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the buvi
All $2.25 Vests
Fancy Double
A fine line of
$3.35 goods, which
we now sell for
Yours to F'iease,
The One Price Clothing Store,
Having purchased the Peoples Shoe Stock at
we are enabled to sell Shoes at LESS than Ahnufac
turers' Prices. We propose to sell for
and give the People of Belding and vicinity the
benefit of our
If you are in need of foot wear it will pay ou to
call and get our prices as we CAN and WILL sell
Shoes for less money than any other dealer in Ionia
County. Yours for Shoes,
The Great
Furniture Exhibit
and SALE at Grand Rapids for January, 1901, surpassed anything of
its like in the hUtory of the world. COO factories representing 20
states exhibited their products for sale.
From This Grout Opportunity I
Selected the Crciun of its Unrgnins.
My stock if now arriving and when complete will surpass any retail
stock in Northern Michigan, and for variety, 6tyles and prices I will
challonge competition of any retail 6tore in the world. I have made
several larjre BARGAIN purchases, upon arrival shall olTer some
barcaln sales at prices that
vite trade from all surrounding country and any distance. All goods
freight free at your station.
1 S. Look out for my lilg Opening Wall Paper Sale in a few weeks
Will announce some hot prices.
The People's National Family Newspaper
I'uhllrthrri Mon
day. Wednesday
ami Friday, is in
reality a tlne.fri'sh
every otber dny
daily, giving thtj
latent new on
day of lsHiif , nd
covering news of
the oilier three.
It contains Mil Im
portant foreign ta
ble news whlrli
appear In THH
UNK of name Uato
alo Domestic and
Foreign Corres
pnidenco, Short
Stories, Klefjant
Half ton Illu-tra-tions.
Item. Industrial
lu formation, Kiifh
Ion Nolo, Agri
cultural Matter,
and Cornprehen
aivo and reliable
Financial and
Market report.
Regular subscrip
tion price 11.50 per
Send all orders
We furnish It with
for 11.75 per year.
to THE
V mako nnces that sell goods is tfellltii? to
ying class of people. We do make prices that sell goods
low nricos wo would not sell the goods
Would you be interesten in a Fancy Vest If you could buy one very cheap if
we would sell you one with the profit all taken oil and you pay the actual cost to
us? Well, this is what we are going to DO this week and next!
I All $2.75 Vests
all new patterns
f Up-to-date,
I $2.00. J
This Rocker Only $1.48.
Great Reduction Sales
DAY, and give one price to all, and
make the terms bo easy that any one
chu buy, all goo Is direct from Young
& ChulTee Furniture Co., Grand Itap
ii!s, Mich. Call on or drop me a postal
and 1 will come and see you,
On Bros St., BelJing.
i1Y MOTTO: Lonjf Life to Your Dollar.
will open the eyes of the natives. I in
Furniture and Crockery Store.
Eiprcss Office, Greenville.
I u b 1 1 s h ed or,
Thursday and
known for nearly
flu year In even
part of the United
State n a Na
tional Family
Newspaper of the
highest cla-s. for
fanner and vil
lager It contains
all tho most Ini
portant general
new of TIIK
UNK up to hour
of goin to press,
an Agricultural
Department ot the
highest order, han
entertaining read
ing for every
member of the
family, old tnrt
young. ' Market
H port which un
accepted a au
thority by farmers
and country mer
chants, and Ik
clean, up to date
Interesting and
Kegular subscrip
tion price tl.oc a
We furnish It
NKIl for 11.2ft a
Belding, Mich.
Vc2 n
bo u most common
phrase among
If it wasn't for
we do.
Our entire ?
I &UM line of I
J Vests go at I
I $2.23. I
4 Finest and best of all: ?
I All $3.50 Vests
t now go at .4
4V aK
Steam Laundry !
ITortli IBriclgo St.
(Until WurUt
lronit Work,
Jtismuio H'orf.
Work Called For and Delivered.
State Phone No. 85
JJfOUSKS and Lots can be
fo bought of the Holding Build
ing and Loan association cheap
and on easy terms. Enquire at
their office in the new lidding
block Cor. Main and Bridge st.,
also houses to rent and money to
tfrr nn
Cjm UU
Durable Con
struction. NO BOTHER, MUCH FUN.
