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Richard Howler, a pioneer lies at
the point of death trotn jjantjreno of
the foot.
llttlo Kitty Less iter la making a
three days' visit with her cousins at
Uncle Charlca KddyV.
Dr. G. M. Spencer has bought the
house and lot next to him on the east
and is repairing the house.
(Jrandma"' Klkins has bought the
tioiihu and more than one lot of land
between the stores and extending
Fred Cornell who is a very fino mu
sician, will ,rlvo music lessons in our
vicinity, and we predicj his class will
Mrs. Tom H rook a can use her ripht
han-.l a little more than before jfointf
to Ann Arbor, but the improvement
will be very slow.
Mr. and Mrs. Abram Smith have, re
turned from uear (Jraton, South Da
kota, and will make a lengthy visit
with relatives here.
Mrs. M. A. Lessiter visited Grand
Kapids relatives over Sunday, and is
in lidding today. May with her Uls
ter. Mrs. 1. McCauley, taking dinner
with tlieir old time friend, Mrs. ('.
l Ke-iltng's family were notilied ly
telephone that their grandmother,
Mrs. Driscol passed away at Grand
Kapids Monday evening. Grandma
Driscol was very nearly 100 years old,
ana near Iriends estimate her age as
past a century. Her grandsons start
ed for the city early yesterday and will
attend the burial services today, May
The remains will probably bo
brought to the G rattan Catholic ceme
tery as grandma was for many years a
resident here in our town's early his
tory. How true the words: "Friend
after friend departs," and how fast our
pioneers are departing.
House cleaning is in order at pres
ent Mablc 1'almer, was in (-rand Uapids
lames Lane, is painting A. 11
Grant's house.
H. F. Hall and wife, of Uelding, were
in town Saturday.
A. D. l'urdy, of Smyrna, was in
town Saturday.
I loyal Hawkins and wife, spent Wed
nesday, in Ionia.
Mrs. Chas. Leach and Mrs. Wm
Cotton, were in Ionia Thursday.
Mrs. A. V. Simmons, is making her
parents of near Lansing, a visit.
Miss Anna Hriggs, entertained a
lady friend of Uelding, over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nichols, of
Portland, were visitors at Chas.
Lenche's over Sunday.
George Purdy and family and Ida
Hay, were guests at Ai. WycotTs, of
Montcalm Co., over Sunday.
The Ladies' Aid Society will meet
with Mrs. Fannie Smith, May !. You
are cordially invited to attend.
The Women's Foreign Mission soci
ety met with Mrs. T. It. McDonald,
Friday afternoon, a very interesting
prog ram no was rendered.
Yale ColTeo is blended by experts and
roasted by the new process, which pre
serves the strength and tine lhivor
You will pave 'Si per cent by their use.
J. . . ork.
North Orleans.
Will Morris has a very bad boil on
his hand.
.1. Pretzel and A. Hrown were in
Holding Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Schultz visited their
daughter in Detroit Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Haight from Ionia
were at Long Lake Monday.
Mrs. Canivan, Mrs Salyer and
daughter-in-law were guests at Mrs.
Andrew Glosser's Friday.
There will lo a box social Saturday
evening, May o, at Andrew Glosser's,
proceeds to go towards a library for
the Chittle echool. All are invited.
One day last week as Mr. Divine was
a. work in his field, his horses ran
away taking with them a stone boat
and about 100 feet of barb wire they
broke from a fence, tearing down
about 40 rods They ran to Charley
Hrown's grist mill and stopped under
the shed.
Mrs. Hailey, who has been very sick
18 improving.
Miss Myrta Kills Sundayed with
friends at Alto.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Sparks Sundayed
at Dell Purdy's.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hlgnell was in
1 each Avenue on Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. Northway is some better.
She Is attended by Dr. Pinkham.
Milan Richmond has gone to Hie
Kapids to attend the Ferris school.
Mrs. Ivl Green, our landlady, is sick
anil does not improve very fast. Dr.
Hell attends.
Mrs. Sam Skellenger has been verv
sick for two weeks. Dr. Pinkham at
attended her.
A. letter has been received from
Clay Tallman. They are coming home
J as Kcrtha Is worse.
w. Josun made a tour last week
which included Saginaw, Hay City,
Traverse City, Cadillac and Keed City.
The L. O. T. M. will give an Ice
cream social Saturday evening, May
"th. Everyone come. 5 cents a dish.
Mr. Cyrus Iting and daughter have
hecn at the farm in Peach Avenue for
a week rusticating and enjoying the
tine weather.
