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, Kinbi t o R Lupham
licork; V. Moulton
City Attorney
Ctly Health Oillcer...
Justices of tin. Peace.
W in. b Sandvll
V W. Mitchell
IX i;. Sheldon
1. Ohliiiger
t K. II. I. :t am
i ( it it ye W. Moulton
Aldcreiicn-r'lrst waul. U. V. Smith. K.
K. Hudson: Scioiul ward. W. A. I'tiave,
lieu. I'utn.im; Third ward, W. K. Fisher,
M. J )e.n orost.
Supervisors-l'irt w .ml. W. M. FhU-; Sec
ond ward. .1. T. Ani II; Third ward, V. A.
vices at l(t:aia. in. ami 7::' p. in. Sabbath
Sahool at close ot nioi iiini; M t vlo. I'rayer
meeting on Thursday evening. Kkv. C). A.
Cabman, i'astor.
CONOUKOATION L t ill' U II - Services at
l(::i'ia. in. and 7 : : i. in. Sabbath school
at 1 1 :4." a. in. I'raver meeting on Thursday
evening. Kkv. .1. IU. Mr ti.uk Castor.
HAPT1ST CllClJCII - Services at 10:30 a.
iu. and 7 :Ilo . in. Sablath school at close of
morning servu e. I'raver meeting on Thurs
day evening Ufcv. II N Si'KAK. I'astor.
FKF.K MKT1UMHST CIll'KCII - I'raver and
iraise herviae, eleven o'clock, a. in. Preach
ing at 7::o i. m. I'raver meeting Friday
evening. Kkv. IMFm:, i'astor.
0:30 a. in. on the last Sunday in each month.
Kkv. Fit. Alien, I'astor.
tore, Muinct., UcldlnR, Michigan.
ATO.- S DKMOKKST FLATS, Helling. Mtch.
X pisf-isfwcf w:i' n a Specially. Otllce
hour.i; h i . i ,i" a. n . ; I vj i p. in. ; H :liO to p.
m. Citui na'j.hone No. I', t
U' i HiiuMiirfs liruir storo. Hours:
i- i - .1 ... tii.. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. Residence
oi u.ito of M. K. church. Telephone W -rings.
X. lage h Hardware. UT'ice uour.i; n iu w u.
m ' ItnJn in i -xeent Wed lesdav. 0 to b
p m. 1 'en ion examining Murgeon. New
Sta'-e I'hone.
cian and HealtU oincer-otiice at renldeuce
corner of IJrldge and t.xutre sts. Office hours
1 to viand 7 to p. m.
J. F. riNKHAM.
ivmni'irs dm' store. Main Ml. Hours 1 to
4 and 7 to p. in.
"fVKNTlST. Corner rooms in the Vineenl
IJ niorit. over Vincent's grocery. (Knee
hours: 8 a. in. to 0 p. in.
t vp.xtist.-Oftlco hours s to 5:30. Leonard
J Mock, over Cage's hardware store. Hel
d1ni Mlcb
DENTIST. The latest methods The low
est prices. All work guaranteed.
jl IX I US s li.Y TU.X C TIO.V.
niflos ov.-r H. "ii. diet's tlruir .-More Citlce hours
8 to 12 a. m., I to B p. m., and 7 to h p. m.
s bt f."("i i ati I tc l'MYSI IAN-Ciraduate of
J N'ort rn Institute of OteolMtby of Mill
-tteapollH. Specialist in Nervous and Chronic
fUHHS. Oillee at Motor llelding, Tuesdays.
ThnN.i:ii"k mid Saturdays, from 7 a. in. to
1 ;3D p. m.
Physician and Surgeon.
O llice ami aiiimn puue over Can-
111.: 1.1 D Ul.nti;
Officl IIouks 1 to I p.m.;" to'Jp.m.
New Barber Shop.
Scr Staley's -urniture Store.
work guaranteed first class.
Wm. Pickering
Insurance Agency
Jleprescntlnfr soni'1 of the OKlest and
Most IMiable Companies In t hs World.
Ollico at th C'omiiK'roial Bank.
