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jlgPMAN'S X.
I Crrand Inventory Sale still on,
tl Take advantage of the Low
Prices belore the sale ceases,
January 11th, Saturday night
at 10:30 o'clock.
- camvroarToa .f.na.
The Swede delight lu 'combination
diving." aud two men will iH-rfuiiu
Cmy clever feats together. One of the
' ti.ow is when one
most groiesqur -
. . , a .... ,a Ktirlnsril
t , thn snrlnnboaru
man siauus upitbu- v "
50c Shirts, T.Oc
7.")o Shirts, C.Oc
$1 Shirts, 79c
f)0e Mittens, 30c
Toe Mittens, GOo
$1 Mittens, 80c
50c Caps 30c
$1.00 Under
wear 75c
All Overcoats in the House at One-fourth off
Twenty-live per cent, off ou all Men s and Boy s
Ilt.r Bar-ains in Suits after our Inventory.
Come? early and get the Host Selections.
$ Hats.
To.) many Hats compels us to cut prices very
heavy. Look at these for winners.
()e Hats 30c $1 Hats 80c $1.25 Hats 08c
$1 75 Hats $1.38 S2 Hats $1.08
$2.50 Hats $2 18
A martinet of a Migrant deciding to
get married. tuna? of bis men decided
that when the happy event came off It
would be a lltthi occasion to pay back
with Interest old scores, especially as
their fiSnds decided to keep up the
time honored cusumi of throwing rlca
nnd old shoes at the happy couple.
On the eventful day when the happy
pair emerged from their quarters they
were greeted w.th a perfect shower of
mrown uis ti.rhtiv rice ami oui s, but one Tommy unc
two men. clasping the other y j substituted a b'g pair of regula
round the waist, turn a bOU,"7, ' tlon niuchers, va.ieli he threw with
when they reach the water u ' such uwrviniS a;ill that the missile
who started upsuie uou . caUKht tlu. st.rs,.aat Just above the eye,
Inllicting a nasty cut.
Directly the ceremony was over the
Ive specialty or miu...i B"" Uorircant linnu -dleti'lv went to the hos-
ollen and
and tightly clasps another man s
round the waist, noiuiug uu
downward and putting Ills own i he. d
through the man's leg., When the up.
right man springs from the lnl
throws his legs into uu ""... ! ria, and old ulima. but one Tommy had
The handspring dive Is a very effect-
Br,.,nnuv of Swedish swimmers
The iHTformer takes off from tlu m .. thiMvouml .lr.8ged. Tl
Ing board with hands Irisf- oi i . . lloclort ufu.r exarJnjns the 8WOiien ao
turning his body In order J es " jisiored uplle. inquired how It wi
i . .
icci luiviuuni v .--v.
rive head downward. Very grncerui
also Is the back dive. In which tho
spring Is made backward, uie nouj
,.nin tnwnrd the snrlngboard. Voxi-
ble somersault dives are made from
platforms 30 or 50 feet nign; iue
making two turns in the al. ' enter
ing the water feet foremen. i tui
son's Magazine.
Xot tbe Same Wife.
The old gentleman had returned to
the home of his boyhood for the first
time In ten years or more nnd. as on
t,o list occasions, he had written "und
wife" after his name on the hotel rog-
- . lw.til
lster. Or course uie Keeper vi
was glad to see him and grasped him
lr hv the hand.
"Ain't grown a day older than when
you was here last.- he said.
NoV" Kald the oki gentiemau nun
qulringly. ...
"Not a day, rcturueu ine u.w..
keeper emphatically. "our wire seeais
to have changed more n you.
"Oh. yes. Leastways f he does to me.
Looks thinner than when you was here
"Yes. She ain't near so fleshy as she
was, acconrn to my recollection. Seems
like she's taller, too. r.n her hald don t
look Just the Mime to t ie. an-nif-
"And." put in the old gent.cmau smi
ly. "she's not tlu frame wife, you know."
IIS will he a nttlnjr climax of our January Clearance
Sale which closes next Saturday, n win mi
I.hs for us, tv.t it will bo a pleasiut one. It will bo a bit
of scns-itlon-.il extravaganoo, but the extravagance will
Inltho seller, not the buyer.
J . , .,,! .n:u neeii mul ate. Holiday
i If anv jewel ry -')re mu, -
lii r loaves 'hold-overs" on our hands-broken sets of knives
''4 -mil -poon; t 'il sets, old pieces irora mmin-uicroi.,
d J'onv." Lots of jewelry items and many other things Such
J;ro!n,v;.r lo .Us well on thy Invoice sheet, hence the "Grab b ile.
