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Editor and Publishers.
Mlcti limv
"When the weather man is at his best
he t-eenia to do his worst.
Fashion rules the largest empire,
and collects her tax in gold and blood.
Never throw mud at a thing you
don't like; perhaps others may appre
ciate It.
Nothing can restrain the juvenile
mind from thinking that the sultan of
Sulu must be a lulu.
It is only in his matrimonial rela
tions that the sultan of Sulu is re
ported to resemble Solomon.
The girl who can speak seven lan
guages is less sought after than the
girl who can hold her tongue in one.
The man who returns from the
Klondike empty handed escapes con
siderable annoyance at the hands of
his relatives.
American capitalists have Just pur
chased two islands off the coast of
Cuba. Some people merely want the
earth. Others get it.
Dewey still declines to talk. When
the admiral once puts an embargo on
speech the interviewer needs a ready
Imagination to supply the deficiency.
The Washington Tost sagely remarks
that the reappearance of Mrs. Luetgert
would make things decidedly uncom
fortable for the officials who prosecuted
her late husband. It would seem
probable that her position would be
much more uncomfortable than theirs.
Eleven New York aldermen have
been ordered sent to jail for contempt
of court, to say nothing of the little
matter of a $100 fine per alderman.
When those misguided city, fathers
emerge from their darksome cells they
will probably have a great deal more
respect for the law and the opinions
of the judiciary than has ever before
been the rule in any aldermanic body.
The rising tide of industrial produc
tion and of business prosperity ought
to mean also an improvement in the
general condition of the people. And
according to Hradstrect's, during the
first six months of 1S99, "voluntary in
crease in wages proved to be the rule
rather than the exception," involving
an addition of many millions to the in
come of working men and women.
This is pleasanter reading than reports
of the strikes, some of which have been
bitterly contested.
France is watching the dispute over
the Alaska boundary with considerable
interest, as it bears a close resemblance
to her own controversy over the New
foundland shore. In both cases a col
ony without power of its own to make
its will respected insists on Imposing
its will in the matter in dispute upon
the country upon which it is dependent
and upon which the burden of fighting
must fall in case of war. As the
Frenchmen say, this position is anom
alous. It is difficult to suggest a rem
edy, however, unless England is pre
pared to take a firm stand and place
Imperial Interests before colonial at the
possible expense of losing part of her
Germany claims that militarism i3
beneficent, inasmuch as the raw re
cruit is, in his years of service in a
standing army, educated, disciplined,
and then returned to society and to in
dustry a far more Intelligent and ef
fective person than he was before, or
could have made himself. This, to
some degree, is true. The standard of
manhood ought to be raised and is
raised by the military system; but sup
pose the government gave all men a
training simply for industrial purposes
and put them into trade schools instead
of camps? A similar but far higher
end would be attained, In such a pro
ductive potentiality as has never yet
been realized; and it seems as legiti
mate to train men for national prosper
ity as for national defense.
The report of the French Millers'
association on the European wheat
harvest of 1839 Indicates that the
drouth In the Odessa and Nicolaief dis
tricts is so disastrous that the total
Russian wheat production of 1899
must show a falling off of 33 per cent
from average years, and will be as bad
as In 1897, which was one of the worst
years on record. In Germany wheat Is
satisfactory, although slightly less so
than In 1898. In Austro-IIungary the
estimate exceeds last year's produc
tion by 60,000,000 hectolitres.. In
France reports from twenty one de
partments show a marked increase In
the wheat area, and the harvest, al
though Injured by storms in the last
fortnight, will slightly exceed that of
1898, but should the present fine weath
er be succeeded by rain during the
next three weeks there will be a serl
ous diminution.