Insure in Uld Keliable
lu the new Holding block corner of aln
and llridge street, iteming,
sii rn nee n Swflnlt y or Otty
nml I' ii rin -jirf y.
rffiiin:,', Iy t iuir, Meant Cleaning
-Ni llri ltv ho HOUSP,.
j?iv ' 7
rm,o .t trj MiiUiTV-uiHinerv our
lor. ALL. VOK . 04,'AiC N 1 'Kl. I .".. T.
Ottrmeiit l.v-lnC speelalfy. s v
L. F. RICE, M. D.
Oraduaie of Hie Univ- r-itv of Miehifan,
and of the Clue-nto Kye, K ir, .Nim and
Throat College.
kEye, Ear, Nose & Throat
Glasses Seientllieally Kit e l and ( v rv piiir
Uuarantt ed to gno lerf tt S;itiiacMn.
NKW Vi:ill( It 1(1. 0 K. HIM ! MICH.
I am prepared to Cl-:tn, Pre-
and Kepair your chdhin neat!
and ouickiv at r aj-onabN; price?
Shop loctetl in Hubiw-U hloi'k
Give ti-e a ea'l
DON'T Be Fooledi
Take the genuine, original
Made only by Madison MedN
cine Co.. AUdiAon, Wis. It
keT yu tll. Our trad
murk cut on each package.
I'rLe, J5 cent. Never aol4
In l"jlk. Accent no subftl
Tfo.o. tuie. A" your -IrmgUU
-oley's Honey and Tar
7 0$)
chUdrcn,safe,suro. fo opiates.
rrttdtit. U rridiit.
ieldingSuvings Bank
Capital - - $25,000.00
Surplus and Profit 8,500.00
3 percent Interest
Paid on Deposits.
Honey to Loan.
Call on us if you wish to jet a ioan
on yout Ileal Estate.
K. R. Spencer, Tres. F. ft. Chase, V TreH.
M.A. Keed, Ca.hier.
The People's Savings Bank
$35,000 Capital,
$70,000 Stockholm I.i.il.ilily.
Special attention given the
Nothing Likk it in tiik Citv.
Call and examine our System. No trouble to
.ihow and explain Its workings. Deposits of
fl.no and upwards reeelvtd and hook given.
Hank opens for business Saturday evenings
from rt to H o'clock.
Insure Your Property
Tornado, Cyclone
and Wind Storm
As a safeguard ajrainst the ele
ments. Ortfjtnizod in 18"". Assoss,
hie capital over $.'17,500. (MX). Any per--on
can become a member of this com
pany on payment of a policy fe f
$l,and 20c, on every hundred dollar s he
NTOTK:y-Tlfnosse9 and" xpnses for
the ast 17 years have ben paid by the
20 cents on every $100, this amount
-trictly speaking is termed the ad
vance assessment.
Box 353 13ELDING.
Also agent for the Farmers' Mutual
Fire Insurance Company of Ionia
Pianos and 'Organs
If ou want to buy a lirst class,
btrictly hijrh crade p'ano it will
py jou to investigate the "Mc
J 'hail ". There Is no betier up
right I'iano made. I also have the
agency for a number of other
ftandard makes at $I"0 up $5 to .
$10 monthly installments.
In second hand Pianos and Or
gans I have:
Knabe, upright, good condition, $IJ)0
Square Piano, good condition, ,0
Square Piano, fair condition, 25
A, IJ. ( hase $!;) six octave Organ i
good as new. This Is a bargain at $.".,
I also have a number of other sec
ond hand organ at 410 to f l, espec
ially suitable for lodge or school room
Pianos and Organs Tuned and
&has A. Wagner,
Inquire if. A. Wagm-r's Insurance
Poor man ! He can't help it.
It's his liver. He needs a
liver pill. Aycr's Pills.
Want your nioysiachc or beard a
beautiful trowa or rich black ? Use
SOctt.of druggittior R P HVI & Co , Nithui.N H
OCT, l2, 1BOO
I rniiin l.Hf lleMing hb rll..w:
Tor Lowell, Gran. I Kuj.k'l. north in, 'I wrst
10:04 ik. m., 3;K p. m.. 7;tV! p. tr.
for IonlB 11:04 m in., ft :OH p rn..
For Detroit. ToW'ilo and K;tt
11:01 M. IT!.. f fX M;.
