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Belding banner. (Belding, Mich.) 1889-1918, November 17, 1898, Image 8

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j GRANITE WARE. A new line of
"West ISexivx 3t.
S Kl K T, US I) H K WH A K9 1 1 OS IS,
coKsnT, ahovns, mittisss,
aniens iuk sists,
Come and sec tnc and I will save you money.
CJ Ct. u kkyujn.
The Banner and Michigan Farmer
both until '99 for
Subscribe Now.
mi n
m mi
ipake in Beldiiig
Everything SHOOK UP at the
Beldinci New Store
See the following prices for two weeks only:
Men's Rubber lined Duck Coats 90c.
Men's Heavy Kersey Pants, $ 1.25 worth $ 1.75
Men's Clay Worsted Suit,
Men's Clay Worsted Suit,
Men's Fine Melton Suit,
Men's Overtoats from
Boys' Suits from
11.00 worth 18.00
9.00 worth 12.00
10.00 worth 15.00
1.99 Upward
50 Upward
13vcrythinr in the Clothing
Lino Cut to the Quick
Largest Line 50c Caps in City for 25c, all styles
Men's heavy fleece Underwear 21c worth dbc
Men's heavy fleece Underwear 38c worth 50c
Ladies' fleeced Underwear 18c worth 25c
Ladies' fleeced Underwear 23c worth 30c
Ladies' fleeced Underwear 25c worth 35c
Ladies' fleeced Underwear 43c worth 50c
Unbleached factory 3 1-2 worth 5c.
Extra heavy Atlantic AC 2c worth 8c.
Bleached, Scorcher Brand 4 1-2 worth 6c
Lonsdale and Fruit of the Lawn 6 1-2 worth 8c
Outing Flannel 6 l-2c worth 10c
60c Dress Goods, black and colors, for 53
30c Brocades in colors for 43c
25c Henriettas in black and colors for 17c
30c Wool Novelties for 19c
Men's 50c Jersey Overshirt for 29c
Ladies' 50c Corset for 39c
Ladies 10c Black Hose for 7 l-2c
ICvorj tiling in r lnro; Mock of mxls cut to tho very quick. 7 carry
everything that wouM ! found in a mi oral P'oro, such a Moii'm and Hoys'
Sox and Rubbers, Men' IVlt ami Arties, (.loves, Mittens ami Hats.
Jut received mi elegant lino of l.aditV Morning (llory Wrappers, Hoods
and Faeinators, Mittens and Cloves.. We curry a fine line of Shoes. No
hhoddy stuff in our store. Never will there be another nch a chance to do
your winter trading. Kverj body come to the Cheapest Store on earth and tfivc
us a trial. A line lot of Shawls and Macintoshes to bo closed out at cost.
Belding Cash Store,
BOOTH'S, 2 doors West of Postoffice.
Mm. AlcLuck My darter Sally eaid
there was a gentleman wautod to so
me, bo I count right down 'thout stop
pin to fix up, Vauto I i'poso y'r car
riage ie waitin, bat I just want to fay,
furst oil, thet tho report in the xnornin
papers about us fallin heir to a for
tune was published 'thout tny consent,
an the fact is, we hain't got the money
yet, an we can't accept any invites to
balls an parties an receptions an things
for a month yet at least. You're Mr.
Astorbilt, ain't you, or beggin y'r
pardon mebby y'r Mister Rockefeller?
Stranger (a man who understands
his business) Unit I see I see how it
is, madam. You wish a little time to
to mourn the death of the wealthy rela
tive ; of course, of course. I er really
didn't suppose you were quite ready to
attend tho er brilliant social fuuc
tions, but I just dropped in for a friend
ly chat, and, by the way, here is Kome
thiug I brought with me something
which all ladies of the Four Hundred
are using, and it occuired to me you
would like to buy one or more. So I
er brought 'em along. Here they are,
madam our new patent ebony iron
last forever frying pan, only 50 cents,
or three for f 1. New York Weekly.
Ready For Him.
'Surely 1 cannot tie mistaken," said
the bunko steerer. "This is Uncle Silas
of Joachim's Corners, isn't it? Just let
me carry that carpetbag for you."
