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Wilson, Dimmick & Sinclair can furnish you the'stock ma
chined. They have a complete stook of Lumber, Lath
and Shingles, Fence Posts, Sash and Doors in regu
lar and odd sizes, Building Paper, Window .ind
Door Frames, Gable Ornaments, Brackets,
Columns, etc, etc.
As to prices we guarantee
also carry a full line of Window Glass and Wooden Eave
Through ing.
Wilson, Dimmick & Sinclair.
Having purchased the Peoples Shoe Stock at
we are enabled to sell
turers' Prices. We propose to sell for
and give the People
benefit of our
If you are in need of
call and get our prices as we CAN and WILL sell
Shoes for less money than any other dealer in Ionia
County. Yours for Shoes,
)OUR attention is called to the fact that the place to buy
is where you can realize the best value for the amount invested,
Therefore I invite you to give mc a fair trial and I will con
vince you that I am selling the best goods for the least
money of any man in Ionia County. Try my
new bulk coffee at 19c if you want a
delicious drink. It is equal to
other 25c coffees, every pound
guaranteed to give satis
faction. Remember
the place.
S. J. Smith, chadwick.
Nootber Medical Firm in the world has the established reputation for curing
ten and Women that Dn. K. A K. cnln. tu.i, v.w Vi.thAii T...
fiicnanawomcaiDituri. k. S K. enjoy. Their
me nt, discovered and perfected by these Eminent Sr
ineiit, discovered and perfected by these
appinesaana comion t tuoasands of homes. With 30 rears experience in the
treatment of these disease they can j-narantoe to Cure or Ho Vay-Hmia-flon,
Ncrvou. Debility, Syphilid, Varicocele. Stricture. Cilcct.
secret iirainj. i in potency, bttualand Mental Weakness, Kid- I I
ney and illaddcr Ulaeaeea. Their guarantees are backed by Hank Bonds. M
TV 7--rv T -nM III
Yoa may have a iecret drain through the arlne that's the reason you feel tired Rj
ont inthemorninr. pa are not rented, your kidncvn ache, you feel despondent i 4
--"'"" i ki ;uui uiie moia ue draiaea away. ut. a.. 01 a.
guarantee to Care or no I'ay.
Syphlll. Is the scourge of mankind. It may not be a crime to hare it, for It may
be inherited, but It Ij a crime to allow It to remain in the STttem. Like father
1 ke on. Hewars of Mercury and i'otasi treatment. Drs. K. & K. positively cure
'Varicocele & Stricture
Ti16 ftfcod Treatment core these disease safely and surely. Ho
7.no,nn"in'-no ""Hon from busines. Don't risk operation and rsin your
guarinCur'st. ,trlcture abaoibed and can never retorn- Drs. K.
Kidneys & Bladder
Don't nefWt your kldnejs. Yonr aching bac tells the ta1. Don't let Doctors
experiment art yon. Drs. K. t K. can cure yoa If you are not beyond human aid.
They guarantee to Cure or No Tay.
Free. Books scnt I ree, (sealed.) Write for Oueetlon Blank far Horn
Treatment. IWerytblao; Confidential.
to meet competition. We
Shoes at LESS than Atanufac-
of Belding and vicinity the
foot wear it will pay ou to
Eminent Specialist, has broiffht ior.
smei-dv o-rgEej-.
Men Who Handle Million.
Tlie oviiuuiftit is moiv trustful of
tin ttnplovfta In Um tltianclal center
than Is iuj.v private corporal Ion. In
the I'nltrtl Stales treasury Hu whole
output of ilu iiatlou'M currency Is
handhil by imn who are under neither
Biirvellkiiiee nor boiul. The paying tell
er handles $la.MK).(HK) or $."0.1100,000 a
year. The exchange clerk has every day
$f0,ooo in chaiiire at hand. The money
lu charge of the keeper of the cash
room runs from $l7o,ooo,ooo upward,
and the chief of the Issue division
handles millions every day. Any of
these men could Ret away with enor
mous amounts of money and he reason
ably secure against detection for a con
siderable length of time. Nevertheless,
peculations from the treasury have
been few and small in amount during
Its history. There Is an axiom lu the
department whieh runs as follows:
"Wherever money Is handled there
Is a point at which the honesty of the
Individual must be the main reliance."
