr ilkinn, D.l , lUnverMty of liiciino,
;.!, Ii'.; Iv. SiniiH'l Mart. DO.. Trinity nllfUH.
II an loril.i'iinn ; iWv .). Monro (i ili-on. 1 1 I . SI ..lol.n'i,
U iiixt l'rfl)tHrian Cliurch. Ignition. 1 .111 : l(v. (ii'or
! lrifnT, I.L.O.. 1 Iih 'I fiiil, lKtn, Miihh.
ful l I. All HHIIOV pni.'w. ft? fnll-.Hi:" illu-tri"
tinns, nil' HdttKH, ilotli, (4.511; luilt IhvhiiI, (.'i.UI; lull
iHViHlt, r..lVl.
VIAKIO HilTIOI. I.'jm pntPfxi, VIO fiill- ai; illiiMtra
tinnn. SIjIh A trilt plii, full lvalit. iiim voIiiiiik,
(fl; StOx H-two volilllll". full ImviiiiI, tllfli'd, tJUII;
In 10 PAK 1 S.nnarto rxvim, iiuct 111114 to cucli, h! iff
in(-r rovnrH, wuhiI, trimmed nl iizlit ly, f l.ll aril nrt.
Fr al hi nil lHMiktorH 11ml ty I m k 1 1 r . Fit
f.irtlipr inforiiiiilion, wril III.NUY U. SlIKPAUO.
l uliliMlinr. l uixl 11 Muririw HI !! . CIiu iiK". 1 II inoi"
The Horror-Stricken
FOR AGENTS, d escribine
the preat jilapuc, famine, ainl onrttiiiiako. Ac
curate ami authentic. Contains over I (1(1 illustra
tions Irom actual iihoUnrraphs. No other book
like it. Agents wanted everywhere. Liberal
Terms. Write at once for terms atiJ enclose
lUK) for prospectus. AiMress
Sole Publishers. Elkhart, Indiana
Tradc Marks
. Designs
Copyrights Ac.
Anrnna nonrtlnir a ikrrh und 1oorlptlon may
inl-klr mocrtnlii fmr ipinlon fro her an
'riTPiitlon n prohaMy palpntnhlf. ronimnnlra
tlonn xtrW'tlT mnnrtPiitinl. I iHnrltinok on I'atotita
frit fr. l't"t nifoiu y for awnrmir patrnta.
i'atotita tnki'n throneh Munn A Co. reclfe
fjierinl notice, without c-lmrtfo, III th
Scientific Hmcricnn.
A hanilomplr IIlntrfo(1 workly. I.nrtrpat rlr
rulalloti of any anient ttc Journal. Trrnia. f l a
?ur: four montha. f I. Sol.! Iy nil TirwarlPnUTa.
HUNN&Co.36,BrMd New York
liranch tiffloc, t"J5 F Ft., Washington, I). C
'or. listen anil
Hit TA hi I i 11 Irncl Utr.ata,
Rat, S1.50 U
OO er Day.
Only nn llork from Wo1wral and
Jf fTerann Atki. Klavator Servie, Bteam
Iff at, Clrtrlc I.lKhta, TUa Floor, Kte.
H. M. JAMES A SON, Prop'rs.
11 No 7, No 1 1
m p in I a in
25 y 15 7 45'iirand itapid.s ai
01 2 51 8 21 1 .... Kooktord....
15 3 05 S :ttt ..Cedar Spring.
3H 3 2H' 8 ftu . Howard Citv..
21 4 I2j 1 41 . ..Hig liapitl...
Wi 4 42:10 13 .... Iteed City. ..
05 ft 45.11 13 .. .Cadillac
p in
... 7 50 1 20 . Traverse City..
... V 20 2 45 .. .l'etoskey
... lo 4i 4 20 . Mackinaw City.
I .mm 11 tim
Car) of tho Piano-The Poster Pillow
Novelty-Lemon Pies That Never
Fall-A Change In Shade.
It is well to MiiiH'tinu'U rub tho wires
if a piano pt utly with a chamois or a
dauut'l cloth and to pass a soft musliu
aver tho BoumliiiK. tnanl Ly means of a
slender point, which will blip between
the wires and miphru the cloth, which
may then be curt fully moved over the
eurfaco, taking olf tho dutit. A steel
crochet hook or a btout knitting needle
will answer the purpose.
