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C. It. COWDIN, Editor.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1901.
i:rnu:it iiionh.
No poison was found on the bullet
or the revolver with which the anai
chist assassinated President McKin
ley. Chemical and lacteriological
examinations were made and both re
vealed the fact that no poison was
used by the murderer.
There were only 2,(572 deaths re
turned to the secretary of state for
the month of August, corresponding1
to a death rate of 13.1 per 1000 popu
lation. This is an unusally low mor
tality for August, .being nearly .'UK)
less than for the same month last year
Number for Ionia county .10, Belding
city I, Otisco 1, Orleans 2.
The business man who advertise
ment seldom, if ever, appears in the
local newspaper is the one who whines
the most alout people sending away to
mail-order houses for goods. He can't
appreciate the fact that it is the ad
vertising that diverts trade to the
city store and the neglect of advertis
ing that causes the country merchant
to lose touch with the people.
It is particularly fortunate for the
country and the world that the Bar
Association of Buffalo, immediately
following the death of the president,
requested the court to select as the
attorneys of Czolgosz two such honor
able lawyers as Judge Lewis and
Judge Titus. The country has thus
been spared another such exhibition
as that which was given at the trial
of Cuiteau. While Czolgosz is receiv
ing every protection that is guaran
t teed him by the constitution and by
the laws of the state of New York,
his attorneys rightly decline to des
cend to quibbling and hair-splitting
for the purpose of trying to increase
their reputations by offering a show
of resistance.
Though there is a surplus of women
in New York and other eastern states
there are a million more men than
women in the country, and in the
world at large there is an excess of
over fifteen million men. In view of
the great numbers of men who have
been killed in battle and who have
died of unrequited love, it. seems
strange that the world should still
contain a surplus of representatives
of the male sex. Of course, the more
numerous the men become in propor
tion to the women the more previous
the latter will be. If there is any
thing that pleases the women it is to
have things so arranged that they
need not be wall-Mowers except from
choice. This is a lovely world when
you come to understand the arrange
ments in it.
Anarchists cannot lxi summarily
killed neither can they be imprisoned
unless convicted of a crime. They
can however, be watched more care
fully. Their meetings can be attend
ed by olliccrs of the law instructed to
arret any person making incendiary
talk, In fact, they can be prohibited
from holding secret meetings at all.
It is an easy matter for sullicient offi
cers to be detailed to watch and ap
prehend these people. Make it so
warm and uncomfortable that they
will want to leave the country. Con
gress can pass stringent laws cover
ing these matters without infringing
upon legitimate freedom and right of
free speech. Make the laws strin
gent; then enforce them vigorously;
and if the anarchists don't like it,
then the' can and will leave. Anar
chism and anarchists can Ik.: reached
only through law and legal agencies.
To do anything else would le putting
a club into the hands of anarchists
themselves whose belief is "no law.'
The calm conservative judgment of
the country will lind some way of re
moving or at least checking this can
cer of the body politic.
I.itt-k ol 'reparation.
It is said that the steel strike caus
ed a loss of $10,000,000 in wages and
irj,ooo,(X)0 to the trust. There is no
compensation in sight for one, the
wage earners. The loss of the trust
may lc treated lightly because it is
delayed protit rather than actual loss.
The trust still has its mills, its coal,
and ore piles, and its trade. If it is
behind in its'orderp, it can rush work
and soon catchup. If it needs other
compensation for the interference
with its business, it can raise the price
of its product and take it out of the
How and when will the men who
have borne the burden of the ill-timed
and ill-advised strike make any re
covery? They have not only lost
heavily in money, which they could
ill afford to lose, but they have lost
considerable of the prestige of their
association All this may be charged
up to the bad judgment and bad gen
eralship of their leader, who no doubt
.acted according to his best judgment
when he led his followers to disaster.
It is doubtful if any one man in the
association possessed the ability to
lead a successful strike under the cir
cumstances. Men of such talents are
usually to be found in the ranks of the
.capitalists, lor capital nnus uieir scr
v ria v.i 11.1 h e ana is wimnii 10 ou
fancy prices for them Detroit Tr
The Uig Ionia Fair next week.
Half fare on all railroads to the
Uig lonla Fair next week.