And so the treasury dispenses with
the services of spotters. However,
private business Interests Involving the
handling of large sums of money are
not likely to follow this example.
Spotters may be an evil, but they are
a necessity 'in the present phase of
human development, anil until some
psychological chemist devises a prep
aration to make men honest the type
Is likely to persist. S. II. Adams In
A I'rococlona Unity.
The baby was only -!. but she was an
only chiUl and had lived with her par
ents largely in hotels, and she was a
self possessed little maiden. She was
always a model of propriety as to man
ners, so that when one day a young
man, a friend of her papa's and mam
ma's and a great admirer of the little
girl, asked to lake her out to luncheon
all by herself she was allowed to go.
A very tiny girl may go without a
chaperon sometimes. The little girl
was to do the ordering. She undertook
this responsibility with contidenee and,
taking up the menu, studied it with as
much gravity as If the letters were not
as unreadable to her as (3 reek would
have been to her mamma.
"I will have some meat ami some po
tatoes," she said gravely, "and by ami
by I may have some Ice cream."
The order was given, the cream fol
lowed, and the little lady was an alto
gether charming, dainty and sweet lit
tle companion for luncheon. The meal
ended with the dignity with which it
had begun, the young woman donned
her wraps, and as the young man was
preparing to escort her to the door she
remarked gravely:
"And now. I will have some tlowers."
It was the last touch of grown up
ness. and it was the proudest young
man In New York who took home a
pretty and dignified baby with a big
hunch of roses in her arms. New York
A Patent Hole.
Of the many extraordinary things for
which patent protection has been
granted a hol seems to be the most
useless and impossible. Yet there are
many patents for holes, and. what is
more, the patents are valid and valu
able. One of tlie best relates to holes
in ships' bottoms for the admlssioD
and escap" of water to the oinl"i) rs.
livery one who has seen a screw
steamer under way will have noticed a
stream of water Issuing from her side,
a little above the water line; that water
Is pumped Into tlie ship for the pur
pose of condensing the waste steam
that leaves tlie cylinders and returning
It as water to the boilers.
At last it occurred to a genius that
If a hole were made In the bottom of
the shin forward of the condenser and
another abaft it, the water would cir
culate mound the condeuser without
the aid of a pump. It is for the si, ape
of these holes, so that they will offer
less resistance to the water when the
ship is traveling fast, that several pat
ents !iap been granted.
A T'tnm-n tnry I'nccle.
An Englishman who recently died
bad three children, one son and two
daughters, and he mentioned all of
them in his will.
The first clause Is, "I leave my piano
to Mary Elizabeth, when Arthur lias
done with it." Tlie other clause Is,
"To Susan Jane she may take what
ever Arthur wishes to give to her."
There Is no doubt of Arthur's stand
ing In the document, but the pointed
question Is raised. Are Mary Elizabeth
and Susan .lane beneficiaries under the
Tlie One I2irept Ion.
Tow ne He's quite a linguist, 1 be
lieve. Ilrowne Yes. he can converse In 11
different tongues.
Townc So I understand; but there's
one tongue he lias never succeeded In
Ilrowne What's that? Chinese'
Towne No. his wife'. Philadelphia
Mlht lie Out of Deht.
"My cas is peculiar." remarked the
letter It
"How so?" chorused the other letters
of the alphabet.
"Well, when It comes to making
boodle.' I always lead. and. you will
notice, there is absolutely no reason
why I should be in 'debt.' "Exchange.
Some ColorltiK.
Scribbell What makes young Pen
ner so blue?
Wright -Oh. he's green at the busi
ness, and he's discovered that his mnn
uscrlpts are never read by the editor.
