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Tliu ratify, Juno 29,
8 p. m.l. o. Foresters.
Friday, June 23.
8p m. u. or 11.
Stttunluy, .June 4.
p. ui.-L. O. T. M.
Moiidiiv, June 'iti.
8:up. iu.-M. V. of A.
Tuettdtty, Juue 517.
7:30 p. m.l. o. o. K.
Vedneday, June J48.
8:00 p. m. Court of Honor.
Pansics for sale at tho green house.
Wantkd A good girl for house
work. Apply at George Crippen's.
To Kxci I A NO k : A new binder for a
horn. C. W. Joslin, Smyrna.
Helen A. Newman will sell all trim
med hats and sailors at cost and some
below cost.
Fok Salk My bouse and lot on Al
derman blreet in lirst class condition.
cry reasonable terms.
1. P. Hakuincjton.
If you have any clothing to buy, don't
overlook the big sale that J. T. Web
ber is having. This is an Opportunity
ior you io save money.
On Main St., a bicycle. The owner
can have tho same by describing the
property and paying all expenses in
curred. F. 1 Smith, City Clerk.
Weighs 1,2(MJ pounds, eight years old
and perfectly sound. Good to work or
drive and a bargain for someone.
Inquire of C. M. Kingsley.
To Cur a CmIiI la One liny.
Take Laxative Uromo Quinine Tab
lets. All Druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. 2"cents.
Local Brevities. 2
Z. W. Gooding and E. H. Herry were
In Ionia Monday.
F. W. Howard returned. Mnmlnv
from a few days' trip to Chicago.
Mrs. W. II. Kicaby is In Honton Har
bor to remain two or three weeks.
Tho alumni banquet will bo held at
Hotel Hcldlng, Friday night, Juno 23d.
Mrs. U. c. Lowe and daughter of
Maple Rapids has leen the guest of
Hov. A. O. Carman.
Four hundred and fifty births in
Ionia county last year according to
supervisors' reports.
Chester VanHenschoten, of Perry,
Mich., has been the guest of his cousin
H. L. VanBenschoten.
The band concert Friday night was
enjoyed by a very largo crowd of eager
and attentive listeners.
Wm. J. Darker and wife left Mon
day for a ten days' outing at Petoskey.
They will take in the encampment.
Den Angell has returned from his
trip on the road for the Richardson
Silk Co. and will spend a few weeks at
The Opera House held a very large
and intelligent audience Sunday even
ing, attracted there by a union service,
held in honor of the graduates and
junior classes of our high school.
Tho Methodist choir furnished music
for the occasion, which was excellent,
and its quartette, Mrs. Minnie Friedly,
Mrs. Fugere Hudson, Mrs. M. A. Cole
man, and Miss Addio Pringie, sang
very sweetly.
Rev. (Jorrel Quick assisted in the
service with prayer and reading the
The class occupied the front row of
beats anu were escorted to the hall by
Miss Leone Llovd soent SurwlHv in
A. C. Flanders andfamilv snent Run.
dy In Ionia.
Jared Spraguo and wife arrived
homo from Fast Jordan last night.
Frank Wood, of Charlotte, spent
Sunday at Prof. J. G. Van Winkle's.
J' L. Lloyd has
dence on North Dridge street which he
has occupid for some time, of Clyde
Miss Carrie Tall man has return, d
he Jun ors who were seated back of lanti, Miss Mabel Spencer from the 0.
them with principal J. G. VanWinkle of M. at Ann Arbor and Kills Hanney
A practical fence that will tnn."
positively turn cattle,
bones, hogs and
Mrs. E.McCounelland family drove to
Rock ford Wednesday to attend the
funeral of htr father-in-law, G. C. Me
Con nell.
Consumption Cure Warner's
White Wine ol Tar .Syrii,the best
cough remedy on earth, cures a cold in
one day if taken in time. 25 and CO cts.
Miss Beatrice Hamper, teacher of
voice culture. Studio at Mrs. H. S.