Ten minutes later tho bunko man
was perspiring like a horse and grunt
ing with every step.
"What in the world have you in this
bag?" lie asked. "It weighs a ton."
"Meant that it should," returned
Uncle Silas tersely. "Loaded it with
bricks a-purpose an put my clean collat
an an extra pair o' socks in my coat
pocket. Reckon you binko-buuko men
don't get hardly enough exercise to keep
your health good. What? Goiu?" Chi
cago Post.
Easy Enough.
"The first thing you want to do,'
said the boss book agent, "when you
get to town is to have a lot of tho prom
incut and influential citizens subscribe.
Give 'em the book free. We stand foi
"How is the easiest way to picktheiu
out?" asked the begiuner.
"Whenever you see a tino house witfc
the sidewalks and street in front of it
unimproved, that's one of 'em." Ciu
ciuuati Enquirer.
A Desperate Case.
The Girl I want one ob dem love
philters wot'll make er man de goil
gives it ter git down an ki.-s do ground
she walks on, an say, ole lady, mako it
strong, will yer? New York Journal.
Briefs From Billville.
The country i settling down to busi
ness, and the boys are all potting
ready to spend their pensions in peace.
What we want in this country now
is business, and plenty of it. So let's
all get down to tho rail splitting.
An exchange says, "Tho country if
looking up " This is a good sign, when
we consider how it's been raining.
The only reason "money talks" if
because "work tells. " Atlanta Consti
tution. A Bargain.
Mr. Strikjrer Confound it I The way
they tax us is simply outrageous!
Mrs. Strikyer How much is it, John?
Mr. Strikyer One hundred and
ninety-nine dollars and ninety-eight
Mrs. Strikyer -Why, John, they've
evidently marked them down from f 200!
Hurry up and take advantage of it.-
New York Truth.
When Johnny Went Sneaking: Home.
"I met that little Miss Peunywright,"
said the returned volunteer, "for the
first time since we got back."
"Did she kiss you?" asked tho other
"Naw. I struck an attitude all right,
and then she asked me if I hadn't been
out of town." Indianapolis Journal.
A Home Thrust.
"No," said the rich old bachelor, "I
never could find timo to marry."
"Well," replied the young woman
with tho sharp tongue, "I'm not sur
prised to hear you say so. It certainly
would have taken a good while to per
suade any girl to have you." New
York Journal.
Didn't Need It.
Farmer I'lodd Where you toon,
Farmer Furrow To have a tooth out
"Did you have gas?"
"Gas? No. It was broad daylight. "
-Voukers Statesman.
Education Neglected.
He (in the grand stand) Great Scottt
Did you see how that ball curved ovei
the plate?
She Why don't they put somebody
iu that can throw straight? Chicago
Where William Excelled.
"You speak, " said a fond mother,
"about people haying strength of miud,
but when it come to strength of don't
mind my sou William surpassos any
body I ever knew." Metropolitan.
Now happy day brood o'er the land
When man enjoys himself;
Canned pumpkin in the pantry and
Lawn mowers on the. shelf.
Chicago Record.
Whenever a man fails in an under
taking he attributes it to fatalism.
The man who wan old enough to
know better was chafing up and down
a Sixtevntb dtrcet boarding house, try
ing to find a match to light a cigarette
"Did it ever occur to you, " ho said
to the man who finally fouud a light
for him, "what a boon and a benison
the cigarette manufacturer has been to
I the match manufacturer? Think of it a
moment. First, however, give me an,
other match for this cigarette. I don't
know how many cigarettes are made in
this country, but let us, for the sake of
argument, say there are a thousand
carloads a year. Well, it takes on an
average another light, please four
matches to the cigarette, and the manu
facturer of matches must therefore
make 4,000 carloads of matches just to
meet the cigaretto demand. You may
not think 4,000 carloads is a great
quantity, but if you knew how hard it
was to get one match when your cigar
ette is out, you would think 4,000 car
loads wasn't a few if you had to go
around begging them. I have never
given serious study to tho matter, but,
looking at it casually, I should say the
match manufacturers owo an inestima
ble debt of gratitude to the cigarette
makers." New York Sun.
