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Immigrants who Came to Michigan
During the Fiscal Year.
Th Lowering of the L.nkn Levels I.ooUa
Serloaa Shot hit Mother-lnLaw Some
of theThlnifd that Have lleen Said and
Done Daring the Week.
Shot III Mother-ln-I.mr.
Joseph Przybysz, a Detroit saloon
keeper, shot uml killed his wife's
mother Friday morning. at the Instance
of his wife, who thought her mother
was a burglar. Alout three weeks
ago an attempt was made to burg
larize his house, hut the burglars, who
Fought out ranee by u rear window,
were frightened away. Mrs. Przybysz
urged, her husband to get a revolver
and keep It under his pillow. Just to
calm her Przybysz did so. Some time
ago his bride's mother was deserted
by her own son, and Przybysz took her
in charge, lie and his mother-In law
were on the best of terms, she think
ing more of him than her own son.
because of his kind treatment. All
three slept In the same room down
stairs. "Oh, my Clod'." walled the wife thh
morning. "1 told mother not to go
out of the house. Now she's dead and
my husband Is In jail. Oh, what will
I do?"
Mrs. Mary .hike, the mother, who
was 'si years of age, got up In the
night, while her daughter and husband
.were asleep, and went out of the
house. When she returned her daugh
ter was awakened by the shutting of
the door. She awoke her husband and
whispered to him:
"Some one Is In the house."
Przybysz reached under his pillow
for his revolver, and when he saw a
shadowy figure enter the bedroom
Vdoor, he called out:
"Who's there? Who's there?"
The mother didn't answer Immedi
ately and Przybysz fired.
The bullet struck the mother right
under the left arm, and she dropped
dead at the foot of the voung couple's
- IlnthhiitTft Cnreer.
Newell C. Kathbun, who has con
fessed that he planned to defraud an
Insurance company out of $-1,000 by
pretending that a corpse, shipped to
Little Pock. Ark., ,wa Ms oWw'uwul
body, has admitted that the man who
accompanied him to the hotel in .Tef
trsonville, Ind, and was found dead
- next day, was Charles Goodman,
iio Is said to have come from Evans
vllle, Ind. Kathbun Is a Michigan
man, a sonof II. A. Itnthbun, of Pc-ij,--prmninent
In business and (?.
a. It. circles. Charles S. Hampton,
formerly resident In Petoskcy, says of
him: "Young Kathbun. after recruit
ing work, went to the Spanish war,
was at Porto Pico under Miles, re
turned to Petoskcy. but soon re-enllst-cd.
lie learned the printer's trade in
my office, when I owned tho Petcskey
Independent-Democrat. 1 can scarce
ly believe that he Is In this serious
trouble. To my mind, he was always
more Indolent than vicious."
I.nUe Level Lower.
The report of the United States lake
survey engineers of tho mean depth
of the great lakes for the month of
October shows that Inke Superior has
pone down in one year almost half a
foot; Lakes Michigan and Huron,
about a little over one-tenth of a foot,
and the two latter lakes have gained
but a very small fraction over the
depth of 180.", when the water was
very low over these lakes. Lake Pale
has also gone down almost half a foot
In a year, but has gained over half a
foot from the low stage of
Tho figures show that the lake level-?
nro slowly but surely falling. The
Chicago drainage canal" Is' said to be
partly responsible for the conditions of
the lake levels, and an Investigation
of this may be made.
Dearborn Pofttoftlcc Ilo11c1.
Early Saturday morning burglars
blew up tho safe In the Dearlom posr
offlce and got away with something
orcr $100 In money besides a consid
erable amount of stamps. It Is sup
posed that entrance was obtained by
forcing the transom. The safe was
given a heavy charge of dynamite or
some other hlgli explosive and, after
the blasting had been done, the burg
lars hurried back, secured the valu
ables and disappeared. A number of
roomers were sleeping over the post
office, but none of them appeared on
the peeno In time to catch the safe
blowers. .
li'm Very Colli.
Marquette reported Friday: "This
section of tho Lake Superior country
la In tho grip of a tierce blizzard.
Trains are delayed and car lino service
Is demoralized. Thirty-one crafts are
storm bound Jn the harbor with tho
waves washing over the breakwater."
Then came this from Negaunee: "The
theimometer Is down to zero and the
cold Increasing. Over a foot of snow
has fallen. It will undoubtedly put a
stop to ore shipments for the season."
Onnno IliiMlliiur.
nvosso business men and farmers
..ho been hustling for .1,(kn) acres of
'igar IktIs foT the season of Y.)2.