Milo Dicken has exchanged his team
with Kimer Fales for a driver and tho
difference. Thev will ITQ to Kendal
villo to draw lath.
The Gleaners gave a hop on Fridav
evening, at Hotel Green, about 30
couple being present. A pleasant
ttmo was enjoyed.
The school children gave a social on
Thursday evening for benefit of com
mencement, clearing $9. Ice cream
and cake wa on the bill of fare.
The Crusaders are not getting any
converts as yet, but quite a number at
tend their meetings. The 1
drums and playing of string instru
ments, call tho people together.
Albert Northway, our worthy towns
man, made up his mind it was not good
for man to live alone, and Is now a
married man. A long life and a happy
one is the wish of your manv friends.
Aunt Jane Hull is very feeble.
Farmers are busy sowing their oat.
House cleaning is on the program
now days.
Robert Abbott has hired out to Mr. Ooo"ic"ioo4cio;iorf04ooo2
rasnDaugh for the summer. TIll. Maryl;mtl ..,,.,. ,lt
Mrs. R. N. Sparks and son, l loyd, has ,ui,hsIm., s xporlnu-nls with
visuea ner sister in Lowell Sunday. loniing pigs. Some of the Important
luigene uennells and family of sara- results are:
nac, visited at Mary Abbott's Sunday. It was foiytd that with some rations
mo gams on pigs could be prod need as
low as cents per pound.
In all the tests where properly com
riniM,.l...l .... .1
1'VMiwui'ii iuiions were useu pork was
produced at a profit when the i.Ilts
Frank King and wife and Hyron
Rich and family visited at John Hos
klns' Sunday.
Mr. Keech of Johnston is on our road
i t . u 1. 1 . . . i 'iuceu in a proiu When
again with his grocery wagon, it being M.m, not n(nvnl (j li(,(.oiu(
quite an accommodation to tho farm
Joe Kesser's colt became frightened
at an engine last Monday, and run
away and badly demoralized the bug
gy, but Joe did not get hurt.
Otto Stanton and Eunlco Sherman,
were married last Wednesday. Their
many friends wish them a happy and
prosperous life. They will leave in
about two weeks for Iron River where
he has a situation in a mine.
Wolvcrton Plains.
Sate Abbey spent last week with her
Lydia Hoone went to Coral Friday.
returning Saturday.
frred Long of Kdmore. was in town
the first of tho week.
W. Henjamin of Nelson, was the
guest of J. Wise last Tuesday night.
J. Wise and wife, and L. Johnson,
visited friends near Stanton Sunday.
lhe surprise rag bee for Mrs. J.
Wise last Wednesday was well attend
ed. Nelson Krifilth, wife and son visited
their parents, J. M. Haslow and wife
Mr. Clark and wife of Orleans, wero
the guests of II. L. Johnson one day
last week.
Mrs. K. 13. Wise called on her old
friend, Alice Pulhemus last week, and
found her much better.
Albert D. Wise who spent last week
with his parents, returned to Cadillac
Monday. He. with his mother visited
at Smyrna last Thursday and Friday.
mo cost of producing . u pound of
pork Increases with the age of a p!g.'
The aim should be to nrodiieo from
loO to 'Joo pound pigs at ; to 7 months
old for the greatest profit.
Sklmmilk was found to have a feed
lug value for pigs equal to fully double
the price charged at most of the cream
cries of the state.
Separator skinmiilk nt one-half cent
per gallon and Unseal and gluten meals
nt .$15 per ton have about the same
value for balancing rations for pi"
Cream or king gluten meal was found
to be more ce inical for balancing
rations for pigs than linseed meal.
Ground fodder, such as the new corn
product, was found to be a valuable
addition to rations for pigs.
Mrs. Dora Race is quite low at this
r.a. uecker was a visitor at Frank-
Stevens' Sunday.
Henry Leach, of Grand Uapids. is
visiting among relatives here.
John Essex visited with relatives in
Beldlng Saturday and Sunday.
May Mowers are here but no rain, a
I(iiImii SfiuiliM.
breeding pigeon squabs for market Is
profitable. The best stock is the hom
ing pigeon. It being of g(M)d size, pro
lific, faithful in feeding and of good
npi'carance when dressed. The best
results are with birds not allowed their
freedom, but with wired In areas for
exercise. The fittings of a loft an
nesi noxos and must ..
tliein. drinking and bath dM.es. a box
or salt cat and a lump of rock salt
oe ioo i required is corn, wheat and
Cnnada peas, with barley, oats and
buckwheat occasionally and hemp and
mulct once in awhile; also green food,
as lettuce or cabbage. Some prefer to
lei the brooders mate as thev phase
Others .1. : ...... .
