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Tliurnday, Xoveiubr 514.
Foot Hall-Helding vs. Heed City.
8 p. m. I. O. Forester.
Friday, Novmlrr 't&.
8 p. in. D. of It.
Saturday, November 'ili.
8 p. iu. L. O. T. M.
Monday, November 'AH.
8:00 p. iu. M. W. of A.
Tuesday, November Vtf.
7:30 p. ra. I. O. O. F.
8:00 p.m. Hoyal Neighbor.
8 :00 p. m. Whist Club.
Finest silver polish In tho world at
ICIcaby s.
Best prints throe cents per yard at
Hrlcker 8.
Do you want to save some money on
watches? Try Ricaby.
Choice of any suit or overcoat for
$10 at Hricker'H.
My novelties are new nice and ueat.
Call and see at A. U. Hull's.
Ui drive in dishes at Itlcaby 's. $8.00
sets of 100 pieces only $0.00 now.
Helen A. Newman says trimmed hats
will be sold regardless of cost. Just
step in and try them on.
Kings iu a profusion oi patterns and
variety of prices at A. IJ. Hull's.
liricker has some suprises in store
for his customers Saturday and Mon
day. Special sale.
A beautiful line of silver plated ware
just received at A. U. Hull's.
You have been paying $1.50 for au
opal ring. Uicaby can sell" you the
same thing nor $1.
Old fashions In dress may be revived
but no old-fashioned medicine can re
place Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale by
Fisk Hangs, druggist.
Heat alarm clock in the world for
$1.00 at Ricaby 's. Warranted one year.
George II. Thomas will attend to
auctioneering at all sales wherever his
services are required. He will bo
found in Helding by those wanting
such work done.
Silver thimbles li cents. Send by
mail anywhere. Engraved free. Try
me. A. B. Hull, watchmaker and en
graver. The Booths are making special drives
in dry goods this week as their adver
tisement shows. So far as prices are
concerned there is a veritable earth
quake in the cut they are making in
all lines. .
Miss Beatrice Hamper, teacher of
voice culture. Studio at Mrs. Fred
Smith's Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Many a household is saddened by
death because of tho failure to keep on
hand a safe and absolute certain cure
for croup such as One Minute Cough
Cure. See that your little ones are
protected against emergency.
VV. I. Benedict.
Late to bed and early to rise, pre
pares a man for his home in the skie3.
But early to bed and a Little Early
Riser, the pill that makes life longer
and better and wiser. W. I. Benedict.
Soothing, healing, cleansing, De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the im
placable enemy of sores, burns and
wounds. It never falls to euro piles.
You may rely upon It. W. I. Benedict.
The sooner a cough or cold Is cured
without harm to the 6ufferer the better.
Lingering colds aro dangerous Hack
ing cough Is distressing. One Minute
Cough Cure quickly cures It. Why
suffer when such a cough cure Is with
in reach? It Is pleasant to tho taste.
W. I. Benedict.
When you ask for DeWltt's Witch
Hazel Salve don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There aro more cases of
piles being cured by this, than all
others combined. Wl I. Benedict.
Miss Helen Baker, teacher of instru
mental music, both piano and organ,
will be at tho home of Adam Wagner,
on Friday and Saturday of each week
to give instruction.
Several reliable salesmen to sell our
complete line of supplies for threshers,
mills, factories, engines, etc. Steady
and profitable work all year round.
Address The Crown Supply Co., Cleve
land, Ohio.
Constipation prevents the body from
ridding Itself of waste matter. DeWltt's
Little Early Risers will remove the
trouble and cure sick headache, bil
iousness, Inactive liver and clear the
complexion. Small, sugar coaieu,
don't crlpeor cause nausea.
W. I. Benedict.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All Druggists rei'und the money
if It fails to cure. 2ocents.
"A man that makes character makes
fvo Ko Rnnir the toct. What is
f thn individual is also true of an
organized body of individuals. Our
foes testify to our worm.
