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THis Week.
20 DOZ. GOAT SKIN GLOVES. Fine Stock. All
run smolh and fine. Double stitched with Linen.
25c Goves for 22o pr.
S DOZ. SECONDS, will wear as tfood as 4ie 2Sc
Gloves, but this lot contains uneaven stock.
"STo-uir Olxoioe for 15c pr.
chores and light work, a 10c Mitten with
our name on, for
5 Cents per Pair.
l i. raira
The Cash and Low Price Clothiers.
Special Sale for Saturday, October 5th
Will he my Great Opening Display of
ATor, Navel and ISlcgnnt Styles,
And largest assortment over shown in Northern Michigan. Special
prices for the opening sale will range from 10c to $10 each for a cou
ple lamps.
I am Making a Great I'ush Sale on
Bed Suites, Rockers and Dining Chairs
Ami showing the largest assortment ever on display in Northern
Michigan. My prices distance all competition.
The Great Bargain FurnI- 7 r lVTiV Oreenvllle,
ture and Crockery Store, W. VJ llClSOIl, Michigan.
P. S. Special drive bargain sales every Saturday.
Look out for hot bargains.
if , w ,
leaving Ionia. 1 have had more
Itenelit from them than from severa pairs litted in Grand Uapida for
7.."0 and $10.00 or in Greenville at $T.00.
My eyesight has improved so that I can do tine needlework which
for some time past has been too trying for my eyes.
Your glasses do not tire my eyes, neither do they drop olT a9 many
others have done. You fitted them so carefully to my ace and nose
that I consider them invaluable. Your cases are so convenient and dur
able, in fact mine is as good as new after constant use. For years 1 suf
fered with headaches and nervousness, not being able to use my eyes
scarcely but since using your glasses, these troubles have disappeared.
I do not know what 1 should do without them, in fact I am at loss to
know how I will do in a few years when my eyes need refitting.
1 O.; Woodbine. New Jersey. MRS. J. II. HELLISS.
WfiOD Vdxid muM
Or Make Any Changes In Your Buildings?
If you intend doing so you certainlywillbe interested
in knowing that I have opened a new lumber yard in
-Building Material of all Kinds for Houses or Barns
It's for YOUR interests to get my prices. Spencer
& Hill's old location on north side.
E L. Kendall.
just the thing for doing
to Please,
of Letters
From patrons of Bedford's
Optical Department testify com
plete satisfaction with his business
methods and goods. Bedford's
store has become pretty well known
for its consistent treatment of its
'It gives
me great
pleas u r e
to send you a few lines in appre
ciation of jour glasses. You have
litted my eyes several times, but
the last time in November, 1000. I
lielieve you have furnished me with
the most correctly fitted glasses
that 1 have ever owned. I would
not take $10 for the pair I pur
chased of you for $1.50 just before
Our Frit'iiil.
Without knowledge, some thWj
that are our friends may appear as
our enemies. We may go along1 for
years, treating some particular ln-
ect or animal as obnoxious to our
interests before we learn the truth
and see wherein they are much more
useful to our interests than harmful.
A train, we may treat some particular
specie of animal with indifference not
knowing or thinking how it may be
really useful to us, When we ee the
works of the mole in the lawn or gar
den we only think of the loss of a few
plants, and loose hijjht of the fact
that it is the saving of the remaining
plants by destroying the worms that
would work grviit injury to them.
We are too apt to condemn a creat
ure before we learn its life history
and are in anyway competent to
judtfe. In our ignorance we kill the
mole and let the worms gx scott' free.
Knowledge and science teaches us to
protect many things that in our ig
norance we would destroy.
We formerly supposed the proper
thing to do was to kill all the moles
found in the garden so we traped a
good many of them and soon had a
perceptable increase of white grubs
and cutworms. Undoubtedly if we
had been able to mutilate the moles,
many crops would have been totally
destroyed by worms. Hut, as we be
came better acquainted with the
mole we found in them a friend. We
Wc have discovered there is no dang
er of the white grub in the strawler
ry beds as long as there are plenty of
moles around. This is only one of the
many instances where a closer inti
macy and better knowledge changed
our opinion of a thing.
Michigan Central Live Stock Yards,
Detroit, Oct. 8. The demand for live
cattle is dull and quiet this week re
ceipta have been moderate of lato.The
following prices are being paid at the
Detroit Livo btock Market: Prime
steers and heifers, $4.40 (74 06; handy
outcner s cattle, $.(.'. Hk(i)4.::u; common
$2.7f3.75; canner's cows, $l.50fa2.60:
Btockers and feeders,dull and slow,$3.00
Qti.Zi. Milch cows quiet at $25(ao0,
calves active at (0(aG.75.