'"ee days' work has resulted In 1.S00
being pledged. As tho men who
;o furnish the capital will go ahead
ncn 3.000 acres are pledged, It Is a
lestlon of but a few days when
cgs will bgln to move.
'en ton Harbor and St. Joseph have
greatly annoyed by the smoke
engines on the Pcre Marquette
uns Clark, a red 00 years, of
rd, accidentally drove Into a
't In the road and broke his
MlehlMitn'a Xew Clllarna.
.According to the report of Immigra
tion Commissioner Pmvderly 5.1SH of
tho 10.SIS Immigrants that entered
Michigan during the last fiscal year
were Finns and Scandinavians. About
one-seventh, or l.lS'j.wcre Italians,
who outnumbered the Poles In the pro
portion of 11 to S. The number of
English, Irish, Scotch, Trench and
Germans combined hardly equaled tha
number cf Italians, there being 717
Germans, .170 English, 110 Irish. 25
French and Scotch. 'Hie number of
Holland Dutch exceeded tho English
by 22, while there were 007 Croatlans,
I17S Hebrews, ." Lithuanians, 53 Mag
yars. l."() Slavoks and Just four and
one-half times as many Syrians as
Ileet Pulp for Sheep.
Four thousand sheep are to be fat
tened on the refuse beet pulp turned
out by the Lansing Sugar Co. Tho
sheep are the property of W. II. Gil
bert, of Pay City, and L. S. Boutell,
of Lansing. Pens have been prepared
at the sugar factory, and about 300
will bo placed In each pen. Students
from the Agricultural college will have
charge of each pen to assist In feed
ing, weighing and otherwise caring
for tho sheep, and the work will bo
done In systematic manner, all the de
tails and results being carefully noted.
Galesburg has raised $3,r00 for fire
Marquette had good sleighing but a
rain came along and spoiled It.
Two mild cases of smallpox have
made their appearance at Muskegon.
The Flint Pines have asked Con
gressman Smith for a rapid fire gun.
Mrs. Eliza Promley. of Owosso, cele
brated her ninety-fifth birthday Wed
nesday. It Is estimated that there are 12.000
hunters In the woods of northern
Flint Is suffering from a lack of low
priced residences to accommodate
Miss E. Humphrey, of Prescott, re
cently killed a monster bear In her
father's ioultry yard.
Tho manual training course Intro
duced Into the P.attle Creek schools Is
proving a great success.
There will soon be through sleep
ing cars running on the electric line
from Detroit to Saginaw.
Kalamazoo reckons the number of Its
victims In grade crossing accidents as
about one In two months.
Tho money for the purchase of the
silo for the new shipbuilding company
at St. Clair has been paid In.
Samuel Kerry, who died recently In
Dcerficld, was the father of 14 chil
dren, all of whom survive him.
Capt. M. C. Kond o Company A, of
Adrian, has lcen asked to resign by
a committee from th .,"" ';:7.r.
. T'ent ec;:rty has alreadv borrowed
$22,rX) but will be obliged to borrow
$17,r00 more to carry It over till Jan. 1.
Clayton K. Ilawley, 74, a resident
of Kalamazoo county for over forty
five years, committor, suicide Sunday.
Thirteeryjj;ir-old ,?llle French, of
Kattlc Crock, is under arrest for an
assault upon 10-year-old Hazel Dryer.
Elmer E. Curtis, a Fenton druggist,
has filed a petition In bankruptcy with
liabilities at $1,500. and assets at $S0O.
The D. & C. steamer City of Mack
inac took two sailors off a sinking
schooner In Saginaw bay Sunday
Warden Chamberlain left no will.
Tho estate is estimated nt $ 10.0(h), to
be divided among the widow and six
Joseph Klake, of Grandvllle, SO years
old. committed suicide Saturday by
shooting himself In the head with a
The editor of the Hastings Kanner
wants Harry county to send an antl
Kliss delegation to the next IJcpubllcan
Tho heirs of the Hamilton estate
will erect a tine $l.r,oO fountain In
the land deeded the city of Flint by
them for a park.
Middlovilb exported electric lights
rigid away, but the dam at La Karge
gave way and the current won't
sparkle before December.
Pecanse he preached equality of
races. Itev. C. Gideon Hammond, a
Dowieite preacher from Kaltlmore,
was mobbed at Ulaoksnake.
Governor Kliss says he has no Inten
tion of calling a special session of tho
legislature, as at the present time ho
can see no necessity for one.
The Niagara Palls Jumper, Mrs.
Anna Edson Taylor, no longer denies
that Montgomery V. Edson, of Lan
sing. Is her long-lost brother.
Farren Kennedy, S-ycar-old son of
C. C. Kennedy, of Standlsh, fell upon
a whipstock while at play. It entered
his mouth, piercing his check and his
ea r.