It is advisable to keep, a little cam
phor num inside tho case, for if the
moth miller has been attracted by tho
felt used in various parts, it will servo
as a means of protection against the
moth. Tho temperature of tho room
hhould bo moth rate and as even as may
bo. Kxtreme beat that is drying bhould
always Lo avoided, as when a piano
stands, as is often tlio case, too near a
stove, a register or a grato tire. An in
strument should be opened for a short
timo each day; if it is not much used,
this is especially desirable.
Often there appears a sort of bloom
upon tho case or the wood looks dingy
and seems to bo in need of cleaning. It
is, however, very uncertain work to at
tempt to improve the hue finish of a
piano with polish, so much of which is
advertised as making a piano look liko
new. Instead the method recommended
and used by a professional tuner is one
that may bo safely tested, with tho cer
tainty that it wiJl not bo the means of
gathering additional dust, as oils and
polishes are apt to do.
Take tho iinect toilet soap and luko
warni water and wash a little of tho pi
ano at a time, as you would wash a boy's
dirty face, using a soft cloth, such as
canton flannel, working upon a space
not larger than your hand. Wipe it olT
with clear water and rub well with
clean canton flannel until it is perfectly
dry and well polished. The fine soap
suds does not atl'ect tho xjriginal finitdi
in tho hast, but simply removes that
which obscures it, and if rubbed abso
lutely dry with a brisk motion tho re
sult is that the piano is cleaned and
brightened. Enid E. 1'euuett in Wom
an's Homo Companion.
The Poster Pillow Is the Thlnsr.
Poster pillows are a novelty growing
from the poster idea which they imi
tate. To make one, select a largo design
of two or three colors at most, one for
tho ground and two for tho figures.
Traco the figures on tuir, cut them
out and apply them to a plain ground
with couching or buttonholing. If lines
nro necessary for expression, uso outline
stitch. The materials can bo of tho
cheapest, or may be velvet and satin,
according to preference, but tho work is
intended to be effective more than ele
gant, just as lu sters aro a cheap form
of good art. Poster pillows aro good for
students' rooms, for yachts and country
houses and mako appropriate presents
for nu n. -Harper's Uazar.
Sure Thin? In Lemon Pies.
A recipe for lemon pie that never
fails of approval calls for one teacupful
of sugar, one tablespoonf ul (scant) of
butter, twotggs, juice and grated rind
of one lemon, ono teacupful of boiling
water, one tablespoonful of cornstarch
dissolved in cold water. Stir tho corn
starch into tho hot water, add tho butter
and sugar, and cook until clear, taking
care that it does not scorch. Kemovo to
edge of tho range, add tho well beaten
yolks of the eggs and the lemon and put
in shell of paste, already baked. Whip
tho whites stiff, adding two tablespoon
fuls of sugar and a few drops of lemon
juice, spread over the pio and brown in
a slow oven.
A Chance at Last.
Among the novelties in interior deco
rations aro tho new shades which give
a room an air of elegance and refine
ment. No longer aro the stiff white
linen shades considered appropriate for
an otherwise luxuriously furnished
mm "
1 ,r n"A.i
room, and every year there has been
porno attempt to mako these necessary
accessories more worthy of their sur
roundings. This season it has been done,
and nothing could bo more charming
than the latest importations from Paris,
an example of which is shown in the
above sketch. Tho "fonds" is of em
broidered india muslin, with a design
of guipure insertion, tho bottom, which
is cut in three scallops, being draped
by a deep rufflo of tho muslin and lace.
Olaas Medicine Spoons.
(Jlass spoons are sold at the drug
stores for tho taking of medicines which
may tarnish silver. I'etter, however,
than these are tho glass tubes which
keep such powerful drugs away from
the teeth as well, and better perhaps
than both is the attention to food and
hygienic living which does away with
the necessity of any such heroic dosing.
Wheel carriages wcro first used
1 r5f.
& e. I
viva a 1
t 1 a '
O.: 'Ml 'Af 1 1 T' 1 jmU HI'
When the swell riding club from the
city went way up into (Jaloon township
to ride to bounds and incidentally fol
low tho course of a fox, it arranged
with old Josh Parkens to provide the
fox. He was offered liberal pay for at
tending to this preliminary, but be de
clared that bo was somning of a fox
chaser himself and would call it squaro
If they'd let him jine" in tho sport
There was no good reason to offer for
barring him, and tho committeo satis
fled its conscience by telling him to be
on hand half an hour later than the
time really fixed for making tho cross
country dash.
