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II A I .
AVnOLE NO. 712.
Wreck Caused Hy Sund Wattlilng
Up of C'nr and KiikIii
Feurful-lleuvy lotm to
Engine No. fS in charge of Engineer
Khner Smith, and fireman McNierney,
jumped the track about two and one
half miles east of Lowell alwut 5:30
Tuesday morninjr, and the engine and
live coaches were thrown into the
ditch. The train was composed of
empty coaches which had been used
the day before for the Agricultural
college excursion, and were en route
to Grand llapids when the accident
He died at liutterworth Hos
pital at 3 o'clock p. m., he was a cous
in of the Mr. Smith who was in the
wreck on engine No. ti) here a few
week ago, and resides in Grand Hap
ids. Further particulars of the acci
dent have been received as follows:
The heavy train was running- at
' high speed, when Smith and his Ore
man felt the buggy trucks rise into
the air. The engine buckled into the
sand and the coupling between it and
the tender broke As the drivers
struck the obstruction the great ma
chine rolled over, shattering the cab
and pinning the unfortunate Grand
llapids man under the boiler. The
hot casing and steam from broken
piping played about the man's limbs
and for three hours, while the crew
and help from nearby farm houses
worked feverishly, the man withstood
agonies and with almost no murmurs
Once taken out, it was found that he
was Internally injured, his left leg
fractured and almost the entire body
ctRked. To add to his misery', the
man was carted three miles in a hay
wagon and brought to this city in a
special train reaching here at 12:20
this afternoon. He was met by the
police ambulance and taken to liut
terworth hospital, where he was at
tended by Dr. Spencer.
Organized lor Winter Kntertaluiuent
OMlter Fleeted Monday Night.
At a meeting of the Oak Leaf Club
held in the rooms of Frank Har
lan, Monday evening, preliminary .ar
rangements were made for beglning
a series of part ies next month. A re
port of the affairs and record of the
linancial condition was made and ev
erything wa found to be in excellent
bhape, and it was dt-cided to endeavor
to make the coming season one of the
Frank Harlan was elected presi
dent; Kd. Benedict, vice president;
Art Foss, secretary and V. L. Cusser,
treasurer. Membership tickets for
the season were placed at 1 00 and
the first party will he given in Hub
bell Hall, Sept 3.
Sliver Jray Note.
Although the weather is a little
warm and uncomfortable for enjoying
the Donular iratue of whist in their
quarters over Clark's tombstone fac
tory, yet the members of the Silver
Grays Club meet there dally and work
at their profession, H. L. I'age and
Thos. Hayden are reported to be the
very best players in the city, the lat
ter especially being an expert and a
stickler for the correct rules of the
ame in accordance with the Code
laid down by "Hovel" or some other
fellow equally as good.
These two gentlemen went up there
Friday vowing not to allow them to
make a point but it Is stated on no
less an authority by as good a man as
A. Cusser, that Messrs. Lincoln and
Locke who have grown gray and bald
In the service, trimmed them up 'to
the Queen's taste on the kind of whist
Jage and Hayden like to play best.
Mr. Cusser thought a hack would le
needed to bring the boys home.
They Look I.oncHome.
There are a "dozen or more lonesome
looking dwelling houses In the city.
The good housewives and all the fam
ily except the husband are out cm a
vacation at some summer resort or
visiting relatives. The man of the
house and house cat are demure look
ing creatures and each boar a sad
eyed weary look. The house at night
when the disconsolate man goes home
to sleep is still as a graveyard, and
every footfall wakes an echo that Is
weird in the extreme. Verily, verily,
what Is home without a wife.
A woman should be as young1 as pos
sible. Tho fewer years she carries in
the ejes of others, the greater her
power o fharm aDk win tl bittleft of
life, liockjr Mountain Tea keep one
youog and beautiful. Coonell Bros.
Tax Loan Amm'ii No. S
Huh Squared
The last meeting" of the Tax Loan
Ass'n No. 2, was held Thursday night
In the reception room of Hotel Bel
ding and some of the faithful few
who stuck by It and carried out the
terms of the coutract made with
Beldlng Bros. & Co. when they estab
lished their Bilk mill here 12 years
ago relative to guaranteeing the tax
es for ten years were present.
A report was made by the secre
tary, H. E. Chappie, which showed a
small balance of cash on hand In the
hands of the treasurer and also four
lots one on the Sabin addition, two
on the Ellis addition and one on the
Belding addition belonging to the
It was decided by vote to offer them
at auction to the highest bidder, take
the proceeds and close up the affairs.
