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Another club woman, Mrs.
iaule, of Edgcrton, Wis., tells
how she was cured of irregulari
ties and uterine trouble, terrible
pains and backache by Lydia E.
PinkharrVs Vegetable Compound.
"A while ago my health began to
fail because of female troubles. Tho
doctor did not help me. I remembered
that my mother bad used Lydia 1'.
l'inkham's Vegetable Compound
on many occasions for irregularities
and uterine troubles, and I felt Bure
that it could not harm rue at any rate
to give it a trial.
" I was certainly pi .id to find that
within a week 1 felt much better, the
terrible pains in my back and side
xyrs beginning to cease, ami at the
Urtie of menstruation 1 did not havo
nearly as serious a time as hereto
fore, so I continued its use for two
months, and at the end of that time I
was like a new woman. I really have
never felt better in my life, have not
had a side headache bince, and weigh
20 pounds more than I ever did, m I
unhesitatingly recommend Vegetable
Compound."' Mr.s. May IIaii.k, Kd
gerton, Wis., President Household
Economies Club. f 5000 forfeit If orlqlnai of
above letter proulnj genuineness cannot te producud.
"Women should roiiirinlMT there
is ono triod arid true remedy for
all female ills, Lydia K. IMnk
hum's Vegetable Compound. Ke
fuse to buy any other medicine,
you need tho best.
".SfThorapsca Eyo Water
KltfS JililCCil
OSltlOU. Only
si'liool in 1. S.
I v l r.iri D sp itt tn is. Trtln I li il herV
School Teletrrapliv, Detroit. Mich.
WIM ! :t 11 for nnr ct that I k
Kt.irilS Lmuor. Ttt-fc;o ! ClW
rtt KfHm'tu-H in lijuid f rill wi . I li-.l
Miiri', iiiinT Htl or ith-'Ht t.i" '.
tirht'ii kiMwit-.)K'i ;- h ii fi. 'ifC.ii
t .'i ,r .-it.Mvl Iv all ilriiLv'ti.'. Wrm
KEH'ti, I till M.'.nrvt. St., To.i-U, Olnu.
i-u. a. c
If yout (vt!on ts office wort, out
d.M.r wnrW ot (arm wt.rW. what Ii
etlrwis a pleasant lak to jou wiU
helrkvnie If you have any f t!.
many tils rauiri by ln li'f stir n. rt.n
tipation. liver anj klJr.ey aiiu.cntj.
Dr. Caldwell's
U fuMnfeJ cure nnyf rm ff
r ina.Ji or I.dw. I troiihle. If it (ail
jour nn nry rlht tak.
J7il Druggists. SOc and $t EotttiM
V'e will sfnJ you satrj V Mn
a.vl a t' j W cm Stomach TrouMe
free, if you write u&.
PEPSIN SYRUP CO., Montlcello, IUs.
To prove tli; Ix'aUnu ami
Clearsiiuf power of l'ttlii
Toilet AntUptlc v,v will
mail a lure trial puckaL-e
with book ef instructions
HliMi.liitely frcP. 'Mils is not
a tiny s.nnpl', but a lart'o
parl;i(-'p. eiionu.rh to eon- '
vlnce anyone of its value. '
omen nil over thp country
nri. tir:ikinir I'mt I lie for what
J T21 '4 i! M 1 1 ban tlnti'! In 1 ! trriit-
l-x:f-,-.--i3 mrt of fr-mal Ills. c urltiC
fill Inflammation nn i discbarires. won i.-rfui as a
clTin-in vau'lnul douche, for s..ro throat. tiaal
catarrh, as u mouth wash ant to remove tartar
and whitt u the teeth, Sen I today ; a postal curd
Will dr.
Sold liTitrneslKtinr npnt rotpld byn, r.o
rtutl, Ixrir mi. Mt lfnctlon irn rint-e.l.
1I1E It. I'AX I ON ()., Itoiton, Mat.
XI 1 CoIiudImi Ae.
Ycu Buy
That's th amnnn t you cn by trad
lrnr wtih wi renlitr)r. S nl l.'c tn coin
or utampH tor our I H-rre ratnlep. It
oonmtns rjurvtntiorm on rvcryibimr you
UHclulifu. Write TODAY.