" "' !M. maivo me selec
tions. The old birds feed and care for
the young until almost of market size.
me youngsters bringing better prices
If taken before they must shift for
wm iiim-h es, as iney at once begin to
lose. Squabs are sold dressed and are
always in demand.
Wanted to bring their work to th
CITY LAUNDRY. All work guar
anteed satisfactory. We do the
Domestic as well as the Gloss Finish.
Give us a trial and be convinced.
Hume ill, 2 rings.
Reed & Holden
18th Semi-Annual Millinery Opening
You are cordially invited to call
"and examine our mammoth dis
play ol Spring Millinery.
Yours truly,
Reed 8c Holden.
Irish ritiitoH.
insn potatoes are grown in hills or
ridges or in trenches, according to local
conditions, sa.vs the Thiladelphia Ledg
er. In New Jersey the trench give's
"est results, except in very nu.ist sit-
!..! ri'i
w.....mi.. in,, reason ju it is the roots
are deep down when started. As the
.'lOWX I 1 1 1 1 v,. 1 I.. .1. ........
, , ' I i. wi.ihii noiii
nice snower would be welcomed by all. I '"",r sale about it. letting it keep only
Aaron Ueasley has moved his familv 1IS 111 'ove until the level is icach-
to Port Stanley whero he has been en-
Ycrgpiiiu'g Station.
Klder Mudo is expected here next
Charles Ucnnells visited his imrent
auuuay. mi i on oianiey wiiero he has been en- ' " grow, ami the vigor
Ada Church leaves for her home at Kaed t0 wrk. WM.m R,v,'s Iraf '"" h that
Evart this wf, Mease1hav fm,n,i tut . .ui. u,,irs lIU' so" !' prevent tho weeds
.w.i, i -..w.wuuu viivii nav LU LI1IMI ....!.. l,.
Halnh KYtpil nvtmita - i vlclnltv finrl r m0M .1, J M ,U11K " (T.V ViW Potatoes
- . vw".vvo vj icavu lur oci. i ""mu. wuuisuivua puinn in mi,.i f v t .
Dakota this week. quite familiar. L...,. V. . ... . .. , :,vlsvy. uy
.wrs. Aiouio Uelaney moved to Lowell u' oiouuara has nearly completed M" moistem-d blankets or even in .,.,
last week Tuesday. his job of hauling lumber and expects Uvllars, cutting to the sprout, settiii"
.1 , ! 1 1 , . . ln.nn.Tl.l.'l, III... ,.l I
i icu tinier is worKlnr on the Frank ""u iu ueiuin soon.
and Monta Sayles farm. Nelson Haysmere has moved his fa
I . Houlihan took J fr,aK r- mllv to the Ulcelow fRi-m uhnm u
" " " " .'UOUI,! UU, 1UI a I " I-l " ' " ilVI U IJUIA
pect9 to work this summer.
drive Sunday afternoon.
Fred 1'otruli and family have moved
oueK from (.rand Uapids to his farm
No MiaHincr Link.
Rockford, Mich., Mr.
A. II.
If made rirht a trial will convince
you that Yale ColTee Is tho richest
smoothest and most delicate llavored
colTeo you ever tasted. J, M. York.
A sraliin face often covers an ach
infr heart.
Mrs. ItetTrnn f T jnnul I . U VUCKI
of Mrs. (Juv Vonnn ia,. iA r-iarK, awei known merchant of this
v , "",,uy Piace lurnlsnes th0 evidence lackinir
.ujr unun anu uaugnier vis- in most remedies, to proye that Dr. A
ncu ai l arnell several d
Mrs. J. Mosher visited her son, WIN &?IV iAv!ter 8",rcrinr for ov'er 20 'years
wee,, Thur8aay. at H
CviiwuuigiuuiJU OOX OI Ur. A. VV .
iwr . j.ooKey and Miss Herrington nase ointment. I would not take
irom Cannonsbur were guests at D.
Church's Sunday.
Kev. S. T. Morris and wife of Lowell
nonored us with their presence at the
convention Sunday.
iurs. r.ugeno Campbell and Mrs.
Alice Hrown of Lowell called on Alton
friends last week Friday.