CamnbeH's Tuesdays and Saturdays.
M iss Helen Baker, teacher of instru
mental music, both piano and oryan.
will be at .the home of Adam Wagner,
on Friday and Saturday of each week
to give instruction.
One brick and three frame dwelling
houses all within the city limits. Will
be sold at a considerable reduction in
price and reasonable time allowed for
the payment. Apply to William Pick
ering. Ollice at the Commercial Bank.
First class farm of one hundred
acres; yood building, tine well of water,
good orchard, l.r acres of timber, well
lenceu, located L'i miles southwest of
Smyrna: 2f acres of wheat on the place.
Will sell reasonable. Call or address
Smyrna, Mich.
House and lot for sale for JWO. $250
down and the balance on time, Inquire
at this ollice.
Kodal Dyspepsia Cure completely di
gests food within the stomach and in
testines and renders all food capable of
being assimilated and converted into
strength giving and tissue building
substances. W. I. Benedict.
Thomas Thurman deputy sheriff of
of Troy. Eo., says if everyone in the
United States should discover the vir
tue of De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve for
piler, rectal troubles and skin disceases
the demand could not be supplied.
W. I. Benedict.
To I'll re a Cold in One Day
Take Warner's White Wine of Tar
Syrup, the best cough remedy on earth.
25 and 50 cents.
Bklding, Mich., June 19, 1S90.
There are remaining at this ollice
at this date the following unclaimed
letters and wholly written postal cards.
If they are not called for in two weeks
they will be sent to the dead letter
Ladies' list: Miss Pearl Bush, Mrs.
Orrin Beach, Mrs. C. J. King.
D. E. Wilson P. M.
Scries No. 20 of the Holding Build
in'' ijuan Association biocK is now
open to subscribers. In the past a
large proportion of tho Beldinir Build
ing & Loan Association stock has been
taken by outsiders from Massachusetts,
New ork, Detroit and other outside
places. Cannot the Belding people
nuu .i kuou tiling equally ns wen as
those from a distance. We prefer to
give our eoplo a chance, a chance
that our towns people ought to avail
themselvesof,whereby thclrown money
may te Kepi at nomo where it belongs.
On the lot and 2nd series ol stock is al
lowed 10 per cent, interest and on all
other series ( per. cent, interest if
withdrawn before maturity. For fur
her particulars inquire of
Adam Wauner, See'y.
E. R. Berry and Geo. S. Rosevelt are
after the appointment of census enu
merator for their respective wards of
this city.
Mrs. E. B. Hale of Ionia, wife of the
county school commissioner, was in
the city over Sunday, a guest of Miss
Cora Holmes.
Gerald Klraberly went to Lyons,
Wednesday, taking his Tornado kodak
along to get omo snap shots of that
hustling little town.
Mtes Helen A. Newman attended
the Greenville Bay View class party,
at Baldwin Lake, last week and spent
a very enjoyable day.
The M. E. society have arranged to
secure the Canadian colored jubilee
singers to give an entertainment for
them in the church July 21.
W.A. Mclntyre received wordSatur-
"3 mat he was grandpa. A girl
born Friday at the homo of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Landy, in York state.
Mrs. F. E. Howk,of Ionia, was in the
city, Wednesday, arranging to ship
their household goods, which have
been stored here for a long time.
The mother of Mrs. John Sayles,
Mrs. Ann Gardner. did i il... t
dence of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas
Wilsie, in Ionia, Sunday, aged 81.
Mrs. II. II . Reed, who has been a
guest of her brothers, II. H. and Z. W.
Gooding, left this morning for Tecum
seh and thence to her home in New
James Cramer made a business trip
to Ionia Wednesday. Mr. Cramer has
completed the addition to his dwelling
house and now has a very convenient
and commodious home.
Mrs. Coy Thompj-on of Leroy and
Bertha and Hazel Sevey of Cedar
Springs who were guests at Al. Wea
ver's and Fred Harding's part of last
week returned Mouday.