The bidding was spirited, the whole
four being put up in a bunch and were
knocked down by the auctioneer Iv
B. Lapham to E. E. Chappie for $250.
There was nothing- left after pay
ing up the indebtedness, much credit
is due to the affairs of the association
for their efficient manner in handling
the business, and rounding it up to a
L. L. Holmes was the president, E.
E. Chappie secretary and Elmer E.
Fales treasurer.
On th CJrand Itapldx,
Saginaw Klectrlc
Some eight or ten men are here work-
ng on the new electric railroad.
They are clearing the right of way,
and we understand the company have
men the entire length of the route.
The new road spans a splended coun
try, and, without doubt, will be a pay-
n investment to the promoters.
The road leaves Grand Kap'uUs thence
to Belding-, Sheridan, Crystal, Alma
and on to Saginaw, striking many live
towns and a very fertile country be
tween the two points.
The new road will give the people
of Sheridan an outlet. At the pres
ent time wr are unable to go south or
west and return the same day, but
with the opening of the new route we
are in direct communication with the
two cities.
This new route jrives Sheridan three
roads, two steam and one electric,
the Grand Trunk, Pcre Marquette
and Grand Uapids & Saginaw. Sheri
dan Advertiser.
A Former Editor Talkn About the
Dally TlilnkM It All ICIgut.
Grand Rapids, Aug. 21, '03.
E. H. Lapham,
Belding, Mich ,
Friend Lapham: Vol. 1, No. 1, Dally
Banner received Saturday and you
may easily imagine was scanned with
greatest interest by myself. It is
certainly very creditable and should
be appreciated by the good people of
Belding. I am quite sure it did not
cause you the anxiety that we felt
over the first issue of the weekly
Banner. I hope it may grow and ex
pand as that has done and bring you
financial returns adequate for the
hard work done.
With kind remembrances to Mrs.
Lapham and my many other Belding
friends with whom I was associated
so many years, I am
V ery truly
C. It. Cow DIN.
Public spirited Man.
II. F. Burch of Biff Ilaoids was in
the city Friday morning doing- a little
advertising for the Ferris Institute
at Big Itapids. Mr. Burch says he
has no connection with the school
and receives no pay for his services
but Is simply doing the work out of
love for what he considers oneof the
best schools of Its kind In the country.
A good many of our young people can
attest to what Mr. Burch says on the
I.ont Ten Dollar.
George Puett an employee In one
of the city factories received his pay
Thursday and started out to liqui
date several little bills that he had
against him. In some way or other
while going the rounds, he had the
misfortune to lose a 10 bill from his.
iocket. The los falls heavily on Mr.
I'uett, and anyone finding it would
confer a great and lasting favor by
returning the name to him.
Sulf ide Prevented.
1 ho Btartlinur anouncement that n
preventative of suicide had been dis
covered will interest many. A run
down system, or despondency Invariab
ly preeedo bu c de and something- nas
been found that will prevent that con
ditlon which make uulcido likely. At
the first thoncht of solf destruction
'.take Electric Bitters It helot' a great
tonic and nervine will strengthen tho
nerves and build up tho system. It's
also a great Stoma h. Llv r and K id
ney regulator. Only FAH Satisfaction
j Ruaranteed by Connell Ilros. Drujfj?lta.
Will He Covered
A tie nt Haa lleii ArraiiRluR to Do so
Forty-Five lloutew
1 H. Moore of Washington, D. C,
a special agent of the Free Itural De
livery system of the I'ostofllce depart
ment Is working In these parts bring
ing about a complete rural delivery
system In Ionia county.
Our reporter interviewed Mr. Moore
last Friday and gleaned the follow
ing information from the pleasant
The county Is fast being laid out
and a complete rural system will be
finLhed by Oct. 1st., and recom
mended to the department at that
time and probably ordered to take
effect by the first of November.
There will be 4" routes In the coun
ty whichvwill furnish daily service to
every rural resident in the boundar
ies of Ionia county. This will give
another rQUte out of Belding and a
route out of Smyrna.
Mr. Moore said that the complete
map ot Kent county had been com
pleted and that service had been or
dered to take effect In that county on
October 1st with a total of 6tt routes
covering the entire rural district.
Klchardaon C'o.'t UoardliiK Ilouae
Now Occupied.
