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C. It. CO WHIN, Kditor.
THURSDAY, FEB. 8, 1900.
KITH IMC imioni:.
The ttepiibllt-au IT Amo-UUoii Meeting
In Detroit Lmt Unk.
Tho Michigan Republican Press As
sociation met at the Way no Hotel,
Detroit, last week Tuesday and Wed
nesday, and was very largely attended
by tho representative editors from all
parts of tho state. The variuus ses
sions were full of interest and there
was much helpful interchange of opin
ions on the various prominent topics of
state interests. Plans were formed for
the dissemination of information rela
tive to state affairs that will furnish
the people throughout Michigan witlr
facts not heretofore thoroughly under
stood by them, and especially along
tho line of taxation. Tho resolutions
adopted certainly show no spirit of
cowardice and were as follows:
Jlesolced, That tho proper regula
tion and control of trusts and corpora
tions is one of the most important and
urgent needs of the commercial and
Industrial Interests of our country and
believe that such an end can best bo
reached by Federal authority, there
fore be It
licsohed, that It Is tho tense of tho
Michigan Republican Newspaper As
sociation that Congress should submit
to the states a constitutional amend
ment giving to the national govern
ment the necessary power to legislate
for tho just control and regulation of
Jtcsolced, That a copy of this resolu
tion bo sent to each Congressman and
atid Senator from Michigan.
JUnoUed, That the Michigan Repub
lican Newspaper Association hereby
expresses its sincere desire that prac
tical and intelligent discussion relative
to the means and methods of equal
taxation shall be continued, and we
deem it desirable that the position of
our party on that question shall be
aggressive and persistant in behalf of
the fair distribution of all public bur
dens. We have noted with interest
the work of the state tax commission
in the revelation of gro?s Inequalities
in individual and corporate assessments
and we cordially approve of tho labors
of the commision in that direction, and
will aid all practical efforts to have its
Information made the basis of a more
equitable tax apportionment.
Jicsolced, That the Michigan Repub
lican Newspaper Association heartily
approves of tho lullest investigation
into state affairs and the conductor
all state officers at all times, whether
such investigation be made by judicial
authority or by the public at large,
and we favor the fullest publicity thai
can be given to all otlicial wrong-do
ing, without regard to the politics or
standing of any persons who may be
affected by such investigation.
Jicxolccd, That it is the sense of thU
Association that such investigations
are a part of the duty of the whole
state, and not of any part?ular section
thereof, and we feel that the state of
Michigan, and not one county should
. bear the expense of such investiga
ftion. The association was placed under ob
ligations to that prince of good fellows
and popular landlord Mr. J. R. Hayes,
for the courtesies of his Wayne Hotel,
furnishing free entertainment to each
member of tho association while in the
city, and use of the "Sun Parlor" for
the sessions, which is located on the
banks of tho Detroit river, and fitted
up with all the taste and convenience
necessary. Mr. Hayes also tendered
an invitation to a banquet on Wednes
day evening, but this was declined be
cause most of the members were
obliged to leave tho city on early
trains. Tuesday evening the entire
party attended the Lyceum theatre by
special invitation of manager K. 1).
Stair an ex-newt-paper man.
The annual election of city ollicers is
only six weeks from next Monday, but
if it is being given inuoh thought by
our citizens, they have refrained from
giving them publicity, so far as the
Banner has be en able to ascertain at
least. This is a matter which all
should bo deeply Interested in and
needs to be carefully considered. Tho
prosperity and growth of tho city de
pends to quite a largo degreo upon tho
officials who control its public affairs.
We trust that when the party caucuses
aro held and nominations made, that
they will be such as to inspire in tho
minds of all confidence that the city
business will be wisely conducted.
Tho BANNER understands that Mayor
Spencer does not wish to again be a
candidate. As to the wishes of other
officials we aro not informed. The
Banner has no slate to present but
hopes that tho men who shall bo hon
ored will bo well qualified for tho posi
tions. Our city enjoys a very good
reputation near and far for its progres
slvcness and we want to maintain It.
The Lincoln Republican Club ban
quet at Grand Rapids was, as usual, a
splendid success, and again shows the
great interest and activity Michigan
Republicans are taking in the coming
political events of 1900. Seven hun
dred or more sat down to the tables,
and eloquent spoeches were listened to.
The BANNER places tho present
standing of tho gubernatorial candi
dates in point of strength in tho fol
lowing order: Ferry, Stearns, Blls9,
O'Donnell, Osborn, Campbell.
The golden moments In tho stream
of life rush past us, and wc seo nothing
but sand; the angels como to visit us
and wo only know them when they aro
gone. George Eliot.