What Is
a Grab
We have selected from our
toek ZioO articles ranging In value
from $10.00 to 2" c-nts ! O io wtrth
loss th'in the latter price. The.se
articles, as above suggested, are se
lections from every department in
the btorc. To add still more at
tractiveness to the Sale, we have
added some, really fine pieces in
man'tlo clocks, watches and small
diamod rinirs, etc.
' These articles are 11 wrapped In
packages, aud will be thrown in our
window on Saturday morning before
the sale opens. Be on hand early
tnd ir.ake vour crrab from the en
tire WH) articles and the price will
be a quarter 2o cents a grab four
Grabs one dollar.
Jan. 11th.
Opens at 10
o'clock in the
25 Cents
Our Guarantee:
No package in our window will contain any article worth less
than cents-the majority will hold goods worth over one dol'ar
-some p ickagcs will hold goods worth from $10.00 to $5 00. Every
package will contain wimo article of value taken from our regular
stock." As these package are all of one size large pieces will be
delivered from orders found in them.
done. ! ,
"Well. Fir," rejllcd the sergeant.
got married tod;ij and"
r.ut was cut sL rt by the doctor
married man) osciulmlng:
"Oh, I see! Tint explains It; but, by
.Tnve. she's starti 1 curly 1" London An-
' First Silver Weddlnic.
According to a hlstoriau, this la the
.. . .ii 1. T... .qni
way tne ursi suer wi-uums ..v
about. It wai lu the time of Hugues
Caput. Two of hU most faithful serv
ants, a man nr.d a wciuan. had grown
gray In his employ. How could he re
ward them?
Calling the woman, he said: our
service Is great, greater than the man's.
whose service Is grrnt enough. Tor tne
woman always finds work barder than
a man. and therefore I will glvt you a
reward. At your age I know of mme
better than a dowry and a husband.
The dowry Is here, 'inis rami man
this time forth belongs to you. ir tn.
man who has worked with you for live
and twenty years Is willing to marry
you, then the husband Is ready."
"Your majesty." said the old peasant.
"how Is it possible that we should mar
ry, having already silver hairs?"
"Then It shall be a silver wedding.
And the king gave the couple silver
enough to keep them in plenty.
Such was the origin of the Fiber
wedding, n custom which, spreading all
through France, subsequently became
know n to the world.
The Pains of Kidney Disease
Warn You Against the Most Dreadfully Fatal of Disorders.
You Can be Cured by Promptly Using Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills.
Don't imagine that you are experimenting
when you use Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
a most as well Known
Tain la nature's signal whereby she warns
; man of approaching danger. Few diseases
' are so dreadfully fatal as disorders of the
1 kidneys and few are accompanied by more
severe pains and discomforts.
1 One of the most common symptoms of
kidney disease is the smarting, scalding sen
sation when passing water which is likely to
come v;ry frequently and at inconvenient
times. Then there is the dull, heavy aching
in the small of the hack and down the limbs.
. When these pains are accompanied by
deposits in the urine after it has stood for
j twenty-four hours you may be sure that you
' are a victim of kidney disease and should not
i lose a single day in securing the world's
greatest kidney cure Dr. Chases Kidney
Liver Pills.
Take one pill at a dose, and in a surpris
ingly short time you will b far on the road
to recovery, for L. Ciia-e's Kiinry Liver
Piiis act directly and promptly u the kidneys,
and are certain to prove of vr, :t' benefit to
any one suffering from irreulai uics if those
Vnlne f Dlnmonili.
As to tie wilir of diamonds, per
feelly white stonis or decided tints of
red rose, green ir blue are most nign
ly prized, l'it cinnamon and salm
on or brown, brick, or yellow stones
er-teeued. If flawless and
without tint el any kind, they are
termed first w.'rer. If they possess a
wioi.lv Mr.e cucr. at times almost
opalescent, they lire called blue white
viiw.ii -iTP lisualh- rra;:lliau stones. Kx
ceptioually iMiVct stones are termed
gems, and for such there is no fixed
value, ti e pne? depending on the puri
ty nnd the brillancy of the stone. The
term t'.rst wate: varies in meaning, ac
cording to the dass of poods carried by
the deal r n.-v.v It.
It Is i;;i!M).;ile to estimate the value
of a d.ai'ieud by its weight. Color,
brilliancy, cm and general perfection
of the fioi:e ill are to be taken Into
account. rf t,u Moues. both flawless
and weigh hr: ten carats, one may be
woith a the other Sl'-MKK). In
ceptions! -:'.( s often brlns special
pl'lCeS. l i -UI OI i.llivnn.l ,vv..
sell at an nvuaee price per carat re
rardles of sliO.