. . w -
When answering Ads. please mention this pape
Beat (otiiih Hrup. Tmim (ftxxlu Vr
i.iiKf.x nnrrit ail nr i is.
l ttrrm. rll nr nirtt.
i v
r.nrmnn Snyn It. I
The first tlnvo day of the trial of
Senator NK-hols for alleged subonia ,
1 1on of perjury travo no evidence that'
he was Interested In the case. Friday (
morning, however, (iunnan, the Ncr i
York promoter, toM of Nichols visit-
lnc him at H road way. New York, I
after t ho (J rand lipids water scandal
hid been exposed, and offering ldm ,
$."i(m t sign a statement to the effect ,
that he would k on the stand and'
testify favorably to Lant K. SaUbury
in iho hitter's trial.
Cannon said he told Nichols that It
would be contrary to his testimony
before tho grand jury, ami ho did not
like to do It. Carman, however, fdgn-
cd Iho statement, and Nichols, ho ul
leccs. pave him the money.
This statement was produced as evi
dence after Ion;; objection by the de
fense. i"arnian will tell of other tran
sactions with Senator Nichols.
1 lie Mlelilitiiti (iritnur.
The National !ranuo Friday morn
ing listened to the reports of the sec
retary it ml treasurer showing the or
der to b( in nourishing condition.
Last j ear 2."; new granges w ro or
ganized in the various states. Michi
gan taking the load with t(. Various
resolutions were introduced ami re
ferred to committees, which will not
report until next week.
The balance of tlx day was spent
in isiting state institutions and tho
sugar factory, and the conferring of
the seventh decree by the national
body. About .Vh) persons will tako
this degree. It looks as if
N. V.. will bo selected a
for nest year's mooting.
the place
AVI II lie Hetlref
A close friend of Senator M. A.
llaiina. writing on political business
to a friend in Washington. Is author
ity for the story that Senator llanna
will retire from public life at the end
tit' his present senatorial term. Tho
WashinL'tm Post, usually very well
ut'oniied about Mr. llanna. prints tho
news its a probnblo fm-r. Partial sup
port of the story is also at hand from
other sources.
Alex McDonald, who broke jail In
Sr. .b.s.-pli in ivi7 n,i rii.,i c'-ipturo
until a few months ai;o. claims that
he has fallen heir to $P).('i(x.
Mr. Wu. t!n Chinese minister, will
bo the truest of the Silk Association of
Alneiiia am! the American Asiatic
iai io:i at a farewell b.inUet to
It- t: i veil i.i New York Thursday night.
Almost totally t'eaf in both ears for
a period o!' seven yenrs, Charles Mc-"orunt-ic,
11 years .old, o!" Pittsburg,
li.. s'nlu'uly regained his sense of
heaving when ho came in contact with
a -jive'' wire. His ease had been
considered hopeless.
AM i:m i i s
k ' . i'.ri.im,'
Dirruorr ( it'i..( tim si
A Jf , ,. ,,: K..II U!l
iv iu:ti:oit.
November J.'.
- K-mUii (.illarn! in
e "NOi re I .tim', .--Sal-
e.r.t.iv ti. r : Kv i.i,,
J.Vi KI M l II I, VI I II - 'AH ou Av.,liut (if Kli.V
--,.i. M.e. ; c. :.c. . w. antt ."c,
WlUTXKV '1 it K. I KIl-.-Qiir.-n Of tlr HitfllWav"
--Aialllie- IlV. I i-. ;';,(; Kv. l-l,-. .'. c .t i:il .10c.
Tt MI'l.K 1 III v I l.i( AMI We.Mi:KI,AM--Aflor-
itwtiH lu.- u. j. c; I'Aci.itis, loc ty Sjc.
'J in: m itui;is.
D.'tr.,lf. Cr i-.l to eh
to 1.2 0 liis. ii.-r;i.'. J 1
tftltellfl-S, 7't! to Kl ):
lui-;.-! lu;tvl,..i.s an I
enrnnion I u Is. J.' , .-.
hi'!!-. :V;'c; r.u; ci.nin.i.
wi'il-hr.-d )' !!, i
M"'k rs. J2 T.'.W.t 2..; ;.
