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And if They are Diseased Use the
Wwrld's Greatest Kidney Cure
The Artlllerr School-Military and
Naval Attache Why Youu Men
KuIUt-lnclr ain' Garden.
Special Correspondence.
There la to bo a reorganization
n, triii..-v school nt Tort
During the war with Spain the school,
like all the postgraduate Institutions
Df the array, was closed, and since then
iMfi i,n i,non coins: on. The new con-
lime V'Y ,
It's a simple matter to test the kid-
..1. n Artlfr
can - at'iermiiic y wucinci j 11112 nrtiiiorisis hium
or. 1101
kjdueys are Uerapged.- , ' .
U'irst:i JtUaveyou backache or weak,
laUiebAc?" w" ; '
Second: "Do you have difficulty in
urinating or a too frequent desire to
urinate?" . ... ...
Third: 41 Are there deposits like brick,
dust in the urine after it has stood for
twenty-four hoursfJ - ' .
In its early stages 'fcidney, disease is
readily cured by a" few boxes' or Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, a prepara
tion which has made Dr. Chase famous
throughout the world for his wonderful
cuies of diseases of the kidneys.
Mr. Isaiah Manigold.paiuter, -Water-town,
N. Y., writesrVlv.e.'ha?a
very bad case of kidney affection lot
;. ant .Wtnred in vain until
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver 1 ills
were brought to my notice, and they
have completely cured me. I cannot say
enough i vT praise fit " their wonderful
merits. V vv :
If you have knlnev disease, you can
take Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills
with perfect confidence that what has
proved an absolute cure in so many
thousands of cases will not fail you.
So long as the cells of the kidneys are
not completely wasted away, as in the
last stages of Eright's disease, Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills will give
them uew.vigar-.and strength, and make
them strong, healthy and active. One pill
a dose; 25c a box; at all dealers, or Dr.
A. W. Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
Organ l.Kd in 1 WSll and conducted under
; State Hanking- Law.
Money to Loan on . Ileal rotate Mort
- gages on easy terms.
Tbiee per cent, interest paid on all
Time and Savings Deports.
II. J.' Leonard, Tres.
A. N. Heidiiitf, V. Tres.
- - - W, T. HetlteriiijcloMr
: uaAVYI.Mert
, . ILL. Taue.
Khner K. Kales,
''.'?, ' F. 1. Ilaininaii.
Patronage .Respectfully Solicited. .
r- Chas. S. Felch, Cashier.
Dally Papers!
It necessary, to
Chango the system of Instruction at the
school.'-Much depend upon legislation
accomplished during the present ses
sion of cougress, and It 1 likely the de
tails of the new system will not be
perfected until after action la taken on
rending measure The revised course
will embrace the advanced subjects of
electricity, etc., while there will be epe-
loslves and other
iiai vuuiovo
subjects of value as a postgraduate
course, for West Point otllcers.
If enneress fails to pass a bill re
lating-to-the artillery, it Is proposed to
detail one battery from each artillery
roehnent. making seven batteries,
which will form a model command not
onlv as a earrlson but as a means of
instructing the Ktudeut officers. These
batteries -will report at .Fort Monroe
about July 1, when a chief of the
school will be designated. Otllcers com
.nTi!nT !, 1 hi tt erics will act as ln-
The school probably will be opened
formally about Sept. 1. Should con
gress pass the pending artillery pro
visions of the army reorganization bill
there" wlirbe 'another syAteiiror select
ing troops for duty at Tort Monroe.
Military and Navnl Attaches. -
Of all the 1M.) nations represented by
the diplomatic corps at Washington
onlv debt have otllcers of. the army
mid imvv included in the stans or tneir
omii'isifitM liml legations. - Five Euro
pean armies are at present representee
at , Washington, and (Jermany, Russia,
Franco and .lanan have sent naval at
taciies. The military attache is no new
thing at the capital, but the coming of
the llrst naval attache is a matter of
very recent history and was a token of
the Interest awakened turning. Hie groat
naval powers of the world by the ex
ploits of the American navy.