ForSttKlnaw, Fjiiy (,y BnJ orl n,m)r,,
R:I7 a. iu.. fl:iM p m.
For Howard ( it 7:1 . m
t :4), p. m., h:f, n. m
For Urrfnville
8:17 a. m , 1 :40p. m
7:21 a. m.
6:49 p. m.. 6:lfl p. m.
U. V. MOKI.LKK, (Jen .1'nm, Agt
Interesting Sketches from New
Veur'8 Sermon by Hev. Spear.
o 't'eueli V to Nu tuber eur Iay
Thut we Muy Apply ourllrt
I Jut why number our days? Wliy be
thinking of trie brevity and uncertain
ty of life? It is that we may apply our
hearts unto wWorn. It is that we may
make the most of each day and Its op
portunities. There are two wa.s of
spending our days. One is to think
little of swift moving time and simply
to drift along until at last we drift in
to the great beyond. The other way
is to number cur days, to have a pur
pose in each day and to plan and strive
to rtalize that purpose. Wo accom
plish that which we plan for and set
our will to, no man ever drifted Into
true greatness.
The days of the new year will soon
bo past. How short a time since last
new year. Sometimes In early child
hood the years seem to drag. The child
of live or six sighs for the year when it
shall be a grown up person. How long
from the fourth of July to Christmas
and from Christmas to the fourth of
July, but Low different when one has
become grown up. The years speed
away to fast that gray hairs begin to
creep in when life Is scarce begun;
How like a mighty avalanche slow Its
progess at first but as It moves on its
down war i course its ever inereuslng
velocity scon tnj ivs it in the fat horn
less ocean. "So te.ieh us to number our
days that we may apply our hearts un
to wisdom
Days in their llight never look back
ward Days that are passed never
return. Day follows night but it is a
new day. Time never wails nor re
turns. The water turns the wheel,
goes on its ceaseless course, after it
pHs-es t he mill it is forfcver gone, how
tho water is utilized at the mill, in no
way affects it in its onward course to
the ocean. If the mill race was full of
leaks and the water was wasted or if it
was all used in turning the wheel to a
bad purpose, It matters not, the water
will not return to accommodate a leakv
mill rece or any unwise miller. So
with time, how many leaky places for
minutes and hours to slip away and
waste! How nun times we use our
hours and minutes but to no good pur
pose! Hut know thou thut time will
never pity your foTly and return. Time
moves quietly or without a backward
These precious days your lives are
numbered. There are only a c rtain
nvniher allotted to each life. Every
day of this newycar will take otT one
of that life number. Every day has
certain possibilities for ev.ry life.
The possibilities of an entire life are
simply the possibilities of all of the
days of that life. To fall to make the
mot of any day is to trample under
foot, that many possibilities f the
highest attainment In life. The high
est possible attainment in life 1 the
result of the highest pissiblo use of
every day of life. To waste a day Is to
cut olf some of the possibilities of the
highest attainment. You cm never
improve an opportunity that is lost;
you can never spend nor use a day that
i gone. Time is f-o swift; life is so
short. Oh, let us number our days
Good "
Cod liver oil is in universal re
pute as the best body builder in
wasting diseases, and the best
reconstructor in recovery from
severe sickness known to medicine.
Nevertheless, three-fourths of
the people are really made sick by
the taste and ftmellnf cod liver oil.
Half of thc.i can't take it. Their
stomachs cither reject it, or are so
upset by it that the dose docs
more harm than good.
Vinol is the only preparation of
cod liver oil which contains no
grease or bad taste yet does con
tain all the virtue of cod liver
oil, and is dcliciously palatable. It
also contains organic iron. Iron
gives quality tothe blood. Almost
every ailing person needs it.
The combination of these two
elements with table wine is both
scientific and effective. It has
accomplished wonderful things
right here in town. We think
we arc doing a service to every
run-down, ailing, coughing, ner
vous, dcbiltatcd person in calling
attention to Vinol. We sell it on
its merits money back if it docs
not help you. You run no risk.
Old people revive under its influ
ence. ' Nursing mothers and over
worked people get new vitality.
COUELL Brnthers
but who knows what it ruay bring forth
Oh, the uucer tatotlc of a tingle year!