Familiarity which oversteps good
manners lately received a gentle re
buke at an English military bazar. An
officer, attracted by a lady at a stall,
remarked that a certain article near
her was very pretty. "Yes," was her
reply, "my mother sent It." "Ah, real
ly," pursued the officer, determined
to discover the name of the charming
saleswoman. "I think I have met your
mother. Her name is" "The queen
of England," answered the lady. The
officer did not wait for the fancied ar
A Whole Regiment of News Items
From Michigan Towns
A IlurcUr While Operating Koy
Oak Cuine In Contact With a 32
Callbre llullct Mlmlen City I'arenU
Ue Cruel Treatment for ruuUhment.
Iturglar (Shot In Itoyal Oak.
While a burglar was engaged in trying-
to make Cicero Mlllinjrton, the
aed father-in-law of Alfred l Wilcox,
who resides with Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox
in Iloyal Oak, produce his coin, Mr.
Wilcox was aroused, and with revolver
in hand went to the old pentleman's
assistance. This frightened the burg
lar and he made a rush for liberty by
the front door exit, which he had
thoughtfully unlocked before attack
ing Mr. Mlllinjjtnn. U.V the time the
burglar reached the door Mr. Wilcox
was almost upon him. The burglar
pulled his revolver and fired, but the
weapon refused to work. Not so with
Mr. Wilcox's gun, as he succeeded in
planting a 3 calibre bullet in the
back of his intruder, which .subse
quently led to his capture. The fel
low gave his name as Frank Temple,
but refused to tell where he lived. At
last accounts the prisoner was alive.
Cued Itazor at Sea.
When the steamer City of Alpena,
bound down, touched Alpena at mid
night on the 20th, Carl Hesse, a mem
ber of the ship's kitchen staff, was
taken off and conveyed to the hospital
suffering from three dangerous wounds
inllicted by a razor in the hands of a
Negro named Daniel I'.rown, who was
also employed in the kitchen. The
trouble occurred when the boat wns
about two hours out. and is said to
have arisen over the manner of per
forming some of the work in the
kitchen. Conllicting stories are told
as to who was to blame for the trou
ble. The Negro was immediately
placed in irons and was delivered to
the U. S. authorities when the boat
arrived in Detroit.
Wanted to Irlve Out the Devil.
On the 19th Mr. and Mrs. tleorpe
Copeland, who live four miles from
Minden City, were arrested and lodgvd
in j;ul at Sanilac Center on the charge
of ill-treating their 8-year-old daugh
ter. Itefore making the arrests the
officers discovered that the child had
repeatedly been tied up in an out-house
and left there for several days and
nights; also that the little girl had
been tied up and left in the cellar for
five days. The child showed marks of
ill-usage, and told a very pitiful story.
Whten questioned as to the cause oi her
ill-treatment, the little one said that
her mother told her that she was very
wicked and possessed of the ctcvii ana
must be punished.
State Tax Com n Union at Work.
The State tax commission held a
meetinir at Lansing on the l."th to con
sider measures regarding the collection
of necessary data from assessors of
everv county to better facilitate the
work of the commission. A circular
letter has been prepared, asking for
such information as is required, and
this will soon be followed by full set
of blanks which are now in the hands
of the printer.
ltrjolcing at Itenton Harbor.
Since the burning of Yore's opera
house, three years ago, Denton Harbor
has been praying for a play house, and
now the city is rejoicing1. On the 14th
a franchise was granted for the con
struction of an electric road to connect
the various resorts about the city, and
as soon as it was given the promoters
of the road surprised the aldermen by
showing the plans of a 525,000 opera
house that they have arranged to build
Can Hello With Ilonlon.
The Michigan Dell Telephone com
pany has unloaded 80,000 pounds of
copper wire at Lansing, which will be
strung between that city and Day City
along the Michigan Central railroad,
This is the connecting link of the long
distance wire between the east and the
upper peninsula, and when completed
Calumet can hello with Doston, Mass.
Five Drowned In Lake Huron.