The duties of a military or naval at
tache are not onerous. The minister
or embassador is understood to be en
grossed hi affairs of state, but the at
tache seeihs to have nothing to do but
attend assiduously to social duties and
lend the glitter of gold laced uniform
and . gay decora tious to an occasional
state entertainment.
Itut 'attention to society is by no
means nil his duty. There are a; great
many things in the American army
and navy which foreign governments
like to know: about, and It Is these
things that it Is the business of the at
tache to learn, though he Is in' no sense
a spy. Almost every, foreigu nation
has secret "means" of information con
cerning our. fortifications and our arm
aments, but military and naval at
taches do not deal in secrets.
Why Yountc Men Hnliat.
- "Why- do young men enlist V said
one of Uncle. Sam's, yrotectorsjveartng
1 Uandaome Cashmere Coatome,
Dreaa Fur a lirowliiK Girl,
Late Fa da of Fualiloii."
Ike Illustration Is of cork screw, cash
mere in a new nun nenuiuui simuu or
hyacinth blue trimmed with white sat
in, white lace and black satin. The
skirt Is tucked over the hips and across
the back to confine the fullness which
Is allowed to expand and ripple at the
General tobsWbat's the latest! .
The Aldrl'onsouby-ltuiublethwalt's
regiment has Just suffered the loss of
two companies captured.'
'General Dobs-Great (Vsarl This Is
getting monotonous. Cotswold-Lani-bleton
lost 'J(H) men last night, aud
Colonel Jimtllton-.Iakes lost IK) yester
day morning. Can't our men go out
Klde the camp, without -being gobbled
up? .. -
The Aid-It seems nut, sir. They're
bo rash, sir. .
General Dobs-I'll rash Yin! They'll
think old Vesuvius Is a penny flower
pot compared to the rash I'll give 'era.
We can't stand any more such, drains
on our force. Where Is Dlickersdyke
FannlnghnmV .
"Off on a scouting trip, general."
"That moans nioie losses. Hut hang
mi. if I'll interfere. If those hothead
ed young tomfools-want to sneak away
and get caught,1 I 11m not going to
break myself Into pieces in order to
- 1
free em. , Any man. 01 sense wouiu
... A I . .. i li. I- ..11 ...lt .1.
agree. wmi me inai 11 is uuer iuuuu-
ness to sit down In a Doer trap."
An orderly hurriedly enters.
General Dobs Well, what Is it?
' "A dispatch',' sir!" cried the orderly.
14The Doers are gradually surrounding'
us here -In .the -.valley.' They have al
most cut off all lines of communica
tion. It's all u clever trap."
General Dobs-Great Civsar!
I lurries' on his sword belt and rushes
Its Coming la Looted Forward to
With Both Joy and Fear and it
Safe Arrival is Hailed Witi
Pride and Delight fcy AIL
Tho arrival of tho first baby la tho
hrm.dild Is tho haroicst and most im
portant event of married Hfo. Tho young
wifo who is to becotno a mother delights
K.' U) S pence r. lVts. "F.V tt: I'tinse, V.4 J rt k.
M. A, Iteed, Cabler.
Tlic People's Savings Bank
$33,000 Capital,
70,000 Stockholder9 Liability,
Special fttlMitt6n given tie
when tno nuio ono smui wuu uii 1
breast and latterly eho Bhall hear it lisp
tho swoct and holy name, "mother."
But her happy anticipation quickly van
ishes when sho realizes tho terrible pain
and Buffering through which eho must
pass whilo brings tho little 1 ono into
tho world. An indescribable fear or the
danper attendant upon tlio ordeal Boon
dissipates her joy fulness. .
Thousands of women navo learned
by experience that thero is absolutely
no necessity for tho sufferings which at
tend child-birth; they know that by
the use of 41 Mother's Friend" a scien
tific liniment for a few weeks before
tho trying hour, cxjctant mothers 1 can
bo prepare themselves for tho final
hour that tho pdn end Buffering of the
dreaded event are entirely ouviateu am
it is safely passed tlirough with com
paratively littlo discomfort.