Henry J. Leonard and wife are in
Olivet, attending the college gradua
tion exercises. Their daughter, Miss
Lena Leonard, finishes her course there
and graduates Thursday.
The graduating class has been busy
all the week and on the tip-too of
anxiety in preparation for commence
ment exercises, which will be held at
the Opera House touight.
Tho Rmsell family reunion will cc
cur at Baldwin lake Saturday. Quite
a number of relatives from abroad are
assembling here preparatory for at
tending the event which occurs yearly
E. H. Bunt, of Grand Rapids, an ex
and his corps of teachers.
Rev. A. O. Carman of tho M. E.
church gave tho address and his very
excellent and appropriate remarks
were based on tho text found in Psalms
:i7:.T7, Mark the perfect man and be
hold the upright; out of which he took
his subject: The Ideal Man, and di
vided it under three heads, Physical
Man, Intellectual Man and Moral Man.
To mark a perfect man, he said, we
must behold him as a physical, intel
lectual and moral being.
In referring to the Physical man be
spoke of tho sacred ness of the body, it
being tho temple of tho Holy Ghost,
and of the necessity of carefully guard
ing it against the encroachments of
evil habits; of giving it the benefit of
scientific care and hard discipline for
its perfect development.
Behold the Intellectual man! True
scholarship is the seeking for know
ledge with the exclusion of self con
sciousness. Re interpreted th
perfect "A high ideal." The term
scholar may apply to the little child;
it may apply to tho mature power of
tho man of four score to whom has
come the knowledge of many schools
and great libraries and the gamerings
oi a lite time of study and investiga
tion. Mr. Caiman discussed tho law
of development along this line and
brought out many good points and
illustrations. Paul's motto was, This
one thing I do," not dividing his ener
gies but throwing his whole life into
one absorbing ambition and so turned
back tho tide of paganism. "To con
quer the world," ys Alexander, and
he stands before you, not as a man of
lofty ideals or of moral worth but as a
billiant military chieftain. "Any
thing for money," and Jay Gould Is
the incarnation of successful greed.
Mark the Moral man. What is char-
aeterr it our moral worth. Charac
ter is broader than intellect, broader
than will, broader than heart even.
It is the outcome of them all combined.
Schools which aim at nothing higher
than scholarship place the mark dan
gerously low. The purpose of all our
school agencies should bo to secure not
ability but nobility. A man may gain
scholarship and still have a shriveled
lite; he may have a mighty brain and
still have a feeble heart. Equip a
man with the enginery of the tremen
duous power of execution, yet leave him
consciousless and he is rudderless with
shipwreck and disaster as his inevita
ble doom. Re brought out the thought
i.ry neauuiuuy that in the age of
science and achievements wo are reap
ing tho benefits of hundreds of years of
thinking and planning and invention,
that the ancients and people of the
middle ages in many lines of human
thought and achievement surpassed
those of today, but that their retro
grading wheel amoug them was not
their intellects but their morals. Tow
ering as intellectual giants, they floun
dered and fell in their moral rorrun.
., . J
um me Agricultural college t 1..,,..
Mr. and Mrs. N. Whltston, of Inver
ness, p. Q.t arrived last week to visit
at Thos. Bracken's, and perhaps re
main hero permanently. They are the
parents of Mrs. Bracken. MUs Josie
Whltston accompanied them here.
J. E Dodson and wife visited her
parents in Orleans Sunday. They
brought homo with them a ho nf
strawberries for "Ye Editor" that
were mammoth and delicious. They
report that Mr. Howard had new
home-grown potatoej June 15th.
A firo caused from a lamo exuloafnn
in the Charley Brown store building
made a big commotion last Thursday
night. The lire company was called
out and when they got a stream to
playing into the upper room where
the trouble lay It was soon squelched.