Sheen and lambs dull and
lower; prime larnbj$4.2")($4..5(); mixed,
&UKtt4.W; culls, 91.5(i(aJ.25.
Hogs: liberal Bidiaooj, good quality.
Trade Isactlvo at the following prices:
Prime mediums $ 40(a6.4o; Yorkers,
C(S .s.Xao.4U; pigs, tis.lxira'H.Za; roughs,
frJAHao. io; stags, t oil; cripples, 91
per ewt. oil.
llo lo Cemnve Dnnilraff.
A shampoo that is recommended foi
dandruff is r.iado by mixing together
the yolk of one egg. a pint of hot rain
water and nn ounce of nplrlt of rose
inary. " The mixture should be thor
oughly beaten up and used warm, be
lug well rubbed Into the fekln of the
head. Afterward rinse the head thor
oughly in several waters.
Hon to MiiUp Apple Pudillnjt.
A delirious apple pudding that U
timely now, with the harvest of this
fruit at hand, is also a simple one
8 tew apples that have been pared,
eored and quartered gently until thej
will pulp: he.it and add to every pint
of pulp a half cupful of sugar, a quar
ter cupful of butter, a half cupful ol
breadcrumbs and three eggs well
beaten separately. Hake half an hour
Serve with cream, though the pudding
is good by itself with a little powdered
sugar sifted over the top. A pint of
the apple pulp Is the foundation of a
pudding for four persons.
How to IMiikr I. onion Snnof For Fish
' Put half a cupful of butter In a lined
saucepan, add the Juice of a large lem
cn and a little salt and pepper; stand
the saucepan over boiling water and
heat until thick and hot; then mix in
carefully the beaten yolks of two eggs
and add a little minced parsley and
serve at once.
How to Srlect Olives.
In buying olives housekeepers will do
well to look with suspicion on any that
are obviously too cheap. Often these
are not only wholly lacking In flavor,
but nre positively injurious. They
should not be too dark In color and
should lirmly resist the teeth when
bitten Into. The stone should be slight
ly pink, and above nil there should
come from a good olive an Indescrib
able but quickly recognized fresh ap
petizing smell that Is a large part of
Its agreeable quality.
How to Clrnn lint Fmthera.
Milliners clean soiled wings and
quills by putting them In a box with
white cornmeal and gently shaking
them about. The meal Is carefully re
moved afterward with a soft brush.
How to MmUo "Stleknlinat" Pntr.
Dissolve a tcaspoonful of alum In a
quart of hot water. Leave till cold
and then stir In an much tlour as will
bring It to the consistency of cream,
being careful to press out all lumps.
Stir In half a tcaspoonful of powdered
rosin atid pour on to the paste a cup of
boiling water, mixing It well. When
It becomes thick, put Into a Jar, cover
and kevp In a close place. When re
quired for use, take out a little and
soften It with warm water.
How to Trent the Clothesline.
Many old housekeepers boll the ne
clothesline for half an hour befori
aslng It to make It Inst longer and pre
vent Its tangling.
C. M. Phelns. Poreatdaln. Vt.
his child was comoletel v curnd of a. hH
case of eczema by the use of DeWltt's
Witch Hazel Salro. lleware of all
countcrfeins. It instantly relieves
piles. W. I. Benedict.
Council Chambers, Oct. 4, 1901.
Meeting called to order by Mayor Leonard.
Roll Call: Prenent, Mayor Leonard. Aid.
Hudson, Putnam, Flatter, Coles, (4). Abaent,
Aid. Iiarker, Jersey, (2)
The minutes of the last meeting um reud wo
IlELDINO, Mich, Oct. I ft. I mil.
fotbe Hon. Mayor and Common Council:
li knti.km kn I herewith tender mv resigna
tion an Clerk tor the City of Iteldlnsr. having
tided to leave the city betl rtnj iiiym-lf tnmii
clally. Hoping the name will bo r.u loiiKly tml
unanimously accepted
Your Truly.
Al.VAII W. PlllM.I.K.
Moved by Aid. Flfher seconded by Aid. 1'ul
pam that the reHlgnaiton of A. W. lrtn e
City Clerk be accepted which motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Hudson, Putnuni, KisLcr, CoUr,
(4). Nays none.
Moved by Aid. Hudson seconded by Aid
Putnam that e proceed to it tormul ballot for
City Clerk which motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Hudson, Putnam, Fisher, Coles,
(4). Nays none.