Catth rmis (ilory.
An ordinary service to mankind is
usually paid for at current rates in legal
tender. An extraordinary service, not
involving tho element of heroism, is re
warded by both legal tender and more
or less fame. The highest of all services,
rendered at the risk of life, is supposed
to receive its full compensation in glory,
unaccompanied by more sordid consid
erations. If, however, the hero of the
service last mentioned should not be
contented with his meed of glory, but
should demand more substantial reward,
be may receive it indeed, but at a large
discount from tho other (and in senti
mental estimation more valuable) con
sideration. Unlike the butcher, the baker and
tho candlestick maker, who receive
their quid pio quo without a thought
of humiliation, either in their own
minds or yours, the man who saves
your life at the risk of his own is looked
upon ns almost if not quite disgracing
himself by accepting your proiTered pe
cuniary reward, although he may, in
fact, he in f:ir sorer need than any one
of tho worthy trio who sinq ly contrib
ute to your necessities or comforts.
Edward P. Jackson in North American
The ilov woriu'n X Hay.
The glowworm's light is said to have
been shown to be due to the emission of
rays similar to Roentgen's. Three hun
dred glowworms were caught near
Kioto and placed before photographic
plates screened from the light by sev
eral thicknesses of black paper, together
with plates of brass, copper and alumin
ium. A piece of curd board with a hole
in it was placed between tho metal and
tho photographic plate, and for two
days tho arrangement was kept in a
dark chamber, sheltered from all foreign
lights. On developing the plate it
was found to be blackened, except the
part opposite the hole in tho cardboard.
The rays of the glowworm would appear
therefore to pew trate metal and excite
luminosity in cardboard. When there is
nothing between the sensitive plato and
the glowworm, t lie rays are said to be
have like ordinary light, but in travers
ing some metals and cardboard they
se in to acquire properties like that of
X rays, or it may be that tho ordinary
glowworm emits X us well as ordinary
rays. Revue Scientitique.
A Imii Trick.
Absi'iitniindedly Hrooks stepped up
to the cashier's desk and paid for his
luncheon. Then, accompanied by Riv
ers, he went out into the open air.
"IJrot.ks, " said Rivers, "you'd better
go back and settle for your dinner if
you don't want the proprietor to follow
you out and dun you right hero on the
"Great Scott! Didn't I ray for it?"
ejaculated Rrooks. " W hero's my check?
I haven't got it."
"I picked it up as we left the table,"
said Rivers. "Here it is."
"Ah, yon have como back to pay the
other gentleman's check," said tho
cashiei as Drooks went back, stepped np
to tho desk a second time and handed
out a half dollar.
When Rrooks went outside again, a
moment later, Rivers was nowhere in
sight, and there is another unsettled
nccount between them. Chicago Tribune.
0. A. MUNCH. JH. D.,
the Eminent Specialist,
who has five diplomas
and two honorary dip
lomas can name and
locate a disease
weakness without
asking Questions.
All Cbronic, Vencus
and Private Diseases
Catarrh, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Rheumatism, tc
zema. Scrofula. Ulcers.
Tumors, Cancers. Rur-
tures, epilepsy, Fits, raraiysts, Heart, Lung,
iiood, Kidney
kin. Blood. Kidntv Bladder and Spmi
Diseases, etc., cured by New Remedies, AVtt
Process and New Inventions. No mattei
a hit your disease or who has failed to curt
you, consult him. Consultations Fret and
Strictly Confidential, and if we take youi
:ase, will guarantee a Cure or C(o Tay and
No Par will be reaufred Until Curt J of an
j one who gives satisfactory security oi
I jcwaii money in me ran, if impossiru
( to see Dr. Munch, write fully, enclosing
I stamp for information and circulars to
I Detroit Medical and Surgical Institute; 14C
nne uetroit, Mien. io accommodate
Mttents and others Dr. Munch will visit
I WmI nmriny, lr. Ittli.
Hotel IteMlnir.
TluiriMlity, It. I A t It.
j llftlley lloiie,
i t unluy, Nov Itltli.
I:uh!1hIi C hlldren and .tfroea.