Flour, cwt. Ketall
' V cwt. patent
Corn Meal, V cwt
i. i ton
Feed, f cwt
UELDtHO. NOV. 17, I8W8.
cwt. Ketall
Uran, y ton
Middling, f ton IB
Wheat, red per bu
white V bu
Kye, V bu
Com, Wbu old f
Oats, bu new
Hay, V ton t ,jvr
Apple, Vbbl i
rotatoe. V bu f r
ll.ana U hll 'U7lrOII "
Uean V bu. 'US crop
Mutter, f) tt
Kir, tfdoi
Lard, V lb
Chlckenn, uprlng, tt "
Chickens, old. V lb. v 46
Hoef.cwt'Alte weight J
y cwt.drened ?
I'ork, l cwt dressed
Halt Fork .
Mutton, dressed, '
1 i A . A . ma t An
-1 ..1 m.is, u hhl
! ft
Local Brevities, i
See the football gamo today.
Three dances in town this week.
Mrs. Yost has returned from her
visit north.
Mrs. Chas. Hammond returned from
Holly last week.
Let all be truly thankful for tho re
turn of prosperity.
F. W. Howard was in Chicago the
lore part of tho week.
Miss Grace Collins oi Lansing is a
guest at E. B. Lapham's today.
A. J.Klngsley and wife of Ionia were
guests of O. F. Webster Monday.
Attend the Thanksgiving praise sor
vico at tho Baptist church tonight.
Mrs. B. A. Parker is in Lakeview
for a few weeks visiting her daughter.
A. E. Weter made a business trip to
Chicago Thursday remaining over
Mrs. Carrie Lloyd will entertain tho
Beldlng Womaus' Club next Tuesday
afternoon, November 20.
B. C. Stone is making a trip through
Ohio selling lumber and making con
tracts for tho next season's cut.
Mrs. Frank Holmes aud mother aro
spending the day in Howell eating
turkey at the former's old home.
Tho Cuban Creole Minstrels gave
what might be well termed a rocky"
show at the Opera House, Monday
At the next regular meeting of Bel
dlng Lodge F. & A. M. in December
officers for the ensuing year will lo
J. Hattie Burkholder has decided to
retire from the millinery business hero
and return to Grand Rnpids. Sho
closed up business last week.
The Ionia County Teachers' Associa
tion will bo held December 10th. It Is
expected that G. J. Edgecorab of Ben
ton Harbor will assist in the program.
Miss Jennie Wagner of the Alma
college is home to spend Thanksgiving
with hor parents. She is enjoying her
work in the musical department very
New ads. this week: T. F. Ireland,
Larnb Bros., W. I. Benedict, Holmes
Bros., A. B. Hull, Chas. Eddy & Co ,
H. J. Leonard, Booth's, and J.T. Web
ber, Ionia.
Mrs. Geo. Light died in Muskegon
Wednesday. It is expected her re
mains will be brought horo today. Tho
deceased is a sister of Mrs. Chas. Luce
and also of Maggie Slsco.
Mrs. C. O. Bishop returned from her
visit in Missouri last week. She
brought home some fine persimmons.
The fruit is fine when it is thoroughly
ripe but awfully puckery until then.
E. J. Ross, of tho City Steam Laun
dry reports business Increasing so that
more help is required aud he has se
cured Claude Jenkins, of Muskegon,
who is both experienced and competent.
A meeting was held in tho People's
Savings Bank Wednesday to make ar
rangements for the Farmers' Institute
to be held in Smyrna at tho town hall
Decemler 9th. A fine program was
L. E. Sprague has sold his bakery
business to G. E. Shaw of Long Lake,
who has taken possession. H. Van-
Buskirk is doing the baking. Mr.
Sprague has several business ventures
in view but thinks he will remain In
the city this winter.
L.E.Green returned from his annual
hunting trip to the upper peninsula
last week bringing with hlra three fine
deer. Tho party he was with succeed
ed in getting eleven. One of the car
casses have been on sale at Fish &
Nye's market. Mr. Green always gets
vension whenever he goes after it.