Mrs. Jane Church and granddautrh
m treiicjies in warm spots and when
there is danger of frost covering the
..... .. ...
m .in niNin. oer with n i-t 1
with straw. It is trouble, but for the
market gardener with the lanev trade
or the home grower V il h his little irar-
d n it pays.
ter In.avo .ki, r 'i "aranieeu to c
"cft) wuuuesuay, ior drugg sts, or Dr. A. W C'haso ini
Evart, for a visit with her sons. Jasoer Co.. Hutfalo. N. v. ChaSC' Mcd'
and Chester. .
a , . iviugni ol the (irlp TNtlflH.
A very pleasant, enjovable and orofit. kt , V . ....
..1,1 . t . r i iwvLucucu, ill. , iOV. 14 IS' IS
able time was had Sunday at tho S. S. 1 was troubled with ,u.,' ' ill-
convention held here. PpohIp frnm feeling In my stomach eansod u
Halley, Lowell and Holding were ores- Eepsla' nd ,no dofeof Dr. Caldwell's
ent. A. T. iWnt. ,n,nw a r u 1 : .in relieved me. I will
' -w. . . I iir. - iir. Wll.rifllir it. a. i . II. . , .
Wln-nt It run.
'PI... e . .
Aiie lariner wno grows wlicat can
make a good profit in selling ids wheat
and buying wheat bran to feed out,
Kays American Cultivator. The pound
ot wheat will nearly pay for two
pounds of bran, and the bran if sweet
and in good condition is worth more
$10 a box for It if I could not obtain IKT P'I t l'e'l to cows in milk
more." those soon to r-.-ilve I.. ,-ti..,.
xuuusunusoi DGOnie who b,n,.r.Q.,r Ktock. kow h .... r i .
r,l f n ' out- ------ i- w. lwl ..iieie
v.o..u.u piies, eczema or tho many lami.ing and while Iambs are with
mtuiuL', iuriur sk n nui.ui.u ii...... .1 .i .. . . .
, . " ------ nun nu I iim in I ,ui uie wuoie WliC.'lf wouM
common, have found a norfent. ,..,... .r . . .. . ,u. ,,U11
nu.' i- m . . ' vu.u, ,! u ,s ,lul lj Mi. in,,- ,,.., ,..,,,,
uoiiasBu oinimeni. Anv Door un- . i... . "
fortunate who is atlliffi Jui "l me wmm can i.e sol
' " " wwv TT 1LII UN V 111 I .... 1 t . . . ... .
these troubles can have n f.. c.J:.. ""iiit and siill leave a b
box of Dr. Chase's Ointment bv send- ! L' 1 P''''1,1- 11 is -h like nellin;
ing stamp to nav Dostann. lVwiti,.in i'1' nutter fat from the milk and f h
tfuaranieeu to cure. ,r()e a Imv nil iu atvcs or nigs on skinmiilk ui,ieh
Is better for them and has not so high
a selling value. If more fat is wanted.
House Cleaninsr is at hand. lnv, Wm,inu, u,uc HtI
Uirlam Rods, Tack Pullers. Carpet Tacks, Ammonia, Sj:
Brushes and lots more you need. New Dinner Sm r .
cry and Chinaware. Something new all the time.
Single Harness for sale cheap;
iiiNi Jieycie.
U'A m TT T"RTN i-i 'J:
smwii is mm ... i
Good Tilings at all pi ?c
select from. Our staple line oi
V I.,
11 llltle linseed lne.il m- ll.iv 1 o...
will give it nt less cost than butter fat.
IIN-mlcal I'lour.
-At mi Illinois farmers institute
object lesson was given in the valm
hi. . , . . u nnuuui it as it is ttio best nieuoed j our. sas The Kuril Ww
r.,.,. vutv,lul :?"' i l "1 "Miiod ana indlges- lorKer. Wheat Hour mixed with
Hen Lou went to Ionia, last Wednn
day on business
Charley Ayers of Smvrna is working
.. i, , ... : -
ior r reu Kichmond.
Lula Tower working for
Warner the pat week.
iNHlo Kichmond. has
Kapids to attend school.
lion 1 have ever nsinM T it puj.
travel nc Saleamnn fr l.w. t.
Weytel, Importers of Queensware, In
dianapolis, Ind. In 10c, 50o and $1.00
uuinus ui v isk uangs.
Lucie Richmond last Sunday.
ine rscnool social held at lnhn
KrifT wad ,.,ii .
- "kii atienueu ana wna a
puceess financially.
Cured m Kumilnir Nor.