It Is stated that many supervisors
residing near and distant from Mason,
favor a new county building If the
Ingham county seat Is to bo main
tained there.
Experiments have been made In tho
Saginaw Valley, and show conclusive
ly, that oil exists In paying quantities.
The capital is said to bo ready to de
velop the property.
The Cannon Metal Wheel Co., at
Pont lac, has been organized with a
capital stork of $noo. m ;o. A factory
SOx2m feet In size and two stories
high will be erected.
Itev. P. E. Holp, who has been pas
tor of the Congregational church at
Angola, has been dismissed by his
church. It Is charged that he not
only maintained a domestic establish
ment In Angola but also had one In
A number of would-be shrewd far
mers who. after having contracted
with Port Huron parties In the spring
for the sale of their prospective crops
of beans at a certain price, sold them
to other parties because tho price had
advanced, are In danger of having to
face criminal charges.
For the second time In two weeks
the residence of Charles Gardner, of
Kattle Creek, was robbed Friday.
Gardner and his wife went to a party
and returned late. They found the
bouse upside-down. Silk dresses, a
large quantity of Jewelry and over 100
pieces of silverware were missing.
Loss $,VH).
Willi-ini I, irelnlmger Is wanted at
Calumet. His uncle has died In Ger
many and left him sole heir to an es
tate valued at $1.kk).000, but Item-
"tlo Michg.-m huluins at the Fan-
American exposition has been sold by J
tho commissioners to a Kuffalo con- '
tractor for $:.m. Originally the struc-
turo cost a.lHut Jf'.MJOO.
Alout 2k) employes In the executive
branch of the rural free delivery ser-1
vice of the postotlleo department will
be brought Into the civil service by an I
order of President Poosevclt.
The Grand Trunk station at Cass
opolis was robbed Tuesday night, the
agent being relieved of $1,700. One
of the thieves escaped, but the other
was captured with half tho money.
Powers' opera house, In Grand Ilap
Ids, was destroyed by fire Wednesday
morning. The stage carpenter, Ed.
Warrenton, an old man, partlany
paralyzed, died while trying to escape.
Miss Annie IUioda Fry, of Kenton
IIarlor, traveled 2,000 miles to a Mon
tana home, where she married E. W.
Pond, whom she promised to marry
20 years ago, when he should establish
a home.
M. Trass and Charles KIpp have
been arrested at Holland for stealing
furniture from the West Michigan fac
tory. The robbing Is said to have
boon going on for years. Koth have
Charles Kennett, a young man of
Standlsh. Is under arrest at Ell.a-
------ . ; i i,t
bethtown. Ky on the charge of kill-
Ins a man. In an altercation Kennett
struck the other with his fist, death
The most disastrous fire In the his
tory of West Kranch destroyed Its
three hotels and several outbuildings.
Loss ipM-KM), partly covered by in
surance. The town Is now without
any hotel.
A Negaunee paper begins an article
inns: i our venturesome jouiik w'i fi,n4.,.
dies of Negaunee have gone thirty
miles back Into the woods to hunt
beer." Ho will seek the woods when
they return.
Eugene Packard, of Traverse City,
u;,s u "tu u '';'I-u "'f'T"
pox. I iftecn visitors called Sunday, j
before the case became known. They
will also bo quarantined till the dan
ger is passed.
There were 2,."1S deaths returned
to the state department for the month j men, has captured a deserter named
of October, corresponding to a death KIchter, of the Sixth Artillery, wear
rate of 12 0 per l.OoO population. This : in? the uniform of an insurgent lieu
is 200 less than the number returned ( tenant. MaJ. Pitcher says ho recently
for October, KKK). i captured three officers and a large part
Elmer and Sarah Qulmby, of Ith-jof an Insurgent company, all fully
aca. are charged with the murder of , armed. It is believed the Insurgents
James and Keatrice Kalley, the chll
drea of Mrs. Qulmby, the one eight
and the other nine years of nge, on
Sunday night, May 10 last.
A Lansing lawyer was cajoled Into
signing a blank Insurance certificate
by an agent:. Later. he r0'".!. n. ui i
or ;,u from the Insurance company. I
Ho has refused to pay It and says he1
will take It up to tho Supreme Court '
George Kichardson, of Stephenson,
shot a deer, the bullet passing through
its body. It then hit a tree and glanc
ed off. hitting Win, Everhart. It first
passed through his wrist, hit his gun
stock, glanced up and entered his
mouth, lodging In his neck.
Everett Smith, of Edgewood, whoso
wife was severely Injured October o0,
by being run down by a team driven
by Frank Swenkey, has begun suit
against William Kipp, a druggist at
Wheeler, from whom It Is alleged
Swenkey procured his liquor.