Mayor appointed Aid. Fisher and Hudson as
Result of the ballot as announced, whole
number of ballots cast 4, of w hich Geo. W.
Moulton received 4 and was declared elected to
the office of City Clck.
Moved by Aid. Putnam seconded by Aid. Hud
son that the Chief of the Fire Department bo
authorized to call out the company for practice
which motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Hudson, Putnam, FUher, Coles,
(4). Nays none.
Moved by Aid. Coles, Beconded by Aid. Fish
er that the Mayor and Clerk be instructed to
draw an order for fJiK) on the Park Fund to tlio
order of F. W. Howard treasurer of the Park
Hoard which motion pervalled.
Yeas Aid. Hudson. Putnam, Fisher, Coles,
(4). Nays none.
Moved by Aid. Coles seconded by Aid. Put
nam that the following bills be allowed and or
ders drawn for same which motion prevailed.
Yeas Aid. Hudson, Putnam, Fisher, Colcf,
(4). Nays none.
County Fund
Fire Department pay roll t M) 60
Street Fund.
J. Tower, labor on Btreets i ( 0
ft. W. Hurt, labor ou streets 3 00
Dun Uolcomb,
James Hiker,
Vern Powers,
11. JilodKe't,
K. lilodgett,
C. Sherwood,
Dan liawley,
K. Tooley.
. I r.0
.IS 00
.18 M
.10 1
. t 75
- 7 f0
. 1 50
. 2 L'5
. 5 af
W. smitn,
I. R. Waldo, labor on walk 8 h"
Meter Hauck, labor on street 18 00
John Klker, labor on street with team 4 17
Dell Cobb. " ' 31 M
JImes Fuller, " X ol
M. Heckathorn, " 3.1 01
J, C. Zerbee, " " 3 75
Moved by Aid. Hudson seconded by Aid.
Coles that Mrs. Granger be Riven permission to
erect a frame dwelling house on Lots 317 318 of
Sup. Moon's plat to Uelding which motion per
valled. Yeas Aid. Hudson, Putnam, Fisher. Cole ,
(4). Nays none.
On motion council adjourned.
Geo. W. Moui.ton,
Dep'y City Clerk.
'1 hat Is What a Circa t Many People In Held
lug Have Heeu Holng in Uegrl
to Taking MedUlne.
Head about some far away euro. It
seems like their case. Don't know
cannot verify it. How different with
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills always
able to give local reference. Mr. L
M. Fish of Front St., Beldlng, Mich.,
says: "Last spring 1 procured some of
Dr. A. W. Chase s Nerve Pills at Con
nell Bros. Drug Store and used them
with good results. I had for some time
been troubled with not being able to
rest well at night and though I used
but one box oi the puis l lelt a very
decided change for the better and have
no hesitation in recommending them."
Kinliient Physicians Pronounced It Con
Dr. C. D. Warner, Cold water, Mich.
dear sir:! have received great
benefit from your White Wino of Tar
Syrup. I had a cough and the doctors
gave up all hopes of my recovery and
pronounced it consumption; I thought
that It was death for me. I tried
evervthlnc that wc could hear of.
Finally one of my friends prevailed up
on me to use your Whlto Wine of Tar
Syrup. I took-one and one-half bottles
and am cured entirely Such medicine
I can recommend to those who are af
flicted as I was.
Very respectfully yours,
Joseph E. Underhill
Doland, South Dakota.
From An Old Soldier.
KNOK, IndM Jan. 14, 1S99.
Gents: I have every confidence in
recommending your Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup lepsln, I am 72 years of ago
and am broken down, the trouble hav
ing been brought on by my experience
in the war. Your medicine has done
me more good than a hundred doctors
and I am just about well of my stom
ach trouble.
Yonra truly, Jefferson Wilhelm.
A report from Supt. J. C. Gluck, Ue-
form School, Pruntytown, West Va.,
Oct. 18, 1900.. 4,After tryiDg ail other
advertised cough medicines we have
decided to use Foley's Honey and Tar
exclusively In the West Virginia He-
form School. I find it the most effec
tive, and absolutely harmless." W. I.
W. T. Wesson. Gholsonville. Va.
druppist writes: "Your One Minuto
Cough Cure gives perfect satisfaction.
My customers say It is the best remedy
U 1 .1 4 V, .. A 1 .. n .
troubles." W. I. Benedict.
Ttarkurhft should nnvnr b noo-lprtpd.