.Mdladelphla Uccord.
Ills Part.
"Ever In amateur theatricals?"
"Jus; ence "
"What part did you take?"
"Me? I look nil the abuse. J w.-.s
Ftnge manager, you see." Pittsburg
Chroulcle 'I elegrnph.
Nature opposes all attempts at mak
ing mankind think or act alike.
The SMptnaster'e Cow.
A certain farmer Is telling mean
tilings about a Rockland shipmaster.
"The wlilpmus'ter." he says, "bought a
:ow of a man down my way; good
critter noihin the mailer with her.
I lit It seems the captain's wife one
jay thought the milk tasted funny
ond Segestcd lhat p'raps she'd been
ratln spruce boughs; said the milk
tasted like spruce. And what does he
do but go out in the pasture to watch
the cow, to see what she did cat. The
cow was laylu down, chewln her cud,
and he went erlong and run his linger
In hi r mouth to see what she was eat
in. Then he was mad. He put a rope
on the cow and started off with her.
lie met a neighbor, who says. 'Where
are you goin with the cow?' '(Join to
take her back to the feller that sold
her to me. He's cheated me. and I
won't stand It.'
"The man wanted to know what was
the matter, and he went on to tell
about It and says: She wasn't eatln
boughs, but she was chewln gum;
that's what's the matter with the milk
and makes It taste like spruce. And,'
he says, 'that ain't all. She's so addict
ed to the h.ibit lhat she's worn all her
teeth out. She ain't got an upper tooth
iu her head. Hack she goes, quick.'
"Of course, the man told him that It
was nil nonsense that cows never had
no upper teeth. P.ut he didn't believe a
word of it and went on and had a tar
ual row with the man that sold him
the eow. (Juess lie was never satisfied
about it or knew what a darned fool
he was makiu of himself." Rockland
(Me.) Opinion
Uenernns (irenl llrltnln.
Britain's "earth hunger" Is a common
sneer on the continent, but look at
what we have given away without the
h ast reason!
We took the lonlau Islands In 1800
and handed them over to (J recce for
nothing about ."( years afterward.
Corsica slows Oeorge 111 as Its king,
but we abandoned it three years later,
and the French naturally grabbed It.
Tangier came to us by the marriage
of Charles II. We abaudoncd it at the
end of -'J years.
We took Cuba In 1702 and handed It
back to the Spaniards, after holding
it for 10 months. We took the Philip
pines and returned them to the same
country for isoo.ooo which was uevcr
Here is a short list of other places
which we once held and gave up with
out com pulsion ; Minorca. Sicily, Sar
dinia, Iluenos Ayres, Montevideo, Java,
Poiidlcherry, Celebes. Moluccas, Elba
and about r.O other places.
We took Cape Colony In 1793, but
gave it tip again to the Dutch. In 1S00
we took It again and kept It London
The CoiiKhlntc Mean.
To the ordinary housemaid the fall
ing cf a house plant Into a violent
paroxysm of coughing Is naturally
disconcerting. Yet there are plants
which will do this when the broom
or the duster begins to make dust fly.
This singular plant Is the "coughing
bean." known to the botanist as the
Eutada tusslcns. It Is a native of
warm and moist tropical countries and
cannot and will not stand dust. When
dust settles upon the breathing pores
in the leaves of this plant aud chokes
them, a gas accumulates Inside the
leaves, ami when It gains sutlicieut
strength forcibly "blows off," clearing
the pores of dust and making a sound
exactly like coughing. At the same
time the leaves tremble and the plant
actually "gets red In the face," through
the sinking of the green chlorophyll
grains and the appearance of red par
ticles on the leaves. This plant Is
sometimes used as a house plant, and
sweeping the room sets it coughing, to
the Intense astonishment of persons
not familiar with its peculiarities.
Missed Ilia (itiess.