Mrs. Peter Kern died at the resi
dence of her son, Jeromo Kern, Tues
day night. Sho was 84 years old and
the widow of Peter Kern who died
about two years ago. She was an old
re sident and up to a few weeks ago was
able to bo around the house and do
some work. Her funeral will bo held
Harry Phillips, son of Ed. Phillips,
who lives near Cooks Corners, while
playing jump the fence with a polo
Sunday, fell and broke his right arm.
Ho was brought to the office of Dr.
Ferguson who put him under the ln
fluLiice of chloroform, reduced tho
fracturo and put tho arm in way to
speedy recovery.
E. B. Hale of Ionia, county commis
sioner of schools was in tho city Wed
nesday. Ho makos the announcement
that ho is again In the field as u can
didate for a renorainatlon to that office.
Mr. Hale has held the position accep
tably for two terms and as there is no
limit to the time a person may hold it,
he would like It again.
Frequently there is news of a dam-
alni,' nature iwsslbly true that is
offered for publication, and unfortun
ately there occasionally happens to bo
an editor who allows himself to help
alonir tho gossip In his destruction of
society and good feeling. But the
newspaper has a bettor mission to ful
fill; it should bring cheer to every liro
side, and aid to create prosperity, co
operation and good will among tho
people of tho community and not be
merely a purveyor of scandal.
A case of assault and battery comes
up for trial in Justice Lapham's court
Friday. Tho complaining witness is
Matthias Laux, of Keene,and he states
thatcn last week Tuesday night ho
with his brother and sister and another
lady were on their way home from a
neighbors whore tbev had been to
spend tho evening and were set upon
by four or five persons among them be
Ing Frank Zahra, Charley Zahm, U. B.
Shears and Med Parent. They were
arrested by Deputy Sheriff Knott
Saturday and all of them plead not
guilty. The boys say they can prpve
It was not them that was In tho mix up.
Helen Laux's jacket was torn, but she
was gritty and collared the fellow and
hung to him with a grip like Iron.
Elizabeth Grody, tho other young lady
was struck in tho side which made her
quite lame for several days. It Is said
the attacking party had been out to a
charivari and imbibed freely of tho
'treats" given by tho groom.
Newspaper men a great many times
aro blamed for a lot of things they can
not help, such ns using partiality in
mentioning visitors, giving news about
some folks and leaving out others.
They simply print tho news they can
find. An editor should not bo expected
to know tho names of your uncles,
aunts and cousins, even If he should
see them get olT tho train. Tell him
alout It. It's news that makes a news
paper, and every man, woman and
child in tho neighborhood could be as
sociate editors if they would.
H. C. Starks of Ravenna, Muskegon
county, has been in town the past week
looking over the situation regarding
the building of a grist mill. He has
been operating a mill at Ravenna but
has just sold out. He was quite favor
ably Impressed with tho outlook here
but found 'it would bo impossible to
secure water power. The use of elec
tric power Is being considered and he
will bo here again soon. Holding
should have a grist mill and we believe
the man who builds one here will make
u good investment.
The lecture by Rev. J. P. Ashley on
"Savornorola" at the Opera House
Saturday night drew a largo audience
and the speaker gave a brilliant ad
dress. It was Interesting and instruc
tive and gave the audience many new
thoughts and ideas relative to the
achievements and splendid character
of the man and the historical times in
which he lived. The next entertain
ment In the course will bo a lecture by
Burritt Hamilton. Subject, i4Tho
March of Liberty."
Frank Phillips wus complained of
last week by James Meginley before
Justice Chas. R. Footo for the larceny
of a bag of clover seed which was taken
from his barn. Phillips pleaded not
guilty and his trial set for last Mon
day but was adjourned until Friday.
Tho respondent had worked for Megin
ley during the summer and fall but was
discharged and shortly afterward the
fcted was missing and Meginley claims
to have traced the taking of it to
The Congressional club met at the
home of Mrs. M. A. Reed Thursday,
Nov. 17, when the following officers
were elected for the ensuing year:
Mrs. M. A. Chapman, president; Mrs
J. D. Morse, vice-president; Mrs. CM.
Klngsley, secretary; Mrs. R.M.Wil
son, treasurer. Mesuames ueeu .anu
Lapham had charge of the program.
