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4h$. $$
Ho. 1, No. 2, No. 3,
Hats. Pants. Underwear,
T4o. lf Hats.
One lot regular 50c
Hats, Cloth and Crash
to close out
No. 2y Pa ops
one lot of 25 pairs of
Hoy 's Knee Pants,
worth 25c. Choice
Yours to
Cornkk of Main and TJku'kik Sts, Bklding.
This is the best shoe for the money ever sold in Bel
ding, being equal in value to any $.00 shoe
on the market. Guaranteed to give
satisfaction. Try a pair.
A New Factory and
Electric Road . s
are coming to Belding this year. Now is the r
time to buy
If you want to buy a lot or lots of lots, a house C
C . and lot or lots of houses and lots, a farm or (
lots of farms at the right price. Call and see (
me. If you have any real estate to sell I will x
find you a buyer. Office in Spencer block,
) Geo. W. Moulton, T'ni i
That will not Explode.
Prices from
We have others, up from
Extension Tables, G ft., up from
Dining Chairs, per set, up from -Cobbler
Seat Arm Rocker, up from
Couches, up from ....
Parlor Suits, up from .
Motto: "tons Life to Your Dollar." HKOAS 3TKEKT.
No. 4,
No. 3, linger Wear.
15 doz. fine ribbed and
fancy litfht weight Un
derwear, regular 25c
oods, now .
No. 4f Neckwear
One lot of &xj Neckwear
in the latest styles, re
duced to ;
H VKash
The American Girl!
UA Shoe as Good
as its Name."
4.75 to $26
- 4-25
ffh I'atveraal Cry Wantet, Ma
Never did the world cull more loudly
for young men with force,-energy and
purpose, young men trained to do some
one thin?, thnu today. Though hun
dreds of thousands are out of employ
ment, yet never before was It so hard
to get a good employee for almost any
position ns today. Everywhere peopl
are asking where to find a good serv
ant, a polite and etticlent clerk, an hon
est cashier, a good stenographer who
ran spell and punctuate and Is general
ly well Informed. Managers and super
intendents of great Institutions every
where are hunting for good people to
fill all sorts of iK)sltions. They tell us
that It Is almost Impossible to find effi
cient help for any department.
There are hundreds of applicants for
every' vacant place, but they either
show signs of dissipation, are rude or
gruff In manner are slouchy or slip
shod In dress, are afraid of hard work,
lack education or training or have some
fatal defects which bar them out. Even
If they are given positions very few are
able to hold them, and so this great ar
my tramps about from store to store,
from office to factory, wondering why
others succeed when they fall, why oth
ers get the positions when they are de
nied. The head of one large commercial es
tablishment says that the blunders and
mistakes of Its employees cost $23,000 a
year to correct, notwithstanding his
utmost vigilance. Success.
Food of Prehistoric Mat,
Upon examining some skulls dating
back from the stone age Mr. Charters
White, M. U. C. 8., noted that several
of the teeth, although quite free from
carles, were thickly coated with tartar.
It occurred to him that It would be
possible by a rough analysis to Identify
any particles of food that might be im
bedded In this natural concrete and so
reveal the character of the ailment
partaken of by prehistoric man. Dis
solving the tartar in a weak acid, ft
residue was left which, under the mi
croscope, was found to consist of corn
husk particles, hairs from the outside
of the husks, spiral vessels from vege
tables, particles of starch, the point of
a fish tooth, a conglomeration of oval
cells probably of fruit, the barblets of
down and portions of wool.
In addition to this varied list were
some round red bodies the origin of
which defied detection and many sandy
particles, some relating to quartz and
some to flint. These mineral fragments
were very likely attributable to the
rough stones used In grinding the corn
and would account for the erosion of
the masticating surfaces, which In
many cases was strongly marked. This
luqulry Into the food of men who lived
not less than 4.CKJ0 years ago Is a mat
ter of great nrchandoglcal Interest
Chambers' Journal.
Pour Opera Glasaes.
"Cheap opera glasses are an abomi
nation," said nn eye specialist recently.
"There Is no doubt ab6ut this. I have
made a special study of the matter.
Lots of eyes are nearly ruined by them.
I find this particularly true of young
girls who go a great deal to the theater
and who seem to think they must have
opera glasses. To their way of think
ing an opera glass la an opera glass,
and that's all there Is to It So they
buy cheap ones and then wonder why
they have such headaches.