Sore enough, tho hounds were giving
tongue, and tho ladies and gentlemen in
their gay attires were just beginning to
form a procession which grows from the
bunch in which they start, when old
Josh burst with a whoop from a thicket
on tho side. He was on a raw boned
mount that had a wonderful gift of
shuffling over ground and carried a six
foot rifie of the olden times. Ho went
after tho fox at an angle that compelled
it to cover about two rods to his one,
and before the riders could prevent ho
had ended the sport by putting an ounce
of lead through tho game.
There were some vigorous protests
against this mode of foxhunting, which
put a stop to tho fun just as it com
menced, but Josh only said: "What was
them city swells huntin a fox fur if it
warn't to git 'im? I knocked him over
cold afore all them women folks, an tho
other fellers was jealous. Every ono of
'em had gone huntin 'ithout his gun. I
never see nuthiu like it since I was
born." Detroit Free Press.
War News From Billville.
Tho war fever is still in our midst,
tnd tho doctors aro prescribing lead cap
sules once a day.
A big reward has been offered for the
escaped private who was to have been
commanded by the colonels of Eillvillo.
They had him in a secure place, but ho
broke through and got away in the
Jiillville shows up well in tho war
department. All tho men who owed
money iu the town have enlisted, and
all their creditors followed suit iu or
der to bo near them on pay day.
Tho (Jeorgia candidates only ask tho
government to suspend hostilities until
after the election. Coming from a can
didate, this request is reasonable enough.
Heretofore they have been wanting tho
Colonel Jones has had his right arm
cut off in an unpatriotic sawmill. This,
of course, lets him out of tho army.
He is now at home, receiving the con
gratulations of his friends. Atlanta
She Was Absorbed.
"A sneak thief entered my flat yes
terday, and, strange to say, ransacked
the very room I was sitting in."
"How was it you did not hear him?"
"I was all absorbed in watching a
new family move in next door." New
York World.
An Assurance.
"Madam," called Meandering Miko
as ho leaned over the picket fence just
out of reach of tho dog, "I jest thought
I'd pause a minute and ask yo a
"Wo haven't any" sho began.
"Don't think I'm goin to ask yo out
right fur charity," ho interrupted. "I
merely wished to inquire if ye would
have tho heart to turn a hungry man
from yer door."
"No," sho answered, "I wouldn't."
"I read it in yer kind face."
"I wouldn't think of turning him
from my door," she went on. "I would
not bo so careless as to let him get that
far. I'd turn him away from tho front
gate." Washington Star.
"Ho was a mighty foolish man."
"(Jive us an example."
"Well, when bo wanted to commit
suicide he pawned a revolver and bought
carbolic acid." New York Journal.
Experientia Docet.
Marie Ho is very dissipated.
arm trembles awfully.
Penelope How do you know?
Marie Ho called on me last night.
New York Wcrld.
Irritant Gone.
"How is your insomnia?"
"It's all right tho comet player
next door has got a night job on u rail
way." Chicago Ilecord.
An Ambition.
Tho jTHn to Us 1 nvied mott
In thin eventful life
Is not the one who count! hU pains
' Afar from Morni and at! iff,
Nor jet tlm otentati who wears
A ctiiwii Un liin brow.
It in the until who utmulx u round
And tlU the otliern how.
And If tlm jirojft find Hiieet-sH
Th! lielieflt he'll HiHre,
And If it fail he'll nimplj wiy
'Tw na none .f hi- hfluir.
He Join th ttiunifih every time
And dodges t-very row,
Tim man who xinitil; Mnnd around
And tell Ihe others how.
1 would not li n warrior at
Nor hold a ncejiti ri d awajr.
I would not 1' a hard to wako
Emotion Kravn or irny.
-If fate would itnicioiisljr consent
Bty ehMint( to allow,
I'd Iki t?ie man who atand around
And t lln the other how.
Wuhhintftoti Btsr.
Old papers for
25c per hundred.
sale at this office
Small, but Strcnar and Wise-Child Lift
In China-Mushrooms Orown In Loirs.
Oems of Verse For Little Folks.
The Blue Lino street car stopped at
the corner, ami an anxious looking wo
tnau put a small boy inside.