Point on n I.ot.iler.
A lobster Is found In the water, but
not always In fact, some of the most
successful lobsters that ever lobstered
were born nnd ralsid on dry land.
One can usually tell a lobster by Its
actions. Tor In: inr.ee. If a young turn
nfra n ernwded drawing room and
walks all over the feet of the ar--s.--m-bled
guests without their consent or
approval the young man at once be
comes n lobster.
The fathers of lobsters uua"y h-'.ve
money. In fact. It Is dlMlcult to be n
real stand up and fall down lo:-;ier
unless the lobster's father has money.
It Is an odd fact that many girs
......A I .......1.1
seem to nurture .oisier. it
seem that a girl ought to know better.
but she doesn't until she marries a
lobster. Then she turn', ls.
Lobsters have no brains. If yon
don't believe It. spilt a lobsters mau
open with an ax If you don't care any
thing about the ax.
This world would be a much mere
desirable abiding place If there were
no lobsters In It. Ohio State Journal.
I ins. i iicy ,
. . i. ' : 1, hv made some oi
nis greai isccipc
the most surprising cures of kidney disease
on record and have come to be Cons.dered
the only absolute cure for kidney disease.
Mr. T. Curtiss. a well known R. R. engi
neer, living at iqt Murry street. B.ngham
ton, N. Y.. writes:
"Soon after going on the road I began to
be troubled by severe pains in my back
accompanied by such terrible weakness that
I was obliged to stop work for days at a
"Hearing of the good results obtained by
in-r Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills gave
them a trial. They helped me a.mosi nunc
diately. and now I can truthfully say that I
am as well as any man.( thanks to Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills."
Dr. Chases Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill
dose. 2s cents a box at all dealers or Dr.
A. W. Cha-e Medicine Co.. buffalo N Y.
See tlmt you get the e"l!"' wltu IrtrU ami iutfitur of Ir. A. W Cl.
A Yootli'ol Promoler.
A horseman had an amusing experi
ence near the speedway a few days
i-o He called to an Idle newsboy to
hold his horse wblie lie maue u run
a client. On leav.ng the house he was
surprised to see another toy m ci..ui
of tlie horse. So he asked:
"How's this? You are not the koj i
eft my horse with.".
'No, sir. I Jist upekllr.ted and bought
him of the ether boy for lt cents, lie
said as how yuu were only worth a
nickel, nr.d I Kays you were ge.od for a
qua iter. See?"
The boy gut. the quarter and went
around the corner. nere tne nisi ik.j
was waiting under an p n window in
the home i f the horseman's friend.
"That's the way ter work the swells,"
said the young speculator to his com
panion. "Lf you had staid, he woulder
coughed up a dime, i no inu o'-'"
lilm ersbanud to haml over less man
the two bits. You gets ll; cents, ami l
keep the extry cent for permotln dls
scheme. See?"-New York Times.
How Fortran "nnrne Wai rjallt.
The D J.nnrrof onstructlng the fort
at Old i'Mint Comfort Is Interesting
and throws sute Puht on customs nnd
pra(tiei th.Mitu vegne. The work was
almost v.'."..!iy l:ie by slaves who were
i...ri-i,t i,, ih- nlnee bv their masters
and leased to he engineers lu charge
The slave uv:4r received "n cents a
day for caeh si te, and the government
furnished c:m h ria borer,'.' as the slave
was called. w.'Mtwo suits of working
clothes, a y r eiSwo of shoes, rations.
oua iters and ocedionally a little tobac
co. The -ia'.toi
Will You Build
Or Make Any Changes In Your Buildings?
If you intend doinc: so you certainly will be interested
in knowing that I have opened a new lumber yard in
Building Material of all Kinds for Houses or Barns
It's for YOUR interests to k'et my
& Hill's old location on north sido.
L. Kendall.
little do: lus a;
sIk.ts. T' ( v lived!
subject to a kind
The owv.crs were
to co'.leet the hilV
worked with very
generally without
i barracks and were
military discipline,
gular In coming In
r Oclr slaves, from
which we may inftr tUit the "constltu-
ir iifii
eiits" of th e daysht:3v how to appre
ciate a good thin;
of the present
geitratlon. Leslie's
How to Tr-n a Cook.
'Into no department In life." says
Yuan Mel. a Chinese authority on
cooking, "should Indifference be allow
ed to creep: Into none less than Into the
domain of cookery. Cooks are but mean
fellows. u:ul If a day Is passed without
either rewarding or punisir.n-., mem
that day Is surely marked by ne
jrence or carelessness on t'"'ir l':,rt-
badly cooked food Is swallowed in si
lence, such neglect will speedily be
come a habit. Still, mere rewards and
punishments are of no use. If a dish is
g)od. attention should be called to the
why and the wherefore. If bad. an ef
fort should be made to discover the
cause of the failure."
degree worthy
A Iletlary.