All women aro interested, and es
pecially expectant mothers who for the
first timo havo to undergo this trial, in
such a remedy ; for they know tho pain
tin,! anffprinrr. to eav nothing of thedan-
from Ids tent. Cleveland Plain Dealer. I Ker, which is in Btoro for them. "Moth
Bing, for it takes her safely through the
severest ordeal of her 1 i fe. Every woman
chnnlrl h Pbid to read tho little book
".Before Baby is Born," which contains
Cnll and rxamlne our Hyttin. No trouble to
show uml cxiluJn lu worklutrH.. HtpohltH ot
tl 00 and upwurtln rcilvtiU uiul Hook jfivt n.
Hark opt-iiM for oublueKH Katurilay eyenlr.s
from (J to 8 o'clock.. ' .
Fob .the Tkoplk, op.tiik 1'koi'Lk,
and hy the i'koplk.
lower part. The plain front and bot
tom nre outlined with a narrow band
of black satin which is covered with
rows of black stltehlnjr.
The Jaunty little Lton Jacket Is en
riched throughout with spaced perpen
dicular tucks and bordered with n band
of the stitched black satin. In the
front Is a stylish levers collar of white
satin rolling back from a wee scalloped
vest of white satin outlined with stitch
ing and opening on a billowy mass of
ivory lace falling freni the neck to the
waist. The high collar band and belt
are of folded white satin, and the long
sleeves nre trimmed at the shoulders
with a short tucked cap bordered with
stitched black satin and liuished at the
hand with a similar baud. Philadel
phia Ledger.
I)r'ft For n ;irl. .
The dress represented is of pastel
blue cloth, trimmed with bands of
white cloth on the cross. The front is
Helpline Him.
"Henrietta," said Mr. Meekton, as he
paused on the front step, "could you re
member what it was you said yester
day when you so properly reproved me
for leaving the door opcnV"
"I think I can. But I hope I shall
not have occasion to use It again."
"Could you "give me the exact tones
and the gestures'?"
"Well, I wish you would. I have an
pflioe boy who leaves the door open
j continually, and if you could teach me
to make that spcecii it wouni cenainiy
be a great help ti me In my business'
Washington Star.
information of great valuo to all.' - II
will bo sent free to any ono who sendi
their address to Tho Bradfield Kegu
la tor Co., Atlanta, Ga.
j OUSKS and Lots can be
foabbusht of the Helding Build
ing and Loan association cheap
and on easy terms. . ..Knquire at
their office in the-new Heidi ng
block Cor. Main and Uridge st.,'
also houses to rent and money to
loan. ' ADAM WAGNKR. ,
Dr. Olmstcad's Elixir Mullein.
The grandest Tonic. Nrmni Alterative and
nliMxl I'urilicr on o.-irth. 1'oMtiuIy cures Id'ant
and Chronic Cungtis. La (intir, Consuini'tiou
Asthma, Liver nmi Kidney Trouble. -
rr Louis, mich.
Sold bft Hk. i:uHlt J.VM ..
and Detroit papers on sale.
Delivery promptly : made
on arrival.
Seed Store!
lartrcd .lim iiiomi nnii unr imr- n inns
(iurden Sc-cds in tlio city. Over thirty
vaiictieH JSwect' I'eas. riantino for
llouscplants. Flower Seeds.
Lawn (iruss. Kerlili.er . tor . .
L;iwn and (ianlen.
Maillum Cforor,
t nmnutt h Clnvor,
AlyftUa Coeer, ' ' ' - w
Crnoi Cover,
Urt'hitrtl (SriiHH,
, : f- " Ko( T,
-" . . - . . . tint fri,
Ifyc (JlriinH,
"' ' ' ' Sun fttt'wor,
... Miiict,
It n 1 to,
KA Uf.Y SUIi r lfTA TOILS.. .
Arc you voting
on the LlAXO
Then buy your
Coal, Wood, Feed, Straw,
Hay, Salt, Axle Grease,
.'. . . etc., of
And get a voto for every 10c cash deal.