All prize takers must prepare for
the grand cavalcade at the Ionia Fair
on Friday.
The biggest vegetables grown in
the county will lie shown at the Ionia
Fair next week.
ltocko, the 2:17 Big Rapids flyer has
leen entered for the free-for-all at
the Ionia Fair next week.
Ionia has one of the lest race tracks
in the state and the races during the
Fair will be hotly contested.
The best sheep, cattle, horses, and
poultry that Michigan produces will
be seen at the Uig Ionia Fair next
There will lc a Ferris wheel, a
merry-go-round, a museum, and num
erous other amusements at the Ionia
Fair next week.
The Ionia Fair will give premiums
on Uelgian Hares, Doves, Kittens, and
other pet stock. The Society cares
for them free of cost.
The wonderful tumbling of Cargill
and Hademaker on the open air stage
will be one of the marvelous attrac
tions at the big Ionia Fair next week.
The Maccabees will have a tent on
the grounds during the Ionia Fair
and all who wish information regard
ing this great order are invited to
If you attend the Ionia Fair next
week drive right on to the grounds
and enjoy a picnic dinner in the
beautiful grove where everything is
You can't miss a line base hall game
if you attend the Ionia Fair Wednes
day, Thursday) or Friday as the games
will be arranged from such teams as
Ovid, Portland, Lansing, Lowell and
Several carloads of line sheep, cat
tle and swine were taken out of this
county to the State Fair this week.
You don't have to go there to see
them as they will all be returned to
Ionia Fair.
The I.esMoiiM.
The lessons taught by the life and
career of William McKinley are, pa
tience, forbearance, perseverance and
patriotism. He climed the ladder of
fame slowly but surely. Hlessed with
good health and more than- average
intellect, he waited patiently for the
hour of his triumph. Buffeted by po
litical storms, and cast upon the rocks
of opposition and slander, he emerged
from every conflict stronger .than be
fore, lie was kind and generous to
others, true to his friends and loyal
to them to the last. He was never
revengful nor quarrelsome. His great
heart was full of the milk of human
kindness; and no matter how much he
was maligned and abused, he never
replied or "talked back." A great
mind cannot alTord to notice slander.
He was lilled with a spirit of patriot
ism that manifested Itself whenever
he acted. Jle was truly American,
possessln the spirit of an American.
He loved his country he loved the flag.
The rising generation can prolit
ably study his life. It can draw from
it much that is lofty and inspiring.
The world is better because William
McKinley lived in it.
Dan. Walters and wife have moved
back to Uelding. Dan has accepted
a good position there. Howard City
Working: Mglit aud Hay.
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr. King's
New Life Fills. These pills change
weakness into strength, listlessness in
to energy, brain-fag into mental power.
They're wonderful in buildiDg up the
health. Only 25c per box. Sold by
Connell Hros.
H. C. Walking, sexton of the Metho
dist church at Springfield, Fa., says
"My wife has been very tad with kid
ney trouble and tried several doctors
without benefit. After taking one bot
tle of Foley's Kidney Cure, was much
better, and was completely cured after
taking four bottles. W. I. Henedict.
An Kriltur.
Of Clarence, Iowa, Mr. Clark Smith,
writes: "Slnee the agency of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin was establish
ed here I have been a user of what I
can call 'that excellent medicine..' For
a year or more I have been troubled
with constipation, indigestion, dyspep
sia, etc., and I find that this remedy is
just what I have needed.
Geo. W. Lane, Pewamo, Mich.,
writes: '-Your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
is the best remedy for Indigestion and
stomach troubles teat I ever used. For
years I suffered from dyspepsia, at
times compelling me to stay in bed,
and causing me untold agony. 1 am
completely cured by Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. In recommending It to friends
who sutler from Indigestion I always of
fer to pay for if it falls. Thus far I
have never paid." W. I. Henedict.
Mr. O. A. Stlllman, a merchant of
Tampico, 111., writes; "Foley's Kid
ney Cure is meeting with wonderful
success. It has cured some cases hero
that physicians pronounced incurable.
I today am able to testify to its merits.
My face todav is a living picture of
health, and Foley' Kidney Cure has
made it such." W. I. Henedict.