The village of Durand has never had
a cemetery. Tho nearest burial place
Is three miles out In the country, and
many Durandites nro burled nt Ver
non. A company has leen formed to
convert a large tract of level land east
of the village Into a cemetery.
A team driven by Mrs. Leatherman
and son was killed Instantly on tho
Pore Marquette tracks nt St. Joseph.
When fairly on the track nt the ap
proach of the south bound passenger
the horses refused to move. Tho
mother and child escaped by Jumping.
Sheriff Wiggins, of Montmorency
county, has la custody Dr. Wolff, of
Ix?wiston, on tho charge of perjury.
The case grew out. of tho libel suit
brought by Dr. Wolff against Editor
Fuller of the Lewiston Journal, which
terminated laf Meek in a disagree
ment of the jury.
Some years ago K. S. Reuthcr, of
Calumet, was Injured by the ex
plosion of a gun while he was second
lieutenant in a Grand Rapids com
pany. Since then he has endeavored
to secure a pension from tho state.
The legislature and the senate both
acted favorably on the petition and
the governor has signed it. Ho will
go to Lansing and get a check for
The bodies of Con and Iloranco Sul
livan, who were murdered by hold-up
men In the Klondike last August, have
arrived at Grand Roplds for burial.
They were brothers and fanners living
In Walker township, and they left for
tho gold region about a year ago to
seek a fortune. They had consider
able money when killed. Their mur
derers were convicted and hanged last
tw In Hrlef.
rr n r Tidier mni her nf Sonify
Teller, Is dead In Morrison, 111., aged
Charleston, S. C, open Its exposi
tion Sunday, Dec. 1, with a religious
Hold-up attempts have become so
numerous that extra guards will bo
put on passenger trains In Wyoming.
G. A. Lnrkln. of West Superior. Wis.,
shot and killed while hunting with W.
Kirk, left a written statement exoner
ating Kirk.
John Ruska was fatally burned by
hot slag accidentally dumped on him
In Homestead. Pa. Two companions
were badly hurt.
Deputy sheriffs and citizens and a
gang of outlaws had a pitched battle
near PIskee, Oklahoma, Wednesday.
Several of the combatants were
wounded. The outlaws escaped.
Prince Yonhoho Ynnamote, a Jap
anese nobleman, relative of Marquis
Tto. wants to know how to build loco
motives and has entered tho Pennsyl
vanla shops at Altoona. Pa., as an ap
prentice. After the day's work Is done
the prince parades the streets followed
by two servants In livery.
litHS Qiil 111 SECTlOiS.
The Loss of Life By Storm In Great
Tur rwpj icu PA RIM FT ROW.
i m
' - :
rnuee t i.imay i iyimr iteporu ami
Jluinom l ioin All I'.trta of th World
of Mure or !. Interest to nil Head-
It Wnm Terrllle.
It Is still impossible to estimate with
any exactitude the total loss of life
and property resulting from the pro
tracted gale, which swept England.
Ireland and Wales, and probably the
full extent of the damage will never
bo known. Altogether It Is known
that some r0 vessels have been wreck
ed along the Krltlsh coast, and .'54 of
these have been absolute wrecks, In
volving, It Is Ulieved, a loss of more
than VA) drowned. The Yarmouth llfe
lnat disaster alone leaves 44 father
less children. The lifeboat was on her
way to a distressed vessel, when she
capsized and 11 men were drowned. A
winter snap has succeeded the gale,
while a severe blizzard vhlch Is rag
ing over Scandinavia, is expected to
jfiriue uie snores or i.reat jriiam.
ThnrS(1:, thpr(l w;ls a honvy snow.
gtorm InJ S(.otl.,I1( ., ;i f;lH of snow
strike the shores of Great Krltaln,
generally throughout the United King
dom, especially In the hilly districts,
where several shepherds lost their
Tlier "Were Hendr.
Ma J. William L. Pitcher, of the
Eighth Kegiment of Infantry, com-
mandlii" flm Mlnd.irn nxncdltlon
was attacked Sunday by a force of In
surgents commanded by Lenocos. The
Filipinos apparently attempted to re
peat the Saniar tactics, but the Ameri
cans, who were breakfasting fully arm.
cd. completely routed the Insurgents,
AvjU) 1ft nve men dead on the field,
each having a rltle and ammunition.
One American was seriously wounded,
('apt. Noyes, of tho Thirtieth Infantry,
commanding a detachment of fifty
recently received an illicit supply of
munitions cf war.
The I.nulUli ( tiMnet Iloir.