TT5 nUMi.,'i arlUh UUinoiul II ran A.
Wt . IM. .1 Hd III ( VUllDOi
liraeciPt ftr Vhirkrttrr Kmif a I'm A
umi.kI tr,t,iu At lf ui.r. t t4 .
la .I.Tip. f.ir .rilculf. t.iimmUI .n
C1llKr'r BtaBlri.U o.. MIm MBr
old br bU Untl Drort "
the uniform of a soldier in tho marine
Leave VOlir Order With me eorps, sitting In the lobby of the Na-
J t , tional. "I don't know why all young
for yOUr dailies All the fellows go ld the service, for considera-
. n . . . Hons other tliau patriotism, but I will
Oraild KapidS, .L- HCagO tell vou why I went in and am willing
to run the-risk or becoming a target
for a Mauser bullet.
"I am a painter by trade and have
never failed to obtain steady employ
ment. I gave up a day to wear this
uniform and earn $13 a month and
found because I want to see the world
and have an adventuresome disposi
tion. I could never save up any mon
ey, and my roving disposition has tak
en me all over the United States. Hut
foreign travel Is an expensive luxury.
Iwant to go to the Philippines and en
joy the novelty, excitement and change
of a long sea voyage to a distant and
unfamiliar clime and see these peoplo
and the way" they live and at; some
body else's expense. The government
will do this, for me, as I anf a" strong,
healthy' young fellow who' never yet
refused a chance to light."
Uncle Sam's Spring Gardes. ..
Teople who were amused In the days
ot llolman at that great couomlst's
suggestion that potatoes Instead Of
flowers . might be planted In the
grounds" around the public buildings
may not be aware that Uncle Sam has
a great garden of spring delicacies
around the capital building. The first
garden delicacies of the season are
found there. On the southern slope of
the lawn, under the protection of the
terrace and exposed to the sun, the
dandelions have begun to sprout, and
these days women and children who
know the secrets of. the soil are out
with their baskets gathering these
"irreen.V for the table. Mushrooms of
the best variety as well as dandelions
grow in great abundance on this broad
lawn, and It Is a 'source of-' supply of
"greens" or niusliYooins almost from
the time snow disappears until winter
comes again. L. V'.
Senator Tillman can write equally
well with both hands. Sometimes he
uses one and sometimes the other. One
of his colleagues after watching him
awhile the other day 6flHl:Yv
"Senator, I did. not -knowL that you
were ambidextrous."
. . "Yes," retorted the senator from
South Carolina; "I have to be In order
to keep the run of t ill ieim(e."
Wlllard'H hotel is to bo tor n do "wn,"
and. the.Vlrginla hotel,, n modern mil
lion dollar' structure. Is to be erected In
Its Vilaee us rapidly. as possible. Wll-
lard't hts been one of the landmarks
of Washington and half a, century ago,
like the Astor llmno'in Nevf Ywrk. was
numbered nmnng-tlm-gifat- UeU of
the world. Cam. Sciiofield.
Tho n ANNE It and "rJetroir Weekly
Tli Society Column.
The beaut I ful" Mrs. May was seen
out driving Monday morning."
Oninn She kissed her hand to tno
audience only once. That's not cnougn
to iro around.
De Fonte Oh, yes; stage kisses aro
flexible. Every man in the nouse
thinks that that one kiss was lor 111m.
-Chicago News.
rou a cr.owixa girl.
In flat horizontal plaits. The skirt la
trimmed- with three, .shaped Jflouucea
edged with white cloth. The waist
band Is of black velvet Paris Herald.
NotUlntc New.
'It begins to look as though the Tar-
Is exposition would fall flat."
'Well, you see, the French have been
making an exhibition of themselves for
so long that folks are beginning to pine
for n novelty." Philadelphia North
KinennlTC Economy. ,
"Madge, we can't afford new clothes
this spring." -
"Well, then, Albert, we must-move,
I don't mind wearing my old onus in a
new uelghlorhood, but I won't stay
here and wear them." Indianapolis
Ilendlnic Between the Lines.