(fi.'.'i; i-niuiji. cow t, i.':
isii. . -p- lu st Linilis,
lanis. )fj ;;.r 4 !t i; v.-
t il Is ;i!Vl ' iTUIlln. 'i
H..t?s-l.iKht to U,.,.
"i'-p liiitrhpr. l.fWM
-''u "; 1 i K ! ) t to goo l
. averaue, t.i Z'a 4 ;
i cowk. t-i'i, ;i 75;
K""l siitpitintf
n !' tl-rs, toV.lM;
s. U 7:.5i4 2T,; lliiht
1 milch cows, JIO
$4 S.V,4 'tO; l,ot
.ji-l.nL-s. ' 7Mi'i 25;
."..' 2 15.
! ImteliPrs. W'J
hi kei s. 5 u'f5 65;
p. a:i.l hrht
rouchs. U'
It--, 1-3 oir.
'hirMrro,riitt!: ;....!
Jti.:ri t2.; p....r to iii".lhini.
it fid f.-.'.l. r-. it ". 4 ,
t'"il' rs. ?2'" t 75; eat::i.-rs
$2W 1 5 t; ealven, J;; 5,i'.7
.t,,ry S'. H; vf.--t 'rn sti
I lu-s Mlxf.l an ! l ir,
point to elioiee lieavv. $;
h" t w . 5 ' jiy i.t
,r .-.!.-s fc t --, z;. ' '
Si..-. p-..( ! to i ...
w e - let u !n. , i- i:
:l 5"'. 5.
T.'.-t P.ifff.ito fattl ; r
pt.-.o!v; l.ij-s. $S 2". is ..;
$.-. '
His--ilt':iv. r: t
c, -or!-ri'. ; ;: ;c
r."-!is. v v.. -;; , ;;
Stl-el-T'Mt la.'i,':.. $:
yw, 2".''5 "5; v . - .:
ti :'VnZ 5 : slift -P. !. t.
to primp Ftrprn,
$.'.''(5 75; stoekor.4
ows. ft 4;
1 4'f.2 40; bulls,
25; Texas fej.
rs, ti '"W 50.
Iots. X5 5.5'n 5 P.5;
2it'.jr! 42'i: roitRli
$5 151(0 S; bulk-
th r. t.i 4'Ti I;
native lamLa,
ehn ncctl ; venlfl,
l.llil 'li to peotJ,
oulls to
itxeJ. i
u u l.
(.nil i
2 w hit".
mi n 'it at
'e.l, M
r r:
;it 77 -'.p; May.
i.t 7'-jp: N'.
p winter, 77c;
i- hu.
N'o. 3 yellow, 1
liti at 7' if. 2'.
te.J, 10 rars ii t 7: .
by stmi l". I ar a'
("oni- N'o. .'! tniXi-,1
ejr ;it p"i' !'".
flat- 'o. ;! wlii'e
4 white "2c; l.iy san
1 ie
Uvp-Xft. 1 spot, 5
5o'..i- p. r b J.
a r
I e:
,it ?.V'c; No.
r at Soup ptr
'o. 2 ryp, 1 car nt
N o .'! ' I
ri:,t--. V.).
Its -No.
-Wheat: Sr.
No. r i-.
2. 51.'; Nm
2. "V,-:; X
2. Vj,
71', ''(72
I'rod im-p
Tint ( or
fr' 22
to cliol
C'rr a m-i i.
rxtrn. ;ifi?5c:
titv. 17715'': kciM
s' Bra '". 12'olc.
is. bul2'j.c; brick.
. r.M'V:
-New I'ii
er .
Pel. f-:'l2l-
per tlo
: at
in a r!:.
lae. IS '(2.10
l '
a ml
.!: Hcht nnil.er.
i ; extractt d, C''
5; prr bM; fancy,
ro pt i".
. r;'.i jt'r b.
live lie?.. S'.Hc;
1 1t;l1e; tur
- . f P. 1 t f seil
! ; .12'v,('; pte.-e, 8
.V Mr "
:?'-ii; :': No. 2.