An American who was sojourning In
Spain at the time says that on the day
when Dewey was destroying the Span
ish squadron at Manila a representa
tive audience, including some of
Spain's bravest and best, were attend
ing a patriotic bullfight In Madrid,
applauding these words of the famous
matadore: "With the ease with which 1
have killed this noble animal, the bull,
will the glorious Spanish nation up
hold the traditions of the past and
keep green the laurels of their Illus
trious fathers by triumphing over the
Yankee pig."
Tlie Only Thin.
A man once wrote to a western law
yer for Information In regard to a per
son who had owed him a considerable
sum of money for a long time.
"What property has he which 1 could
attach'" he asked.
Th lawyer's reply was brief and to
the point:
"The man died six months ago. lie
has left nothing subject to attachment
save a widow " Youth's Compaulon.
A Hm on tli Answer.
II1 Do you think you really wanted
a new dress now?
She You don't know auythlng about
it. 1 wish I had known before I mar
ried you what a stupid you are.
He You might have guessed It
easily, when I offered to marry you.
Oenllilted Itepentance.
"He was in the legislature two
years." reads a notice of n departed
ritlzeti: "came within on ace of going
to congress, held a government otllce
ve years and finally died a Christian."
-Atlanta Constitution.
The lllbte lias been so called only for
the last 700 years. It was formerly
called "The Hooks" or the "Divine
Lord Rrougham commonly pent
three or four weeks In study before
writing n grent speech.
Pcptorcno Tablets olcaiwo and Im
provo tho bloinl, curing all eruptions
of the skin. 25 eta. per box.
Every woman loves to think of tho
time when a soft little body, all her
own, will nestla In her bosom, fully
satisfying tho yearning which Ilea In
tho heart of every good woman. But
yet thero la a black cloud hovering
about tho pretty picture In her mira
which fills her with terror. Tho
dread of childbirth takes away much
of the Joy of motherhood. And yet it
need not bo so. For sometime thero
has been upon tho market, well-known
and recommended by physicians, a
liniment called
Mother's Friend
which makes childbirth as simple and
easy as nature Intended it. It is a
strengthening, penetrating liniment,
which tho skin readily absorbs. It
gives tho muscles elasticity and vigor,
prevents soro breasts, morning sick
ness and tho loss of the girlish figure.
An intelligent mother in Butler, Pa.,
aysi " Wero I to need Mother' Kriena
again, I would obtain 0 bottle it I bad
to pay $5 per bottle for it."
Get JMother'a Friend at the druff
store. $1 per bottle.
Atlanta, Ga.
Writa for our free illustrated book, Before
lUby is iiorn."
K. It. Spencer, l'rcs. F. II. Chase. V Prep
M. A. Heed, Cuhier.
The People's Savings Bank
$:j.,0()() Capital,
$70,000 Stockholder's Llahilitj.
Special attention t;H en the
Nothing Like it in the City.
Call and examine our System. No trouble to
show and explsiln its working. Deposits of
fl.oo and upwards received and Hook plven.
Hank open for business Saturday evenings
from 6 to 8 o'clock.
Fon the People, of the People
Louisville & Nashville
Write for folders, descriptivo matter, etc., to
Ccncral Passenger Agent,
louis villi:, ky.
CJencrul Immigration and Industrial Agent,
And he will mail you, free,
Maps, Illustrated Pamphlet. and
Price Lists of Lands and Farms In
Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama
Mississippi and Florida.
I vO ':;' - -
It. T'i-v nr much like COATED
M '-'TRJilTY n science en m.il-.e
O thi'tn. 1' ich one prrxlu''e.4 ni ritflt
V , tirrve-h il linrj n ihN'ati' i pt ij on-
( 1 tlinoil in Hie ntii ut;t of f r, A ri-.n
tititncs in a tveck. Tl:i3 i3why
thev lnve cw-f l thousmnda r.f r-
lAj nrvnin cli.-'-isc, rurh an Del il-
f iiy, i'trr.ynrHA, itisotTtn..i,VfirlcorI."