The rumors that there Is much dis
cussion in the Kritish cabinet are con
a... , j. j- jj,, je disagreement
was responsible for the protracted ses
sion. What really happened was an
onslaught upon Sir Michael Hicks
) teach, the chancellor of the ex
chequer, by nearly all his associates.
P.alfour joined Chamberlain and Lord
Salisbury, while Ixrd Devonshire sup.
ported Kith In condemning the speech
of the chancellor which had sent d w:i
the price of consols with a rush. The
Hicks-Keach financial administration
and general proposals for carrying the
additional burdens of the Poor war
were harshly criticised, and he was
left almost alone, with all the strom
! est men against Rim. Iml Ivonden-
derry, Hlrks-Keach's closest friend, in
tervened as a peacemaker over night,
and a truce was arranged by him.
Tli Sliinliiff Jewel.
Preparations for King Edward's cor
onation are already taking definite and
costly shape. Mrs. Kradley-Martln is
having a tiara made In Paris, it Is re
ported, at a cost of ilViO.iMM). it Is a
replica of the diadem which shone on
the head of Empress Josephine. Queen
Alexandra, not to be outdone by the
resident Americans, Is having the
Koh-I-noor diamond set In her new
crown. The Inclusion of this stone
will make her crown the most valua
ble In the world, a distinction now
held by tho king of Portugal. Peer
esses are trying to outvie each other
In the brilliancy of their tiaras. It Is
reported that King Edward, at the cor.
onaMon. will confer tho semi-royal title
of duke of Inverness on tho duke of
Fife, son-in-law of his majesty.
Prince C'lilinny Dying;.
ItIucoss Oh 1 may, formerly Clara
Ward, of Detroit. Is lying seriously ill
nt a hotel In Paris. It Is feared she
Is dying. James Itigo, the fiddler, Is
with her. In speaking of the princess
Illness he said: "Three physicians nro
attending the princess. Her condition
Is critical. The nature of her disease
Is uncertain. Her throat Is swollen to
twice Its normal size." She has been
living fairly quietly for some weeks.
Her apartments are elegant and luxu
rious, and she does not want for
money. To-niirht the physician in
charge declared an operation was
necessary; but that the princess' con
dition prevented It
A tcutnteil Trnln Iloltbery,
Ollicials of the Kurlington admit
that since the first of the week their
1 "'gui trains leaving j.incoin. .el)..
.ye f nf out V tn n l1 nnnC(1 w,t
Winchester rules. This precaution
was taken following the discovery last
Sunday of 21 sticks of dynamite to
gether with a number of masks hid
den under a bridge just outside the
city. Sunday night three men at
tempted to board the express car as a
train pulled out of Llneoln for the east
but they were driven off. Monday the
same three men were at Ashland' and
an effort was made to arrest them, but
they disappeared.
The Pnn-m. rinnnrlntly.
The auditor's report of the Pan
American exposition shows the total
liabilities of the company at the pres
ent time to be $:t,.TJ0.l'l-.iS) net. as
suming that the assets of $1 H,4.".l."i
are collectible at face. The total -ost
to the exposition company was $8.
SOO,T."7.20. The total receipts from ad
missions after May 1 wcro $2.4f)7,
(m;o.."S and tho receipts from conces
sions were '$.1.011. .VJ'J.70. Tho balance
duo to first mortgage landholders Is
$174.f'7t. and to second mortgage bond
holders Jf.-iOO.ooo. both of which are
included In the liabilities as given
When Yon Order
Piiiker's Cht colate or l'aker'& Cocoa
examine the pickaxe you receive and
n ake sure that It bears the well known
trade-mark of the chc colita girl. The:e
are many Imitations of theso choice
goods on the market. A copy of Miss
Parloa's cl.olce leclps will be sent
free to any housekeeper. Address
Walter Faker & Co., Ltd., Dorchester.
Winter rdentng for Children.
To keep up the Interest which ths
children have shown thl3 summer In
growing plants, make a sweet potato
cup. Cut about two Inches off one
end of a well-grown Bweet potato,
scoop out about half of the Inside and
fill the hollow with water. Fasten a
string about the potato, with another
ttring attached to It to suspend It In
the window. Keep the cuplike hollow
filled with water and In a short tlms
sprouts will appear. The vine will
be a vtry pretty one. Another window
green Is made by soaking a sponge
full of water and sprinkling it well
over with grass seed. It will soon
be a ball of green. If any part of
the grass dies, sprinkle In more grass
seed. Keep It wet.
t Igar Trntt Invade! Ohio.