Who knows that this earth shall see
the end of another year. We expect
evcrtbint to move ou as It has from
the beginning, and yee we do not know,
that we may apply our hearts unto
The new year will soon elip away,
Teat Kreat day of Christ's second com-
inif Is coming as a thing in the night
It is coming when we are least expect
ing it. We are to be ready and watch
ing for we know not the day nor the
hour when the Son of man comcth. This
may not be for thousands upon thous
ands of years, yet It may be within the
new year. Illessed is that man that he
shall find ready and watching. Illessed
are they that love his appearing for a
crown of righteousness is laid up for
thtira. "So teach us to number our
days tha we may our hearts unto wis
dom." The new year comes freighted with
many possibilities and eome certainties
that must be met. If we know that
certain things are sure to come to pass
it is the part of wisdom to so number
our days and Improve our opportunities
as to make the most of tbes-e certainties
Uut are we sure lhat there can bo Baid
to be any certainties? Of course all of
the certainties o? the new year are con
ditional by th" uncertainties. If death
cuts us off tomorrow then the possibil
ities of tills life are ended. So the
certainties of the year will bo true on
ly to those who live all'or p..rt of the
year. If we live we are all certain to
Increase in knowledge, whether we
desire it or not: experience and obscr
vation will teach us much. We can
not p8 through the year ii.senslble to
all within and around us. Knowledge
crowds it.-elf upon :s. One year freni
tonight all will know many tilings that
we do not tonight. It is certain that
we will increbRO in knowledge; so, now
the til important question is, what
shall that increased knowledge be
Shall it be pure and uplifting, or f-hall
it be impure and degrading Oh, the
possibilities for increasing in knowl
edgedur.ng the ne v year, may we not
only number our days but our hours
and our minutes, s-o as to apply our
hearts unto wisdom, o as to get the
most of evepy precious moment that
flits by us and is forever gone.
As I look into th'j new year, I see
another certainty of incalcuahle impor
ranee. The new year is s-ure to see
many habits of life become fixed and
permanent. That twelve months will
fix certain habits upon us is absolute!)
certain. This Is rsp( cially trae of the
yourg. That single act oft repeated
become fixed habits In life, is a fact be
yond disputeHiid. our control It Is
simply a law of our nature. Hut what
those haol'S shall be is for us to de
termlne. It Is a mittrr of 'our own
choice and will whether or not we will
repeat this or that act or thought unti
it becomes a fixed habit. So the ques
tion of the new year is, what habits
shall I form ard fix In my life? These
habits may be either good or bad.
Next new ,ear will find us with certain
habits fixed upon us that we do not.
have to J ay.
Our habits may become our 'greates'
help and sup;. ort in the Christian life
or they may be a millstone about our
neck to drag us down. Tho young man
or woman lhat begins life with good
and fixed habits in thinking, speaking
and acting, has a better start than all
the wealth of a millionaire can give if
(rood habits be lacking.
It is possible, yen p obable, thnt
some of ui will take our first step in
ways that may effect our eternal des
tiny. Oh the importance of. tho first
step. That first step raiy be for good
or bul. Shuil the new year see any of
us take our first step in the ways o'
evil. In this p ipulous world of ous
many are sure to take th? first and
fatal step of their downfall. It Is po-
si file th:t soii;- of us nny be among
that nniiib r Oh that, we might num
her our da, s s that wo might apph
our hearts wkh wind m.
Ki rat steps n-e easily and qufcjcli
taken Some i f them can be Tetrac d
-tnd little lurm results Oih -rs, t'i
result of but a minute, cm never be re
traeid. The new year will see raon
than one .inung girl writhing in th
a(iii'8of reciet and remorse over los'
v riue. The, fruit of our fatal lbs'
step, I he limit of the one supreme
t 'liiptation of life The new year wil
soe mine tl.ai one man In a murderer's
ceM. the work f no evil hour; hii
tears of r-pentnrje may fra!iJ hi
cheeks hy day wfel by ninh', but n-jver
can liccris" that one fatal Ii ha
H jt the lit st stef s that are po-sibl
In this new year, thank (Jo'J, are not
all evil. Threm iy b.) fir-t t-t -ps in
many good habits and righteous ways
May It not bo that this year will wit,
ne-s.xo.ir first sou! won for Chris"':
Thl k to-night of the fir-t s'p.s ii
righteousness that are pos-ible for yon
in the new year. May these firt stefis
bo followed up until they beconn
habits of life. I it not posihle for lh
fir-t ft-ps of the new year to he.eomi
habits in the next year May we learn
to so number our riay s that, we may Hp
ply our hearts unto wisdom.