It had been burning some time before
the water came.
pigs. A fence
that is strong,
practically ever
lasting, proven
thoroughly effi
cient under
every possible
Hutu v i j a a a TrmrmnnH
If you want your fencing problems satisfactorily solved, call and see the
ELLVOOD FENCE and let us show you for how little money you
can get absolute satisfaction.
Bell Phone No. 15. State Phone No.
Fence Man,
29-3 rings.
llev. V. C. Chaplain, of the military
academy, at Orchard Lake will occupy
the pulpit of the Congregational church
Sunday morning and evening.
There will be no prayer meeting
Thursday night at the Conffretrational
church on account of commencement
The Knights of the Maccabees and
tho Ladies of the Maccabees will at
tend church in a body at the M. M
church Sunday morning. All members
are requested to report at their hall at
10 o'clock a. m
Will the ladies of the Congrega
tional society who loaned their silver
ware for the serving of meals on band
tournament day please look over their
knives, forks and spoons as there aro
two pieces missing and several pieces
for exchange at Mrs Etta McLaughlin's.
A very fine program was carried out
at the Congregational church Sunday
morning by members of the Sunday
school in keeping with Children's day.
The subject was "Our Mission" and
the music and recitations were well
rendered. Prof. J. G. VanWinkle
gave a very nice ten minutes talk In
The Heated Term
Is Here
ABLE GOODS, ooe,,,
Carman in closinc n.bl tnnnv
good things on tho valuo of character
and the forces which help to develop
an ideal life.
A very pretty but quiet wedding was
held at tho residence of Albert K.
Iir.i . .
weier anu wife. Wt no. v in,K
alderman of the third ward of this city, when tho marriage of their daughter'
. who went to Grand Uapids about a U. Maude Weter, and Alembert L.'
Flour, V cwt. Ketail.
" V cwt. patent .
Corn Meal, cwt
" V ton
Feed, $J cwt chop
V ton
HrjiD, ton
MUMIinpa, V ton
Wheat, red per bu .
" white y lu ....
Kr y bu
lrn, V bu old
Oatti, bu new
Uti.DiNG, June Zi, MM.
2 10
2 :)
IS 00
IS 00
... 16 no
bb 30
llur ki Inn ,n .j.
'J V " IU
Apple, Y bbl 2 Oixa 2 W)
Potatoes, y bu
Mean bu 'W7 crop gy,j 90
Hean fc bu. 'WScrop Tir w
Mutter, (f 0) II
F.tftfH, V 'lo II
Saire, 9 30
I.ard, V ft 7w8 00
Chickens, spring, tt dt if
Chicken, old. V & 44i$ (
Veal, cwt., dreed 0 7 00
" W cwt., live 4 kk,o fi 00
lleef, V cwt. II ve weight 3 Oob 4 00
" V cwt. dressed fi nor, 4 7 (10
Pork, V cwt dressed 4 fK( 4 fift
Salt Pork ifj
Mutton, dressed, 7 00
Land PUter, V ton 5 00
Calcined Planter, V bbl V 30
year anu a half atro, was in the citv
on Friday visiting his brother-in-law,
I'. A. Kycrsou.
Tho charter of the Uoyal Circle
closes next Wednesday evening, Juno
2Sth. Also it is an important business
meeting and every member is request
ed to be present. Assessments and
dues must le paid in.
N. Laphaui aud wife, and Wm. Dan
iels and wife are camping out at Wab
asislake for a couple of weeks. Mr.
Lapham has closed his store during
the time and also shut off the water at
his watering trough In the street.
M. J. I'rall has a force of sixteen
men at work in his brick yard. Ho
will soon have several kilns of brick
fired. There is a ereat demand for
brick and Mr. Prall proposes to man
ufacture enough to supply all who
Miss Helen A. Newman had the mis
fortune to lone a satin pocket some
where in the city Monday. It con
tained a pearl handle knife and hand
kerchief. The finder will receive her
thanks for its return. It may bo left
at Hannkk oflice.