The new boarding1 house of the
Kichardson Silk Co. is so far complet
ed that the kitchen and dining- room
are now in use and meals are being"
served to the large number of girl
boarders in the spacious apartments.
For several months they have been
occupying temporary Jquarters in a
board shanty where they have been
well served considering the Incon-
The led rooms will soon be in shape
for furnishing and by Sept. 1, it Is ex
pected the entire house will be put
in commission.
For the Defeat Sustained al rlnn
The game of base ball at Otisco
last Saturday resulted in a complete
victory for the home team, as Or
leans Center was never In the game
at any stage, and from the first
inning the game was never in doubt.
The grounds were wet, ahd several
bad falls resulted because of slipping
and also resulted in a much larger
score than would have been the
result had the diamond been in better
condition. But as it was, it was a
very good game of ball.
Next Saturday Otisco crosses
with Strong.
The score by innings
Orleans Center. 1 0 0 0 1 3 '2 1
Ollsco 3 6 0 1 0 0 2 0
0- 8
1- 12
Shower of Linen I
The linen shower an ante-nuptial
affair held at the residence of Marion
Case, Friday afternoon was attended
by a good company of Miss Barstow's
lady friends and the occasion a very
pleasant one, she was the recipient of
many presents in the linen line.
Miss Barstow who has been a real
dent here for some time leayes soon
for Pittsburcr where she will be mar
ried to Mr. Don Wilson a younjr gen
tleman well known in this city and a
brother of Mrs. J. E. Ferguson.
lie has a home all ready to receive
bis bride In which they will be married.
Disability Claim Paid.
Franklin Richmond whose health
for the past year or two has been fall
Ing to such an extent that it has
rendered him unfit for manul labor of
any kind, has come under the total
disability clause In the Foresters In
surance contract.
A claim for one half of the amount
was filed and a check for the amount
$.000, was received Wednesday by
Whitman' Richmond In favor of his
father. This feature of paying one-
half in case of total disability Is one
of the strong points in the orders form
of policy.
A Country Kid.
Greenville, Mich., Aug. 2:
W. P. Hetherlngton:
Country Kid played to big house
last night. You can strongly recom
mend the Country Kid to your pa
trons. T. I. Phelps.
Make homely women beautiful
good looking women handsome. Great
et beaut iGer In the world. Such i
I Hocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents. Ney
161-falls. Connell Bros.
lllic Time In Proposed Fraternal Or
dert and Factory Men to Combine.
There Is a movement on foot to
have a proper observance of Labor
Day, and considerable talk along the
line has already leen made.
A year ago It was celebrated and
roved one of the most Interesting
holidays of the year, all classes of
people entering into the spirit of the
Th fraternal orders, two of them
particularly, have aout completed
arrangements to pit a ball team
against the other and cross bats on
the diamond as one of the attractions.
n the Maccabee order and also the
Knights of Pythias are many good
players and undoubtedly a contest
between the two will come to a head.
A. B Hull, who has taken the man
agement of the base ball park asso-
latlon for a time, is heartily in favor
ot opening the grounds on that day
and will do everything In his power to
make the occasion a success. The
factory men will also take a hand in
affording entertainment. A meeting
will soon be called to more fully dis-
uss the matter.
eople UmIiiic Water From Shallow
Wellf should do ho-
The large amount of bowel trouble
In the city just at present is giving
the doctors a continuous round of bu
siness, early and Into. In conversa
tion with some of the doctors, we
learn that In some cases there are ev
idences of a typheus nature, which
can only be traced to the water from
hallow wells. One physician inform
ed us that he had failed to locate any
of the disease among families using
water from the deep or flowing wells
and that where the worst cases were
found the shallowest wells furnished
he families with water.
To avoid an out break of Typhoid
fever in our midst, it would seem ad-
Isable to loil all water used for drink
ing purposes until the first of October.
City Council Dolnn.
The city courvil held an interest
ing session Fridy night and after vot
ing on the bills, presented for labor,
rebates on walks and other expenses,
It was decided to k 11 the house pur-1
hased of Mrs. WtV 'Mlif - du I
was instructed to ' ' 'yWor tne
era m r, t uounc la a v.iv.
hould find ready sale.
A remonstrance was placed before
the council against the proposed
grading and graveling of Pearl street
which was referred to the street
committee, there seems to be some
opposition to it.
Over $1000 was allowed by the
claims commltte in rebates on ce
ment walks, before the season of im
provements close the sum will ieach
nearly $5000.
School Will Itecln.