The schooner Hunter Savidge, of
Alpena, bound for home light, cap
sized in a sudden squall when eight
miles off Pointe Aux Darques on the
20th. The dead are: Mrs. John Muel
lerweiss, wife of the owner of the ves
sel, and her daughter, Capt. Fred
Sharpsteen's wife and son, and the
mate, Thos. Dubuy.
Family Trouble, the Caaae.
Jos. Engelman. of Kalamazoo, aged
37, committed suicide on the 2)th by
blowing his brains out. He purchased
a bulldog revolver at a second-hand
shop, returned home, lay down on his
parlor sofa and sent a bullet crashing
through his brain. He lived over an
hour. The deed in attributed to fam
ily troubles.
L. Y. Adams, of Vicksburg, lost 35
sheep by the dog route recently.
Swindlers are working- old soldiers
and widows of veterans in the vicinity
of South Haven. They charge from
81 to for examining their pension
papers, nnd, of course, tind them wrongs
and promise to return next day and
arrange for readjustment, but do not
show up again.
The discovery of valuable marl beds
near the village of Clarkston has cre
ated considerable excitement. A com
pany has offered to locate a 8500,000
cement factory there if suitable banks
of clay can be found. On the 13th
every man who owned a spade was out
digging for clay.
The drought is doing great damage
in Eaton county.
Dattle Creek has decided to have a
street fair Sept. 4 to 9.
Twenty-eight Chicago couples were
married at St. Joseph on the 20th.
A New York credit and Indemnity
compiny has been refused a license to
do business in this state.
Ovid's new Uouring mill has been
completed and put into operation. Its
capacity is 75 barrels per day.
Dick Lane, the ex-professional bank
robber and safe blower, was in Dattle
Creek recently. He has turned
The Mecosta county poor house, lo
cated at Stanwood, was destroyed by
fire on the 18th. Loss, 810,000; insur
ance, S 1,000.
Much grain has been raised around
Roscommon this season, nnd a grist
mill will bo built in the village this
fall so it is said.
Alfred W. Dwight, one of Michigan's
oldest and most respected citizens, died
at the family residence, Detroit, on
the 10th, aged 85.
The 17th Michigan volunteer infan
try, known as the stonewall regiment,
will hold its annual reunion at Cold
water on Sept. 14.
Farwell business men want some one
to start a bank in that village. The
village will have a saloon after being
"dry" for some years.
The Glth conference of the Metho
dist Episcopal church of Michigan will
be held at Ionia for six da3-s begin
ning1 Tuesday, Sept. 12.
Fenton Presbyterians have decided
to wait until next year to build their
new church, which it was announced
would be erected this year.
A Coldwater firm has commenced the
manufacture of automobiles of their
own invention. The weight of the
carriage will be 500 pounds.
It is probably that a street fair will
be held at Lapeer this fall, taking- the
place of the county fair, which was
discontinued some years ago.
The good roads project in Saginaw
wns defeated at the special election.
The city gave 1,400 majority, but the
country districts wiped this out.
A heavy wind recently ruined sev
eral tine apple orchards in the vicinity
of Hartford, shaking" 1,000 bushels of
fine winter apples to the ground.
The tax rate at Cassopolis is but six
mills on the dollar, and the vigilant
boasts that no other village of the size
in the state is governed so cheaply.
The first case to be heard in the
courtroom of the new court house at
Hillsdale was a divorce suit, as was
also the last case in the old court
Davison village has a very complete
system of sewers in course of construc
tion, and will commence paving tho
principal streets of the village in a few
Marshall's council is getting1 pood,
they have granted bic3cle riders the
use of all sidewalks except on two
streets. The mayor has not had his
say yet.
The state fair will be held at Grand
Rapids, Sept. 25-2'.. Elaborate prepa
rations are beinjf made by the associa
tion, this being the semi-centennial
The sixth nnnual encampment of the
Lapeer, Sanilac, (Jenesee and Tuscola
County Veterans' association will be
held at Davison, Genesee county, Oct
4, 5 and 0.
