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' Weekly Grist of Newsy Items Reported by
Oar Special Correspondents.
' .
I'omunu visits (Irattan-AU Have a
l'leusant Time OHtcer In
Kent cnuntyl'omona met with frat-
About 60 neighbors and friends went
uninvited to pend the evening with
John Wolfe and family, raualo and
panics were enjoyed alo refreshments
tauCranKe Wed. o lay ai.d Thursday, an(j ey report a fine time
n Mr nn.l Mm. IMatt Rowland Jan. We arc having quite a stormy
in o n nin ..n.m.l rtrL Coneratula- now enou n ior oou ueigumK
ai i no ties buu luuiu-r iruui -
. .t n.t A M. tnn farm In tirattAii are l)in' nuimuu
lnk wr hld Jan. 10 with h large at- at Moneley.
Ian. 7 and 8 U3 with a very interest
ing meeting. "
Meeting was called at 1:30 p. ro.
Wednesday a,nd tho (Jrattan Grange
choir fjav a lino greeting' song. The
time, afternoon waa pleasantly ient In a
The people of this place are rejoic
ing over the prospect of R. F. D. In the
near future..
Karl Potter npent Sunday with hi
wife and baby.
George Moran and Hoy Newland are
We recleved word from Lowell that
tho Klucatlonal Hilly Jonn iyw bud i ijuiw nu-h mm "J aiiisic
general business session, consisting of I uttendirir school at Hig Rapids
reports, installation of otlloeri, etc. C. Smith an 1 wife of Lincoln Lake
Atalx o'clock supper was served at eXpCCt to start for New York State, to
tho hall which all enjoyeu. he rone a year.
Tho evening session was opened by Lvnn Smith has zone to Grand Rap-
DIveralAcallon of-Cropa.
In .frriulux a Judicious diversifica
tion dot-it not iiican that all fanners
should ' ki-ow thU.'hat. or any other
inccifled 4-ron. Such a tueory wouui
I render the farmer a mere macblue, set
111 a groove and eoudued to It. and do
away witn tue necessity iur
common or any other kind or sens?.
Hut farmer should diversify their
crops auu in ueciuiug uuw iu uv
should consider, the. adaptability of the
soil, their Individual capabilities ana
the dcmaitd for the prepared products.
It would W foolish to plant any crop
on soil uusulted for It or crops the
but little about. Even
Commencing to-day and for the next thirty
days we will enll without reserve and regard
less! of cost
n?xt F. 1 lay p m. and Saturday at the
G rattan Grange hall.
A jolly sleigh loal of young people
from CjurlHnd brought Mis Nina
Ellis to her school in Lesslter district
Sunday evening.
not recover.
Johnny Berry Is doing well from'his
gun shot wounds In his fingers.
The saw mill is cutting timber from
Wm. Condon's farm.
MrsrOrrln Trumbull Is visiting her
KtieclAllKta should diversify, for the
Many fourth degree members hj. t0 ioarn the machines trade, we Lke of the laud If for uo other pur-
wish him success.
Wm. Ulley Is in Grand Rapids on
Llttlo Blanche Smith who has been
visiting her grandparents T. Wert-
brook and wife returned to her homo In
were present and then a closed session
was held for conferring the fifth do
gree. A class of about twelve Invest
ing the unknown mysteries of Pomona
grange. After this work was finished
many fine papers were read and dis-
I. . t.i . i rt .l.ilU ... i i j lit
It is reported that A. HicKer dbs aauRQier mrs. r.isuj m -n..v.- tU!,ocu, kUCDD ureenviiie.
typhoid fever, attended by Dr. Pink- since Christmas. music ana recitations, me one given Harvard expects to havo a canning of tne object and decide according to
ham of IJeldloz. L,em 1Javi BOlu oaK ir,rco BUU J orumer uvi ui lynuuuu u,,",uk factory, all the lights avaJiabie. ur course ev
A aleluh load of Raiding pupils ac- bass wood trees for 87U4. one ok ireo out consiaeraoie applause. Art Smith and wife ef Greenville cry farmer should grow as mucu
ii k iut,, tpaphflr drose out scaled 184J ft. net price $37.J- The meeting closed In usual form and watt(i n Newland Sunday. possible for home consumption,
I . ... . .1 l....!.lal.l-.tf.l I -II.. -11 4 ,1 I , I. II I...