' r. straw. J6;
i; per tn In cur
i'-," p
75 e'T M.l.
a: a n
ill I'V-
r i
. yrtl V:.. ...... v,
', ft ; til' lev s. Yl'l
I'.i v I'r r on
f No 1 !P
Jll; elnvr. tn e
v lo'a t it nd o ' ' v
lets. f. I-. l'ti
Mr. H'tty t.reen Is s eklnir to b
tnlu i.iis.,.ion of the Fifth Presby
terian chiireh in Chienuo. on which she
bit" it $1,,, mortate
The cxjiortlng of American shoe la
of com p.ini lively recent growth. In
ls:.-. thi country fx ported only SL.
(ifl worth of boots and hIioom but for
the Pc.il year l'.")l it Kfiit abroad ?V
,,io.froO worth.
I John W. Hollcek. a f.irmer and nl-
logrd pension atrrnt. has bfn en
tenced to 10 yearn imprisonment for
I making false pension atlidavlti. vrlth
forging names of witnesses and with
Follow Murderers' Trull
Detectives of the Northwest Spend Months
in Tireless Search of Men Who Had Com
tnlttcd Crimes in the Yukon,
Hero Is a story of the most remark
able police force in tho world a story
of the detectives of tho Dritish North
westof tho men who ferret ont the
murder mysteries of the tangled wild
trnoss of tho Yukon.
In tho territorial jail of tho Klondike
at Dawson lie two men, whom the
wonderful detectives of the Northwest
charge with the minder of four men in
the remote wilderness of tho Yukon
Thtlr names are Victor Founder
and Kduard Labelle
The murders tcok place on a little
island in tho British Yukon.
Loon Douthilette. Joseph Guy Beau-
"Pete" Fournier.
doln nri'l Alpaoppo Cimstantln were
plain by Fournier, Iy I.abello or by
both. Down below Dawson, on the
American side, CJilbert Dufors wa5
Khot to death by Labelle, according to
the ftate of Fournier.
Immediately after the murders be
came known the most remarkable po
hee force on the American continent,
or perhaps in the world, went to work.
Major Wood issued his Instructions
to William II. Welsh, one of the
threwde.st and most experienced of
he detective force at hi.s command.
These Instructions were brief. "Run
this tiling down" said Major Wood.
To the Yukon police this order
means "Stay with it until you know
the truth and place the murderers un-
t!cr arrest."
I At Whitehorsc Welsh found that
Constantin had arrived from Dawson
r.nd pone across the mountains about
the middle of May. This continued the
story of his Dawson friends that Con
j ftantin was bound lor Vancouver, per
j haps for Quebec.
I Fournier and Labelle were both well
known to the police. They were
gambling house boosters both at Daw
son ami Whitehorsc. Fvil associa
tions and unsavory reputations kept
Loth under the eyo of the service.
i Then Welsh found in Peter Ilook,
a Whitehorsc grocer, a man who sold
a small quantity of provisions to a
boat party and who knew both Four-
I nier and Labelle by name and by
pfght. And tho best part of Hook's
service to the case was his positive
statement that 1 abelle had returned
about July 1C to Whitehorsc. To Ilook
, Labelle said he was Roing to Atlin. He
had evaded the police and his move
rnents were not of lecord.
j It was now near the last of July,
i Welsh impressing Ilook the grocer
! into his service, crossed the mountain.0!
to Pkagway following the trail of La
j On Aug. 1 three miles from Ogilvio
or. tho banks of the Yukon, another
; body was found. It, too, was con
vtyed to Dawson. No one recognized
It. With the Infcrmation already In
hand Major oni and his men at
once and instinctively connected this
I third body with those of Douthilette,
P.eaudoin and Constantin. It was not
the body of Frurnicr or Labelle.
j Where were they?
Labelle was, In all likeliood still
i alive, since he had passed through
Whitehorsc southward; Fournier, un
Jess murdered J i Uo the rest, could at
knst throw light upon the crimes.
On Aug. 21 "Pete" Fournier quietly
William H. Welsh.
v.alked Into a Dawson gambling house
and began to play. Ho unfolded a
rmall roll of bills and bought his
chips. Presently he was tapped on the
thouldrr. Two men In civilian clothes
and two policemen In uniform wanted
to eee him. Fournier was aurprlsed,
but started readily to accompany them.