The American Cigar company, a
trust organized under the laws of New
Jersey, was qualified by Secretary of
State Laylln at Columbus, O., to do
business In Ohio. Tho trust has a
capital stock of $10,000,000 and will
have its Ohio headquarters In Cincin
nati. James B. Duke Is at the head
of this trust
KlirumalUni and ttiu Kje.
Chicago, 111., Nov. l&th. Mr. R. A,
Wade, the celebrated criminal lawyer
of this city whoso opinion on legal
matters Is unquestioned, has recently
made public his unqualified opinion on
a matter of medicine. Mr. Wade says
that Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble
affect the eyesight, and further that
there Is no case of the kind that can
not be cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
He has no fear of being set right by
any of his medical friends, for both
statements have a living and indis
putable proof in the person of the
great lawyer himself, who as a result
of Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble
from which he suffered for years, be
came totally blind.
Physicians, the best In tho country,
pronounced his case incurable and
hopeless, but Dodd's Kidney Pills
cured him, restored his sight, drove
away the Kidney Trouble and with it
the Rheumatism and made an all
around well man of him.
Why lie Wan Loving III Ilnlr.
The Chemist What is this terribl
complaint that Is causing you to lose
your hair In handfuls?
The Patient My wlf sir.
j IIoit's IliM?
I We offer Ono Hundred Dollirs reward for any
case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by llali'i
I Catarrh Cum
i r. J. CllliXF.Y & CO.. Trops., Toledo. O.
We, the undersign''. 1, liavo known V. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years and believe him
; perfectly honorable In all buincsstransaetlons
and financially able to carry out anyoblija
' lions made by their linn.
I West&Truax. Wholesnln rrn?:,'lst. Toledo,
I O.; Waldin-r, Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale
j pnvpists. Toledo, Oliio.
j Hall's Catarrh Cnrn li f atten Internally, act
! In? directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
i f f tho Kvst'em. Testimonials sent free. l'ric
; S.K' per bottlo. Sold by all drin-'trists.
I Hall s Family 1'ilU uro tho beat.
Lawyer A man who Induces two
other men to strip for a tight, and
then runs off with their clothes. Ex.
Turning a mad dog loose Is a trifling
thing, compared to what the devil can
do with a gossiping tongue.
Brooklyn. N. Y Nov. l.'th. A medical
authority iys: "In many families
throughout the world ClarfiHd Tea often
takes the place of the family physician,
for practically everyone sufi't-rs at times
from disorders of ptomach. liver, kid
neys or bowels. Certainly, from no oth
er medlcln can niicli nood results be
obtained. This Herb remedy makes peo
ple well, thus greatly Increasing tnetr
capacity for enjoying life; It Is good Tor
young and old."
She "Diamonds are like women's
hearts tho richest jewels In creation."
He "And the hardest." Fun.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children
Successfully used by Mother Gray, nursi
la the Children's Homo in New York. Cur
Feverlsbness, Bad Stomach, Teething Dis
orders, move and regulate- the Bowel and
Destroy Worms. Over !M),000 testimonials.
At all druggii-ts, 25c. Sample fkeb. Ad
dress Alien b. Glutted, LtKoy, N. Y.
Tennyson Is said to have received
$00,000 a year from the Macmlllans
during the last years of his life.
To Curo a Cold In Ono day.
Tate Laxative liromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25a
Men convinced against their will are
of the same opinion still, but no wom
an Is ever convinced that way.
pot, streak or give your poods an un
evenly dyed nppearance. Sold by drug
gists, 10a per package.
There are spots on the sun. and yet
some people expect a twelve-year-old
boy to be perfect.
The well poctd druggist ad vis 30a
to use Wizard Oil for pain, for h
knows what it has d n
When a man begins to know him
self real well he has a very poor oplu
Ion of other people.
should be la every hoine. Ask your grocer for
It snd Uke no substitute. 100 a package.
The great Latin writer of comedy,
Terence, was a slave, as was also his
FIso's Cure for Consumption Is so Infallible
medicine for coughs and colds N. W. Samcel,
Ocean Grove, N. J., Feb. 17, 1301
It will 60 no rood to esk God to send
Are, unless the broken down altar has
first been built up.
Snrend of Mormon lam.
Mrs. Elizabeth It. Ycrmllye told the
Itcformod church in New York that
'the danger of Mormonlsm Is under
rated, not overrated. When the pub
lic realizes that there are two Mormon
churches In P.rooklyn. one In Manhat
tan, (ne In Philadelphia, a strong and
growing Mormon -ettlement on the
borders of' Pennsylvania and Now
'Jersey, and that the strongest church
In a section .' miles from Jersey City
Is Mormon, It may be understood that
tho situation Is menacing. - It was
prulicted that in ,M years the Mor
mons would control a belt of states
cutting th country in two from north-
1 east to southwest. The prediction has
locn vermeil in .' years Instead of
flO. They own land 'from the Kooky
Mountains to the Sierras and are
spreading east, ns I have told you.