to E E. Lessltcr's hall Saturday even- Miss isesie aayies or urunu hiu" ma visiudk uiemuBr were umnuuicu M. Ward expects to maKc uauiornia imiruj
log, and aaither company of 35 older visited her aunt Mrs. PotrutT recently, among members of Grattan Orange Ms homo Jn tno near future
jonn vveuieno"oecK anu umu ui wnero inev were biiowh wnu mc usum
pose, lucre are iuouiis
In the cotton belt now who have de
scended from affluence to poverty be
cause they wore their land out grow
ing cotton and corn on the same ground
successively for years. There Is but
one safe antl reasonable vyvay to diver
sify, and that Is to consider every phase
puplb came out Monday evening
Mrs. Casncr grows weaker every day
Jaa 9, Dr Spencer found another fish
bone In the pipe formation mentioned
last week, making three or parts
of them now extracted. She can
retain nothing taken in her stomach,
not even med.c'.je, she remains con
scious as yet Jan. 13, and loved ones
are making ii.-r last hours hero as
bright as poi&lbl , four teen weeks con
Grattan visited his mother
W. II. Keech is vhitlng friends
Maple Valley.
over Sun- brother and sisterly hospitality known
so well in our Grange.
in As morniDcr dawned the usual
amount of interest was soon shown by
the crowd of teams that lined up for
the hall and as Worthy Master F. H.
McNaughton called the assembly to
gether he was aware of a very interest
ing crowd and attendance.
The forenoon was well spent and
(Lat week's)
A veiy happy wedding was solemn
ized at the home of Ceaser Dickson last
r,r.-1o i. avoalnn u'hnn i 5 a il R 11 frh ter
finementto h. rb.dof suffering bave , ulse WM unlted ln marriage to jas?ter a sumptuous spread at 1:30 p m ,
aoa lnr wl!;,-ht to 87 lbs. when in , rrm ..t omiRt. returnea to tneir many nomes leei-
v.v----- r- ' lUHIIUCI. 1IIV T"tt I. ... . . .
hRlthheweii!lirdl65 1ba. L,, r iirosent. I 'nff ua iney nau enjoyeu one more o.
y- r i auu ivmw . v "vuvu i
Mrs. Itllla Whltten has returned to the Klf,9 wepe raany.ttQcl us.jful.
her home at AU ena. Miss Edna Lavery of Ioula Is spend-
Mlss Anna bowman of Oakfield is . k with hep nr,.andmother
staying with Miss C'.ara Brooks for a Mg Rob IIowe
few days visit and will call on other
Hardle Wiloer and wife of Ronald
visited atThomsa Murray's Saturday.
Mrs. A.J. Hale ?A Mrs. Electa
Towne were guests of Mrs. U. Davis of
Marlon over Sunday.
Arba Face has traded his farm to
Ulley Kern of near Holding.
Zala Howe has purchased the widow
Perry lirdy has cut down his apple
orchard n- ar his house.
The Catholic Seminary was slightly
scorched Saturday nlnht.
Miss Ethel Chapman is on the eick
Alanson Blasser who was sick at his
daughter's In Bowne is better.
Krcd Wtenbock and family spent
DnnDit with Vila mother.
Regular meeting of L. O. T. M. next RpW mttde lheir ,alher
.Mrs. DeGraw returned home Satur
day with her husband.
Mrs. Ola Condon receives the A. O.
O G. committee Tuesday afternoon
D.' Church and family visited at S.
Morman's Sunday in Parnell.
.Tnlnt installation of theiv.O. T. M.
and L. O. T. M. Jan. 21th.
those excellent Grange meetings.
This did not close the work with
Grattan Grange as Thursday evening
Jan. 8th was the date set for installa
tion of our officers who are as follows:
Worthy M as ter-Hon. E. P. Nash.