"Now, V)b," sho said as sho hurried
out to th platform again, "don't lose
that noto I gave you. Don't tako it out
of your pocket at all."
"No'm," said tho little man, looking
wistfully after his mother as the con
ductor pulled the strap.
"What's your name, Pob?" asked a
mischievous looking young man sitting
beside him.
"Robert Cullen Deems, "bo replied.
"Where aro you going?"
"To my grandma's."
"Let mo seo that note in your pocket. "
Tho look of innocent surprise in tho
round face ought to have shamed tho
boy's tormentor, but ho only said
again, "Let mo see it."
"I tan't," said Robert Cullen Deems.
"t?eo here, if you don't I'll scare tho
horses and mako them run away."
Tho littlo boy cast an appreheusivo
look at the horses.
"Here, Hob, I'll givo you this peach
if you'll pull that noto half way out ol
your pocket."
Tim boy did not reply, but some of
tho older people looked angry.
"I say, chum, I'll givo you this
whole bag of peaches if you will just
show mo tho corner of your noto," said
the tempter.
Tho child turned away as if ho did
not wish to hear any more, but tho
young man opened tho bag and held it
just where ho could seo and smell the
luscious fruit.
A look of distress camn into tho boy's
faco; I believe J Job was afraid to trust
himself, and when a man left his seat
on tho other end to get off tho car tho
little boy slid quickly down, left the
temptation behind and climbed into tho
vacant place.
A pair of prettily gloved hands began
almost unconsciously to clap, and then
everybody clapped and applauded until
it might have alarmed Hob if a young
lady sitting by bad not slipped her arm
around him and said:
"Tell your mamma that wo all con
gratulate her upon having a littlo man
strong enough to resist temptation and
wise enough to run away from it. "
Digging Ditches.
Child Life In China.
Wo have all heard, in a general way,
of tho cruelty of tho Chinese in sum
marily disposing of their diseased chil
dren and girl balies. Just how much
truth there may bo in such stories wo
have probably never taken tho trouble
to inquire, but now comes a traveler
from tho land of slanting eyes and pig
tails whose account of tho attitude of
Chinese parents toward their offspring
is quite at variance with somo of tho
things wo have heard. Ho says that tho
littlo Chinese are the objects of unlim
ited parental devotion; especially do
tho fathers love their littlo ones and
lavish upon them many caresses. The
babies are pretty creatures and bright
and intelligent. Many of tho children
attend tho American mission schools, and
parents of tho heathen faith, says our
informant, allow their children to go
to tho "white devils" because of tho
advantage they gain in learning Eng
lish. Ho does admit, however, that the
littlo girls iu China aro less happy than
tho boys, being compelled, much as
they are iu our own country among tho
lower classes, to carry about with them
a great baby, who is moro of a weight
than their littlo arms and body can
rightly support. Truth.
Where Mushrooms Grow.
Shikoku island, Japan, is famous for
its mushrooms as well as for its great
camphor product. During the year lhli.l
this littlo island shipped 1,780,71)7
pounds of mushrooms to China and other
countries. Tho mushrooms aro chiefly
grown in oak logs, which aro cut from
trees over 25 years old. When tho trees
are cut down, incisions are made in tho
bark at intervals of three to four inch
es. Tho trunks aro then cut into logs
four or five feet iu length, and tin so
are distributed iu dark parts of the for
est. After the logs have lain three years
mushrooms begin. to grow where tho in
cisions were made iu the bark. As fast
as tho mushrooms aro plucked new ones
appear in their places, aud this contin
ues till tho log is exhausted, when it is
replaced by a new one. Chicago Rec
ord. Dolly Takes Tea.
When dolly hit down to the table
And t verj thin'n n m'j , you H-e,
With ciMikit H mid ut r for MaU l
And wuter and oikit for me.
We niliMi' and chatter with dolly
And offtr her "tea" from a biooii,
And often our meal 1 ho jolly
It lie-ts through the whole afternoon
Till Malel juni up In n hurry
And nay h that she really must go,
And I say, "Oh, truly, I'm sorry,
And dolly 'a tiijoycd it, I know I"
Then ayly we char off (lie table
When dolly ha (lnishiHl her ta,
With cook it g and water for Mai I
And wati r and cookie for me.
Albert liielow I'aine in Ht. Nicholas.
The Master of a Britf.