They control four western states and
at their present rate of progression In
a number of others will soon have su
premacy In them."
The Pope It e ported Dying-.
A dispatch to the Lmdon Chronicle
from Rome says: "In spite of per
sistent and apparently well founded
denials that there is any Imminent
danger of the pope's decease, tho air
Is full of speculation and apprehen
sion. Indicating that his end is not
considered far off. Rumors of In
trigue and flato making, which It Is
Impossible to keep from the outside'
world, exude from every crevice of tho
Jealously guarded inner precincts of
the Vatican.
The pope's closest personal attend
ants include his faithful valet, Cen
tro, ono chaplain and ono minor pro
late, who (-(distantly and tenderly
guard his material comfort. Ills meals
are served In his private apartment at
a small table at which none other,
even a crowned head, may sit down.
No feminine hand may tend or soothe
the august Invalid.
KrnRPr'x (.old.
An Austrian merchant Just from
South Africa tells Imdon that tho
P.oer war will not last longer than
June. He believes the poors would
bo glad to make peace if they ob
tained substantial autonomy. He says
tho British should not allow tho
burghers to retain the gold mine re
gion, which should be permanently un
der British rule. This observer also
declares that Krmrer kept un the Afri
kander bund by wealth derived from
the gold Industry. He says if Kruger
loses his money he will soon lose his
Ml S(hip' Itnnanm.
The brigands who captured Miss El
len M. Stone and Mine. Tsllka have re
duced the amount of ransom they de
mand to .C20.npO. Turkish. Coinci
dent with this intelligence is the In
formation that the leaders of the band,
If convinced that this is more than Mr.
Dickinson will give, would accept
JCir.0Oo. Even this sum Is greatly be
yond the cash at Mr. Dickinson's dis
posal. Therefore, unless the captors
of the missionary further abate their
demands, there is no hope of an Im
mediate settlement.
A Mother' Heroism.
Frigid la Fraucnholz, of Dayton, was
adjudged Insane. Overwork, In her
effort to save her eitrht children from
starvation, ns well as herself, do
throned her reason. She was on the
verge of starvation when complaint
was made that she was supposed to be
losing her mind. Mrs. Frauenholz Is a
comparatively young woman. It is
said that her husband was unable to
earn enonrh money to support the
family, and that his wife worked night
and day. She was too proud to seek
Tin President' Mene.
Senator McMillan had a conference
with President Roosevelt Tuesday and
says the president read to him so
much of his forthcoming message, as
he had. prepared it. as Interests the
middle western states, and that he
was In full accord with all portions of
the message that wero submitted to
him. The senator said lie believed the
president would bo very conservative
In his recommendations to congress,
and would refrain from urging the
adoption of any very radical measures.
f nu In Itrlef.
L. J. Clrouard. Canadian government
registrar In the Klondike, was shot
and killed at Dawson by a miner
named Lord, with whom ho had quar
reled. Not less than SO Americans of largo
means are at present engaged In de
veloping mines, building railroads and
furthering other big enterprises la
The official count of tho vote at the
last election In Kentucky shows that
the Democrats will have a majority of
00 on Joint ballot in the general as
sembly. New York dispatches quote Senator
James McMillan as predicting that
Roosevelt's coming message will strike
a popular chord and that It will bo
Mrs. Eliza Hunt, of Derby, Conn.,
!s 101 years old. She attributes her
long life to the fact that she never
wore corsets. She says she feels able
to live oO years yet.
John W. Sctt, one of tho wealthiest
residents of Richmond, Va., was at
tacked by footpads near his residence.
In a fashionable quarter of tho city,
beaten to death and robbed. There Is
no due to his assailant.
Suit has been started at Baltimore
.TMlnt the Fnlted States Fidelity and
(Guaranty Co. of Maryland to recover
$,VKK). the amount' for which tho com
pany bonded Charles F. W. Neely,
of the department of posts of tho
Island of Cuba.
No Improvement has yet been made
In the Moroccan provinces or tho ad
ministration cf Justice. The Jail at
Marakesh Is full of heavy chained
men, whose only crime Is tho posses
sion of small fortunes, which the of
ficials are extracting by every kind of
The Berlin Kreuz Zeltnng makes a
savage attack upon Frank II. Mason,
United States consul general, because
In a recent consular report tho latter
said that the business situation In Cer
vnany cannot regain Its former pros
IorIty as long as the duties continue
uncertain and the danger of foreign
reprisals remain.
rt. Jul ot. o;i for Chet-'ol Is, IJroa-
lilt In, C roup and PleurUjr.