Light refreshments were served. The
next meeting will be held December 1,
at tho home of Mrs. W. F. SanUell.
Tho Whist Club met Tuesday night
and enjoyed a very pleasant evening.
The old ofiicers were all re-elected.
W. P. Hetherington, president; I. L.
Hubbell, vice-president; C. R. Cowdin,
secretary; C. M. Wise, treasurer. It
was decided to open sessions hereafter
sharp at eight o'clock. Next meetiug
next Tuesday evening and all who en
joy the game and wish to join tho club
are invited to be present.
A. Behrendt has arrived from Ovid
and is engaged iu fitting up the store
ho leased last week for a bazaar stock.
Mr. Berhendt has been in business in
Ovid for tho past two years but desired
to make a chango to a broader and
more lucrative field and comes here.
He will bring his family. Ho expects
to open the first week in December and
his place will be called the Penny
The second annual exhibition of the
Silk City Poultry Association will be
hold In this city December 12 to 10 in
clusive. Chicken fanciers will find
this one of the best places to come to
In the state. Tho officers of the society
are sparing no pains to make the event
a grand success. The list of premiums
for fine blood Is a good one.
The concert given under the aus
pices of tho Epworth League at the M.
E. church Tuesday night was well at
tended considering the Inclement
weather. Mr. Monson, tho musician
und impersonator is certainly an artist
in his line.
The manager of the Reed City foot
ball team telephoned that they would
certainly be here for that game today
and propose to win It If possible. Our
boys do not intend to let it bo iossible.
Last of tho season, dont fail to wit
ness It.
You will find tho mero resolve not to
bo useless, and tho honest desire to
help other people, will, In the quickest
and most delicate way, Improve your
self, says Ruskln.
Miss Amelia Olson went to Iouia
Frank Hudson's little daughter is on
tho &ick list.
At Chas. Swain's Sunday morning,
a big fat baby boy was born.
Thos. Vaughn Is preparing to go
back to England to remain through the
winter. His aged father is sick and
has 6ent for him. Tom expects to
come into possession of his share of tho
property which Is a good sum.
Chas. Brown returned from the hunt
ing camp In the Upper Peninsula last
week and says they had no snow while
ho was there. Tho boys wore anxiously
waiting for it. They had killed no
deer although there were plenty of
signs of them.
All who attended tho O. C. A. social
held with Mr. and Mrs. Will Ellis
November IT enjoyed a very pleasant
time and were highly entertained.
Tho new rag carpet was disposed of
and that with tho dinner netted tho
society about 825. Mrs. E. Riker of
Beldlng drew tho carpet.
Rev. D. E. Hills of Greenville will
preach at tho Baptist church Sunday
morning. Subject, "Temperance."
Tho Baptist fair to be given by tho
ladies of that church will be held in
the Beldlng block Dec. 2nd and 3rd.
The monthly union services will be
held next Sunday evening at the Bap
tist church. Rev. A. O. Carman will
preach on tho theme, "This Is that."
Band No. 2 of tho Ladles' Social Cir
cle are preparing to give a fine enter
tainment at the Congregational church
December 9.
The union Thanksgiving praise ser
vice will be held In the Baptist church
Thanksgiving evening. There will be
no services in tho morning. Rev. Car
man will lead tho meeting.
The Congregational Sunday school
gavo a very Interesting concert Sunday
evening along the lino of Thanksgiv
ing. The music, recitations and read
ings were excellent and well rendered.
The Social Club gives a hop at the
Opera House tonight.
By the way turkeys, ducks and
chickens have disappeared from the
markets It is evident that big dinners
will be the prevailing fad In the city
today. Quito a number of our citizens
aro entertaining relatives and friends
from abroad while somo have gone out
of town to spend the day.
A.E. Palmer's topics for tho one day
institutes In Ionia county are as fol
lows: Smyrna, "Summer feeding of
dairy cattle;" Palo, "Good roads under
the county system;" Saranac, evening,
"Value of manures on sandy lands; ele
ments of successful farming in north
ern Michigan;" Orange, "Rotation of
crops, silago and silos;" Lake Odessa,
evening, "Green soiling vs. pasturage
of dairy stock; tho development of
northern Michigan."