Tim n.jtfi id not so well known
one might expect, considering that geng
raphy is widely and often excellently
taught in our primary schools. Tho
Ideas niopt frequently expressed con
cerning him are that he is black and a
Here are wmo of the definitions: A
hi iic It imhii who lives in India." "A
dark man who comes from America."
A negro is a slave we read or them in
Uncle Tom's Cabin.' " "A gentleman
who lives in a foreign country."
The country children are even more
lively in their descriptions than the
town children: "A ue:;ro is a foreien
man with black skin all over him with
thick lips and curly black hair he goes
"A iiPL'rn ia a man and they live in a
very hot country and they have little
nuts to live in. negro is a uiack
man who acts in a circus."
"A negro is a man whose skin is al
ways black, they aro strong and they
live in huts, and do not wear clothes
and they shoot with a bow." "A negro
is a man what eats mis?ionarys." lhe
Sundav school missionary stories uud
the traveling circus color the village
children's ideas on negioes. National
Cnuiri of Death.
An Austrian professor estimates that
only 900 persons out of 1,000,000 die
from old age, while 1,200 succumb to
gout, 18,400 to measles, 2, TOO to apo
plexy, 7,000 to erysipelas, 7,501) to con
sumption, 4S.O0O to scarlet lever, 25,
000 to whooping cough, ."O.OUO to ty
phoid and typhus and 7,000 to rheuma
tism. These averages of courso vary ac
cording to locality. Smallpox dues not
even get a place in the list. Was this
Austrian professor an antivacciuator:.
Ijondon Globe.
Ways nnd .MeniiM.
Home Seeker (inspecting a flat)
How in the world are pceple to live, in
such little cubby holes as these?
Agent Kasy enough, mum. All you
need is folding beds and camp chairs
and self doubling up tables and a few
things like that.
"Humph! lean hardly turn around
in these rooms myself."
"I see, mum. It's too bad to bo so
afflicted, muni. You should take anti
fat." New York Weekly.
The Syrians regarded the rose as an
emblem of immortality, the Chinese
plauted it over graves, and in the Tyrol
it is said to produce sleep. Hose leuves
aro sometimes thrown on the fire for
good luck. In France and Italy it is be
lieved that rosy cheeks will come to the
lass that buries a drop of her blood un
der a rosebush.
1 2 n M rHtfei.it-lit.
Frances Harry says ho just wauts to
fall down and worship me all' the time.
Her Mamma Oh, well, dmi't mind
that, dear. After you're married he
won't let it interfere with his business.
Chicago News.
Neuralgia Cap
A Marvelous Invention.
A new, novel unci eflvrtive our for
Which for above dis i-t s :ire not only
injurious, but expensive, and USK A
Kivvn you u six month' trentment nnil
positive cure for only OSV. DOLLAK.
ITioed by Men, Women uml Children.
Solb by Dealers or sent by mail on re
ceipt of price by
V8 Lafayette Ave.. DKTKOIT. MICH.
The weather for t lie
past few days has been very
propitious for the sale of
We have sold a ood
many, We still
have a good many in stock.
We are showing a
beautiful assortment
this fall. The
New, Nobby Styles and
the Low Prices has
been the incentive for
the people
to patronize us.
Ionia, Mich.
A Singular Fact !
Thousands of People Have Dys
pepsia and Don't Know it.
iKfOepbia a tho cauo of about nine
tenths oT all dircasei, jet iu mo&t caes
tho wrong thing is treated and tho
truo cause overlooked, simply becauso
d.yMlephin produces Hymptoms resem
bling other disease, it weakens and
di&turbs tho action of every organ und
nerve in the body. A weak and dis
eased btomaeh causes heart trouble,
kidney disease, weuk lungs and ner
vous debility. Tho nervous system
cannot stand the wear ami tear, unless
supported by well digested food.
Keep tho stomach in good order with
Drake's Djspepsiu Cure and Nerve?