An outward application for bron
chial difficulties is many times far
more effective than syrups, cough mix
ture, cod liver oil, &c, simply because
It penetrates through to the direct
cause, which 13, as a rule, an accumu
lation of matter or growth tightly Ad
hered to tho bronchial tubes.
St. Jacobs Oil, possessing as it docs
those wonderful penetrating powers,
enables it to loosen these adhesions
and to Induce free expectoration. Cases
have been known where expectorations
have been examined after St. Jacobs
Oil has been applied, and the exact
formation was clearly shown, where
the adhesions had been removed or
pulled off the bronchial tubes. All Ir
ritation of the delicate mucous mem
brane of the bronchae 13 quickly re
moved by tho healing and soothing
properties of St. Jacobs Oil. In cases
of croop and whooping cough In chil
dren St. Jacobs Oil will be found su
perior to any other remedy.
St Jacobs Oil Is for sale throughout
the world. It Is clean to use not at
all greasy or oily, as Its name might
imply. For rheumatism, gout, sciatica,
neuralgia, cramp, pleurisy, lumbago,
sore throat, bronchitis, sonness, stiff
ness, bruises, toothache, headache,
backache, feetaehe, pains in the chest,
pains In the back, pains In the shoul
ders, pains in the limbs, and all bodily
aches and pains It has no equal. It
acts like magic. Safe, sure, and never
Many a man kicks his horse when
ever ho goes into the stable, who
claims to bo on his way to heaven.
Are Ton Using Allen's Poot-Kiin ?
It Is the only cure for Swollen,
Smarting, Burning. Sweating Feet,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken Irtrxl
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y.
If the sun burn more than usual, or
there be a halo around the sun In fine
weather, expect rain.
Insist on getting litis Uleachl'ig IHue. Don'l
tuke a cheap lmit.ull.ja. All grocery, loc.
When a prcat mnn dies, for years the
light he liiive behind him lies on ths
paths of men. Longfellow.
Mr. WIiihIow'h Noothinz Syrnn,
Kor rhll.lren t--Oiln. often tin puma, wIii-m ta
fla.mmat.ioiv. allay iaix cur, iuj re ilia ; battla.
No man ever offended his own con
science, but first or last It was revenged
upon him for It. South.
BE MEN. Zooklzoo, tne grent tnvlcnrator, acts
at once. Sent for $1; iat(re paid. AdJreas
Zookl Co., 1 iU 1 KumkcU K-t.. Detroit, MU b.
The man who has never used his eyei
to consider the mercies of God, has used
them to small purpose.
When a woman gives a man a piece ol
her mind all that remains of the fabric It
worthless In his estimation.
, M. D,
Endorses Lytlia K. Pinkham's
YesrctaMo Compound After
Following Its liccord For
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham: ITcalth Is
the greatest boon bestowed ou human
ity and thereforo anything- that can
restore lost health is a blessing. I
consider Lydbi I Plnkliam's Ycpr
otablo Compound as a blessing to
State and Is'ation. It cures her moth
ers and daughters and makes them
well and strong.
Piv5'-f-fiw iiiMl
Practicing Physician and Lecturer.
For fifteen years I have noted the
effect of your Vegetable Compound in
curing special diseases of women.
"I know of nothing superior for
ovarian trouble, barrenness, and ifc
has prevented hundreds of dangerous
operations where physicians claimed
it was the only chance to get welL
Ulceration and inflammation of the
womb has been cured in two or three
weeks through its use, and as I find It
fmrely an herbal remedy, I unhcsltat
ngly glvo it my highest endorsement.
Fraternally yours, Da. P. Viroqua,
Lansing, Mich." J5000 forftlt Ifabov U
tlmonlal la not genuine.
If you nro ill do not liositato to
pet ft lottlo of Lydla K. Pink
ham's Voffctablo Compound at
once, and write, to 31 rs. link
liam nt Lynn, Mass. for special
advice; it Is entirely free
TriThonipson's Eya Wafer
General Health.
Gentlemen: I used two bottles of
Baxter's Man rake Hitters and It had
a decidedly good effect along the line
of general health. I took it for diges
tive troubles and was much pleased
with the result. O. A. Uotsford, On
away, Miclu
LUnta WMtHt Alt tl.Sh IAIIS.
UCM loowh Sjrun. Taxu
intim. Hoii ty rtrmrirt-fa,
AT I r!l-l I Tr.i..l of fr. O. Vv4
f Flt.FpllHi"'1M N'fTniiit)ifw. AMr.M
O. FUkWa KltOWS, Hraaiiw. "

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