Eltmctt truiu lrkage of Nrliool !.'
Ktudljr liKeii U by tt l'ubllc Sthool
When I was about five years old ray
father used to smoke a great deal. Ho
saw that this was ruining his health.
He made up his mind that every time
he would go to buy a cigar ho would
keep that money and put It in my bank
and In a short time he had broken him
self and he was a healthier man and
my bank was-richer.
A lawyer of Los Angeles made at ono
time thirty-eight thousand dollars,
moro than three times as much as some
men save up In a lifetime, but ho got
to drinking and got so poor that ho
died In the city hospital at city ex
pense and was buried at city expanse.
In Missouri a young man who was
going to bo hanged said, "Whenever
you take a glass of whisky look at tho
bottom and you will seo there tho
shadow of a rope."
I knew a man who after smoking for
many years began to turn blue in tho
face and later a cancer settled in his
throat. Everything was done to pro
long his lifo a little and after many
attempts a silver tube was inserted in
his stomach and ho was fed liquid food
through this tube, and iiftcr having
been kept alive in this manner for two
years tho cancer spread and went to
ward his windpipe and about two
weeks later he died of suffocation.
About two years and a half ago my
father smoked a great deal, and from
doing so he got cold sweats at night,
but he did not know what tho cause
I was In Miss Cutler's class, and as
we were studying physiology I found
out the whole cause of ray father's ail
ment. It was smoking and nothing
else. I told him what wo had studied,
and he made me promise that if I
would stop eating so much butter and
would never smoke, ho would quit
smoking. About three months after
he had quit smoking entirely, and ho
has not had cold sweats near as much
as he had. The result of this les?on
was to help 6ave my father's life, and
perhaps It will do tho same to more
than ono other.
The other day there was an item in
the St. Paul Dispatch about a man who
WHS an habitual drinker. He drank
more than he ousht to and got drunk.
Tho alcohol excited his brain so that
he tried to shoot his wife and then shot
Liquor often brings sickness. A con
stant user who gets drunk every little
while gets dropsy, because tho liquor
fattens the inside of the body. The fat
grows around tho heart and stops it
suddenly. This is dropsy.
Tobacco when chewed makes the
teeth brown and makes tho breath
smell bad. This chewing hurts the
salivary glands and wastes the saliva.
Tobacco Is hurtful to the teeth. I
have heard men Pay that it stops the
teeth growing on tho side they chew it.
It Inflames the stomach so that it can't
digest food.
Tobacco smoked weakens the lungs
and often causes consumption. 1 k:ew
a man who always smoked cigars and
got a cancer on tho lip, and as a result
suffered much pain and then died.
I think the W. C. T. U. is a very
good society, and hopo that it will
come out victorious at last.
The Kalamazoo Telegraph very truly
says: While It Is dangerous for any
state to make unjust war upon corpora
tions, especially railroads, it is equally
dangerous to ali, for corporations to
gain the upper hands and control legis
latures, tho safeguards of tho people
And it Is all tho more dangerous to
allow corporate Influence to dictate In
matters of state taxation, so vital to
tho Interests of thousands of farmers
and small property owners and busi
ness men with comparatively small
capital. It is conceded on all sides,
that the agitation of this tax question
has brought to public notico much In
equality and injusthe. Tho remedies
proposed may have been imperfect but
it will not do for us to bury our heads
in the sand and toil ourselves that
everything Is all right. Tho Republi
can party must act, and act through an
honest and conscienscious legislature,
free from corrupting Inlluences.
Twenty Year of I'hIii.
A. II. Clark of Rockford, Mich.,
writes: "After suffering for over i!u
years with itching piles, I found relief
in Dr. Chase's Ointment. One box
cured me." Dr. Chase's Ointment is
guaranteed to do the work. 50 cents,
all druggists or Dr. A. W. Chaso Med.
Co., Buffalo, N. N. Free sample for
stamp. Many are cured by sample box,
send today.
Mamma Johnny, I fear you were
not at school yesterday. Johnny
H'ml I know the teacher told you. A
woman can never keep a secret. Bos
ton Traveller.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made 19 Dr. King's New
Lifo Pills. These pills change weak
ness Into strength, Ilstlessness into en
ery brain-fag Into mental power.
They're wonderful in building up tho
health. Only 25c per box. Sold by
Connell Bros, and Fisk Bangs.
Let us remove what Is bad, which
must be done before good of any kind
can fpring up.
The Judgr' Alllduvlt.