Once a funny little pi
Wa thvownt r of n lritf,
And he went to nail upon the ocean blue,
Hut they hoi.xtcd Up n fail,
And it caught bis curly tail.
And there he hunt? Urp-iitled o'r r the crew.
A Frt nch poodle from Hi llaire
Haw him dandling in the nir.
"Ah," cried hi-, "he may he dashed Into the
Hut I'll wive him from the brine.
He' a countryman of mine,
For I hear Mm myitis, 'Ouil Ouil Dull' "
Mary Hick Van I 1 1 ti rw b In Outlook.
Where She Was Born.
"Oh, mamma I"
"Well, Hess?"
"A littlo girl in our room at pebool
came from Roumanial Just think of
bring born away up in that littlo pur
plo spot cn the mapl" Youth's Com
panion. The Hannf.k and Detroit TIco-a-Weck
Journal, ono year for $ 1.00.
Chocolat came from Haiti ono line
rooming and made his debut iu a pri
vate family as valet. Not successful in
this role, be ran away with madame'i
pot femmo do chambre and later turned
up at tho Nouveau Cirque as a clown.
Chocolat is tho blackest interpreta
tion of amgroon record, tho darkest,
jolliest translation of laughter extant,
lie is the most famous black clown in
Christendom and tho only ono I know
whoso faco is made up for him by Prov
idence without tho addition of acceu
tuatul lines of exaggerated paint.
There aro two Chccolats in tho ring
and out. In, ho is got up in white duck
or flannel, ridiculously cut in exagger
ated parody of the latest fashion, with
white cotton gloves, every linger of
which is stretched wide apart from its
fellow aud used as a means if express
ing the most ridiculous sentiments in
tho most unheard of way. He does not
do the funny clown who antics eternal
ly and whom wo all so well know. On
tho contrary, his rolo is to pretend to
bo fearfully awkward and stumble over
everything in and out of sight exhaust
ively, to the uproarious delight of all
tho small and largo boys in tho delight
ed audienco.
Out of tho ring ho is tho successful
negro, full of mischief aud jokes and
dandyism and vanity and ingenuous
ness and good nature. Ho puts his hat
on tho back of his head at tho races,
liko any other man, aud, his thumbs in
his armpits, struts from tho tribune to
tho betting stalls, with a cigar between
bis lips and a benign smile for his ad
Then there is Foot tit, famous for in
venting new situations and conducting
tlSem from the old standpoint, which
admits of bad French TA iglais, bad
jokes ad libitum and Ik ;se play, with a
round up of somethin i ':.lly clever.
Somersaults with Foottit have develop
ed into things of beauty nud infinite re
dundancy forever, and with his litilo
red eyes and his long nose and his
clown's get up, with its grotesque but
tons and short waisted opportunities
fully lived up to, ho is as delicious as
his littlo cardboard prototypes in tho
shop windows.
In privato life Mr. Foottit is noted
for his weakness for his friends' wives
plus his own; but4 regrettable though
it may be, this trait of his thus far has
only served to augment his fame.
Last summer ho fled tho town with a
lady who jumped through rings for a
livelihood, which probably explained
her carelessness as to tho necessity of a
ring in private life.
Then there is Medrano. He is ring
master at present. Raised from tho
ranks of ticket seller and general facto
tum, ho cracks jokes nightly iu public
with Chocolat and Foottit.
His fame fell in this wise: Tho Baron
do Reinach of Panama faino, who was
noted for his affection for circus riders
and coryphees, used him at a fancy ball
oddly enough. Tho ball in question
was given at one of the most elaborato
fin do sieclo houses in Paris. It was a
fairy set no. Electric light and flowers
and money and human nature filled up
the gap matin I y those who "refuso to
bo present for reasons which were ob
vious. "
Tho ball was over. Shepherdesses
and Mario Antoinettes and (lermau ofli
ci rs and vivandieres and queens and
gypsies, one and all had removed their
inaks and were striving to cool off in
tho giant conservatories, whoso foun
tains played perfumed water, when a
clow n sprang into tho room. Rut such a
clown flashing with dazzling jewels,
clothed iu cloth of gold and brocade,
stiffened with magnificent embroidery
and precious stones, but masked; a
dream of a clown, who leaped and
whirled and turned gigantic somersaults
and stole innumerable kisses, then olf
again, iu and out between tho flowers
and tho electric lights, into tho shadow
again, with diabolical gestures of exag
gerated importance and littlo fine sug
gestions of indescribable charm and
gractt, dodging hen; and there until they
all went mad over him, and, liko a
flock of varicolored sheep, followed him
from room to room, begging him to re
move his mask, but he would not. He
eluded them again and again, and final
ly, when they were roused to a frenzy
of excitement and curiosity, ho led them
to tho flower twisted staircase, upon
which the tapestried walls frowned, uud
just as they had their arms about his
neck and were asking riotously, "Who
are you oh, who are you, pretty
clown?" bo once more slipped from
their grasp, and, with a flashing leap
through tho vitiated air, disappeared.