The bills he had given to the dealer
vere taken by the police. One of them,
the outer wrarplng of the roll, bore a
cavy stain of reddish blaxk.
It was
Fournier went nuietly to the puarrt
house. He protested that he did not t
know what ho was wanted for; lie had
committed no offense, and the Inquisi
tion of the police failed to move him
to a damaging admission. Put "Pete"
vas held.
Meanwhile Welsh, tho detective,
had struck the trail at Skagway and
was hanging to it with the tenacity
characteristic of the man and his
training. Labelle had not dallied
long In Skagway. Welsh followed him
to Vancouver lb C, and thence to
Seattle. I
In Seattle records of a local employ
ment bureau showed that he had been ;
sent to a logging camp in the eastern
part of the county. Welsh and Rook
vent there. Labelle had moved on. I
Then the pursuers began a syste
matic search of the logging camps.
The trail was followed to Spokane,
tbence to Nelson and Rossland In Urit
ish Columbia; back across the Inter
national boundary to Thompson's
Falls, through Missoula and Putte, In
Montana, to Pocatcllo, Idaho, and to
Cgden, Utah.
Then came Welsh's triumph. One
jpmp from Ogden to the little town of
Wadsworth, in Nevada, and Kduard
I abelle. quietly at work in the camp
of a railroad contractor, was taken
into the hands of the relentless and
far-reaching Yukon law. Doubly Iden
tified by Welsh and Rook, branded by
both as a triple murderer, the captive
weakened. He admitted his knowledge
cf tho k'lllng ami made his confes
sion, blaming Fournier. He readily
f greed to accompai y the detective to
Dawson without the formality ot ex
tradition. The trio started on the re
turn trip.
While in Seattle en his way to Daw
ton Labelle made what be claimed
wr.3 a full confession. He told of be
ing at the opposite end of the island
from where the party was camped and
of hearing three shots. He had sus
pected Fourriicrs intention to kill tho
others and began to fear for himself.
He remained away more than an hour
and at length ventured into camp
about midnight.
"I crept up close and looked around
lor the men" said Labelle. "Fournier
stood there alone. 1 had him covered
with my rifle, br.t was badly fright
ened. Fournier spoke first. He came
toward mo acting very nervously and
said: 'I can pay you that money now.
Just forget this. It's all right.' I was
so frightened I didn't know what I
was doing, but I took the money, $25,
w hich he handed t inc. That Is where
I made my mirtake."
In relating his story of tho murder
Fournier said: "When we were? in
Dawson this spring Labelle came to
me and said. 'Pete- (he always called
rue Pete), let's go to Whitehorsc' We
thought there mig'it bo some games
running there. We went. There were
r.o games there. Then Labelle said we
would meet strangers and hustle them
down the river. I said, 'It's tough, but
I am with you.' We pot a small boat
and we met the three fellows. We
agreed to take them to Dawson for $tJ
each. We ramped at night. Every
night Labelle said to me he would kill
"Wo camped the last night on an
island below Stewart. In the morning
I was asleep. He threw a piece of
wood at me and I knew what It meant.
I beard a s'iot. I was sure one was
clone for. Ho said it was a rabbit.
Then he shot aain. Then he fired
lack and shot the big man ( Pout hi
lt tte). He fired twtce at him. I Faw
tie three bodies near the water. Wo
arched the bodies and threw them
Fournier admitted pawning tho
watch of Houthilette in Dawson, atid
Hated that tho bloodstained notes
found on him at t ie time of his ar
icst were given him bv Labelle.
The American authorities on tho
lower Yukon found the ldy of C.ilbort
Lufors just where Fournier paid ho
was killed. The corpse was picked up
Oct. 1 and was fully Identified at
Regulator of Watches.
Webb C. Pall of Cleveland has re
ceived the appointment of chief watch
Inspector of the Vanderbilt roads. The
watches of all employes of the system
aro required to bo compared daily
and regulated as often as may be nec
essary. May Marry American Heiress.
It Is said that a brother of th
knedlve of Egypt has fallen In love
with an American heiress, who re-
Witness Could Not See How Order
Applied to Him.
