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Spain's acceptance of the latent prop
osition made by the American jxjaco
commlssionera Is to be commended. To
be sure, she held olT until tho very last
moment, but that was to have been
expected; It was also to have been ex
pected that she should close the con
ference by cry I ug, Unfair! Yet never
beforo in the history of the world was
a victorious nation so considerate of a
vanquished foe. The United States
took the Philippine Islands by right of
conquest, and could have held them,
too. Instead, however, It very rra-
clously offered a sum of money quite
equal to the value of Spain's posses
sions In the islands, and said: "Cede
us the Islands and we will give you
$20,000,000 of money." Hy this course
the sting of defeat was withdrawn and
Spain finds herself enriched by a con
siderable sura of money. Could any
thing bo more magnanimous? Had
the United States so determined it
could have had the islands for the
taking, but It chose to deal liberally
and fairly with Spain. It chose to do
differently than did Germany when it
conquered Franco. Germany not only
demanded a cession of valuable lands,
two provinces, In fact, but it demanded
a money indemnity amounting to more
than 500.000,000 francs. The United
States gives to Spain, the conquered,
tho equal of 100,000,000 francs for a
group of partly settled and almost
wholly uncivilized islands in the Pa
cilic. Spain did well to accede to tho
demands made upon her; to have done
otherwise would have been to play
"boy." Grand Rapids Herald.
Tho decree just issued from Home
permitting tho Interment of Homan
Catholics In consecrated ground though
thev belong to secret societies, and par
ticularly to the Masonic ol der, is con
sidered to be as sweeping as the
original decree of excommunicating
those who did not resign from such
orders and organizations. It nullities
tho drastic decree of seven years ago,
and it is claimed will reconcile many
Roman Catholics to the church who
were banned because of their attllia
tions with the. Free Masons. Among
many Homan Catholics the decree
means another triumph for tho liberal
school of American Catholicism, in
that tho Italian clerics who have hith
erto controlled affairs in Iho Vatican
have at last recognized a different con
dition in the church In the western
hemisphere than obtains in the conti
nent of Furope. The decree regarding
those who are members of tho Masonic
and other orders caused heart burning"
and bitter sorrow among many faiiliful
Catholics who believe In the Masonic
organizations, the Knight of Pythias
aud others because of their benetit at
tachments. In his report of conducting the po
litical campaign in Kent county chair
man of the Republican committee,
Jacob FUcnhards, said: "I have the
satisfaction of knowing that not one
cent of tho money was spent for beer,
and It gives nic great pleasure. None
of the committee money was spent on
our side for drinks of nny kind and I
think we got along just as well without
It. Under the old system of elections
it was necessary for a candidate to get
out and raako the rounds of the saloons
and halls and whoop it up all along
the line, and it had always been done.
Hut this year our committee did not
spend one ceut in a saloon nor over
nnv bar. There is no use in It. and no
votes made. It has been tlmply a cus
tom left over from the old days, and
does no good anywhere."
Senor Bacardi, an old Cuban resi
dent, has been appointed mayor of the
city of Santiago do Cuba by Gen. Wood,
who bna accented the resignation of
Maj. McLcary. The llrst official act
of Mayor Bacardi was to discharge the
entire clerical force in tho mayor's
office and to employ Cubans who had
served in the war. He Issued a notice
Imposing a tine of $1,IKK) upon any per
son prombtlng a bull fight, and a fine
of $o0 upon any promoter of a cock
light. In tho case of a cock tight the
tine will fall upon witnesses as well as
The pay roll of tho University of
Michigan for the year IfeOT-iH was as
follows: General pay roll, $150,02..ll;
summer school, $4,306.02; engineering
department, 327.897.04; law, $37,r,22.62;
'medical, $11,000.70; pharmacy, $24,
84 ". 24 ; dental, $12, 840. IK) ; homoeopathic,
$3,300; University hospital, ...;
homoeopathic hospital, 2,707. OS The
net income from students' fees for tho
same period was $177,373.02.
The proofreader has a thankless task.
Nobodv over L'lves him. any credit for
the countless blunders he corre ts. and
jumps on him for the few that ho over
Shi lob.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Hobothan,
a ulne pound girl.
Myrtle Maynard is able to be out
again after a six weeks' sickness.
The Aid Society dinner Thanksgiv
ing day netted tho ladles nearly $ 15.00.
Hazey Penney of Vandecar has beeo
spending a few days with relatives
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Havsmer of
Woods Corners spent Sunday at II. II.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Brown spent
Thanksgiving day with Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Fstabrook.
Report says our deer hunters have
not been having very good luck, Shiloh
people Imvltur bagged only one.
Erie Harrington is working in Chas.