A retiary was the name of a Roman
gladiator armed In a peculiar way. He
was furnished with ft trident and net.
with no more covering than a short tu
nic, nnd with these Implements he en
deavored to entangle nnd dispatch his
adversary, who was called a secutor
(from scqul. to follow) and was armed
with n helmet a shield and a sword.
The name of the Orst Is pronounced as
If snclled re-sbl-n-ry. the accent on the
first syllable.
Good llenrtrtl.
MInnlck-l thought you said Scrlbbel
was a good hearted fellow.
AMInnlck-Well, I hinted pretty strong
ly that I'd like to have a copy of his
latest book, but he studiously Ignored
the request.
Slnnlck That's where he proved his
kindly nature. Exchange.
Cnre In "nUBK aim.
An ax Ia subject toffgld tests before
it Is ninnonnci (1 nerfct. The steel must
- " I .. . . A
be of the required tetper. tlie weigni
ie size must be
round alike and
ouform to an es-
o inspector w uo
steel does so by
nd striking the
ther It be too
it breaks dur
ide. to be made
a I cf an ax Is In
en heated five
perlng process,
ted has passed
about 40 work
lone something
fter passing ln-
tbe grinding de
it to the polish
upon emery
of nil axes of tne sa
uniform, all must be
In various other ways
tabllshed standard. 1
tests the quality of M
hamnurirg the blade
edge to a.-eertaln v
brittle-or not. An ax
ing he test i.? thrown
over. P.cfore the inn i
the propi r t itpe it 1.3
times, I;u lmling the t1
nnd the nr. v. '.h n com
throi-',h the hands c
meu. each of whom 1;:
toward perfecting It.
spectioli Ike axes go t
partment and from t!
crs. who finish tlx
w bee Is.
Harry and Charlie.
speetively. have Justt
nurserv table for dnl
there Is but one tun
nnd Immediately sirs
brings his mother to tli
"Yhv. Harry, whit
forV" she asks.
'r.exause there ain't
Charlie." Ex ha nge,
of The International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pa., at
Law Notes tells of a trial lu which
J ibe following remorseful letter appear-
! id In evidence:
Mr. Bidvrell:
I.r Sir Thli whit I never expect to come
to. Hut it If trouble, end no one to hi-lp nice out.
So I want you to live thii young woman Hurrli-il.
But mte. lrt me Ujr top ot crouiid. for the Tur
key BuzanJt to eat; tor I have did mnir.
Itnnrlird Ula
Mohn." said Mrs
caller had l- ne ava
wouldn't bunch youi
'Vh;it d von me.aj
Mr. I'.illus.
i didn't mind yocr
vmi were te? vearsd
you fd lowed It up 1
letting It slip out th;t
Chicago Tribune.
IJndKf. tli' SIprTp MIvili-il.
An election petition was being til d.
and a witness was called to prove
"One of the gentlemen says to m
a . . a .. . t. . rrv-i,.,
Hodge, you must vote ior mc i n .
said the witness.
"And what did you answer to that?'
asked the counsel.
"Well. says I. 'How much?"
"And what did the agent say?"
Tie didn't say nothing. The other
gentleman comes to me nnd says, 'You
must vote for the Liberals. I lodge.
"And what did you answer?'
I said. 'How much?' So he arst me
what t'other gentleman offered me. aud
I told him 5 shillings."
. . a il l .1 T IU.nl nmilit ''
' Ami W Uul U1U iur wumu
lie cave me 10 shillings."
rv.nna.i sita driwn trlumpiiant, ami
up starts the other side.
"Did you vote for the Liberals r
"Did you vote for the Tories?"
"No. I ain't got a vote!" bpare .mo-
ReatorlnR Iie IoIIh.