Some years ago Justice of the Peac
Beasley of Missouri was personally In
terested la a lawsuit, being a party
thereto. It was necessary for him to
make an affidavit, and he deprecated
the Idea of making It before another
Justice or n notary and depriving him
pelf of a fee. So he filled out his affi
davit, swore to It before himself, sign
ed it as Justice and as witness and
awaited developments. lie was sure
that he would win and thus be able to
tax the costs up to the other side.
When the case came up before Judge
Kelley, the affidavit was offered In evi
dence and promptly objected to, the
reason being given that a Justice could
not swear himself.
"Let me seo the affidavit," said Judge
It was handed up to the Judge, who
scanued It carefully for a few mo
ments nnd then asked:
"Mr. Beasley, will you kindly tell me
how you appeared before yourself
when you swore yourself and Identified,
your own signature?"
"That was very easy, your honor,
replied Beasley. "I borrowed a look
ing glass and went through the formali
ties before It."
Beasley was somewhat astonished
when Judge Kelley sustained the ob
jection. Omaha World-Herald.
An Awful Mlahnp.
Two passengers on an Atlantic liner,
one an American and the other an Eng
lishman, did not exchange the farewell
courtesies when the steamer reached
her pier usual between voyagers who
have occupied adjoining staterooms
and hobnobbed during nn ocean voy
age. A plausible explanation was
vouchsafed by the American.
During the voyage the Englishman
persisted in fraternizing with the
American in a most obtrusive and an
noying manner. Within two days of
Boston the Englishman one morning
hunted up the American and found him
In apparent despondency, gazing sea
ward from the hurricane deck.
"Confounded blue this morning, old
chap. What's the matter?" And the
Britisher slapped his companion on the
"Matter enough," growled the Amer
ican. "Ship's lost; captain don't know
which way to steer. Forgot to wind
the compass Inst night."
The Englishman listened with mouth
agape, then rushed off to tell his friends
of the consequential mishap. Evident
ly the gullible Britisher was "pushed
along" for f.o:;u time until he found
everybody guying him. Boston Post.
Whittler, that wlso and kindly old
poet called insurance i4a step toward
the abolition of poverty, a check to haz
ardous speculation, a profitable invest
ment for all men."
The 3 Jacks,
Feb. 23-24.
Special High Class Vaudeville
Admission 1 .", 2."c and 35c.
A Very Large
and appreciative audience composed
of some of the most prominent cit
i.ens of Caro. witnessed the per
formancc of Jack's Jolly Jokers in
"A Night Out with 3 J V
At tho Opera House last evening, Mon
day, Feb. fth, and by permission the
manager has authority to refer tho cit
izens of Vassar to tho editors of the
Caro papers and the following named
citizens who can testify to the superi
ority of tho acting of the players.
This performance surpassed their ex
pectations, and patrons of a theatre are
safe in taking any members of their
family, The audience were convul&cd
with laughter in every act and the
specialties were first class in every par
ticular. Jack's Jolly Jokers is tho best
Comedy and Vaudeville show wo ever
had In Caro, and is well worth the
price of admission.
W. O. Luck, Postmaster.
F. B. Bansfokd,
O. E. Thomas,
E. II. Stkektek, Courier.
Pere Marquette R. R.
Trnliin Leave Heliling h follow:
For Grand Rapid und Chicago
10:30 a. in., 8:31 p. m.
For Detroit and East..
7:X)a. m., 11:10 a. m., 4:45 p. m.
For SaRlnaw and Hay City
8:14 a. m., 8:34 p. m.
For lilg Itapid and Stanton
7:40 a. m.,5:.'(0 p. m.
For Howard City
8:11 a. m., 1:40 p. m., fl:34 p. m.
For Greenville 7:40 a. m., 8:14 a.m.
1 :40 p. m., 5:30 p. m., :34 p. m., 10:.'.0 p. m.
For Lowell 10:3rt a. m.. 5:0. p. m., 8:32 p. rn.
GEO. DeIIA YEN, Gen. Pass, Agt.
Michigan Club Banquet. One fare
rate. Sell Feb. 20 and morning of 21st.
Iteturn Feb. 22.
Mardl Gras. One fare rate. Sell
Feb. 19 to 20. Return March 15. '
Farmers' Institute Bound Up. One
faro rate. Sell Feb. 20 and 27. He
turn March 3.
It is not necessary that we should all
agree in our opinions, so long as we
agreo in our principle's. The spokes of
a wheel diverge from one another, but
they all reunite In the rim.
Mme De Lemar.
Astro Psy-Chlc Medium
Will arrlvo In your city Tuesday, Feb.