Restorer and you need not fear dis
ease. Tho reason why this remedy is
unfailing In the treatment of all stom
ach and nerve troubles is because it is
designed for these peculiar troubles
only, being a combined method treat
ment. A grtat mistake is made by
persons thus ulllcted in neglecting to
treat themselves at this season of tho
year, thus the ad vantrpes of summer
are neglected, because through tho de-
ceitfulness of the disease they are led
to believe themselves free, until the
inclemency of whiter deprives them of
proper exercise, loin; t her with u change
of diet, when they lind themselves
worte than they were; the preceding
year. Drakes uyspepia cure and
Perve Restorer is prepared in tablet
form, is pleasant to take, and is agree
able to the most delicate stomach. Any
one buttering from indigestion, nervous
dyspepsia. sour stomach, aeidily.gasses.
belching, etc., will hnd this treatment
not only a quiek relief, but a radical
cure, ror sam at risi; t.angs urug
tort;, Relding, Mich.
4 f r
A complfU and 1 rftct Hy
u in f lb u.t K- i;. l u h for
vW'iS y" and f0n-fts n b lt!o. lour,
w '"'"k ot 1"'" y 1 Miaii'
jfl. A cuts w :i tin i ; i n c il) ie
eintli M tin 1 (. , yo Wilcox
M . 1). licit, Ml-1,.
Try No. 1 for Dipl thrria,
Si tirU't F( vt r end ti l Sore
-Throats; No. 2 tor 1 Vti h ; No,
Co'lc ami TcHltiPi' of I'abics; No 8
fur Iii'lL'cstiun; No. H pr Ihlii.esni-ss, Cos-'
tivt 'lu-.-s, to; No. 11 !r Cioni.; N, IS f.r
Inllueiizii, (iripje an 1 Catanli; N. SiO for
rVinaW's; No. )ii for KlionrriritiMi.; N. !23 for
Del llitv; N-. 5 fur Piles; No. :&' for Asthma
and Loss of Volet; No. lit for i iiMMimia; No.
for Ncnraiinu of tln Heart, Chest, etc.
On sale at 50 Wilcox M., D.troit, and
Connell Bros., Gelding, Mich.
Onr Treatment for Appendicitis is Specific
And will cure 95 per r nt. of fuoIi rapes,
vviih out tin- k Ti it for which there Is mch u
fatal ii;nniu now. Our trcuttm-nt tnkm for a
month brforc rot Mi cmci.t u n ! rs LABOK
KASY and SPEEDY. llim imlH have used
it with twrn-ct sntisfftrtioii.
SPECIAL ATTENTION irivcn to tin treat
CIIPONIC. Sl'IMiJCAL oi l !iffl nit ruu.'s or
di-ruM-. :t tor ono months tr r. tui nr. Call
orwMte llyaeitiih Medical Co., 5JO Wilcox
t., Detroit, Mich.
lir. li. 1. Jls, Mculii'1,1 7roof or.
T ANTED-Huxtlnij. energetic ucrut, cither
f man or woman, in every town and county
In the United States unit (.'auada, to introduce
ouriroods: no schemes, no Kitt. no humbugs;
straight, honorable, lefitltuate business; wo
furni.sh best of bank reference; semi for our
wholesale price list ami full particulars. Amer
ican Tea Co., Detroit, Mich.
School Books and
School Supplies
Diir Fall Sfcock 1
of the follow iii' ( mioiIi lit; s iu rived.
Chinese Jflattln$s,
nnnwnr ) wiwi" no.nr.
I P V' ' I ltiMlj', Nov. lit.
J-tOUSICS and Lots can be
felbotiKht of the Holding Huild
ing and Loan association cheap
and on easy terms. Kn(juire at
their office in the new Hckling
block Cor. Main and Hridge St.,
also houses to rent and money to .
loan. ADAM WAGNER. SoM byConncll llros
. . . . a lar'p assortment.
Ingrain Carpets,
by the roll. A larger stock than cr
kept before. Wc also have a line of
Tapestry Curtains.
These (m1h ore new ami attractive.
ci' JJivor Woman
. -rW'r rnc 11:111 needs a trli-
'"W i r,'";! 'nc'n-1' rrgulating
fiSs Dr. PEAL'S
Are proTr.pt. fnfp i.tij rcrtnin In rrnutt. Tb woo

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