"I had a bad running
breast for over vnf ?. n i
Mrs. .In Ulchards. of Will
. ' - - ...... . , v ...
u,uu Rreat many remedies, but got ,,lf
nn rPl of until T .. ,1 ti . ' HIP 0
gone to UIg AftPr ,,Bln n'a n "" iUVU- described ns I.le.,1
iuufciy cureu. i cannot reccommend tt. '"'i",raiinju' as wheat alone. We now
a law compelliii',' such Hour to
mnped and bianded. Like the
It's unwiso tn ... ,L I 0,00 lra". these adulterators want
umbrella ho carries until vA .. r,l .3 'n.T to lmliv a 'n eounterfelt, to be sold
who owns it. J u uuu as a penuine article.
cornineal was made into biscuits
milieu were piveii awav and eaten
The use of corn with wheat eheapc
me Hour without loworim,' its nutri
tive value, and, if sold as bh n.led
Hour, it would supply an honest pr
uct at a cheaper rate than wheat onl.v
me corn producing states are natural
ly interested in anv effort to inere:i
e of their cereal. Onlv let it
I Hour," instead f
ft i fi . ,VV,,J vuiuu. i uunnot reccommend it '
o. J. King of Held I np. is at hla nlH too hlchlv. and will norm, V..x . .. t . l. . have a
homo trimmlnjr nnnnh t..a it In the house." w t n,u tu stn
Vll T ..... I , ... r..
... iuwer visited her friend Miss
-f iiuwiiiisr Hucren." 4.1..1. .....
-tT, I ."iiiiirriiiHi I
vv iierevcr nrorw-r ir ni,i,. -i t. t ... .1 . .,.
rnl1TiPo ,, , Mua-u ir. 01 me .viaiue experiment
I?0t0ii . ennittin 1 1 eP8,ln'tta a cure for Ptat Ion pi v,s nut not ice t ha t much adul
Hex Tablets cure nervous dyspepaia, fe"tlp& phenominal terated f(,,,inu' stu.r has been s , 1 1 n
. J saie Many druggists cannot sav Maine dmimr the .u- i,. .,.
m imiso oi its merits, as well Li - n , ,
no la ..t 1-.. ... I vo vv- tier tile !l:lMie .if i I......
.o .to Kica IHJUUiariiy With the nnnnlo . . ' ' . -i.iii.
In 10c trial slzo a.nA ot- i r.,V; Wilder Wheat mie feed. etc.. which
I. 00 sizes, of Fisk Hangs.
Pure and Fragrant
Sold in Sealed Packages Only
When all nthnm foil t. i . .
, .. . . w-- pieuso anu
the world begins to look llko wash day
and that mist rises before your eyes
which shut nut. oil ii..., .
u . V T vi nope,
then go to Underwood Hros'. and buy a
pound of alo Coffee, drink a nn.i
you wil wear a hrt.tTht ..m ''..
after. OUJ",J 'orever
Don't bfl deeolfrrl !,. .
,. "utu vuur irroecr
tells you ho has coffee just a. good as
A. I. C. high-grade. The W. s. Can-
field CO. knOW tht. r.onnt U- 7.
have heretofore been allowed to pass
without Inspection and analysis. They
are found to contain refuse from broom
com factories, Miinl-s and similar
material.-., and h'-i .-.mI of bavin-, as
gf"l bran shoidd have, about K' per
cent rrotein they have fr n !.i; w l'J
per !! t and tlniv are worth fr-n, le :s
than two-thirds to tlir.-e-fotn ths the
Vftl"l of pure le an. I ! r i ft. r iu h
goorts must be hnreie l aid -uaia'it.tMl
according tr their v. Pnl 'imposition.
And we are here with fhp SwpIIp I uH
, ! of Sprim; Jewelry ever shown in the city. rV
frA rt
i3 is the Largest and the Best, and we Hvh tn
i please our customers. f
XI. i), llUUUi and engraver; f
New Stock. New Styles.
For Spring of 1900,
Have arrived. Call and sec them. Select the Suit you want
harly buyers have the advantage of a lare stock to select
from. Our Suits arc made by the old reliable firm of Kolb &
Sons, of Rochester, N. V. Their name and hanrer is i
guarantee of Style, Fit and Durability.
New Hats, Neckwear and Furnishings.
We arc a-ents for the HOULKVARD the new 1900 hat We
will be pleased to show you the new styles whether you wish
to buy or not, at '
is why they sell them. 8' inai
Main Street,

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