Miss Bullion road my hand last even
lng. She s quite an adept at it. Mie
said the lines Indicated that I was Just
about to propose to a girl with money
"Yes. What did you do?"
"I proposed to her." Cleveland Plain
Old KnonKh to lie n Ilallet Girl.
(Iyer Saw you out riding with your
girl yesterday. -
Myer Yes. Did you ever meet her
fivcr-Xa: but father savs he was
once a pupil in her Sunday sehool class
Chicago News.
Como anl Seo Us-Over Peo
ple's Savings Hank.
Tribuoo ono yoar for $1.40.
Fniihlon l"nlM.
Long lace barb ties in a sailor knot are
one of the fads In neckwear Just now.
'lllack silk storking. with white lace
medallions sot In the instep are chic.
The stitched and tucked taffeta hats
are predicted as usurpers of tho felt
hat this season.
A new model In a shirt waist Is made
of vertical .rows, of ,wasl) ribbon two
Inches wide and lace inserting.
"Mitten sleeves" done In fine shirred
chiffon will be used to the exclusion of
gloves the coming season, so it Is paid.
The spring veil In Paris falls loose
about the face. It Is of fine black net
with large lace designs. - ,
An Raster Ilrltlc'a Troimneau.
Three of the loveliest gowns Imagina
ble nre Included In the trousseau of an
Easter bride. The first Is a white silk
evening dress covered 'by floating dra
peries of hand painted lisse. .Next
comes a black gnu tfe theater frock.
princess. ftylev. covered with an ilalio-
rate hand wrought design of tiny plati
num paillettes and finally a pale enu
deliil velvet trimmed with white broad
tail which has liecn previously em
broidered with white Jet. '
.'-.'w : : L ' (
From Experience.
Pnrko They say a horse has every
disease a human being has. Do you be
lieve It? . ; .,
Jane I know it. I bought one from a
friend recently. Life.
I'MiiiA III the Hack.
A. B. Harrington, Constantla. N. Y.;
says: "1 was troubled several years
with kidney disease and suffered severe
pains in the back. I used Foley's Kid
ney Cure and ono bottle cuivd me.' I
recommend' It to my friends. H has
given perfect satisfaction."
W. 1. Benedict.
Scavenger Work
Well and carefully done.
$2 for ordinary job.
fT For fiirtbcr' particulars drop postal to 1.
That is what yoii get when . you : buy the reliable 4 'Magnet
Brand." 'It is firm in color, brightsmpoth-spreacling and will
.1 11 A. 1
cover more space to tne gauon man
will any other paint yet costs no more
than Ordinary paint. This guarantee
is on every can :
if lliis paint it' no'rtarisfactory in every way. in the
ui.tl after i! the wearing, tell your d.-aler. who
win notify us, un.lwu will adjust the matter to your
iH troit. Mkh. Factories -Toledo, Ohio.
Why take chances when you can buy this guar
anteed paint.
Mairnet llrand" Paint order direct from us and we will
see that you ure promptly supplied. - -
t' EDWARD rEOELIOHiPAlNT & GLASS 00.,- Detroit Toledo.
If your dealer dees not st 11 the
Tor Nearly Sixty Years
The Leading National Family Newspaper
For Progressive Farmers and Villagers. .
An old, Ptiineh, tried und truo friend of tho .American ' People, from tho
Atlantic to tho raciftV, and tho pioneer in overy movement caicuiuiuu tu uu-
vance the interests and Increase tho property or country, peopie in every
State in the Union. .
For over half .t century farmers have followed Its instructions In raising
their crops, and in converting them into ca'h have been puldcd by its market
reports' which have been National authority. ' ' ...