Recently, during the hearing of a
charge of felony, a young man was
called to give evidence on behalf of
the accused, and was about to bo
sworn, when the Inspector Informed
their lordships that the witness bad
disobeyed the order for witnesses to
leave tho court.
The bench were almost Inclined to
refuse his evidence In consequence,
but the witness, In the most innocent
manner, caused a burst of laughter
which even the dignity of a whole row
cf Judges was rot proof against, and
the position was saved.
The Inspector, addressing the
bench, paid: "In order that there
should be no mistake, I distinctly
said: 'All witnesses on both sides
must leave the court until they are
railed,' " and then, turning to the
witness, he said: "You must have
Leard the order."
"Yes," at once responded the wit
ness, according to the Detroit News
Tribune, "I did; but I am not a wit
ness on both sides!"
The Methodists of the World.
Tke general statistics of Methodism
as compiled by the various denomina
tions are as lollows Yesleyan Meth
odistsGreat Britain, 49J.710 mem
bers; Ireland, 28,181; foreign missions,
64,614; French missions, 1,702; South
African Conference, 94,428; West In
dian Conference, 46,047; Primitive
Methodists, 195.651; Methodist New
Connection, 42,929; Biblo Christians,
21.724; Wesl-yan Reform Union, 7,
826; United Methodist Free Churches,
93,684; Independent Methodist
Churches, 9.C91; Australasia Metho
dist church, 118,338; Methodist church
In Canada 289.162. United States
Methodist Episcopal churches, 2,
907,877; Methodist Episcopal churches
(south), 1,460,272; African Meth
odist Episcopal, 611,727; African
Methodist Episcopal Zion, 528,
461; Colored Methodist Episcopal.
204.317; various other Methodist
denominations. 276.290. Total mem
bers, 7,539.031. Throughout wide
world Methodism there are 4C.171
ministers, 102.058 lay preachers. 79,
922 Sunday schools, 793.317 officers
and teachers, 6,3'tS.374 Sunday schol
ars, 85,637 churches, etc.
Working People Interested.
Wuertsburg. Wis., Nov. 17th. The
working men and women of this dis
trict are greatly interested in the
case of Mary Kowsky, who, In an In
terview, says:
"I Lave almost all my life been a
sufferer from Backache, and two
eant ago I caught cold on my Kid
neys and the agonies that followed
were almost unbearable.
"I consulted different doctors but
the relief they gave me was only tem
porary. The terrible pains always re
turned and my suffering tempted me
to try Dodd's Kidney Pills. They did
me good almost from the start till
now after taking three boxes I am
almost completely cured.
"I want all hard working people
to know this for with the help cf
Dodd's Kidney Pills I don't mean to
suffer any more Backache."
Eleven Points In the Evidence.
Fast trains that make time; smooth
and level tracks; "harming scenery;
luxurious through tieeping cars; excel
lent dining cars; barber shop and
bath; stock reports and daily and
weekly papers; ladies' maids and sten
ographers; buffets and libraries;
courteous and attentive employes, and
centrally located stations, aro a few
of the reasons for the marvelous pas
senger traffic of the New York Central
Thorp n more Cat a rru m Mils section of the
country titan nil etlu r dineases put together,
ami until tli" hist few year's was supposed t be
lneuralile. For a trn-ut many years doctors pro
tioiitn ed It a loeul disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly f.iilinir to en re
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science lias proven catarrh to be ti constitu
tional disease, nnd therefore refpiires consti
tutional treatment- Hall Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by K. .1. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio
Is the only constitutional cure on the market.
It Is taUeii Internally In doses from lOdrousto
a teaspootiful. It acts directly upon the blond
and mucous surfaces of t he system. They offer
one hundred dollars for unv case It falls tocure
bend for circulars am', testimonials. Address
F. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
fs'tld bv Pruta'ists, 7rs
Hull's Fumily Fills are the best.
! Most rnen have as much faith In
airships as they have In air castles.
t Sorrow may be but the shadow of
Cod drawing near.
To Cur ft Coltl In One lny.
Tftke Laxative Iirotno Uiiinlne Tab. els. All
dnucixtn refund money if it fails tocure. 'JV.