Tt means kldnev disorder which, if al
lowed to run too lone, may result in
Drlghvs disease, diabetes or otner ser
ious and often fatal complaints. Fo
ley's Kidney Cure makes the kidneys
wen. vv. i. ueneuict.
Pere Marquette
Only $5.00 for ticket a to Chicago
and return from any station on the
Saginaw division between Hemlock
and Lowell; Ionia division between
Hodney, Barryton, W cidnian and
Eairle. and main line between Grand
Ledge and East Paris. All Inclusive.
Ask agents or see bills for particu
lars as to trains, etc.
Tickets good to return on anv regu
lar train leaving Chicago until night
of Monday, Octolcr 2th.
Baggage and bicycles checked un
der regular rules.
Only $;.0() for round trip. Great
chance to visit your Cnicago friends.
Is Your Sight Good?
It Requires Real Bargains to Catch the Ey e.
LADIES' TRIIINED HATS in all the Leading Styles at prices
to suit all. Aisses Tarn Caps, Scotch Wool at 4Sc each.
At tSc,
Great Bargains in
Ladies' Mackintoshes
Double Cape,
56.90. This Week Thev eo at S3. 90. MS
A Vine Jtcrscy Cont, 42 inches long, nicely
Braided, Full Satin Lined, at 517.00. This is a 529.00
Coat with city stores.
Tan ltcrscy Coal, Trimmed with Panne Velvet.
One of the Latest Novelties, at 519.00, We have pur
chased our Coats in New York direct from the makers,
thereby saving you all jobbers' profits. Come in and
look us over before making your purchases and we will
save you money.
Lincoln's Bargain House.
Re,$3.rokoableShoe Values
Gentlemen in
Box Calf.
Dress or Street Wear
Very Newest Styles
Wide Extension Soles. Hope Stitchings, all the up-to-date
trimmings, etc.
It will pay you to
Come and See us.
0. C. Miller
Train yourself to find the pood in
what secm9 evil, to make of disaster
an opportunity for your courage, to
master Buffering by patience, to learn
from sorrow By mpathy.- G. S. Merrlam.
The Prayer of a Nerve for
Moro Blood.
Neuralgia may attack any part of the body
but most frequently occurs where the nerve
are most abundant.
In the head,
In the face.
Sometimes the heart nerves seem to twist
Twinging rheumatic pains of the extremi
ties Sharp and intense at times
In the intervals dull and heavy.
Neuralgia is the result of impoverished
blood caused by impairment of the nerves
a lack of nerve force.
It is a disease of the nerve centers, and
the pains accompanying- it are a prayer for
better nourishment. They are the danger
signals which warn you against a total col
lapse of the nervous system.
Liniments and all external applications
can only give temporary relief. Permanent
cure cannot possibly come until the nerve
centers are thorougly revitalized and reinvie-
oratrd by Dr. A. V. Chase's Nerve Fills.
The beneficial effects of this great nerve re
storative are felt thrilling through the nerve
fibres as week by week and month by month
the nerve lorce ol the body ts restored.
Women afllicted with dfceases peculiar to
their kx are frequently great sufferers from
neuralgia. Ir. Chase's Nerve Tills positively
cures both these disorders by filling the
nervous s)stcm with new vigor and life. 50
cents a box at all dealers, or Dr. A. W. Chase
Medicine Co., Huffalo. N. Y. The genuine
has portrait and signature of Dr. A. W
Chase on each package.
Well, here are the Bargains
If you have the Eye.
79c each to $12 each. We
use the Fadden Feather, the
best feather on the market.
29c, 39c, and 90c.
Silk Lined, Worth
Ladies in
Patent Leather,
Box Calf,
Vic I.
In the
k Son,
J. W. Coorier
Fine Owosso Carriages,
Buckeye Binders ad Mowers
Greenville Banner Plows and
Other Farm Implements.
Corner North of II. J. Leon
ard's Store, Uelding, Mich.
Would You Improve Vuur CliMiire for
If so. aecuro a Practical Education Idc'-Smk
etc-., at the
Ztsi trt, O Aw
75-83 l.you St., Grain! ItHpliln, Midi.
All Kradtinte-M in tuiving position, le
phlea over fifty dinner to plnce other
lHcaue not prrpurfd wlun cnlls were re
ceived! loMt witlnn the p:it your, showing
THAN WRCAN Sl'PPl.Y. I II ve M i tl t e : Vi
It tin or eml for catalogue.
A. S. Parish, Trow,
Miss Helen Baker,
Thursday and Friday of each week
at the residence of Mrs. It. A.
tho most healing salve In the world

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