Silas A. Scofield, the veteran furni
ture dealer and undertaker, of Morenci,
claims he holds the record in the un
dertaking line. In 47 years he has
buried 4.277 people
There are so many thugs and hoboes
at Houghton that the authorities have
authorized the sheriff to organize a
ball and chain gang and set prisoners
at work on the rock piles.
Although the Lawton grape crop
this year will be smaller than last, the
local paper estimates its value will not
be less than 8150,000. Last year the
crop exceeded 700 carloads.
Harrison will get that heading1 mill
she was after, the deal having1 been
closed and a stock company now in
process of formation. The plant is to
be running- within 00 days.
Notwithstanding farmers are offer
ing 820 to 825 per month and board for
farm help, and are unable to secure it,
Dattle Creek is still overrun with ho
boes who beg from door to door.
The Globe house, an old landmark
at Ionia, was destroyed by fire on the
15th. It has long been an eyesore to
the inhabitants of the city, and its de
struction did not cause any weeping.
The Sheffield Car Co., of Three Rivers,
has received two orders for a car load
of hand cars for both the Russian gov
ernment railroad in Siberia, and Oora
Paul Kruger's railroad in South Africa.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Wilson, of Har
rison, went to Flint on the 15th to at
tend a family reunion. While being
driven from the depot to the family
residence the horse became frightened
and ran away. Mrs. Wilson jumped,
or was thrown out of the rig, receiv
ing injuries from which she died 10
minutes later. The homestead, where
! gaiety was to have held sway, was
turned into mourning.
Hiram Main and wife of riainvillc,
Ks., are visiting relatives in Mason
and vicinity. They left Plalnville
June 1 and have traversed tho entire
distance, 1.100 miles, with a team and
covered wagon, living in the wagon on
the way and visiting at various points
along the route. Mr. Main is 72 years
old and his wife 05. They both stood
the journey exceedingly well and no
sickness or accident marred the pleas
ure of the trip. They will return home
by rail.
Rep. Fleischhauer was fined 85 10 for
riding on the sidewalk w'th his bicycle
at Reed City. There are others.
Citizens of Kalamazoo have made a
vigorous kick against the "howling"
Free Methodists, who make life misei
able for the people who reside within
hearing distance of their place of wor
ship. Farmers in western Oakland county
are becoming alarmed at the continued
drouth, the dry weather and high
winds having dried up things so badly
that all crops are looking in poor con
dition. Oakland county expended 815,182.79
for its poor people last year. There
were 72 inmates in the county house,
and the average number was 48. Of
this number, 38 were men and 34
There is said to be a great scarcity
of teachers in Mason county this year
for the district school work, barely
half enough experienced teachers to
fill the schools holding certificates in
the county.
The boiler of a threshing machine
engine which was being operated on
the farm of Michael Kerns, five miles
from Empire, exploded on the 19th,
killing three persons outright and in
juring three more.
The clerk of Montcalm county the
other day issued a marriage license to
a man and woman who had previously
been married six and three times re
spectively. The groom was 05 and the
bride 50 years old.
In Jackson they have an ordinance
that prescribes certain hours in which
citizens must sprinkle their lawns.
One hot day recently 20 good citizens
violated the law and were obliged to
drop 81 in the slot or have their water
turned off.
A Pipestone man tried to shoot a dog
in the road recently, but his shot
struck a little sou of a neighbor. The
injury to the boy was slight, but it
cost the shooter 8100 to square matters
with the youngster's father for his bad
When residents of Northville be
come disgusted with the appearance of
omc rookery in the village, the peo
ple living on the street upon which it
stands club together and purchase the
building. Then they have it torn
down and burn the lumber.
Hillsdale county people are congrat
ulating themselves that they built
their new courthouse when they did
It cost 815,000, but now, it is estimated,
it could u't be matched for less than
8GO,ooo, owing to the great advance in
all kinds of building materials.