The official canvas of the vote of tho
recent election was completed last
Thursday, and gives tho following ma
jorities: Pingree, 149; the balauco of
the state officers run up as high as 501
for state land commissioner; Smith for
congress, 473; Wagar for state senator,
546; Locher (Rep.) for representative
in western district, 137; Scully (Dem.)
representative In eastern district, 59;
Moon for sheriff over Jordan, 24b;
Lawless for clerk over Green, 225;
Goodwin for register of deeds over
Strong, 477; Cool for treasurer over
Spauldlng, 250; Chaddock for prose
cutor over Murphy, 713.
Today in obedience to tho president's
proclamation there will bo family re
unions at the old homestead, and many
an absentee will gather at the board
to feast upon tho good things of the
world and offer thanks for the mani
fold bleseings vouchsafed. It Is a beau
tiful observance that sets apart one
day In the year for tho entire family of
the nation to lay asido tho cares of life
and pause to consider from "whence
all blessings How." There will bo
many a joyous welcome around tho
family hearth as well as saddened
memories for those who onco held lov
ing places In the broken circle, who
now sleep under tho grass-green mound
whoso curtain never outward swings."
To thoso who have neither homo cor
friends such occasions must bo desoiato
Indeed. It Is to bo hoped that no one
6hall bo debarred from tho pleasure of
sharing the hospitality and philan
thropy of friends, and that tho day
may be to all one of genuine impulses
and a season for heartfelt thanksgiving.
BKLDING, Mich., Nov. 14, lb98.
There aro remaining at this office
at this date tho following unclaimed
letters and wholly written postal cards.
If they aro not called for in two weeks
thev will bo sent to tho dead letter
office. Ladies' list: Mrs. Geo. Bacon,
Anna IJrown, Miss Anna urown, Mrs.
Helen Elsby, Vlnnlo Holmes, Mrs. Rob
E. Smith, Mrs. Anna Smith. Gents'
list: Mr. John Brown, Mr. John Dunn,
Rev. J. N. Rippev, A. N. Roby, Mr.
Chas. Stone, Mr. Wm. Youngs.
I). E. Wilson P. M.
Wanted Reliable men who can put
In either all or part of their time to
tako orders for our oils and greases
from tho mills, factories, dealers, farm
ers and threshers. Permanent posi
tion for tho right man. Liberal com
mission. The Canfif.ld Oil Co.,
Cleveland, Ohio.
C U" or DDI (VI
May exist on some subjects but all arc agreed that the
only place to buy
Garland - -Red
Cross -Round
Oak -Majestic
Peninsular -Umpire
Air Tight - -
Is at Ireland's. This week he has some very low priced
"We Never Sleep" STOVEMAN.
Jackets, Cloaks, Capes
And Save Big Money. You cannot afford to buy a gar
ment until you have seen our large and elegant
line and learned our exceedingly low prices
Yours Truly,
Spencer & Lloyd.
Everything !
Fresh Riii&ins, Currants,
Nuts, Fruits, Etc.
Wool Sonp
lltitohlsuti Ointtnont for snlc.
Lamb Bros.
jfvt Your L,cttov ltcnd. Mil Hauls, Stntcmcnts unci
Koto Hauls nt tho linnucr office and they will hoi
put up for you in our new stylo tublots with blotter
oovor. All vt)rk nt Might 1'rioos,
Have your children told you of our window of games :
for winter evenings? All kinds of low priced games
Checkers, 5c.
Steeplechase, 5c, 10c, 15c
Dominoes, 5c, 10c
Go Bang, 5c
Buffalo Bill 15c worth 25c. Tiddledy Winks, 10c
Base Ball,
Dog Show,
Yachting, 5c.
News Boy,
Puss in Corner,
Authors, 10c
Toboggan Slide, 5c
Checker Board witli checkers and dice cup for
Backgammon, 10c, 12c, 20c.

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