1 All the Wonder and Plea we of
Kiijn Priced lalkin i f aihiiws.
fV'hen acenmpanitd by a Recorder this
IGrnphoplnine can le used to make Kccord.
l'rirevith Kerordcr. $7 50, Keproduces all
the standard Kecorcls. dma order an4 monty
to our nearest Ojice,
NEW YORK, HI 145 Uro.-idwajr
; rillCA'io, it Val,,ih A
1 ST. LOt IS, 77-7?j Olive St.
1 WASUINi.TON, 911 rfnnytvnla Ar.
PIIILADKI r illA, loa Clictnut St.
HM.TlMOkK, io E. Bait i mora St.
. .BtTlTAl , !, Main St
PARIS, 54 H'Milrvard df Itali. m
tEkl.lN. n Krfirri,tr,.
Made a
Well Man
K off Me.
prodncea the altove result s In'SO d-iya. It act!
powertully and cjuickly. Cures wben all othent fall.
VoungrncuwlUroRiiin their lot tuanhood.andold
tnen will recover their youthful vigor by using
IlliVlVO. It quickly and purely restores Nerroua
Ocbb, Lost Vitality, Iropotency. Mghtly Kiuihslons,
Lobt I'ower, railing Memory, WaMiog DiBcasGB.and
ill etTecta of solf-abtiFO or cicetsand Indiscretion,
which unfits ono for Btuly,bupineB or tnarriago. It
not only euros by utarting at tho wat of disease, but
Is a (treat nerve tonic and blood bnltder, bring
ing back tho pinlc plow to ralo rheekaaodra
atoring tho flro of youth. It wards off Jneanltf
and Conbumrtlon. InRiht on Laving KEVlVO.no
ether. It can bo earrlod in vert ro"it. Hy mail.
81.00 per rackau', or Els forSCOO, vlth poal
tlve written eaarantee to rnro or refund
tbi money. Circular free. Address
W. 1. lli.V ilUGT, nruuu'
MAY 13, lOOO,
Triln I.euve Iteliling k fulloun:
For Grand KapUls north und west. I0:.",rt a. m.,
3: H p. m ., : 1 7 p. m.
For Detroit and K;t
..7: . in., 10:3 a. m., 6:(0 p. m
For Saplnaw and Hay City
8:11 u. m.( fl:.Y. p.m.
For Toledo nml south ":0 a. m.
For Howard ( ity
8:1 1 a. m., 1 :10 p. rn., p. m.
For Creenville i:IU, in.
I '.At) p. rn , rt:.TS p. m., I0:ii."i p. in.
Forf,oiell H::.rt n. rn.. 3:(i p. ni.. P:17 p. m
H. F. MOI.r.r.KIC, AetinK 'Jcn.l'axrt, Att
f'- tram Ufa
The VMiuplrtt lint.
South Aiucrkn. fspvclally Venezuela,
U tb, h.niK' of tlu' vuuiplre tat. that
horrllili animal v.-lion blood sucking
jiruiu-nsitu s a iv no wtll known, lu
Viiifzut'l.i tbf van: i'! iv uhin cni:sht la
often ir.ndi the KulJct of an xicil-nic-nt
that In us t utiof.s as It Is cruel,
though lu connection with such a loath
home jHiimnl im tliis ylant bat the cruel
ty ratlur naturally lust fclght of by
the people who have to Buffer from Its
The vumphe is captured in a thick
cloth. It Is then taken out. and through
Its two extended wings nails aiv driv
en, securing the animal to a door or a
wooden paling. A cigarette Is then
lighted and placed in tin bat's mouth.
At once the animal's eyes shine
strangely, and it begins to puff the
smoke In and out with frenzied gasps,
its actions being exactly those of the
most hardened smoker, keeping firm
hold of the cigarette the while between
Its sharp, deadly teeth. When the cig
arette is nearly finished, a blow on the
head puts an end to the animal's ex
istence. The extraordinary part of the experi
ment lies in the fact that the bat does
not at once reject the cigarette, as he Is
of course at liberty to do. There are
many who allirm that the bat really
does enjoy the tobacco. The probabili
ty Is that the animal Is so maddened
by fear and pain that he puffs away
unreasonlngly and fiercely, his Instinct
telling him that In the properties of the
tobacco lies oblivion.