Brown1 trrist mill. So much business
Mr. Brown has had to enlarge his
working staff.
A party of about thirty-five friends
and relatives assembled at tho home of
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Heether Thnnks-
glvlng day for a surprise. An enjoya
ble day was spent, dinner being served
in three courses which tho good ladles
ofOtiscoknow how to provide. lho
party remained to a late hour, after
which they all returned to their homes
feeling it was good to bo there.
Sylvanus Weed who was hurt some
time ago Is getting well again we are
glad to note.
W. R. Olds is getting his green house
ready for business and when completed
will have a fine place.
The People's Literary club will give
an entertainment at the Otlseo Lyceum
hall December 2. Admission fivo and
ten cents. Cordial invitation to all.
A l'nlii oIUm-Uoii.
A Philadelphia man owns a mos1
unique as ortment of pieces of blotting
paper, collected ny ins latner, wno was
long an official of tho White House,
each of which bears, reversed, the sig
nature of apresidcut from General Har
rison, who died a month after his elec
tion in 1S11, to Garfield. On one sheet,
the most highly prized of the lot, the
last official lettei signed by President
Lincoln va3 blotted beforo ho was as
sassinated by Booth.
Pre Pill.
Send your address to II. E. Duckln
& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample
box of Dr. King' New Life PilU. PA
trial will convince you of their merit.
These pills are easy in action and are
particularly effective in the cure of
constipation and sick headache. For
malaria and liver troubles they have
been proved invaluable. They are
guaranteed to be perfectly free from
every deleterious suosianco ana to bo
purely vegetable. They do not weak.
en by their action, but by giving ton
to stomacn and bowels greatly invigor
ate tho system. Regular size 25c per
box. Sold by Fisk Bangs and Connell
Bros. 2
Itucklen'i Arnica Naive.
Tho best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands,ehilblalns,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and pos
itively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sale by Holmes &
Connell and Fisk Bangs.
Insure in the Old Reliable
Offlce In the new Heldinsr block corner of Main
and Uridge street, Holding.
i'lre Insurance a Snooinlty on Cfy
and J'nrni Jrojrt y.
I am prepared to write Insurance usu
ally accepted by comnanleg In general
on city and surrounding country prop
erty. Office at Commercial Hank.
School Books and
School Supplies
No Complaint.
Horse Dealer Well, John, how about
that her I sold you? Was he quiet
Undertaker Well, hir, ho did give
us a little trouble at first. We put him
in one f tho uiouvniiiK conch?, yon
know, and parties don't like to bo shook
up in tln'ir grief, hut we've put him in
tho heurso now, and we haven't heard
any complaint k tar. tlousebom
lirltiiln'M Tribute Monfj."
Several years oo a large turn of mon
ey was Kent out to China from JCngland
in relief of an appalliug famine. But
Dr. Wmyon of the Wet ley an niit-siou
related in a recent speech that he had
discovered in haijtuny a commemora
tive column, erected by tho govern
ments' authority, on which this Britihb
contribution was calmly tet down as
"tribute money." Peuaug Gazette.
Are more appreciated when
Beauty is combined with Usefulness.
Christmas, buying is made easy when
such an aggregation of beautiful wares
is concentrated in one store. Diamonds,
watches, chatelalns, broaches, Cyrano
bead chains, pompadour and back
combs, Ncthersole bracelets and chain
bracelets, immense variety of rings,
sterling hilver and ebony goods, leather
traveling cases, silver and stag handle
carvers, gold and porcelain collar and
cuff boxes, gold and silver mounted
pipes, suspenders, garters, jewel cases,
cut glass, chalTing dishes, fountain pens,
umbrellas, kodaks, small musical in
struments, phonographs, silver tea
sets quadruple plate, heavy weight,
only $5 00
Rogers' Bros., knives and forks.. 2 65
Fine mantel clocks, only f 00
Cut glass salts and peppers, solid
silver tops, only each 17c
Quadruple plated saltsand peppers 12c
Gold pens, pearl handles, in silk
plush cases, only 9Uc
Ladles' comb, card and pocket
books, heavy gun metal trim
mings, only 75c
Orders taken from any catalogue at tho
lowest catalogue prices. Wo offer
many advantages superior to New York
and Chicago catalogue houses.
A. G. UI?IFOKI, Ionia.
The liest Cough Remedy on toirth
Warner's White Wine of Tar Sj nip,
Consumption Cure, cures a cold in i;4
hours if taken in time and does not
stop a cough in one minute by paralyz
ing the throat, but it cures tho disease
and leaves the throat and lungs healthy
and strong. 2T and 50 cts.
On December 16, 17 and 18, C. & W.