Don't wait until you become chroni
cally constipated but take DeVVitt'a
Little Karly Itlsers new and then.
They will keep your liver and bowels
In good order. Easy to take. Safe
pills. W. I. Henedict.
Orders for hair switches taken and
satisfaction guaranteed.
M. M. Stone
Council Ciumbchs, Sept. 20, iooi. !
Meeting called to order by Mayor Leonard.
Roll Call: Present. Mayor Leonard, Aid.
Uurker. Hudson, Putnam, Fisher, Coles (fl)
Abn Rl, none.
Moved by Aid. Barker seconded by Aid. Coles
tbat the following bills bo allowed and orders
drawn for same which motion prevailed.
Yeas-Aid. Itarker, Hudson, Jersey, Putnam,
FUher, Coles, 6. Nays none.
N. Kennolds. labor on street.... 7 13
P. liauck " " lb U)
Mono Powers. " " 5J hi
Cuas. Hairadon. " " - 8 M
Dan llawlev. " " 'W
K. Hlodgett, " " H
K. Hurt. " " 7 t-H
J. Cerdlt " " 8 0"
(!. K. Itolcomb, " " H
Joe Tow er. ' " 7 So
K. Toolev. ' " -
Win. l'.ddy, " " , fl 00
M llautk, " 3 4ft
F.. Arris. " 1 Hi
F. VanVickle. " " 4
Jno. Kikcr, labor on streets with team 1.1 07
Jas. Fuller. " " ....14 41
Hell Cobb, " " ....21 !W
J. C. Zerbee, ....13 07
Frank Miller, " ....21 :
M. lleckatuorn, " 01
'Moved by Aid. Harker seconded by Aid. Jer
sey, that the following bills be allowed and or.
ders draw n for same w hich motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Hatker, Hudson, Jersey, Putnam,
Fisher, Coles, fi. Nays none.
W. F. Sandell. Agt., Kent hose house
grounds 2fl 00
I. U. YVatd", balance on contract 2i it
Mich. Supply Co., supplies hosi houwe fis
Moved by Aid. Parker seconded by Aid. Coles
that the following be allowed and orders drawn
for same w hich motion prevailed.
Yeos Aid. Marker, Hudson, Jersey, Putnam,
Fishr. Coles, fl. Nays none.
Citizens Light Co, lights for March 83 H3
" " lights for April, May,
June. July and August tllC.t'ift allowed ut..2fll IT.
A. 'Veils, draving I 75
KlinerE. Cook, draylng ..1 70
Sept. 20, 1901.
Common Council, City of Uelding, Mich.:
llentieuien um advised by Mrs. Louns
bury that she wishes forty-five dollars rent for
hose house lot for coming year.
Wtn. F. Sandell, Agt.
Moved by Aid. Jersey seconded by Aid. Hud.
son that the communication of Win, F. Sandell
Agt. be referred to the Finance Committee
which motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Parker, Hudson, Jersey, Fisher,
4. Nays Aid. Putnam, Coles, 2.
Moved by Aid. Itarker seco nded by Aid. Jer
sey ibat the City Treasurer be authorized to
transfer $'J00, from the Contingent Fund to
Street Fund, and fTM), from Cont ngent Fund to
Fire Fund which motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Parker, Hudson, Jersey, Putnam,
Fisher, Coles, fi. Nays none.
On motion council adjourned.
IJK.O. W. MoriroN,
Pep'y City Clerk.
A Nliofkliiff Calamity ,
"Lately befell a railroad laborer,"
writes Dr. Kellett, of Williford, Ark.
"Ills foot was badly crushed, but Buck
len's Arnica Salve quickly cured him.
It's simply wonderful for Burns, Uoils,
Files and all skin eruptions. It's the
world's champion healer. Cure guar
anteed. 2re. Sold by Connell Uros.
Large- elegant fried cakes such as
mother used to make at Canlield's.
ltememler the dainty "Majestic"
lunch next week at Ireland's Hard
ware Store. Everylxnly invited.
A beautiful line of Tarn O'Shatas
for ladies at J. T. Webber's, Ionia.
Ask for trading stamps and get a line
When you buy goods in Ionia, trade
at the stores that give tradingstamps.
You will get a very line present.