An Odd Sort of Dinner.
Lord Polkcmmet. n Scottish lord of
session, usually retired to his coun
try residence during tho part of the
year when the court docs no business.
John llagart. the Scottish advocate,
equally idle from a similar cause, went
to shoot, and. happening to pass Lord
IVs property, he met his lordship, who
politely Invited John to take, or, as he
said, to tak'. a family dinner with him
self, his wife and daughter.
John accepted the Invitation, and
they all assembled at the hour of din
ner. There was a joint of roasted veal
at the head of the table and stewed
veal nt the bottom, veal soup In the
middle, calf's head on one side of the
soup and veal cutlets on the other,
calf's foot jolly between the soup and
roast veal and calf's brains between
the stewed veal and the soup.
"Noo," said his lordship in his own
blunt way. "Mr. llagart. you may very
likely think tills an odd sort of dinner,
but ye'll no wonder when you hear the
cause of It. We keep nae company,
Mr. llagart. ami my daughter here ca
ters for. our table. The way we do is
Just this: We kill a beast, as It were,
today, and we Just begin to cook It at
one side ot the head, tcavel down that
side, turn the tall and Just gang back
again by the other side to where we be
gan." lie I iied the Dye
Queen Margherita of Italy was anx
ious that her husband. King Humbert,
should follow the example of his fa
ther and the fashion common among
elderly IMedmontese officers and dye
his hair. Her pleadings were In vain.
Seeing entreaty was in vain, the queen
had recourse to stratagem. She caused
a quantity of fine hair dye to be sent
from Paris and put in the king's dress
trig room, together with directions for
Its use, making, however, no allusion
to the subject. The king. too. said
nothing, though he could not fall to see
the pigments.
Now. the queen had a large white
poodle of which he was very fond.
What was her horror a few days later
to see her pet come running into her
room with Ids snowy locks all turned
to a Jet black. King Umberto had ex
pended the dyes upon changing the
color of the poodle's hair!. From that
day forth the subject of hair dye was
dropped between the royal couple.
The Unn- and Mr. Freah.
Mr. Fresh- What's the best thing you
ever rend on mules?
The Wag-Thls:
The traveler olmerves at Tmi a he pasne
Here, aa elsewhere, the wonun run aft-r aaieg!
Fresh -That's good. Who wrote It?
Wag-Why. Owen Meredith, and let
me tell you he knew his business.
Fresh -Who was It said. "When you
seen beautiful woman, run?"
Wag-Old man Socrates, the wisest
rat in the Athenian barn.
Fresh Was he?
Wag-Sure, but the trouble Is the
boys run the wrong way. Atlanta
l.nnKha nnl Miahapa.
What queer things the average per
son laughs at. If some one slips and
falls or is unfortunate enough to make
any awkward blunder, the average
person thinks it very funny and laughs
and repeats the affair for a funny sto
ry. If some one makes an unfortunate
remark accidentally, his embarrass
ment Is always a theme for merriment.
Women, who are supposed to be sym
pathetic, are the ones who have the lar
gest stock of such funny stories. They
always seem to be a success. People
love to laugh at the misfortunes of oth
ors. Atchison (Jlobe.
The Ineaperlenee of Vonth.
"Look here, sir!" exclaimed the maid
en lady. "I want you to take back that
parrot you sold me. I find that It
swears very badly."
"Well, madam." replied the dealer.
"It's n very young bird. It'll learn to
swear more perfect when It's a bit old
cr."- Philadelphia Press.
Kubens received for his painting of
the grand ceiling nt the banqueting
house. Whitehall, the sum of JS'JO.ihio
The space rv red by this painting Is
alout -loo yards. o that he was paid
nearly $.o a yard.
Benares. India, was ae ancient ra'ii
tal before Unbylon or Nineveh vn
founded. reptorcne Tablcta euro Dyspepsia,
rcptoreno Tablcta euro Constipation.
iioore in China.