Rural mail delivery has been estab
lished at Grass Lake and will go into
operation September 1. The postofliee
at Sharonville has been discontinued
and the mail will be distributed daily
to all residents within a radius of 12
miles east and south of Grass Lake.
The body of D. H. Doud, an old set
tler, reported missing two weeks ago,
was found on the 20th seven miles
north of Allegan, in Monterey town
ship. He had wandered away from
the home of his son, Ernest, in Heath
township, and had starved to death.
Dy the death of Mrs. Lizzie Whit
lock, of Datavia township, Dranch
county, probably the heaviest woman
in the state has been removed. On
Aug. 13th she weighed exactly 050
pounds. The casket was so large that
it could not be placed in a hearse. For
years she traveled with Parnum's cir
cus. Durglars terrorized the familjT of J.
D. Schlicht, of Dentons, early on the
morning of the 20th, by pointing re
volvers at them and threatening to
shoot different members if they did
not reveal the whereabouts of their
valuables. The thieves secured about
850 worth of plunder. They then
helped themselves to lunch before
Fire is destroying rauch property
throughout the country owing to the
drought. On the 20th a big gang of
men were at work fighting fire east of
Attica. Several buildings belonging
to Charles Dudington, together with
his pear orchard and grape arbor, have
been destroyed near that place. Fences
are being burned by the wholesale.
On the evening of the 18th James F.
Cook, living near Clio, was awakened
by the stamping of horses. He invest!
gated, and his son did likewise, but by
another door. The son mistook the
father for a burglar and cut him up
badly with an ax. The horrified son,
on discovering his mistake, drove with
his father several miles to Clio for a
surgeon. The father may recover.
Special Deputy Collectors Dailey and
Deattle and Marshal Dutler made an
important arrest and seizure at Recor's
Point, 2 miles north of Marine city,
on the 18th. The men arrested gave
their names as James Merlincs and
Moses Dover, of Sombra, Ont. The of
ficers secured 900 pounds of wool and a
sail boat. A couple of men who were
evidently waiting for the wool, escaped
with their rig.
A singular case of prostration or
catalepsy has been attracting the at
tention of physicians at Coldwater for
the past three weeks. Miss Mary
Clennesmith, aged 18, is the victim
On Aug. 4 she became unconscious and
remained in that condition until Aug
16, during which time she appeared
like a person in deep sleep. She is
perfectly conscious now and is able to
converse, but is unable to open her
The State barbers' commission is
now organized and ready for business.
President, F. M. Van Horn, Denton
Harbor; secretary, Chas. Reider, De
troit; treasurer, Ransom E. Fillmore,
Lansing. Darbers who have been en
gaged at the trade for two years may
make affidavit to that effect, upon re
ccipt of which, with a fee of 81, the
commission will issue him a certificate
to continue scraping the faces of hu
manity for the rest f his natural
The annual meeting of the Michigan
Republican Newspaper association will
be held at Charlotte on rvt in and 11.
i it mm
News of the Day as Told Over the
Slender Wires.
fireat llrltUn has 20,000 Men Under Or
der for South Africa ir the Trans
vaal Matter In not KatUfaetorily Set
tled 250 Soldier Killed In China.
Iloem and IlrltUher Near to War.
The prevalent opinion in England is
that President Kruger is playing a
great game of bluff at Pretoria. He
held a long session with the secretary
of state and the attorney-general at
the telegraph office on the 14th. He
was apparently communicating with
the Orange Free State. Orders have
been issued to the field cornets to sup
ply all unarmed burghers with Mauser
rilles free of charge. The Dritish gov
ernment, on its side, is making counter
preparations. Quantities of war stores
have been forwarded to Dechuanaland,
and the North Lancashire regiment is
under orders to proceed there at a mo
ment's notice. Since it is expected the
Doers would make a dash for Kimber
ley in order to cut off the Cape from
Rhodesia, the Dritish are preparing to
guard the railway bridge across the
Vaal river at Fourteen Streams, where
the Doers have a field battery.