Later, as they sat down to supper, ho
appeared among them without his mask.
It was tho Haron do Reinach.
Later still all Paris rang with tho
news of his suicide, which Panama dis
closures induced, and then Medrano re
marked to a fiieud: "There were two
of us that night. I was tho clown who
executed tho pirouettes. Ho went in aft
erward. Ho hired two costumes exactly
alike and gavo mo my orders. 'Twas
my last appenranco in that capacity. If
bo had paid mo by check, instead of iu
bank notes, who knows, mon Dieu, but
I, too, might have become iuvolved 'in
Panama?' " Exchange.
The Oldest Newspaper.
Peking's Kin Pan is tho oldest news
paper in the world, having been pub
lished continuously for nearly 1,000
years. It began as a monthly, became a
weekly in 13(11, nnd since tho begin
ning of tho century has been a daily.
It now publishes three editions a day,
and in order to prevent cheating by the
venders prints them mi paper of differ
ent colors, tho first being yellow, the
second white and tho last gray.
His Seekers.
He (loftily) Oh, yes, I assure yon 1
am much sought after.
Sho Have you many creditors?
Loudon Judy.
The Bannkii and tho Detroit Weekly
Tribuno ono year $1.35.
9 TL'A
r - r uric
(make agood y
impression, ii
The bent kIh.ck 'V
men, women, and Vi '.V
children, because V' -'ft VH
they are made A. '
bent, wear best. ' ''
look ln'st. I.onK 1 f ' 'v
lor "Lew is" on A " !
each shoe. ".S-' ? . ,
a. k. u hih o., r' ; ' :
1 01
Ii. Ii. SJ'i.VC'liK', Ili'Ulliiu. Midi,
Insanity Prevented
"I feel it my duty to tell vou what
your WoNDEUFUL 'OA K HALM' has
uono for mo, as it may lio the means of
.i saving1 some
dear nuhVre-r
from insanity.
When I
look back
and think
of lay ter
rible con
dition uud
tl read f ul
nnd now
know that
am cured,
(1 od ul one
knows how thankful I
am. I felt that I should lieeonio insane,
and end my day a in an asylum; had
every form of female, weakness ; was bc
run down could hardly drag my sell
around tho house. :im completely
cured as tho result of your OAK 15ALM
treatment. Let i r : ur-re every iitllieted
woman to givo it a trial. 1 am sure it
will euro the must, hopeless. No one
could 1 worse than 1 was and live."
Mks. Fki:i. STHVl.N'S, West Derby, Vt
Trial box and 1 rent iso Mailed free to anj
3UtTcriii womnn.
Sold and n ceniiiH iuli d by
firs, limma JW. (ioldring,
Sole utrciit fur bull. i Co., I.nke (lili'smt, .Mich.
W Pr W I
. O 1 1 1 .1 I ! TM
i The Leading Specialists of America
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cured.
Thoux.'iti'l f yiiinitr niiI mi tile jijr.t
men aro I run bled wit li t hi-i tli-i';i.-v inuny
unccniJcii'iisly. 'I'licy lu.ty li:ic.". Miiart
inir pcnttttint), Finall. ti lnif,' MrcMiii.
hlmrp rutting jainx tit t i 1 1 1 !i;;ht li"
clwi'RO, dilln nliy in c'l.iiimi'iii-hm', weak
owm, cini- i'lif, imi t ml llio in taui -
nf iiervie dd.iliiy - t'icy In v " 1 K It'
ll' UK. Ji"ii't bt il irt..r e . ft i tucn t tn
yuu, hy cittinir, Mri-trliiinr, or billing
yen. '1 hi-t w ill n-'t cup voti, it.- it w j re
turn, einr m:v Mi;iiii) iuiiat-
MKNT iiii-i'il'-i tin; i-liiilnr" lino;
liciif(rcin 1 lie ct i jet ire i iiirinenl ly.