K! .
A neylerded cough or cold mny lea
to serious bronchial lung troubles.
Don't take chances when Foley s Hone
and tar affords perfect security from
serious cITects of a cold.
Greatest of All Physicians.
Eminent Discoverer of
Trof. Edward E. Phelps, M. !"., LL. D.,
was lorn in Connecticut and graduated at
llfo unusual talent soon brought him reputa
tion and prominence. First he was elected to
the professorship. of anatomy and surgery in
the Vermont Fniversity. Next he was ap
pointed lecturer in Dartmouth College. The
following year he wai chosen to the most
impoilant professorship in the country, a
place that lie occupied when he made his
woild-famed discovery of l'ainc's Celery Com
pound. This infallible cure for those feaiful ills that
result from an impaired nervous system. and
impure blood, has endeared the great doctor
to the world.
Dresses, cloaks, suits, ribbons, coats,
feathers, stockings.-everything wearable,
Diamond Dyes make to look like hew.
We have a epn-lal ilcpnrOnent of tulvlce, mi J wltl
Minwer fr-e any queMiloni! ubout dyeing. Peml
ample of gomU wlien ioshille.
Dlrectinnl)(ik ntul 45 dvil families free.
DIAMOND DYErf, Hurlington, Vt.
Illltinral Trrnm.
"What are the principal shots In bil
liards?" nsked the fair young damsel
of the wise young man. "The kiss, the
follow, the bank and the draw," he
replied. "How lovely!" she exclaimed.
"It Is almost like n courtship. First,
the lover gets a kiss, then he follows
the girl nil about and then"
"And then," Interrupts the-man who
aspires to pessimism -"and then they
get married and he goes to the bank
and draws, for that is his cue, unless
he wises to be frozen." (For tle bene
fit of the unsuspecting reader, adds the
Haltimore American, we will state that
"cue" and "frozen" also are billiard
terms. There are still more than might
be worked Into the little jeif d'esprit.
such as "scratch." "break," "drive,"
"tip," "table." "run," etc., but lack of
Fpace prevents carrying the theme to
the bitter end.)
Minute I'nrl f n Veli.
The minuteness of t ho parts of a
watch is shown by the following fig
ures: It takes ir0,(HH) of one certain
kind of watch screws to make a pound.
The pivot of the balance wheel is only
one-two-hiindi'odths of an inch in diam
eter. Each jewel hole into which a
pivot fits is about one fi ve-thousantbs
onn inch larger than the pivot, to
permit sudieient play. The finest
screw for a small sized watch has a
thread of 'J'.o to the Inch and weighs
one-one-hundred and-thirty-thousandths
of a pound. A pallet Jewel weighs one
one-hundied-and tifty-thousiindths of a
pound: a roller jewel a little more
than one - two - hundred-and-tifty-slx-thousandths.
The largest round hair
spring stud is four-one hundredths of
an inch in diameter and about nine
one-hundreths onn inch in length.
An Amtililpxt rotiM ArlUt.
Conrad Cook, son of E. V. Cook, U.
A., told me that he used to hold the
paper while Landscer drew one animal
with his right band ami a different
animal with his left, writes J. A. Man
son In "Sir I'M win Landscer, K. A."
This species of dexterity comes fron
practice no doubt, and is akin to the
adroit manipulation of tin accom
plished pianist, but Is nevertheless ox
tra ordinary, and several eases are re
corded in which Sir Edwin fairly as
tounded the onlookers by such displays
of manual skill
A I.I'mmoii Willi II l A n Intern ili.
An admirer once wrote to Lowell do
scribing his iiuiovniph collection mid
concluding with the remark. "I would
be much obliged for your autograph."