Monday, Aug. 31, is the date set for
the opening of the public schools in
this city, and arrangements are be-
ng completed to make this year one
of the best in the history of the
Several changes have been made in
the corps of teachers, and a number of
improvements are being made In the
school house to make thinirs more
convenient and better for loth teach
ers and pupils.
Parents who are expecting to send
scholars to the various schools will
take note of the date and this timely
notice will enable them to make any
necessary arrangements for the com
lng- term.
The board have secured Miss Louise
Schweitzer of Grand Itapids to take
Miss Baileys place as teacher of sci
ence, and Miss Estella Curtis of Big
Rapids in Penmanship and Drawing.
will Not (let It.
Detroit. Mich., Aug. 21, 1103.
Mr. E. B. Lapham,
Belding, Mich.
Dear Sir: I beg to acknowledge re
celpt of your favor relative to change
of agents of this Company at Belding
Mich., and recommending Mr. Wm. J
Knott. Mr. Knott called upon me
yesterday and I believe after our con
versatlon he appreciates the necessi
tv of our appointing, as successor to
Mr. Webster, a man who has by pre
vious training acquired the exper
ience necessary to conduct an agency
like Belding, and for this reason you
will see that we canot favorably con
slder Mr. Knott for the position.
Yours truly,
W. L. Worm kly,
Many persons in this community are
suffering from kidney complaint who
eould avoid fatal results by using
Foley's Kidney Cure. W.I. Benedict.
A b'esslng allko to young and old;
Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Straw-
Wry. Nature's epeel Bo for dysentery
t diarrhoea and summer complaint.
two minute gait
ISeen Reached at Lust by
Ixu Dillon.
Fleet Little Mare Trotted It Monday
World's Itace Track
Kecord liroken.
There was a time in the history of
the world when the horse that could
trot a mile In three minutes was con
sldered a wonder. That was over CAi
years ago, but the noble animal has
constantly kept pace with the pro
gression of the age and by careful de
velopment has from time to time low
ered the record.
There was a song composed and
sung in honor of the horse that made
"2:40," away back in the GOties, and
it had a run at the time similar to the
skit, There'll be a hot time In the old
town tonight." But It was only a few
years lter the animal that could on
ly make that time on the track was
considered an "Old Skate.
When 2:02 was reached a few years
ago, most people said the limit had
been reached and It would never go
lower, but the minutes and seconds
have been ticked off until Monday two
minutes flat was reached, and the following-
dispatch was received by the
Dally Banner:
Ileadvllle, Mass., Aug1 24. Before
an Immense crowd at the race meet
here this afternoen, the fleet Lou
Dillon, from which great things have
been prophesied since the racing sea
son opened, went around the one-mile
course in two minutes flat, breaking
the world's trotting record, thereby
setting a new mark for all that come
after her. '
A. Puhriuan Takes D. 11. ltrlcker'a
The D. IT. Brlcker stock of goods,
which was recently sold to Messrs. E.
R. Spencer and A. Fuhrman has un
dergone another change, by which
Mr Fuhrman becomes sole proprietor.
The deal was made Monday
and as soon as he can get the store In
readiness, which will be this week,
will open to iHuiuUicauii. Tien .i
ing tUsine33. Mr.- Futi-marn state
that he will add a fine stock of shoes
together with many new linesof ladies
and gems furnishings.
The store has undergone a thorough
over hauling, and as Mr. Fuhrman has
many friends in the city where he was
in business for several years, he will
no doubt meet with good success.
He opcus out Saturday with a big
bankrupt sale.
Owing to tiie no collar
year, Furs will be more
have just received a grand assortment of many
styles in Ladies' Furs. And the quality and price
must appeal to you.
g H. J. LEONARD. g
Try our Hash at 15c per can.
We are Headquarters for
Black Berries,
from the North Woods.
Our New Crop of Seal Brand Tea
Finer than ever.
Sometimes noeH i
Are prompt, naf e and certain In resu't. Tlif pr.u
ioe (Dr. 1'eal's) never disappoint. fel.CO per box
vSotJfiV U. 1. HcntiNr1,
fact everything new is
coining in daily.
this S
effect in Ladies' Coats
in vogue than ever.
We 3?
is now in.
Take the genuine, original
Ma Je only by Madison Medf
cine Co., Madison, Wis. It
keeps u ell. Our trade
mark cut on each package.
Vtice, 35 cents. Never aolr
In bulk. Accept ' substi
tute. AsV yov 6. tggUt
H wiatrCDIHI

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