Itcan tieer letiirn. No l.itin. tm MiflVr
iinr. tin detentii'ii (ruin liii-ine-s dy our
met In id. The ye ii:i I wtr-i nj:i rn t renirt h
1'iicil. TIi' tienc !!ii juv K'urifcil, and
tin? lilies id uriiili I n-Uim.
Ihou-anl'i yf y.i" ; mil milile nued
men nro lia inu 1 h i r i-ei;:il i.T'T and
vitality emit in in II.- mm je I I y this di--c:i-c.
They j- -( 1 1 . i('ii nl 1 i'.;i'"'im i hi 4
i f I lie c: 11 -i i'f t!. ? r-y ; I "in -. t b nclnl
We.i 'rim-', 1 nii iti '!:! I 'i-' h I'.T'"-', I'aib
ittC Miirihi.ii'l, ,i r.i'ii iie l'...ir Mcin
ery. Irritability. !it inn;'; in 1 1 1 in Seti
K'ltii'ii, Suiiki u K wiili il.irk cirele..
Weak ln.k, ; ' 1 1 j : I I . : re-i .T i . Inek
f Ainliit inn. V 1 1 i'i I", Mirntiketi
Tarts ,te. Iibl:i;i in I I'll ( ) II I! K
tilay be I Ii" e ' n . 1 , i "t e, mi mi 1 1. fa inily
il'ioturs, a i t le y bee n c rieneo in
tliene mm nl li . .l- ri't allow
naek-i to ex I'l'iiim i.l " Cnn-nlt
,iei ia li-t ", w hi ilia ii:i' le :i lib' stitdvof
iNeae-M.f .Men no I Women. I mr.N
MKIIIOI I Ii I. A i'.U . 1' will .om
lively enrf V' ll. "nt t 'i 'U and dollar
for n, caso vc neeept for trejiiment nnd
cannot cure. Ternn nenlenite br:i cure.
Wo treat and cure: KMISSlONS.
VAUicnt i'.i.i;, sYNiius. ;i,ki;t.
si iik ti i:i:. iMi'o'i i:ncv. si-ruur
KS. Ix I 1 1 V I ; V ami l'l. lli;il li- -a-'.
'onsi:i,tati li;i:i:. i;i hks
KliKi: If mnl.te to call. Wlitn for
ol!i;THN lll.ANK f.r 1IOMK
wKennedy; Kergan
I'JIm . att ii i . j ni .il ni
tor. Micmgan Ave. ana angiGy m.
er h
Stood th tPMot vcar.
and hnve cured tliousandj of
C.e-f of Nrrvnns I ie.ie, nch
as licbilitv, Ii?iness, lcrpe.
rK-s and Vanccx ele, Atrojihy.&c
THf-y clear the Lr.iin.strriigthen
the circulation, make tlii:cMion
, txrfcct, and imtvirt a health?
'Ivluor to the h"la lrpj. All
drains and losses' are chprkd
Cfrnn.-r I frt'm fcrmancnttv. Unless patient
Oil UHj HqUIII. are properly ciirrd, thrir ConrlU
lion c(tn worries tVrn intoln.mnitv, Conump
t:ir or peath. Mailed fr.ilrd. IVi. f t prr box;
fi loe, with lronlal l"gjl Riirarite to cure or
trfmnl the miii'V, t ' m. Send fur free hook.
Address PEAL MCCICINE CO., Cleveland, 0. (
Sold by Council Itros., 1 irn'K'M,
Itclcliiik. MUh. '
' nm.lc tM-iy Maniifactiirinir
i.uiiiht .-utiiips. iciut ror
I. i... I ii . rk.... a.
...... i,i , rui ia Tl
J. r . W. Dot tnan Co., V21
i. i iiv'im ri., itaiiimnro,
M l. I .s. A. Catahnruo frw.
V0ry Woman
afj j Sometimrn need a tpll-
nblo monthly
At rrompt. aif r,r eoetnin in re-snlt. Th ircnn
lnMr. 11-Hl'fi n-v(r r1maitrint. fnt our wbam
1)0. l'tMUatodeJinoCo , UeteUnd, U.
Sold by Conncll llro , l)nij.').'istH. Ucldlng.

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