Savs a housekeeper: My piano,
which had been covered with a cambric
cover, was loaded with dust that had
sifted through the sleazy cloth. The
rtner vena inn thick to be wined off. It
should have been blown and lightly
whisked off first, but this my maid did
not do, and In consequence the grime
.na trinml In for nil I know with a
damn cloth. At all events the highly
Dollshed surface was clouded over al
most to a gray, and I was in ucspair
until a friend suggested a 'remedy, hhe
advised me to wring as dry as I could
a piece of chamois from out a basin
of water and rub the p'.ano until the
chamois was bone dry. This I have
done and completely restored the pol
jsbw goods
Cash Grocery
This problem may 9em difficult for com'i to m' ve.
away for goods when you can buy che-vper at hmiu ? We
for eash and cheaper than any store in the county.
aim to
20 lb Cranulated Sugar ..$1.00
a Cans Fiest Corn 25
:$ Can.- Leader Milk 25
2 Pkg. Shredded Wheat. ... .. 25
2 I'kg. Malta Vita 25
1 Gal. Kerosene Oil 10
f Gal. Kerosene Oil 45
Try Royal Tiger CotTe, liest in
the city for 20, 25, 30, 35c P-r
Beech and Maple Wood par cord, $2. 25
PRICE only:
Vincent & Co,
red 5 and 3 re
n seated at the
r. Harry sees
ou the table
up a wan nn
are you crying
any orange for
Ilotr Pepper la Trepnred.
The pepper plant Is propagated by
cuttings, comes Into bearing three or
four years after It Is set nnd yields
two crops annually for about 12 years.
When a few of the berries change
from green to red. all of them are gath
ered, because If they were allowed to
ripen any longer they would be less
nungent. To ut them for maruei tuey
are dried, separated by rubbing with
the hands and cleaned by winnowing.
The black pepper of commerce consists
of the berries thus prepared.
ii For Ten
i! Dollars
The ItlKbt Hnndllnis tt IlooL.
A book should uot be bent back till
the binding Is cracked aud loosened nor
nndera. laid face dowuwnrd on n chair or tame
llillus after the nor left out over night In the rain, nor
1 wlsle you should Its leaves be turned down to
inilcra so." mark the place. Cultivate a good mem-
Maria?" tisked ory as to the page where you leave off
and be Independent of external axis.
Ladles' Home Journal.
elllng her that
er than I, but
dnute later by
ou were 52."
w. i. imxnmcT's huva sroun.
Week Commencing Jan. 0th. Call and get free cir
cular. The local representative, .T. D. Worden, will
be in attendance. i
Ilia Smipfttlir Aroaaed.
She met him at the door, all breath
less with excitement.
"John." she cried, "baby's cut a tooth."
"Poor little fellow!" he returned com
miseratlngly. "Is It a bad cut?"-Chl-cago
A Dls Shallow.
We are told that the "smallest hair
throws a shadow." And so It does. It
throws a shadow over your appetite
when you find It In your food. Exchange.
Men's heavy &0c working shirt re
duced to 2oc, at J T. Webbcr'n, Ionia.
Thf Ilnmlleniinl mne.
1 ...A i t-A .1
Pmi-H.i V.i' w o 19 vie 1 1 i cnrisieueu
the habv vet. Mv vM waiits to give
him n fancy name oit 0' Q book, but I
won't have it.
Ascuni Whv not?
Vnim..i-s-I.eemise frV n0't' BFOW up
to I... iinnwiv ii i blneaiil and tough as
miia i i,..i-.e UT.f.wUlto fail.-Phlla-
delphla Prevs.
"Isn't It nwfr.l howtljn Mr. Ilenpeck
ia t,-v f.M.,r.ii-.ii Sri (Jabble to her
hnshnnll. "And be ilo Ik so Stout.'
"lN.i hMns" Hilinedin little Willie, re
membering his truii!" TMt 11,9 bicycle
tlres-"pei-hap! his v f'J'orgets to blow
him up regular, like joufaId she U8te',
l'hllad. lohla Pu ss. I
In a Vtclona Circle.
T wonder what makes a man's hair
fall out so fast when it once starts?'
"Wnrrv! Nnthlns tends to make a
man bald so much as worry, and noth
ing worries a man so much as the Idea
lhAt he Is becoming bald. L.onuon
Und Heard Tli em All.
Mrs. Hennypeck (In the midst of her
reading) Here Is an Item which says
that there are more than 2r0.0(K) words
In the English language.
Mr. Hennypeck Yes, my dear; so
I've heard. Puck.
Genuine MouteyniCMK) overcoats
reduced to 15 00 at J
Tasmania Is 4.000 miles less In area
than Ireland. The names of Its 18 conn
ties are almost all taken from English
Fish has very high food value. In
fact, It Is very nearly as nutritious as
chicken or turkey.
A man must fall at least once to learn
bow to succeed.
You may take your choice of
any 12.00 or 13.50 Suits, and
for $11.50- you may take your
choice of any 15.00 Fancy Wors
ted or Cassimere Suit in our
stock, and for 13.50 you may
take your choice of any 111.00
Suit. In addition to this big
discount we will give trading
stamps with each purchase.
This sale is for spot cash, and
close Saturday, January 18th,
tJ.-T. JVbbbbr.

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