Anyone wishing plain sewing or
dressmaking done 1 am prepared to
do either, by the day or piece. Ad
dress Miss lVarl Stickles, City. Uox
14. lt."5
There will be several large tents at
the fairgrounds for the accomodation
of the patrons of the fair.
The grove at the fair ground makes
an elegant place for a picnic dinner
during the days of the fair.
The ball games at the fair will be
well worth seeing, first class clubs; no
extra charges.
You will see some yery line horses
and very line racing every day of the
Ionia fair.
You can buy shirts and underwear
at a great many stores. You will lind
the very best at J. T. Webber's Ionia.
The Dunlap is the leading style hat.
You will lind a line assortment at J.
T. Webber's, Ionia
The special attractions at the Ionia
fair will interest the old as well as
the young.
No ware made compares with the
"Majestic." The full set is worth
7.o, but we are going to give a set
free with every Majestic Itange sold
at our exhibit next week. T. Frank
For sale or exchange for city prop
erty good house and two lots in Car
son City. All kinds of small fruits.
Call on or address Heed Gilbert, Ueld
ing". Jtefer to W. S. Lamberton at
Uelding Saving Uank as to condition
of property, l."t.l
Insurance fluinge.
A. Wagner is now the legal author
ized agent of the Queen Insurance
Co. for Uelding. He has lought the
agency of the (Jeo. S. Kosevelt estate.
The policy holders of the Queen In
surance Co. will receive all proper at
tention at Mr. Wagner,s insurance
Ollice in New Uelding Block, south
side Main street.
Ladies, confidentially. The way to
a man's heart Is through his stomach,
try Yalo Coffee. A word to the wise
is sullicient. Underwood Uros., Agts.
Yale Coffee. Yale Coffee. For sale
by Underwood Uros.
The nation's pride
Underwood Uros.
-Yalo Coffee.
When Your Heart Flatter.
That is not heart disease. That is
no terrible heart failure; that is Indi
gestion, the prime cause of all short
breath and sudden jumping of the
heart which so frequently follows an
axertlon of any kind. Go to the Drug
Store. Get a bottle of Dr. Caldwell'
Syrup Fcpsln. No more need be said
for after you uso It once, you will never
fail to keep it in the house.
C'onmnnptlon Threatened.
C. Unger, 212 Maple St., Champaign,
HI. writes: I was troubled with a
hacking cough for a year and thought
I had consumption. I tried a great
many remedies and was under the care
of physicians for several months. I
used one bottle of Foley's Honey and
Tar. It cured me, and I bavo not been
troubled eince." W. I. Benedict.
Pere Marquette
On account of the State Fair at
rontlac, Sept. 2.1 to 27, the Fere Mar
quette Ilallroad will sell tickets on
aUve dates, good for passage day of
sale, and limited to return to Sept. 2S,
at ONE FAKE for the round trip, plus
50 cents for admission to fair. 17t2.
Sunday. Sept. 2lth will be the last
chance to visit Saginaw or Hay City
at excursion fares. Make the most of
it. Special train will leave Uelding
at S:2o a. m. nt2.
On account of the fair at Howard
City, September 2s to 27, inclusive,
the Fere Marquette will sell tickets
at the rate of one fare for the round
trip, good going on date of sale, and
returning not later than September
on account of Maccaboe Day at the
State Fair at Fontiac, Friday Sept.
27. the Fere Marquette will sell ex
cursion tickets, good going on train
leaving Uelding at 7:00 a. in., return
ing same day, at rate of $2..'l0 for the
round t ri p.
Last chance to visit these popular
places at excursion rates. Sunday,
OctolK-r(. Train leaves Uelding at
i:l.)a. m. Keturning, leaves Detroit
at p. m. 18t2.
Ask Ticket Agents for full Infor
mation about these and other excur
sions. - H. F. MoKL.LF.it, G. F. A.
The Itenown of the iriH.t Author nnl
rhysM-laii, Itr. A. W. Chune Is c
t ented by Uelding I'eople.