"Unless the very best lenses are used
I should advise everybody to taboo op
era glasses. The farther from the stage
one Is the better and more perfect the
glasses should be. Exactly the reverse
of this Is actually the case, for the peo
ple who sit In the rear seats or In the
balcony are usually the ones who have
the poorest glasses. A performance
viewed with the naked eye Is much
more satisfactory, to my way of think
ing. An opera glass gives but a limit
ed view, and only the one object on
which It Is focused Is visible. I don't
see why people use even the best of
them." Philadelphia Record.
The Minister Woa.
A minister was one day walking
along a road, and, to hla astonishment,
he saw a crowd of boys sitting In front
of a ring with a small dog In the cen
ter. When he came up to them, he put
the following question: "What are you
doing to tire dog?"
One little boy said, "Whoever tella
the biggest lie wins it"
"Oh," said the minister, "I am sur
prised at you little boys, for when I
was like you I never told a lie."
There was silence for awhile until
one of the boys shouted. "Hand him up
the dog!" London Leader.
Over In Sweden.
"Over In Sweden the suburban rail
way lines have to provide a freight
car for Intoxicated persons."
"I don't suppose they label It that
way, do they?"
"I don't know. Probably they brand
It either 'Spirits In packages' or else
"Yes. Skates." Cleveland Plain
Dickena' Supremacy.
"So this, then. Is your husband's new
library, Mrs. Muchrox? Ah, I gee he
has Pickens and Thackeray side by
side. Which do you consider the great
er of the two?"
"Oh, my, Dickens! Joshua paid 2.40
more for them Dlckenses than he bad
to give for Thackeray's books right at
the same shop." Chicago Tlmes-(Ier-aid.
The pain produced by a hornet's
ting Is caused by a poison Injected In
to the wound, and so Instantaaeous Is
Its effect as to cause the attack of this
Insect to resemble a violent blow la the
Diamonds In the rough are some
times spoiled In the cutting, just as
some pupils are spoiled In the educat
ing. Pittsburg Dlsnatrh.
Foley's Honey at Tar
(orchUdrca,sate,turt. No cplctcx
Transplanting lUicTreen.
A woman of means who owned a
handsome country house on the Hud
son was very fond of. two beautiful
beech-trees which stood near her
residence. A few seasons ago she
bought a house at Newport, and de
cided that thereafter she would
spend her summers at that resort of
fashion. Accordingly she sold her
place on the Hudson; but in parting
with It she could not bear to
leave behind her favorite beeches.
She consulted a linn that is en
gaged in the business of moving large
trees, and they undertook the task of
transporting the two full-grown
beeches from eastern New York to
Newport. The undertaking was car
ried out with great care; the trees
were taken up, placed on scows, car
ried down the Hudson and up Long
Island Sound to Newport, where they
were set up before the woman's new
residence. A quantity of the soil of
their former home was brought along
to sustain them until they should
become accustomed to their new sur
roundings, and the trees received
every reasonable care and assistance.
The experiment was a complete suc
cess. The moving of these two trees
is said to have cost their owner thirty
thousand dollars, and the feat is proli
ably the long-distance record for the
transplanting of trees. Earl Mayo in
the June Woman's Home Companion.
White Man Turned Yellow.
Great consternation was felt by the
friends of M. A. Hogarty of Lexington
Ky., when they saw he was turning
yellow. His skin slowly changed
color, also bis eyes, and he suffered
terribly. Ills malady was Yellow
Jaundice. Ho was treated by the best
doctors, but without benefit. Then he
was advised to try Electric Hitters, the
wonderful Stomach and Liver remedy,
and he writes: 'After taking two bot
tles I was wholsy cured." A trial
proves its matchless merit for all
Stomach, Liver hnd Kidney troubles.
Only 25c. Sold by Connell Bros.
A loving word is always a safo word.
It may or may not bo a helpful word to
the one who hears it; but it is sure to
be a pleasant memory to the one who
speaks it. Many a word sK)ken by us
is afterward regretted; but no word of
affectionate appreciation to which we
have given utterance finds a place
among our sadly remembered expres
sions. Francis de Sales.