Later The Transvaal situation is
unchanged. Great Dritian's demand
for a joint inquiry as to the effect up
on the Uitlanders of the proposed
franchise reform measures, makes mat
ters look more serious, and the Dritish
war office has completed arrangements
for an emergency force of 2 ),000 men
to be ready to leave for South Africa
within a week.
That Transvaal TrouMo.
The Transvaal government, it is re
ported at Cape Town, has handed its
reply to the Dritish agent at I'retoria,
to be forwarded to Sir Alfred Milner,
Dritish high commissioner for South
Africa and governor of Cape Colony.
Conflicting accounts are: given as to its
contents, and it is possible that the
report is premature and that the reply
will be delayed, owing to the trouble
with Portugal about the transport of
ammunition, consigned to the Trans
vaal, now in Delagoa bay. Strong
feeling has been aroused by the fact
that the Transvaal is sending large
quantities of war material for distribu
tion among its supporters in Cape
Colony and the Orange Free State.
Over seven tons have been landed at
Port Elizabeth on Algoa bay and sent
over Cape railway lines to Alhval for
Serious Trouble Caused by Anarrhlst.
Paris on the 20th was the scene of
most serious disturbances, recalling
some aspects of the commune. In re
sponse to an appeal of the journals, Le
Peuple and La Petite Republique,
groups of anarchists and socialists
gathered about 3 o'clock in the after
noon in the Place de Is Republique.
The police had taken precautions and
there seemed no danger of disorders.
Sebastian Faure and Faberot, well
known revolutionary anarchists, were
the ringleaders. While Faure was
addressing the crowd, among other
things he said that the anarchists
should be masters of the streets. The
police then interfered and a struggle
for supremacy followed in 'which 3?0
persons were injured, 51) police agents
were wounded. Fully 150 persons
were arrested, of whom SO are detained
in custody.
Swallowed Spoons and Needles.
Eliza Day, colored, aged 00, a patient
at the Columbus state hospital, who
was received from Marion, O., 10 years
ago, died recently from peritonitis.
An autopsy revealed in her stomach
the handles of five silver spoons and 50
cambric needles, and in the bowels
nearly 50 more needles. About a year
ago the woman told an attendant she
had swallowed several spoons, but an
examipation failed to disclose the
presence of any foreign substance in
her stomach, and the woman never ap
peared to suffer any pain. The bowls
of the spoons are supposed to have
been corroded by the acids of the
Chinese Kobbers Killed 250 Soldiers.
Special from Canton, China: Five
hundred soldiers were surrounded at
Cotkon, on the Wert river, by 10,000
robbers, and a desperate fight occurred,
ending in a victory for the robbers,
who have hoisted their flags upon all
commanding points and occupied the
villages in the vicinity. Two hundred
and fifty soldiers were killed and 100
wounded. One thousand more troops
left Canton for tne scene of the trouble
on the 14th.
9,50O,O0O Fire In a Colorado Town.
Fire has entirely destroyed the busi
ness portion of the city of Victor, Col.,
rausinir a loss estimated at 82.500.000.
o '
Deginning shortly after noon on the
21st, the tire ra?ea untu nignt, con
suming everything in its way. It had
its origin, it is thought, in the Mer
chants' cafe. A strong wind from the
Routh fanned the flames and in a few
minutes all the surrounding houses
were afire.
The Cleveland boycott, incident to
the street railway strike, has been car
ried into the church. One preacher
has been boycotted, and a young
woman connected witn the church
choir will lose her position if she con
tinues riding on Dig Consolidated cars.