P.anking in Pittsburj
back to 1S04.
Pa., dates
Itchlne of th fikin.horribl plaRii. Mot
every twxly nflbeted in one way or an -ther.
Only one imfe. never failing euro. I'oaa
Ointment. At any drug ttore, bo ceuU.
Wool intended to bo mnde Into plrinos
retinites to be kept forty years to be In
perfect condition.
The little folks 1ot Dr. Wood's Norwfr
Pine Syrup. Pleasant to take, perfectly
hnrmleii. Positive cure for roughs, roidn,
bronchitis, ftstbiim.
Tinman Architects ttlnced r.irthn lurs
1 In tho theater walls to Increase the rc-
Yon can do your dyeing In half nn
llavlnjr bad experience with flns, we
object to the expression, "as lucky as a
1 do not bflieve Pico's Cure for Consumption
has an riul for rough nd colds. Joh.i F.
ItoTKH, Trinity Springs, Ind , Feb. 1.V ItfiA).
A T.ondoner has perfected a method for
manufacturing paper atocklnga.
For winter or nummer Mm. Austin's Tancake
flour. Always good. At grocers.
Tf a man enjoys Ms wealth before h
h&f It ht nevtr cets rich.
Recular Classes Ceem Drudjery After
the Season.
A camber of small boys who were
at a summer school and have now
gone back to their regular classes are
disgusted with school life. They had
such a delightful tfmo In the summer
that the work now seems drudgery
compared with It. The particular
boys under consideration were Intro
duced to the workshop where manual
training was In progress for the first
time during the summer. That being
the case, it was not strange that
there were occasional accidents, and
this was from many points of view
an altogether satisfactory Etate of af
fairs, for next door to the work room
was the girl's class for first aid to
the Injured. There were Imaginary
cases In the first part of tho work,
but It was tot long before the boys
In the workroom fell one after the
other like wounded heroes, and were
taken across tho way to be treated
by tho amateur surgeons. No one
will ever know whether tha class of
boys was unusually stupid, or wheth
er the first aid to the Injured workers
were so remarkably skillful that It
was a pleasure to sit under their min
istrations. Whichever It wm, It hap
pened that there was seldom a day
In which somo boy was not brought
In for treatment, and one day there
were seven patients from the work
shop. It was delightful practice for
the girl workers, and the teacher was
even able to give them a practical In
stead of a theoretical lesson upon
cleaning up blood spots frwm the floor.
Of course, after such Interesting
practical demonstrations as this, the
routine school work seems tame.
Blind People on Strike.
Inmates of an Institute for the blind
at Sunderland, England, have struck,
after having duly communicated with
the National League of the Plind, be
cause the wages they received for
making ship cord fenders have been
The best way to cure indigestion is
to remove its cause. This is ! :st done
by the prompt use of Dr. August Koe
nig's Hamburg Drops, which regdlate
the stomach in an effectual manner.
Pome women think more of their lmts
than of their husbands, ond t'o bats aro
not always to blame fur it ei'.tur.
Tho world's output of coal in l'.-oO wan
TiJT.UW.'m tons.
In Wirter Use Allen's Fcot-Eace.
A powder. Your feed feed uncom
fortable, nervous and often cold and
damn. If you have sweating, sore feet
or tight slices, try Allen's KoU-I'aM
Sold by all druggists and shce stores.
IT) cents. Sampl rent free. Address
Allen S. Olmrted. 1 e Hoy, N. Y.
"Did he look we'l off?'' "V-. he did
piiKUfsit riches; he was covered with Coal
"I owe my whole life to I bird nek niond
Hitters. Scrofulous sores covered my ldy.
neetned beyond cure l. H. II t as niada '
mo a perfectly well woumu." Lira. CLu.
lJuttou, Uervillo, Mich. j
The ifenthen are sjj po.-ed to n?k ro K"1 !
quci-t Ions. i
A household necessity. Dr. Thomas' Ec
loetrie Oil. Heals burns, cuts, wounds of
any sort ; cures sore throat, croup, catarrh,
asthma; never faiw
The worldly wine may be eternally
Mrs. Austin's PaucaUes will help you to retrain
that lost upjietite. At grocers.