In China doors are often round, leaf
shaped or semicircular. In placing
them the builder usually avoids having
one opposite another lest evil spirit j
find their way from the street Into the
recesses of the building. The door-'
way separating the courts of a garden
are usually or an cumulate kind, anu
the octagonal form Is one of the most
Itellgious superstition asserts Itself In
Chinese architecture, and the universal
sacrednoss of the numerals three and
nine Is shown lu the arrangement of
temple doors. There Is a triple gate
way to each of the halls of the Imperial
palace, and the same order prevails at
the Ming tombs, and the sacred person
of the emperor when he was In his Pe
king home could only lie approached
even by the highest olliclals after three
times three prostrations. The Temple
of Heaven has a triple roof, a triple
marble staircase, and all Its mystic
symbolism points either to three or Its
Her Challenee.
A woman In Cape Colony on trial for
some offense was told that she might
"challenge" any one on the Jury to
whom she objected. She Immediately
took advantage of the permission by
challenging a highly respectable farm
er. On being asked afterward what
fcer reason had been for doing so she
explained that she had supp: ed she'
was obliged to object to some one, so
she had picked out the ugliest.
Concerning Woman.
Miss Spltkurl (giggling) Oh, Mr.
Sharp, you know a woman Is only as
old as she looks.
Mr. Sharp-She ought to be thankful
she Isn't as young as she acts. Detroit
Free Press.
When potatoes were first Introduced
In (Jermany. tliey were for a long time,
like tomatoes, cultivated merely as a
curiosity. No one ate them, even pigs
refusing them.
About SS per cent of the West Indian
cyclones occur In August, September
and October.
The noxious taste of many whole
some drugs is so much against their
use that a few hints as to harmless dis
guises of the flavors may be useful. A
little extract of licorice destroys the
taste of aloes. Peppermint water
disguises the unpleasant taste of salts.
Milk counteracts the bitter flavor Per
uvian bark. Castor oil cannot be
tasted if beaten up and thoroughly
mixed with the white of an egtr. An
other way of administering this dis
agreeable medicine or codliver oil is
to put a teaspoonful of strainei orange
or lemon juleo into a wine glass and
pour the oil Into tho center of the
jule, and then squeeze a Tew drops of
the juice upon the oil and rub tho edge
of tho glass with the fruit.
A Fireman Clone Call.
"I stuck to my engine, although ev
ery joint ached and every nerve was
racked with pain," writes' C. W. Bell
amy, a locomotive fireman, of Burling
ton, Iowa, I was weak and pale, with
out any appetite at-d all run down As
I was about to glvo up, I got a bottle
of Electric Bitters and after taking It,
I felt as well as I ever did In my life."
Weak, sickly, run down people always
gain new life, str ength and vigor from
their use. Try them. Satisfaction
guaranteed by Connell Bros. Price 60c.
HOISA'S ni;n-skn MAItCII.
We have received from the Sen-Sen
Co., of Rochester, N. Y., a March
written for Piano and composed by the
famous ''March King", John Philip
Sousa. It Is the purposeof the Sen-Sen
Co. to give this march a national cir
culation, and to that end they have
j placed the price at a figure that barely
covers me cost, oi prouuciion, ana nave
authorized us to deliver at our offiice,a
limited number of copies to those who
desire them at 15 cents each.
Mr. Sousa's fame as a composer is so
well established that comment Is un
necessary, but we believe that the Sen
Sen March will add to his reputation
The title page is a work of art, being
printed in seven colors and gold. We
will be pleaoed to have our subscribers
call at our olhco and see the marco.
Age is no criterian for
the wearing of glasses.
Many are born with great
er defects than come with
the advance of years.
When the need of glasses
is actually evidenced, the
child of io needs them
more than the adult of So
Nervous muscular strain,
due to eye defects in
children, act as an im
pediment to the mental,
moral and physical devel
opment. I have made
the fitting of childrens
eyes a special study.
Every Woman
tf Sometimes needs a reli-
( abla monthly regulating
0?r) medicine.