It's by the words of the people that
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Fillls have
eonie into such active demand. The
announcements for this medicine are
uot dependent on the testimony of
people so far away that they cannot be
authenticated. Its home evidence that
eonvinces because easily substantiated,
its the simple statement of things done
and told In the words of the relieved
Mrs. J. E. Weaver ol eorner Liberty
and Fearl sts., Uelding, Mich,, says:
"I never had a remedy that I used with
more satisfaction than Dr. A. W.
Chase's Nerve Fills which I procured
at Connell Uros.' Drug Store. I had
been very nervous for a long time un
til my heart became affected and cuus
ed me a good deal of distress; I did not
rest well and was generally run down.
1 he ISierve 1'ills relieved the distress
ing symptoms and had a strengthening
and soothing effect on the system gen
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Fills are
sold at 50c a box at dealers or Dr. A
VV. Chase- Medicine Co., Uuffalo, N. Y.
hee that portrait and signature of A
W. Chase M. D are on every package.
Kiiiinent Pliynlilan Pronounced It Con
Dit. C. D. Waknkk, Coldwater, Mich.
DKAlt Silt: 1 have received great
benefit from your White Wine of Tar
Syrup. I had a cough and the doctors
gave up all hopes of my recovery and
pronounced it consumption; I thought
that it was death for me. I tried
everything that wc could hear of.
Finally one of my friends prevailed up
on me to use your White Wine of Tar
Syrup. I took one and ono-half bottles
and am cured entirely Such medicine
I can recommend to those who are af
llicted as I was.
Very respectfully yours,
Doland, South Dakota.
Huy the best Yale Coffee from Un
derwood Hros.
Chas. Ileplogle of Atwater, O., was
unable to work on account of kidney
trouble. After using Foley's Kidney
Cure four days he was cured. W. I.
Miss Helen Baker,
Thursday and Friday of each week
at the residence of Mrs. R. A.
New Barber Shop.
Under DeWitt's Furniture Store.
All work guaranteed first class.
Lena L. Leonard,
Teacher of Voice Culture
and Siht Reading.
State Phone No. 41.
Watch for announcement next
Smith & Hines.
T M. F. SANDKLL, Loan lJroker. Short
I T time loans on any form of good necurlty
Lonff tirriP loans nn hltrh rlaaa roal oat&tA
earlty. Office at The Commercial Uank.
) Announce-
f mpnf.
Wo Gurry Tho
t Week.
Jersey Sweet Potatoes,
Small Pickling Onions,
Hell and Hugle Cranberries,
L,arge Spanish Onions,
Wo can tell you "What Men oC Fashion will wear" this
Full ami Winter-Ask Us.
Some People Believe
That they cannot be fitted with a ready-to-wear
suit, but they never tried a STRIN
RLOCII suit. It must be a peculiarly shaped
man indeed who cannot find an absolutely per
fect fit in the enormous line of these garments
we carry.
Being Wholesale-Tailored They Cost Much
Less Than nade-to-neasure Garments,
But you can vt exactly the same style, exactly the same fabric and
patterns, and exactly the same wear from the Stcin-Hloch Suit that
you can jjet from one made by a hih priced tailor. There is one
more tiling that you can jjet here that you can't from your tailor,
and that is, you money back if the suit is not satisfactory in every
particular. We take the risk lecause we know it is a safe one.
Suits, $15 to $25. Top Coats, $15 to $35.
Cheaper than you can send and get them.
Iilennerhassett by C. P. Pidgin.
The Eternal City by Cain.
Drl and I by Bacheller.
Tho Puppet Crown by Mac Grath.
The Crisis by Churchill.
A Daughter of New France, the Ml
pan Story by Crowley.
Tho Helmet of Navarre by Uunklo.
$1.10 $1.10 $1.10
I have bought another car load of
New and Second
that will be sold at
making. If you want one buy now
and save 40 per cent.
HatS Are the Latest
We have some Realities' in the
line we have now.
Royal Worcester
Also take orders for RAIR
SWITCHES and guarantee
M. M. Stone. J
Quincy Adams Sawyer by Pidgin.
The Eagles Heart by Garland.
Eben Holden by Hacheller.
In Palace of King by Crawford.
Tristram of Blent by Hope.
The Green Flag by Doyle.
Strlngtown on the Pike by Lloyd.
Sophia by Wyman.
Hand Refrigerators
less than cost of

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