" Overseer Orley Emmons.
Lecturer Mrs. E. P. Nash.
4 Steward C. F. Scott. .
Secretary John Emmons.
Treasurer Geo. D. Smith.
Aes't Steward Glen Smith.
Lady 44 Ann Hookey '
J. L. Morse and wife and daughter
spent Saturday and Sunday at the
home of F. McNltt, of GraUan.
Mrs. G. A. Phillips, who has been
visiting her son at Maple Rapid, re
turned home Sunday,
Hen Tower spent Wednesday at the
home of R. Hradish.
R. Abbey and wife spent Sunday at
D. F. Moon's.
L. Weckesand wifo and, Mrs. Slaw
son, of Heldlng, visited at It. Hradlsh's
last Thursday.
James Moon and wire, of Eureka,
spent Tuesday with Mrs. A M. Splcer
for home consumption, ror
he naves freight and other
charges that devour his profits. lie
must so diversify as to maintain the
fertility of his' soil. He should so di
versify that he will not have to buy
anything he can grow, for no matter
wliat It Is. he can grow it cheaper than
he can buy It. He should also remem
ber that his profits are the difference
between tho Income and the outlay
and that his losses are the same with
the terms Inverted.
In fact you can buy all goods for the next 30
days for 75 cents on the dollar. We have a
small lot of children's shoes to closo out at
25 cents per pair. At
BR Y O N 9 S
Thl Snlc; Will lie for CciIi Only.
Seed Cora.
It Is Impossible to get a good stand
from planting poor seed and equally
Impossible to get a good crop from a
poor stand. Thus seed of a high ger
minating power Is of the first impor
tance, but this alone Is not enough.
Hack of It there must be uniformity or
color, type, quality and an Inbred pre-
wt "vvv onri wifo. nf Uridine, soent notoncv to laree yields. These and oth-
Sunday at II. J. Lulck's
Mrs Aaron Hubbell made her son I. '
L. Hubbell of Heldlng a short visit the romona-Mw.
first of the woek. ... . .
J. W. Morton of Big Rapids and J. a-aDeiacou.
D. Morton and daughter of Grand rutu uuu -
a visit last Krane periormea me losiaiiauun cere
mony, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. C J.
Beach. Mr. Carlyle gave a fine report
of the Michigan State Grange. Our
grange highly appreciated the pleas
ing manner in which our installation
was conducted and gave brother and
sister Carlyle a rising vote of thanks.
All of W. Connor's children havo the
whooping cough. There are also so-
eral other cases In this vicinity.
John Mcllendry's child, who has
been so sick with scarlet fever, is inn
er desirable qualities must be firmly
established In the variety. The variety
must be one which Is adapted to condi
tions obtaining in the locality ln which
It Is to be grown. Otherwise it will
not do Its best the first year and per
haps not for several years. There is
not much danger In moving corn east
or west, keeping it ln about the same
latitude, but risky to move far north
or south.
Large, plump seed of fine appearance
are a Farmer
And Have One Cent'
Buy a postal card and send to the New York
Tribune Farmer, New York City, for a free
specimen copy.
Tho Tribune Farmer is a National Illus
trated Apricultural Weekly for Farmers and
their families, and stands at the head of tqe ag
ricultural press. The price Is $1.00 per year,
but if you like it you can secure it with your
own favoiate local nt wtprpcr, The Belding
Banner, at a bargain. Both papers one year
only $1.50. Send your order and money to
"The Banner," Beld'ing, Mich.
Joe Hunt is worse again. The doctor.
thai he has softening of the u always desirable, but reliability as a
hmln IIa has remained unconscious grower and crop producer and auapia-
1 JL&dies
for several days.
Slme Connor and wife visited Mrs.
Connor's mother, Mrs. Thompson, last
Mrs. Anna DeGraw has returned
blllty to the environment are even
more so, as I know from experlence.
George T. I'ettlt in Practical Farmer.
, Last Friday afternoon, Mrs. It. C.
Seeley fell ai.d broke her leg. Dr.