Dr. Geo. Ewiog, a practicing physi
cian of Smith's Grove, Ky,. for over
thirty years, writes his personal exper
ience with Foley's Kidney Cure. "For
years I have been greatly bothered
with kidney trouble ann enlarged pos
trate gland. I used everything known
to the profession without relief, until
I was induced to try Foley's Kidney
Cure. After using three bottles I was
entirely relieved and cured. I pre
scribe it now dally In my practice, and
heartily recommend its use to all phy
sicians for such troubles, for I can
honestly state I have perscribed It In
hundred of cases with perfect success."
W. I. Benedict.
You tire easily?
Your heart flip flops, you tremble
and think you are getting old,
and fear some one will know it.
You try to look pleasant, when
in tact, you are puffing like a
steam engine, and can't
throw a brick across a cow path,
without wheezing like a
shingle mill. Hut you bet
you are not getting old.
Vou have indigestion.
You have let ii run too long,
You can cure it by using
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup I'cptdn.
It's a sure shot, IOj, 0c or 1 a
bottle. Get it of L. O. Gushing
"I am indebted to One Minute Cough
Cure for my present good health and
my life. I was treated In vain by doe
tors for lung trouble following lagrippj
I took One Minute Cough Cure and re
covered my health. Mr. E. H. Wise,
Mauison, Ga. W. I. Benedict.
That is what a treat many People in Beld
ing have been Doing in Regard to
taking Medicine.
Head about some far away cure. It
seems like their case. Don't know
cannot verify it. How different with
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills always
able to give local reference. Mr. L.
M. Fish of Front St., Belding, Mich
says: "Last spring I procured some of
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills at Con
nell Bros. Drug Store and used them
with good results. I had for some time
been troubled with not being able to
rest well at night and though I used
but one box of the pills I felt a very
decided change for the better and have
no hesitation In recommending them."
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills are
sold at 50c a box at dealers or Dr. A.
W. Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
See that portrait and signature of A.
W. Chase M. D. are on every package.
Wilmington, III.,
Sept. 21st, 1898.
W. B. Caldwell.
Dear Sir: I take great pleasure in
adding my testimony as to the efficacy
of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin as used
In our Home. We use It in all cases of
Constipation and Indigestion.
Respectfully, Eva Sweet, Nurse.
Soldiers' Widows' Home.
It Is easier to keep well than get
cured. DeWitt's Little Early Uisers
taken now and then, will always keep
your bowels in perfect order. They
never grips but promote an easy gentle
action, W. I. Benedict
Is Now Ready for puslness.
It will leave dock for East Park on
Sundays at jl a.m,,2:.K)p,m, and make
trips every nnnuii-s me oautne oi
the day. We will give special atten
tion tn nlrnic narties of !." or more
any dayjalao private evening parties,
Make atrip 10 isi -anc ana urinn
from the Crvstal Hnrinir. be reiuve
nated and made happy.
Fare for round trip, 10c.
Lester Grant, lrop.
"I wish to truthfully state to you
and the readers of these few lines that
your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure U without
Question, the best and only cure for
dyspepsia that I ha e ever come In con
tact with and I have used many other
preparations. John Beam, West Mid
dlesex, Pa. No preparation equals
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure as it contains all
the natural digestants. It will digest
all kinds of food find can't help but do
you good. W. I. Benedict.
Tho piles that annoy yml 80 will be
quickly and permamgitly healed if you
use DoWltt's Witch Hazel Salvo. Be
ware of worthless counterfeits. W. I,
STATE OF' MICHIGAN. The Circuit Court
(or Urn County of Ionia. In Chancery.
Mary Karhart, complainant,
Adam Karhart. defendant.
Suit pending In the Circuit fourt for the
County of Ionia, In Chancery. Upon due proof
by affidavit that Adam F.arueart, the defend
ant in the above entitled cause, is not a resi
dent of this state, but Is a resident of Colo
rado, on motion of Chas. U. Foote, complain
ant's solicitor, It Is ordered that the appearance
of said non resident defendant, Adam Karhart,
be entered herein within four months from the
date of this order; and In case of his uppeur
ance he cause his answer to the bill of com
plaint to be filed, and a copy thereof to be
served on the complainant's solicitor within
twenty dajs after the servlee upon him of a
copy of said bill and notice of this order; and
in default thereof said bill will be taken as
confessed by said non resident defendant. And
It is further ordered, that within twenty days
the complainant cause a notice of this order to
be publ shed In the Hf.i.mnu IUnnkh. a news
paper printed, published and circulating in
said county, and that said publication be con
tinued therein once in each week for six weeks
in succession, or that she cause a copy of this
order to be personally served on said non resl
dent defendant at least twenty days before the
time above prescribed for his appearance.