The reply came, bearing with 11, a les
son on the correct use of the words
"would" and "should." which deeply
Impressed itself on the mind of the re
cipient. The r spon.se read:
Pray. lo not My hereafter, "I would he
OhllK.'.l." If nii wnul.l he ohllRed, h
ohliM'd and !- ilnne with It. Say. "I
should he ol.liu.il." nnd ohlli yours
truly. JAMi::4 Ht'H.IM.I. LOW KM
o Cn r l-'or Worry.
Elderly Fi.i nee -1 hope you are not
impressed by. the silly sentimentalists
who hold that because you've married
once yon ouvht not to marry again!
Fietty Widow - -Don't let that worry
you. dear; I've no stub prejudice. My
own dear mother was mairiiil three
times, ai.d I only hope that In all
things I may follow her example.
In HH r'nnr UVki with I.urlp.
We have received tho following
letter from Mr. Hoy Kemp, of Angola
Ind. "I was in bed four week with
la grippe and I tried many remedies
and epent considerable for treatment
with physicians but 1 received no relief
until I tried Foley's Honey and Tar.
Two email bottles of this n oHcino
euro 1 me and now I uo It exclusively
In my famiiy." Take no -ubstitutci.
The Pleasant St
Feed Store
Is the Place to buy it.
Also Hay, 6rain and
Chop Feed.
We sell
Blatchford's Calf Meal,
The Great Milk Substitute, and the
International Stock and
Poultry Foods
The best In the World.
Ground.Oyster Shells
Will make your hens lay. We have them,' Use
nica Axle Grease
We Sell it.
When in need of anyhing in our line -give
us a call. Both phones.
Yours respectfully,
0. F. Webster & Son
A f
a Complete line Felt and warm.. lintd shoes, from $
a S."c to ' $3.00 f
Slippers from ()0c to $1.75
V A fine assortment of ladies beautiful fur trim-
J med slippers, all styles and colors at. $1.50 i
All kinds men'e house slippers, prices 3Tc to. . . $2.00
!The CiTy Shoe Store.)
can now make
for the CHILDREN,
Full Mtot five patterns
a complete wardrobe-no twe
ante, ior e.tner Doy or gin.
25 cents for each set.
10 cts. for single pattern.
Sets are made for each year
up to the age of twelve.
Kach set, and single pat.
terns, tells the amount of
material required.
Ne Mistake caa aspps.
Ne Bstcrlal Is wilted.
Up-to-tht-ninot la style.
Send for our catalogue.
NO. 4323. The Pattern for this beautiful
dress Is taken from the four year set, but
single patterns can be had In ages 4, 6, 8 and 10
years 10 cents each.
U W. 24th Street, NEW YORK CITV
Will meet prices on any
club oilers of periodical.
Shoes j
fr. Alwnya rllbl. LiMllr. Mk rriiMlst fbf
t'lllt IIKSTKIt N In Red and
iuM mti.llir bopn. m1m1 with blue ribbon.
I'he no of her. Itefuite dn(roM an ball-
utlonvnnd Iniitnllon. tiuv of vour OmffiNt,
r m-urt Ir. tn Mum; ..r larllrnlar, Teall
itoiilU n1 "Hrllrr fr UalM," fn Mter,
v-rlurn .flail. Kt.ono 1Wnifnils. Hold by ail
Uadlon 4ure. FA.
v. i. nt:yftn. rmuvi
to Polish
a Stovo.
Easily Applied No Odor No Dirt.
To polish a store like prprrlng a beefsteak
majr seem odd to those who have never used
Sifter Stove Polish, tut nevertheless, It Is the
newest, easiest and most convenient method
known. BIfter Stove Polish Is put up In a large,
round box with a perforated top similar to a
pepir box. The jollsli never dries out and does
not require soaking In water before using.
There Is never any waste. It Is good to the last
pinch. It Ii gently sifted on the store, brushed
with a damp cloth and lightly rubbed with a dry
cloth. A brllll.nnt, Jet black lustra Is obtained.
There Is Iio Oilor. no dirt t.niivn nr nana no
rusty boxes to cover. The Sifter box Is always f
clean. Sifter Stove Tollsh Is cheap. It coMsdn
cents a box, will polish more stoves than three Tn
times Its cost In any other polish. All dealers. I
Ii not atcam-rookd. therefore It retains the
rii-li, Nut-like flavor of Wheat.
Sold In 3 IK psckagPt by all leadltif Ortoer.

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