Mnrri wHH called and reduced the
Holding liuildlng f.
omi A.ssojItitiott
To those who wish to build a house or
pay of your mortguge; or In buying
a home already built on easy
terms of monthly Install
ments. For particulars
call at their ollicc.
There is nothing better in Belding
Grange closed and all enjoyed an oyster u by hauUnff WOO(J and hay.
. . . . . i . . .i i ik
fracture and she In now doing niceiy ior investment iuan u u
, ... ding Building and Loan. .Stock of
UDUcr m- tin v.
Mrs. Frank Tillotson
supper, several visitors were prfeut.
The remainder of tho evening was
spent in conversational amusement and
All remember the Teachers and Mat
rons Rally to be held this week Friday
evening and Saturday all day. A fine
time Is anticipated so all como prepar
ed to listen to an address Friday even-
fell down the
cellar Btairson Thursday last, bruising
herself quite badly She Is unable to
do htr work, and Mrs. Ed Condon, of
Smyrna, 's caring for her.
C. E. Hotchkiss and Fred Benton
have takt n the job of cutting tO.OOO
feet of logs on the Rich estate.
Asa Wordon and some p?ople from
Belding are cutting wood for Walter
C. E. Hotchkiss
uncle Henry from
Harry Lyle's children are better at
the pr-nt writing.
Attend the Farmers' Institute at Or
leans. January 27ih.
I,, ..ii. --
which, Series No. 3:1, is now open to all. hog by Prin. F. D. Smith of Greenville,
then Saturday will bo taken up in a
Loss of li-lesU
When you can't cat break-
fast. take Scotrs Emulsion.
is entertaining his $hen you can't cat bread
New York. . i ii i b
anu Duuer. iums j'-uuj
and lectures also a dinner will be serv-
led at the grange hall.
These meetings are well worth your
time and attention and your attend
ance will be both appreciated and bene
Gcial to each and all.
, Lime In the Orchard.
A fruit urower In Patoka, 111., had
from a pleasant visit friends at Ver- oeon to have his house replastered
gennes. . last fall. He took the old plaster and
Very cold weather and good sleigh- put It around a row of apple trees in
, t imnrnv- Ills orchard. The entire crop In the
mg, nmiiju. n.c ...... nftWtP,!
OrC IK! IU UUU urvu "i; uv..
by bitter rot that year, and it was this
year, with the exception of the row
that he put the plaster on, which was
entirely free. The farmers are not all
going to knock off their old plastering
to dress their orchards with, but it is
auid that there will Ikj a good demand
for lime another se'ason to put lu the
orchards. But we are not sure that
the effect was all due to the action of
the lime. It may have been that the
broken plaster made a heavy soil
sweeter anl more friable and that the
same results would be attained by the
mulching w ith a heavy coating of sand
4 iid worklmr It In. The physical con
dition of the soil has almost as much
to do with the results on the crop as
the fertility has. American Cultivator.
Benson While is visiting friends In
Trufants for several days.
Revival meetings are being held at
the Easton church conducted by tho
pastor and Miss Bills of Spring Iake.
Will DeGraw visited his mother at
Alton Sunday.
Ed. Frost of Keene called on Bolster
friends Frldaj .
Yon Get tho licncfit of tho
Great Reduction on
alf Street Hats
Also Trimmed lints, hy buying now. Yours,
Mrs. M. M. Hicks,
5rFnll Hoe of Royal Worcester Corsets always on hand.
Tho many friends of (I- II. Hausen,
knew of his recovery from threatened
kidney dioae. He writes: "l wa
cured by using Foles's Kidney Cure,
which T recommend to all especially
trainmen who are usually similarly
affected. " W. I. Benedict.
Emulsion. When YOU haVC home last Tuesday from their vUlt
, . . mi. i i James Sparks and wife from near
been living on a milk diet and 1 ultI bU brolber u.
want something a little more sparks.
nourishing, take 5cott s
oiiielic Trouble.' fc
It is exceptional to find a family
where there are no domestic rupture
occasionally, but these can be lessened
by having Dr. King's Now Life Pills
nrntind. Much trouble they savo by
Mr. Robert Soarks and son returned their ereat work in stomach and liver grower
troubles. They not only relieve you, nrui.i i
but cure. 2oc, at Connell Bros', drug in Callfornla-they a
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo
Hardy is Very sick with pheumonla.