20th, and will remain for a few days
only. She comes hero highl recom
mended from cities all around you
whore 6he has remained from 3 weeks
to 3 months in each place Do not fall
to consult this reliable medium upon all
affairs of life, business or private.
Watch this paper and circulars for
more detailed Information. Hoom four
Hotel Brlcker.
A Timely Gift,
Ono that keeps time, pleases
tho eye and fits the pocket
book. The perfection in
gold watches; extra small
size beautiful new engrav
ings antique bow a thor
oughly up-to-date article,
guaranteed for twenty-five
years. Celebrated Deuber
Hampden make, a sufficient
guarantee of worth. I bought
One Hundred
of these little time pieces,
(usual $18.00 value) for a
quick turn to sell at the
wholesalo price of only
$12.00 Each
SPOT CASH. When these
are gone, and it will be soon
Its ended.
Saturday Special
Camera and outfit com.
67 Cents.
Guaranteed as represented
or mfmey refunded.
A.rc you voting
on the PIANO
Then buy your
Coal, Wood, Feed, Straw,
Hay, Salt, Axle Crease,
etc., of
And get a vote for every 10c cash deal.
Now in Belding !
Oures With or Without Medicine, or With
Combined treatment.
New and Sure Methods. Medical Ser
vices Free.
It is not Necessary to Bring Money.
Prof. DeLemar and staff of eminent
physicians from the DeLamar Electro
Medical and Surgical Institute, I)e
troit, Mich., have arrived in Belding
and will give consultation, examlna
tlon and advice free of charge to all
calling upon them on or before Wed
nesday evening, February 21, 1900.
Go early as their offices are invariably
Tho object of making the above of
fer Is to become rapidly and personally
acquainted with tho sick and afflicted.
They will tell you at once whether you
are cureablo or not. The doctors are
curing hundreds of seemingly incura
ble cases all around you with new and
sure methods and without the use of
the surgeons knife. They treat and
removo tho cause of disease, not symp
toms. Hence their wonderful success
In healing and restoring the sick and
afflicted to a cheerful, harmonions con
dition which remains permanent. No
matter what your disease may be or
how long standing, or how many doc
tors you havo tried, go and get free
council. Deafness, rheumatism and
paralysis cured by entirely new meth
ods. All chronic diseases treated suc
cessfully. Diseases of liver, klndneys,
heart and stomach, also consumption,
throat and lung troubles, etc., sore
eyes and catarrh In all forms cured.
Diseases of women a specialty.
Avail yourself of the above liberal
offer while you have an opportunity as
their services aro In demand elsewhero
and they cannot devote as much time
among you as tney nave in other
cities. Hours, 0 a. m. to 8. p. m.
They come here from St. Louis,
Alma, Ithaca, St. Johns, Owosso, Sagi
naw, Ludlngton, Manlstco, etc., where
they remained for from three weeks to
three months in each place.
"Special and sure method for tho
cure and treatment of diseases and
weaknesses of men.
Office at Hotel Brlcker.
Men's Ulsters at $5.00 and up
Men's Overcoats at 5.25 and up
Men's Suits at .. 2.75 and up
Men's Pants at 50 and up
Boy's Overcoats at 1.25 and up
Boy's Suits at.. .. 1.00 and up
Boy's Pants
Men's Underwear at 15c a garment, worth $0.35
Men's Underwear at 25c a garment, worth .50
Men's Gloves at 15c a pair, worth .25
Men's Wool Sox" at 15c a pair, worth .25
Men's Wool Caps at 19c worth .50
Men's Sweaters at 17c worth .50
Men's Sweaters at 33c worth 1. 00
Men's Overalls at 25c worth .50
Men's Duck Coats at .. .-.75c worth $1.00 and 1.25
We are going to sell all our odds and ends and
broken lots. We will not carry over a single garment if
prices will sell them. You all know what our special sale
means. We sell as we advertise. If you. want a Suit or
Overcoat come in and we will sell it at some price.
Yours Truly,
olmes Bros
i Litf e0
Mocha and Java Coffee,
35 cents, 3 lb for $1.00.
f W. S. Canf ield Co.
But are cutting the finest quality of meat to lie
found in the city at the very lowest price it
can be sold for and earn us a living.
Bridge St., North Side.
Bridge St., South Side.
To the kind people of Beldieg and Vicinity, I
wish to announce that I am very grateful for
your, most liberal patronage bestowed during
the past year and hope by fair dealing to merit
a continuance of the same. Wishing you all
a happy and prosperous New Year, I remain,
Yours for Groceries,
New Phone No. 12-2 Rings.

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