Kev. O. F. A. Spinning, of Grass
i.ikc, was visiting In towu several
days last week and remained over Sun
day. It was through his energy whilo
pastor of the Haptlst church about
nine or ten years ago, that the present
beautiful edifice they worship in was
pushed on to completion.
t onu was consummated. Uumors and
whimperings of the event have been
heard for some time Jut the interested
parties had succeeeded In keeping the
date quiet and but very few cloe
friends knew of It until the nuptial
knot was tied. Kev. H. V. Child, of
uuri,, periormed the ceremonv at 8
o'clock, and only a few relatives and
friends were present.
A large number of suitable gifts
were made to the happy couple and
refreshments fitting to the occasion
wero served
The bride has lived hero all her Ufa
and has many friends In and out of the accotnPa'led by Miss Ethel Haynea, of j
city. Mr. Fond is tho electrician for f.. vla a frIend of the family, who
the Citizens' Light Comnanv and thev spend a portion of tho summer
Solomon Unger suffered a paralytic
stroke last night about 8:30 o'clock and
died at 10 o'clock.
Mr. Unger, who was 55 years old, re
ceived a similar shock something over
a year ago, while residing at Ithaca,
since which time he nearly lost the use
of his right arm and was troubled
somewhat in his speech. Last evening
he came in from a short walk and while
.11.1 .
biuing m a chair at his wife's milli
nery store was suddenly taken. Dr.
Morris was called and with assistance
he was placed on a bed, but was be
yond all help and lived only about an
hour and a half. Ho had been a resi
dent here about 20 years and for a long
time kept the Unger House, when that
burned built tho brick block which
now covers the site. The deceased
was always jovial, kindhearted and
good natured, having many friends.
He leaves a wife and two sous, John
and Frank Unger. Arrangements for
the funeral will not be made until
after the arrival of the latter.
The l'eck.Bennest concert has been
postponed ou account of sickness.
L. VV. Holmes, Stewart Havden and
C. It. Cowdin saw the Cornell-U. of M.
base ball game at Grand Uapids laet
Messrs Splcer and Pago say there
will be horse race3, bicycle races, aj
cake walk and a ball uamo between
Helding and Grattan teams at the Spi-j
ter race track grounds July 4.
Miss Kittle Smith left, Wednesday,
for Albion, N. Y., to remain a short
time visiting her parents. She was
LtEtmb Bros,
Opera. House Blook.
Qct Your Letter Hcnd, Mil liond, Statement nnd
Xote Hauls nt the linnner of Hoc unci they will ho
put up for you in our now style tnblets witj hlottor
eovcr. All work nt Right lrieeti
Oreeo I
U. F. Harrington will leave this
week for Chicago to visit his son for
several weeks and if ho can striko a
good job will remain there permanent
lj. Harry George will act as janitor at
the Congregational church during his
Last week strawberries sold for four Some radial ohn- .
and five rents a quart and from fifty to the running of trains on this division
HUty ccnu a crate; this week, on ac of the I)., G. U. & VV. last Sunday,
count 01 the nrevatlinir d
r -- w"tuu nme cam appears In
ttuoiner column. Tho morning trRln
will reside here.
Klon Pond and wife and Mrs. Sarah
Merrell, of Corunna, parents and
grandmother of the trroom" were
Tho wishes of many friends for a long
and happy life are tendered to them. .
prices have advanced, and crates are
worth from sixty-fivo to nlnety-fivo
W. II. Uieaby has his display win
dow trimmed in graduating class col
ors, olive and white. Fred P. Smith
directed the stage decorations to be
seen tonight at tho Opera House.
north f !-., t i i. .a . . .
"ui is on ana instead we
have the night train back again at
10:42. The 7:20 n. m. connection for
rand Uapids Is also off and It is now
necessary to leave here at fi:22. Tht
should bo put back and wo predict it
win be.
Benedict, Belding.
Empty Gallon Syrup Jugs, 5 cents.
Empty 5 Gallon Jacket Cans, 25 cents.

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