Elton Hull is laid up with a very
bad leg getting kicked by a horse one
day la-st week.
Elton Hull bos bought 200 acres of
land near Cadillac und will movo thtro
ln the spring.
H. F. Wilkinson nnd wife and Gjo.
Colds and famllv of Lowell visited at
Robt. Sparks Sunduy.
Harvey Biowtr is visiting his broth
er Prank near Bruco Crossing.
Flno sleighing and new cutters are
Mrn. Chas. Cowles Is on the sick list
attended by Dr. Penton.
Mr, arid Mrs. Pcnn Cowles loet their
Httlc baby It being a week old.
We hear that Mrs. R Siely f 11 Sun
day and bioke her leg
SinnrlHV AmnniL Hull hairier ?0 Tpftrs
need flesh, SCOtt'S old hl friends iame In to remind him
terary work, Fmnlcinn K n rir.h flnti COmJH,ll',,cw"1 vWl WMCTtd'
Ln 2.1. IVof. ' i mhuDcu Jrumbull was in town on
The Ladies Mlty Society met at the Emulsion.
home of Mrs. J. Haker lau Thursday. j . i r i mild Cat
Horn to Mr. and Mr.'. Charley Gallis 1 0 get iat yOU mUSl CUl
tr a daughter. Jan. 2. I WW. fat. Sf Ott S tmUlSIOn IS a
n.irn td Mr. and Mrs. W 11 Mooro a
Humrhlor .l.itl. 2. 11)02
George Wilde bus a position In Grand strength iVCf.
R .pu, oo.du yor Those who have lost flesh
Union denot.
Ths first mielingof th sec ad series
of Eluoatlocial Riliioswdi hold in the
M. E. churci Mond.iy, a ti ie program
was tendered.
ThaGl3iners of Cnaon Arbor will
hoid a public Installation in their hall
Tuesday evening, pi tuic supper and all
iovlt- d.
Rev. Hancock' paUor of the Cong'l
ehurch will deliver a series of six ser
mon.(, commencing next S inday.
Ca ino:ibarg high school has elected
offlojrs for a se. i s of 11
. . . .! 1 . T .
nrsi meeting rriuny Jin . rui. I - . , J 4 II
8eibert Is certainly doing his best to fOltable lOOd, and a naiUrai Tuesday.
great fattener, a great
want to increase all boay
tissues, not only fat. Scott's
Emulsion increases them all,
bone, flesh, blood and
For invalids, for con
valescents, for consumptives,
for weak children, for all
l I have had occasion (o ui yourff
Black-Draught Stock and Poultry Mcdi.
Farmers Omallnai
Nearly every mail brings us word of
some new local organization among
farmers. Berry growers In Michigan,
corn grower In Missouri, cranberry
s lu Massachusetts, sweet coru
in Maine and raisin growers
re all at work
slowly but surely tying their common
Interests together. Good! There are
some things about successful farming
which demand individual effort. There
are others which demand co-operation.
The small organization first, then the
larger one.-Rural New Yorker.
promote tho IntcreU of school work.
Scott's Emulsion for bone,
l!nronclouft From Croup.
During a sudden and terrible attack flJ blood and nerVC
Ol Croup OUT lltllU gl l was uuuuueuiuus
frocu strangulation, sa) s A L. SpalTird,
Dus'.masler. Chester, Mich., andadoce
of Oae Minute Cough Cure wa adm'n
istered and repeated often. It reduced
the swelling and inflammation, cut the
mucus and shortly the child was rest
ing eay and speedily re nvrnd. It
cuts Couth, Cold, Lat irippe, md all
Throat and Luog troubles On Min
ute Cough Cure lingers in the throat
and chest and lungs to contribute pure,
health-giving oxygen to the blood.
We will send you
a free sample.
Be sure that this picture
In the form of a label ii on
th wrapper of every bottle
of Emulsion you buy. .