' tt 1 i n!nn,in nnfl Mri'hnn es' that ' uetiartment will
1 1 ciu .in: Mini 1 -fn ..v.!.- , - ,
nlcnso and Instruct. "Short StorieB" will entertain ota and yotin. "rashion
.. . m .!n .1... f f li,.. ln.itno unl 'ITiimnrnii! TlliiKtrntiona" and
Articles win caici) ine vi tun nmi-n, nuv.
items will brine; sunsliine to your household. '
Till; WKKKLY TltlHUNK is "The lVOploi'aper" for the entire United
States, and contain H important news of tho Nation and World.
1 tegular bubscnption price per ycar, out we iurmu it ua n tint. u-
pcriplion ......... ' : . .
With tlic UANNEIt 0 Months for 65 Cents,
. . Published Moatlay, Wednesday and Friday.
A eomidetc.un to date, dally newspaper threo
mci v TlllllTNrn times a week for busy peoplo who receive
ineii iiiuu cm tuii.v.i .. imii "muv i
ni:w YOUIv
Contains all fctrikin'ir news features of TI1H UAILY Till BUNK up to hour
of iroincr to nrcbs: and is profusely Illustrated. '
Hejjular subscription prjec 1, pr year, but wo furnish it as a trial , sub
scription Thc BANNER 6 Months for 90 Cents.
Send all orders to tho BANNER, Belding,' Mich., before May 1, 1900.
Too Fnrnluhird.
'Tarslirhted young man, eh?"
"Yes; he knows the pay days of all
the fellows and touches them' the min
ute they leave the cashier's desk."
Syracuse Herald.
Comment of n Slave.
Wickwlro They say Dewey's wife is
going to make him inn.
N. Teck lie won t be the, first man
whose wife has made him run. Indian-
npolls Tress.
. The C'onvemntlnnnl Score.
"When the weather Is bad. you can't
play golf?" '
"No. but we can sit Indoors and brag
about games we have played." Chica
go. Uecord. .
A I)eo1nrled Trnll.
Chief I Hd you recover any of tho
money' those .'burglars' got nway with?
cftctlve-7.Novir. 1 couiiin i nna a
Ccent. P.altlmore Ainericnu. .
Cut prlcCi winter foot-wear ak the
City Shdounj.4 1. U.-SpknckR.'w
Nn other Medical Finn Iti trie vrorld has the eatabiished reputation 1rmnjr
Men nutl Women thitDrs. K. At K. Cflloy. xneir rm-vr Htiogu V'ilV
JS'nt ""covered od perl:tl bvtb.se ftmioent i SpecUlifcti, has broaffbt joy.
iriMinieiHoi in- rrr;-srL t..r.: ciett.
.rtui iKitmiy, sjriiiii, -..'"T. .'. ; "i,-
MsnS Life Blood
a m-crot d-tn tlironeu tne orine tnai-.i in rc;wii jy -.
vluS-a yor kidnev ache, y..tt feel despondent
ud. lorrt l"t yourWfe Ulood be drai.ed wy. Drs. K. A K.
You mayh.ive
oni in tb tuorninir
nA hare no ambitiol
ffuarftotea to Cre or no l'ay
.1 yoar
i.ii.ltAirr RiAianiTC lorn maj
b inher lted.bat It is a crime to att It to remain in th V- Z'ilUtti
liko oa. Ucvar of Mercury and fotasl treatoicut. Dm. K. & K. pontlveiy cure
tb worst cases or tio i'ay.
Vauicocsle &SraicTjyffiJ
m . . At...m M and nrelr. No
leiual orjans. TUe stricture tUsiici ab.orbed and can never retara Dn. K.&K.
guaranteo Cur3. "
Kidneys 'Bladder
- -:. J';:;:, ---'v.M.wirtrtMti' the tale. -Don't let Doctora,
IZVV,", l"Vrn.K. Klciucwoalf jo- re not beyond human aid
JfO PATi Conatiltatlon
TlK'y cuaranteis to Cure or No Tay.
ii rron
oreal) wTh j for u...o- -Bcalmcnl.
liT.rythtiaflr Confidential -
. 1 4 An curl nv STREET.
1 HDQ KFNNruY & KLKuAIN, orfiioiT. micm

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