M and 1).. G. R. & W. Ry. agents will
sell tickets to nearly all points in Can
aoa at one way fare for round trip.
Return limit January 7. Ask agents
for particulars.
22 Gko. DeHaven, G. 1 A.
Consumption Cure Warner's White
Wine of Tar Sjrup, the best cough rem
edy on earth, cures a cold in one day If
taken in time. 25 and 60 cents
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
and Diarrhoea Remedy can always be
depended upon and Is pleasant and safe
to take. Sold by Fisk Bangs, druggist.
Overcome evil with good. Overcome
Pains in tho chest when a poison has j your coughs and colds with One Min
ute Cough Cure. It Is so good children
cry for it. It cures croup, bronchitis,
pneumonia, eripno nnd all throat and
a cold indicate a tendency toward pneu
monia. A piece of flannel dampened
with Chamberlain's Pain Balm and
bound on to tho chest over the seat of
pain will promptly relieve tho pain and
prevent tho threatened attack of pneu
monia. The same treatment will cure
a lame back in a few hours. Sold by
Fisk Bangs, druggist.
lung diseases. W. I. Benedict.
To Cure ft Cold in One Daj
Take Warner's White Wine of Tar
Sj rup, tho best cough remedy on earth.
25 and f() cents.
Shrewsburg by Stanley J. Weyujan.
The King Jackal by
Richard Harding
A Desert Drama by Conan Doyle.
With Fire and Sword by the author of
Quo Vadls.
Caleb West by F. Hopklnson Smith.
Around the Tea Table by Talniage.
Child Rhymes by Jas. Whitcomb Riley
(Tho Prince of the House of David, 25.
An elegant edition for tho money.)
Quo Vadls, cloth bound, 25c.
1000 moro of those popular books just
received this week. Remember
we only ask 15c for them.
Connell Bros.
What are you going to give your Husband or ?
for a Christmas Present. You want something sen
sible. All right, watch our ads from now on. We
have a few suggestions to offer. Some one of them
may meet with your approval.
Did you ever hear him say how he
would like a Smoking Jacket or House
We have a tine line of them.
It would not be. fair to quote prices
for then he would know but let us
show you them.
What is more acceptable as a present
to a Gentleman than a Silk Umbrella?
Always a necessity; perhaps not now,
but he will highly appreciate it. We have
a large assortment with specially nice hand
les in these goods for Christmas.
PRICES Well we can tell you .better
than to write them.
A Large Line ol Clothing, Shirts, Neckwear, Mufflers and Caps.
Has begun, and right here I want to have my say. When you buy
in the lines of goods I carry the first thing to take in considera
tion is, if the goods are reliable and can the quality be depended
upon. If you care to be perfectly satisfied as to price and know
you can depend upon the articles purchased 1 will secure your
patronage. When you look through my Mammoth Stock and com
pare our
Prices and Courteous
treatment you will find Christmas Shopping a pleasure. In
WATCHES I lead them all as my big Watch trade indicates, and
Why not when- you can-bn;ppitt;pOOLD-WATCH of me that
will wear well and keep good time for
Only $10.00.
Have still better from that up. Don't you think you had better
see my assortment. That OPAL RING I sell for a dollar is a
"WINNER," and when it comes to a better class of goods ho other
stock compares with ours. 1 am selling the best
Rogers' Knives and Forks $3
PER D0Z., and a good set ol other make for 2.50. Our
China Department
can't be beat. Just think a fine 100 piece semi-porcelain DINNER
SET only 0.00 and the finest line of better goods ever shown
here. As all know my
Musical Department
is complete, and for the Holidays shall show a fine line of Music
Rolls, Folios, Guitars, Banjos, Violins, etc., and at one-half regular
Music Store prices. Hoping to have the pleasure of meeting you
in our Big, Bright Store. 1 am for Christmas.
"The World Loves a Winner.'
I3racolGts, 13clt J3uclclcs,
13 entity Pins, I3roochcs
Bright and beautiful things in jewelry of all kinds.
Sterling silver novelties in large variety. Silverware
in abundance. Knives and forks 2.50 per set.
Prices the lowest tor goods of good quality.
With W A. Muff.
A. 13. HULL,
Wtiti'lunnUor nntl linurnvvr.
Going to bo AInrrlcd
Get your invitations and announcements printed at the
Banner office. Wc do the finest work.
E have been to Busy Lately to Write ADS, but now hav
ing a little leisure, would say that we still havo
Groceries to Spare
As good as the Best and as Reasonable as any one. It is nearly
PAN 0AKE time asain and for Dressing we have choioo
MAPLE SURUP and EXT. HONEY. If you can't
come Telephone No. 12.
C3"Ju;t around the corner on l'leasant St.

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