409 Pearl St. ,N. Y.
50c and $1 1 H drujjliti.
Vam Davis is on tho sick list.
Mrs. EUa Richmond and'two daugh
ters were I u town Tuesday. .
Many of tho Ills from which women
sutler can bo completely cured with
Rocky Mountain Tea. Rich, reo blood
good digestion and hesllh follow its
up. :ict. Connell Hro.
The prevention of consun p"on Is
n, que!tl n of commencing the proper
treatment in time. Nothing is so well
nduptid to ward olT fatal lung troubles
ns Foley's Honey atd Tar. Y. L
I have had occasion (o use yo
k-Draught Stock and Poultry Mei
cine and am pleased to lay mat I never
used anything for stock that gave half as
ood satisfaction. I heartily recom
mend It to all owners of stock.
j. B. BELSHlk, St Louis, Mo.
Eick stock or poultry should not
eat cheap stock food any more than
sick persons snouia expect to oe
r.ifpd bv food. When vour stock
and poultry are sick give them med
icine. Don't stuff thcra with worth
less stock foods. Unload the bowels
and stir up tho torpid livcf and the
animal will oe cureu, 11 11 De possi
ble to cure it. Black-Draught Stock
and Poultry Medicine unloads the
bowels and stirs up the torpid liver.
It cures every malady of stock if
taken in time. Secure a 2o-cent can
of Dlack-Dranght Stock and Poultry
Medicine and it will pay for itself ten
times over. Horses work Letter. Cows
give more milk. Hogs gain flesh.
And hens lay more eggs. 1 1 solves the
problem of making as much blood,
flesh and energy as possible out of
the smallest amount of food con
sumed . Ii uy a can from your dealer.
The Foot and .Mouth Disease.
The cattle bureau of the state board
of agrkuliure of Massachusetts has
commenced a systematic and exhaus
tive Inspection of the cattle reported
as having the foot and mouth disease.
the prevalence of which In New hng
land has canned the embargo on traf
tie lu cattle, sheep and hogs.
The Canadian government has quar
antined agalust animal from New
Ensland. and Its action appears to be
Identical with that of the Engllsh-gov
Ilralnvtork In Farming;.
No matter wliat occupation a mnn
follows he has need for brain force,
and this applies to farming and dairy
ing as well ns to law or medicine. The
fanner who succeeds today. is tue rann
er who directs his brawn with his
i.min The farmer has an excellent
field for this bra In work, and he above
all others should not fall Into a rut. In
other word, be something more than
a machine. It means more cash and
more respect.
How llorsea Differ.
Horses differ In mental power. Just
as men. Svmie are sensible, some
are Idiotic and some are maniac. Tht
tlrsi cun Ik made very valuable, th
xceond cannot, and the third class arc
always d.-tngn-ous. Horses with a high
degree of brain jxiwcr are the most vnl
liable nf all. but can by Injudlclou?
treatment bo made troublesome and
even dancirono. - rann and Ranch.
Home f Good Clothes
Selections are still easy as our stock is
in good shape in spite of tremendous
holiday : ,;. Menty
attentive salesmen -to
of good and
K. It. Sp:ncr r, Pies. F. ft. Cluihc, V Tre .
N?.A. Reed, Cashier.
Tk People's Savings Hank
$::,000 Capital,
70,000 Stockholdc 's Liability.
SpetUl attention Riven the
Nothing Like it in tiik City.
Call and examine our Syitrm. No trouMet
how and explain Its working. Denostts of
MX) and upward received and Hu l plven.
Hank opon for business Saturday evenings
from 8 toS o'clock.
11. .r. lkon vi::,
A. N. It KM) I NO
Vice I'renlclent.
BeldingSa vings Bank
Capital - - $25,000.00
Surplus and Profits 8,500.00
will pay you
In the Hannkr. It
Foley9 s Honey end Tnr
I (or children, safe ,suro. A'o opiates.
3 per cent Interest
Paid on Deposits.
Honey to Loan.
Call on us If you wish to pet a
on yout Heal Kstate.

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