June 7th, lyoi.
Elveht M. Davis.
Circuit Court Com'r, Ionia Co., Mich.
Chab. H. Foote,
solicitor for Complainant.
Husinei s address: lidding. Midi.
To Buffer the most excruciating pains, to lose
the use of limbs, and to have the joints swollen
Hnd disfigured is the lot of the victim of rheuma
tism. Uric acid in the blood Is the cause of rheuma
tism. If the kidneys are active, they remove the
uric acid. That is their special work. If, on the
other hand, tho kidneys are deranged, there Is
sure to be uric acid in the blood and rheumatic
pain through the body.
No amount of liniment will ever cur rheuma
tism. It sometimes relieves, but cure can only be
brought about by setting the
kidneys right. The most effec
tive kidney remedy known to
man is Dr. A. W. Chase's Kid-
ii :1
Th's Ih the synopsis ofthe case of MIhs Allie H. Sabin. one of Holding's popular
young ladies, "Aho writes the following after giving her glares nearly a year's trial;
"My work being close, my cyea became very painful which also caused nevpre
headaches. After trying several treatments with no results and having heard of Mr.
Medford as a reliable optician, I decided to purchase glasses from him. I did so and
they proved satisfactory in every way. From that time I have been entirely free from
headache and my eyes Improved wonderfully, enabling tne to do my work without effort."
The hundreds of letters received from w'ell pleased users, many of them having
tried other remedies as well as other opticians, prove that "Hedford'a (Classes" cannot
be bettered. They are the best
first one received will take precedence over the others. Therefore start now and send
it in early. Kemember everyone has an equal chance. It's your work that counts.
A. G. 13BLFORL, Tonln.
Kveryliody will want some of this ofTcring".
Saturday, July 6 Circus Day
One Day Only
A Large (llass Water Pitcher for j)e
Six Tumblers for joe.
Alsif a complete Water Set? consisting of
Mtcher, 15 Tumblers and Kmhissed Tray, for..i"c
W. G.
Furniture and Crockery Store.
V. S. lo not forget the great Chair Sale for Saturday, June 2i).
All the Comforts or Home
while at Pan-American
Cottages Open May ltd, 1001
Katea 1.!45 eHCh rii. ul upward,
according to room, lut-luUlug breukfuat.
Cottages situated two block- from the beauti
ful lake front. Write for dates at your earliest
MRS. F. II. LEE, Prop.,
No. 810 West Avenue, Huffalo. N.Y
...AW TIIK....
Hold I n x HuiUllnir
L,mi Assuliititti
To those who wish to build a house or
pay of your mortgage; or in buying
a homo already built on easy
terms of monthly install
ments. For particulars
call at their olliee.
There is nothing I letter in Belding
for investment than tock in the Bel
dinr Building and Loan. Stock of
which, Series No. IS, in now open to all.
A. WAGXHIt, Soa'y,
The 5 Minute Breakfast rood
ney-Liver Pills. They cure rheumatism perm,
nently by making the kidneys active in their
ork of removing the uric acid from the blood.
Mr. William J. Coad, No. C ISrunson Street,
Oswego, N. Y., writes : " I am very glad to praise
IT. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills, and tell what
they have done for me. I suffered for many years
w ith severe constipation, Rheumatism and kid
ney trouble, and could get no relief until I tried
Pr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. In them I
found Immediate relief, and can honestly recom
mend them to other sufferers."
One pill a dose. 25c. a box
at all dealers, or Dr. A. W.
Chase Medicine Company, Bu
falo, N. Y.
OU want a smoke that will make you pleased
with yourself and all the world just try
They are made of good tobacco and I believe they
will suit you. They might not hit an exacting
taste the first time, but after you have smoked a
few of them and get used to their richness you'll
take no other.
Mis tow
Suffered a Ion" time with
headaches -received no lienefit
from medical treatment re
solved to try "BKDFOIID'S
(ILASSHS' came to Ionia and
was titted headache now per
manently cured.
will be given for the ten largest lists of reasons "Why Hedford'a
Glasses are the best."
will be divided Into prizes of f-Yoo and less for lists containing a
smaller number. If several lists contain the Fame number, the
Oreenville, Mich.

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