The flame of lut qiie'H-hi-s the llsht of
I i . i 'L oo ililon for our sh.iIi iiim 1;i-i yi ar. "
fegf? ll bis1 rueor .-.Vi N'.av Ty m-v r . h-rs ,s f ' J
Oi.iiir. Oi K'iiil.m. in -- Liirh e t W f 'rdj VVVy
Attend the B S'. ll-mus. Tuiil..n :i motl k ;;t. Hoard t-v.M jsllyC&r,'.
1 M iiy Mud.-ntH aril tlinir to.ird ty out- s J 2 n'si
id- work. Wr te Mr iri'enl us A I dress S.eid.eu t. f,T4?fi'fy
W,iMh -MH. llei.trunenl C. iN lroir. Mich. V (' t'
A POSITIVE KIDNEY AND BLADDER CURE, in fac Never Fails in any Catarrhal Troubles,
i h is Preparation content the lollowinq ingredients- Sarsa; arilla. Prickly fsh. Yellow Dock, WA-H00,
Rhubarb Wi d Chjrr.. Sa a''as, Mu.driks ant Dandelion.
Cuts, Old Sores, and
All Open Wounds
J Kail's
Grapo Tonic
when tho undigested rood remains
empties highly diseased germs into
malaria, Muiisirape 'Ionic will
will be sent free to any address on
by the Lightning Medicine Co.,
druggist. A ii druggists sell Mull's
The Remarkable Experience of a
Prominent Statesman Congress
man Meekison Gives Pe-ru-na
a High Endorsement,
Cnngresiimaii Meekison of Ohio.
Hon. Davi 1 Meekison is well known
not only in hU own State, but through
out America. He was elected to the
Fifty-lift Ii Congress by a very large
majority. nnd is the acknowledged leader
of his p trty in bis hection of the Jtate.
Only one Haw marred the otherwise
crnplete success of this rising states
man. Catarrh with its insidious ap
proach and tenacious grasp, was his
only uneon'juered foe. For thirtj' 3'ears
he wagvd unsuccessful warfare against
this personal enemy. At last l'eruna
came to the rescue. He writes :
44 1 have used several bottles of Pe
runa and I feel greatly benefitted there
by from my catarrh of the head. I
ful encouraged to believe that If I use
it a short time longer I will be fully able
to eradicate the disease of thirty years'
standing- " David Meekison, Member
of C ingress.
If you do not derive prompt and f-at's-faetory
results from the use of l'eruna,
write at once to Dr. llartman, giving ;i
full statement of your case and be will
be pleaded to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. llartman. President of
The llartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Via Dubuque, Waterloo and Albert Lea.
Fast Vtst.bule Night train with through
Sleeping Car, Buffet-Library Car and Free
Reclining Chair Car. Dining Car Service
en route. Tickets of agents of 1. C. R. R.
and connecting lines.
" 1
; VV. N. U. DETROIT NO. 47 1902
I Vben Answering Advertisements Kindly
i Mention This Taper.
Cures Constipation.
"Whpn the Imweta mo irrcrularly tho entire
bodily tstt ia iiiti: t Fuller. Constipation more
frequently occurs among women ami it mani
festo itself in rovokinar prol'uso leucorrhfa
ani other 6' riou3 leinalo diseases. Regular
boweli willn-sult in acorapletocurowheuyou
use Mull'a Grapo Tonic. Unlike pills and
ordinary catliartica, this remedy la a mild,
gentle laxative in addition to being a greater
ilosh-builder, blood-maker and Btrength-giTer
than cod liver oil or any other preparation
reeommended for that purpose. Mull's Crape
Tonic will permanently cure tho most obstin
ate cae of constipation, and tho numerous
afllictions that invariably follow In its wake.
No matter it it is piles, liver compUInt, kidney
disordfr, vertigo, palpitation of the heart,
diarrhea or tho self-poisoning which follows
In thoiKiweiswnero It putrefies ana
tho blood, 6tich as typhoid and
cure. Largo Famt.Ie tottle
receint of 10 cents to cover rostare.
nr II
Hock Island, 111. Send name of your
drape Tonic at w) centa a bottle.

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