Rev. C. M. Anderson, a superanu
atrd Methodist minister who resides in
Metamora, celebrated his 73d birthday
last August by a dinner to his old
friends. Thirteen persons dined at
the table, and uncie anarew Johnson
warn (lii (trit t n rise from ttlA fnlilo
O V J 4i SOW w " V w
Within the year Mr. Johnson died, and
thus the old adage was again fulfilled
4 4 For the Sake of Fun
Mischief is Done9"
A vast Amount of mischief is done, too,
because people neglect to keep their blood
pure. It appears in eruptions, dyspepsia
indigestion, nervousness, kidney diseases,
and other ailments. Hood's SarsaparilU
cures all diseases promoted by impure
blood or low state of the system.
3wod SaUabal'dta
Somn men are not so lacking In hospitality
that they won t even entertain uu idea.
Tho shade of his record has overshadowed
many a political candidate.
lleware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain 3Iereurjr,
as mercury will surely destroy tho sense of
ismell and completely derange t ho whole system
when entering It through t tie mucous surfaces.
Such articles should never be used except on
prescriptions from refutable physicians, as the
damtik'o they will do Is ten fold to the kooU you
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by l J. Cheney & Co., To
ledo, ()., contains no mercury, and is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's
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F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free,
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The lender frequently finds that borrowing
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Ladies Can Wear Shoes
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druggists nnd shoe stores, 25 cts. Trial
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S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
A time-honored paper Is a promissory not
that is not duly protested.
PUS PrmancntTyCui mJ. No fit s or ncrvousneti arver
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Do not anticipate trouble, nor worry about
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Help Nature Help You!
Vitality rannot cine liKrisf unit vour Ixxly'a kept
el ciin tiisl.lt mi'l utit. Cum aid C.m.l'v l athui tic keep
it I'Jetlll IIIsiUk. All ill ugiCit, 10c, Kic, 6t)c.
If you are looking for a fat job you might ap
ply ut some soap factory.
Mrs. Wlriftlow'n Soothlnsr yrap
For rMliiren tfithiiifr.Koftt'ns tlie K'diiiK.rediiceflnflam
matioa, aho pain, cured wiiidcullc. 25 cent a bottle.
A strong-minded woman never has to borrow
a penknife from a man.
I'iso's Cure for Consumption has been a Ood
send to me. Win. H. McClellan, Chester, Flori
da, Sept. 17, li.".
The best cross for us is one that will sooner
kill our seltlshness.
"There are no cross babies or sick babies la
families that use llrown's Teething Cordial."
A coquette always has more fools than wise
men on her string.
Tells the Secret of His Great En
durance. Robert Downing was recently Inter
viewed by the press on the subject of
his splendid health. Mr. Downing
promptly and emphatically gave the
whole credit of his splendid physical
condition to Pe-ru-na, saying:
Robert Downing, the Tragedian.
"I find it a preventive against all
sudden summer ills that swoop upon
one In changing climates and water.
"It is the finest traveling companion
and safeguard against malarial In
fluences. "To sum it up, Pe-ru-na has done me
more good than any tonic I have ever
Healthy mucous membranes protect
the body against the heat of summer
and the cold of winter. Pe-m-na Is
sure to bring health to the mucou3
membranes of the whole body.
Write for a copy of Dr. Hartmans
latest book entitled "Summer Catarrn.
Address Dr. Hartman, uoiumuuv.
Remember that cholera morbus,
cholera Infantum, summer com
plaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea ana
dysentery are each and all catarrh
of the bowels. Catarrh i3 the only
correct name for these affections.
Pe-ru-na is an absolute specific for
these ailments, which are so com
mon in summer. Dr. Hartman, In
a practice of over forty years, never
lost a single case of cholera Infan
tum, dysentary, diarrhoea, or chol
era morbus, and his only remedy
was Pe-ru-na. Those desiring fur
ther particulars should send for a
free copy of "Summer Catarrh."
Address Dr. Hartman. Columbus, O.
You will practice Rood economy In
C. S.CRANE, CP. A T. A., St. Louis,
for particulars.
W.N.U. DETROIT NO.34 1800
ilif ill

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