ly ivilevel"i'i c, 1 Tamnmiier; fore;
healthy circulation, cure i"Jis.-s-
VI healthy circu
, tion, nti 1 imp;:
t -j the wh' 1- ys
at'.' I ti5lir-lr
irt loun- t:i(j vi"nr to
vstem. All v"ikcninfr
.tro-ini e?rr.i
r'rminfnflv cirri, jvy
. hi iv iM' itt Insanity, Coiisurr.ptioa
U nl pr-ath. 4
r; I'ri"". JirrMt! fix hores fwit h
f A irnn-cl-itl pinranlee t" cure or re
j f iiml tn otiry ), f Rock ontiinimr
MedUne Co., CljvelanJ, O.
Sold hy Connvll lirom. I told In u
7 Z"
Beldinff Savinss Bank
OranizEd in 18!i and conducted under
State Banking Law.
Money to Loan on Ke;il LVtutc Mort
tragi on easy U-ru.u.
Three per cent. Interest ru'd on till
Time und Savings Deposits.
II. J. Leonard, Pres.
A. N. Heldink', V. Pre.
W. P. Hctl.eriiitftori,
). F. Y filter,
ILL. Vuko.
Kltner E. Fnles,
F. P. Ilaiiuiiun.
Patronage Respectfully Solicited.
Cha5. S. Felcli, Cashier.
Mention !
I 11m prepared, to Clean, Press
and llt pair your clothing neatly
and yuicklvat reasonable prices
Shop located over Holmes Bros.'
clothing ttore. Give me a call.
tho most hoc.:incx eclvo In tho world.
ir. . iu:i:in:r, ut
OEE me before sending for
your magazines and pa
papers. I take subscriptions
for any periodical published.
Try the Saturday Evening
Post for a year. Costs you
to your address.
Durable Coo
All the Wonders and Ptrawr of 1
High -Priced Talkin f achine.
Il'hen accomanied by a Recorder this
hoiihone can le used to make KeconH.
Price with Recorder. 7 BO. Henroduces all
the standard Records. ordr and monty
to our nearest office.
' NEW YORK, 141 MS Proadway.
CMICAl.o, M Wabash Av
. ST. LOl'IS, Jin-71, oi, ve St.
' WASHINGTON, 010 r-mmylrmnU Arc
PHILADKI.rHIA. lj Cl.estnnt M
liALTl.MORK, to K. Baltimore SL
. .BUFFALO, vi Mam St
SAN R A N C 1 SCO. I J J Geary S.
PARIS, rA Iionlrvard it Italian
BERLIN, Kronrnstiime
from Ufa.
Made a
Well Man
the SA.ofMc.
prodace tho nhovo rcunlt ln'30 days. It act
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others fail.
Vournrrnfu willregaia their lout manhood, and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
Iti:Vl VO. It quickly and Eurely restores Nervous
ness. Loht Vitality, Irapotoncy. NUhtly LrnlssionaI
Lost Power, Failing Memory, WaKtincr Dlspases.ana
11 effects of sel abufte or excet-s and Indiscretion,
which unfltsono for study. bnlnrKR or marriase. II
not only cures by starting at tho fent of discaso. but
la S great nerve tonlo and Mood builder, bring
ing back the pink plow to pal cbo kn and re
storing the flro of yonth. It ward ofT Insanity
and Consumption. Insist on having Ki: VI VO.no
other. It can te carried in vert pocket. Lr mall.
1.0O per package, or fix for e?5.O0, vrlth a posl
five written Raaranteo to euro or refund
the money. Circular free. Address
v. 1
UV.SlllilCT, lrttuult
Foley9 s Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and blidJcr right.
;-.':.::,.L?l,,r.-1 . m fmMist tor
fiilionaNnd Irnltnllona. Iiuv..f v.nir UnufifWt.
t ,,,,'f fnr i'" ."'' Ktter, V
v rrfnrnyitll.l.noo-Istini..nlHK S..M bv all
nauuon nqimre, IMlli.t
W. A. Wider
eeTae 7
Sold by Connell Bro Druggist.

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