Are prompt, nafa ond rortnln In rcunlL Th niH
lne(Ir. I'l-al'm never disappoint. Sent &ur&er
Sold by Connell Bros , Druggists, Belding
n i ill f T i i
Dr. Donald McDonald
I I' '
He will be in Belding-at the
Hotel Belding on
AVI M. J tJ wV
One day each month.
Office Hours: 9a. rn. to 4 p. m.
Consultation, Examination and
Advice Free.
dr. Mcdonald
Is one of tho Greatest Living Special
ists In the treatment of all' Cnronlo
Diseases. Ills extensive practice 'and
superior knowledge enables him to
euro every curable disease. All
chronic diseases of tho Brain, Spine,
Nerves, Blood, Skin, Heart, Lungs,
Liver, Stomach, Kidneys and Bowels
scientlGcallv and successfully treated.
DIt. MCDONALD'S suecc.-s in the
treatment of Female Diseases is simply
marvelous.' His treatment makes
sickly women strong, beautiful, and at
tractive. Weak men, old or young,
cured In every case and saved from a
life of suffering. Deafness, Rheuma
tism and l'aralysis cured through his
celebrated Blood and Nerve Kemedies
and Essential Oils charged with elec
tricity. TIIK DM At' MADE TO
Catarrh, Throat and Lung Diseases
cured. Dr. McDonald cures Fits and
Nervous Diseases. Eczema and all
Skin Diseases cured.
Dr. McDONALD has been called the
wizard of the medical profession, be
cause he reads all diseases al a glance
without asking any questions. Sick
folk, call on Dr. McDonald! It is a
pleasure to meet him. Dr. McDonald
never turns tho poor from his door.
Consultation Free.
Those unable to call can address
Dr. Donald HcDonald,
Wellington Plats, Grand Kapids,Mich,
Foley's Honey t Tar
heals lungs and stops the cough.
u. . li' SlililOr, ruuult.
There have- Ikxmi lacrl upon tho market
pevertil cheap reprints of nn olflcto edition
of " Webster's Dictionary." They are bein
offered under various names at a low price
dealers, ajrents, etc., anl ina few instances
as a premium forsuliscriptions to paiers.
Announcements of these comparatively
reprints are very misleading. They are ad
vertised to be tno substantial equivalent of
a higher-priced book, while they uro all
Reprint Dictionaries,
phototype copies of a lxk of over fifty
years ajro, which was sold for nlout f ".00, ant
which wasmuch superlortotlueimitations,
being a work of some merit Instead of one
Long Since Obsolete,
The MCebstcr'i Unabridged Dictionary pub
lished bv our house is the only meritorious
ono of hat name. It liears ovir imprint on
tho title-page and is protected by copyright
from cheap imitation. As a dictionary lasts
a lifetime will it not bo letter to purchase the
Webster's International Dictionary
of ENGLISH, Biography, Geography. Fiction, etc.
Stzo 10x14x4,4 Inches.
This Book is the Best for Everybody.
Court, all the State Supreme Courts, the U. S.
Government Printing Office and of nearly all the
Schoolbooka. WARMLY COMMENDED by
College Prealdenta, State Superintendents of
School and many other eminent authorlUee.
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary,
Recently abridged from the International and next
to It the beat for the family and student.
fcizo 7xlOx-6 Inches.
Specimen kiqc either lk Kent for the asking.
G. & C MERRIAM CO., Springfield. Maas.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kfJncys and hh Size right.
f. Alwr rKtlnbl". I.ndlea, 'k prticirlst for
t 1114 IIKSTFft H KX.I.ISII lit (.rf and
Unld mHiilHo h. wrtl.'.l will) hltio rthtwm.
rnke no other. HrOiac rianireroiia aulMtl
tutlitn unit Imltnllon. I.ivif iiiir ppivKl't,
or w-n1 r. tn Mmhii" l'r I'nMlrtilnr. Tel.
monlAU ami Millet for l.ndlra.' in Irtlrr,
by return .null. Itt.ouo Textlinm.iMl. Snl.1 hy ail
Iladlion SMjuarr, 111 1 1. IA
Sold by Connell Dros Druggist.
a' 'i
'A''" ty'i
1T 1
w cu in no o
IQM'T be Duped
"TO '5 iJ

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